Kim Hyun Joong…[article] DEVOTED TO FANS

By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong is back in his cocoon and back to his work routine in preparing for his projects which is still on going which is the filming for City Conquest, preparing for its promotion, and the album launching for December. But Hyun Joong shall have another event for Center Pole on November 10 at 4 PM at Center Pole MoonJung Store, that’s Hyun Joong’s signature event, so we’ll get to see him again for next month! Hyun Joong is also invited at the Asia Music Festival to be held in Chengdu China on December 8, I’m not sure about the details but the way I understand there shall be voting polls, anyway, I’ll keep you posted.

At Oricon Music Chart update, now here’s something to be proud of, as of October 29th Hyun Joong HEAT is still no.1 on the chart for this month among the Kpop releases, it’s been three months since it was first release but it’s still showed good sales results.

I guess Hyun Joong shall be busy in closing his year 2012 and opening for 2013. Just like last year I remember Hyun Joong was busy hopping from here and there, well I think he’ll be doing the same busy bee once again as he opens up his year 2013, but I bet you these are good and worth waiting for piece of work of Hyun Joong.

I’m actually laughing at Hyun Joong because he said he will focus on being an actor, but then Hyun Joong turned out to be restless, and I could sense he knew the days when his fans were getting bored without him! And so he makes music at the same time he’s filming City Conquest!!

It’s really quite difficult to do two things at the same time, but as we can see I think neither of his projects both in acting and singing were being affected from one another! We have seen the teaser of City Conquest and apparently he did good in his first few filming judging from the teaser. And in singing, he even excel having a live band behind him to back him up, which turned out very successful!


From here I would say I think Hyun Joong has really matured and have over come his fears in acting. He always worry about it and openly admitted, but what I can see from him now is a concrete composure of himself as an actor. I think he’s happy doing both at the same time, he’s not as stressful as he was when he did his previous dramas. He even has been having hectic schedules lately but as we saw him at Happy Camp, he’s blooming, he looks healthy despite of his busy schedules. And I would say he’s happy and contented with the people he work with at present.

The fact that Hyun Joong had changed the drama production system, this gives him more opportunity to justify his acting skills. That this time he has more room to learn in his acting career. I think people do listen to him, well Hyun Joong is a true leader, he is good giving his side of opinion not only for himself but to his other co-actors too. Remember, when he commented about the drama production in Playful Kiss?

Hyun Joong said this back in 2010 during his interview, “People said I have improved my acting skills at PK, but I should have done better if only I was given more time. It’s always been a routine that scripts were given on the same day of filming, I hope this system will change in the future.” He was right with no single doubt. Actors are not robots to begin with, they are human being like us too.


Yesterday as I woke up, the first news I read was about one of Hyun Joong’s members got entangled in a relationship controversy. I feel sorry about this guy, at first he got a problem with his agent and now this one. Although in the news, the allegations had been denied by the member and his agent, that I hope this matter would end from there. I have a deep respect to the members since they were the very first Kpop that I have known and the group shall always be my favorite in terms of Kpop idol group music, even I am not their fan, I’m a great admirer of their music.

Controversial issues are already tagged with showbiz people, some may be true and some may be for publicity purposes only. One way of attracting the public can sometimes through controversial stories that we read from tabloid and celebrity gossip magazines or the broadsheet media print gossip column. I am not familiar with how Koreans take controversial news but I know this country is conservative and sensitive in such issues.  But let’s talk about this since I have noticed that celeb’s dating or relationship are usually the favorite topic of media in putting a celeb down or stories that can be talk about by people that can affect the stars career or affect them personally.

Since celebs are public figure, they are likely to be in the eye of the public and media goes after them and their activities. No matter how we say that these celebs are also human like us that they have the right to privacy, still media write about their personal privacy particularly their dating. I can’t speak of other celeb since it’s only about Hyun Joong that I write and research on, but he’s been very careful with his reputation even he has got nothing to hide and knowing the guy is candidly honest. I just could not understand why is it that some fans could not believe he’s not dating anyone!! And that he’s totally focused on his work which apparently have seen in his schedule of activities.

Hyun Joong had said for so many countless times that he’s not in a relationship or not dating anyone at the moment and that all the girls whom he has been meeting are strictly for business purpose only. I believe him with no single doubt, since I find nothing wrong if he wants to focus on his career as the guy has so many plans that he wants to achieve. And accept it or not relationships can be beautiful and can also be stressful for a star who is just on the doorstep of stardom. As I have said I don’t  think Hyun Joong would gamble his dreams over a relationship, that I firmly believe.


The controversy that one of the member is being entangled with, is a good example of a star being in a relationship. Be it true or not his name was being dragged by media and this can be painful to the member and time-wasting that he has to explain himself and to prove that the other party’s accusation is not right. This member will soon launch his latest album and instead of focusing on his work, these issues are unneccessary to spare time to answer, but as a celeb he can not just ignore it no matter how much he wants to be at peace. Of course this is just natural, celebs are human being too who can get hurt. These are the implications that an artist may face if he is being placed in a hot seat.

Imagine it’s Hyun Joong who is experiencing such controversy being involve in relationship and in similar controversy, don’t you think Hyun Joong would not be disturbed? Won’t you feel bothered as a fan on how you will defend him whether we believe such controversy or not but the fact that his name is being dragged is such a stress to any star. And this is one thing that I would not want Hyun Joong to experience and I’m sure he never would want it either. Nothing can be hidden from the media as far as stars of showbiz is concern, it’s their bread and butter, so let us not forget that. This may be one reason why Hyun Joong chose to be single, free from anyone who may only cause additional stress on his part.

There are many celebs who gets entangled in a relationship and when this relationship turned out to be ugly their career gets affected too and some ends up into self destruction which is really not good. If ever Hyun Joong get to the stage that he’s confident enough to handle his career at the same time with dating, I surely do hope he finds the right person. It could be so frustrating on his part that he has been taking care of his reputation and ending up in a wrong relationship that might even drag his name to downhill! Oh no Hyun Joong is so good to deserve such experience!! Although I trust him to be smart.


At this stage of Hyun Joong’s career, what he is avoiding most is being entangled in such controversy that I really hope we fans would understand. That’s why I’m giving this example of such controversy that his member got entangled with, for us to understand the possible implications it may create. If there’s smoke there’s fire, and this principle is rather difficult to defend. We fans are the only ones who can defend our idol, not to believe or just jump in to believing is not right. Allow your idol to speak for himself, whether your idol denies any allegation or admits then be at his side, times like this is one important period that idol needs his fans the most to support and letting them know you’re there for him.

As I always say Hyun Joong has his own privacy that we should respect as his fans. And that whatever he decides for himself, I support wholeheartedly with no questions ask anyway it’s his life not mine. After reading this news about his member, I can’t help imagine what if this happens to Hyun Joong, that I wake up one morning a girl just comes out from nowhere and claims this and that!! Of course as a fan I would surely investigate before defending and protecting Hyun Joong, as the alien prepare for counter attack!! LOL Now my imagination is running wild!!

There was only one controversy that Hyun Joong got entangled with in 2010 and right from the start Hyun Joong told the truth with all his honest regardless of consequence he stayed firm in his words and the truth set him free. Hyun Joong does not want any of those kind of involvement and that is why he always come up clean. This is one reason why he prefers to focus on work and has no plans of dating as he already stated. At this point of his career he’s becoming an object of jealousy and envy, many would try to pull him down. I would just be keeping awareness in his surroundings and if I may put up some write right up pertaining anything that perceive negative to Hyun Joong, forgive me but I have to defend.


If Hyun Joong says he wants to focus on his work, take his words. Not all men  desires for sex or female company. Yes Hyun Joong is good looking and girls would just come running after him. And that made him even feel scared, as he always say, he doesn’t even want girls to come to him first, he’s a doer by nature, once he knew the girl is also interested in him, he loses interest, he’s that type of man. Hyun Joong is different.

How many times did he choose work over relationship or love? We can’t blame him, he has a dream, as I have said he will never gamble his dream over love. But once he is able to attain all he wants, all his dreams, needless to say he will be there and look for that girl he desire and make another dream with her and his dream kids. But for now, let us allow Hyun Joong to do what he wants for himself, allow him to attain his dreams without encountering unnecessary gossips whatsoever. Many fans email me asking about Hyun Joong’s dating so I’m writing this article in response to those who are asking. As Hyun Joong stated:

“I don’t have plans of dating, I cannot handle my career and relationship at the same time. Other actors can do it, but I’m not as good as them to handle both at the same time.” (source: video interview, Love story DVD)

Hyun Joong has the ability to be popular without using dirty tricks or using other celeb to keep him up there. He is not that kind of celeb. He did not even want to use the name of his group because he wants to build his name on his own effort and ability, and this is very true but had been misinterpreted by others. Hyun Joong is just being professional, which I agree, an artist should not be a shadow of his previous name, just because the group name is popular.


That’s why I love this guy, very independent. And for us, let Hyun Joong enjoy the company of his fans, the more the merrier and this is his priority, to gain more fans whom he can share his projects with. This is the life he had chosen from day one. The other night as I was researching, I found one of his letter to his fans written in May 9, 2010 as he said:

“Honestly, my life to lose a lot under the spotlight like this in my life I’m annoying but I like this life kekek.”

This letter he wrote to his fans was a month before this contract with his previous agent expired, that no one ever had the idea he’s breaking through from the group. Even though he has to face a lot of trials in the future, he bravely faced them without a word of complain from him. Now he’s happy working hard for his fans. He’s happy remaining focus to his target, he’s simply being truthful to his fans as he built a special relationship with us then let’s treasure it and appreciate it. Instead of insisting he needs someone else at his side, because at this time and stage of his career, it is us his fans that he needs at his side and no one else. And he needs more fans to support him, he needs more numbers who can appreciate him for what he is. This is what he needs at this time.

Without the love from each and every fan, I would not be standing here. Therefore, I wish all the fans would continue giving me this love. It is a good inspiration and encouragement for me to try to be better in the next album.                    (source: Sparkling Magazine)

His Mentor had devoted his entire career life to his fans making them his own family. Before Bae Yong Joon became his boss, Hyun Joong had already been saying, “If I can only attain even half of what Bae Yong Joon had attained I’ll be happy as ever.” Hyun Joong had already devoted himself to his career and to his fans. As I have mentioned in my article yesterday that I have been digging deeper on Hyun Joong’s past reading between the lines of what he’s trying say and for some reasons that I couldn’t find words to explain, maybe I can simply say, this is what he wants to say to you.

This is all I got for today’s dosage, we all do share the love of Kim Hyun Joong and maybe this is just another way of bringing that love from him directly to you everyday.

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

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47 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] DEVOTED TO FANS

  1. Yes i am very sad about the controversy one of his members was entangled to and i hope that he will stay strong through this whole ordeal. But I know KHJ will always be honest to his fans that is how great an idol he is.

  2. hello I also read similar news a couple of days, but said it hiva khj ke remarried and cry lol is that if I appreciate it, but then they said it was just a joke, mmm … do not know why they do that if they want to damage him or his fans maybe both but just not fair
    happy hallowen =)

  3. Well aren’t we lucky that he loves as fans that much for him to sacrifice even his lovelife for us..But honestly for me , It’s okay for him to have a lovelife though i’d rather want him to keep it a secret for some fans might not be open to accept it and i might be one too..keke,..I think with all the hardwork that he puts in to everything he do, he also deserves to have an inspiration aside from us fans..He have always been consistent on showing us how much he loves us. I just hope that there will be no controversies that will hit him for oppa is such a good person.

    • Yes I agree with you better keep his privacy to himself but HJ doesn’t want to be sneaking around he said it at Strong Heart. I know he will open up once he found the right girl for him. We are the lucky ones we have an idol who loves us so much, so let spread this love and multiply his fans!! The more we grow with him the happier we all are with HJ.
      This love is so unconditional so unselfish because we share that love with everyone. It’s so remarkable.
      Thank you, Have a Happy Halloween take care and see you again!!

      • that is so right .He really is very honest that he does not sneak around . His honesty that you can never find in other kpop stars is what i really love about him. He dont care about his popularity as long as he tells the truth.

  4. hello ms lk,happy halloween.i do believe that hyun joong is’nt dating @ it’s not bcuz he is afraid to loose his papularity but bcuz he did not find the right/perfect lady 4 him….

    • No it’s not popularity but the people who envy him can possibly make an issue out of it, I remember HJ even said it would be a pity to his GF if in case he has and he wouldn’t want her to left behind because of his schedule so he chose not to date anyone. Other than the fact that he have not found the right one that I agree with you. Thank you Happy Halloween! Have pleasant day take care and see you again!

  5. hi lazer, i’m soo late today!! happy Halloween!!
    i’m having a major prob with my network today.
    yeah i agree with you dear. let’s leave his personal life to himself cause this guy gives us,his fans more than we deserve, than any other celeb. so let’s leave him there.
    oh i was really upset about Jung Min’s news as he is the 2nd of the members that i like in SS501 & i hope that won’t matter in his comeback.
    oh today morning as i was up(having insomnia) i was watching random scenes from BOF & i noticed that HJ lost weight a lot by the end & made me feel sad. i think he’ll bring the change to the drama industry as he said through CC.
    i finished watching Faith (one of the dramas i was waiting to watch & almost all the time i was trying to put HJ in a historical drama & imagine him) & i really like LMH’s acting in it plus the soundtracks of it. hope we’ll get the chance to watch City Conquest with HJ as soon as possible.
    oh i lost network connection again. i’ll post this as soon as i get it back!!
    god bless dear!!

    • Well I don’t think it will affect his come back project since he had already denied the allegations. Not unless the girl would still make the noise. But his fans can always defend him I’m sure and would not just jump to any conclusion, so be at peace everything is gonna be alright.
      Happy Halloween have a pleasant day and take care, see you again!

  6. Hello Lazerkim! just like some other new fans i have been mislead by this fandom once! what i dont understand is why those fans keep on insisting that hyun joong and hwangbo had a secret relationship? and seeing each other secretly,woooo… how did they know that? its supposed to be secret just like what they said.. isn’t it funny? Its been an age now and i think its time to face the reality and the reality is…there’s no hyun joong and hwangbo. thank you again! happy halloween!

    • LOL this is so funny but you’re right where on earth can you find a secret relationship being broadcast at the internet. It even made HJ looks like the bad guy who’s letting a lover wait for 4 years when she’s literally is aging, then there’s no hope for HJ’s dream of 4 kids!! They have the right to have fantasies so let’s leave them to their illusions, I wonder how many more new fans have been mislead, oh this is not good! They even accuse HJ fans for being selfish that we do not want HJ to have a GF. Mind me I think HJ’s words are quite clear, and I don’t think he will lie. He can’t keep secret because he’s not good at telling lie.
      Thank you, Happy Halloween have a great time and take care see you again!

      • I agree let him keep his lovelife private. But I don’t want him to be like BYJ in the love aspect. I want him to love and be loved and have a happy family while he is still young. Not right now but soon enough. And share the happiness with his fans.

        • LOL I can’t help laugh at this grace! LOL BYJ is the love aspect!! I think the media is just waiting for his boss to tie the knot but seems not possible since he is not committed either!! Can you imagine these good looking guys can be so engross with work. Jang Dong Gun also married at later age and thanks to his wife she got pregnant, if not he’s still single at this time!!

  7. Hello LK.. Love your article, always! I do agree with you that we have special connection to HJ. Sometime i can feel the love he is trying to share with us. And through your article i feel it even more.

    • Thank you very much! HJ created that connection with us as always! I’m simply just a postman!! Message for you from the Prince!! LOL Happy Halloween! Have a great day, take and see you again!

  8. I loved this article!! Hyun Joong is different.
    IS that hard to understand?! xD that’s WHY I’m a fan of him…. if he wasn’t diff from all the ppl, I would not be his fan.
    TO all those insects who don’t know why we love him… that’s why =) XD

    I guess I gotta blame him for my high expectations on men I SWEAR D:

    Today I had such a day… the promoter’s young colleague (the one who’s producing Music Bank in Chile) invited me for a ‘touch and go’. Can you believe that?! I swear I was almost puking and laughing at the same time! and in exchange, he’d give me tickets and I’d meet CN BLUE…. how stupid some men can be! My god! What a loser! My goshhhhh! I’m worth way more millions lol I Plus he’s ugly and fat =( XD so he’s ugly from inside out xDDDDDDD hope it never happens to any of you 😦 I’ll buy my tickets tomorrow lol I won’t post what I replied to him, ’cause I just don’t wanna make you die of laughter LOL
    I swear I don’t understand how some men can be content with those kind of things =( I mean, I would never abuse my power over any cute young guitarist (i know many) or musician I work with… it’s so disgusting =(
    I do hope he gets killed by a lightening bolt this weekend.

    • Trick or Treat!!!! Happy Halloween!! I knew it you have been busy with your magic carpet!! Razor I’m still praying that you’ll finally find an awesome guy while I’m still around, and I’m waiting for that. That’s all I can say!! You never fail to make me laugh!!! LOL Thanks! see you sweetie! Have a nice Halloween

    • Razor, I have to agree with you! KHJ has spoiled me for any other man… my expectations are SO HIGH! Honestly, my expectations were always that high… I just haven’t found a man who meets them! Well, there is one… he is a man I knew in my college years. He has never gotten married or had a relationship. Something happened with a woman he declared to be the love of his life. She was actually dating his brother, and he fell in love with her. She married his brother.. so, he says he is spoiled for any other woman too. He has never even had hope to fall in love like that again.

      I honestly think KHJ has some of this feeling too. He was deeply in love and it did not work out. I think he was so heartbroken by that situation that he just doesn’t think about getting another girlfriend. If he ever does, she will have to be one phenomenonal woman! She wil have to just knock him off his feet! And she will have to be totally unaware of her power over him. LOL! He will just have to be swept right away!

      So, I am pretty resolved to being single. The type of men I fall for are usually totally unaware of their charm and don’t approach women easily. I am a woman who would NEVER approach a man. I flirt and hint… but, if he can’t get the hint… well… that’s why I’m still single. I am ok with this situation though.

      Happy Halloween! Here is a photo of me dressed as a zombie at work!

  9. If anybody can convey this to Kim, then please ask him to sing some english songs too.
    I really shall be thankful to him. 🙂

  10. As always. Thanks for the article! Kim Hyun Joong makes a career. I’m sure. We – the fans. Do not be selfish. Kim Hyun Joong is not our property. Kim Hyun Joong young man. Let it will be a girl. He has a right to privacy. He can talk about it. Can not say. That’s his business. Journalists make money on scandals. And fans often help them. I’ll be happy when he finds out that he has a relationship. Even if he did not mention it. Kim Hyun Joong deserves our unconditional love.

    From my blog heartkhj.
    Love what for and contrary to…
    It is said that people love not for some reasons, but contrary to them. But as regards me, so I love Kim Hyun Joong and for and contrary to. It is impossible not to love and respect the personality.
    From the moment of our first meeting my soul has been filled with pleasure. He has become my encourager and muse. And the question is not about his beauty or intellect. He bears life in himself every minute. He is guided by his feelings.
    Have you ever met the person who lives every moment of his life? Who takes people with his actions, thoughts, appearance and charisma?!
    I know a great number of people who are smart, kind and wonderful. I am on friendly terms with millionaires and with not very rich people. But all of them say right from the moment of getting acquainted with Kim Hyun Joong that our Prince has positive influence.
    I love Kim Hyun Joong for his beauty which perks up mood and makes you have regard to the outside world.
    I love Kim Hyun Joong for his blush and his burning cheeks within private scenes shooting.
    I love Kim Hyun Joong for ability to take a challenge and go to the mat.
    I love Kim Hyun Joong for his acridity and persistence, for his headstrongness and sarcasm.
    I love him for his aims and dreams which he doesn’t share with the public, but still his dreams make other people be more persistent and confident.
    I love Kim Hyun Joong for his tenderness, tears, vulnerability of his soul.
    My love to him is the love to the people who are fond of Kim Hyun Joong. This love has widened my consciousness and gave me the opportunity to know people who also love Kim Hyun Joong. My love gave me the chance to understand that I am not alone in this world and there are people who can support you, who are ready to share their dreams and feelings with other people. Together form we an enormous group of people.
    My love teaches me to be patient and joyful. It gave me power and confidence. My love gave me the opportunity to find friends, admirers and business partners.
    I love Kim Hyun Joong for his sincerity and patience, for his soul generosity, for the sense of security.
    Some people may ask: “but how do you know?”
    He may be … in his life… We may seem to be… I love him as the whole with his advantages and disadvantages, with the facts I am aware of and the things I don’t know about him. I have just let him in my private life. Kim Hyun Joong has made me feel happy!

  11. hi read news yesterday about Jung Min and denying dating the girl and i read most of his fans including ss501 fans believed him telling the truth.but why they dont believe hyunjoong that hes not dating?? i really dont understand.i almost believe this kind of fandom they say hes dating with a girl who is older but no seeing her for very long there any kind of relationship like that??no bother to find out i dont know her even i research for her.hyunjoong is so loving man and caring but why he let her suffer waiting for him until when??hyunjoong said if he promise he do it but why they didnt go the london olympic as he promised to her.why the fans dont show recent photos of them together.where is the truth of the their secret dating then??sorry i new fan but almost believe hyunjoong was married secretly to the gilr.i think those fans are leading new fans to belive hyunjoong is committed to one girl.soryy for broken english.

    • Hello there!! thanks for sharing! Now this worries me since you are a new fan. There are some fans who are pairing him up to other celeb, they do want to see HJ and that other celeb to be together, but obviously there’s no proof of what they were saying, they do make picture at photo shop editing putting pictures of HJ and this lady together or making a couple items meaning having the same accessories. But the truth is Hj and that lady was never been in a relationship. So here it is, not unless Hyun Joong faces the camera and declare his relation to any person do not believe in hearsay. Hyun Joong made his word that once he finds the girl he like he will let his fans know about her. We can only trust Hyun Joong as an honest man he will eventually face us and introduce whoever once he has find find her. For the meantime let’s believe his words, he is not dating at this time and he’s focus to his work. I agree with you HJ is a gentleman he will not let anyone wait for him forever and he can leave his GF alone this is one thing he doesn’t want to be so he chose to be single because he could not have time for her. But once he is settled with his career I’m sure he’ll eventually date someone and he would tell us about it. Trust in him.
      For me it doesn’t matter at all I will support him all the way. I would not want you to be mislead by others, we just have to listen to him.
      Thank you for sharing, Have Happy Halloween take care and see you again!

      • Sorry cant help it Lk..
        To new fan…just love hj for his music n career. Leave his personal life to him. Life is too short to worry about whether he is or he is not esp when those rumors r frm the grapevine. And…why allow yourself to be misled?
        Have a nice day.

        • hi kyong thank you so much for you not worry its not my entire concern at all and im not really into his personal life .im only conveying what i read(rumors) from the grapevine you say.i said i only almost fall to believe what they fault that i allowed myself to be misled at i really dont believe them anymore.thank you.You have a nice day too

      • I too am a bit concerned about the new fans reading these false rumors. I think that they will find your blog and hopefully mine and others who are true KHJ fans and lovers to clear up any misconceptions. The things the joonbo camp say are so ludicrous anyway… it doesn’t take a person who is really interested in knowing Kim Hyun Joong for he is to realize they are just fantasies and those people are disillusioned. This gives me peace of mind too. I know they will read here and get those silly thoughts straightened out. 😀

  12. Can somebody tell me..Is there any one place where Kim answers his fans himself??
    Or just his people reply his fans always?? 🙂

    • Yeah watch his talk show guesting and interview at YouTube you can hear him talking and answering questions. These responses written in this article came from those interviews answered by himself, both through in YouTube and written translation, then you can also read his messages to his fans through the internet. His people which I think you mean his staffs do not answer for him.
      Thank you, take care and see you again!

      • Oh there’s another one that his fans asked questions and he answered too at yahoo you may find it at YouTube too i think that was only this year if I’m not mistaken..

  13. One thing for sure hj is not dating not because he is afraid losing his popularity. He is just too comitted to his career n he doesnt want to be unfair to the lady she is dating. That is being responsible n a gentleman. I feel that hj is lycky to have fans who want him to lead normal life n having a girlfriend. In fact the fans cant wait to see who will be the lucky girlfriend. I know i am.
    Secondly, this is the reason why i think he is better off as a solo. He is his own boss. Yes it is pitiful when u r involved in such an ugly scandal but somehow I am not that suprised when it happens to that particular friend of hj. Are they still? Well, I will stop here even when I still have lots to say but I think people will not like what I am about to write. As Lk always say, keep it peaceful. To that member, all i can say is what goes around comes around. To hj, good things will come your way becos u r a good human being….profound eh…

    • Oh thank you for further info yes i agree with you, it’s not because of popularity he just doesn’t want his GF to be left alone, he said this in his video interview Love Story. He does relate his relationships in the past and he’s shared those to his fans too, it’s just that at this time he’s really not dating. Just like you i would be very happy to see him falling in love again and seeing him with 4 kids in the future. i mean it’s nice to see my idol grow in his career and ending up being a happy family man and that where he’bound to in the future.
      Kyong I hope you don’t mind only if you have time, pls email me at There’s something that i would like to know from you, it’s important, I hope you won’t mind if you have time, I would appreciate it very much, it’s still about HJ. thank you. also i think we’re thinking the same!!LOL
      Thank you sis as always, take care Happy Halloween! Have a nice day! see you again!

  14. I’m glad Hyun Joong is devoted to his work, more confident andat ease with his acting and performing in a band. His word has been true and even if he said he was dating I wouldn’t care one bit and from what I’ve seen and read from all his other fans they would be very supportive! Though there is a heavy difference between Asian media and Hollywood: here in America we love to know who the celebrities are dating while in most cases in Asia, particularly Korea, it’s frowned upon; celebs can’t really have a free dating life because of their society and sasang fans and not having laws where you could be sued and put in jail! I may be wrong on some parts but it’s quite interesting.

    Hyun Joong, I feel, will change the norms some what whenever he publicly says he’s dating. Like what he has done for CC … sort of. ^^

    Fighting, HJ!

    Happy Halloween everyone!

    • Sorry I just realized I need to clarify something. Sasang fans are stalkers and from what I know Korea doesn’t have laws like in America where police can cart them to jail and the celebs could sue them. That is a huge difference that I think really needs to change…HJ, however, seems like he doesn’t really have a big problem with them, thank God. ^^

    • Hello Becca!! In my country since we also have American influence our local celebs are also open about their personal relationship and their personal life too but it never affected their popularity. In this case about HJ it’s not popularity that he worries about he’s also open about his relationships as he related about his past. It’s just at this time he’s not really dating as what he have already stated. But I’m sure once he get settled in he’ll eventually go dating this is very natural. Although I agree with you Korean and Japanese showbiz is different. I have been reading about it and yes I have noticed most or majority of Korean celeb do get settle down in a relationship in their later age, specially the popular ones. this is just what I notice they are not as open as in other countries.
      Thank you for sharing, have a Happy Halloween! Take care and see you again!

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