Kim Hyun Joong…[article] STAR PLAYER

By: LazerKim        We shall have a chance to take a glimpse of Kim Hyun Joong on the 27th that’s on Saturday 11pm KRT on his way to China for a variety show recording. It was said that tickets for Happy Camp audience were sold out for October 28 show recording. Tickets for this show normally are easy to get but since Hyun Joong shall be guesting in this show, tickets were immediately sold out. I guess Hyun Joong’s Chinese fans are so excited to have him again after the fan meeting concert, this is gonna be another chance for them to have him again in China. So this is another brief event to look forward for, it’s a date! I’ll keep you posted.

In another update, the Kim Hyun Joong’s unlimited album pre-order is already open @Yes Asia, you may place your pre-order. When I first saw the album jacket of Hyun Joong’s Japanese version full album, I really got so excited upon seeing Hyun Joong’s handsome picture in it and posted it right at once without the actual details!!LOL!! The album shall be released on December 12, 2012, that is 12-12-12, luck number combination for this year! Indeed Hyun Joong is such a lucky guy as always!!

YES ASIA LINK click here>(

A spokesman for Kim Hyun Joong in Japan says “all two singles of Kim Hyun Joong release this year, topped the Oricon Chart, and other online charts. Not only to the Korean singers who have released albums in Japan, but also to many Japanese singers, Kim Hyun Joong is strongly competitive.

I think Japan had already seen Hyun Joong’s strength in his last single HEAT as it maintained his good selling point even at this time since the 4th of July. His upcoming album was said to be well anticipated in Japan as well as at the other parts of the world, after Hyun Joong had just informally written message to his fans mentioning about this album for December, and he also mentioned it during his recent concert at Budogan Tokyo concert. Well, we start rolling from here as the pe-orders are now open. Come and get it!! Once again let’s place Hyun Joong on top of the Oricon Chart before the year ends.


In another update, Kim Hyun Joong shall be back in action at the soccer field on the 23th of November, KeyEast had confirmed Hyun Joong’s participation with FC men. Please correct me if may be wrong. Junsu of JYJ shall be with Hyun Joong’s FC men too. This is a good idea for Hyun Joong to take a little breather from work, as he always say if he work he gives it 100% all out effort and when he has the chance to play ball, he just wants to play to the max!. This is also good stimulant and stress reliever for him. So we have a date with Hyun Joong on November 23th as we’ll get to see Hyun Joong in action at the soccer field.

I remember in one of the video clips of Hyun Joong taken at BOF filming he was playing with a puppet, if you remember that part in the drama, he was saying even when he was a kid he was not fond of playing with kiddie toys, and that he only play with soccer ball. As he grew up it’s been soccer ball that he’s fond of playing, until at this time it’s still his favorite ballgame. And then in high school he was saying he would go to school but you would not find him inside the classroom but he was there at the field playing ball!! I really laugh about that. This was Hyun Joong’s adolescence period and it’s a part of his growth.

May I just mention, Hyun Joong was saying he’s good in fight scenes because he experienced being beaten up when he was a kid!! I can’t help really laugh that I can imagine a bad boy image in him when he was a kid! Honestly, I really find his life story to be very interesting and exciting for a kid. Even shall we say he did experienced a lot of struggles in life I think it’s still colorful and adventurous that one can learn from him. So I was thinking writing a book about Hyun Joong would surely be a page turner, because it’s full of action in the sense that there were a lot of twist and turns of event!

I think it’s right as his other critics said Hyun Joong portraying Yoon Ji Hoo is not good  because probably they knew Hyun Joong before I discovered him as a person for real. I can’t help laugh since the first time I have known Hyun Joong as Ji Hoo who is so gentle, silent type of guy but in reality he has that bad boy image!! Hyun Joong made a trick on me with that, and I’m sure many of his fans felt the same way!! But this time at City Conquest I think we’ll see a much similar Kim Hyun Joong out of Baek Mir.


Kim Hyun Joong’s profession is within the entertainment circle as a singer, dancer, actor and this time in sports too. Although Hyun Joong playing soccer with FC men is just a part of his leisure sports hobby and not by profession per se but he still have fans at the bleachers cheering for him, which is still a part of entertainment. Well, watching a ballgame on TV is a part of entertainment, in fact the players of different ballgames also have fans too. There are a lots that a person can be entertained that it already is a part of our daily lives.

A fan from my comment box wrote this that I would like to share with that I admit I thought about as she said:                       (Kyrroo this one is from you thanks for sharing)

To tell u the truth i actually don’t know any one in this world where so many people love one person because of his personality and who his is than how awesome his talents are.. u keep saying hj may not be the best in his field but seriously when it comes to hj …it just doesn’t matter at all..coz we know the truth hj has the gift of keeping his fans happy through his constantly changing music genre..his image but never his word.. i really don’t know anyone like him in this world.

Kyrroo is right in her opinion of Hyun Joong, that it haven’t cross my mind, in entertainment it’s not how good an artist is that matters but what makes the receiving end satisfied. She is right in saying nothing really matters for as long as we’re happy. People may have different taste in what can be entertaining to them, and what influences our lives for the better. Honestly, I learned a lot from being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong that I was able to see a lot more views that I have not recognized before. I used to be a good critic because of my profession. Being a choreographer it is expected from me to be a perfectionist. I grew up in ballet in my younger years and in ballet everything is about discipline and perfection. I brought this up bringing with me all my life even in management, but Kim Hyun Joong taught me how to bend all of those thoughts in my mind.

Now what I can see better is effort of others and appreciating than leaning to perfection. Being selfless and doing something that should not only benefit myself but to others benefits as well, is what I have learned. In Hyun Joong’s work his priority is doing what is pleasing to his fans that will make them happy. If you remember he was asked in one of his interviews in Singapore what’s his style in music, he simply said it’s Kim Hyun Joong’s style. Because his style is what his fans will make them happy, by creating different music genre that can be appreciated by any age range, as he dos not stick to one single style even in his image. I guess that’s just it, the Kim Hyun Joong’s style of music.


“Fans are living in dreams and fantasies.” One of my readers Kyong got this from the other blogger I was talking about yesterday, since Hyun Joong’s fans were accused of being that! I wonder why she said that?  At unless she’s saying it to hereself!! I actually do not know how to explain this, since from the start of knowing Hyun Joong I know exactly where I stand. Now this makes me think hard. Hyun Joong is not a fantasy nor a dream since he’s real. If you’re dreaming of Hyun Joong to be your friend well this is quite near to impossible being a fan, although no one can tell.

I have written an article about this that talks about setting a boundary between fans and idols. Fans who are stalking are likely to have those fantasies. And Darna the blogger is one of those stalkers, as she used to write about her experience going to Jaksal and as she said she’s lucky that every time she goes there it’s lucky Hyun Joong was also at Jaksal. I’m now made to believe she had crossed her line being a fan and being rejected that’s why she’s trying to mess up criticizing Hyun Joong because she suddenly changed.

Well so far among Hyun Joong’s fans, this is the only fan I think who had openly relate her story which made me think she could have probably gone beyond. I don’t see anything wrong with sharing encounters with Hyun Joong, in fact I’m happy reading fan accounts about some fan’s encounters which I also share in my articles. I actually shared Darna’s story in one of my articles although sometimes it’s a bit off. I honestly can not relay myself having fantasies since I’m a realistic type of person. I hope there’s anyone who can share if they have fantasies about Hyun Joong? Seriously I want to understand.

Dreams and imaginations sometimes I take it as a joke. Remember that tale I wrote about Hyun Joong having a concert at the dessert with all his fans from all over the world gathered together? That’s fun imagination, but I know for fact that’s near to impossible!! That’s different! So far I have not encountered fans who’s having fantasies on Hyun Joong even from my silent readers who email me regularly. What we probably share the same dream I think is the chance of being there at Hyun Joong’s concerts which is quite realistic. Maybe one who can fantasize to the extent of making her fantasy happen for real just like this blogger made her a stalker or similar to such! But I disagree Hyun Joong fans live in dreams and fantasies, definitely not, or that I am not aware of.


There are times I do talk to Hyun Joong’s picture at my wall sometimes specially if I can not think of a topic to talk about, I ask him what would he want me to write about him for the day? Then something would just pop out from mind then I write! Strange it may be but it’s sometimes effective!!! LOL! And by the way, if you have any sentiments that you need to burst it out, feel free to bring it out in this blog, you’re quite safe with your opinion here. I have experienced being hurt by those critics and I got no place to air it out, it felt as if it’s hard to breath! And too painful to the chest, that’s how this blog started since I do not know where to go because I was hurt I created this blog to be my breather. And you’re welcome to do so too. Except INSECTS are off limits! If they do not want to killed by Baygon!

Here are some quote that I would like to share written by Arnold Glasgow, share by a mother fan Mama Lina who’s a die hard fan of Hyun Joong. Here it goes:

** Happy is the person who knows what to remember of the past, what to enjoy in the present and what to plan for in the future.

** Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present towards the future.

** You can never plan the future by the past.

I like these quotes, it’s very much like Hyun Joong, that we can also apply in our daily life. Memories are made from the past, there may be bad ones and there are also good ones. We keep good memories in our heart, and we learn from the bad ones. Hyun Joong had learned a lot from his past, and as he matures, he become wiser. I think the veteran fans had witnessed all the sufferings of Hyun Joong, and for the new fans we now only read from write up what he had gone through during his rough times. There are incidents in Hyun Joong’s career life that was bound to happen sooner or later, it must be painful for him but it strengthen him to be wiser.

The dark past remained to be his guide as lessons learned in his decision making to be smarter specially in choosing the right people to work with. He kept good memories and that inspired him to do better in the future. Hyun Joong always say life is just a one shot deal. He does everything with his 100% effort, that even in his concert performance, he always does it as if it’s his last giving the most of it. Hyun Joong continued harvesting the fruits from the good seeds he had planted while he plans for his future, just like what he said, “Big dreams made me a better person.”

Indeed Hyun Joong is a good player of his fate and destiny as he places his bet for the best while he works hard enjoying the freedom with much fun of doing what he wishes for himself, creating his own music of his choice, creating production that his fans will surely enjoy, portraying a character in the drama that he desire and he loves every moment of it. For him time is gold that he does not waste for useless purposes, that when he acts on his plans it may be a bit slow since he aims for perfection but surely it will succeed. Hyun Joong finally build his confidence but keeping his feet firmly on the ground. That’s Kim Hyun Joong being a good player in his career, and such an amazing young man.

These past days we have encountered a lot of rough roads in our journey in dealing with some fans throwing stones to Hyun Joong. But let us take all these as strengthened boost in defending Hyun Joong. We still have a long way to go but for as long as we are all together bind as ONE in Kim Hyun Joong then everything is gonna be alright. Hyun Joong now is his way to reach the highest peak of his stardom, then let us be at his side through thick and thin. If Hyun Joong goes down, we are the only ones who can lift him up. Let us not be the type of fans who will not abandon him when the road gets rough. It’s only us fans who can keep his road smooth as we stay by his side as one.

Well this is all I have for today, I actually spoke to Kim Hyun Joong’s picture on my wall as he said “Don’t fantasize on me but dream about me being up there and make it happen as a Star Player in your life!!” LOL!

                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!                        LK email >

 From: Mama Lina Perez, thanks!                                           (fan arts above)

 From: Hyun Joong Brazil, thanks                                      (fan arts above)

From: Khoai love HJ  thanks!                                               (fan arts above)

From: Polly Dao thanks!                                                    (fan arts above)


43 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] STAR PLAYER

  1. Hello Lazer/Everyone! I’ve been a silent reader ever since you started writing. I first saw your articles on Soompi. I have no excuses for being silent but I’ll start commenting now! ^^
    I found Kim Hyun Joong through Boys Over Flowers, became an instant fan – it was love at first sight – and have been for over a year now (It was Sept last year). I remember reading…wondergirl’s articles on Soompi as well and I was already feeling something off about them too. Just ignore her and all the other insects because they are seriously blind/holding childish grudges while our ONE KHJ is rising continuously like the rock-actor phoenix he is.

    I love KHJ’s new album cover photos! I especially love the one where he’s strumming his electric guitar and I’m hoping and praying he’ll play his beloved guitar on stage again. He really comes alive.

    And I just want to say that I’m from Minnesota, USA and a college student. I honestly haven’t really come across another Minnesotan fan of KHJ so I feel lucky. ^^
    And is your e-mail lazerkim69 or lazerkim96 because I sent you a rather long e-mail under the former address.
    Thank you and keep writing! I love your articles and I always read them before going to bed. And happy belated birthday; it was my birthday on the 21, coincedentially. ;p

    • hi lk ! i have been a silent reader too….and am reading your write ups….d’ont mind darna…. keep on writing…about hj…as what razorblade said ” don’t make darna popular for free”…so funny…by the way it was my birthday yesterday…take care LazerKim…god bless!

      • LOL razor always always have that funny ways of putting words together!! LOL But she’s right actually and you’re right. HAPPY BIRTHDAY belated!! You are a Scorpion same with me!!! may you have abundant blessings and love all through your life and more happiness with your love ones! CHEERS!!
        Thank you, and I sincerely hope you can share with us in the comment box we would love to read from you too. See you again Have a cheerful day ahead of you, take care and God bless…

    • Hi becca you have the same birthday with blueribbon! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both belated! I responded to you email pls check it out. My email is I got your email thanks! Yes it’s a good idea for you to comment so that other readers can read from you too. I think you’re first from MN so welcome! to my comment box!! I can’t say welcome to alien world because you’re already a regular reader but I’m happy to have you here with us!
      Thank you so much have a wonderful day take care and see you again!

  2. Since the first time I knew HIM,whatch HIS video clip untill now I didn’t see single bad thing from HIM.All in HIS world is true and honest.Really surprising me there’s a fan who stab HIM from the back. Feel better now, because this three days I keep on read your article and comments from alien family wish that girl can remember how to use her brain in the right way again.thanks for the article sis, release my sad and painful in the few days. Now I try to buy HIS album from online wich I never try before.I always bought from the cd shop.Have a nice day sist,god bless.

    • Hello sis! Yes sis from time to time it also help to have a place to breath on any hurt feeling so that we can face another happy day with much lighter feeling, I think this is my only purpose to share my space with others who wants to air up feelings. Thank you sis as always. Have a nice day, oh yes same as you I couldn’t see any bad thing from HJ. see you again!! God bless.

  3. that evil governess who want to harm my oppa kim hyun joong but that kind of people who do that are not their fans because they can not distinguish between bad and good, not just me that does not respect the limits seriously = / but still his true fans will support you when you most need us =)

  4. Dear Lazerkim
    As always reading your text today I realized how hard days he had but specially how strong he is, but from our position we can see it with no passion at all. He was always critized, since BOF and other situations from 2009 till now, but despite of them, he continued doing what he wanted, others could give up, but he got the criticics, acepted them in any way and tried to improve them too, he got the bull by its horn( I am Ecuadorian not English spoken so I have some mistakes I hope you got my point of view)he showed and shows how smart he is, Once, when someone asked him What is the side of Baek Seung Jo fits you, He said HIS SMART he is 200 IQ . and i think he has it.
    I think that it was the way , to listen to, learn and work on them, that is why he is WHO IS, he really had the chance to be critized, fortunatelly that help him to be better and mature. Can you imagine how strong he is now
    That is why he is humble, he had too much bad words about him, which tought him to not let things for granded ,that he could do it better each time. I am watching again BOF and Playful kiss and I insist HE IS A REALLY GOOD ACTOR if you notice the characters that he acted ,their personalities were PERFECT performed by him in the dramas .
    I think that he learned also to listen but not respond ….Why….. it is useless and prefers continuing doing what he wants and specially what we want from him, he really listen us, you see that the next could be Hyun joong playing the guitar as we dream.
    i hope it

    • Hello ampajaz, I think I have to catch up with you in responding to you comment, there’s another one I missed but I have read that one too, please forgive me, i think it’s the opposite time we have. Thank you for sharing your thoughts i agree with all you have said, there’s no one like him in this world he’s ONLY ONE.
      Well we have lots to look forward to as he always surprise us with something new.
      thank you so much have a nice day take care and see you again god bless..

      • YES thats right i am in the other side of the Earth but always reading your articles , that is funny but ok, I will read them i think in the very early. when you have already posted it I read it so I enjoy it , later i read the commets of the other readers, thanks to give me the chance to write my opinion, it is the first tie I do it, but it is baceuse he is incredible,
        i like him so much, his music specially Creep was my favorite song but listenig it sang by his style really killed me , by the way , please could you write about his necklaces ,they are really nice , i think it has a story and different each time.
        well have a nice day and wait for the next article
        love you amajaz

        • I actually have written about the necklace in one of my articles, but ok i’ll write about it again, and the ring from bulgari that he always wear. I like that song Creep, in my country it is very popular, now it made it even more popular because of HJ. Love you girl!! Take care!

  5. I hope HJ will release a book about his struggle in his teenage years before he enters military camp. It will definitely be a best seller and an inspirations to many teenagers out there. He is a wise young man. I am really learning from him.

    • Hello may! I think HJ ought to write that book while he’s in the military and you’re right for sure it’s gonna be a best seller! thank you for sharing, have a lovely day take care and see you again! god bless.

  6. dream or fantasy? is it important? i don’t know what she is thinking. but i do think she may have some psychological problems. her way of thinking is not normal.
    Lazer unnie,i do live in my attend hj’s concert is one of my dreams.if so am i living in fantasy?lol
    that girl should stop writing such rubbish things.she insults hj fans so many times.why does she write about the thoughts of strangers she doesn’t even know?does she know all of hj fans and what they are thinking.she really has psychological problems,i seriously think so.
    unnie,take care.see you tomorrow.

    • LOL at least we have something to laugh about to ease boredom!! She already has reservation at MH, that’s the best place for her. Anyway, we let go and aired out what want to say, that’s the most important then we close the matter from here tomorrow is another day, gone with the wind!!! LOL Big smiles for tomorrow! Thank you so much, take care and see you again! god bless..

  7. I used to play soccer when I was in HS LOL and at nuns’ school too… xD they hated us for not being ‘ladies’ LOL
    I remember watching a FC men fancam of HJ and I was totally hypnotized watching him tie his shoelaces LOL I swear I kept on repeating that vid, I even saved it lol it was a magical moment for me hahahsdhsajd xDDDDDD
    My best friend, who’s also a KHJ fan loves to laugh at him for not being good at goal-scoring xD hahahasd xDDD She’s as insane as I am.

    I’m also a realistic person, but I like to play tricks on my own mind, to make myself laugh xDDDD Well I’ve dreamed of things that have actually happened in reality…. so that’s why I try to think about ridiculous things just in case they happen to become true so I can enjoy it twice LOL xDDD
    Of course I keep them for myself 😉 or I try to tell it by writing it into a song =)

    Oh, about that ‘person’… I do hope you keep on writing about good things… I don’t like negative things being talked here…. Just don’t listen to her…. Don’t make her popular for free LOL

    I do hope you had a nice birthday party \(^-^)/

    • Neither do I! I just want to write good thingsTTT , anyway it just happen once in a while just for a change of mood!! Gggrrr! Razor dream can come true I agree with you but I think it’s different with fantasy. when you fantasize do you act on your fantasy? I’m curious with no malice and I mean it in general not the “S” thing. Like for example HJ wants to go to the outer space, if he’ll be caught by the alien he will go with the alien. What’s this fantasy or dream? I’m seriously asking i want to understand.

      • Well, first of all there are ppl who are divinely crazy (as me) xD and ppl who are seriously sick in the head (like her LOL) I think ppl should start seeing the difference between WISHING and EXPERIENCING. Ppl who confuse both things are seriously sick… that’s where dementia begins I guess xDDD

        • LOL razor I’m asking you a serious question hahahaha it has got nothing to do with her!!! LOL you know you’re one person who rrrreallly never fail to give me a laugh!!LOL even at twitter!! Take care dear! have a pleasant what evening! did you had a great laugh with your best friend! She’s lucky to have honestly you’re so truthful. good or bad!! LOL

  8. hello ms lk,hyun joong is indeed a player in his field be it in singing,dancing,acting,and sports he got it all…..
    love the qoutes specially the 2nd one,how i wish losers will read it so they will let go of the past and get a new life insted of dwelling on it which makes them miserable and tend to find foult in others lives….

    • I don’t know I think anywhere you take HJ will always be a star, he just shine so brightly even at the soccer field! Take him anywhere he’ll instantly shine! *sign* Thank you for sharing! Yes I like that quote, it’s so true in reality, i always want to be happy although life has many ups and down it’s a matter of how we deal with it. Oh well, that’s life! Have a lovely day! take care! see you again!

  9. Hi again Lk,
    This morning i came across an article by Aprilstar in hyunnies pexer blog. I just want to share with those who havent read , do check it out. It was a beautiful article n worth reading. And the writer has always been one of my favorites cos the articles that she wrote are really insightful. Just like yours Lk. Thanks again for keeping us up to date abt hj.

    • Oh yes honestly Aprilstar was the very first writer of HJ that I truly appreciate she writes by heart that’s why like her. I still kept her write ups in my file, I read her latest this morning. Pexer has always been my morning coffeemate since the start until now. Thank you so much take care have a pleasant day and see you again! God bless..

  10. hello po LazerKim..i am the new friend in FB..
    It’s good to hear that HJ will be seen in soccer field again!!we will see other side of him,being a soccer player…ROCK the SOCCER FIELD!!

    Dp rin po b tumitigil c DARNA?oh!must speak english pra maintindhan nya…to you DARNA,i thank you for criticizing HJ..coz ur uniting HENECIANS to protect OUR Oppah..put this in mind,KHJ and HENECIA are happy are an ex-fan of him??leave quitely & get a life…

    HENECIANS let us make KIM HYUN JOONG the ROPE that will BIND us together…stay safe everyone..

    LazerKim thanks again…s uulitin po mgta2galog n ak…Godspeed…(jenzen)

    • Titigil na yan jhen kasi malapit na syang malitson! hind kasi maka get over kay hj,kaya pagbigyan natin kaw na ma broken hearted! see you around jhen.

    • Hello jhen! I can only remember by avatar there’s another jhen Now I’m confuse! LOL welcome to the alien world! About darna that will be the last. I just want others to breath out so that we can have happier a tomorrow rather than chest pains!! LOL jenzen i like your username pls just don’t change your ava, thanks dear! Have a cheerful day! take care see you again! God bless..

      • Naku mga sisters tigilan na nting pag usapan ang babaeng yun aba swerte nya nmn sumisikat sya ng libre at hndi gumagastos. Pigil na pigil nga akong mag komento dun sa blog nya
        Baka feeling niya sikat na sya kc pangalan niya ang pinag uusapan lagi. Naku wag nmn sana umabot sa kaalaman ng iniidolo ntin.
        Welcome pala jhen di2 sa blog ni ms lk. Nadagdagan n mmn tyo. Riot di2 sa saya lalo na ky blue ribon a.k.a ms wagas!

        • i feel so excited nman po,i found a new family!!!wow!sarap ng feeling!!ung tipong iisang tao ung ngbobond stin..and that’s the ONLY ONE KIM HYUN JOONG!!thanks po s lhat ng ngwelcome skin d2 s blog ni ms. LK..

  11. hi lazer, so i’m fulfilling my habit. 😛 of course i miss the handsome soccer player. i do agree with kyrroo too. he is the best for his personality & love for his fans. i was having the same discussion on twitter with my fellowers today early morning and they all agree with that too.
    i have stopped reading those blogs cause they hurt me and i have to fight against my own self to argue back(when i’m angry i really don’t have sense of being polite).
    oh i love the 3rd picture 🙂 where his hair is all backward he looks so pretty & handsome.
    let’s hope he’ll write his own story one day so we all can read it i think he is the best to write about himself with his own 4Dness
    god bless you dear!!

    • I honestly like kyrroo’s opinion that’s why i post it so that everyone can read, I realize satisfaction in what we hear and see is important but that we feel that is making us happy matters the most. Why am I so sentimental today?? LOL when we’re angry we have to bring it out otherwise we’ll find it hard to face tomorrow with a smile. that’s what I experiences the past days bcoz as much as possible I don’t want negatives here, but I guess it’s not only me who feels it so might as well we get together bring it out once and for all then let go. Now I feel much lighter and I think everyone does now. we can all smile now because we breath out what is hurting inside. Anyway this happens very rare I got better inspiration in positive vibes of course well life is just up and down! we live with it! at least i’m not alone! thanks to everyone I got you to share with

      thank you so much take care have a lovely day! see you again! god bless.

  12. Hey LK Thank u so much for mentioning me… I feel so humbled..LOL!! Beautiful article as always…sometimes i feel ur words are like poetry.. overflowing with emotions and never knowing how to stop!!!

    • There you are LOL! Thanks for sharing your thoughts I really appreciate it, it made me really think, simple but significant that every one can grasp. actually now I understand what I feel thanks to you! Now take care have a wonderful day and see you again! God bless..

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