Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SIMPLY STYLISH

By: LazerKim                Playful Kiss back on screen!! But this time in big screen as in movie theaters!! The second drama project of Kim Hyun Joong shall be shown in Japanese movie theaters this December 8 to 21 in Tokyo. Playful Kiss made a huge hit Japan in 2010 as this drama was aired at Fuji TV. This time the drama shall be edited in a much shorter version and have it with Japanese subtitle. Since Hyun Joong shall be in Japan for his album launching which shall be released on December 12 along with the special screening of this movie Playful Kiss. Wow! This must be a real feast for Hyun Joong Japanese fans! Oh truly luck fans!  

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For another news update still in Japan, NHK a Japanese local TV network decided to separate political issues over showbiz, meaning the Korean artist now are being considered for invitation on its year end celebration as NHK do celebrate yearly. Hopefully Hyun Joong would be one of the Hallyu stars to be invited.

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Last night the award ceremony for Style Icon Awards was being held, attended by different celebrities, but Hyun Joong wasn’t there. Kim Hyun Joong had been awarded from Style Icon for three consecutive years from 2009 to 2011, I think he had bagged enough trophies from SIA!! And we give chances to other celebrities!! It was also around this month that Hyun Joong performed in very unique production set up of Lucky Guy as he was awarded for People’s Choice Award. What makes Kim Hyun Joong a Style Icon, that he was able to maintain his status for three consecutive years?

May I just say among the Style Icon winners I think Hyun Joong is the best. In one of his interviews after the ceremony of SIA, Hyun Joong was saying he wasn’t expecting another award and that he was thankful to his fans. He was saying “I just want to be an ordinary guy.” Hyun Joong has over thousands of photos posted at the internet in thousands different images. He’s one person that anything he wears suits him. And one special factor Hyun Joong has is that he doesn’t need to put in too much effort just to look his best. Or being stylish is already in his natural system. He said dressing up just depends on his mood but priority above all is his comfort, and yet he became a fashion leader and a trend setter in his being natural and simply stylish.

Hyun Joong can go by extreme image from CEO to Rocker, which we have seen recently. Honestly by just looking at Hyun Joong’s photo collection I can already be entertained, it’s not only his handsome face that matters but how he pose or how he carries himself, whether he walks, or just standing sitting or whatever he does he’s in it, he already made my day bright!! But what I see is as if I’m looking at a photo album of different men in one person. It’s like looking at a school year book of many pictures of students graduating from High School!! And it’s like looking at different models of the ramp but only in one person. You’ll never get tired looking at the photos of this guy, simply because we’re looking at different faces!! His different hairstyle is another trend being followed by the young generation.

I can’t help compare him with the other members of F4 who are competitively handsome from head to foot, but Hyun Joong is the only member of F4 who has so many faces but still the image of a flower boy stays. He’s the only member who was able to change his hair style so constantly in that drama but still looks handsome. Hyun Joong as the trend setter in hairstyle made the teenagers follow his hair style and color!!

I’m not sure how he feels  but I think this time he still maintained his hairstyle for quite some time since he started filming City Conquest, he hadn’t changed since filming have not completed as yet. I can imagine he must be restless wanting to change knowing the guy is so fond of changing his hairstyle and color from time to time!! LOL But he couldn’t do anything!!


Hyun Joong was interviewed in my country when he came over last year by one of our leading news print media, and since he was here as ambassador for The Face Shop the premise of that interview was all about being stylish and how he maintains his poise. Here’s the interview:

Q:You have won many awards for being a style icon. How would you describe your style?

KHJ: I don’t think I am stylish myself but a lot of people say that I’m stylish. So I’m in a dilemma about whether I’m really stylish or not.

Q: What do you think makes a man stylish?

KHJ:  I think that instead of fashionable clothes, a man should have his own characteristic himself, his own charisma that shows how stylish a man can be instead of just clothing.

Q: Can you describe your grooming regimen in the morning? How long does it take you to get dressed?

KHJ: I don’t do much of the grooming thing in the morning because I have a lot of schedules every day, so the only thing I do is take a shower before I leave.

Q:  Where do you like to shop for clothes and get your hair cut and colored?

KHJ:  My stylist actually goes and picks clothes and outfits for me, instead of me having to do the shopping. I go to have my hairstyle done at this salon called Azunsoo in the southern part of Seoul, where a lot of celebrities go. I also get my hair colored there.

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This interview was only last year, and yet Hyun Joong doesn’t know if he is stylish or not!! Or maybe just being modest as always. Lately we have been seeing Hyun Joong in his rugged simplicity like loose long shirt, vest and skinny black jeans. But one thing I noticed, Hyun Joong is still fond of accessories. If I compare him before when he was still with his groups I can see a big difference in his way of fashion. As he is maturing I think Hyun Joong tends to be lean on being simple than he was in his younger years, well quite understandably what he projects this time is a real man, sexy and matured.  Hyun Joong said, as I quote:

A man should have his own character, his own charisma that shows how stylish a man can be instead of just clothes.” 

I’m having some deep thoughts about his statement, Hyun Joong never imitates other’s celeb fashion style even shall we say he may have the same shirt as other celeb does but he carries it in a different way.  He projects his own style constantly as he change his image from time to time. Hyun Joong is one celeb who’s not really fussy with his outfit but I think quite conscious with his hair style since he change as constantly as he can.

For a style icon and exceptionally handsome young celeb like Hyun Joong you wouldn’t expect him to be just like any ordinary man who would just take a shower dress up and leave for work, but he is just as simple as that!! No wonder he was saying whenever he travels he always travel lite bringing with him just his personal necessities, he did not even mention bringing cosmetics or regiments for his skin, although he admitted he has a regular dermatologist taking care of his skin.

Hyun Joong is a type of guy that anything he wears surely suits him perfectly, he creates his own style that others follow his fashion sense. But for him it’s simply dressing up and ready to go that probably he doesn’t realize the impact of what his outlook brings to the young generation who follows his fashion style, specially his hair style and color. As we all know whatever project he has at hand goes with his changing image on and off cam. And this goes with his way of dressing up as well, anywhere he goes, as he carries that certain character of his project. I think Hyun Joong isn’t aware about his fashion sense becoming a trend since he was just being naturally himself no fuss nor extra effort yet reflects radiant that can outshine any celeb beside him!


Hyun Joong’s image as flower boy at BOF has been a favorite among all his created image, from the character Jihoo’s hair style to outfit, it is the most unforgettable image among majority of his fans. This image of Hyun Joong stayed globally popular from 2009 until at present simply because in many part of the world beyond Asia this drama still is airing or some may have viewed the drama quite recently from DVD’s or from on line drama viewing. Actually until now I have not gone tired of that flower boy Prince, maybe because it became memorable to me since this was the very first image that I have seen from Kim Hyun Joong. Probably for most of us, it was only after we have watched the drama and search on him that we start appreciating more of the image he had recently.

Depending on how we first have seen Hyun Joong over the past would remain in our mind and heart could be our most unforgettable. And as Hyun Joong matures from the flower boy to a real fine man that little by little we get to meet the other characters of himself. The  playful leader, the flower boy Prince, the genius student, the urban punk, the boy next door, the lucky gambler, and the latest the rocker to an ordinary man. Pick you choice which one is your favorite among the guys I have mentioned? And then how would you like you see him in the near future image? What character are you dreaming of from Kim Hyun Joong?

What makes Hyun Joong incomparable? What makes Hyun Joong different above the rest?  We talk about his physical outlook, how he creates image out of his handsome physiques,he creates a charisma that is pleasing to his fans and he does it in his own natural way without having too much effort that may be uncomfortable to him. There was interview in Thailand that people sees Hyun Joong as cute at this moment and sexy for another moment how does he do it? Hyun Joong said,

I think what you have seen about me; being a cute boy in fun moments or the sexy side of me, it is real me because I’m not pretending. I’m expressing myself and showing myself to everyone what I am like at that particular moment.


Do you believe that Hyun Joong is doing this constant changes in his image for his fans? One example, when he launched his album Breakdown, ha said, “I want to show my manly side and I hope my fans will like it.” Another example, he was asked why Hyun Joong decided to do Playful Kiss which he portrayed the same flower boy character? Hyun Joong said, “My fans like to see me as flower boy.” And another, as he said before launching HEAT “I will surprise you with another new music and new image.” Lastly, he said this while filming City Conquest, “My fans have not seen much of me as myself so I’m doing the closest to my real me as Baek Mir.” Baek Mir is a simple young commoner. In one of his pictorial session he said, “My fans have not seen much of my wink so I’ll wink for them.”

For Kim Hyun Joong his fans is the center of his inspiration. Anything he does it’s for his fans, I think this is even short of saying “I want to be handsome for my fans.” Last night as I was writing this article I was just saying for Hyun Joong his fans is his success. At this point of Hyun Joong’s career he wants to capture more hearts, not just capturing as spur of the moment but to capture and stay. One thing that a fan can stay longer is for his idol to stay as he is inside remaining unchanged, that way his fans have known him to be the first time she had seen him.

He does not want his fans to get tired of him easily and so he puts on effort to bring in something new every time he gets on that stage. Whether it’s music or drama, for Hyun Joong this is not enough, he puts on a little touch in changing his image to go with his project, whether it’s music or character in the drama. It’s so amazing that Hyun Joong has these thoughts. Hyun Joong doesn’t need to put in his words since he’s so poor in communicating his feelings in words, we just have to feel his heart. Actions speaks louder than voice as Hyun Joong express his love by deeds.

A remarkable idol whom we can always be proud of no matter what he wears, a smile, a frown, a funny face, laughter, moody looks or even in sleepy closed eyes! Anything goes for this young man and no matter how constant he change his image, the only thing that doesn’t change in him is his heart, and himself for real from the first time we have seen until at present Hyun Joong is still the humble, the modest and the lovable idol to his fans. A truly amazing young man in reality.


We have a new blogger from Russia her name is Heart Kim Hyun Joong, check this out it’s both written in English and Russian, there’s an interesting interview of Hyun Joong by Russian group of fans, that you may read. This is good we have another blogger to read from, she’s my regular reader. This is a must read article so check it out. the link is below: LINK CLICK HERE>(


And with that, I am done with my daily dose. Hyun Joong describes himself just an ordinary young man who is Simply Stylish. Kim Hyun Joong is such an extraordinary human being blessed with gifted talent, blessed with gifted beauty inside out and a gleaming star inspired by love to his fans.

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

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17 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SIMPLY STYLISH

  1. Oh thank you lazerkim im glad khj have you as a fan, keep on doing great!!! Bydway i searched for him in SIA too? why is he not there?that is sooo sad because he is the KING of style. Why? because his style is not overboard or downhill it is just right. Cool, chic just the right amount . How can we get him to be on the list again?

  2. “A man should have his own personality, his charisma own style that shows how a man can be, rather than just the clothes.”
    I really liked what I said is right that either way it looks good … Greetings LazerKim

  3. I have loved all of his styles…though I may be the only one who didn’t really like his second Ji Hoo hairstyle…it made his head appear too big even though he looked really good in it. lol
    My favorite style of his is his current one right now. I love the rocker/manly image that he has going on! I feel like it’s almost his natural style. I don’t wear make up really unless I have to and I dress pretty simply, though I only wear a necklace every now and then; it’s really the best style to go for and HJ is a great example! I would also love to see him play a really funny character, like his Golden Fishery mini drama. An action comedy would be daebak.
    I was disappointed he wasn’t selected for SIA again…then when I think about it he was mostly in Japan all year and Unlimited is out after the MAMA awards too so Next year. New Korean album (I believe anyways; he’s due for one), world tour (he better come to Chicago because going to NYC or LA would be difficult), CC, and hopefully his first English mini album. ^^ More styles to look forward too!!

  4. I am just the same as HJ in that I like to be comfortable and simply take a shower and have a clean face! I go to work without makeup all the time and have gotten many compliments on my skin. I think you have better skin if you are less fussy. I have copied some of HJ’s hairstyle (Ji Hoo’s) and had my hair cut in longer layers.

    I am a jewelry maker and always notice HJ’s accesories. I notice he has a fondness for crosses. I am working to make an original design cross out of stones my grandmother found, cut, and polished. She was a ‘rock hound’ and gathered many types of stones including amethyst and semi-precious stones.

    When I complete the necklace, I will post pics of his Christmas presents… a scarf I crocheted and the necklace. I truly hope he receives them personally. I know he likes handmade gifts… so, hopefully that will get them into his hands! 😀

  5. hi lazer! good article again!! what ever the image he pulls up & shows in his various activities as in acting, singing, music videos, modeling etc. i like the person KIM HYUN JOONG. (i like to see him in black, white & blue cause he look stunning & sexy in those colours)
    of course he always surprise & care for his fans to the fullest and being a fan i know just seeing a pic of him is enough to make the day. yeah he is full of charisma & his own personality which i know always mesmerize his fans.
    oh yeah i’m really disappointed with SIA and also MAMA this year cause none of my faves (KHJ & his members of ss501) are in it except for LMH as a SIA nominee. i think during this year KHJ was changing his style from idol model to simple rock loving young man by monitoring his fashions through out the year.
    oh i love how he says about his way before stepping out of house,it gives the fact that he is just like most of us who wakes up run to shower, put on a comfortable easy dress step in to shoes & goes for the daily chores. his fond of accessories, what can i say i’m also just the same like him, cause if i step out of house i feel something missing in myself without a ring & bracelets on me.
    what ever he says even his simple out fit has an own style thus KHJ of course is an style icon who can fit to simple young man to a rich flower boy prince!!
    god bless dear! see you again!!

    • Gosh why are we so the same!!! I wouldn’t mind putting on a plain shirt and jeans for as long as I got my accessories hanging on me!!! LOL Well I think HJ will be eyeing for acting awards next year, anyway he already got a bunch of trophies last year and his credentials are really filled already, too many activities this year. Maybe HJ is bound to have different awards next time, who knows??!! Thank you for sharing, take care have a pleasant week end oh don’t forget tomorrow we shall take a glimpse of HJ, I forgot to mention it here. He’ll be on his way to China tom evening . See you again and God bless..

      • me too dear. in my wardrobe all most all are plain shirts in blue & black with dark washed jeans. the most awesome thing is that we have a super handsome famous idol who is just like normal us as our bias. 😛 🙂
        oh yeah acting award will be awesome & i’m pretty sure that he’ll bag it too. 🙂
        oh i want to see mr. gentle at airport as i didn’t see him from a long time. 🙂
        🙂 you too take care dear!!

  6. i want to see him in cute,funny and bad boy image and also ceo image in dramas although i like him being himself the most among all images he has.
    lazer unnie,a really nice read as always.thank you for writing daily for us.take care and have a nice weekend.

    • LOL me too I want to see the bad boy and Prince in him! Thank you so much don’t forget tom. we have a date with him!! Take care and have a wonderful weekend see you again!

  7. Kim Hyun Joong style in its natural! I love him! Thank you for the article. Thanks for the link to my blog. I am writing in Russian. In Russia there are many fans of Kim .. You can use translators. Something I will translate.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your blog with us we can have a place to again again! Actually I have read a lot from other blogs about Russian fans of HJ Isn’t that great HJ has growing fans already!! Take care, I got panic last night when I read from you I thought you were already in Korea LOL!! Have a great week end thank you and see you again! god bless!

      • Good evening! I hope that all the fans of Kim Hyun Joong unite. I will tell you all about Hen. I took a few articles in the blog … I would like to share your story

  8. I love the fact that’s he’s not a shallow person xDDDD the reporter who asked him those questions might have felt a little disappointed since I bet those weren’t the answers he was hoping for kekekekekekekeke that’s why I’m a fan of HJ XD LOL I’m glad NHK now will accept korean ppl on their shows… =) I remember the time when TVXQ; Boa and SS501 were the only koreans that appeared there SIA did not have any invitations left, xDD nah, they didn’t want HJ to win again!
    LOL I just remembered your letter, Lazer.. I wanted to tell you that I LAUGHED HARD at it hahasjdhsajdh I swear it seemed a letter written by a teenage girl, lol being young at heart is the best, dear ❤
    Omg, I have so many things to do today.. D: HALLOWEEN is coming and of course I'm throwing a really big party at a club D: that's why my replies aren't long these days LOL
    Have an awesome Friday, viernes, perjantai, vendredi! =)

    • LOL hahahahahahahaha what do you think what were the reporters were expecting??? maybe a more time taking in preparing to go out of HJ’s apartment?? LOL I die laughing at you!!
      Oh the letter actually I found it from my file I forgot about it and I was laughing reading it too!!! I was wondering why I ask HJ how it is to be a fan and where his fans are!! Trick or treat!! Have a nice Halloween!! Take care see you again and have a nice weekend!

  9. HE is the GREAT STYLE ICON. Being himself without pretend to be who HE is not!HE is REAL STYLE ICON, KIM HYUN JOONG STYLE! who can deny it!
    ah..sist OUR BOY simply LOVELABLE in any image,our love to HIM going deeper and deeper. We wish HE marry to girl
    really love and having 4 children in happy family. Thanks for the article sis,god bless.

    • YES i would love to see 4 kids running around him and a deserving girl to be at his side!! I wish for a real family around him in the future a strong one that doesn’t break.
      We all love him for what he is because we know he’s honest and sincere aside from the fact he is perfect inside out. Thank you sis, have a cheerful weekend take care and see you again! God bless..

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