Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HIGHLY IN-DEMAND

By: LazerKim            We have all witnessed the effect of Kim Hyun Joong by his name tag in terms of company product endorsement, his status in the global music industry, and the TV drama series.  As a commercial model he was able to bring up excellent results to all his endorsements and had been in the eye of global business commerce that showed a highly in demand  public figure. In the music industry he had brought innovated style in doing his music in various concepts that was well accepted by the different age range of fans which also showed chain of demands in pursuing more music.

In the drama series before he can start his come back project in the TV screens, there were already demands for Hyun Joong as an actor. Despite of the nonsense criticisms in his acting in 2009, he was able to gained higher boost of attention, that the current demands are overbearing  to ignore. It was only after two years that Hyun Joong finally decided to work on his come back drama and became a much anticipated one. The last project he had with Playful Kiss, may have suffered low TV rating back home during the period the drama was aired, but it proved it’s excellent results in the global community through the internet viewing.

In October Hyun Joong performed at the Budokan Tokyo to celebrate the commemoration of his fan club in Japan. It was here again that Hyun Joong surprised everyone as he brought another side of himself as a rocker but this time performing with a live band. And for the first time since his upcoming drama started filming in July, a sneak preview was shown during the concert. Another surprise by Hyun Joong as he had shown a different acting skills totally contrast to his previous dramas. A very different Kim Hyun Joong was seen by his fans that even gave more awareness, more excitement and eagerness to look forward to City Conquest.


I would just like to put this on record. In my observation within the twitter, I think the most addicting event of Hyun Joong is the concert at Budokan Tokyo as City Conquest first teaser was shown and a surprisingly brand new concert of Hyun Joong as he performed live with the band. The teaser of City Conquest and the concert was shown at YouTube that in just a matter of minutes it was all over the internet from different sites as soon as it was posted, but only after a few days the video clips were gone. There was such a euphoric confusion that everyone went restless for losing the clips, which I have not seen among Hyun Joong’s fans before.

When I could no longer locate the video clips of that teaser from City Conquest particularly that emotional scene I was able to research on the song being used for the said teaser. Lucky for Suzy of Ms.A since she sang that song from the teaser that Hyun Joong’s fans even appreciated her music being used for the teaser!! I haven’t stopped listening to it over and over again, finding myself having my mind filled with thoughts about Hyun Joong seeing his eyes crystal clear in my mind at that specific scene that his face was very near to breaking in tears. Hyun Joong had touched my heart out of seeing him in that emotion and I’m once again hooked by him.

What we have seen was a few minutes run of the sneak preview of City Conquest, when I lost the video clip that’s the only time I realized I am being addicted to it now after watching it for hours over and over again that I could not get enough of it. All the while I thought I was the only one feeling this way, as I checked on my twitter, everyone seemed to be euphoric over the lost clips!! Seeing this scenario and saying to myself “at least I’m not alone with my thoughts and feeling restless over a video clip!!.”

I can’t help think then, if I can be so restless by taking just a short glimpse of Hyun Joong at City Conquest, what more if the drama is being aired? Oh I have to find ways on how I can watch this drama at the same time being aired in Korea!! I’m sure Hyun Joong wasn’t really intending to get us all addicted to City Conquest, and the drama production management was just meant to give us a brief idea on how the drama is going.

I’m sure they didn’t mean to place us in such euphoric state of being addicted to it!! I’m sure Hyun Joong isn’t even aware of the impact the teaser had brought to his fans. I’m hoping now that the drama production management would release their official sneak preview of City Conquest, since there’s still two months waiting for this drama to be aired in Korea. Although seeing from Hyun Joong’s schedule from December it’s full packed since he’ll be releasing another album in Japan, then by January promotion for City Conquest shall start, and hopefully it will be aired in Korea within early next year.

How much more time is there, to wait to be released in other countries!! Honestly, I used to be a drama addict before I followed Hyun Joong and I have forgotten all about it for a year this month. Having said this, this is the first time for me to feel addicted prior to the airing of the drama which may be unexpected, but it’s happening, I’m addicted and got hooked by a teaser prior to airing. Am I the only one feeling this way? Is it time for me to get help from the mind experts? LOL!


What makes this City Conquest an addicting drama? It’s definitely not the plot since we did not even see much to understand how this plot is going. But  basically it’s Hyun Joong being in that drama. It’s been two years since the last time we have seen him on our TV screens. I’m not saying we did not enjoy the festive history we had with Hyun Joong since he started as solo artist. Oh we were definitely spoiled fans because Hyun Joong never stopped from showing himself on so many stages rocking every country he goes. For a year he’s been performing from here and there, if he may take a break from our sight he was simply preparing for his next appearances.

Even he had just started launching his first album Breakdown, there was already a high demand on his drama project. Until such time the demand became louder when this year started. There was even a rumoured drama that he was casted but rejected the drama project proposal. City Conquest was just laying on his apartment untouched, if you remember, he wrote to his fans sometime in March or April, mentioning he was reading a book which he have not read before? I would have guessed it was the script of City Conquest that he was actually reading!!

Then came the month of May Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour fan meeting concert started and his first stop was Singapore, upon his arrival he proceeded to his press conference and it was here he mentioned that drama project was already in his mind. As Hyun Joong was busy flying from one country to another, questions about his drama project kept flowing that City Conquest had already gained a lot of attention from anywhere he goes. As we all know this drama had already gained revenue prior to its filming, as soon as Hyun Joong confirmed as the lead actor.

The producer of City Conquest also mentioned that this drama had waited on Hyun Joong for one year, and had not been offered to any other actor that it was meant exclusively for him. The producer said as soon as Hyun Joong say “yes” to this drama project, they will immediately start the filming. And so it did, towards the end of his Asia Tour, filming started in Japan, just in time for Hyun Joong to launch his second Japanese album.

When asked what took Hyun Joong so long to sign up for this drama, he said he was having doubts if the character would suit him. Hyun Joong was merely taking one step at a time as he pursue on his singing career before he finally decided to take this drama project. This was on the month of May as everything was confirmed about the drama and in July the filming started. That time there was still no definite airing schedule as the drama production management was struggling which TV network it shall be shown in Korea, since the three big network were fully booked the whole year round.


I think it was on this period of July was the busiest month for Hyun Joong as there was the scheduled album launching, the significant handshake session at Odaiba attended by some 5,000 fans, the street dancing of Hyun Joong from Tokyo down to Osaka, the series of four concerts in a row for two consecutive days. Having this schedule at the same time filming the drama was too much that on the second day of Hyun Joong’s concert at Saitama Arena that he almost lost his voice hours before the concert. However with his physical condition Hyun Joong was able to endure till the end of the show that turned out to be a successful concert series.

The night after the last concert Hyun Joong drove straight to Tochigi Ken to resume with his filming the following morning, as if nothing happened the day before that filming, Hyun Joong was spotted with much energy and cheerful aura at the location set. In one of the filming days of Hyun Joong in Kinugawa Onsen, he was spotted wearing the Japanese traditional geisha costume!! Hyun Joong died laughing at himself as he wore the costume but in all fairness Hyun Joong was the most beautiful geisha I have ever seen!! Oh it was such a fun seeing those pictures of him in blue geisha Prince!

Seeing from the stills of those filming schedules, Hyun Joong obviously had been enjoying his time at the set while filming. It seems he got along with the other casts and production staffs quite well. However, the production staffs had noticed Hyun Joong’s face getting smaller as he had been losing weight since he was in a body building diet program. But he seems happy during the shoots, he lights up the atmosphere within the set as he plays around with the staffs! His kiddie side was spotted again running after each other playing with the staffs. I really think he truly enjoyed his filming for this drama. At the teaser there was a shot, Hyun Joong was spotted dancing obviously memorizing his choreography!! Hyun Joong couldn’t just stop moving whenever he’s at the location set seeing from the stills!!

Another eye catching scene is the romantic red gondola! The teaser shown in Budokan concert had shown the scenes in this gondola which is a bed scene. Many Hyun Joong fans may be jealous of the scene but for me I love watching romantic scenes on how artful it may turn out to be, because for actors, bed scenes are one of the most sensitive and challenging in dramas and movies, based from what I read from other veteran actors and even from Hyun Joong himself.

It was said that this drama contains, action, romance, comedy and transformation. I’m not so clear about the transformation so this is another scene that I’m so curious about. I probably would guess transformation on Baek Mir’s character which Hyun Joong is at best ability in transforming image. Oh Hyun Joong is known for his being restless with his image specially in changing hairstyle that can easily change his face as if looking at a totally different man! That would be Kim Hyun Joong’s signature!


After the shooting in Japan, Hyun Joong came back home and shut himself again into hiding, that it was such a boring two months spending days without Hyun Joong around. Whenever he is in silent mode, for sure he’s cooking up something! Until one day at the internet there goes a picture of Hyun Joong doing the dishes at Jaksal! Was he fired from being the lead actor for City Conquest? This was the first question that popped out from my mind!! This picture rapidly spread out through the internet and made a big news in other countries too!! Just to find out Hyun Joong was given a break from City Conquest, to give way in preparation to the drama promotion.

After a few days, Hyun Joong wrote to his fans, that I was assuming he had seen his picture at the internet and at the local news doing the dishes, so he was thinking his fans might be thinking he wasn’t doing anything during the period he was in hiding!! As Hyun Joong write, that he was indeed preparing for the first promotion of City Conquest on October 4th. He seemed excited to tell his fans that the first teaser of this drama shall be shown and that he was satisfied by the results of his filming in Japan. Hyun Joong said he had prepared something new for October 4th and to look forward to it.

In October 3rd he was already at the airport that at last we have seen him after two months. I noticed there was an unusual bigger crowd at the airport even it was an ordinary working day for everyone. Hyun Joong looked tired but still so handsome as ever and I was truly glad to see him again apparently his fans missed him so much that the dragging days went by so slowly in anticipating his public exposure only to find out the strong impact of his visit to Japan was tremendous!

It was only on the month of October that finally it was announced that this drama shall be aired at KBS2 early next year. Hyun Joong celebrated with his fans the first anniversary of Henecia Japan, and as promised the first teaser of City Conquest was shown. On the day of the event I was monitoring through twitter as it was said that his Japanese fans were quite surprised to have seen the teasers and that Hyun Joong performed with a band. The update did not sink in to me at all, thinking it’s the same concert was being performed by Hyun Joong, but I was wrong again as Hyun Joong surprised his fans singing live with the band to back him up instead of his dancers! This is guy is really full of surprises!


After the concert video clips were posted, the following day comes the teasers of City Conquest. This was where I got totally hooked and as I have mentioned earlier if this teaser is just a brief or just a small dot of the entire drama that I got addicted to, what more watching the episodes after episodes when this drama is being aired? I can imagine myself watching each episode for the entire week probably to the extent of memorizing every punch line that Hyun Joong delivers!!

In politics if this is some sort of propaganda movement in engaging people to participate with, I would say it’s effective!! LOL!! The teasers of City Conquest had even ignited higher anticipation from Hyun Joong’s fans! This will drag a slower days of waiting for 2013 which actually is just two months from now and knowing the last two months of the year towards its end is the fastest since everyone gets busy for Christmas preparation which starts next month. It becomes slower than usual simply because we are anticipating for something special to every Kim Hyun Joong fans!


It’s just so good that come 12th of December Hyun Joong shall be releasing another Japanese album as his third! He has a scheduled autograph signing event on the 21st to the 23rd of December. It seems Hyun Joong shall be spending his Christmas season with his fans. Japan is a non-Catholic country, but there are some Catholics Japanese too, and Christmas can be felt in the commercial areas only, unlike in other Christian countries that Christmas is being felt everywhere.

So ladies let’s give the guy that happiest Christmas as he’ll be spending it with his fans Instead of seeing Christmas lights twinkling at night time, he’ll be surrounded by big smiles from his fans anywhere he goes in Japan! As Hyun Joong shall be launching his next album. Well Hyun Joong fans never fail to be where he is, I’m sure his Japanese fans would be able to fill in the gap between Hyun Joong and his traditional Christmas spirit. Although he’ll probably be home just in time for Christmas day to spend with his family.

And for us fans from afar shall be watching over Hyun Joong, let’s be a part of his Christmas as we mark our calendar a Christmas date with Kim Hyun Joong a Highly In-Demand Star of the year! Do you think we are the only addicts here? Don’t you know Hyun Joong is also addict to us his fans? Look, I just mentioned it, he’ll actually share his season Christmas with us!! What more is there to ask for? We are so lucky fans!

                                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

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15 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HIGHLY IN-DEMAND

  1. I am so excited and anticipating CC! I have written to Drama Fever begging them to pick it up in simulcast if possible. They simulcast LMH’s Faith, so I have hope. This year is the crowning glory for our Prince! Next year will even better! I can’t wait… I can’t wait! I am so crazy with excitement! LOL! 😀

  2. hi lazer, yeah i have been watching that mir’s love clip again & again. well it is really making me tear up unlike i watched it first. may be my emotional state is still on downside after my boyfriend leaving me so that i just get the unspoken emotions more & more deep.
    oh you know how much i’m waiting for CC & i’m pretty sure that i’ll be on floor laughing at that geisha scene.
    i think HJ has a touch of a magician as whatever he touch becomes a fountain of gold to the brands he endorse.
    by the way lazer, i will be late or may be not commenting to your articles as i’m having exams from tomorrow. but i’ll be reading & if it allows i’ll atleast say hi to you!!
    god bless dear!!
    see you again!!

    • Oh no problem! The articles will not go away, you may read it after your exams, and good luck, i’ll write you in my list of prayer, that you’ll make it good, take it easy, you can make it having HJ inspiring you!! kekeke..
      The geisha Prince is one of my most awaited, now I’m feeling excited about this drama, how I wish to pull the time forward so we can all watch it already! And we’ll go promoting it! HJ is a priceless gold coin for luck that one can bring anywhere! Thank you and take care, good luck to your exams, see you again! God bless.

  3. I actually hated the song D: xD ahahahasjdhasd I do hope it’s not just me =P
    oh, I did save one of the teasers before there were put to private, but hollishyun is so lovely that she brought them back to life like 3 days after what happened =)
    I’m also addicted to him D: no day passes by that I don’t listen to a song, or see a pic/vid of him D:
    I love my one-sided relationship with him =P XD well he loves us fans, so it’s a virtual and delusional but healthy relationship then xD
    I’m sorry if I’m talking non-sense but I haven’t slept much this week.. D: haven’t eaten much either D: it’s been one of the craziest week ever. I do hope Christmas isn’t like this lol
    Tomorrow I gotta travel to a very beautiful city called Viña del Mar D: to attend Music Bank. It’s 1hr from here but I wish I could sleep a bit, then the next day have to go to the airport and ahhhh I swear I’ll sleep the whole next week.
    I do manage to have some time and come here to read your articles though… kkk instead of cooking myself something e.e xD .-.
    I’ve just eaten strawberries hahadash
    I’m glad HJ has to do so many things on Christmas time, for some reason I relate Christmas-New Year’s with HJ xDDDDDDDDDD
    Hugs 4 everyone =P

      • Razor, I can’t understand what song is that??? I’m praying hard thst you’ll fall in love very soon so keep your eyes open!! He might just be around the corner! Or maybe he’s somewhere where you’ll be traveling!
        go get some sleep sweetie! and you take care do you hear? Yes I love the one sided love too for a change!! kekeke thanks dear, now be careful when you travel and don’t forget to look around you, be friendly to men of course those who are nice only! See you dear have a nice trip!!

  4. It is really great to be a fan of KHJ because not only that he loves us but the love he gives back to his fans is 10x more, that is why he is one of those idols you can never outgrew not because of his unforgettable handsome face not only for his talent but for the kind of heart that he is able to give for his fans which is priceless. I am very happy to know that he is a very effective product endorser, but no surprise really. I mean with that smile, makes you buy just anything he touches *LOL. Is the scene you were talking about was that one where he was riding in a car and sees the girl so he stops and went out to meet her? the one where they weren’t even saying lines but you could feel it from the way they look into each other. Yeah, it was really very effective that it made me tear up. I guess he really improved a lot when in comes to his craft in acting, people looking into each other without saying anything yet makes you cry is something that is hard to achieve but it got me and pierced my heart. I don’t even know why they looked so sad.LOL! I cannot wait for 2013 to see the drama and i know that it will be a great success, so lets keep on promoting it for our alien prince.FIGHTING!!!

    • Yes Seoran you got me right on the target! That scene he was riding a pick up truck actually, when he saw the girl sitting and he thought he was just imagining to have seen her. Just like you got teary eye I do not know why, i do not even know what went on to that scene but I felt a pinch in my heart! I thought i was the only one who had that thoughts, but at the twitter everyone seem to have the same thoughts! That’s everyone went euphoric when the clip just went off!! LOL I’m betting on this drama for an award even I have not seen it!! I wouldn’t mind even HJ doesn’t get any award this year, he got the biggest award of winning the hearts of thousands of new fans from everywhere that others could hardly attain!
      It’s Hyun Joong’s goal to reach out for his fans personally meet them this year and he achieved with it quite successfully.
      Oh yes we will actively promote this drama and place him on top again! And also his upcoming album in December, so we’ll be busy again!!
      Thank you for sharing have a cheerful day, take care and see you again!

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