Kim Hyun Joong…[article] FRIENDLY RIVALS

By: LazerKim            From the time Kim Hyun Joong debuted as a solo singer as he released his album BreakDown, his name has always been on the top rank of the music chart. He was able to release four albums from June 2011 both from Korea and Japan. Hyun Joong kept racing to the top and usually it the Kpop idol groups he raced with. The latest was his Japanese album HEAT which was placed at no.1 at the Oricon. And the upcoming Unlimited Japanese full album to be released on December 12. In sales of music CD units there’s always a competition, in fact in any sales there’s always competition, which one is the best, which one is the most salable. That’s what business is all about.

Just the same in dramas there’s the TV ratings that shows what drama has the most number of viewers. All of these are competition and these artists has their rivals too, but only in the public eyes. The truth is most of these artists are also friends, well except for quite a few. But normally these artists also have the chance to perform in a joint stage just like what we watch on TV music count down that artist performs in a competition having the TV viewers as their judges. As Hyun Joong rising to his star status, it’s so natural he also has rivals within the music industry or even in the dramas. But how does Hyun Joong deals with the showbiz competition and how does he deals with his rivals?


I found a news write up published last year about Kim Hyun Joong and Park Yoo Chun as close friends and rival as both have close career similarities emphasizing on their history background. Both are singers and actors having portrayed in dramas that both of which were smash hit but in different period. Hyun Joong debut as an actor as he did BOF in 2009 when he was still with his group SS501. Yoo Chun debut as an actor as he did Sungkyukwan in 2010 when he was still with his group TVXQ. As actors both were awarded from their debut dramas.

Both had the same fate as they split up from their previous groups but on different situation. Hyun Joong decided to perform solo after his contract with DSP expired while Yoo Chun together with other two members of TVXQ formed another group which is JYJ. Actually Hyun Joong has a close friendship with the members of TVXQ, and Jae Joong is Hyun Joong’s best friend, who is also an actor. Actually even Hyun Joong was with his group, he was able to maintain his friendship with them and with other idol groups.

In the eyes of media and other fans, they may consider the different Kpop idol groups and solos as rivals, but in reality they are friends. They may compete with one another since they are at the same music industry but everyone is in friendly competition. Although I have read from some post that there may be misunderstanding among the girl groups which I’m not interested in their girl fights!! Artists who drag the media to such controversy just needed attention and air time!! Just my opinion!!

I just noticed, in most polls and music charts Hyun Joong as a Kpop soloist has always been racing with the idol groups specifically at Oricon! Although I take pride about it since idol groups do have big fan bases. Now it cannot be ignored anymore that Hyun Joong has been boosting his popularity. At this point Hyun Joong actually doesn’t have any competitor at his same category as Kpop soloist who can race with him at the music chart. So as it happens he has no choice but to race with the Kpop idol groups since they are always at the top rank of the chart and Hyun Joong proved he is competitive over them by being at the top rank too!!


I admire Hyun Joong on how he deals with his friends rivals, I would not say he’s not aware that he’s actually racing at the chart with the giant idol groups even unintentionally, but he maintained his friendship with them and remain as modest as he always is. Apparently Hyun Joong competes with himself by working hard to improve  and this is his basic priority other than competing with his friends or other artists. He’s simply proving himself and his ability as a solo singer to be up there on top which everyone would aim for. In his documentary Hyun Joong was saying Jae Jong his best friend and him do help each other by exchanging opinions and suggestions in their perspective projects. And another thing, some idols even have the same music composer Steven Lee as Hyun Joong has and had taken Steven Lee’s composed music to the chart.

At present his competitor with same category are his members from SS501, but of course Hyun Joong will never take his brothers as competitors, he always give way to them or they have a clear give and take. Even Hyun Joong is trying to avoid having to release his album at the same time as his members does. That’s a fact, last year Hyun Joong was expected to release his first album in May but one of his members was scheduled to release. He gave way and so he postponed the release of Breakdown in June last year.

The same thing happened this December, Hyun Joong announced he will release his album in Japan on Christmas, after a few weeks there was an announcement that one of his members shall be releasing album I think last week of December. Now Hyun Joong moved his schedule on December 12, much earlier to give way to his member. It’s good to see the leader and the members being active in their individual endeavor, contributing good music in their own individual style to the industry.


Among the old news clipping I have in my file, my attention was caught by one statement Hyun Joong said last year in front of the media, he was honest admitting as he stated, “I want to be judged as the best out of the 5 members as solo singer.”  And with no doubt Hyun Joong as a leader proved himself to be the best among his members, I think the obvious is just right in front of our eyes. Records are enough proof of Hyun Joong’s ability as a solo singer, that he kept breaking records, marking history even in the Asia Global market particularly in Japan which is the leading market in the music industry of Asia.

As he also stated, “Working with a group I have to follow what I am told to do.”  He’s right, even he’s the leader of the group, there’s a musical director who makes the call and decide for the group pertaining the group’s repertoire. Unlike the group JYJ, the three members were given the liberty to contribute to the group since the three of them has the ability to compose songs suitable for them, so they have more chances to develop individual ability. With Hyun Joong he’s on his own, he has a musical director just to guide him but with the choice of repertoire Hyun Joong makes the decision what he wants to work on, then his musical director guides him.

So far from the time Hyun Joong released his first album Breakdown, he’s been doing excellently. I would just like to say again, Hyun Joong’s surprising us with his upcoming image as rocker I think is the best decision he made to turn the tide 180 degrees change, because this is a total transition not only in his image but the music genre. And yes, lately I have been watching his member’s new releases and they’re doing good, except the music style is almost the same, and so with the production set up having back up dancers.

This time Hyun Joong made the difference, that instead of dancers to back him up he chose to have a live band to back him up. Indeed Hyun Joong is on high advantage, because he has so many talents that he’s quite flexible no matter how you bend him he can do just about anything in terms of music, and a different production set up. He always think of making the difference, oh I can’t wait for December, he’ll be rocking Japan again, and this time it’s ROCK for real!!


I also have read from one of my news clippings last year in one of Hyun Joong’s media interviews, this question being asked to Hyun Joong, “Why the rush?” Hyun Joong responded as:

“There’s a limit as to how far you can go as a dance singer. When I’m older, I’m sure I’ll be pursuing different genres, so when I have some time to myself, I want to sit down and try music that I’ve always wanted to pursue since I was younger.”

“I actually love band music and play the bass myself. Still, I want to learn more instruments and create something all my own. At the beginning of SS501′s debut, I liked the thought of being a celebrity, but I think that’s inevitable as a young teen. Either way, I think it’s important to not be content with where you are now and to always work towards improving yourself.”

On the topic of dating, he said, “All of the girls I meet are strictly for business purposes so I don’t have anyone I’m dating. If I do have one, I guess pictures would be taken of us.”

Hyun Joong had already set his lay out plan for his future career, he’s just being truthful to himself and it is true there’s an expiration date on being a dancer!! Hyun Joong will not waste his time as he value every minute the clock moves. He’s fully aware of his obligation as he reach his 30 years old, all of us may think Hyun Joong is still young he can do so much but for him it’s just a matter of time of pursuing everything he wants to accomplish as an artist. He wants to stay focus on his career because he has a dream and he look up to those dreams that’s been nagging him since the start of his career.

As Hyun Joong said, “do not be contented to where you are now, work towards improving yourself.” Learning is a continues process, as we get a year older, we start thinking what we have accomplished within the year of adding to our age. Learning and experiencing from what we learn is vital. It goes hand in hand, as Hyun Joong learns he has to experience in actual what he had learned, and from there he gets the chance to improve. And had showed an excellent results.

There has to be chances or opportunities, as Hyun Joong waste no time, whenever he gets the opportunity to be on stage, he grabs it as he perform for his fans. As he was saying “I’m more than happy than tired.” This is what he always say after every show he performs. Hyun Joong is blessed with those opportunities, because this is his only chance to get to improve himself. The more he does concerts and release albums the better chance of developing and innovating his craft that he can contribute to the global music industry. Hyun Joong also competes with time, it’s gold, no time has to be wasted with all the plans Hyun Joong set for himself. That is why he never stop ever since he was given the freedom to do music, Hyun Joong simply let go off the stock knowledge he had been keeping all these years.

Indirectly it’s his fans who give him opportunities from a chain reaction that would lead to Hyun Joong. The businessmen, the producers, they are the ones who provided the needs of the general public, to whom they earned from, of course that’s business. The producers give opportunity to artist depending on public demand. Just like what I have mentioned in my other articles the producers and businessmen are the middlemen, the bridge that connects Hyun Joong and his fans. The greater his fans grow the more chances of seeing him in action.

The greater demands he receives, the more challenging it is for him to work on more music. The more it is likely to re-invent his concerts further, Hyun Joong knows what the competition is out there and he knows how his rivals work on their projects. At this point of his career Hyun Joong tends to either innovate or go against the style of Kpop for a change and set something new every time he gets that chance to put him on stage.

Hyun Joong mentioned about dating and made it clear that the girls he meets are strictly for business purposes only. The guy has a dream, all of what I have mentioned may be in his shoulders and he’s quite happy to accomplish although there are still things he has to work on and these are all for his career advancement and foundation. For him everything has its own time.


It feels good to write how Hyun Joong works, it’s so inspiring just by the thought of it and I’m very proud of him being my one and only idol. I wrote an article Artist by Heart, there’s that saying a true artist sets monetary matters aside, applause from the audience is more than enough to pay off the artist’s effort from the studios. Hyun Joong is an artist by heart, seeing his fans big smiles, hearing them chanting his name during his concerts, seeing the sea of green can easily push his adrenaline instantly! In his interview in Singapore he was asked how his fans are for him and he said,

“I’m always very thankful to my fans, that without them I won’t be standing here, they have been inspiring me from the beginning and they are my inspiration for the future.”

Monetary matters does not really matter that much for him, if you remember in February at Yokohama Arena, he gave his profit share to the orphanage. Experience is priceless, and Hyun Joong gets to innovate through his experience. Like the old folks say, practice makes anything perfect, and this is still applicable to anyone who has definite aspirations. Hyun Joong is blessed with good people around him to work with, he is blessed with good opportunities to bring out the best in him. And most of all Hyun Joong is blessed with a lot people who loves him and that is his fans.

His Star Rivals are just around him and it doesn’t bother him at all.  For Kim Hyun Joong the love for music is the most important to him and singing is to his loving fans.

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

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52 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] FRIENDLY RIVALS

  1. Kim hyun joong is so funny when he immitates how jaejoong speaks. They must be bestfriend because both are good looking! though i prefer my baby KHJ!

  2. thats why i love him,he never forget his fan,
    and im so proud to be one of his fan,forever,
    until he deside to leave the music industry,i will remain henecia for the rest of my life ❤ ❤
    stay as you are because of that our god always blessed you and guide you where ever you are and you go..
    keep you warm smile..that make us your fan always happy..
    fighting,KIM HYUN JOONG..we always support you what ever you deside in life,
    we are your fan stay at your side no matter what..
    sarang haeyo ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. This comment is from Angie:
    I always have a smile or a chuckle when I read razor’s comments! Yes, men have needs… they can take care of those needs without having a girlfriend, though! I think Hyun Joong is so focused on his career right now he has not time for a relationship. When he settles down, probably after completing his military obligation, he will probably find someone. He does not strike me as the ‘bad boy’ type who would just use women to take care of his physical needs. I think he is disciplined in that area just like in every other area.

    These are just my thoughts. Of course, we don’t know for sure and it really doesn’t matter as that is his private business. I think LK is right… he considers us fans to be his gf for right now. We give him what a man TRULY needs and that is validation of success. Men need to feel successful and that their woman appreciates his success. We, his fans, give him that feeling. So, until the time comes for him to settle down, I think we are fulfulling his needs just as he fulfills ours.

    • May I just add, the reason why I believe Hyun Joong is not in any relationship at this time is because he is on top of his pressures, he is at the heights and he can not afford to gamble what he has in his hands at present. At this time a lot of people is expecting from him to deliver and that is such a big responsibility on his shoulders. You can just imagine his dream is just within his reach and so he prefers to focus on his target. I don’t mean to be selfish here I’m just a fan I don’t own HJ, but he had already said for so many times about his priorities. And because I know HJ is honest I believe his words, shouldn’t we? Again his privacy is his own. What I believe is his words, he said he doesn’t have a GF then why can’t we believe
      him? He will eventually find time for his personal desires, at this point success is his priority over everything.

  4. hi, LK… I’ve been hiding and dealing with some personal stuff… but, I have been reading your articles and seeing the news about HJ’s new album gives me some cheer and comfort while I’m going through a hard time. He looks SO SEXY on that album cover. He has truly grown into a MANLY MAN! I am hooked all over again! 😀

    I have been touched by the special relationship KHJ and JJ of JYJ/TVXQ have. I think they formed that strong bond while living together after HJ left DSP in 2010. They have such a common history in the business I’m sure that bond is the type that will never be broken. Their friendship is so sweet and cute… they even kept letters they had written to encourage each other! So sweet! I admire both of them.

    I want to pre order his album, but my concern is that it will not play in my american cd player or computer! Is this true? I heard the format is different. If anyone knows about this, please let me know. If I can play it and hear it I will pre order a copy too!

    Well, I’ll see you again soon. I need a couple more weeks to straighten things out… but, I wanted you to know I am still reading everyday!

    • Hello Angie! You missed so much fun these past days!! LOL We had such exciting encounters from joy to pain to joy again!! Life indeed is like a ball!! I miss you here! Your comment down there I agree. I think that’s easiest explanation as to why Hyun Joong doesn’t have a girl friend, which reminded me of what I read from a book Man and his Success. You’re right, men’s thoughts of success weighs heavier than relationship. so I’m gonna bring that comment up here so that everyone can read. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hey I hope everything is alright with you but take your time and take care of yourself.

  5. hello ms lk,hyun joong is certainly the best as he constantly challenge himself to bring out the best of him,he does’t stay on 1 ground but always on the go unlike other kpop idol his concept differs from each (frm breakdown to the up coming unlimited album) that you won’t get bored to it cuz its all different from the album cover down to its content,it’s like listening a song from different singers but its actually from one singer only and that hyun joong.

    • TTT I don’t think I’ll ever get a chance to have a BF TTTT I don’t think I can ever get bored of HJ, I’ll get bored with waiting but we can always do something out of boredom. and I don’t think I can get over with HJ!!! LOL
      Thanks for sharing have a Cheerful day! I got a rainy night here!!! Take care see you again!

  6. After watching a lot of SS501 video’s on YT I could tell that HJ was a really great friend and Leader and he still is. He’s a great friend to his childhood friends, entertainment friends, and to us fans he is like our BFF. He’s a great Leader because he’s leading the male k-pop soloist (though I believe Psy is now a heavy competition and I’m praying that HJ will get discovered and loved by my fellow Americans), he still leads SS501 and I believe when Kyu Jong is released from the army they will at least have a reunion stage but I highly doubt they will come back altogether. I want HJ to stay solo because he Shines the best doing so. ^^

    I believe I went a bit off topic but stay Safe, Lazer. And thank you all for the welcoming messages! ^^

    • It’s ok nothing is off beat here anything is welcome except for the insects!!! LOL By the time Kyu Jong gets out HJ gets in!!! LOL There’s always gonna be conflict in time, well who knows! anywhere HJ goes he shines like magic or something i don’t know he’s just so great! Thank you for sharing have a nice day, and take care see you again!

    • Agree.
      HJ’s solo is much better than the past time with the group.
      When he is tired, he can reunitewwith others for an album, then continue his solo career.
      Many fans always follow and support him.

  7. hi lazer, i’m bit late today. 🙂 awesome article again!! yeah i do love the way he is dedicated to fulfill his ambitions. 🙂
    of course he is a friendly & helping rival to other artists. specially i love how he helps & consider about his group members.
    he is actually one of the best leaders in showbiz industry who can be looked up as an example for both celebs and fans.
    Hyun Joong truly inspires his fans in each & every way of his working, dedication, courage & personality.
    god bless dear! see you again!!

    • Yeah when he starts doing something new others can follow through too, a true leader and influential in a good way. That reminds me, when I first watch some video clips with his group as he was dying laughing, and doing some crazy things? I said to myself “how did he became a leader?” Well I know nothing about him yet, but I think he was the craziest among the 5 of them!! Am I right?? LOL Then as I read more about him that was the only time I was convinced that no wonder his members do have high respect on him. I mean that was obvious i think. He deserves the title as leader which he still shows to his members until now.
      Well thanks for sharing have a pleasant day ahead of you! take care and God bless.

      • oh that happened to me too. the first few i saw were go reds go and thank you for waking me up and i was like “well are all those info wrong how can this guy who ROFL till he runs out of air & sleepyhead is the leader?” :O 😀 i do agree with you lazer, you’re right.he is the craziest among 5 of them who just crack up and end up in floor with his 4Dness. but even being crazy & fooling around with his brothers he always take care of them until now by visiting them in their practices & meeting up with them.
        of course he is the best idol group leader to me and you know most of ss501 fans & others just mention him as “LEADER” 🙂

  8. I saw some vids clips of Young Saeng in Japan, he also had a band playing the songs live =) XD
    LOL JYJ meeeeeehhhhhh I remember huggin’ Jaejoong last March and thinking ‘why isn’t he Hyun Joong instead?!!?! XD
    I’m so looking forward to hearing his new album… I want to delight myself with his new songs .
    I love the fact that there aren’t many soloists out there xD so he stands up even more ^^
    I don’t feel too talkative today so I’m gonna end my reply here xDDDD
    Have a nice day!

    • I like YS whenever he sings ballad it suits him, I hope he gets to that direction with the live band yes. I don’t know during my younger years good singer do sing with the live band And i appreciate it. What happen to HJ’s contender at MAMA? They are soloist. It’s rainy day we have typhoon I want to sleep! Thanks sweetie! Have a pleasant day!

  9. Honestly, LK do you really think he has no girlfriend? He is just saying that to make life simpler but no girlfriend? I doubt. Don’t be mad at me but it would really be weird if he has no girlfriend.

      • No! Be where you could be happy. if you’re happy busy and focus to your work so be it. I do have BF if I don’t have any project, but if I have I got no time for BF I tend to break up, get single again! I love freedom where I can do whatever i want to!!

      • I don’t know how to say this but it is a different case for a guy in his environment – he could have a girlfriend/girlfriend, a girl of his destiny (as he said he met recently, a grilfriend to hang out with etc but a girlfriend nonetheless. I am talking of a specific person and not something in general. So, I am not saying you are weird for having no boyfriend and focusing on your work. Peace.

        • Oh grace I’m sorry I was responding to razor, i didn’t get it sorry. Yeah I understand what you mean, Well maybe one day HJ will let us know if he has a gf men needs women I got it. But with his schedule at this time filming and recording at the same I don’t know. hey no problem! Take care have a nice day!

              • I always have a smile or a chuckle when I read razor’s comments! Yes, men have needs… they can take care of those needs without having a girlfriend, though! I think Hyun Joong is so focused on his career right now he has not time for a relationship. When he settles down, probably after completing his military obligation, he will probably find someone. He does not strike me as the ‘bad boy’ type who would just use women to take care of his physical needs. I think he is disciplined in that area just like in every other area.

                These are just my thoughts. Of course, we don’t know for sure and it really doesn’t matter as that is his private business. I think LK is right… he considers us fans to be his gf for right now. We give him what a man TRULY needs and that is validation of success. Men need to feel successful and that their woman appreciates his success. We, his fans, give him that feeling. So, until the time comes for him to settle down, I think we are fulfulling his needs just as he fulfills ours.

  10. Great article as always,unnie. HJ works so hard and we are proud of him for his success from his hard work.
    Now I have an important matter to make decision by myself and I couldn’t make a clear decision until now before reading your I think I can make a decision thanks to the words hj said” don’t be content with where you are now,try to improve yourself” Hj’s words have always been guided me when I couldn’t make a decision or was depressed for my work. when I am so tired of my work,when I don’t have time to eat or sleep,Thinking of Hj oppa(how he works hard to attain his current status and his attitude to work) give me strength to continue my work.
    He is really my one and only idol who can guide me to a better person.
    unnie,take care.have a nice day.

      • Ms Lk typhoon ofel signal 1 hits manila today and its getting stronger . Be safe there. Hope your connection wont get affected or else everyone will be worried again.

    • What you feel is just normal, I’m glad HJ can somehow help you out giving clues. He’s actually very effective, his word of wisdom can help. Hey give yourself some time to rest, take care of yourself, health is wealth. Make it good.
      Thank you for sharing, have a great day, see you again! God bless.

  11. Reading about the give and take whenever the album released between him and past members is one of a kind positive attitude of hyun joong. My admiration for him even grows deeper. Aside from being a good artist at heart he is a true friend as well. Its fine with me if once in a while he would go dating in secret coz he still a man anyway. But i doubt if he could do it at present despite the hectic sched he has lol!

    Cant wait to see him rocking on stage with a live band wearing a rocker outfit. A new transformation for hj. So excited!!!!!! (How i wished would sing againLove and Fortunate.)

    • Well dating is his personal privacy so we’ll leave that to him.
      Thank you for sharing its heavy typhoon here, more rains mean flood oh no!!! take care have a nice day see you again! God bless.

  12. Great! You are right! Important for our prince’s personal changes. His personal growth. his personal qualities. He compares himself to the other, and not with others. I love it. And you – thank you so much for saying that. For what you are than anyone understand this man. Bravo!

    Здорово!! Вы правы!! Для нашего принца важны его личные изменения. Его личный рост. его личные качества. Он сравнивает себя с собой, а не с окружающими. Обожаю его. И Вам – огромное спасибо за такие слова. За то, что Вы как никто понимаете этого человека. Браво!!!

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