Kim Hyun Joong…[article] YOUR MAN

By: LazerKim                Kim Hyun Joong had left Changsang China boarding his flight back to Seoul. He came down from his villa around 5:00 Pm, it was raining but his fans were there to bid him goodbye till the next time! The God of Rain leaving a country and left his loving fans in the state of spell bound as he always does!! As Hyun Joong arrived the airport a crowd of fans were there at the lobby waiting for him to see him off. And as expected another group of fans were also waiting at the Airport back home in Seoul. Actually his short visit in China was three chances of taking a glimpse of Hyun Joong, it may be a brief encounter for the fans in China, but it was a worthwhile memory specially those who were able to see him in the show studio taping.

As for us fans from afar we can just stare at Hyun Joong’s happy pictures, but it somehow made us happy seeing his smiles, laughter and his 4Dness!! We did missed seeing him participating in game shows, I can still remember the last TV show he guested on was Strong Heart in October 25th 2011 as he was still promoting his album Lucky Guy. From that time on Hyun Joong had been flying from one country to another, all year round this year, and I’m just so glad we’ll be able to watch this game show in the next coming days. I’ll keep you posted as to when we can watch this show and how we can watch it.


Hyun Joong is not fond of social network communication as we already know that, but somehow he has his own personal way of conveying his message to his fans like writing a message still through the internet. And most of the time he communicates in his concerts. I was able to get the translation of Hyun Joong’s words to his fans during the recent Lotte fan meeting in Seoul, that I would like to share with you for those who may not have watched it. Here it goes from Kim Hyun Joong

If I had to talk about it in general, I was able to get a scuba license recently. Are you congratulating me?? I’m doing the scuba school and being under the sea, I was afraid of the sea in the past. I have over come my fears….going deeper under the sea seeing sharks in South Korea is hard to find. In the future besides going under sea….in the future if the opportunity comes, I want to go up in the space!!”

“In a little bit I’ll show some pictures of it…. if the future as time goes by, if I go travel in space and confirm I’ll put on a show! What I learn after I went under sea I thought the sea was unique peaceful, and beautiful fun place. Today I’m looking forward to fast pace work schedule for the fall. Even for just one day I wish together we can be that guy and that girl. Wait for me…cause the next song I’ll be singing is I’m Your Man. I am…you know the last part of the song, the title of the song….I’m not concern!!!” (meaning audience answer I’m your woman)


Hyun Joong indeed was talking to his fans and not to a one single person. As we already know Hyun Joong is a very realistic type of person that if he wants to send a message to his fans or directly say it to them he address it to the concern people. Last night I found a letter he wrote over the past addressed to his fans. It appeared to be like a joke, only after a while it turned out he was telling the truth, it’s just that he wrote it like a joke, with this…..kekekeke!! Good lesson out of it, when he talks and address it to his fans better believe because it’s the truth.

In one of my articles I have mentioned about Hyun Joong getting a scuba license, now he explained that he was on scuba schooling that was why he was at sea for several consecutive days which apparently he’s doing this for City Conquest. As I was watching City Conquest short teaser of behind the scene, I realize Hyun Joong doesn’t have any double, meaning he does the stunts by himself, specially the motor cycle scene!! So definitely he’ll be doing the under water scene without double stunt actor!!

Anyway, I was smiling while reading this translation, I was thinking Hyun Joong has fantasies too. If what I have shared with you is a concert at the dessert, Hyun Joong has further fantasy of having a concert in the outer space!! So what I can imagine is man in the moon, singing in concert for his fans!! It’s funny that everyone at the venue laughed at his imaginations and listening to it may make anyone convinced as if it’s not fantasy!!

Hyun Joong never forget this fantasy of his, which was way back in his early days in showbiz! Actually that fantasy came to life as he performed Let me Go in his concert using the theme of outer space. But it’s good with Hyun Joong’s latest concerts with live band he can easily interact with his fans, and we can look forward for more of this concert set up.


I really think I like Hyun Joong to be performing with a live band, because by this way, he’s free to express himself to his audience, he has better period to talk with his fans like a bonding moment to spend with and a better chance to create a stronger idol fan relationship with them. I think we can feel him better as he is as himself the real Kim Hyun Joong as singing with a live band he can better express his music. I’m not saying what he was doing in his previous album was less expressive, both are expressive in different approach. When he dance and sing, he express his music through his body movements, therefore this is visual music. While singing with a live band you have to listen and look at him as he express himself in his own free self, be it as a rocker or a ballad singer.

I read from somewhere, that other fans were worried that Hyun Joong might stick to being a rocker. At first, I’m not really fond of rock but I do appreciate some rock music when I was young. When I first heard HEAT, I immediately like it, and quite surprisingly I listened to it over and over I think for three days until I can get to memorize its lyrics!! Here’s my point, we do have our own individual taste so I will not dispute with others who may not appreciate rock, but trust in Hyun Joong, he’s a versatile type of singer, he knows exactly what suits him and what he does. Just give him a chance, let him get loose, he loves freedom to express, he does not stick to one style in his music and in his concert, and that makes him unique above other Kpop artists.

I understand some fans may have liked Hyun Joong’s image as clean cut character. I also would like to see him as a clean cut Prince and a rugged man, both are extreme in nature but let us allow Hyun Joong to take one step at a time. The guy is restless he like changes and that makes him unique among all other artists. This period is Hyun Joong’s period, he had been a flower boy the way we wanted for quite sometime but he’s now a man, so let’s give this chance to him. I’m sure once he had done Baek Mir and a rocker Hyun Joong will be craving for another new image, character and music. We have known Hyun Joong this way and we stay embracing him for what he is. We just need to trust him wholeheartedly.


Hyun Joong is so thoughtful to his fans. Is he doing this just to gain and make his fans stay? NO mam absolutely not, I think the veteran fans particularly Perfect who has been with Hyun Joong before his SS501 days can very well testify what I’m talking about. The other night I was researching for the past, and I came across a news write-up pertaining to Breakdown showcase as Hyun Joong first launched his album in June 7, 2011, which was held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul attended by 4,000 fans.

It was said that hosting a concert in this stadium cost as much as 50,000 won minimum price for a ticket. But with that Hyun Joong’s showcase, the price was only at 20,000 won per ticket and quite a number of complimentary tickets for those who really cannot afford was released. This price wasn’t even half of the original ticket price. Therefore KeyEast shouldered the other half as Hyun Joong’s request.

He said, “My fans can not afford that much and I do not want them to spend that much for my first concert.” And so KeyEast gave way to Hyun Joong’s wish. KeyEast would give anything Hyun Joong wish for specially in supporting his projects, that the company is all willing to give all out financial backing up for Hyun Joong. And in return Hyun Joong proved his worth a more deserving partner in business, since everything followed after that showcase went successfully.

Then I remember one video clip I think that was way back 2006, he was saying he wish to put up a free concert for students who can not afford to buy concert tickets. In short Hyun Joong was never after monetary gains for himself even back in his early showbiz career life. As I always say, Hyun Joong is an Artist by Heart, he performs, he works his guts out, for as long as there is an audience in front of him regardless of anything he will perform through his heart.

It will only be then monetary instantly follows without him demanding for it. And that is a genuine artist. He is an original rocker, and rockers are free, they can perform anywhere that doesn’t matter which place for as long as there’s an audience to listen to them while they freely express themselves, just like Kim Hyun Joong who is a true rocker. The lucky guy and a happy champ to his lucky fans.


I remember one video interview Hyun Joong had in his early days with career, and he was saying, “In the future you will find a new star much stronger, good looking, talented and excellent performer on stage, better than me.” Hyun Joong was speaking to his fans that time, do you remember this video clip? I actually have written about this in my past articles. If I were his fan that time I would say, no there’s no better artist than he is. But he was right, he had proven what he said was right, because I have in fact found new star and a better one from the Kim Hyun Joong in that video way back in the past.

Here’s a brand new Kim Hyun Joong that he was saying, who is much stronger, more good looking, talented and an excellent performer. Because it is at this time that he had proven himself, that he had gotten out of his shell, that he was able to show what he has got which had been staying inside him for years. This is his time. I got no idea why he said that on a video interview, but I’m sure the veteran fans may have realized the new star that he was talking about is Kim Hyun Joong. Or maybe not in your wildest dream that you have expected he will rise with such remarkable power as he has now.

These past days I have been digging dipper to Hyun Joong’s history and his words in the past that I think is playing a significant role to his present that I found out a lot came true. Hyun Joong said in one talk show, “have to do more for people to love me.” He has every reason to be as he is because he receives that love and gives it back to the people who loves him too. Love begets love. Hyun Joong allow his fans to feel that love he gives them and vice versa, his fans show their love and support for him.

If he shows the sweetest side of himself, it is in his own little way of expressing how he loves for us as his fans, and he’s being sincere about it, as we do feel it. So we’ll keep it in our hearts because it’s for us, his fans. Do not give his words to others.

Kim Hyun Joong is simply saying to his fans, “I’m your man.” Keep his words to you heart.

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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34 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] YOUR MAN

  1. Hello Lk deare, if someone says again that HJ lost some of his spark/ Joie de vivre (joy of life), they should take a good look at those pics and the Happy Camp, Hj was having a ball there. Oh what a joy for all to see those faces he is making….keke…! Love the pics LK as always….:)

  2. In my opinion, fans need to let him be who he is and not keep expecting him to be who they want him to be, if that makes sense. Yes he ended up being a dance singer but he has always said that is not what he really intended to be. He didn’t even plan on being a singer. He wanted to play bass in a rock band. But he is a singer now and he has dreams so fans should let him live those dreams and we should just be happy we get to go along for the ride. He has never once disappointed me in anything he has done. If some fans don’t like rock then they have the option to listen to all the other wonderful music he has out there. I want him to do some rock music and not just because I love it but because I know he does. I want him happy and doing what he loves.

    Now this is no disrespect to anyone but something that drives me nuts is when people call him a flower boy. He is not nor has he ever been a flower boy. He has even said so himself many times. He is not Yoon Ji Hoo. He is Kim Hyun Joong. I think some fans get a little confused about that. I don’t know how many times I’ve read comments saying “I miss Ji Hoo” or ” I want Ji Hoo back”. How can they miss him or have him back when he’s not even real? Besides how can they miss him when all they have to do is watch BOF and Ji Hoo is right there. I have been a fan of Kim Hyun Joong long before BOF and sometimes it is hard for me when it seems all people do is relate him to that drama. I guess I shouldn’t let it bother me because the fact they believe Kim Hyun Joong is like Ji Hoo in real life is a testament to his acting but I suppose it’s because I know he is first and foremost a musician. He wants to grow and spread his wings with his music and I would hope fans would understand and give him that opportunity be it with rock or any other kind of music that he chooses. In other words, let him be who he really is.

    • Hello Allie!! The very first time I have ever encountered the word “flower boy” is from BOF or when I started searching on HJ as i have watched many clips that even other celeb call him flower boy!! And yes i was also asking myself why they call the F4 flower boys, until i realize other young good looking Korean celebs are being called by the term flower boy!! I agree with your opinion and may I just add by saying “can’t we just embrace him for what he is?”
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts Happy Halloween! have a great day take care and see you again!

  3. Is there a way so that i can email a fan letter to kim hyun joong? I’ve tried but i’m not sure if its the right one. :/
    Please reply! Thank you! 😀

  4. I just read the info that our prince will be guested to the Music Festival on 8-Dec in Chengdu.
    So envy China fans, they have the chance to see HJ again.

    • TTT yes so envy Chinese and Japanese fans!! TTT Never mind FanJoong we’ll have him on the moon, all ours not only for one day!! But longer LOL!!!
      Thank you! Take care have a cheerful day!! See you again!

  5. can you please put updates if he was nominated for something so i could vote for him?and how will i know if he is nominated or there are voting polls that includes him?how can we also get him to be nominated?im sorry. I am a new fan, and i think i will forever be a fan of him too.please answer me. I would be super grateful.

    • Hi lala!! I think most of the voting polls had already been close, specially the prestigious ones. But this year among the awards nomination HJ didn’t have it since he’s been busy with his overseas commitments. With Style Icon which was the most recent, he had already got three consecutive years of awards and he’ll surely wins again then at MAMA he just won the Best Artist award last year so he was excluded again. At Yahoo I guess he got so much awards from there, so what we can look forward to is for next year acting award. I think HJ would prefer to have this award. I always post for voting polls with my article, anyway don’t worry if ever there would be voting polls again I’ll keep you posted.
      Thank you, have a nice day, take care and see you again!

  6. hi lazer, ok i got a bit late today. well i like how he gives his full attention to all what he do. but still i’m worried about him due to all the stunts(as he met with an severe accident in 2010 which was told to effect him a lot), but as i know only a few number of actors take the risk of doing their stunts and well here goes mr. stubborn workaholic… 🙂
    he is making me so eager that i’m sure i will be watching CC as soon as possible.
    and HJ really loves & cares about his fans unlike other artists which i love him. i wish i’ll get the chance to see his concert in moon(if not in his U:ZOOSIN planet with U:ZOOSINs)
    God bless dear! see you again!!

    • Hello there!! Don’t worry, HJ is well taken care of, and I think HJ wants to experience those stunts too that’s the reason why he accepted this drama and try on action stunt acting to begin with. LOL HJ is an adventurous what can we do Mr. Hard Headed is totally uncontrollable!! Ah that accident in 2010 was on his private time so this one he has a director to take him in control!!
      LOL oh the concert on the moon we have to be there everyone of us!! So make sure you’ll be there too!! LOL it’s a date!!
      Thanks and have a pleasant day which is running so fast!! take care and see you again!

      • hahaa yeah!! OMG!! how many nicknames does he have?? :O starting from flower boy, walking sculpture, alien to Mr. stubborn, Mr. Hard Headed etc. yeah i’m dying to see it. hope he is all right!!
        oh yeah i’m going for the moon concert for sure. yeah a date with the king of aliens 😛
        see you dear!! good night!!

  7. Thank you god to let me knowing HIM. HE is realistic person!you are right sis. whatever HE said and whatever he did is purely from HIS heart. HIS personality, the one make us more love and respect to HIM. HE is STAR for true,but still humble as always.HE always amazed us.HE IS OUR MAN…THE ONLY ONE.Alien family so lucky to having HIM. I just can’t believe if some one can leave HIM so easely, such a lier. Have a nice day sis,god bless.

    • Oh sis I just wanna say we have a date with him on the moon!! for a concert it’s for free!! LOL
      Now speaking of that is anyone can leave him, I don’t think it’s gonna be easy. There a fan who had already turned to another idol who happened to HJ’s friend, but during his recent Happy Camp, she was so active in updating about HJ. I don’t think anyone can get over with him!! *sigh*
      Thanks sis have a joyful day! see you again take care!

  8. I came across a blogger who wrote about the highlights of what was happening during the show…cant help enjoying every moment of the show eventhough only tru words. The part where the translator apologized for not being professional at her job n burst out laughing . That was cute. The fans forgive her. She was having fun while doing her job. It is not a After all it is hj she is dealing with. Really envy her….what great job. He..he. Actually i dont have any specific issue to discuss here. But i know Lk wont mind..thanks for today’s article. C u tmorow.

    • Oh thank you for mentioning the interpreter in the show, LOL she’s so cute explaining her behavior during the show, I’m sure she wasn’t expecting HJ’s 4D so she was caught unaware!! LOL Yeah reading from the post update I felt I was there enjoying the show!! It was really fun. Hey no problem the blogger is my morning coffeemate!!
      Thank you so much, take care have a good day today and see you again!

  9. I have seen picture of him on happy camp and let me just say that i was drooling all over when i did that. I mean he gets more handsome by the day, my eyes couldn’t take it.LOL. For me kim hyun joong is more than a kpop star , he is a role model . A perfect example that eventhough he is a man of fame and fortune,one should not forget to be kind and give love to others and always keep thou feet on the ground. And be honest with your words, be thrifty for money doesn’t grow on trees, and of course keep on working hard and do your best for people’s love for you deserve to get the best too.KHJ!FIGHTING!

    • Alleluia! I agree with you 100% He looks blooming even with his busy schedule because his work is properly managed by his agent who’s taking care of him and giving the best importance to what he is doing in 100% support. He’s happy to where he is now that makes his fans happy too.
      Thank you so much take care have cheerful day today see you again! I’ll catch up with your other comments from other articles. Thanks for reading see you again!

  10. I wanted to know if there are any English songs of Kim because I cannot understand Korean but i really wana listen his songs. thanks a ton for this lovely million won smile. God Bless you success. 🙂
    regards from

    • I dont understand korean o

      r hindi but i enjoy listening to both songs. Try listen to korean songs esp of hyoon joong, you will love them. Try it. Firget about the lyrics. Jusr trust him…

    • Hello there!! Oh actually music is universal Hj have not sung English song but try his Korean and Japanese the melody of his music alone is very good, there are clips with eng sub you may those so you can get to understand the meaning of the songs. It’s beautiful!
      Thank you and have a wonderful day today! see you again and take care!

  11. wooaahh..i’m the 1st to leave my comment..thanks Ms. LK…again..keke..i cannot find my words..i just want to say “you will be my man forever Kim Hyun Joong..”u always make us proud and feel love..thank u for ur SMILE that makes our day brighter..for ur SONGS that keep us going..and for the LOVE that encourages us to succeed..

    • Nyahhah jhen sumbong kita sa BF or husband mo!4ever man huh! We’ll be forever OO right Ms LK? bawal magtanong walang clue…kekeke!

      • kekeke..blueribbon,my hubby got jealous n nga…but still he’s our man…iba ung saya n dala nya…i know u understand what i mean..haha..

    • Well he’s the man!! We’re lost with words to describe or not enough words to describe him but maybe the simple way is taking him by heart and we get that description for HJ!! Thank you for sharing, have a nice day take care and see you again!

      • I do not understand Korean before I knew KHJ. However, I love the music, rhythm and the lyrics (after the translation). KHJ knows how to express the feeling through his performance. Love this man so much. Also love you too, LK. You have proven how much you love KHJ. Thanks so much for all your reserach in KHJ. You also have me as your fan in all articles and your youtube.

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