Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HAPPY CHAMP!


By: LazerKim                Kim Hyun Joong stayed in a beautiful villa in Changsang China and the most happiest of all are his fans who were outside the villa like media reporters!! It was fun it seems that every move of Hyun Joong his Chinese fans were guarding him quite well and they were well behave. It’s so funny that the fans even knew what Hyun Joong had for lunch as it was delivered to him at 1:30 PM and even took pictures!!

I appreciate the effort of his fans to be at the villa and taking as much pictures and really taking care of Hyun Joong. There was also a picture as his staff brought in some dumbbells which obviously Hyun Joong took his daily routine exercise. These fans are like mom to Hyun Joong making sure he had eaten satisfyingly, making sure he took his daily routine exercise and securing his area from harm!! They are very thoughtful I would say to take time out and visit Hyun Joong making sure he’s well taken care off plus checking on his accommodation since I have seen a picture of Hyun Joong’s guest room!

Hyun Joong left the villa at about 2:30 PM for his rehearsals, on his way, some fans hand in their letters to him, he smiled, nod, and wave to his fans who were there. In no time he’s back to the villa again to prepared for the show recording and out again around 5 PM. Last night I was just reading the updates of the show but I enjoyed it as if I was there at the TV studio as audience!

The studio gallery was full packed all fans of Hyun Joong! And then there were flowers at the main entrance of the venue for Hyun Joong to welcome him! All the while I thought Hyun Joong would be just dancing for the show as a guest performer, but it was more than just performing! Hyun Joong was a guest who participated with the entire game show together with the other guests. Here’s how the show went: 


As soon as Hyun Joong introduced himself to the audience his fans chant and scream, Hyun Joong said, “Hello I’m Kim Hyun Joong, I miss all of you!” During the taping or recording, Hyun Joong’s words made the interpreter into a disorder state that she laughed! Meaning there might be some misunderstanding but Hyun Joong just laugh as his 4D surfaced again!

Hyun Joong made the whole set laugh of what he has been saying! He could not understand what the MC was saying, but every time the MC laugh he laugh back too!! This seemed crazy!!LOL, well just in my mind imagining!!

Hyun Joong said he wanted his fans to knit a scarf for him as a gift!! Well it’s winter maybe he really wants it, we’ll find that out when the show is being aired, and translated.

Hyun Joong gave his birthday present to Hai Tao since it’s birthday. I’m just not aware if the birthday was yesterday or on the day of airing this show. If I’m not mistaken Hyun Joong gave his signature training hood shirt with Artmatic logo, it’s a rare exclusive item.

Hyun Joong got on Hai Tao’s back for a piggy ride! This was funny since Hyun Joong is almost six footer and Hai Tao is much shorter than him!!

Hyun Joong carried a female host! For whatever reason, Hyun Joong was quite strong to carry her and he’s so cute!!

Hyun Joong wore an orange sunglasses, a Micky headband and danced some steps from Lucky Guy, shake shake!! Oh this one is cute too!!

There’s a part in the game that if Hyun Joong lost he must post at weibo right at that minute, if Hyun Joong lost the host has to be the one to post. Hyun Joong won so the host posted at weibo to another male to express love!! Hyun Joong press the button to send! The guests wore a white medical staff’s robe during this part of the game. Oh the ring of the host, is it Bvlgari same as Hyun Joong’s save the children? (photo below)


For the fans who shared the updates at the show yesterday, thank you so much, your effort is very much appreciated as always. Many blessing to all, please do keep up, sharing is loving. May I just say, I think the most selfless unconditional love there is, is within the fans who truly loves our idol. So remarkable. I’m proud of being Hyun Joong fan!

In this show in China, proved Hyun Joong’s growing popularity once again. As the studio gallery was full packed that additional chairs were placed to accommodate all Hyun Joong’s fans who bought the tickets, it was said that tickets were sold out which was said to be unusual for this show recording session. But since Hyun Joong is guesting for this show, it showed an excellent sales result on tickets. The fans were satisfied as they enjoyed the show just as much as Hyun Joong enjoyed it too. Apparently language was never been a barrier for Hyun Joong his action speaks more on those games as he simply enjoyed playing it with the show host!!

Seeing Hyun Joong with all those laughter is just so contagious as he sets the mood in the studio with fun and laughter. His other side of being playful surfaced, as he dance with that orange sunglasses and Mickey blue ribbon is just so hilarious! We’ll be able see all of these on November 3 as this show shall be aired. Now I would say I really missed Hyun Joong guesting in variety shows, and here goes jumping and playing around!! Simply seeing from those pictures which is now all over the internet it was such a fun seeing him with those laughter!!


Towards the end of the taping Hyun Joong performed Please, I think that was the last segment of the taping, after which Hyun Joong bid the staff goodnight as he smiled, nodded, and thank each and everyone in the studio. I read a post that the studio staffs were impressed by his well mannered, politeness, which we know for a fact it’s Hyun Joong’s natural behavior to any production staff or anybody for that matter. I’m so proud of this guy, really.

Hyun Joong got back to his villa still perspiring after taping his performance and his fans were still there waiting for him! He greeted them smiled, nod at them and waved before he got up to the stairs of the villa and still waved as he entered his room from the balcony of the villa. *sigh* This guy is really sweet and I’m sure his fans who were there at the villa will surely miss him a lot, or maybe mesmerized until at this time!

Well, it was a one day brief encounter with Hyun Joong that his Chinese fans truly enjoyed! Hyun Joong enjoyed the show too. It’s sad though for the fans who were there at the villa,  surely couldn’t get enough of Hyun Joong.  In fairness they were all well behave, as I didn’t read any untoward incident. That is how much is he being loved by his fans. Every minute counts, every moment is a memory with Hyun Joong.

Yesterday my article Goal Achiever, talks about Hyun Joong’s absence from the talk shows and variety shows back home, and yesterday we have at least took a glimpse of him on how he enjoys playing games at variety shows, only this time it was in China. Nevertheless, coincidentally we have seen him again in a variety show.

The fan who asked me about talk shows was truly happy as I emailed her yesterday’s update at the show as it transpired. The feeling is mutual as I missed Hyun Joong in those shows too and be looking forward to it in the near future as it is expected and hoping Hyun Joong would do guesting when he promote City Conquest early next year. We shall still see him though, since Hyun Joong shall be going back home to Seoul today.


It’s so funny that while I’m writing this article which is past 12 midnight, I read a post at twitter saying Hyun Joong and his staffs are still awake and looking for a drink!! LOL,There are still fans along the area of the villa!! They can see Hyun Joong by the balcony door lights were still on! Are they going to spend their night camping and guarding Hyun Joong? LOL a typical example they can’t get enough of him but I hope they won’t go beyond to stalking!! But camping in a cold autumn night must be fun though!! Surely they have fallen again!! That’s Hyun Joong’s effect!

As of this morning I read that his fans were still waiting outside the villa last but Hyun Joong was worried since it was raining, he asked somebody to tell his fans to go back home and he’ll see them today. The God of Rain is in China and it rained again! In another post, it was said there was a man selling tickets for Happy Camp by black market, meaning his ticket price is enormously high for this show but it was all sold out for the first time in eight years, that he’s been doing this job it was only Hyun Joong’s guesting to Happy Camp that he sold that much tickets. That’s another Hyun Joong effect!                (Source BB thanks)

I wonder if this event or show recording shall be posted in the local media print in China? Because I find the effect of Hyun Joong to a lot of people who were there at the TV studio and even the fans at the villa is just so remarkable. His Chinese fans who have the experience has much to say but surely mesmerized about the short glimpse of Hyun Joong for just one day, but had brought a lot of joy to his fans not only in China but his Global fans wherever they are in any part of the world. Hyun Joong’s effect is just so tremendous!


After watching Hyun Joong playing games in a game show which he truly enjoyed seeing from the picture above, I’ll keep you posted as to when it shall be aired, schedules has been changing. The next event to look forward to is Hyun Joong running at the soccer field which is on November 23 in Kanagawa Japan at Nissan Stadium together with the FC Men. Actually I’m not so familiar with how the soccer game is being played but I sure do want to watch Hyun Joong running around and kicking the soccer ball which he enjoys very much! And we’ll have another collection of picture taken at the field which he always look so handsome without make up, just the natural Hyun Joong.

Is Hyun Joong enjoying his life? Well, I would think so! Who would not, if he has been reaching for his dream as little by little he gets what he wants and what he wishes for a long time ago. He does what he wants either work or play, he’s a free spirit. He works hard as we can see and puts his heart to it,  but what truly is boosting his adrenaline so high is his fans, as his main objective in his goal is to reach out for his fans.

Kim Hyun Joong is beyond comparable, and we fans are lucky to have chosen a deserving artist above the rest, and he will always be our Happy Champ from the Happy Camp of the aliens!!

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!


21 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HAPPY CHAMP!

  1. This is the laughter and spontaneity that has been kept from us fans because of his desire to promote his singing and acting careers.

    They were there all along while some people though that they moved on to other artists whose laughter and dorkiness are more visible in the entertainment shows. She said, if i am not wrong, that he lost that part of him. Hope they are watching these pics and the show eventually.

    Hyun Joong is just a funny guy with least effort. Full stop. If there was a camera focused on him all the time, just like the yonder years, they would still witness the adorable and unending dorkiness that lightens up the set where he works.

    Sadly, the post was pulled down. I could have pointed these out in that blog. So bear with me while i unload these thought here. Such a sad fate to be judged just because he grew up sensitive to the undercurrents of his fandom, making him just pull back his childish tendencies in favour of a state called maturity.

    • Totally agree with u. This guy is funny n he has it in him. He was born with overload sense of humor. He has never lost it…i mean how could one lose it. It is not something we can force…. I wisn someone can tell that to the bloggger’ s face.

  2. Hello LK. just to say HJ looks Goooood, dashing. by the by I think in the last pic that he has some problem with night vision, it looks like his manager was using the flashlight to light the stairs, so Hj is human afterall. Don’t you love the smiles/the laughs and more manly. Put a smile on everyone face. 🙂

  3. kkk He looks so cute in the pics =) I’m glad the fans behaved and took care of him ❤
    I'm totally happy that he doesn't look skinny anymore, he looks so healthy now, I love seeing him like that (tell me that you like that xD)
    I'm gonna collect everything now, don't want any pic to be missed =) <3333333333333

  4. Hi lk! yesterday was so fun as I woke up to all the updates at twitter about HJ! I was really happy the fans were busy taking pictures and updating every minute of his stay in China.

    Hyun Joong asked for a handmade scarf, huh? Well, wish granted. I have completed his scarf and his necklace. I will be composing a letter to him and then sending them off! I will post pics for everyone to see and the letter when it is complete!

    Oh, just so happy at this moment. The tragedy of the past week is washed away. I will share with everyone about that on my post too… Happy to see him cracking up and smiling. It just takes all my pain right away! 😀

  5. hello ms lk,is hyun joong enjoying his life????i would definitely yes he’s enjoying it to its fullest,we can actually see it tru his eyes as they that the eye is the mirror of the soul….
    can’t wait for the airing of hc miss hyun joongs witty @ 4d charm on variety program hope 2 see him soon….

  6. Did hyun joong enjoying his life?? oh yes,definitely sis! I didn’t see any sadness,hurt in his eyes or depression just like what those so called fans said about him! LOL give him a break governess!! Look at him…isn’t he adorable? funny without trying!! He obviously had fun last night! I can’t wait to see the show!!! Thanks sis as always! may mapa-praning na naman jan…kasi walang pondo! kekeke!

  7. This is one article that i can simply read over n over again. Thanks Lk. I envy the fans at the studio, at the hotel n everyone who had the chance to enjoy with him on the show. Hj looked so happy in the pictures. As a fan i am glad that he is living his life to the fullest..i got that feelings looking at his pictures. Reminds me of yesteryears when he took part in variety shows in korea. I miss him in those shows. Funny eh..i read about him everyday yet i miss him. Lol. How do u xplaim that Lk?.

    • Oh i love seeing him that happy! Just like you i envy those who camp outside his villa, that must be fun! not that I want to go stalking but being together with his fans chatting joking you know like kids playing camp fire! that must be fun!! Just enjoying bonding moment together, then maybe HJ would just watch us by his window, no screaming just simply being them gathered and chatting! It’s nice to dream sometimes!!LOL but I like that idea!! we’ll miss him more in next few days, it’s contagious disease of addiction!!! LOL
      Thank you so much for sharing! have a great Monday and cheer up!! take care! see you again and god bless..

  8. hi lazer, oh whole yesterday i was monitoring HJ’s actions & he looks dashing as always in full black with his adorable smile. i hope someone will upload the subbed show. (from twitter i saw that it’ll be aired on 10th nov.
    oh i want to see his unique 4Dness again!
    i’m in a rush today dear!! i’ll comment later.
    god bless!!

    • I have watched the same program having other star guests like Lee MinHo and Robot it’s already sub. Yeah i hope HJ will have it too. It’s been a while since the last time we have seen him at variety shows and I’m really glad he guested in this show, everyone enjoyed it. He’s really a great entertainer. I monitored too til late last night and I got some wrong info!! TTT sorry about that!
      Thank you take care have a happy Monday see you again!

  9. is happy camp be shown to hongkong?? i see those photos from the net it seems that everyone enjoyed the recording!!hope to watch this variety show too..

    A sweet & thoughtful idol!!i’m so proud to say that i’m lucky to be a part of HENECIA FAMILY…thank u so much oppah for always making us proud of u…

    By the way ms. LK,me post po ak khpun s fb q..nkita q po s newspaper d2 s hk..they featured KHJ’s UNLIMITED Album…yan po patunay n KHJ’s love is spreading all over the world!!
    So proud to be a HENECIA..Thanks again LazerKim!!

    • I do hope it will shown everywhere!!! LOL ang galing naman!! Hyun Joong gets his publicity from time to time to other countries too that why this guy is someone whom we can take pride always. *sigh* Nakka miss!!
      Thank you so much have a lovely Monday take care and see you again! God bless!! boring na naman after this!!! TTTT LOL

  10. seriously! how can this guy look this perfect despite of the uber hectic schedules he have?..bydway when will city conquest air?i have been waiting for it and very excited about it!!

    • LOL seriously, HJ is one unique individual, that he can always look his best with no extra effort and doing so good in anything he does. It was said airing of CC shall be early next year, we still do not know since there’s no official note as yet.
      Tahnk you take care, see you again and have a pleasant Monday!

  11. Hyun Joong looks like he’s having a blast! I can already tell everyone enjoyed it and I can’t wait to see it!!!! He looks so hot, smexy, and oh so adorable ^^ And I also can’t wait for him to be on Korean variety shows again with CC promotion…and I hope they film over half the episodes before airing starts so he’s not so rushed (and the storyline won’t be ruined either).

    Oh and just to let you know, I read that his episode of Happy Camp is not going to air on Nov 3 but at a later date; though take this news with a grain of salt. It’s because there were other tapings before his but it seemed legit.

    • Yeah I was mis informed at twitter about HC airing, now they said it’s gonna be on the 10th, well, just have to wait and see. I’m looking forward to it too. I got addicted with CC short teaser and I dying to watch for it too! Then as expected the promotion of the drama is something to look forward too!! many many upcoming start Dec.
      Thank you so much, see you again have a great Monday and take care!

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