Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SUPERSTAR SECRET

 By: LazerKim              The picture of Kim Hyun Joong above is the latest photo taken from City Conquest from the location filming set. Even Hyun Joong is in bloody wounded state and dirty, he still looks handsome, he still looks like a Prince!! A wounded Prince to fight for his people, that’s how I imagine him in this picture!! Why am I craving for more stills and teaser for City Conquest?? Now I just have to keep writing about the drama so that you would not forget, although that’s very unlikely to happen that I’m sure everyone of us here is just looking forward and restlessly waiting for the drama to be aired!

I’m still waiting for any release of official teaser of City Conquest or even a bit of behind the scene video clips that we can view.  I remember before the airing of Rooftop Prince, there were video clips of behind the scene  released and it was very effective scheme for public awareness. And also I have not seen promo pictures of City Conquest, it doesn’t matter if there won’t be any official screening date as yet, just state COMING SOON, that would be enough to keep the public aware that there is a certain drama project that Kim Hyun Joong is currently working on, specially for those fans who are not internet active users. This is just my personal opinion, other than the fact that I really would like to see more about City Conquest in the making!


I had the chance to watch some video clips of other actors on their behind the scene of filming dramas, and I came across Lee Min Ho’s City Hunter, as he did some action stunt same with Hyun Joong having no double stunt actor. He was good and having the professional attitude that no matter how many times he has to repeat Lee Min Ho wouldn’t mind at all. Then I watched his interview as well, as he was asked what was his favorite role that he ever portrayed, and said it’s Gu Jun Pyo of BOF. One who is rich and the clean cut image is his favorite and would like to stick to it.

I think many of celebs do stick to their same image same as some Hollywood stars. Now I understand why I really fell for Hyun Joong! As we all know he will never want to stick with the same image neither with the same character in his drama projects. On the contrary to Lee Min Ho, Hyun Joong would avoid portraying the clean cut image in dramas. In fact even he already had signed for City Conquest which what he really wants, to portray an action drama, he still have not forgotten One Piece!! He still likes and wish for the young pirate sleepy head that one day would be given the chance to portray!! Such an adventurous guy!!

Every actor aims to be able to portray different characters in their dramas and movies. But there are actors who are good in one definite character that if changes may be done in their image can sometimes affect their reputation as an actor one way or another. If an actor is known to be the good guy in his dramas which rated high his audience expects him to be the good guy on his next drama!! Well, I guess this is very natural reaction. But Hyun Joong is different he can definitely innovate public perception having different personality character and faces in one actor!! That makes a unique artist one of a kind and a secret a superstar can have in gaining love from many people.


I have read about two veteran actors Jang Dong Gun and Hyun Joong’s boss Bae Yong Joon who always portray lead roles as the good men image. Then both did some sexy obscene movies which I should say “too revealing” and when asked why they did it?  Both said they just want to experience. From the image of being good straight men to play boys, both actors said, it somehow affected their image to the public!! Well, I think somehow it has got something to do with their culture since Korea is a conservative country, this is just my opinion and I’m not sure if I got the right thoughts. But from both actor’s views it gave me this impression. Yet they maintained their status as stars.

Actually I have noticed these in many actors like Song Il Gook who did a blockbuster drama Jumong. He’s so good with sword and portraying historic genre which I have watched his three consecutive dramas of the same genre. But when he did A Man Called God and Detective in Trouble, it did not rate as much as in his previous dramas. Or maybe something is just missing in the drama plot, or the timing on which the dramas were aired. But honestly, it’s a better experience for an actor to portray different characters.

Bi Rain is one of the Hallyu stars who made it to the Hollywood being an action star and was also successful in his endeavor. He tried other character in a romantic drama Full House that made a big hit back home and overseas. He excelled in different characters to the extreme action, romance, comedy and it was effective, but Rain is still the same actor among the different characters he portrayed.

We all have different taste and preference , but I have certain conclusion Hyun Joong can portray different character on different genre, because he has the ability to transform his image as in changing himself physically to another character on and off cam, which is very rare to actors. He has the ability to make the difference. He may be the youngest rookie among my favorites but he is special, that his transformation is so significant in portraying a character. It’s like seeing many different actors in one person Kim Hyun Joong.


A few days ago I came across video clips of the legend Micheal Jackson’s concert that I would just like to share with you. I have seen his undying sincerity to his fans and the love of his fans to him. He remained humble and modest until he passed away which is just so remarkable. That no matter how the media stepped on his name, his fans stayed with him till the end of his life, as his fans remained unchanged, loyal to Micheal Jackson. He is an example of an artist by heart, he had that sincere love to his fans even they were completely strangers to him.

There was clip that a fan slip into his van that MJ’s bodyguard only came to be aware of that the fan was already at the van where MJ was sitting. He stopped his bodyguards and allowed the fan to just cry over his shoulders, until she calm down and let go of MJ. I was touched about the gesture of Micheal. Maybe when he was alive if only he can hug all his fans he might have done so. I can’t help the thoughts that’s we’re still lucky with Hyun Joong because we can still shake hands with him and we can still look at him up close. I was thinking what if he has gain that huge fan base in the future will he ever have the chance as he has at present?

I remember Hyun Joong’s concert at Saitama Arena, he mentioned that he would prefer to have a smaller venue to fill up his fans to be able to easily reach out for them. That time he was able to fill in about 15,000 fans per concert session, unlike his recent Asian Tour Fan Meeting concert as he had 3,000 fans per concert that he was able to meet them up close and had the chance for a hand shake session after the show. For so many times we have seen Hyun Joong did this to his fans and we can see his sincerity in doing the hand shake endlessly from the start of the line till the last fan, he was tireless meeting them all.

There may be celebrities who would be contented in performing on stage or acting on dramas and get paid their professional fees. But not all celebrities are such as that. There are celebrities who gives importance to their fans and Hyun Joong is one of those who would get out of his way and create a bond or relationship with his fans, maintain and nurture that relationship. I can still remember a fan who thinks otherwise to the extent of calling some fans delusional!! Well, for others who may go beyond stalking of course is different.

Watching from the concert of MJ in US and other countries around the world have a common ground, his fans were literally crazy about MJ, I couldn’t imagine, what more if MJ did a closer interaction with his fans, just like what Hyun Joong is doing? MJ was a global megastar legend or whatever highest title for a star we can give him, but definitely even when he was alive he’s a star whom can be unreachable for security reasons and yet people loves him so much.

Well this are just my thoughts, MJ turned his magic charisma to his fans and his secret magic that a legend can have, which is sincerity. I was thinking about Hyun Joong while watching the videos of MJ, because I could see that same sincerity from Hyun Joong which is another secret of a superstar that he possess. Of course Hyun Joong and MJ are two different stars, but they have one thing in common, and that is sincerity to their fans.


I got so many favorites both in Hollywood and Hallyu stars who are slowly fading away from the lime light, MJ is one whom I grew up with and passed away without knowing who he really was. The way MJ treats his fans, the way he looks at them is the same look from Hyun Joong that I see, that particular sincerity is something that I’m proud of being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong.

It is so good that Hyun Joong decided to move in to KeyEast that I was able to have a chance to know his boss Bae Yong Joon better, who was my first favorite among the Korean stars since 2004. And I’m so thankful to Hyun Joong because if not for him I wouldn’t know anything about my first favorite Hallyu! Same thing that I have seen from Bae Yong Joon is his sincerity to his fans too, treating them like his family. And I’m so glad Hyun Joong is with him and having this common ground.

These past days I have started reading about other stars and how they deal with their fans but after one read I feel as if I have known what I ought to know about that particular star. And would say to myself, well, my idol is still much better!! I lost interest as if there’s nothing unusual to their story, I know it’s not fair, but I’m just being truthful. Being captured by the alien Prince gave me a complete contentment to what makes me happy that I couldn’t ask for anything more. For me Hyun Joong just got it all to fill in that contentment.

There are many factors that composes a superstar, since there are lots of it I would say, just look at Kim Hyun Joong because he has it all the qualities of a superstar and above all of his qualities the most vital of all is his secret which is his SINCERITY. If a person is sincere, then he has to be honest, and this is another nickname of Kim Hyun Joong who is Mr. Honesty! Apparently he is very known to his candid honesty!!

This is all I have for today, it’s nice to share my thoughts about my other previous favorite stars, not to compare Kim Hyun Joong with them but to weigh my thoughts about their secret of being a superstar. But my one and only Kim Hyun Joong is just different.

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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13 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SUPERSTAR SECRET

  1. Hi sis,I will love HIM till I don’t know how to apreciate drama and music…that will be till Iam relly old.HE is MR.HONEST for sure,that’s why I respect HIM how the way HE is.HE is not perfect! but HE is’FULL PACKAGE’he…he….he…you can see HIM in any side.Yes!Bae yong joon is my first one,but I never felt so deep like to my WACKY BOY…HE is special person who appear in this entertiment whith the unique way.Sis,please dont leave HIM, OUR THE ONLY ONE.Thanks for all sis,god bless. I am a bit nerveous for CC,sorry if I am being so weak.

  2. Hey!! =) You know, I tend to be a fan of ppl who deserve to have me as a fan. lol that’s why I’m a loyal HJ fan. I also like other bands’ music but it’s not the same ‘cuz as I f’n love HJ to death lol The other day I attended Music Bank, which had Rania, After School, Super Junior, MBLAQ and CNBLUE performing. I traveled to a different city, a typical holiday one which is 1hr 20min from here but I could make it in 50min by car xD LOL (yeah, driving really fast)
    I only went there to see CNBLUE… there were CRAZY Super Junior fans D: scary fans! there were all so hysterical, I could not bear that lol I realized CNBLUE fans were older, and more mature… well…. I found out that Yonghwa (lead vocal in CNBLUE) is funny xD weird, 4D, ridiculous, lovely ahahahaaha xDDDDD I’ve always been fan of his band (CNBLUE) but never cared to dig more into their lives… now I know why I love he songs he writes (and love to play them on my guitar :)), he’s a crazy lovely guy LOL He even threw some flying kisses to us XD (outside his van), he danced like crazy ahahsjdhd lol he didn’t care about anything…. xDDD /hilarious…
    I’m lucky when it comes to being fan of someone… I could never be a fan of a person who’s selfish, mean, disrespectful… I don’t understand how some ppl can be fan of D:
    HJ is not perfect, but he’s way better than MANY MANY MANY ppl I’ve met… and that’s enough for me… Yeah I also heard he wants to keep on holding gigs at small venues… I like that =) ‘cuz it’s less ppl screaming… aaaaah I can’t stand ppl who scream at concerts D: xD
    Christmas is coming wheeeee!!!!!! that reminds me it’s working season ajsdsajd I mean, it’s a good time to organize events and the like… =) ‘cuz the weather is good.. although it’s gonna rain this weekend \o/ wheee! so nice! =P
    Which are those ‘obscene’ movies you’re talking about? I don’t really know about JDG & BYJ carreers…I don’t know what level of obscene you’re talking about ‘cuz I dunno… I’ve seen so much :X hahahahasjdhd I don’t think korean movies could beat westerns obscenity ahahaha LOL

    You know I’ve watched like 5 dramas in all my life LMAO (bof, pk and 3 others) i feel like you’ve watched MANY D:
    Have a wonderful day! 🙂

    • The film was for BYJ Untold Scandal and for JDG it’s Dangerous liaison. i have seen Untold Scandal it’s rated R but you’re right nothing is more obscene than western films, but Asian is a bit conservative. Both have bed scenes but in Untold Scandal different positions, and sensitive parts were shown too now I don’t know how the movie was edited, even in my country it will surely be censored too if it will be shown here. i have not seen Dangerous Liaison just the teaser, I just read the interviews of both actors though.
      I don’t wanna laugh my stomach still hurts!!! thanks see you!!

    • Thanks Angie! It’s the same post from Yes Asia. I’m not been feeling well lately after Halloween!! so i couldn’t respond to comments yet I use all my strength in writing articles and back to bed again!! LOL Oh my forgive for that, I just hate feeling sick! I think i ate too much last Halloween and got caught by intestinal flu.
      I just hope everyone can read this I’m truly sorry for not responding to comments for a while I just need to take a bit rest but don’t worry i’ll be here everyday. I’m just a bit slower this time in reading and writing. I hope to be back on my feet again though.
      Thank you to you Angie and thanks to everyone, please just keep on reading I just want Hyun Joong to be at you side everyday! Take care, and see you again God bless…

  3. Hi LK! In response to another great piece, I would like to quote myself:

    With Hyun Joong, it is his VISIBILITY and REACHABILITY that has made him an all around Hallyu star. If we don’t see him on stage, he is in a drama. If not a drama, print ads. If not print ads, he is making news because of his innovative way of handling his career and his phenomenal personality, interaction with fans, interaction with society and the world as a whole as a force of goodness, beauty and light. He has the WHOLE PACKAGE with a little extra sumpin’ sumpin’! Kim Hyun Joong seems to be everywhere at once, and he is available to his fans. We feel that he sees us and acknowledges us. This is a big difference away from some of the other Hallyu stars.

    this is from my latest post:

    I marvel at how we think so much alike. It is just Kim Hyun Joong and being his fan. He influences us so positively… we are all in the same Alien Universe with our thoughts and actions. I am cooking up something charitable for my next post… I am hoping to get everyone to join me. I would never even think this way if not for KHJ. He has influenced me to give to others, even when I am struggling myself.

    I wanted to respond to his versatility. I almost had a panic attack when I saw that still from CC. My Angel Baby is bleeding! OMO! Then, I remembered the fight scenes in BOF and how I was surprised at how good Hyun Joong was in them. I was not expecting the flower boy to kick some a##! LOL! But, he is very good with action. I remember SS501 Collection video series. He played an assasin and was very good. It would be fun to see him in a ‘bad guy’ role. Like T.O.P. in IRIS. He was surprising in that role as well. The character was very unemotional. It was quite different from the role he played in ’19’ and showed his versatility. I want to see Hyun Joong do every kind of role! I will love him in all!

      • Oh… that was the mom in me just worrying about his health and safety. A knee jerk reaction because i knew it was just makeup! Lol! Khj is my BABY! I would seriously have to kick someone’s a## if he was really hurt!

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