Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WALKING STATUE

By: Lazerkim            Before I touch on the article topic, there’s an update posted that Happy Camp shall be aired on November 17 at 8:10 PM. I’ll keep you posted since the schedule kept changing, I’m sure everyone of us here are looking forward to watch Hyun Joong in this show.

Kim Hyun Joong was placed at No.1 as the most Handsome Man in Korea among the Top 30. Am I surprised? No, definitely not! I’ll be surprised if he’s not included among them. He’s not only the most handsome men in Korea because there’s more about that handsome physique. When I started researching on Hyun Joong last year, Walking Statue was the very first title I read about him, and because back in time I barely know him, I was wondering why was he called Walking Statue, and found out indeed Hyun Joong has a perfect physique of a handsome human being ever born on earth. A unique individual who has it all to be a superstar not only in Korea but globally handsome as a matter of fact!


Last year I compared Hyun Joong from the other Korean celebs since I do not know anything about him as yet. I had a collection of pictures of my favorite Korean actors and I remember whenever I picked on Hyun Joong’s pictures I would stare and ask, “Is this him?” Because every time he changes his hair style he looks different!! I would say this is one aspect of Hyun Joong that makes him different from among the rest, that time when I barely know him. The first time I saw him was at BOF, so the pictures from BOF was how I remembered him. Then as I was collecting, there’s a picture in black long braided hairstyle which I think was from Tony Moly, that I hardly recognize him!! Actually he is always surprising to everyone that I always missed to recognize every time he change his image!


All Top 30 Korean celebs chosen in the write-up were all handsome, and some of them were my favorite actors. I’m not sure about the rest but there I think was a common ground in that selection. Most of them are tall, all of them are handsome but in different aura.  I also have collection of pictures of some of them like, Lee Min Ho, Jang Dong Gun, Hyun Bin, Bi Rain, Kim Bum, Gong Yoo, Jang Geun Seuk, and Kang Dong Won. Of course Kim Hyun Joong has always been the top in my list not to mention his boss Bae Yong Joon and Song Il Gook, were among my favorite actors.

There was no criteria mentioned on how the Top 30 were selected, but within this premise I would say among all of them I wouldn’t be tired looking at Hyun Joong in any angle I look at him. There’s a certain beauty or handsomeness that’s overbearing but I soon get tired looking. It’s like eating a dessert which is too sweet until the sweetness is unbearable that you couldn’t eat anymore, that kinda feeling!! Hyun Joong is different, the more I look at him the better I crave for more to satisfy myself in looking at him. And in any angle he’s just so perfect that makes him beyond comparable.

And another thing, as I mentioned earlier when I picked on his pictures, I have to stare at the picture just to make sure I was picking the right Kim Hyun Joong. There are pictures of him that he wears the same clothes, the same event, the same background, everything is the same but Hyun Joong has different faces. Have you notice it? There’s an angle in his pictures that are different. At this point I’m emphasizing on his pictures and not watching him on dramas or concerts, the premise is just his pictures since not everyone have seen him in person yet.

He also look different in studio pictures, airport pictures, his concerts which signifies a lot of difference, and in dramas as we watch him in the same character yet when he change his hairstyle he again looks different. Hyun Joong is a natural photogenic and telegenic other than the fact that he’s truly handsome in person. He has that kind of handsomeness that the more you stare or look at him, the more he looks handsome! He is just so different among the rest, that no words can describe!! What’s with this guy??


Many actors and Korean celeb have different characters in every dramas they portrayed. The character change but not the face. Hyun Joong has the power to transform in less effort, that brings out the best in the character he portrays not only in the previous dramas and his upcoming dramas but also in portraying the character in his music. As Hyun Joong said in one of his magazine interviews, it’s not only the clothes that makes a man fashionable or trendy but making his own character. And that’s him Kim Hyun Joong.

I remember seeing him with his members in one talk show, that all four members has a trendy color and hairstyle but it was only Hyun Joong has the most simple hairstyle and yet he outshine the rest. In his drama F4, Hyun Joong was the only character among the members of F4 that changes his hairstyle and color constantly during the entire filming and all the episodes of BOF. And every time he change his hairstyle or hair color he still looks handsome. A totally versatile in trend but maintained his handsome outlook in less effort, and that makes Hyun Joong so unique that one can never get tired of.

For me the most significant transformation Hyun Joong did was his Breakdown days as he launched his first album Hyun Joong just gave the entire world in the state of shock!! He made a total transformation from the flower boy to a real man. From that time on more changes more transformation was made in less than a year. As if I was looking for different version of Breakdown in one year!! There’s the black short hair as breakdown started, then the blonde short hairstyle, then only after a few months there goes the blonde curly Lucky Guy. Then finally the rocker which described Hyun Joong’s freestyle. How else can we get over with this guy?? That, I very much doubt if you ever can get over with Kim Hyun Joong!! Well a lot of fans tried, but apparently failed to get away from his spell!! LOL!


We already have known Hyun Joong as honest, sincere, polite, modest, and having a big heart to anyone. I still cannot forget my first impression on Hyun Joong who was snob, elite and totally untouchable!! As I mentioned in my other article, maybe most of us has the same impression, since the first time I saw Hyun Joong was at BOF that I knew nothing about him therefore I see him as Jihoo! With all the thoughts that this guy was gentle, soft-spoken, reserved, snob, withdrawn and very shy, I was totally mislead and deceived!! I came to this conclusion when I started researching about him. The guy is totally crazy, I said!!

I was surprised as I watched his behind the scene of BOF, I was surprised as I watched him at variety shows and talk shows!! It was totally unbelievable that a totally handsome guy would be hiding his 4Dness!! Oh by the way, at the very end episode of BOF there’s this special episode that the F4 members were back to their school in Shinhwa to reminisce the days they spent in high school and Hyun Joong was not included in the filming of that episode. I had that impression saying to myself, “well he’s really snob after all!!” I was laughing to myself after I found out he already had other commitment with SS501 as the reason why he was not in that episode. I didn’t know he was a singer back then.

Other than being handsome, Hyun Joong’s personality adds up another plus. As I always say it is not enough to see him on those dramas, TV variety shows, pictures and talk shows. There’s a lot more than that handsome outlook and multiple talents. His crazy wacky 4D is one to bet on!! Looking at his handsome face, watching him walk and watching his gestures is just so handsome, just don’t let him talk!!! Because that elite personality will soon gone out of your mind once he talks!!


He’ll be a gentle spokesman speaking of the truth and reality of life but somewhere along the line of questioning in his interviews in any talk shows there’s always something to laugh about!! He spills out whatever comes out in his mind, you do not know when nor neither he doesn’t know only after he just spilled out only he would realize he said something very honest beyond expectation!!

The latest interview he had was at Saitama Arena before the concert started, the reporter said, “I heard you made it no. 1 at the Oricon and CDs were sold out, what can you say about it?” Hyun Joong said, “Thank you, that’s all the CD units that we can release, but maybe if there were more, we should have sold more!!”  One interview I shall never forget was at Guerrilla Date as the host asked Hyun Joong, “Did your agent paid you?” Hyun Joong said yes. Next question, “Did you gave the money to your parent?” Hyun Joong said, “No I paid my taxes, it was quite huge amount so I set money for it, now I’m broke!”

I was laughing all the way, Hyun Joong was merely stating facts, but these are unexpected responses to be said in national TV!! Hyun Joong is known for his candid honestly. And I think this is the most beautiful in him, not to mention his sincerity. He may put everything he said by joking about it but he’s honest about the jokes!! Hyun Joong just got a very interesting personality that even show host at shows he had guested on became fond of him. He can just be so entertaining by just talking with him. I’m not saying he’s a Saint that he cannot tell a lie, but I would say he’s awkward in telling a lie or you would easily caught him off guard!


Beauty that we see within our naked eye gives us the first impression in a person. We see Hyun Joong as a perfect man in his outlook. His handsome face classic cut in a small heart shape, smooth fair skin, his bright big eyes for a Korean, his pointed nose and chin matches his broad shoulders, well developed muscled chest and abs, his well curved arms and his overbearing towering height, make a perfect description of a walking statue. But behind all of these perfect outlook is his multiple talents as he is a singer, dancer and actor. A man gifted with these talents inside is a big heart, a lot of soft spots in his heart that he shares with everyone.

Hyun Joong is blessed with all the goodness in life a person can ever have and he took care of those gifts within himself. Opinions about him echoed from everywhere not only from his fans, co-artists, and those who are close to him specially his treasured friends. What makes a person even beautiful is his inner beauty. A radiant smile from a beautiful face is nothing without sincerity and we know when a smile from a celeb is plastered or not! Hyun Joong may have that rare smile but when he does, he just said it all about himself! There are celebs that as soon as they see the lights and cameras instant smiles comes out! I call those as plastered!!

No matter how handsome a celeb is but if has that air of arrogance, for me he’s the most ugliest star!! Judging a handsome man comes out even brighter on the manner of speaking, is he polite, well mannered, or the contents and meaning of what he is saying is  true to him personally. Being a gentleman for me is the most important quality a man can have to even look handsome. Hyun Joong has all these qualities. In a celeb handsome face and talent may be the vital quality but how does he treats his fans is also important. This is another quality on how a celeb make his fans stay or stray.


There are celebs who forgets who brought them to stardom which I think every celeb should recognize what made them stay at the stardom. This is one thing that I admire from Hyun Joong the most. He gives importance to his fans, and this is a lasting beauty a celeb can ever be. A fan said she enjoys this one sided love. It may be true that fans and idol relationship may be one sided, the fact that idols do not actually know his fans personally and that he sees his fans as one. Whoever is in front of him cheering for him is his fan. Hyun Joong may not know each one of us as his fans but he loves them, it’s his fans who encourage and inspire him.

The fan and idol relationship I think is the most remarkable kind love anyone can have and give. It’s a totally strange people to love each other but it happens, it exist. It’s unconditional and unselfish love that we give to Hyun Joong because we share that love to everyone, and would still want to share that love to many more fans. Just the same with Hyun Joong as he provides his fans what they need from him as his fans, and that is happiness.

We’re happy whenever we watch him we’re happy whenever we listen to his music and we’re happy even by just looking at his pictures. Hyun Joong provides those for his fans. He treat his fans with respect and he’s sincere in giving us what makes us happy as fans.

Kim Hyun Joong is tagged as a walking statue, a perfect handsome man in the eyes of everyone but a truly remarkable loving Prince in the eyes of his fans.

                                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

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12 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WALKING STATUE

  1. I agree… he’s a special one. I really ♥ him. He’s very talented in singing, acting, modeling, etc. I really proud of him

  2. hi lazer!
    yeah he is indeed the walking statue! these days i’m trying to imagine him in dark make-up! no worries he’ll look great in it. sorry can’t take a long time to comment!
    see you later! have a nice week ahead!

  3. While I was reading this article i was listening to ss501 and KHJ’s songs , well my sisters and brother who are at their teens were at my room. Let me say that they aren’t that big on kpop which is funny cause most of the teens at their age are usually into it. Well ss501’s love like this played first, and the next thing i knew was they were already jumping in my bed getting wild singing the lyrics they made up and only got it right upon chorus which is the english part.LOL!crazy kids.And everything went so on and on with them completely turning my bedroom upside down. I’d like to scold them but I was just too overwhelmed with them dancing to the beat of my idols music.KHJ and ss501’s magic touch them! Oh before i forgot to comment about the article, Its great to know that KHJ got no. on another list yet again hope he will get more and more recognition!thanks!

  4. yay wuri uzoosin is no.1. he is the most beautiful and beyond comparable because he is not human,he is an angel and alien. lol.
    take care,unnie.have a nice day.

  5. LOL LK. My friends who are not into Korean things will see my picture album and will tell “oh you like so many Korean stars. and i would say but that is only one star, he just has different “looks”. And they will be amazed.

    • Just like me, when my friends tease me that I am crazy Kpop stars, I tell them “no no no I have only one”. I also turn off for other stars in my country. Is that funny? I now follow only KHJ. Things around me are cover or stick with KHJ , UZoosin and green pearl color. Happy to read LK’s articles, sharing same feeling with all of you. Love this handsome and charming KHJ.

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