Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GOAL ACHIEVER

By: LazerKim          Kim Hyun Joong arrived at Incheon Airport at around 9:30 PM last night to board his flight bound to Changsha China as his flight was at 11:00 PM Korean time. As usual his fans were already at the airport to see him off, and same scenario as his fans hand in letters and goodies. Hyun Joong shall be attending the Happy Champ variety show recording tomorrow and this shall be shown on China local TV on the 3rd of November. Hyun Joong shall be coming back home to Seoul on the 29th October.

Yesterday as early as 6:00 PM Hyun Joong Chinese fans were already at the airport to welcome him. As the night get darker, the airport in Changsha was already crowded by fans, as Hyun Joong’s flight landed at 1:00 AM. He was escorted towards the airport lobby where his fans welcomed his arrival! There was such a big crowd and male fans were even spotted at the area!! The mood at the airport was festive in the wee hours of dawn but the airport lobby was really crowded!



Last night as I was waiting for updates on Hyun Joong’s departure to China, a fan (4everhyun) from twitter shared a video clip of Hyun Joong taken behind the scene of The First Love DVD. It’s a video clip showing Hyun Joong’s skills in cooking at the kitchen!! This video was taken I think after his filming of Playful Kiss in 2010 at the latter part of the year. Hyun Joong looks fresh and blooming but I died laughing and so with the production staffs who were filming the video!! It was in Korean, the behind the scene doesn’t have English Subtitle, but obviously the staffs were laughing at Hyun Joong as he was all joking around!! This is Hyun Joong behind the scene, I’ll post the YouTube link so you watch and so how cute he is in that clip!

The clip shows Hyun Joong cooking for his love one, that he actually cooked for real! One funny  thing I have noticed is that he was pilling a pineapple using a table knife that gave him a hard time to cut a pineapple! He cooked fried rice set in a pineapple, after the shoot the staffs tasted what Hyun Joong cooked and I think it was good! But the best thing in that shooting was Hyun Joong’s sense of humor that the staffs enjoyed filming with him with no single dull moment. Actually this echoed from his previous drama productions filming as his co-actors and staffs commented that Hyun Joong is fond to worked with.

Hyun Joong do create such lively and cheerful atmosphere around the production staffs whom he worked with. I have watched many clips of behind the scenes from BOF, from PK, and lately stills from City Conquest filming in Japan as he was spotted playing around with the staffs. One unforgettable picture I have seen was the picture Hyun Joong wearing a blue Japanese kimono as he was acting on a disguise or something, and he was dying laughing at himself wearing a kimono!! The producer of City Conquest was saying when he had a drink with Hyun Joong he wasn’t expecting Hyun Joong has such a good sense of humor.

I read a write-up from somewhere along Hyun Joong’s boss blog, relating a story when his boss was hospitalized. The CEO of KeyEast came to visit and Bae Yong Joon asked how was the projects of Hyun Joong coming along. As they were talking about Hyun Joong, BYJ was all laughing about all the tales of Hyun Joong’s hilarious jokes every time both get along together for a drink. Hyun Joong has such a good sense of humor while his boss is also humorous. I think both has this common ground having the same good sense of humor.

I was actually looking for a video clip showing he is unhappy within the period he performed solo. I couldn’t find any video of unhappy Hyun Joong since he moved in to KeyEast. So far what I found are laughter within the shooting set and joy within himself and his fans as Hyun Joong kept achieving his goals for year 2012, since he started in June 2011 from launching his debut album till this present.


One of my silent readers emailed me and was asking how come Hyun Joong seem to have no local TV guesting anymore. Well, Hyun Joong has been busy flying around Asia as he performed his fan meeting concert series, he has been getting in and out of Japan from the time he debuted his Japanese album Kiss Kiss to Heat and up coming third album. Apparently he doesn’t have much activities back home except for pictorial sessions, filming of City Conquest, and the most recent one was his concert for Lotte fan meeting attended by 10,000 fans. Therefore, we have not seen him on local TV in Korea this year!

Last year Hyun Joong had been in the local TV in Korea, like talk shows, and variety shows, simply because Hyun Joong was promoting his first two albums so we get a lot of chance to watch him as he guested in many shows. And so we had the chance he hear from him talked and joke around on these shows. During those period was our chance of seeing Hyun Joong on his most talkative ways of knowing more about him and he was already doing solo during those TV guesting. We’ll probably get to see him on talk shows again as soon as his come back drama City Conquest starts with its promotion.

I don’t know if any of you do experience being addicted to Hyun Joong’s projects. Whenever he has a new music release I listen to it over and over non-stop including watching its music videos!! Whenever I get to watch one video clip of Hyun Joong I would surely crave for another with the same pattern. Like watching one of his concert I go search for another, and same with his talk shows last year until I have seen all of his TV guesting. The next is his up coming drama, which at least this will be a series which will run for two to three months. I would surely get addicted to it.


Hyun Joong is being groomed as a successor of his boss being a Hallyu star, right from the beginning this has been the aim of KeyEast to get Hyun Joong on global showbiz industry and Japan is one of the biggest market globally. So I think this explains why Hyun Joong has minimal projects back home. I think majority of rising Kpop stars has gone global, I think that is what Hallyu is all about, spread the beauty of Korea and it’s getting to its success to hit its target on the right place all over the world. From music to dramas, the Korean wave is just all over and it’s spreading like a ball of fire.

Last year in one of Hyun Joong’s interviews he was asked about his future plans about performing solo. He enumerated his plans, launched his first album, plan for Asian Tour fan meeting concert, to debut on Japanese music, set for the next drama project before the year end and eventually plan for world tour. So far Hyun Joong was able to attain his plans successfully and how I wish to go back to that news reporter who doubted his plans and enumerate to her what Hyun Joong had already achieved in one year!!

Hyun Joong deliberately focused on his goals for the year as he started flying around as he ended his year in 2011, and continued on the following year endless. He did not waste time, he just kept on going, now we’re about to end the year 2012 which I think his last project for this year shall end in Japan as he started the year also in Japan as he debuted his Japanese first album and end the year launching his third album. What had Hyun Joong achieved for this year? Exactly what he planned, fan meeting concert series, album launching and drama filming.


Take note Hyun Joong marked history in his every activities by breaking records from here and there. What were these history? First is the innovated fan meeting which is very significant by performing a concert and inserting the fan meeting concept participated by his fans by joining him on stage and play the games. Hyun Joong’s album launching Heat that placed his album on top on the first day launching beating the foreign artist record as soloist singer. And lastly copyright sales of City Conquest prior to filming. It was an overwhelming success to achieve in just matter of a short period of time and this is a marked history in within the Korean wave.

We’re not done as yet there’s a remaining month to end the year and we look forward for Hyun Joong’s activities which he will end the year setting memories for 2012 before he bids goodbye to the year! Many of us might have missed him guesting at talk shows, and variety shows in which we have enjoyed while getting to know him better. But there’s something bigger than  talk shows awaits him that he has to attend to as proves himself to the world a birth of a new star of the generation. Hyun Joong sets his plans again for next year as he will launch his com back drama City Conquest as the most anticipated drama which had already earned as soon as casting of actors had been confirmed.

This all I have for today’s daily dose. We may have missed Kim Hyun Joong is some areas we usually see him that we enjoyed but knowing there’s a greater event waiting for him at his doorstep, I wouldn’t miss a thing as memorable events transpired right from our very sight! Hyun Joong indeed achieved his goals for this year more than any of us had ever expected.

As I always say, the success of Kim Hyun Joong is the success for each and and every fan he has, as we fans is a part of his every dream to achieve.

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

Love Story BTS video clip CLICK HERE>(

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!                            Video credit: 4everhyun


12 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GOAL ACHIEVER

  1. I used to dislike this guy because i thought that he was just like all those kpop pretty boys. But i got over past my judgement and tried to know him more , turns out he is the most lovable creature there ever is. One thing i love about him is his honesty, he does not care if it affects his image or not, the important thing is he will speak of truth. And especially his 4d-ness! his out of this world persona kills me everytime! I know many kpopstars nowadays tries to copy his weirdness just to look cute. But they could never beat KHJ weirdness for his’ are really unique. He is the king of 4D!!!

  2. a little bit late comment from me, yesterday is a very busy day for us Henecians!!so happy for the photos yesterday..the fans in China really made a memory with oppah..i’m looking forward to watch this variety show..once again,i’m proud to be part of HENECIA FAMILY!!
    Godspeed everyone!!

  3. I rarely say this because I am in no way superficial in my craziness over Kim Hyun Joong but he is just so hot in those pics!!! The sunglasses, the smile, the glance at his watch are just so HOT!!! I am in my very happy place now thanks to those pics. Now back to reading the article. xD

  4. hi lazer, i am going after updates on KHJ in China & is smiling at his pics. you know some of his fans caa him “god of rain” as whenever he visit a country or holds a concert it always rains. i can remember in twitter one of his fans posted telling that she is 100% sure of rain on 28th(today) as soon as it was announced about HJ’s visit to china. 😀
    yeah he puts up goals for himself and achieve them and also secure them to himself without letting anyone else to steal them. 🙂
    god bless dear!!

    • LOL Yeah I read that post too, and it rained this afternoon!! I can see his at the villa where he’s staying and they are all well behave, they were free to take pix which I’m so glad to take a glimpse of HJ, it’s funny I think everyone knew his moves, what time he ate, what time he took his weight exercise, what time he left for rehearsals and what time he came back!! LOL!!
      HJ is totally focus to his goal that made it easier for him to achieve by working hard always on the go.
      Thank you so much for sharing, have a blessed Sunday and take care! see you again! God bless

  5. Oh lk! I’m feeling the pressure to get that christmas gift finished and mailed off! I hope we can all celebrate with you on christmas for your one year anniv! It would be fun to host a twitter chat party and all watch bof and comment about our memories!

    I am so proud of khj for his accomplishments. I hope he can really feel his alien family’s love and pride even if he can’ t read our words here. I just have to believe he can. I want him to have a full heart like i do when we share his successes here.

    • LOL The anniversary of this blog shall be on the 24th of December, everyone must be busy by then for Christmas shopping but I sure do hope we can be together! I’m searching the letter HJ wrote for Christmas last year, I couldn’t locate it!!
      Hyun Joong is like a space rocket as he shoot the top in no time he’s so remarkable. He feels our love and support that’s for sure, it’s his fans pushing him to the top all together, and we shall be doing that always! Thanks angie, Have a nice Sunday take care and see you around!

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