Kim Hyun Joong…[article] JOURNEY TO ROCK

By: LazerKim           Kim Hyun Joong attended the new store opening of Channel at Lotte Duty Free yesterday. Hyun Joong was in a dashing dark formal suit looking handsome gentleman, participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony, being the official endorser of Lotte Duty Free.  The other day his pictures from the Unlimited album teaser was at the internet as a handsome hot rocker! Then yesterday we see him as a handsome Prince! Hyun Joong continues to amaze us every time he out in his public exposure.

If you’re a fan who’s fond of collecting his pictures from the internet, which I’m very fond of, by simply looking at his pictures can be so entertaining! I wonder who among the Kpop artists have the greatest number of pictures at the internet! I can guess Hyun Joong is one of them!

An update was released yesterday pertaining Hyun Joong’s schedule for the month of January 2013, and I think Hyun Joong has a full packed schedule to start the year. Seeing from his schedule I think he’ll be spending most of his time in Japan. The series of events apparently are performing concerts to be held in at least ten venues. Here’s that update as follows:


Kim Hyun Joong Japan Tour 2013 “Unlimited” Second Solo Nationwide Tour 

Additional performances of the tour “Kim Hyun Joong Japan Tour 2013” UNLIMITED “” Kim Hyun Joong’s second solo country is finally decided. Starting with the Saitama Super Arena, and toured the country bringing their popular rock band DOWN HELL Korea 9th World Memorial Hall in Kobe Japan, in January 06, 2013. Looking for entries from amateur bands in Japan that a copy of the recorded “Your Story”, and elected representatives of each area, “UNLIMITED” in the national tour of this time, playing

Standing on the same stage with Kim Hyun Joong I also carried out planning to be able to! Will be announced from time to time, such as the official site for more information, such as overview and concert ticket sale. Please look forward to the future success of Kim Hyun continues to evolve every day! Outline of “Kim Hyun Joong Japan Tour 2013” UNLIMITED “”

Scheduled Tour:

(plan)] <Event Date / Venue>

  • January 06 (Sun): (Hyogo) Kobe World Memorial Hall,
  • January 09 (Wednesday):Saitama Super Arena ( Saitama)
  • January 11 (Fri), 12 days) (Sat: Aichi () Century Hall Nagoya Congress Center ,
  • January 14) Mon(Act City Hamamatsu, Shizuoka ()
  • January 16) (water:Sendai Sun Plaza Hall (Miyagi) ,
  • January 26 (Sat): Great Hall Hall Anabuki alpha (Kagawa) ,
  • January 28 (Monday): Sun Palace Fukuoka (Fukuoka) ,
  • February 06 (Wed), 7 days (Thursday): Osaka Grand Cube Osaka
  • March 5 (Tuesday): (Hokkaido) Nitori Culture Hall ,
  • March 24 (Sun): (Hiroshima) HBG Hall Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen<

Cast> Kim Hyun Joong <Prices> 9,800 yen ( tax included) <organizer> Digital Adventure <Special Cooperation> J: COM / DATV ) * content events including an appearance (is subject to change without notice.* Will be announced from time to time, such as the official site for general sale schedule HENECIA JAPAN, mobile and Kim Hyun Joong official.


Jiangsu Satellite TV: KHJ performance training hard Chinese

“Boys,” starring Korean version of “Meteor Garden” and “Playful Kiss”, Kim Hyun focusing on Asia has a high popularity. Jiangsu Satellite TV New Year’s Eve concert debut, Kim Hyun Joong this show a great deal of attention. According to the brokerage firm, in order to perform “ground gas” debut, Kim Hyun Joong is training hard Chinese: “At present, he is following the Chinese teacher learning in concert greet with the fans as well as interactive Chinese a day, almost five hours long. ‘

Of course, as a super idol, Kim Hyun Joong amazing shape is also a big attraction. It is said that this modeling, Kim Hyun Joong ready to show his “double-sided image:” I would like to have handsome and cute, fresh and defensive shape, there are two sets of elements, and perhaps a number of styling, with the past are not the same shape. ” Kim Hyun Joong is “self-preparing for clothing”: “New Year’s Eve concert clothing I own to guard the design, coupled with my own styling team must let the audience see 2013 new.”

(Source: east this report >


Kim Hyun Joong, published “Your Story” 1st album title song teaser Japan!

Kim Hyun Joong teaser video of “Your Story” new song, is called a hot topic at the same time as the public

December 12, morning of July 28, YouTube Official Channel Universal Japan (Kim Hyun Joong to release the album “Unlimited” regular for the first time in Japan coming ( through “Your title song I released a teaser video of the Story “.

I took off the veil in the picture “Your Story” teaser, on the other hand gives off a strong charisma transformed into a locker, Kim Hyun Joong is eye-catching to express the sadness of parting delicate man. In particular, look sad voice and ephemeral of Kim Hyun Joong to play the guitar is exquisite harmony, fantastic atmosphere. Ahead of Japan’s first regular album release, has attracted the interest of fans all over the world not only in Korea and Japan.

This place, through the regular album in Japan this time, Kim Hyun Joong to showcase their music far beyond your expectations every time you announce a new album, has gained the trust of the people, the visual perfect music and a high level of rank unveiled plans to try to compete head on.

Concept of a rock band last summer, was shocked the music industry in Japan “(Heat) HEAT”, I’m planning to showcase the music that has been upgraded a notch. Total 14 songs will be included with new songs such as “Your Story”, “Save Today”, “I’m Yours”, to existing hits.

In this album, Kim Hyun Joong will be showing off a full-fledged music band you’ve been dreaming for a long time. While it is composed of instrument real guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards, boasts a rich sound, “Your Story” The title song, he is in the spotlight as joined themselves also to the recording process and arrangement album.

Album “Unlimited” regular Japan’s first Kim Hyun Joong has been receiving the love hot from fans all over the world in a brilliant performance of music and a high level every time you put out an album, it will be released on December 12. (Fri Sook Kyung translations)




As I was reading Hyun Joong’s schedule for January next year, I can’t help wonder when will the promotion of City Conquest begins, since it was said that airing shall start early next year!! TTT…. Now I start crossing my fingers!! Is there going to be a delay in airing the drama from the target date which is January? Oh well, I guess we do not have a choice if that would be the case. Although this is alright I think, since we’ll be seeing Hyun Joong on stage anyway. But honestly I’m dying to watch City Conquest, I just hope everything is just fine and no problem with the drama!

But first things first, December stars tomorrow as we start with our count down for 12-12-12 (Dec.12, 2012) as Hyun Joong shall be launching his album UNLIMITED. News about the album now starts spreading at the internet which is becoming a global news! This is a memorable album of Hyun Joong as his first full album representing a compilation of his music for 2012 which gained huge success from January to December. Hyun Joong started to surface his dream rock music from his album Heat that gained great attention and now he’s coming in a brand new image of a rocker for UNLIMITED.

Today it has been confirmed that Hyun Joong shall be attending the Jiang Su NY CD concert, and has been learning Chinese language for his fans. It somehow gives me the impression that he’s on his way to start rocking China in the near future just like what he’s doing in Japan! And I won’t be surprise if one of these days Hyun Joong will start doing Chinese music!! Well, why not! Hyun Joong has been gaining more and more fans from China as well. The demands on his music and drama is just so overwhelming to end the year 2012 and to start his year 2013. And of course, as fans we will be with him all through out the period as these events unfold.


Hyun Joong will start his busy public exposure in December and January, just the same with most of us, we start getting busy with the Christmas Season in our own personal way. But let’s give some space for Hyun Joong, this is the period he needs us most. For once, let’s get involve as Hyun Joong will be launching his memorable album UNLIMITED, and it would be great if we unite in support for this album to bring his name on top of the Oricon music chart as we always do whenever Hyun Joong has an album launching. For those who have not placed their pre-order for UNLIMITED grab your copies now!

We all know that Hyun Joong started dreaming of his music as a rocker as it started during his high school days. But his fate took him somewhere to be a singer dancer and actor which is out of his dream but this is where his success started. It took time and a lot of struggle before he reached this stage and finally he’s making his first dream into reality of being a rocker! It’s so amazing how Hyun Joong traveled a lot in his journey to stardom before he can finally do what he had been wanting to. And this is it. Hyun Joong had started to show who he really is and what his dream actually is, all these years.

He had shown the rocker side of himself during his SS501 days, but as we all know, that was just spur of the moment giving his fans a small bite of what he wanted. This time he’ll make that image of a rocker a huge one. Hyun Joong started with HEAT and it gained a lot of attention beyond expectation. This time he’s doing it again in a larger scale. Let us give that dream music of Hyun Joong in another success as he shares with us his first dream. I would say this album UNLIMITED is his dream album, that’s why I call it a memorable album as his becoming a solo singer evolves from the different styles in music from one sweet voice of Kim Hyun Joong in different images and different concepts. That’s his style the Kim Hyun Joong style.


We have a very busy idol and we’re the busiest fans of the universe!! While we’re busy updating on his album UNLIMITED, let us not forget the voting polls. As I have always been writing, the voting polls is another way we can support Hyun Joong by bringing him on stage to accept an honor of being awarded as the most popular artist and the best. We all know that Hyun Joong is more than deserving, let’s show it to him through the voting polls. This is another present that we can give Hyun Joong for this year end for all his hard work the entire year and inspire him further with more encouragement in bringing the best in him for the upcoming year. This is one visible honor we can give him.

At Yahoo Buzz, votes from his contender started coming in so fast, like more a thousand votes in every 30mins. Hyun Joong currently enjoys the huge gap but we cannot go relaxing on the numbers. Let’s keep voting as much as we can at Yahoo Buzz and keep up with the huge gap. Remember, miracles do happen on the last days of voting and we have exactly 10 days remaining from today to keep voting for Hyun Joong. Be aware, if you have time to check on the number of votes as it normally change every hour.

As it has been our daily dose of checking on Hyun Joong’s update, let’s spare a little more time in voting. What have we got to lose, if we can spare time staring at Hyun Joong’s pictures, then we can spare time in voting!! It will give us a bigger smile once we see Hyun Joong with those trophies on his hands and bring it home as he takes pride of accepting what he deserves. It’s a priceless happiness for Hyun Joong and for us fans coming from our own effort and time.


At the KCEA Hallyu Star Awards, we don’t give up, for those who made it to vote just keep on voting and don’t be discourage with the numbers of other contenders. We’ll take chances on this if we just to do this everyday voting until the polls close. Well, there’s no harm in trying, at least we’re doing our best and God takes the rest.

Hyun Joong is always the winner and no one can beat the unity of Hyun Joong fans when it comes to supporting him anywhere and everywhere he is, in every way can. Let’s just keep that in mind and heart, all because of LOVE to Kim Hyun Joong.

This is all I have for today’s daily dose. Kim Hyun Joong had been in a long journey to be a rocker, seeing from where he started in a twisted fate to success. This time his fate lead him to attain his first dream music as he sincerely shares it with us. Let’s join him as we support his first dream rocker.  Kim Hyun Joong indeed is UNLIMITED.

                                                                                                         LazerKim here writing

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Yahoo Buzz:     Nov. 30, 2012

Nominees:                        No. of votes Yesterday                    No. of votes Today 

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                       669,700                            752,400
  2. Super Junior                               90,200                            115,900
  3. Jang Geun Suk                           72,300                              74,100
  4. Luo                                              41,000                              42,800
  5. Park Yoo Chun                           39,200                               41,000

Top Hallyu Star:

  1. Kim Jae Won                                  5,187                            5,554
  2. Kim Hyun Joong                              2,241                            2,322
  3. Beast                                               1,116                            1,129
  4. JYJ                                                      665                               696
  5. Infinite                                                 584                                603
  6. TVXQ                                                  309                                318


YAHOO BUZZ>(!/vote/cat=3&id=79)

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ROCK UNLIMITED

By: LazerKim         The teaser for Kim Hyun Joong’s first full album UNLIMITED is finally out at YouTube!! I knew it! Once the album teaser is out, fans would go crazy with Hyun Joong! And I was right, as I woke yesterday and seeing the teaser just gave me an instant smile! This is the first full album of Hyun Joong which is a compilation of his music releases from his Japanese music debut in January until December with 3 new music included in the album to end the year 2012.

From the teaser video clip the new song Your Story, has a totally different concept and a type of rock ballad to die for!! The music video of Your Story is just WOW! Hyun Joong looks so handsome in a different rocker image that I can’t help play the clip over and over again! Watching from the teaser, once again Hyun Joong surprised his fans in his new looks, from a different music video concept and that sweet voice singing in rock, in one package brings a brand new Kim Hyun Joong!  As expected, Hyun Joong shall be bringing a new set of music as he always does every time he releases a new album. Here’s the music contents of his upcoming first full album:

UNLIMITED CD music contents  (Full Album)

1. Save Today
2. Let’s Party
3. U  [Japanese version]
4. KISS KISS [Japanese version]
5. I’m Yours
6. Your Story
7. I’m Yours  [Japanese version]
8 . Marry Me  (Normal Edition)     Marry You [Japanese version]
9. Lucky Guy [Japanese version]
10. BREAK DOWN feat. Double K [Japanese version]]
11. HEAT
12. Your Story (Instrumental)
13. Save Today (Instrumental)
14. I’m Yours (Instrumental)

KBOY Magazine Interview with Kim Hyun Joong                      (souce:

Congratulations on the release of the first full album, “UNLIMITED” ! One year has passed since his debut in Japan. Releasing single albums, promoting live concerts and so on, Kim Hyun Joong spent a year at a run. Before he ends this year, he is going to compile the fruits of his activities of the this year into his first full album, UNLIMITED covering new three songs which is released in December. We had an interview with Kim Hyun Joong to look back his achievement in 2012 and to ask about his plan in 2013.

1. Look back Japan Debut in 2012 

Q: How do you feel the year of 2012?

HJ:      This year I could spend close to all of you (fans). Since the solo debut in Japan, I had much support, especially to the second album, “HEAT”. Having an opportunity to receive a song (both of lyrics and song) from B’z, a musician I have been longing for, I could challenge to a rock music, brand new genre for me to which you gave a tremendous support. From personal viewpoint, it was a specially fruitful year for me. I hope that the first album to be released in December will make a success as well, and thus I will be able to close this year in a fantastic way. 

Q: What was most impressive one?

 HJ:   Your question reminds me of so many things I had experienced in Japan like panorama. I particularly remember guerrilla live performance more than anything else. “Guerrilla performance” means that I show you performance at the venue where the conditions for performance are not satisfied, nor no security is assured. However, I could feel what I cannot feel on the stage. Fans also felt close to me. It is a pity that I can only see them in a very short time, but I appreciate them for their passionate support they give each time I visit Japan. 

2. First  Full Album, UNLIMITED

Q:  Could you tell us about the album concept?

 HJ:      It is Rock Sound. The songs before “Heat” were mainly dance music, but this time, the new songs consist of live performance instrumentals such as base, drum, and keyboard. The live rock sound is realized in this new album which is exactly I have been longing for. 

Q:  What kind of thought did you put in the title “UNLIMIED” ?

HJ:     Well I thought that I could not stay within the field I had been performing. I always like Rock and I have been thinking of stepping into this genre sometime. Beginning with Heat, I learned about genuine rock sound, and am ready to able to try many challenges now. I would like to show you my wide music specifications and that is why I put the title  “UNLIMITED” which means, I do not stay within the existing framework. 

 Q:   What are particular in the new album?

HJ:     As I have always been communicating to you, there is no change that I want to be your “Only One”. However, I would like to go further, not staying at the same place, but in order to continue to show you new style, I will do my best. 

Q:   The song list of the album seems to be the best selection. How did you choose the songs?

HJ:    This first album consists of three new songs as well as those released before. I picked up the songs I am specially attached to. I also wanted to select what all of you like the best. 

3. Your Story 

Q:  Different from Heat, “ Your Story” is a beautiful ballad , mid tempo track. Could you explain about the production process ?

HJ:   The original demonstration song of Your Story was  R&B with rap. In order to make difference from an ordinary ballad, I wanted to express a modern-rock feeling in it. Together with Mr. Kim Seong-lr, a basist of Daybreak, the famous modern rock band in Korea, we presented many ideas, thus creating a completely brand new song. In the recording, Daybreak members played a guitar, base, and keyboard which was 100% satisfactory for me. 

 Q:   You will work on MV shooting. What kind of image do you have in mind?

HJ:    I will show you a music video with a fantasy taste, which is completely different from the image of the song. It will be the opposite one you will imagine. Please expect. 

4. Save Today 

HJ:    For “Save Today” I collaborated with many artists. Mr. Kim Seong-lr was in charge of an overall arrangement of the song, while Mr. Yang Hye Seung of Pia, a popular rock band being in charge of drum and rhythm. Further, Mr. Alex of DOWNHELL, representative heavy metal band of Korea, took the part of guitar performance and its arrangement, which is the core part of this song. From composition to preparation and the recording, we spent the time most for this song. It was a precious experience for me to be involved in production together with them. 

5. I’m Yours 

Q:   It is a magnificient scale music composition. It is not a straight-forward love song, but there seem to be a hidden message. Is there any hidden message in it?

HJ:    In the lyrics of “ I’m Yours “, “ you “ means all of you, fans. The reason I can be here now is thanks to all of you. 

Q:   In the promotion pictures, you put many tattoo painting on your body. Did you come out with this idea by yourself?

HJ:    Yes. Though it is not a real tattoo, but I just wanted to show a different image which I have never shown to the fans. 

Q:   In some of the pictures, you have a guitar. Was it your own ? You actually played a guitar during the shooting ?

HJ:    I have a Gibson Les Paul, Fendar Standard and some acoustic-sound guitars. While preparing for this album, I started a guitar lesson. Sometime in future, I would like to play a guitar suddenly  in front of you. Please expect (laugh)

6. Miscellaneous 

a) What is must for Christmas ?

HJ:   I recommend to spend your Christmas with whom you love and my album^^ 

b) Next Year Plan?

HJ:    Any schedule has not yet been concrete. I just start Japan tour in January. 

c) Objective as musician?

HJ:     Charity concert where I would like to invite the fans from all over the world. I am not sure when I can realize but I always dream of this concert to express my appreciation to all of you. It will be nice if I could have one in the universe!!


Here is Kim Hyun Joong comment about the “Your Story” and the behind the story for Music Video shooting. Hyun Joong said:

This song is the precious chance for me to dig out real rock sound. I could join the new process, playing and arrangement,not only recording as a vocalist.”

The Music Video of Your Story has been shot by HONG WONKI, director (famous as creating Girls Generation MVs) at two studios out of town in Seoul for 2 days. The 1st day for the shooting was when he just came back to Korea from TV shooting late at night in China however he didn’t make him look tired and joked each other with the director and staff in enjoyable atmosphere during the shooting.

Kim Hyun Joong also talks about this Music Video, as he stated,   “This time MV looks fantastic. It was shot by 2 different sets to create the atmosphere like in a foreign country. There is the scene that I play a guitar which is fresh for fans. I could concentrate the shooting much more as I’ve done in the past because it was a short term, just only for 2 days. I think that the Music Video has many sides like I play a guitar and put my feeling expression. Please look for that.”

original source:

translated by OnlyKHJtimes


Now we know what Hyun Joong has been silently cooking up these past weeks as he lets his fans get a bite of the end result of his upcoming album Unlimited! Don’t you love this guy head over heels as he’s giving us something to be surprise about again? We’ll soon get to meet a different man again out of Kim Hyun Joong! I really think Hyun Joong has been proving what he said in Singapore interview as he was asked, what is the music style of Kim Hyun Joong? And he simply stated, the Kim Hyun Joong style, which is a unique one that he does not stick to one single music style.

Hyun Joong mentioned the meaning of his upcoming album as he gave the album title Unlimited, since this album is a compilation of what he worked hard for the entire year 2012, by creating different music concepts. As I can imagine, in this album is also like listening to different type of singers in one album package but was created by only one voice in one singer Kim Hyun Joong. Don’t you get tired of him? DEFINITELY NOT! How can we get tired if we keep seeing Hyun Joong like meeting different men in different image and listening to his music as if we’re listening to different music from one singer! On the contrary we couldn’t even get enough of Hyun Joong!!

For this year 2012 Hyun Joong was able to accomplish his goals of meeting his fans up-close and had created certain attachment between himself and his fans. He broke that barrier in reaching out for his fans, and yet equal respect dominated the entire events every time Hyun Joong was on his exposure. With overwhelming success from his hard worked craft he has been sharing with  his fans, words are enough to describe the feeling of standing tall at his side with great pride being Kim Hyun Joong fans.

There you have it, we have lots to look forward to for December and have a great festive Christmas season with Hyun Joong. For those who have not made their pre-orders for Unlimited, grab a copy now, this album is a memorable one that brings us a lot of memories for 2012, so don’t miss it!!

                                                                                         LazerKim here writing

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Yahoo Buzz:     Nov. 29, 2012

Nominees:                        No. of votes Yesterday                    No. of votes Today 

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                      628,500                               669,700
  2. Super Junior                              73,300                                  90,200
  3. Jang Geun Suk                          69,300                                  72,300
  4. Luo                                              39,500                                  41,000
  5. Park Yoo Chun                            37,600                                  39,200

Top Hallyu Star:

  1. Kim Jae Won                                 4,382                               5,187
  2. Kim Hyun Joong                             2,079                               2,241
  3. Beast                                              1,095                               1,116
  4. JYJ                                                     647                                  665
  5. Infinite                                                 561                                   584
  6. TVXQ                                                  294                                   309


YAHOO BUZZ>(!/vote/cat=3&id=79)

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ALERT MODE

By: LazerKim             Ever since I posted the voting polls as Kim Hyun Joong is being nominated which is the Yahoo Buzz and Hallyu Star Awards conducted by the 20th KCEA Awards, I have been voting and monitoring the poll movements everyday. The other night after writing my daily article and just about to sleep, I checked on both polls and I was so shocked to see a new name and face at the No.1 rank for Hallyu Star Awards!!

I immediately went to twitter to check if there’s a new post pertaining the polls but there was no post that it seem to me everyone might have slept since it past 1am my time when I noticed the sudden changes in ranking. I immediately post for RED ALERT just to notify everyone what’s going on and to vote whoever have not done it yet.

This was quite unexpected since it’s the first time I encountered the name Kim Jae Won within the rankings. It was such a huge jump and big gap between Hyun Joong and Kim Jae Won. Yesterday I started checking out and research on other categories and all about KCEA which is the one conducting this polls.

Where did this name came from? And I found out the name came from another category which is Drama: Best Actress Award (male)! This is so confusing in terms of number of votes since Kim Jae Won has higher scores on Drama category than the Hallyu Star category, that gave me the impression that voters therefore can vote twice??


For the record I would like to post this news again that clearly specify that Kim Hyun Joong is nominated for Hallyu Star Award on this 20th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards, a news update posted in November 19, 2012.

(Onews) Kim Hyun Joong, Hallyu Star Award, Culture entertainment destination targets.                                                                     (Date posted: 11-19-12)

OBS Plus this example, a staff reporter for the singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong Korea Culture Entertainment Awards Award.

Up the afternoon of December 6, the 20th Republic of Korea Culture Entertainment Awards Hallyu Star Award nominee, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 63 City, Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Young-ae, Won Bin, Jung Woo-sung, such as the competition unfolds.

20th Republic of Korea Cultural Entertainment Awards Are the 20 award and five, including the Republic of Korea Cultural Entertainment Awards, Traditional Music Awards, the new generation Music Awards, Broadcasting, Film Awards, the target culture target awards for each division in the field of 10 a total of 70 people, including the award will be chosen as the winner.

Active culture, entertainment, artists at home and abroad throughout the year selected candidates by netizens voting and culture, and entertainment experts’ opinions comprehensive examination, the recommendation of the Executive Committee, the Republic of Korea Cultural Entertainment Awards Jury examination after final winners will then be flown. Netizens voting the other hand, the ongoing results are reflected in the 20% of the total score.

(Photo gwonhuijeong reporter) OBS Plus this example, if a reporter News Source>(



I checked on all other categories, but Hyun Joong is nominated to only one category which is the Hallyu Star Award. I first posted the polls followed after this news update, and from that time on this voting polls has been posted together with my daily articles for all of us to vote, and monitor for those who wish to. All this time for a week now I’ve been posting the daily scores and ranking of other first five nominees under this category Hallyu Star. And if you notice the other nominees are idol groups rank after Kim Hyun Joong like this below:

Top Hallyu Star:           November 26, 2012

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                             1,757                             1,817
  2. Beast                                              1,028                              1,052
  3. JYJ                                                     585                                594
  4. Infinite                                                 475                                497
  5. TVXQ                                                  267                                271

Then as of November 27, 2012, the ranking goes like this:

Top Hallyu Star:

  1. Kim Jae Won                                                                           3,290
  2. Kim Hyun Joong                              1,817                                1,876
  3. Beast                                               1,052                                1,069
  4. JYJ                                                      594                                  610
  5. Infinite                                                  497                                  514
  6. TVXQ                                                   271                                  280


Apparently Kim Jae Won just got into the picture out of nowhere with a huge gap number of votes from Kim Hyun Joong who has been in the rank no.1 for a week. I do hope this is just an innocent mistake or technical error. I do not want to jump into any conclusion but a lot of fans of Hyun Joong of course were shocked yesterday upon knowing about this. But I do hope this matter would be clarify otherwise the credibility of the voting polls can be questionable.

Actually there are many confusions in this polls specially in voting and the artists category settings, but I chose to ignore and just maintain my daily votes and monitor the rankings. Oh by the way for those who are asking who Kim Jae Won is, he’s an actor from the drama May Queen, his contender at the same category Drama: Best Actor is Kim Soo Hyun. Then I might as well vote for Kim Soo Hyun in this category instead of this guy!! Just my opinion.

But for the Hallyu Star we all know Kim Hyun Joong deserves to the top rank No.1 for this category and he deserves to win. Anyway, we just have to keep on voting, don’t be discourage about this. Kim Hyun Joong fans are never quitters, we fight till the end regardless of what is happening. This might just be some error or something, we will be monitoring on the rankings the usual way I do it everyday, posting the ranks and scores or number of votes everyday.


I sincerely hope Hyun Joong’s Korean fans have already noticed this matter, they are the only ones who can do something about it since the voting polls are being conducted in Korea and we international fans are just supporting and of course protecting. Gosh the movements in the polls for Kim Jae Won seem to be too fast as if not normal than others. And not only this, other Kpop group has huge fan base but their scoring is too slow, same as with Hyun Joong. What’s going on??

Oh I do hope the organizers of this voting polls would take notice of the ranking and the flow of voting numbers. As I have said earlier do not be discourage, this voting polls may just be 20% of the criteria in judging although voting is still important that we bring Hyun Joong to the top rank No.1. We have to keep up with the fight till the end that we do not have anything to regret about. The important thing here is doing our part as Hyun Joong’s fans to vote no matter what and let’s keep voting everyday.

Cheer up Aliens, just look at Hyun Joong’s handsome pictures and we know the guy more than anyone else  being his fans. Kim Hyun Joong deserves to win and he deserves the crown of Hallyu Star more than anyone else.

                                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!


Yahoo Buzz:     Nov. 28, 2012

Nominees:                        No. of votes Yesterday                    No. of votes Today 

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                           597,700                         628,500
  2. Super Junior                                    71,400                          73,300
  3. Jang Geun Suk                                66,100                          69,300
  4. Luo                                                   36,200                          39,500
  5. Park Yoo Chun                                 35,600                          37,600

Top Hallyu Star:

  1. Kim Jae Won                                   3,290                            4,382
  2. Kim Hyun Joong                               1,876                            2,079
  3. Beast                                                 1,069                           1,095
  4. JYJ                                                       610                               647
  5. Infinite                                                   514                               561
  6. TVXQ                                                    280                               294


YAHOO BUZZ>(!/vote/cat=3&id=79)

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CONQUERING ADDICTS

By: LazerKim           Mr. Shy in his real life, yet so adorable being loved by millions shows the other side of Kim Hyun Joong in this photo above! A very down to earth type of man that no matter how the heights of popularity had brought him overwhelming success Kim Hyun Joong is shy by nature. Would you believe that?

Seeing Hyun Joong in his stunning personality, perfect handsome physique, walking tall with confidence but deep inside he’s so shy specially in strange places with strange people surrounding him! I think this is one side of Hyun Joong that stays with him forever as, Mr. Shy! This is just a part of getting to know Kim Hyun Joong as I was captured by this photo above!!

From being shy one moment, he starts talking in his most polite well mannered way, would just surprise you with his unpredictable 4D and would just hear the sound of his laughter!! For those who barely know Kim Hyun Joong would be deceived by his rare smiles who looks like a snob, by his cool calm personality like an elite, as he walk well posed and composed  Mr. Perfect, but deep inside this man is a gentle wacky down to earth in reality!

From yesterday’s article Superstar Quality, Hyun Joong has everything that it take being a superstar and is beyond comparable. No words can describe him because he’s unique in every way. He may not be that perfect since no one is, his 4D may be difficult to figure him out!! But what you see is what you get, simply reading his heart and you get everything you want from a star. Everything is just so special about him, and that’s Kim Hyun Joong!


Ever since I have seen the teaser of City Conquest, I’ve been counting the days and looking forward on its official airing! I used to be a Korean drama addict but I didn’t take too much interest in watching behind the scenes or making of the drama at YouTube. Maybe I didn’t have much time not until last year that gave me much chance that I find it interesting on how our favorite actors are while filming the drama.

There’s only one clip from City Conquest shown while filming and two teasers. Those may just be brief teasers, but it somehow gave us the idea how the drama was coming along. We also have seen a very different character from Kim Hyun Joong as he portrayed the lead male star Baek Mir which is the opposite character from the two previous dramas he had for BOF and PK.

The most anticipated City Conquest shall be aired in Korea early next year, therefore the filming is still on the process as it was said that shooting shall resume next month. I got a translation from K & Magazine, an interview with Hyun Joong revealed how he felt while filming this drama and here’s what he said:

“Because of my new character, I’ve now doubled my effort. I am always nervous every time we are shooting. “
Casted as the protagonist in the upcoming korean drama of 2013 ‘City Conquest’. What would be in his mind when he decided to join this drama.

I wanted to try a new challenge for my new character. Before most of my roles were a student. My character as Baek Mir in ‘City Conquest’ have been through a lot of rough and hard times and I worry because it’s my first time playing this kind of role. I am now giving twice as much of my effort compared to my previous one. I’m always nervous every time we are shooting. But I’m also happy while working in the shoot. “

Scans by Cozy                                                                  (Ms.D thanks for sharing)
Korean to English Translation: City Conquest Site (


As I was reading what Hyun Joong said, I can’t help but laugh, imagining him feeling nervous after doing the stunt actions that I have seen from the clip, and take note he was not given a stunt double that he has to do everything on his own effort! But seeing from the clip, he was doing good and seem confident, specially the motorbike scene, oh he’s so handsome in it!

But I never thought he was nervous during those scenes, although I’m aware that Hyun Joong had experienced motor bike accident in the past but that one was on his private time and not from work related. However it’s still worrying though, but so far as the filming goes, Hyun Joong did not experience any untoward incident.

I also remember in Japan as he was performing his concert at Saitama Arena as he sung the Japanese ballad Anata Ni. He was saying he was with a friend in a bar in Japan and felt a bit lonely and worried since he was already filming City Conquest. Hyun Joong heard this song Anata Ni that inspired him and shared this song to his fans during that time of his worries. This guy by nature is sentimental, and there are some moments he shares with his fans. Hyun Joong was simply itching to be on stage and perform for his fans that he loves doing so always!

If you still remember one time Hyun Joong wrote to his fans just to say he’s starting to get bored that he reads a book which he have not read before as he said! I got a speculation it was a script or synopsis of City Conquest that he was reading that time!! He wrote the letter to his fans a month before he started his fan meeting concert and first announced about City conquest on his first stop in Singapore press conference!


That time he wrote the letter, Hyun Joong was made to stay in his apartment to take a rest as he easily gets bored if his break is taking longer. As I recall that was his first break to spend in Seoul after the launching of his first album and his last event was the Yokohama first concert in February. Followed by his busy preparation for the fan meeting concert. And while his Asia Tour fan meeting concert was on-going, he was already preparing himself for City Conquest! This guy is a Superman!!

Last year I read from somewhere, as Hyun Joong was interviewed and was enumerating his layout plans for 2012 as, Asia Tour Concert Series, two to three album launching and drama filming. Hyun Joong was able to achieve his 2012 plans exactly how he enumerated and all those projects turn out to be huge success. I consider the filming of City Conquest a success, since it had already gained copy right sales prior to filming.

Somebody said something like, is he just talking out loud over an impossible dream? I would like to go back to her and enumerate what Hyun Joong had achieved for this year as I am intending to write on Hyun Joong’s year-end achievements on or before New Year 2013!! Hyun Joong may be a dreamer just like anyone of us, but his dreams are realistic and workable. He focus on those dreams and work hard to materialize, until he succeeds, he doesn’t stop re-inventing himself and bringing out something new every time. 

Hyun Joong is a man of few words and doesn’t brag about his achievements and his popularity boost. In fact he never take credits by himself but also tagged-in the people beside, behind and in front of him!!. Then we fans will brag about those achievements, spread the words in the most humble way we can. For every achievement Hyun Joong attains, it’s we fans take pride and feel happy just as much Hyun Joong is.


Now after two years, Hyun Joong shall be back to small screen for this drama, and it somehow feels like a first timer actor again, which is but natural feeling considering the time span of two years being away from the acting field. This time Hyun Joong as given ample time to prepare for City Conquest which I think is the best, since his previous dramas were made in rush, but despite of airing and filming at the same time, those dramas resulted in huge success. During the intervals of fan meet concerts, it was said that Hyun Joong’s spends with his acting couch and attended the acting school.

In July while Hyun Joong was launching his second Japanese album, the filming for City Conquest started. At the last series of Hyun Joong’s concert in Saitama, he bit farewell to the rocker Kim Hyun Joong and started to live the life of Baek Mir! But not long after the concert Hyun Joong the rocker came back on stage giving a big surprise to his fans as he performed with a live band in Tokyo.

In short Hyun Joong did his singing activities and City Conquest filming at the same time, but he was able to manage it with well-organized schedule. He was also given time to relax and play his favorite soccer with his FC Men team mates that allows him to be on exposure that given the chance for his fans to see him, despite of his preparation schedules for his album and City Conquest promotion.

Well all I can say is that many of us are still waiting for Baek Mir to appear on our TV screen. As Hyun Joong revealed he had rough times and hard times during the filming but deep inside he loves the challenge. We all know that this guy is an adventurer who likes doing something new no matter what difficulties may inflict on him, he always work hard for it and do his best all the time. And the most important thing is, he’s enjoying the filming, there’s nothing better than being happy with what he’s doing no matter what it may be.


It’s not only Hyun Joong as Baek Mir the lead character in City Conquest that I have been waiting but I’m also anticipating for Baek Mir to sing the OST for this drama!! Actually the very first time that I learned to appreciate Korean music is from the Korean dramas that I have been watching since 2004, before Hyun Joong introduced me to Kpop.

I didn’t even have any idea that it was Hyun Joong who sang the acoustic version of Because I’m Stupid for BOF OST, where I first have seen Hyun Joong! Most of the Korean dramas that I have watched has a good selection of OST, which I still listened to until now. How I wish Hyun Joong would sing as many as songs as possible for City Conquest.

This is a very important drama for Hyun Joong as his come back on screen and it would be such a memorable piece for him since Hyun Joong had been wishing to portray an action drama.  It would be nice to hear Hyun Joong sing another ballad songs as he did in his previous dramas, that it add spice to hear his songs to match some dramatic scenes. *sigh* This drama I’m sure is something to be addicted with again by his fans once it starts airing. What more if Hyun Joong sings the original sound track, for sure his fans would go crazy and fall for him over again!!

With City Conquest, Hyun Joong will conquer the drama addicts again and would surely win the hearts of the new ones, future fans!! How lucky we are to have Kim Hyun Joong with us. Watching Baek Mir in action scenes, at the same time singing the original sound track, it’s Conquering Addicts of the universe!!

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!                           email (


Yahoo Buzz:     Nov. 27, 2012

Nominees:                        No. of votes Yesterday                    No. of votes Today 

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                          580,300                           597,700
  2. Super Junior                                  68,300                             71,400
  3. Jang Geun Suk                              63,300                             66,100
  4. Luo                                                                                        36,200
  5. Park Yoo Chun                               34,600                            35,600

Top Hallyu Star:

  1. Kim Jae Won                                                                           3,290
  2. Kim Hyun Joong                              1,817                                1,876
  3. Beast                                               1,052                                1,069
  4. JYJ                                                      594                                  610
  5. Infinite                                                  497                                  514
  6. TVXQ                                                   271                                  280


YAHOO BUZZ>(!/vote/cat=3&id=79)

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] URGENT VOTES!

By: LazerKim           This took me by surprise, Hyun Joong now at No. 2 with a huge gap from current No.1 Kim Jae Won!  Hyun Joong had 1,817 votes as of yesterday noon time and I never saw this guy from the top five, now he surpass all top five. How could this happen, all votes have been slow then all of a sudden Kim Jae Won is up there out from nowhere!!

May I call everyone’s attention to please vote, I know this is not easy since we’re just allowed to vote once a day but let’s keep fighting. For those who have not tried voting please do so, keep trying. We can do this, we just have to vote everyday!

I think there’s a mistake, Kim Jae Won was misplaced in the category, I hope this is just a mistake on where to place him, but it’s definitely not withing the Kpop singers since he is an actor and not Kpop. Kim Hyun Joong is within the Kpop category even he’s also an actor. However, let’s go on voting everyday.


                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

Hallyu Star Award
STAR Awards STAR to   my Hallyu Vote for us!
Hallyu Star Award category # 1! (255) cheering Post
3206 Kim Jae Won ‘s current total number of votes .

Drama ‘May Queen’ agency Khan Enterprise Award 2011 MBC Drama target mini-series division men Excellence

Artist | KIM HYUN JOONG – Star cheering Post (524)
Number of votes
Agency part of group SS501 kiyiseuteu Award 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards male Vocalist
Artist | BEAST -star cheer (179)
Number of votes
Members Yoon Doojoon, DooJoon, janghyeonseung, HyunSeung, JunHyung, sondongun agency, Cube Entertainment debut 2009 EP album Beast Is The B2ST awarded 1st Gaon chart K-POP Awards of the Year 2012 second quarter, Singer Album sector career 2012.08 K- Comics, but …
Artist | JYJ – Star cheer (52)
Number of votes
Members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and comply with his debut 2010 album [The Beginning] career 2012.10 2012.02 2nd one day exchanges jonghapjeon ambassador nuclear security summit ambassador 2011.11 of Education, Science and Technology Studies …
Artist | INFINITE – Star cheering Post (62)
Number of votes
Entertainment debut 2010 members of Optics and Chang Dong – Woo, the infrared, hoya, Cowpea, El, Lee, Sung – Jong agency ringing Mnet ‘Infinite! You are my brother ‘musician sector of the Year Award 2012 9th Korean popular music award netizens on groups & n …


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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SUPERSTAR QUALITY

By: LazerKim          Kim Hyun Joong fans who have been following him through out the years from the time he started being a musician prior to his debut with SS501 until at present. We have followed his long journey to stardom and how he grew up in the showbiz circle. Now many new fans who are in search of Hyun Joong can easily catch up from his history, perhaps enough to know the strength of his foundation being an artist. Hyun Joong is one of those artist who is well equipped and blessed with multiple talents and excellent looks that matches his perfect personality.

Celebrity stars of the showbiz is said to be compared by looking at the stars in the dark sky at night time. Some stars can shine so brightly specially the big ones, and some are small but twinkles. There are big stars in showbiz that just popped out from nowhere and would just fade away, sometimes without realizing he’s no longer active for whatever reason. It’s like setting a trend in music, making noise in attracting the public in just a short period, then people just fall to getting tired in matter of months of watching and listening until it fades away, just like an overnight success. And there are artists who can stay for a long time whom now we call the legends in showbiz.

Not all artists has the qualities to being a big star, the experts and producers can easily recognize a promising rookie of what he may become. Well of course this also depends on the artists of becoming one. There are many artists who are talented with good abilities and yet they are not that popular. Then there are some who are good artist, popular but losing the lime light by being over confident with their popularity who tends to be lazy in developing themselves or re-inventing their craft, until such time people gets tired of them.


Reading from Hyun Joong’s history background, he took his path towards the stardom, gradually, slowly but surely. From his younger years in school Hyun Joong already has that charisma that school kids were drawn to him. Until at this present day people are still drawn to him. Right from the start during his days as a trainee, a star quality already surfaced and had already spotted, seeing a promising rookie from Hyun Joong back in time.

At the Star Secret, it was said that meeting Hyun Joong on the streets you would know he’s not just an ordinary man. When Hyun Joong auditioned for DSP before he can sing and play his guitar, he was already accepted by the agent. After two years of training and finally debuted with his group, the media already took noticed of that young, handsome shy leader Kim Hyun Joong.

The leader who barely smile or find it hard to pose in front of the camera for a photo shoot during his days as trainee, has now became a fashion icon. The shy leader became one of the best leaders in Kpop idol groups. He knows who his group’s competitors are, but Hyun Joong remained friendly with other Kpop groups from his sunbae to the rookies as he treats everyone with equal respect, and maintained his modesty and being humble at all times. He was a leader who brought his members and the group’s name to further popularity.

And when Hyun Joong debuted as a solo singer, the hidden star finally shine on his own even brighter than ever. Hyun Joong is much better by 100% doing solo as he finally showed what he got hidden for many years. His star qualities finally shown his multiple talent as a singer, dancer, actor, model, athlete, that had boost his popularity further. Hyun Joong is one of the top most handsome Korean star as he was given the title Perfect, or walking statue, and a certified icon, blessed with handsome looks from head to toes, and beautiful inside out.


Hyun Joong is a rare type of artist having the best star qualities, that he possess almost everything being a total entertainer. Other than his perfect looks, multiple talents, his charisma, his unique 4D personality, his power of transformation, Hyun Joong knows how to handle his fans and it’s him as a person that draws people towards him. His sincerity, candid honesty, modesty, humbleness makes his fans stay. It’s so amazing that everything about Hyun Joong is just so adorable even in committing mistakes!! The way he talks, it’s always been polite, well mannered, and the most interesting of all is his unexpected 4D responses that makes him even special.

As a singer Hyun Joong chose to be a versatile artist in terms of music that he re-invent his style from time to time that you won’t get tired of him, on the contrary you can’t get enough of him instead. As an actor he tries to portray different characters in his dramas and in the near future we’ll see more of Hyun Joong being an actor as he portrays dramas of different genre. As a commercial model, his photos are just everywhere and by just looking as his handsome manly physique as if you’re looking at different types of men is another unique quality which is very rare for an artist. As an athlete, playing soccer is just his favorite sports on his leisure time, but when plays in the ballgame, he simply shine in the field!

Showbiz producers and experts have seen his potential right from the very start, as they know Hyun Joong has the power to conquer the hearts of many. And as they predicted Hyun Joong has the ability to becoming a bigger star, had started to surface. They know that Hyun Joong can handle his popularity and knows how to take care of his fame, bringing it to his heart without feeling the weight of popularity. Instead his growing fans continues to inspire him to bring out the best in him.

Keeping his feet firmly on the ground has always been in his mind all through the years of being an artist that his veteran fans can testify since they have been with Hyun Joong all this time. His fans increases everyday from the time he stepped in the lime light and even improved his popularity rate when he debuted as a solo singer. Hyun Joong still has a long way to go, we may never know what is ahead of him but while he maintains his status, he simply kept going and there are many more events to look forward for in the near future.


I came across a video clip entitled “The Secret of How to Attract Women” and one of the stars in the video was Kim Hyun Joong. Unfortunately the video doesn’t have English sub title, but the clip showed Hyun Joong’s concert in Yokohama with an overwhelming crowd of fans lined up at outside the arena and the Anan Magazine incident as the huge posters of Hyun Joong that created a crowd taking pictures of Hyun Joong’s posters and magazine sold out in just a matter of hours.

In one talk show, there’s a question that says “If you’re 10 years younger, who among the male stars that you want to dinner with?” I laughed at this since the guests were female celebrities who were much older than Hyun Joong!! Lee Sora was one the guests in the show and she ranked Kim Hyun Joong as No.1 in her lists among the male stars she likes!! There are many polls with similar questions that Hyun Joong always ranks the first.

For those who are not Hyun Joong’s fans yet, seeing Hyun Joong for the first time, may just be a mere attraction at first. I think most of us experience the same feeling of attraction and as we get to know him better it, we develop certain degree of addiction to Hyun Joong!! I’m sure majority of us likes everything about Hyun Joong, but there must be one special star quality that you like in him.

May I ask, what made you fall for Kim Hyun Joong? What special star qualities of Hyun Joong that captured your heart? Among the good qualities of Hyun Joong, for you, what is his best trait that you like most in him?  What could be that special star quality that for you is so addicting about Kim Hyun Joong? For a change, it’s your turn, share your thoughts and we’ll read from you!!

                                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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Yahoo Buzz:     Nov. 26, 2012

Nominees:                        No. of votes Yesterday                    No. of votes Today 

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                         565,300                          580,300
  2. Super Junior                                 67,800                             68,300
  3. Jang Geun Suk                             60,700                             63,300
  4. Park Yoo Chun                              33,100                            34,600

Top Hallyu Star:

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                             1,757                             1,817
  2. Beast                                              1,028                              1,052
  3. JYJ                                                     585                                 594
  4. Infinite                                                 475                                 497
  5. TVXQ                                                  267                                 271


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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PEOPLE TALKS

By: LazerKim             Kim Hyun Joong came back home to Seoul yesterday afternoon after the successful ballgame he participated with his team FC Men. He’s back to his cocoon again and will be back to Japan after two weeks for his third Unlimited album launching. I read a post that Hyun Joong shall have a full interview on December 10 pertaining the album. Hmm we all know there’s an album about to be released, there’s City Conquest which is very much anticipated, but there’s unusual silence which is making me tense!! I’m dying to see Hyun Joong in that image above on stage with that base guitar which is very new image of Kim Hyun Joong!!

As we all know Hyun Joong has so many different image or characters he creates for himself every time he has a new project, he makes sure to change his image too. Specifically his hairstyle and fashion trend. Hyun Joong at least followed this as he started doing solo having the liberty to have his own idea on how he would like to present himself to his fans. For as long as he present something new as always. Then sometimes we tend to have a favorite image of Hyun Joong among those he created whether in his dramas or in his music. This is how he shows himself on stage.


It’s not only the physical aspect and talents of an artist that make him stay popular. An artist may gain his popularity in one project and sometimes loses it on his next project. It is said that the first project is important, but the second can even be challenging, although I believe in tying the best in succeeding. Hyun Joong never relax on this aspect that even he keeps on hitting the top of any music chart he always gives his best shot in every project that lands on his lap while maintaining being humble and modest. Here’s what the top men says about Kim Hyun Joong.

What the director of “Iris” says about Kim Hyun Joong in the MBC documentary:

Of course I also like Hyun Joong, but I have my reasons for betting on someone. The fact that he has control shows a high probability that he would be big.

He is able to manage and maintain himself without feeling the weight of his popularity. Everything is under control, and he is someone who can manage even if he becomes much more popular in the future.

During the broadcast, the president of Kim Hyun Joong’s management company spared no compliments regarding the star by saying,

Kim Hyun Joong is excellent at taking care of himself and has a gift in maintaining a steady heart in any situation. He is very smart and tries much harder in his endeavors than others.”


Hyun Joong always say that in every project he does, he shares its success with the people he works with. Be it with the people he works with in the concerts he performs, in the dramas he works on, as the director and the producer of BOF was saying among the casts, it was only Hyun Joong who called them up to thank them for giving him the chance to take the role in the drama. He doesn’t fail to give credits and appreciate the production staffs and his coaches. Here’s what they say about Hyun Joong on his documentary:

According to the U-Record Managing Director, Kito Kimika, he said that HyunJoong have a very strong manly style without any unnecessary aura. HyunJoong knows how to exudes his own type of auras according to the situation on stage which the director felt very amazed.

KeyEast CEO, Yang Geunhwan, said that HyunJoong really put in a lot of his ideas & effort whether it is in his album production or performance. The album producer, Kim Changrak (he have produced many KHJ’s songs), said that HyunJoong really have put in a lot of effort in recording his songs.

According to Artmatic’s choreographer Lee Hyunseung, HyunJoong is a person who thinks about a lot things and he’s never a lazy star, whenever the team was resting, HyunJoong continue to practice. Whenever the team asked him to rest, HyunJoong continue to practice singing.

HyunJoong said during the actual performance, he cannot amend his mistakes on stage.  He said on stage, if he stays still like this, he’ll forget his dance moves so he have to keep on moving. He said he needs to continue rehearsing with the team in order not to forget the dance moves.

Hyun Joong never stop until he perfect his craft, be it in singing, dancing or acting. He never mind having to repeat a dozen times during his rehearsals until he absorbs everything he is being taught. He would never hesitate on anything that can make him better, he doesn’t content on what he can do at present but prepares himself to develop his craft even for the future.


For the record, as a soloist singer Hyun Joong’s first collaboration was with the B’z a legendary, beloved by the Japanese and music composer of HEAT which had taken Japan by storm by hitting the top of Oricon Music Chart No.1. Hyun Joong took pride of receiving the music piece and worked hard with the group for perfection that brought its success. I still cannot forget how Hyun Joong made a lot of noise during its launching and had gone to the extent of reaching out fo his fans in thanking them for his fans undying support and love for Hyun Joong.

Key East revealed on May 1st, “Kim Hyun Joong received a song titled ‘Heat’ from the nationally loved Japanese musicians, B’z, and has finished recording. ‘Heat’ will be included in his second single album that will be released in Japan in July.”

This comes after the news of the singer picking B’z as the Japanese musician he likes the most during a press conference before his Japan tour last year. Through Universal Music, Kim Hyung Joong put in a request for a song, and B’z gladly accepted his request.

“It’s an honor to be able to work with the Japanese musician I have always liked”, Kim Hyun Joong commented. “During the recording of ‘Heat’, the B’z members gave me advice, and I was able to enjoy the recording session thanks to them. I will greet everyone with a high quality album, so please anticipate it.”

The success of this music Heat was overwhelming, that through hard work and dedication Hyun Joong has always been succeeding with any project he worked on. Here he goes again as Hyun Joong shall be releasing his third album UNLIMITED as his Japanese fans and the global community awaits for him to present a brand new music and brand new image, as always,  Hyun Joong brings out the best in his craft.


Hyun Joong by nature is a perfectionist and he’s consistent in every concerts he performs.  He prepares and pays attention to every details in his project before presenting himself to his fans with much enthusiasm. His adrenaline just keeps burning inside him while the cheers from the audience gallery grows louder and wilder!! Hyun Joong can easily capture every single person in any venue he performs and he has that power to keep them alive that even after watching him as he rocks the stage, his audience can’t just get enough of him and would crave even for more from Hyun Joong.

What Kim Hyun Joong said about his staff in the MBC documentary:

“There is nothing I can do by myself. I am here because of my staff. The Kim Hyun Joong you see on the stage is the made-up Kim Hyun Joong. Behind that Kim Hyun Joong, there are many people, who are like “Daddy Long Legs (the secret famous benefactor from a famous novel),” supporting me.

Anyone can be a world star or an even bigger one in words, you see. Call it a wild dream…but if you don’t look at it as some wild dream and start dreaming everyday….you should dream big in order to get close to it.  I have always been that way.”

Behind the success that Hyun Joong has been attaining, he never forgets the people who worked with him in bringing out the best music or dramas that he truly appreciate their effort. Hyun Joong just don’t dream, he acts on his dreams and with the great amount of passion he makes his dreams come true. Hyun Joong is a true role model as a hard worker, and as a goal achiever who shares in inspiring the young generation and even to us in inspiring our own personal dreams.

Kim Hyun Joong has been the eye of the global publishers of the print media, be it the cover story, he simply sells out to the heights. People do talk about Kim Hyun Joong, by just simply being himself gives a great impact to the general public and still gaining greater attention.

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

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Yahoo Buzz:     Nov. 25, 2012

Nominees:                        No. of votes Yesterday                    No. of votes Today 

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                         548,100                          565,300
  2. Super Junior                                65,900                              67,800
  3. Jang Geun Suk                            57,000                              60,700
  4. Park Yoo Chun                            31,700                              33,100

Top Hallyu Star:

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                          1,670                               1,757
  2. Beast                                             986                                1,028
  3. JYJ                                                 572                                   585
  4. Infinite                                            455                                    475
  5. TVXQ                                             255                                    267


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