Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HALLOWEEN!

By: LazerKim            Greetings to everyone a Happy Halloween! In most countries every year before the month of November comes, kids goes to the neighborhood for a trick or treat in scary costumes which I enjoyed during my kiddie days. Although this is the commercial term of Halloween but in my religion which is Catholic, it is a tradition that we visit our departed love ones in the cemetery to light candles for them as we pray for their souls. Kim Hyun Joong is also a Catholic, I wonder if he does the same tradition? His most love one is his grandmother who passed away sometime in 2009 I think.

I read that he was totally devastated since his grandma took care of him when he was a kid since his mom was working. In one talk show he related that he received an award that time his grandma died. He was dressed up in his tuxedo for the award ceremony and after which he went straight to his grandma funeral, had to change from tux to black tie.

I don’t know how Hyun Joong was able to cope up with too many negative vibes in those years 2009 to 2010 that as I was reading those that I have researched lately seems to be too heavy on the chest. But maybe it was those trials that made him strong at present that the years followed from 2011 to 20012 are all good news about Hyun Joong that I’m really glad. He deserves what he has at present and the coming years. Allow me to dedicate this article as I go on, to my new readers since they are also new fans of Hyun Joong who came in just this mid year.


I can’t find any scary story to tell to go with the Halloween!! But just this one that Hyun Joong shared his ghost story experience that I find it rather hilarious than scary! In one talk show, Hyun Joong was relating that in his group’s dormitory he experienced ghost around the house. One night Hyun Joong took a shower and as he was drying his hair with a tower he saw a glimpse of a man sitting by the bathroom near where he was standing. He was all naked as he run off from the bathroom to his manager’s bedroom!!

His manager was quite surprised seeing him naked and in scared expression! Hyun Joong told his manager that there was a stranger sitting by the bathroom, so the manager and Hyun Joong went back to the bathroom but it was gone. Until such time Hyun Joong had gotten used to the ghost in their dormitory as a part of them! He was saying, there was a time Hyun Joong and his members were at the dinning area for meeting as they were talking, they can hear the ghosts were talking at the same time and Hyun Joong would talk to the ghost just to drive them away!!

Here’s the most scary story I have ever heard: It’s from Hyun Joong’s interview with Sparkling Magazine as he was asked this question.  What about your personal dreams?

I want to meet aliens and travel to outer space. If an alien came up to me right now and asked me to leave with him, I’d leave without any hesitations. Even if they wanted to do a live-body experiment on me, I will go with him.” He plans to travel into space one day no matter what. Having already traveled to the North Pole, he is hoping to visit the South Pole next as well.

Quite recently at the Lotte fan meeting concert of Hyun Joong he was saying to his fans that he would like to have a concert in the outer space and that he would bring all his fans there!! What place can be so peaceful as he compare it to the undersea world which is beautiful and peaceful?

I would agree to the concert on the moon but I don’t think I would agree to his idea that Hyun Joong would be willing to go with the aliens and travel to the outer space and have his body for experiment!! It’s good if Hyun Joong was pertaining to his alien fans!! I’m sure the aliens here would only be very glad to have him with open arms!! Oh well what a Halloween thoughts this can be!!


Since it’s Halloween, I would like to play the devil’s advocate, the “what if…” question and we give each other’s opinion. Since we’re talking about something creeps then these questions shall be negative to some and positive to others. I would just like to clarify this is just my curiosity which have been in my mind for quite sometime. And since we do not have updates about Hyun Joong might as well talk about something relevant to the future. I’m just curious about your opinion, don’t be scared this is my personal space you’re safe here to share your opinion.

(Creep:)  What if Hyun Joong decided to re-join his members for a re-group of SS501? What are your thoughts on this?

LK:  Because I know majority of my readers are Only One and new fans like myself, I’m just curious on how it is gonna be. I’ll be pretending if I say it’s alright, in fact it is but maybe not this time. I got no choice because wherever Hyun Joong is I will support all the way. As I have said since I have been tagged as Only One, therefore I will only love and support him. This can be possible, his pioneer fan club Perfect has been supporting only Hyun Joong all these years, even he was with his group. My only question would be how would the show turn out since I have already seen his true color and I would say he’s the best among the five of them, even he was not the lead vocalist before. He will still out shine the rest of the members.

(Creep:)    What if Hyun Joong would not join his members, then only three of them would re-group since Kyu Jong is enlisted, will the fans of SS501 agree with this, without taking it against Hyun Joong?  What are your thought on this?

LK:    This should have been done two years ago, the previous agent should have hold on with the four members and get a replacement for Hyun Joong. JYJ is successful in their endeavor and so with the duet TVXQ is also successful. Don’t get me wrong I’m just asking and I would like to know your opinion.


I read from somewhere that another member said to wait for SS501. Among the five of them it seems it’s only Hyun Joong who have not said to wait for SS501, or wait for the group. I’m just curious, is he coming back too? So soon!! But I don’t think so, not this time because he already signed for KeyEast. Not unless KeyEast would get the other members to re-group with Hyun Joong!! Well nothing is impossible nowadays. There are new fans who are totally confused with what is going, and I would like to enlighten some who just came in as new fans of Hyun Joong.

I wrote an article entitled Waiting For You, which talks about this group and their fans but unfortunately the article was totally misunderstood. I was wondering why, then a mother fan explained to me that majority of TS fans are teenagers and might have failed to understand the legalities of the word “Disband”. Then I came to realize there’s really a misunderstanding since I was pertaining to word Disband as the group SS501 no longer exist as far as legalities are concern. But what the members and Hyun Joong meant by not being disbanded pertains to their friendship. Which I totally agree that the group had never separated and had kept their friendship until at present.

So here it is for better understanding about legalities. SS501 was created by Lee Ho Yeon CEO of DSP which is the previous agent of Hyun and members. DSP recruited five members and trained them for two years. The group debuted in 2005 under the name SS501 with the contract period of five years which expired in June 10, 2010. The name SS501 is being owned by DSP until at this time, but when the contract of the members had expired technically the group had disbanded. DSP has the sole right over the name SS501 including their albums. As a general rule the five members cannot perform all together in one stage or recording album using the name SS501, neither one of them does not have the right to record for album purposes any of the songs from SS501.

Since the name is being owned by DSP, it also has the sole right to re-call or re-group the members. However, the group can be able to acquire the name SS501 through buying the copyright of the group name, similar to what happened to Shinwa group. In the case of Shinhwa, it was the members who put up their own agent company and license, I think two of the members stood as CEO for the company. The members went to court to legally acquire the name Shinhwa from SM ent. where the group name was originated, and it was granted by the legal court. This same scenario is what the TS wish for since they have been waiting for the group to re-unite.


I have so many readers who are from TS, at first I couldn’t understand why TS couldn’t move on, and there’s always this endless talks about re-unite. Then as I was digging dipper for history, I came to realize TS was not aware of possible split up or expiration of contract among the members during that time in 2010, I mean reading from here and there it somehow gave me this impression. It was a great shock to them like waking up one morning and their loving group was gone.

The incident was rather abrupt for them, that I believe there were no signs of breaking up or I believe there was obvious signs but remained blinded because they trusted. Now I understand how it feels, it’s like losing a part of them. I’m trying to understand further believing that time heals a broken heart which I strongly believe. Life has to move on, we cannot live by the past forever.

I know this is a sensitive issue, but since I have many TS readers I do not want to be misunderstood again, because my intention is for TS to understand Hyun Joong, well at least for some who are matured. I know you have been my readers since the time I put up this blog and believe me I can feel you. I know there’s still something deep scar inside you and I can no longer ignore it. I know many of my readers are mostly matured enough to understand what I’m trying to point out.

Honestly, these past days I’m having a hard time to write constructively and all I can do is to let you feel how Hyun Joong loves all his fans regardless of fan tag. As you can notice I seldom name any fan club in my article because I see his fans as Only One. And that’s how I take it seeing everyone of my readers as one regardless whoever else you support other than Hyun Joong.


I have many silent readers who are new fans of Hyun Joong who are as confuse as I was a year ago, they have been reading many post from here and there, they have the same question “Is Hyun Joong going back to his previous group?”I cannot respond for Hyun Joong, it’s only him who can answer that question. Don’t get me wrong these are new fans who may be confused with what they read from the news write-ups and I cannot ignore them because I was at the same shoes as them before. All I know is what I see from Hyun Joong who is successful, happy to where he is at present.

He has plans for his future which he has been open about, hearing it straight from his lips from the interviews he had in his recent fan meeting press conference. Unfortunately I wasn’t able about to read any plans of going back to his group, if I’m not mistaken but please do correct me if I’m wrong. I just base what I write from his interviews which I think most of you have also watched the video clips at YouTube. I’m not closing my mind to anything since my support to Hyun Joong is unconditional. Neither would I ignore the new fans who are also in dilemma because they also come across news about the members who are saying “wait for us.”

Here’s my opinion which I think I’m entitled to, as I have mentioned earlier, among the members, it’s only Hyun Joong whom I have not heard to be saying “wait for us”, although I heard him said “wait for me” because he has been busy this autumn!! He’s pertaining to himself obviously. For me, to call for a re-unite at this early stage two years only mean one thing, it is a desperate move or a fall back. I’m really hoping that the members doesn’t mean to re-call for SS501 re-unite as a group the soonest possible time, not if they have not achieve what they ought to as solo artists.

I can only speak for myself, coming from sleeping on the floor and having slept on a bed, you wouldn’t expect me to go back to the floor, right? Same with Hyun Joong, he came from a nightmare of his past, now that he had seen the light I cannot blame him if he stay where he is right now and wouldn’t go anywhere but upward and not downward. Let’s face it among the five of them Hyun Joong is the most successful and continue being successful as in non-stop.


My next question would be.  Would you like any of the members to be together as a group  just for the sake of their fans? Would you like to see Hyun Joong going back to his group just for the sake of some fans who would like them to be together as a group? This is like saying damn if you do, damn if you don’t. Hyun Joong doesn’t want to hurt any of his fans, back in 2010, he doesn’t have any choice, he was being pushed to the wall and swallow everything what was being fed to him. I sincerely hope Hyun Joong won’t have it again ever. I think Hyun Joong was given the security blanket of KeyEast because the agent company have plans for him too. And if I were KeyEast I would do the same thing, Hyun Joong is a diamond of the highest carat for the company and I wouldn’t share him with any other company. They know how to take care of their treasure and value them.

And so for the new fans be at peace, we can still enjoy Hyun Joong’s solo performance. However, here’s the lessons learned. I don’t think I would like to experience what the TS had in the past. It was a nightmare for them to lose the group they have learned to love in just an overnight sleep. And so I would like to encourage everyone of us here to be open minded. Let’s bear in mind that Hyun Joong is on his own, that whatever he decides we have to respect wholeheartedly. We will never decide for him because we do not have a single right over him, it’s his life, he’s matured enough, he knows exactly what he’s doing, and we are just his fans who will always be at his side and support. And I do hope the TS would do the same. I think it’s high time to accept reality. I’m not closing my mind that Hyun Joong might change his mind, and I would respect that.

The TS can wait, that’s their right I got nothing against it. The only thing that I’m against is this non-stop bashing and criticizing Hyun Joong which I have decided to ignore for now. May I just clarify that I’m writing this article with no negative intention but to orient the new fans over what’s going on around and to respond to their questions, and nothing more. And also for some TS who are my regular readers bias to Hyun Joong. For me we’re like family here, we have the same one person that we love, and family members do help one another. If one may stumble, we help regardless who she is. If one is confuse we enlighten, if one is hurt, we comfort, all of these is simply by understanding one another.


Another thing, there are some new fans who were being mislead by other fans about Hyun Joong’s having a secret relationship. I would just like to say, not unless Hyun Joong faces the camera and declare that he’s having a relationship or dating someone, do not be mislead. This is all I can say. So far, until at this time Hyun Joong have not declared anyone he has currently been dating with. He’s still single uncommitted and he had clearly stated that he doesn’t have plans of dating anyone as yet. If ever there is he would let his fans know about it.

Now I sincerely hope for further understanding among us here. Kim Hyun Joong now is happy as we can see from him lately. I think he is more affectionate to his fans and that he can feel how much we care and love him. As he said, we his fans inspire him and encourage him to do more, I honestly hope we can give him more time to be on his own to prove himself further, to attain his dreams and to reach out for all his fans around the world. As we too his fans are waiting for his visit in our respective countries. This is just a matter of time to fulfill all he had planned for himself. Let us not forget that we his fans are a part of dreams. He still wants to win more heart from his fans.

And for my closing remarks, Trick or Treat! Whatever is there for tomorrow we accept wholeheartedly, it’s time we show our love to Kim Hyun Joong by understanding his heart and his desires for the future. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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24 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HALLOWEEN!

  1. I know I’m way late on this but I just wanted to correct you on one thing. Hyun Joong has said on a couple of occasions for fans to wait for SS501. He did say it would be hard for them to reunite being in different companies (took a lot of bashing for his honesty) but that they all hoped they could at least perform together as SS501 in the future. As for me, I’ll support whatever he chooses to do.

    Oh and it wasn’t just Hyun joong who wanted to try going solo for awhile either so this whole replacing just Hyun Joong was not an option for DSP. Hyun Joong as the great leader he is just announced his leaving first and as we know took the brunt of all the hate but it wasn’t just him alone that wanted to move on.

  2. Haha as i was watching that interview at srongheart 2 days ago. I was alone at my room upstairs when all of a sudden KHJ shares that scary story and heck i did not finish it as i hurriedly went downstairs .LOL. I think her grandmother died when he won that popularity award, that is why you can see him with no reaction upon winning.So sad. For me, it really is sad after they left DSP they got dibanded, and you are right that for now it is kinda complicated for them to be together since KJ is enlisted in the army. But I wouldn’t really mind if they do in the future since they are my no.1 kpop band too. Anyhow we can still support each one of the members. So there is nothing for us to worry , instead lets just focus on helping them with being more successful. Anyways lazerkim thank you and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

    • OMG I should have read your comment after i have taken my night shower!! Now it scares me to go inside my bathroom!!LOL I am laugh all the way I can imagine you running downstairs!!hahahahahaha……well you did a successful Halloween treat for me!! wwwhaa!!! how am i suppose to take a shower now!!LOL I have that Hyun Joong’s ghost story in my mind!! i didn’t get scared when HJ told the story now I’m scared as you told your experience watching HJ at strong heart!!
      Thanks to you!! hahahaha Happy Halloween!!

  3. hi lazer! hmmm what to say!! you know, my bias is Hyun Joong but i like his members too. so reunite or not i’ll support all 5 of them in whatever they do cause they are the 1st Kpop band i got to know & i know that none other can replace them.
    as you said it is Hyun joong’s & others’ decision to take & i’ll help them with it.
    Ah! i miss Mr. alien right now. so i’m going to watch his videos.
    see you again dear!
    god bless!

  4. the same as you,lazer unnie. I can’t make a decision for him. but i trust hj,he will make a wise decision. he is my only one so i will be with him whatever he decides. if i can make a decision for him,i will never let him re-unite with the group because he can’t make any music he likes and there are limitations to work with the group and the most important is i don’t want him back to the unpleasant past.and i personally think his smile is the brightest and the freshest at the present as i’ve ever seen.
    although i like him,ys and kj perform as project gp,i like him as a soloist the most. i will support only to my only one,hyun joong.

  5. Good day! let’s give Kim Hyun Joong freedom. Let him decide how to live and what to do. Let us love him unconditionally. Honestly? Why do they all band now? They are great solo singers. They can say together? They all have sung. Everyone has their own way. The group was fun. Why? Because they were all individual. And they all grew out of the group. They – solo. Love them. Remember their way into the group. Be happy for them. For their growth. For their courage. For their talent. But do not drag them back. We are not going back to the first class after high school. We get a higher education. Give them all the love and freedom. Be what they want.

  6. I think if SS501 came back into the picture, well first it wouldn’t be tell 2014 because of Kyu Jong’s army commitment and who knows when the other members will decide to leave…I’m like 100% positive Hyun Joong will wait till he’s thirty, which is not until 2016…or would that actually be 2015 because of Korea’s your-one-at-birth??? Now that’s a scary thought…

    Anyways I also think it would be for a re-union concert or concert fanmeets just for something special to the fans. They would not make a new album and they would continue with their solo activities as such. Because Hyun Joong is almost at the peak of his career as a soloist and it ruin him, I believe, if helped buy the name SS501 because it would be like he’s falling back when he’s already MORE popular than SS501 on their own were…this is my opinion and what I’ve noticed; I could be wrong.

    It would be cool if made his own company and revolutionized Korea’s entertainment business into something more…safe? With more rights for the artists like enough sleep and food and free time and laws against sagang fans…dreaming here.

    Though, out of curiosity LK, where have you been reading the negative comments on Hyun Joong. I mean I’ve seen some on some of his MV videos on You Tube and a bit more on Allkpop…and I guess I’ll say Dramabeans but it’s more acting bashing and I’m praying hard they’ll watch CC without bias judgement and admit he’s good at acting finally. Are the TS/anti’s on twiiter? I’m actually really curious…I get a kick out of reading ‘debates’ on topics on forums. A classic one was the shipping wars with Harry Potter! :p

    Well hope everyone had a fun and scary Halloween! I died of laughter at Hyun Joong’s ghost story and he really needs to write his autobiography or a book or write his own comic series with his 4D wit: he would be an instant best seller. ^^ But first official English songs…

    • I think HJ has that plan when he reach 40? getting his own company, he’s taking his boss footsteps, that’s how I see from his interviews about future long term plan. Just like what others think he’s up to just a joint stage but not re-group I think, although we can never tell, that’s why I would like us to be open minded. members just have to stay focus on solo, build their own name first. Just like the shinhwa they built their own name when they achieved what they want they get tired and have it together again but still doing individual solos and not tied up in just a group. Thanks! Happy Halloween!

  7. All I have to say in response to these proposals is this: I am not afraid. I trust Kim Hyun Joong to make wise decisions that further his dreams and make him healthy and happy. Those are the only things I care about. If he were to reunite with SS501, it is my opinion that it would only be a reunion concert or short fan meeting tour. This may happen when he gets settled down in a few years, maybe just before he enters his military service.

    And… we must keep in mind that all the members must be available for such a thing to happen. As far as them going back together as a group? At this point, I just don’t see how it can happen. I think they all need to face reality and do what the members of DBSK/TVXQ did. Form the groups with the members who are available and agree on a direction. They will obviously have to come under a new name at the point just like JYJ. TVXQ duo was able to keep their name because they stayed with their original production company.

    I do feel the pain TS must have felt when they found out SS501 was going their separate ways and would no longer be a group. It must have been heartbreaking. For me, the split of DBSK was difficult because I felt they were so powerful as a group of five. Their video mirotic is nothing short of artistic perfection! But, as time has passed, I am enjoying JYJ’s music very much. Mostly, I have a fondness for Kim Jae Joong and that is why.

    At any rate… I am with LK in that Kim Hyun Joong is my Only One, and I only enjoyed SS501 because of him. In fact, they were already apart when I became interested so, it was all water under the bridge. I understand the confusion of the new fans too… I went through that with both SS501 and DBSK as I only discovered them after the splits. As fans read more and gain more knowledge, that confusion goes away, and their feelings become clear. I am willing to bet, they will all be falling into the ONLY ONE category. Kim Hyun Joong is just too hard to get past!

    Everyone please go by my blog at! I finally put up a post that explains what has been going on with me and pictures of KHJ’s Christmas Presents which will be sent off as soon as I have the $$ for the shipping costs. HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone and I have posted a special Zombie Kim Hyun Joong picture to scare us happy! He is still handsome, even as a living dead person! LOL! Enjoy!

    • I come to show my supporting you and LK. We are all the same thought. Since we have HJ the one and only one. I also enjoy SS501 and agree that reunite is not easy when the time pass. Anyway thanks for sharing, LK and Oncheonsa.

      • Hello Angie, I agree with you, the original group of TVXQ though is different, each one of them can stand on their own, singing, composing even directing their own concert individually, then they have their own individual fans. SS501 has diff case we have seen them individually and who shines the best. However i still like SS501 since they were the group I knew first, I still like them as solo artist better. Four members has to pull up a bit more making sure they have already achieved what they want before thinking of another. i mean just focus first on what they have just like what HJ is doing, making the most of his time and not wasting time to call on re-unite. Because I don’t think that will come soon.You’re right once the new fans have read topics of the past they will learn more about HJ. That’s why I’m putting up topic of the past, there are lots more to bring out, I’m just taking one step at a time for every article.
        Thanks for sharing Happy Halloween!! Sugar Free candies!!LOL razor is really something!!LOL see you!

    • Yea, I have the same view.
      Hyun Joong is going on his way, more successful than other members. He has many solo plans as big star.
      The reunion is only for an album, FM/concert.

      HJ is my only one idol.
      I can follow only him, not any one other.

      • Alleluia! Same with me here!! Oh my Lord pls let me get tired of HJ first before he could do anything drastic!!! LOL!! The question is when will I get tired of him!??? LOL Happy Halloween!

  8. First of all, I wish I was that ghost, to see him naked =) xD just kidding!!!!!
    Well, you know I’m originally a Triple S, but HJ has always been my true love LMAO. It’s true that HJ loves his members lol, well I bet he loves YS and KKJ the most =P
    From what I’ve read HJ wants SS501 to be like Shinhwa, I mean…. maybe (just maybe xD) he wants to be with them and have solo projects simultaneously… but to be with them with a different agent, just like Shinhwa did…
    I do hope HJ has his own record label someday =P it’d be AWESOME xD
    Yannow, if HJ wanted to join a salsa band, I’d still support him xD… that’s my level of faithfulness LMAO
    Btw, I loved the pic of HJ where all you can see is his butt aasjdsad so yummie xDDDDD bootylicious ❤
    Happy Halloween!!!! you'all just eat sugar free candy, you heard me! LOL

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