Kim Hyun Joong…[article] STAR EFFECT

By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong shall be departing to China tonight to attend his recording as he was invited to guest in a variety show Happy Camp. The show recording shall be tomorrow Oct. 28, and Hyun Joong shall be coming back to Seoul on the 29th. Yesterday there were post that some fans spotted Hyun Joong riding a bike on his way to Jaksal!! I was smiling while reading the post, the guy just wants to have breath autumn air, the free spirited just want to be an ordinary guy!

Now that reminds me he once he wants to buy a motor bike and use it in going to his rehearsals because gasoline is expensive!! There is no doubt Hyun Joong is a potential Mr. Millionaire! The CEO again being humble I hope he’s not going to Jaksal to do the dishes again!! How would you not love this guy? He just keeps on surprising his fans, showing up from nowhere in the most unexpected riding a bicycle!! And I don’t even think it’s a motorcycle but an ordinary bicycle!! Hyun Joong just can’t stop being amazing!

In another update yesterday, The Face Shop increase its sales by 27% from last year with overseas sales hitting 210 Billion Won, a jump of 74%. In the meantime, through Boys Over Flower, Kim Hyun Joong endorsement activities for clothing brand Hang Ten, their store sales achieved One Billion! This is totally Kim Hyun Joong effect.   (Source: OKT)

Kim Hyun Joong has been the official endorser of this cosmetic brand The Face Shop which is an international brand from Korea. Just the same with Hang Ten as Hyun Joong is also its official endorser has been showing good revenue results from last year since Hyun Joong started as their endorser. This shows a good effect to the product that Hyun Joong’s name is being tagged to the product. There’s no doubt Hyun Joong has been maintaining his good reputation as an endorser and showing his popularity gains even to the product with his name on it.


Hyun Joong revealed his side of being a rocker as this was he originally started his music during his high school day. This time he showed it again but in a more sexy and matured rocker as he released his second Japanese single Heat. One of my readers asked the significant of that necklace Hyun Joong was wearing in this picture. Actually that one is Holy Rosary signifying the Catholic religion. Since Hyun Joong debuted as a solo singer I have already noticed that he wears a necklace with a crucifix pendant every time he performs, from Breakdown till the present he has different necklace with different design of crucifix pendant.

He was asked in one of his fan meeting in his Japan Tour 2011 what does the pendant signifies. Hyun Joong simply said “It’s my accessory and protector guide.” As we all know Hyun Joong grew up in a religious Catholic family, so he has that influence from his parents and his religious congregation. Hyun Joong may not have emphasized on his religious belief during his video interview in 2010 but obviously he is a believer and God fearing. This reminds of his soft spot in his heart, as we have known Hyun Joong to have a gentle kind heart for the less fortunate and he had participated in many charity activities not only when he started he solo activities but also way back during his SS501 days.

Hyun Joong have been so consistent from his past till the present that whenever he was being asked about winning in the lottery, which Hyun Joong is so fond of placing bets, the first thing he always mention is a part of the lottery prize, he will give it to charity. This is always his priority. Hyun Joong has been actively participating in many charity activities, like the World vision, Single Mother Home, Victims from Japan earthquake, Smile Angel Foundation, and the United Nation Social Campaign was awarded to Hyun Joong as Ambassador. Here are some of other charity activities Hyun Joong participated with since he debuted as solo artist.

  • Coupang Marathon Charity Event – May 2011
  • Hang Ten Save the Earth – June 27, 2011
  • Red Cross Association – Dec. 26, 2011 – Donation
  • Feed the Children – Donation
  • Heats the Home – Donation
  • FC Men soccer match – February
  • Trunami in Japan – Donation
  • The face Shop Auction (Asia Tour 2011)
  • Taiwan red pocket from elder fan – Donated to orphanage
  • Beautiful Foundation – Donation
  • Hotsun Coal Briquette Delivery
  • Bvlgari Save the children campaign

I picked some news of significant charity activities of Hyun Joong for those who might not have read it yet specially to the new fans of Hyun Joong as follows. My views shall be written down bellow after the three sets of news write-ups.


I borrowed this news write up about Beautiful Foundation, here it goes:

Kim Hyun Joong Donated 50 Million Won to Charity

Kim Hyun Joong Powerful S. My Club” made a 10 million won donation to the Beautiful Foundation on August 1st. After learning of this, Kim Hyunjoong then provided a 50 million won donation to the same organization on August 3rd. Beautiful Foundation is a non profit organization that assists senior citizens that live alone.

Representatives of the Beautiful Foundation said, “Kim Hyunjoong came back to Korea on August 2nd after finishing his fan meeting tour of Asia. He heard the news that his fan club made a donation to help needy people and decided to donate fifty million won, touched by his fan club members who participated in the good work.”

The executive director of the Beautiful Foundation, Kim Mikyung, surprised by the idol’s gesture, stated, “There were many fan clubs who joined their celebrities’ good work, but it’s unusual for a celebrity to respond to his or her fan club’s donation. It proves that Korea’s fandom culture has become very mature along with the culture of donation.”

The money will be divided by the Beautiful Foundation and used to contribute to different causes. 30 million won will be used to help the senior citizens and 20 million will be used to contribute to college students.

(News Source:  Posted by alliana / Yongyong2206 at 11:23 AM

                                                    >>> END <<<


BVLGARI’s Campaign for Save the Children Selected as One of Top Cause Marketing Campaigns of 2010

Winning Print Campaign Features Celebrities Wearing Bulgari Ring

For its 125th anniversary in 2009, Bulgari launched a cause marketing program to support Save the Children’s Rewrite the Future initiative, an effort to improve the quality of education for the neediest children worldwide, especially those in conflict-affected countries. The Italian jeweler created a silver ring and pendant for the partnership with a portion of the proceeds of each jewelry piece donated to Save the Children.

Bulgari’s cause marketing campaign featured international celebrities to bring awareness and resources to one of the world’s most pressing issues. Bulgari recruited world-renowned photographer Fabrizio Ferri, who developed a photo essay and print material of celebrities wearing the ring.

Kim Hyun Joong Bvlgari Ring:

Hyun Joong has been wearing his Bvlgari ring signifying his commitment to the save the children campaign, we see him wearing this ring every time he is in his public exposure.



Hotsun Coal Briquettes Delivery Charity Event                           (January 6, 2012)

Originated from Group SS501, actor Kim HyunJoong new year made appearance in his first activity as ‘concept celebrity’(Note from translator: *개념 연예인, don’t understand what it is, I translate literally)

On 6th morning, Kim HyunJoong appeared at a neighbourhood near Seoul to deliver coal for the needy. This activity originally was planned for a fan meeting, fan sign or for the purpose of publicity and PR. However Kim HyunJoong has suggested to change it to help the needy in the neighbourhood.

Kim HyunJoong management agency KeyEast related personnel mentioned: “The first official activity in 2011 is to help the needy together with fans.”, “Rather than shaking hand and autograph for fans, delivering coal together with fans are more meaningful.”

Kim HyunJoong and Hotsun Chicken has signed model contract and is planning for a fan meeting early this year. In order to let this activity to have more significant meaning, Kim HyunJoong has suggested to this coal delivery activity. Kim HyunJoong has suggested to his fan about the donation drive online, around 100 fans appeared and deliver coal together with him.

Kim HyunJoong personally deliver coal to area inaccessible by car. Kim HyunJoong turned the fan sign with the comfort of sitting on a hot chair into a fresh new idea of caring for the neighbourhood.

The in-charged person of this activity mentioned: “Although Kim HyunJoong and fans suffered as the weather is turning colder and colder, fans and Kim HyunJoong felt extremely happy.”

Chinese translation: YOYO @
English Translation:



Hyun Joong has been participating in many charity activities, and in his own personal way of helping that even KeyEast doesn’t know it since it’s his personal intention. He doesn’t let the media know about it to broadcast just for publicity, we only knew it through the people he had helped. I’m now bragging about Hyun Joong’s good deeds on how he affects other people into helping the less fortunate and how good it would be if other celebrities would follow in encouraging their fans to do the same.

Hyun Joong is the official endorser of Hotsun Chicken, he was scheduled to meet his fans in person for autograph signing, but instead of doing this in a warmer and comfort to everyone, he tagged his fans to one freezing day to help the people in need of warm shelter during the coldest winter period. And how beautiful it is to see an idol and his fans united in helping these people in need. I was not there, but as I read this news it felt I was actually there in the cold delivering coal for the poor people who can not afford a heater to warm up their shelters. It was indeed a cold day back then since January is the coldest month of winter season, but what I felt is the warmth of Hyun Joong’s heart in helping, getting out of his way and tagging along with his fans to help.

Whenever we read about showbiz and the celebrities it’s always been the glamorous lights and glittering outfit that has always been described. Yesterday I wrote the article Simply Stylish, and we now know how Hyun Joong prepare his everyday routing in going to work, whether he will be performing, rehearsing, recording, attending to his photo session and any event that calls for him to dress and look handsome. But it turns out he’s just an ordinary man who take a shower dress up and go with no fussy extra effort to look his best. Just like what a fan wrote in my comment box yesterday, that the reporters who interviewed Hyun Joong asking about his daily regiment must be disappointed, since being a star it was not the kind of respond they were expecting from him, in short no fuss!!


Similar to this kind of fan meet that Hotsun Chicken had, it was Hyun Joong who suggested to have this activity that his fans can participate with. Oh I just hope Hyun Joong can do this again! He was not a star that time, he was just an ordinary man who wants to help his neighborhood. Then encourage his fans to help him out, Hyun Joong is truly a leader that he can easily lead people into doing something worthwhile in making other people specially the less fortunate ones feel happy by the effort he’s giving. He’s not doing this just to gain publicity, because in gaining publicity he does not need to be out in the cold just to have a photo op with media!

In another event, Hyun Joong found out that his fans gathered and raise money to help the elders who were living alone, and without hesitation he brought out 50 million to donate for the elders. If his fans followed him in helping the less fortunate, Hyun Joong also followed his fans in doing so! The bond between himself and his fans is just remarkable that needless to say that both thoughts and feelings are ONLY ONE in Kim Hyun Joong and his fans the alien soldiers! Indeed a special relationship had been created that it just happen that Hyun Joong and his fans has that connection that can not be denied and it’s remarkable.

Hyun Joong and his fans are not just for period of enjoyment of attending concerts that both can benefit from entertainment and fun with excellent results. This special relationship between Hyun Joong and his fans are also people with gentle heart for other people in need and with a sincere intention in joint effort in helping the less fortunate. Even in the younger years of Hyun Joong, kids were already drawn to him because of his charisma, humbleness, modesty, and being helpful to his schoolmates. Hyun Joong carried these virtues with him as he grew up into a young man and this time he has more chances, he has more gains to share with others specially the people in need.

Hyun Joong as we all know has always been fond of kids, we have seen this even in his fan meeting concerts, that as soon as he spotted a kid, instance smile can be seen in him. The kids from the orphanage has a special place in Hyun Joong’s heart. The Bvlgary ring that he always wear signifies his commitment to these kids in their education, he just care so much to share what he must have missed during his struggling days in the past when he was young. He himself may not have that interest in studies simply because he has other dreams but he never hesitated to help those who crave for education. As we all know how he helped his elder brother in supporting his studies, the same intention is what he has in helping the kids for better education.


There was an incident he wanted to participated in one charity activity that needs to raise funds that other celebs were there to participate with. Hyun Joong did not participate when he knew there were media in the activity. Instead he put up the money and sent it through his manager to the charity organization, hand in to the organizers with the message to use the money where it can be needed. Hyun Joong avoided the media simply because he does not want his clean intention of helping to be misinterpreted as publicity purposes. He may have those charity activities joint by other celebrities as he participated with, but there are ways that he honestly doesn’t want to known as he secretly hand in his help.

In most of Hyun Joong’s interviews he kept saying he just want to be an ordinary man and that he’s keeping his normal life going as he wish to. He was spotted riding a bicycle as he just pass by at Jaksal yesterday. This is one example of normal life he is trying to have for himself, and I was glad that the fans who may have spotted on him, let go of him as he did. Hyun Joong is not a type of artist with a superstar complex, I’m sure we already have known him as that he’s simply ordinary guy along the neighborhood. In one talk show he was caught unaware having a drink with his dancers in one side walk tent stall drinking just like any other ordinary men who would just want to take a night walk by the neighborhood!

There’s a video clip shown with his father and I think his brother with him in China, as a fan hand him something to eat, a slice of pie or something and he ate it while he was walking along the shops! That’s him for real just like any other ordinary guy without the superstar complex. Kim Hyun Joong is one star that can easily be reached by any ordinary person whether she’s a fan or not, in the sense that he projects himself as he really is. He’s not the type who can be glittering in flashy style, untouchable like a God! Well we can see him at the airport as his fans simply hand in their letters and goodies for him as he accepts them just like that. And that is why his fans loves him so much for being real.


As I have mentioned in my article yesterday Simply Stylish, Hyun Joong thought of portraying the role Baek Mir for City Conquest, as he said his fans have not seen much of him for real as Kim Hyun Joong the real side of himself being a commoner. As he said Baek Mir is the closest character to the real Kim Hyun Joong off cam. Seeing from the stills and the teaser the character indeed describe an ordinary man, but for some reason maybe it’s his extraordinary charisma and handsome face that gave him away as I still see the Prince in him. And honestly, there are many Korean celebrities claims to be Asian Prince, I got nothing to dispute on that title. But for me Hyun Joong is the real Prince of the Universe, because he’s totally unvarnished, never pretend to be he’s not and for me whatever role he portrays his natural Prince in his eyes can never be hidden.

The most anticipated drama City Conquest is a drama must see having Hyun Joong portray his real side and his other side of character being a matured man as he is at present. Another anticipated album that Hyun Joong shall be launching this December is another side of him being a rocker for this was where he started with his music. Hyun Joong now is starting to show his real self not as an articst but an ordinary man on stage as a rocker having the freedom to express himself as himself for real and in our TV screen as an ordinary Kim Hyun Joong for real.

He has brought in the effect of his music to our lives in his previous albums, he has brought in the effect of the character he portrayed in his previous dramas that even his endorsement had brought in the Kim Hyun Joong effect as excellent revenue results were shown. And lastly the Kim Hyun Joong effect rolls down to the less fortunate that Hyun Joong made sure he shared the gains from all of these successful endeavor of his. I would not want to forget that special place in Hyun Joong’s heart exclusively for the less fortunate. From time to time I bring this up as Hyun Joong’s other side of himself having a big heart for them.

And with that I bring to a close today’s article. Kim Hyun Joong is blessed with a golden heart as we have seen the Star Effect of his charisma to many people who loves and support him. Well, Kim Hyun Joong is simply being himself as an ordinary man as he shall always be remembered as he is for real.

                                                                                              Lazerkim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!

My apology for delayed posting, thank you for waiting.


37 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] STAR EFFECT

  1. Guys let us keep on supporting him! I want to know if he would be nominated or have voting polls because i want to vote for him. can you please update me? because i want to see him win more awards. on the other hand KHJ have always been generous, i mean its so rare to find such a kind hearted idol nowadays .That is why my love for him will never fade for he makes me want to be a better person and never step on others people’s feet. that instead of doing so ,we must help each other to succeed. Its funny how a guy with such kindness have haters. But as long as we stay strong for him eventually everyone would realize that this person does not and never will deserve the hate of others.

  2. I don’t care if no one reads my late comment LOL but I wanted to add that I have a thing for crucifix pendants and earrings… even rings… I have lotsa, I mean L O T S A of them xD I collect them since I was 13 years old… in fact I’m currently wearing my fave double cross rings… but meh, I have many but only use a few… it’s the same with the music on my ipod LMAO XD
    I’m sorry I couldn’t reply earlier but I had MANY things to do… xD
    I do hope you girls donate to charity too… I’m planning on doing an event to collect food for abandoned cats… there are so many ways we can help with =)

  3. HE sended by God to us. I never…never regret to love HIM,following HIM as my first and THE ONLY ONE IDOL that I never turn back.Yes you all right!HE IS PRINCE OF THE UNIVERSE. God bless sis.

  4. I love the fact that KHJ is part of a lot of charities, gives donations anonymously, and is so humble in doing so. And I love his cross – and skull – necklaces. And I know who you were talking about when you mentioned ‘Prince of Asia’. When I watched some of older drama work I was a fan. Then after the drama You’re Beautiful he changed and honestly it’s not for the better. KHJ is the Prince of the Universe, which is dominates ever so called prince. ^^

    Saw the photos read some tweets and some fan cams of HJ’s landing in China. He’s gained a lot more male fans and parent fans! I can’t wait to watch Happy Camp, HJ’s hair grows really, really fast (mine barely grows at all, it seems like anymore), and looking smexy like always.

    • LOL yeah I wouldn’t surprise if one of these days male fans would be commenting here too!! You know we’re the same I have watched a few dramas from this actor and he was ok at first, but lately he’s becoming unnaturally weird! I watched You’re Beautiful too, and he’s over acting on that, it’s good he turned down BOF to take the role of Gu Jun Pyo, because for me the F4 is the perfect cast for this drama, and having HJ of course is the most perfect of them all!! I’m Bias!! I guess everyone knows that! LOL
      Thank you, have pleasant Sunday take care and see you again, god bless.

      • lol he turned down gu jun pyo bcuz he wants to play yoon jihoo but the producer has already his mind on hyun joong as jihoo…

        yes the f4 are perfect and well suited to their roles…having him as 1 of them would ruin that perfect image of f4…..

        • good thing that he didn’t took even gu jun pyo as now days LMH is my second in actor list (as always Hyun Joong is the first) & if he did it would have ruined whole drama as the korean F4 is the best F4 in all versions

            • Didn’t they also offer the Gu Jun Pyo role to Kim Hyun Joong first but he rejected it. If he accepted the Gu Jun Pyo role then there won’t be LMH. So LMH fans should be thankful to KHJ because KHJ took the Ji Hoo role.

  5. I’ve been feeling really down lately when reading any news about Hyun Joong because of all the controversy. Sadly I don’t even read news about any of the other members of SS501 anymore because of the way some of their fans are so horrible towards Hyun Joong, I can no longer view SS501 the same way and I have been their fan for over 5 years. Yes Hyun Joong is my bias but I loved all the members and SS501 was my favorite group. I thought that would always be the case but some fans have tainted my love for the group. I just can’t look at them the same way anymore but that’s not the point of my comment.

    I don’t care what anyone of those fake fans says or thinks anymore. He is the best to me and when I go to all the sites devoted to him I know that there’s thousands of others who feel the exact same way I do about him. He does have the most giving heart and he really does care about his fans and those less fortunate than he is. That is why so many appreciate him and love him. If anyone can’t see that then they have hardened their hearts and I feel very sad for them. As for me, I have come to realize that letting those that are so petty and jealous that they have to try to hurt Hyun Joong and us fans get to me hurts Hyun Joong more, because when we fans hurt so does he. I will defend him against false accusations but I am going to try my best to no longer give those hateful people any validation by feeling hurt or down about their ugly, rude, and untrue accusations and comments.

    So my long rambling comment comes down to one thing. I just want to thank you LazerKim for always helping to remind me why I am now and forever a devoted fan of Kim Hyun Joong.

    • Hello Allie!! Where have you been hiding all these times!! LOL!! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I made this place as a breather to anyone who’s hurt and you are welcome to burst it out here we’re here to defend and I guess the insects already knew what this blog is all about why it is here to begin with, although I know they are reading this blog and they know what will happen to them if they attempt to badmouth on any of my readers. We’re here to defend HJ at all cost by stating our opinion pointing out what seem to be blurred to others. I have actually been reading a lot about the past, and I concluded that HJ was totally misunderstood. They said time heals, but I’m not gonna wait for them. Because there’s even brighter light we have here to face with HJ and I guess that is all that matters to me now. If those people come in making noise we have the Baygon to fleet them away!!
      HJ is getting to heights of his ladder and I’m already expecting some jealous people would try to pull him down but THEY CAN NEVER PUT A GOOD MAN DOWN I think HJ had proven this fact.
      For me as long as the members just focus on their way it’s alright. I was never been a fan of the members for obvious reasons but I respect them.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, have a nice Sunday! see you again and take care!! God bless..

      • I am just really busy so I haven’t been able to keep up with any news lately and I was just really sad that when I finally got the chance to catch up I read about all this nonsense. I thought all the Hyun Joong bashing was pretty much over so I was very hurt and disappointed that it was happening again. I guess I just needed to vent so I could get all that disappointment out. Thanks for giving us fans a place to do just that.

        I really should be asleep right now but I am still trying to do some catching up because I just don’t have time except on the weekends to read any news. But now I’m off to bed.

    • hi allie, my bias is also Hyun Joong & i love his members too. i know that there are some fans of them who speaks ill on Hyun Joong but i have decided to ignore those fans and support Hyun Joong & his members as always i used to do in future also. don’t be angry with them due to some of their fans cause from what i know they are also good guys like Hyun Joong

      • You are right, they are all good guys in their own ways but sadly I just can’t see the group the same way as I used to. If SS501 ever reunites for a show or album I’m sure I will be happy and I will continue to support all the members but I just can’t go to the sites and read about SS501 anymore because of those so called fans who have so much hate in their hearts. I’m sure I’ll get over it though cause I usually do but each and every time they do this to Hyun Joong it takes away a little more of my good memories of SS501. I can only hope some day those so called fans will stop and quit tarnishing the name of SS501 and their fandom.

        • i think so. don’t worry alllie you’ll be able to look at them again as you used to do. 🙂 it is true i also feel bad when those fans blame on HYUN Joong but members can’t do anything to stop their badmouths.

  6. Ms.Lk my comment is gone. Something went wrong:(

    Day by day i get to know and discovered things more about our hj through your articles. Just now i came to know his other charitable works in a secretive way. He is really one of a kind! Been noticing the crucifix pendant he wears always. Deep in my heart i know God is guiding him all the time. Im thankful enough that he is a christian catholic like me, like ms lk. Though i love also my other alien family regardless of what religion they may be.
    Hyun joong and all the aliens family are in my prayers always! God bless everyone!

    • Thank you Hanz, and yes let us include HJ in our prayers for his safety protection and success good health. I agree HJ is well guided by Someone up there, that’s why anywhere he performs it’s been successful. HJ is blessed because he has a good heart to anyone.
      Thank you Hanz, have a nice Sunday! take care and see you again! God bless..

  7. Thank u ms lk, day by day i learned and discovered many things about our hj through your articles. Just now i came to know his other charitable works in a secretive way. Whew! He is one of a kind! Ive been noticing also the crucifix pendant he wears always and im thankful enough that he is a christian catholic like me, like ms lk.

  8. thanks dear
    you really read my mind, thanks to let me know it because I am almost new here and i think that there are others more than dont know it. incredible …….facinated with him .I think also that I am another addictied .
    thanks have a beutiful day, it is 12am here in ecuador

    • Hi ampajaz!! I replied to your comment at the other article sorry for delay! Oh we almost have the same time we’re advance by 1 hour! Oh I was addicted too and I think I still am, can’t last a day without writing about HJ!! Now I’m wondering what else can I write, I think I have already written all about hj including his toothpaste!! LOL thank you so much, have a nice weekend, see you again and take care! god bless..

  9. Hi LK! Thanks for the explanation of the crosses he is always wearing. I was sure that was the case.. that it represented his religious beliefs being Catholic. I was raised Catholic until I was 12 years old. Then, our family started attending Protestant churches. I attended those churches about four years ago when I stopped. I have been disappointed with those churches and my heart is very fond of the Catholic services. I have been longing to go back to my childhood and may just attend a Catholic service soon!

    I have been mulling over the design of my necklace in my mind, and your clarification has given me the final design! I will do it in a rosary style like he wears in his pictures. Oh, I do hope he likes it! Like I said… when finished, I will post pics on my blog.

    Thanks for the added info on all of his charity activities. I have read some of these articles, but you found more details than I knew before. Thanks for always being so thorough and informative!

    Love is flowing for my Kim Hyun Joong and his Alien Family! Have a great weekend everyone! I am finally able to wear my winter boots as it got chilly here last night!

    • Hi angie! I was born a catholic, actually when Hyun Joong was just a small kid his parents went to a protestant church and had been the church servants, then they moved in to the Catholic Church when HJ started going to school. His parents are still participating in the church activities. Catholic do have the most numbers of charity activities among all religious organization. I think Hyun Joong got the influence from the Catholics since his parents are close to the religion. Hyun Joong joined the religious choir in High school which he loves attending and
      that’s where Axel started.
      Hey take care if it’s getting colder in your area, Christmas is coming!!! Yehey! My 1st article anniversary is fast approaching!!LOL Have a lovely day and see you, thank you as always!! God bless

  10. hello ms lk,yes hyun joong is a true prince inside@out,a prince that seek@help his people in many other ways he is alway their helping………

    some calls themself prince but they are not worth of it cuz they are jst after the title/the glamour that comes w/ but not the responsibility that a true prince should carry.thus,this what makes hyun joong the true @ only one prince cuz he is always their 4 his people…….

    hyun joong was crowned as a prince of asia way back when he was stil w/ his members @ it was the media @ netizen who bestowed that title to him unlike others who just proclaming themself as a prince…dont they feel ashame of themself???? i wonder….

    • Hello! Yes i know i have read that media called HJ Prince of Asia and gave that title to him back in the past, then months ago I read someone said he’s the Prince of Asia!! LOL I’m sorry but I was just surprised at that somebody who self proclaim or something!! And you’re right they are just after the title but barely deserve it.
      KHJ is the crowned Prince, I agree with your opinion. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, have a great weekend! See you again and take care!

  11. hi lazer, i’m waiting for updates in twitter about our Mr. Gentle in airport.
    from most of the celebs i have always noted that KHJ do charity behind media as well as you have told. he just do what he can to help the people in need than going in front of media for publicity.
    yes ha is the “prince of universe” with all his charisma & kind open heart. 🙂
    well i dunno why but KHJ is making me fall for him more and more in everyday! 😀
    god bless dear! have a good weekend!

    • Hello!! Mr. Gentle already left for China still waiting for his arrival there many fans are already waiting as early as 6pm! I just hope HJ would be escorted and pass through the lobby!
      Oh dear who wouldn’t fall for HJ he’s just so down to earth, realistic and truthful to himself and to others. I don’t think anyone can beat him as an artist or as person he’s just so perfect! Thank you for sharing, have a nice weekend take care and see you again!

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