Kim Hyun Joong…[article] LIFE LINE

By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong was at the Chinese local newspaper Star Weekly Kpop news yesterday with his pictures at Happy Camp variety show which was recorded recently. Lately I have been staring at Hyun Joong’s pictures from Happy Camp and it makes me smile instantly as I see those picture, and have been over and over with the pictures. This is the first time I felt that same addiction but this time it’s not with video clips but merely picture as if I can imagine them moving, as if I can hear Hyun Joong’s laughter in my mind and the laughter of his audience!

For the new fans do not worry you are not alone in what you feel, it’s just a matter of understanding that certain feeling. Even the veteran fans are still addicted to Hyun Joong after so many years of being with him. They too still have not gotten enough of Hyun Joong, whether they see him or not. Which is just the same with us the new fans. I imagine myself being one of his fans at the villa where he stayed checking on every move of Hyun Joong!! This is something new for me actually,  I normally collect his pictures but I felt different with these set of pictures from Happy Camp. Well, this is another contagious feeling that I can’t get enough with! Here’s what to look forward to, the airing of this variety show. Hyun Joong is at the Chinese newspaper today at Star Weekly Kpop headline with his photos taken from the Happy Camp.


I watched one talk show Good Day Special as Hyun Joong guested on with his members in 2007, even back then Hyun Joong just talk whenever questions are directed to him. As I was watching the entire show, I can’t help say to myself, “Would you ever expect that among the five of member that Hyun Joong would outshine his members, watching from this show?” Another member did most of the talking during that show, but whenever Hyun Joong talks, he does it with sense in less effort to be truthful, hilarious and gentle. He was the most simple and yet the most handsome among the five.

In another Japanese talk show around the year 2007, I’ve seen the same scenario, the rest of the members can speak Nihongo well except for Hyun Joong who apparently was shy to speak in Japanese, but he can understand what was being talked about. I have read in one news write-up, saying Kpop stars should learn how to speak Japanese otherwise people would get tired of them and eventually lose their popularity.

I disagree with this since there were a lot of Hollywood stars who became popular in Japan, and these Americans did not even attempt to learn their language and yet became popular. Although I understand it would be better for Kpop stars to learn their language as what they are doing. But so far language was never been a barrier between Hyun Joong and his fans.


As time goes from the talk shows I have watched from the year 2007, Hyun Joong became an apple of the eye of many talk show hosts which I have written in my previous articles. Hyun Joong has a natural way of entertaining everyone even by just merely talking with him. He can be as hilarious whenever his 4Dness attacks unintentionally!! It is through talk shows and interviews that we can know more about Hyun Joong. If I start watching him at talk shows, it’s non-stop until I have consumed all the shows in my playlist even I have watched them already!! It’s not only the essence of what he’s talking about, but also his manner of speaking, smiling and laughing that I get addicted to!!

And in game shows he’s so competitive and sincerely enjoys himself by the game challenge. He always tries his best to win the challenge while he enjoyed playing with the games. He can be so hilarious on game shows by just watching the natural Hyun Joong’s playful manners is just so enjoyable and gives me something to laugh about!! When I watched Youth Investigate Life, it didn’t have sub, but I was laughing all the way!!

There’s a part in the show that Hyun Joong was challenged to imitate a topless male model in an arts classroom with all female students. As Hyun Joong took his shirt off and imitate the model to be sketched by the students, as his mission was to please the students or something!! He was so cute, but his innocent looks and expression made me laugh that I didn’t even understand what was going on!! Same with these pictures from Happy Camp, I got no idea why Hyun Joong was laughing but I was laughing at his expressions!! What is with this guy??


When Hyun Joong visited my country last year, he was able to meet one of his elder fan, as her birthday wish is to meet Hyun Joong is person to shake hands with her. To be able to do so she joined the auction hosted by TFS and the item was the training pants of Hyun Joong with his signature with it. She won the auction, got Hyun Joong’s training pants but the most important treasure for her is to meet him personally, had her warm hug from him and pictures. The magic touch of Hyun Joong truly gave her a certain joy she will keep in her heart.

A moment that she will never forget for the rest of her life. I was touched by how she related her story that she’s aging but having Hyun Joong in heart gave her the joy that kept her going with her life feeling young and vibrant. I admire her love and support to Hyun Joong that despite of her ailment, she followed Hyun Joong in Hongkong at the recent fan meeting concert, together with her daughter who is also a fan of Hyun Joong. Both has ailment and in wheelchair but their physical condition was not a hindrance to follow and support Hyun Joong’s activity.

During the handshake portion of the fan meeting concert as Hyun Joong came back to the stage and as soon as he spotted the elders in wheelchair he immediately came down to the gallery, greeted and hug each one of them. What a great joy it was for the elders who has ailment that Hyun Joong recognized them and came near them. She’s very proud of being a fan of Hyun Joong that she can tell the whole world how much she loves him like a true grandson.


She reminded me of my aunt who was a fan of a famous local singer/actress in my country, that she had been supporting for over 20 years ever since the singer started in showbiz. She’s a loyal fan who supported, defended and protected her idol. Until such time  her idol faded from the lime light, because of drugs her idol slowly deteriorated. All the years she had been supporting her, she never got a chance to meet her in person. But when her idol was rehabilitated, she was able to visit her and met her for the first time in 20 years. She introduced herself as an avid fan and her idol cried to her out of depression.

My aunt told me, a true fan doesn’t leave her idol just because nobody likes her or him anymore, not because your idol faded because of a mistake since nobody is perfect. She said this to me, “For 20 years I can only see my idol on TV, movies and from afar stage that she cannot see me. But when everyone left her, I didn’t leave. When there was no longer crowd of fans surrounded her, now she can see me, and I’m happy that even I have seen her worst, she’s still the most beautiful person I have ever known.”

Back in time, I could not understand her way of admiration to her idol. But now that I’m a fan, it was only at this time that I understood. She told me a love for an idol is the most unselfish love a person can experience having to love a stranger. But the joy of being a fan is priceless whenever you watch your idol. She said other people would not understand the feelings of being a fan unless they have experience the same way as we do. She understood the addiction of a fan and being captured by an idol, because she has been that for over 20 years to one single idol.

This is all I have for today’s dosage, I have learned my lesson today from the elders and I will keep it in my heart. I am not saying I’m gonna be fan a forever because nothing is forever, but I do hope to stay a bit longer and watch Kim Hyun Joong grow on his own and be a role model to the young generation.

                                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

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15 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] LIFE LINE

  1. I am totally shocked with this note, I had not read before.
    Really I feel totally identified with you LazerKim.

    I’m in my 26 and I really hope someday to meet this man, who not only takes me a smile but thousands, although there is a language barrier and often do not understand what you say, but his gestures, laughter , face, expressions speak louder than words.

    Thanks for all LazerKim and continue joining forces to this nightmare will soon be over.

  2. The same as I see the picture of his guesting,he so cute and like a kids playing and he so game with the host of the show.No one can judge us how we show our admiration to KIM HYUNJOONG,we here for him for what he is……:)

  3. Its such a nice article!
    Thank u 4 sharing!
    I admire ur thoughts!
    Never ending Love of Fans!
    I’ll stick 2 him till the end ! 😀
    We’ll be here always waiting even if he didn’t know if we exist but he know Henecians so Proud be 1!

    Henecia 4ever!!! ❤

  4. Hi lkA! I slept in today and i am just now reading your post. I do think i will be with hyun joong until i am too old to see the computer screen to read about him anymore! Lol! I hope to be a translator by then and able to travel to see him or poss work with him. I imagine him having his own production co and me being a translator for one of his up and coming stars! Something like that. I will support him and pray for him no matter where his path goes. Truly an inspiring story about your aunt. Hooe you get better soon! Take care….

  5. LZ, once again thanks for your article. i miss him and your daily dosage and other updates makes me sane :). LOL. cant wait for the airing of happy camp to see him again , but most especially trying to wait patienty for CIty COnquest .

    Know ur feeling sick, hope u feel better soon.u have to take care of yourself. God bless everyone. keep safe.

  6. Pass thank your aunt. She has a big heart. Love without conditions. This is God’s gift. Only a man of great heart can love so much. Kim Hyun Joong has a big heart. He just loves people. Fans or not. Does not matter. People feel. Kim Hyun Joong – is a wonderful person. Unique personality. Sincere heart. And he – singer, actor, etc. Its impossible not to love. Give him the love of God woman. God give him different events in life. My friends and I respect and love him. Kim Hyun Joong person.

    • Thank you very much to all! My apology I couldn’t reply to all but I read from you. I’m sick at this time, I’m not feeling well, i’ll just be staying in bed but I’ll make sure you have something to read tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding. See you again! take care God bless.

  7. Wow. thank you for sharing such a good story !that really was very touching indeed. It brought me to tears, yes it is true that some just leaves their idol when they are no longer in the limelight but i hope that i will stay as a fan longer like how your aunt was for her idol. But there are a lot really that changed me when i came to know KHJ. I was never really a fangirl before as much as i was with KHJ, like commenting and stuffs and even broadcast who my idol is since I was shy that people might laugh at me and find me weird and corny. But when it comes to him all of those hesitations come off and i freely tell people that I am a fan of him and i am very proud as a fan, I feel that its a privilege just being a fan. I no longer care if people find it funny *keke I mean with KHJ? there is just nothing to be ashamed of and even if there was it wouldn’t matter anymore. I read the blog which kyrroo shared a link to .Thanks kyrroo! Anyways , it is really so amazing to see the intense love of the fans like the grandma you were talking about and see her lively as she is being inspired with KHJ. I on the other hand will get to know KHJ more to have a deeper sense of what i really love about him and give my self a grasp on what is that certain light that he gives that makes him the sunshine to many peoples lives. Thank you for this!

    • lazerkim , i have seen an m/v on youtube where KHJ,KKJ and PJM were like hitmans, but i ts hard to find a video of the complete story. If you know where i cud find one please share me a link.Thanks.KHJ was so hot there *keke makes me anticipate more for City Conquest.

      • seoran, you must be talking about SS501 solo collection drama.You can find it in You tube. There are 3 episodes (i think) which tell the story of a hired killer( KHJ) and a revenge story involving KKJ and PJM and PJM’s girl friend .Here is the link to the first episode - Hyun Joong’s solo “Please be nice to me” is part of this series and appears in the second episode- and here is the final episode

        • wow! thank you sooo much for sharing me the link!! too bad its not a movie, it shoud’ve been a movie for it was sooooo COOL!..KHJ was soo hot and so was PJM and KKJ. Again thank you and Godbless!

  8. Hi LK, When u talked about the elder fans of hyun joong in wheelchairs, were u talking abt the woman who is also a regional judge. If it is her..i happened to stumble upon her blog( some months ago and read her sad story of her accident…and how she kept going on despite her ailments and the stories abt her mother’s craze for hyun joong…it was then i realized that people like that even existed in this world..before reading her blog i always thought that fans are the peple in their 20s was shocking for me to find out people who are more talented, succesful and old were also addicted to hyun joong(who is way younger), such things are very rare in my country. most old people in my country dislike the young generation’s taste in music, their lifestyle etc..and mostly they keep talking abt their favourite actors or singers of their generation only…like my mom and dad…who keep on complaining abt our choices of tv soap operas, music or dressing sense…well the best outcome from reading her blog made me realize that people as talented as these women can also get inspired from hyun joong ( sorry but i find these women more inspiring than hyun joong) so there must be something special in hyun can’t just be his music only..there must be sth else that i cannot see and that must be the reason why i keep on reading abt him everyday even if i had read it thousand times before!!
    (PS..sorry for long comment but when it comes to hyun joong i find it hard to stop)!!

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