Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GIFTED ROCKER

 By: LazerKim               Kim Hyun Joong came out in a new true color, the rocker of the new generation! It’s finally out but just the album jacket!! It’s the full album of Hyun Joong containing his Japanese version of his original songs with some new once. At last Hyun Joong finally have the full album as his first. So now ladies we start saving, let’s go on diet from shopping spree!! This is gonna be a part of our memorabilia of Kim Hyun Joong, and we got three years to be doing this music memory collection, so let’s not miss a single memory. Hyun Joong never failed to surprise us always!  Hyun Joong created a new image again as a rocker in jeans and leather jacket as we can see from the photo above. Isn’t he cute?? Notice that pointed nose and pointed chin, so classic handsome!

I’m so happy for Hyun Joong that little by little he’s able to attain his dreams. History can tell Hyun Joong started as a bass guitarist rocker from a live band Axel, but unfortunately the group disbanded just before they have debuted. Hyun Joong’s first agent prior to DSP planned of sending the group to China and have their debut in China, but Hyun Joong rejected that offer. So it’s like Hyun Joong has a new beginning from where he left his bass guitar. But this time in a much better opportunity. Now I believe everything has its own time. And this is Hyun Joong’s time to be a rocker where he started from. Wow indeed Hyun Joong has a history to come back for. I’m sure he’s happy about this.

And how I wish he’ll play that bass guitar again in that new image, a more matured unique rocker. And the newest, he got those tattoos on his neck and chest. A fan friend of mine said, she never liked body tattoos, but upon seeing it from Hyun Joong she immediately liked it!! Well I got nothing against tattoo depending on where the tattoo is being placed. Hyun Joong has his tattoo left neck! But of course those were just artificial. In some other news Hyun Joong was called sexy and matured, with this I agree, little by little his natural sensuality is starting to surface. The guy is 26 it’s high time to act at his age, he’s already a CEO he’s no longer a kid, now I’m starting to heat up again. Oh I mean getting furious, I’m sorry about that! Oh may I remind this is gonna be a lengthy article than usual.

Here’s a news updates released yesterday pertaining to the album as follows:

KIM HYUN JOONG Reavels Jacket Image for First Full Length Japanese Album

Source: EnewsWorld link>(

Kim Hyun Joong is channeling his rock spirit for his upcoming new album.

Ahead of the release of his first full-length Japanese album, Unlimited, the album’s main jacket image was revealed on October 22.

Clad in jeans and a leather jacket, Kim Hyun Joong is seen holding his electric guitar while giving a glimpse of his tattooed chest.

The upcoming full-length album contains a mix of his past hits and new tracks including HeatYour StorySave Todayand more for a total of 14 tracks.

Your Story will serve as the album’s title track and was assisted by Daybreak’s bassist, Kim Sun Il. Save Today is another rock track that was composed with the help of rock bands Pia, Downhell and Daybreak.

Kim Hyun Joong is continuing to film for his upcoming KBS drama, City Conquest, while putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album which will be released on December 12.                                                          >>END<<

 (Another news update)

Korean male singer Kim Hyun Joong will be held on December 12 issued in Japan debut Japanese the conventional album “Unlimited” album cover photo public recently attracted the attention of the majority of fans.

The album cover photo, Kim Hyun Joong to play the guitar, deep eyes, highlight mature sportsman charm. His wild charm, but also express a gorgeous chest tattoo even more free-spirited temperament.

Korean male singer Kim Hyun Joong will be held on December 12 issued in Japan debut Japanese the conventional album “Unlimited” album cover photo public recently attracted the attention of the majority of fans.

The album cover photo, Kim Hyun Joong to play the guitar, deep eyes, highlight mature sportsman charm. His wild charm, but also express a gorgeous chest tattoo even more free-spirited temperament.

Korean male singer Kim Hyun Joong will be held on December 12 issued in Japan debut Japanese the conventional album “Unlimited” album cover photo public recently attracted the attention of the majority of fans.       (source: FaceBook c/o Ms. D)


May I beg your indulgence if I may break from the good news, I just have something to deal at this time. Whenever there’s something that makes my silent readers get upset, they email me and burst out their sentiments and this happens if they come across a write-up or entry that is not so good news, normally coming from critics. So I tried checking it out and indeed there was yesterday, then some I read from my comment box too, then another from the comment box from other blogs.

When I posted the article Bumpy Road which talks about the past, I decided to close the topic and move on forward. But as yesterday morning there’s still some reactions about Hyun Joong’s singing the song Let Me be the One. But this time a bit different. Anyway I’ll take this as lightly as I can, just to point out some views. I would just like to react to that write-up.I do not have any other intention but to react, that’s all.

All the while I thought this fan the entry writer already packed her bags and left the fandom, but she still writes about Hyun Joong. Well that’s her right. Actually I find her entry very funny. Where on earth have you seen a Singaporean criticizing intonation of a Korean in his own language?? Don’t you think this is an insult to the  Korean singer who happened to be Hyun Joong? Here’s what she wrote:

He was singing Let Me Be The One in an all-too-familiar voice. You know, not perfect, slightly unstable, intonation problems, and generally not cut-out to be a really good singer, but just simply and uniquely HJ style.

Oh this made me really laugh, not because she’s studying in Korea, she doesn’t have the right to correct a Korean intonation. She’s not a singer and she not even from the showbiz circle to talk as if she’s a judge of Asian Music Awards!! I’m really wondering how good some international fans are in criticizing Koreans, oh sorry she said she’s no longer a fan. It’s her right to state her opinion and I get the same right to state what I think of her opinion.  Who is she to be a judge of Hyun Joong’s singing ability and Korean INTONATION??? Hello Hyun Joong is a Korean and I guess he knows his own language better than foreigners, and she’s a Singaporean!! She wrote:

How did this guy live during these years, more successful than the others, but so very very alone?

How did you know he’s alone?? Why, how much do you know the guy? Can you judge by just stalking around Hyun Joong at Jaksal from time to time, can tell you he’s alone?


Here’s another one, that I really hope she did not spill it out because it will bounce back to her and to a lot of people concern, here it goes as she wrote:

I hate the fact that success has taken away something that I like very much about HJ. That carefree and free self, free to laugh and talk about anything that comes to mind. It’s just not the same anymore. How I miss those days when he doesn’t have to be careful about everything he says so that he doesn’t hurt anyone or start yet another raging war. How I hate the fact that his eyes revealed anxiety and pressure despite how nice his teeth looks when he smiles. It’s just not the same anymore (or have I already said that?)

This girl is full of hatred and I feel sorry for her because she is another crying over a spilled milk, take note she’s a TS critic. I’m just wondering it seems she’s trying to insinuate blaming Hyun Joong’s success for losing his carefree self? Now let’s analyze this as we move a little backward in time. I have read a lot of write ups from Hyun Joong’s fans when I was still researching last year. In fact I think I wrote an article about it too, that indeed Hyun Joong lost his cheerful ways. The question now when did this start??

Hyun Joong started to be less cheerful after his drama BOF 2009, because during the filming of BOF he was alright, in fact the other casts commented he’s been so funny and cheerful until he got sick from overwork. I think there was a video of the group SS501 from US that apparently he doesn’t seem to be enjoying that was at the year June 2009. In January 18, 2010, the controversy happened, in February 28, 2010 during one of the few concerts of SS501 he broke down into tears, lastly contract expiration June 2010 was the worst. These are the significant period 2009-2010 that showed of Hyun Joong’s unhappiness.

Who’s causing his unhappiness? Who hurt Kim Hyun Joong? Isn’t the people he loved most during those years? Who were they? DSP, SS501 and TS Accusers. Apparently these were the people who were involved in all those 2010 fiasco. Think about it. I know these are in the past but these people kept bringing back the past and seems to me blaming Hyun Joong’s unhappiness to the present!!


This girl doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She missed those days but who abandoned Kim Hyun Joong? She’s one of them. Now she writes she miss Hyun Joong? If you leave the fandom then leave and shut up. But she’s right it’s time to move on. Hyun Joong had already moved on in fact he already reached the height of success. And what is she doing crying over the past? And her parting shots:

You’re so silly HJ. You should have done this much earlier, sing what you want, do what you want, and don’t, for any second, fear your own light.

Where were you girl? You are silly not Hyun Joong!! Upon moving to KeyEast two years ago Hyun Joong had been doing what he wants, singing what he wants, he’s free from all the monsters of DSP, you and his accusers are left behind. And I’m telling you he is much happier this time. Because if he’s not happy he wouldn’t sign for contract renewal with KeyEast. And you’re making him unhappy with all your criticism. So move on to your life, you’re being left behind. This girl really made me laugh yesterday, thanks to you!

This is a classic example of a fan who was trying to get away from her spell, that obviously she could not. That instead of just simply walking away she turned to be a back stabber of Hyun Joong. And so may I say to this girl and accusers, leave Hyun Joong alone. Enough is enough he had already been hurt so much for years in his past with SS501 days and now he’s happily successful to where he is now, leave him alone. I don’t think you are happy with his success anyway. The most decent way of moving out to your exit is just walk away without a word.


Ever since I started with this blog it has been my aim to defend and protect Hyun Joong at all cost in the most decent manner. I know you would love to read good news, and so with me I feel happier to write good news all the time. But as Hyun Joong’s fan these are the things I have to deal with since Hyun Joong has no way to defend himself, this has been going on behind his back. Neither would I want to go for fan dispute with anyone. I would like to close this matter for now. Haters will always be as they are but if we just keep being silent all the time and letting these insects get in their way they would just be carelessly bashing around, I would just like to react to get this matter off my chest.

Kim Hyun Joong would just remain silent even dirt had already been thrown to him, we have seen all those incidents in past and I sincerely do not want him to have it again. Hyun Joong may ignore, but he’s also human who can get hurt inside. We have seen him for so many time as he just broke down into tears, and we do not want to see him that way again. Well, it’s different in Saitama Arena when he broke down he was moved by his chanting fans and overwhelmed by the crowd of fans. The following concert series he was bouncing back again as if nothing happened, and the following morning in his filming he even played with the crew at the location of City conquest. And so we fans are here to defend and protect him from those who are stabbing his back. I hope we can keep that strength, not for disputes but simply pointing out what others seem to be ignorant about Hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong now is a grown up man, he’s 26 and it’s about time for him to act his age, he is already a CEO. How would we expect others to respect him as a CEO if he’s still acting like a kid. He has to grow up and I understand some fans do miss that kid inside him but he can not be that forever. He had already outgrown his SS501 days and it’s time for us to accept that Hyun Joong is maturing. That SS501 period is over. Since he moved in to KeyEast what has he been saying? Do you still remember when he was out there on his first days of launching Breakdown in June 2011 at Mnet Count Down, here’s what he said, “I want to show my manly side to my fans and I hope they will like it.”

How can he show his manly side if he’s still playing around like he was with SS501? It’s gonna be shame for a 26 years old man to be acting like a kid, who would like that? We have to understand this, it’s high time to leave the past. Well, actually the ONLY ONE Alien World are moving fast forward, only these fans who are still dealing with their hang-ups have been left behind! So let’s leave them!! They will never grow, abnormal doesn’t grow actually!! I would just like to let them see some points here, hanging over the past can never bring you to the good future. I appreciate my silent readers who have been good reporters, and for the others please feel free to email me whatever your sentiments are, and I will respond to you, thank you.


In June 7th 2011, Hyun Joong read his letter to his fans that, from that day on what he wants to give us are all smiles and share happiness together. Hyun Joong fulfilled his word of honor for a year and a half, there’s always something to be excited about coming from him. There’s always been new music, more dances, more concerts from here and there, chain of events that Hyun Joong wants us to join him and make a memorable moments with him during his Asian Tour Fan Meeting even those from afar. We were all so happy, and he made his word that he will keep us interested in him always. Do you remember those words?

Hyun Joong never failed with any of his words to us. Now we are anticipating his come back drama by public demand he will provide. Hyun Joong doesn’t want us to be kept waiting and so he made another music while filming his drama. If you notice, we may be waiting but within those gaps he make sure we have something to be interested about coming from him and so he set up for new music and image being a rocker which is coming in soon. This is how much he loves his fans, he knows exactly what we need and he’s been a perfect provider for us his fans. How else can we break from his spell?? I don’t think we can!! Actually I do not want to, I’m happy being here with other fans!!

I had such a wonderful day yesterday, thank you to all of you for making my birthday a most memorable one. I actually do not celebrate my birthday after my 18th birthday and I felt there was a party in this blog yesterday and I really enjoyed interacting with all of you. I also would like you to know you inspired me just as much as Hyun Joong does. I feel so happy that Hyun Joong’s fans are really growing in numbers. Please let us welcome new comers from Germany, yesterday in my map scale Germany was on top, followed by US. And I met a new fan from Switzerland last night. these countries are really far from Hyun Joong, but I will do my best to bring him near to you everyday. Welcome to this blog!


Hyun Joong has a new image and it’s like meeting a new guy in our lives but still the same person we love. How can I possibly get tired of this guy if I kept meeting different image out of this same guy? So amazing and take note he actually said, “I’ll keep you interested in me always.” And this is exactly what he’s doing! Oh others just don’t know how fun it is to be Hyun Joong’s fans!! Die of jealousy, in my language we say “mamatay kayo sa ingit!!” as they say! Well, we got lots to look forward to, in the mean time, let’s endure the boredom for a while and share with it as we talk more about the Prince.

One of my regular readers is a rocker her family is within the love of music, her name is Razor, and I hope she can share her views of how it is to be rocker, how they think and how they feel, you’ll be amaze they are different from other artists.

It’s been Hyun Joong’s dream to sing with a live band since he first knew music through rock. He has so many gifted talents but music will never be separated from him. In his younger years his lover is his guitar, he literally sleeps with it and love it until at present.

One of these days we shall see Kim Hyun Joong in a different image, an image of a Gifted Rocker who will bring us another new music in our daily lives. Let’s wait and welcome the new man in our life the new Kim Hyun Joong!!

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Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks! Fan Arts, Kleng Aquino thanks!



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  1. khj I am ur biggest fan I am from Nigeria my name is Edith I will soon be a high school senior sometimes times my sister’s tell me that I’m cracra for always talking about I have a lot of your pics of you on my tab and stil downloading more I really love your tattoos they really bring out the beauty you think is in rock. I really hope you read my comments and reply and congrats on winning the court case between you and lady choi and also love the way u were willing to bring up the child and that really gave me hope and I hope you could wish me happy birth Day on the 22nd of May I’ll be expecting you and I would reall love yo rap and sing for you on you birthday 6th of june and my favourite colour is also black we both love hats and sleep and love puuppys and hate English . kim hyun joong oppa or Kim hyun joong hung nim your one and only dongseng is wishing you a blessed and successful year

  2. Damn you haters if you dont like him then shut up dont watch his shows or anything that is relating to him! Why must this haters go around talking a lot of s more than their a** ever could! Most of all how can you hate someone who is as nice and as great of a person like KHJ. If you have problems with yourself dont drag another person down the drain with you and certainly dont spread lies about KHJ.!!!

  3. HI LZ … Belated Happy Bday … Just came upon this article … a really good one …..
    Haters will always be Haters … but they can never put a good man down ……….
    This is a very good article … a must read. Specially to the new HJ fans who may be easily swayed by these naysayers. Thanks for writing this …..


  4. This Darna had already eaten my patience.she’s a spoiled b….This girl had gone too far and i dont think HJ deserve such a fan.As if she knows everything,hello you’re still young and still in school,you have not achieve anything in life yet,so learn to respect others esp. people older than you.
    You do not know fan’s age so learn to respect.She could not take opinion of others accusing the fans to be tactless,how can others respect her if she doesn’t even respect herself.Yes i read that F word too she used in her entry and that is so awful for a girl like her,so immature and soooo arrogant,thats my comments to darna and i hope she reads this if she say her opinion as her right then i have the same right too.
    LK thank you, im sorry but i just want to burst out my anger.Thanks!

  5. i just can’t take these haters anymore!
    to me, leader is almost everything. for about two years now. he was the first korean i ever liked and til now he is my absolute bias. and if there are such people who are trying to destroy him .. i can’t stand this!
    i watched all these old shows with doubleS.. yeah, he isn’t that funny anymore. but i like his new mature side. he’s now grown up. and with only two years difference – i don’t think it’s that bad. he is an full adult now, very manly 😛
    people should take a look at themselves, before judging other !!

    • Same here with me that’s why no matter how much I wanted to write good news it’s rather difficult if something else is in my mind that I just have to spill it out so that I can move forward writing better news and not like this. We feel the same way and as I have said these are other thing we have to deal with defending HJ at all cost.
      You’re welcome to open up your sentiments in this blog just to burst it out can help having hard feeling, it needs to air it out. You can do it here and you’re safe no one can contradict. Except INSECTS are off limits!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts that others can read from you, Have a cheerful day take care and see you again! God bless.

  6. Totally agreed and thank you so much for your article. This is my 2nd time post in your blog. I m from Myanmar. Yesterday, I felt very sorry on reading her blog. I wanted to defend for hyun joong so much. You said all i wanted to say. Thank u so much. Now i feel comfortable thanks to your article. I have been hyun joong’s fan over 3 years ago. As she said, i loved hyun joong’s carefree and pure eyes so much. but now i still love his humble and gentle eyes and mature manner. Yes, he has changed a little, But when every thoughtful person grow up, they become more mature and take more responsibility. I thought she is a big fan of hyun joong and I even envy her for seeing hyun joong so often. but now I think she is very childish, immature and couldn’t understand the maturity and responsibility. In her blog, some fans defend for hyun joong and this girl even accused Hyun joong’s fans of being delusional. I felt very irritated yesterday. Sorry for my broken english.Thank U so much lazer kim. God bless you!

    • Oh your English is good, I think I remember you, now I was being reminded about Myanmar and your country was suppose to be included at the filming of City conquest but I think that was changed, I was looking forward to it since I really love to see your country. Well I’m still hoping he could visit your country.
      Yeah there are lots of silent readers who emailed me about this, so I know exactly how you feel . I read that comment too, she under estimated Hyun Joong’s fans that I do not like, even it’s her own opinion, then she has to learn from other’s opinion too not a self centered spoiled. Now I remember one entry from her before that one that she swear on using F word to some fans. Is this how a lady should be? Considering her school is being displayed on her blog, I would like to tell her school admin “is this your student product? Is this what you taught your students without manners?” It’s just s disgraceful to the school name.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, have a cheerful day, you’re feeling much better I think, so see you again I hope I can have the chance to visit your country I do not know why, Nepal also I want to see! Hey take care and God bless..

      • Thanks a lot! Welcome from Myanmar! I am the same age as hyun joong and I can’t understand her selfish thoughts. See you…..

  7. Hello dear LK, isn’t he a dear, again he surprise us with his new LOOK…a real joy and real feast for the eyes. Wow divineeee, hot…alpha male! I really like this better than all others. Well the CEO is one hot pic as well. Thank you.
    I really think that everyone has the right to express herself/himself as he wishes, so let it be as it is.
    Re HJ being happy, I do remember a video that he was at some soccer match that he was laughing his head off with his friends and not long ago at the fireworks he was same, so maybe he is still his playfull self in his private with his close friends and don’t forget he is moving up in stardom so he really has to keep a more serious face.
    if your internet connection goes down again, sue them, they are puting a lot of people in stress…or change the provider/service….lol. :):)

    • Yeah that’s right HJ has a natural sense of humor and that stays in him it’s just that nowadays we don’t get to see him on variety shows,talk shows and interviews since he’s busy with filming concerts recording rehearsals ect. Yeah i’ve seen that clip too, thanks for sharing I remember that soccer and fireworks festival. i don’t know what else they’re looking for from him. Yeah you’re right let it be, inhale, exhale I’m heating up again!! LOL
      Now I got that girl giggle feeling, isn’t he so cute!!! I love that jacket the first one with the guitar Oh i love it!! Noya look at his face, I agree with you i think this is his best album jacket ever. From a CEO to the rocker image this guy is really so
      amazing! He can put in an extreme image with no extra effort. I think SIA decided not to include him this year because obviously HJ is legend style icon no one can beat him he just got it all!! You wouldn’t stop loving this guy i bet a million!
      Thank you dear for sharing take care see you! have a lovely day!!

      • You know, for the first time I’ve put the first pic as my screen saver on my phone and on my pc, could not help myself. My mom saw it and she said Wow, what a beautiful man, she liked it….my bof less, but who cares as long as I love it…lol 🙂 he is happy Hj is far away:)

  8. Lazer Kim….may Darna ba dito….akala ko ay WONDER WOMAN!!!….LOL!!!…..malaki kasi ang inhibitions sa buhay, desperate cases na sya at kahit sa mental di na kakayanin ang kanyang karamdaman….kahit si Dr. Ji Hoo at Seung Jo, di kaya siyang pagalingin….yay!!!

    Gusto mo bang talupan ko ng buhay at kalbuhin, bunutin ang lahat ng balahibo nya para matahimik……..yan kasi ang gawain ng mga bigo, nagwawala o KSP sya…LOL!!

    Thanks again for the nice article….FOR THE LOVE OF MY BUNSOY!!!

    • hahahahaha mama you make my day!!! LOL Wondergirl naman mama! Nako ang sexy nga ni Darna Vilma Santos!! Nako hindi papayag si ate Vi!! Tama ba ako ate Vi ba? Mama nagbabalak mamanugangin mo daw cya, ano say mo??LOL!! Good luck syo, bigyan mo na kasi ng boyfriend ma para hnd na kinakalantari si bunsoy mo!LOL Mama ikaw lagi mo ako pinipigilan kaw hndi ko pipigilan, make my day!! isang bala ka lang!! go go mama!! Hay nakakatuwa ka mama!!LOL O mama alagaan mo si bunsoy mo jan bantayan mo at baka bakuran na naman ni darna!! Thanks mama you make my day!! see you! Take care ma. god bless

    • Ay mam lina baka po gusto nyo ng tulong available po aq anytime, sabihin nyo lang po kung kelan para maihanda q ung mga gagamitin natin sa pagtatalop at pang kalbo kung gusto naman po nyo pasabugan na lang natin para hnd na tau mahirapan…matagal na akong nang-gigil sa hitad na yan! ubod ng yabang grrrrr!!! ingat po!

      • Ah grabeh nman ang mga kataga nyo tawa ako ng tawa. Talupan ng buhay, kalbuhin, may pasabugin pa susme kulang na lang litsunin nyo ung tao. Hahaha! Ang saya saya nmn dito sa blog ni ms lk!

        • Ano ka si wagass yan unang sinabi lilitsunin nga daw dahil tawag namin eh liempo or pork chop ano ba sa talalog yun? ayaw ko magbangit!! Naku bayulente pala dito nagyon ko lang nabasa!LOL may mag ttalop pa! Ano ba yan talop ng carrots!! Dami na kasi nag titimpi!

  9. hello ms lk lol 2 that person,she’s making herself a laughing stock really 4 criticing hyun joong on his intonation a foreigner criticing a person born/grew up in korea speaking the laungage all his life this is really an epic….

    • LOL at least this ease our boredom for a while, for a change! Turn it to possitive vibes!! It’s really epic, i bet you!! Thank you! cheer up! see you again take care! Have a pleasant evening!

  10. I have seen HJ in 3 occasions. The 1st time was in 2010 when he came to Malaysia for TFS promotion, too many people so I could not get a good look at him. The 2nd time was in 2011 when he came to Malaysia for TFS and 1st album promotions, was only able to see his handsome profile from afar not close enough. The 3rd time was when he held the FM in Singapore, face to face when having the hand shake but was too dazed to have a good look at him, very unreal. Next time I hope I can calm down and really take a good look at him. Depending on his mood and his postures, his face can tell many stories. I was first attracted by his singing and I think he has a fantastic voice for ballads. Looking forward to more of his creations. LK, you are getting better in your writing too. I think Darna is too in love with HJ.

    • You’re right I so love it whenever he sings ballad the 1st time I heard him sing LOVE and FORTUNATE I fell in love with those songs thinking he sung it even better than the original singers! No offense just opinion to the orig. I think that’s the initial impression upon seeing him in person, May next time pinch yourself before coming in near him and don’t look away!!LOL Just focus on his face every second counts LOL! Thank you May have a pleasant day and take care see you!

  11. hello sis! if hj is a gifted rocker, you are a gifted writer…mabuhay ka sis! and to darna just a little msg for you…
    If you turn ur back to KHJ no one cares! stop writing about him just leave and move on to your LIFE and…

    • Gosh I have been having problems with wordpress what’s wrong with this! Sis I’m pretty worried of my connection pls advice everyone just in case I don’t turn out in your mail tomorrow. You’re my guardian angel here and razor!!LOL
      There’s a big difference between fantasy and reality, I don’t see anything wrong with dreaming since it’s for free but if one can’t wake up that’s where the problem begins. She just needs a textmate!! Give her one!! Thanks sis see you!

      • Ok sis i’ll do that! see you!
        textmate for darna? ummmm…she dont need one sis,she needs to be hospitalized bcuz she is so sick…

  12. Hi lazer, i got late to read today.
    Well i read ur reply for me on yesterday. Yeah i think i’ll find someone good only hard thing is that i knew him for 8 years n we were going out for 3 years. So bit sad. Still I’m keeping up well thanks to music. If u check my playlist it’s all full of Hyun Joong’s n Ss501’s songs.
    I have decided to keep quiet on all the good & bad critics on HJ for singing ‘let me be the one’ cause i think all 5 of them have the equal right ro sing their group songs. 🙂 plus i’m thankful for them, then as a group & now as solo artists they all are doing good music.
    Oh those album jacket are soo great. When i saw them i was drooling all over. Hyun Joong is a freaking hot handsome roker. Awesome. The make-up tatoos all made me go crazy which resulted in changing my wall papers. :p
    So see you again lazer. God bless!!

    • Honestly if SS501 competes with other group I’ll put all my stake on them even w/o HJ and support bcoz among all Kpop groups they’re the ones I like most. I have their songs in my playlist, if only I’m still active in my profession as choreographer I would use their music in my production. I gave some of their music Dejavu, Alice, Unlock and of course albums of HJ to my junior choreographer and they used it effectively, they have good music. And among the 4 members second to HJ i like Kyu Jong I think he’s really nice. Nirmani I envy you 8 years being loyal to the group is something, you had the chance to know each one of them. How i wish i had that chance.
      Thank you dear, have a great day! see you again and take care God bless…

      • i do agree with you dear! no one can surpass them. oh i think you got a bit wrong.(i was speaking about my bf as i told in your earlier article about him breaking up with me)
        no worries i love ss501 as a group as well as solo artists even my bias is Hyun joong. 🙂
        oh god lazer don’t stop posting your articles cause it has become my habit to read & comment. 🙂

        • hahaha I’m sorry about that!! Ok I got it! And yes may I add, the group treats their fans with respect and sincerity. That’s another thing that I like about the group, even this time they are doing their solo activities they maintain that treatment to their fans. Don’t worry I won’t stop! see it’s 6AM still have not slept yet and still writing because I started 2am.

  13. Omo!!! Yes!!! Lazer Kim!!!
    He is a gifted Rocker!!
    I’m from India!!! Nd a Die-Hard Henecia, I love hm so much, my 1st inspiration, he is so Amazing, nd whatever anti fans says is just useless, if u r no longer a fan then shut up nd leave widout a word, atleast if u hav some selfrespect then why u look behind nd always disrespect the artist… If they hate hm then just leave nd don’t see hm back, doesn’t hate has that power if u hate sum1 then doesn’t want 2 talk about ’em, see them, listen them, but here’s the anti fans writing nonsense nd all stuff!!! >.<
    If she had been a TripleS nd Henecia then why she changed her mind just b'coz he changed, bt don't she understand that he had suffer nd had his time happily & now its his time 2 be more Happy!!! 😀 if she cn't understand then she should leave!!! If she continue doing this then every Henecia out here will hate her 4 being so unrespectful!!!

    By Seeing hm like this- I CAN SAY 2 MYSELF AND 2 WORLD THAT I'M PROUD 2 BE HENECIA!!! 😀 ❤ 😀

    I'll always support u no matter wat!!! 😀

    ~~~ Henecian ForEver!!! 😀 ❤

    • Hello to India! I’m glad to meet you here Welcome to the blog! I agree to you opinion. I think the child is totally misguided, every time she write it bounces back to her. She thought she can get HJ to be friends with, that’s why I wrote an article which talks about boundaries between idol and fans.
      To HENECIA cheers!! To faithful TS cheers!! To PERFECT cheers! And to all Aliens here cheers everyone!!Thank you so much see you again! Have a pleasant day and take care!

    • hi Beena, sis!!ur also here…i agree to what u’ve said,EVERY HENECIA will fight for our ALIEN!!
      Respect begets Respect…
      Cheers LazerKim,Beena Gaha!!cheers to all HENECIANS!!

    • Thank you Fanjoong! Something is really wrong with my wordpress grrr!! I think this album is one exceptionally unique, oh i’m looking forward to it! Take care fanjong I’m really worried about my internet too slow!! See you dear! God bless.

  14. Hallo! ^^ xD Oh yeah, the pics are really hot =) I just have a problem with the artwork there LOL! XD but the pics are awesome! thumbs up for the photographer! and the model haha xD
    I’m totally looking forward to hearing the new songs! I can’t even imagine how good they will sound *O*
    Just like many of you are getting used to his new music concept, I had to get used to Break Down last year hahahah xDDDDDDDDDDD So I really thank HJ for doing the music that I like, the one I’ve waiting for ages ❤

    I'm really sad about the controversy 😦 I just don't like commenting on those kind of things, but everybody should move on and even though DSP hurt HJ, if HJ has said nothing against them then I don't have the right to do that. If it wasn't for SS501 then I would have never know who HJ was.

    Haha I laughed at the fact that my nickname has been named here LOL! I'm surprised kekeke!
    About HJ losing his cheerful ways… well I do have to comment on that line…. when I met HJ virtually LOL he was debuting with SS501, and when I read his profile and I got to know he had a rock band in his younger days, and the fact that he loved rock music I fell in love with him (LMAO!!!! how corny did that sound?! XD) /// Oh I remember the vid where he was showing his place, and he focused the camera on his cd's xDDD there were Linkin Park, Metallica and Velvet Revolver cd's… ❤ LOL /// I liked his rebel self LOL he's still like that though, everybody says he just "doesn't listen" to anyone LMAO that's what I like about him. I fell in love with his depressive yet sparkling eyes…. I don't think he was actually a total joker ever! 'Cause he was very depressed when he lived in Japan, and that was way before BOF. Plus I'm an insane jokester so I don't need him to be one XDDDDDDDDDD
    AND the fact that he didn't know how to smile when he debuted, that gives us a hint, right?!

    Hmmm …."how it is to be a rocker, how they think and how they feel"… I DUNNO xDDDDD hahahahsjdhd xD how it is? I can only speak for myself xD well whenever I'm bored, I take my guitar, tune it and play many many songs, and If I don't have time I play them x5 faster Hahasdjshad xD I'm always thinking about music, my life is all about that…. Without music, I'd be nothing I swearrrr! My work is related to music and I work when I want to xD I couldn't work 9 to 5 like a "normal" person… 'cause my mood would not allow me to do that xDDDDDDDD … I love my own freedom so If I don't feel like doing something, then I won't do it! They can't force me to do anything, I'm the most stubborn girl in the world (but I think that has to do with the fact that I'm a Taurus LOL)… I want to be young forever! ahahahsd xD well, rockers do look younger than "normal" ppl right?! (say yeeeeeees! XD) My dad was a bassist of a band but even though he played rock songs, he was never a rocker as in appareance… he's a formal biz man… too formal I guess xD I bet he'd wish I'd dress like a lady and not like an emo gothic bohemian rock chick xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD but well this is me XD and he loves me the way I am.
    My schedule sleeping is screwed up, 'cause the good ideas always come up during the early hours of the night… xDDD I love staying up and going to bed at 9am hahahsd xDDDDDD I'm a night person =P
    If I'm happy, I play music. If I'm feeling a bit blue, I play music. If I feel nervous, I play music xD If I'm bored, I play music. If I'm tired, I play music xDDDD kkk
    I'm straight forward, I cannot lie… I cannot hide anything… I have like 989832918323 different black eyeshadows hahaha I think they should have put a bit more on HJ's eyes LOL he DOES look hot wearing it ❤
    Now I'll stop boring you with my post xD Hugs for everybody, eh eh everybody! ❤

    • Razor thanks for sharing I’ll put this up for tomrrow oh it’s late i haven’t written anything yet no update Oh sad news!! be back hang in there I got questions.

  15. hi lazer kim!!did i greet you yesterday?i think so..keke…
    We have 1 thing in common,i’ve known HJ as Ji Hoo..not knowing his a singer/dancer,and part of a group(SS501)…And the same thing happened when i watch the breakdown MV,..i really can’t believe it..then i search and i search…now i know more about him now,thanks to you and to other co-HENECIANS who keeps on updating us..
    Oh you call somebody DARNA?to that DARNA girl,shut your mouth..don’t judge someone you really don’t know..when HJ is performing he’s thinking how to make his FANS happy..and its sad to know that there are bitter criticizers who always watch him just to check on what is not good,let me tell you this..HENECIA will always stay with him..through thick & your life and be happy,darna..
    Thanks again LazerKim!!Godspeed!!

    • See? I share the same experience with everyone that’s why Hjun Joong fans think and feel alike, which I’m so happy about because I’m not alone with my thoughts of him. I agree with your opinion, I just hope she’s reading this after i send this article to her personally. The girl is just so tactless.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, see you again take care and God bless.

      • hello po..ako po un new friend s fb.. 🙂
        Yeah,same feelings & thinking po tau towards HJ…me mga tao lng tlga n d alm ang gusto s buhay..yang Darna girl n yan ang 1..kng ayaw n nya ke HJ,just leave quietly..d nman xa kwalan ni HYUN JOONG..

  16. Hi Lk.thanks for sharing your thought and totally agreed with you.when i read her blog,its hurt me alot.since she posted it in twitter and eveyone will read it,she should be careful with her words.she treat HJ like an object not a human being.I dont understand what actually on her mind. if she want to leave the fandom and HJ,she shouldnt care about him anymore.
    anyway,among Breakdown to Unlimited cover photos,i love Unlimited the most.he looks so wild/sexy/hot/mature enough.totally my style.and love the tattoos too.
    have a nice day.Lk

    • Oh i love this jacket so much the one with the guitar most specially. I think someone commented on her with the same as yours taking HJ like an object. She needs a boyfriend I think!! It’s a regret she doesn’t have one as her young age I think she has to experience real love but then her fantasy is taking her somewhere else!! And passing that fantasy to others, accusing them of fantasizing that I want to say LOOK WHO’S TALKING. Thank you so much see you again take care. Have a nice day!

      • totally agree w/ u ms lk,she needs a bf yes but the 1 she covets most is out of reach,her dream is taking her 2 far not realizing wats fantasy@ reality….

  17. Dearest Lk,
    Thanks a lot. U kept ur promise to write about what Darna wrote. I wish she would read it. Love it. You r 100% right. For someone who has only met hj by chance, she really has a nerve to criticize n judge him. How arrogant can one be? I like the part where u wrote about a Singaporean criticizing the intonation of a Korean
    Lol. Way to go my friend. Then again this girl Darna really has a lot of nerves. In another write up she even said that hj is not her kind of man n start comparing hj with other male celebs in Korea. I mean…who cares? Who r u to hj anyway? What a snob. Sorry Lk. I got all cite up after reading your article . What are going to write about tmorow? Cant wait..he..he. Till then by.

    • Oh what a nerve HJ not her kind of man so she goes to Jaksal every time HJ is there. And mind me she’s not even the kind of girl HJ would like with her kind of attitude and manners. she just needs a boyfriend unfortunately no one would take her!! Too bad!
      For tomorrow I need some good news I don’t want bad news anymore, I’ll probably respond to difference between fantasy and reality, entertainment being a part our lives. I got no updates that;’s a sad news LOL!! Thank you so much i’ll see you again! I’m running late take care have a nice day!

      • hah running after a man not her type/kind????wat is it then???gosh i never incounter a person like her such a hypocrite…

  18. As soon as i saw HJ’s new pics yesterday, I was so amazed by his consistent transition. I actually thought of u and couldn’t wait for ur article today..and about that girl…it really didn’t affected me at all coz now i really don’t care what critics has to say about hj…u just can’t close their mouths all the time…and like you said she used to be a fan isn’t ..wants to leave the fandom but couldn’t all she could do was to criticize this and that…I wish i could say to her that there are hundreds more terrible singers in kpop than hj and why wouldn’t she point them out and their intonations. there are many singers who may be best in their work and not in their real personalities…to tell u the truth i actually don’t know any one in this world where so many people love one person because of his personality and who his is than how awesome his talents are.. u keep saying hj may not be the best in his field but seriously when it comes to hj …it just doesn’t matter at all..coz we know the truth hj has the gift of keeping his fans happy through his constantly changing music genre..his image but never his word.. i really don’t know anyone like him in this world.

    • I’m sorry I must have skipped your comment! i borrowed a part of this comment thanks for sharing you may check it out a bit later maybe after 30min I’ll post it. the title is Star Player Thank you again take care and see you again! I like your views God bless..

  19. Lazer unnie,thank you very much for reacting and defending against that blogger.if your today article doesn’t include to defend that blogger,i am gonna emailed you about that.thanks again,unnie. Totally agree with you with what you have written.those are the same as my feelings.very well said.
    She also said hj stopped being funny so some fans left him.that’s strange.don’t you think so? He is not even a comedian,why should he try to be funny all the time if he is not in the mood? Ridiculous people.
    Hj is singer and actor,of course being funny and 4d are some unique traits of him.but i think a true fan will not leave him because he doesn’t do some funny stuff as much as before.that is superficial.they look at hj only superficially.
    For me as long as he is kim hyun joong who loves his fans,who sings and acts with his whole heart,that is enough.
    Bye,unnie. See you again.

    • Totally with u 100%. Hj is funny becos he has great sense of humor. He is not a comedian who has to be funny all the time. That is what makes hj unique. That natural inborn 4D that he has which not all are blessed with. That what makes hj handsomely

    • Actually i don’t want to spoil my day yesterday that’s why I set this topic aside. LOL it’s funny I delete that part in this article, yeah I think her friends think Hj is a comedian my goodness it just shows how CHEAP she is. I think she dreams to be a judge at OSCAR!! That’s it that girl with minimal idea tends to pretend she knows everything and that’s dangerous as we call it in my profession. She’s making the fans look damn and I think she needs help! Psychiatrist or something! Thank you, and see you again! Have a lovely day take care!

  20. Hi ms lk though i really wanted to post comment on your article yesterday but then i preferred not to, thinking that u might not be able to read it coz it reaches out to 52 replies already hehehe. Midnight(kuwait time)when i had read ur article. One thing i would say super envy ako sa u during your first meeting with him in japan. How i wish you could make kwento in details to me but i know its impossible for u coz of bulk emails you had everyday hehehe.
    Anyway regarding this so called fan girl i thought lumayas na yan. Still active on her blog? Kung si ms wagas pa si darna tawag nya.
    Blueribbon paramdam k nmn sa kin.

    Take care ms lk.
    God bless.

    • hello hanz!e2 na aq kahit hnd aq multo magpaparamdam aq sau hehehe! kung alam mo lang kung gano aq ka high blood sa chakabelz na yan,si LK nagbinyag ng darna jan.Ayaw na daw nya pero putak ng putak hnd maka get over kay hj ayaw pa aminin,ung iba namang walang utak na fans sinasang ayunan pa ung mga pamimintas kay hj pero sbi nila mga fans sila huh…kawindang! ayan hanz nagagalit na naman tuloy aq.

      • Salamat nmn at ngpramdam ka kaso binuhay ko n nmn ang galit sa dibdib mo at least pareho na tayo.hahaha. ah si ms lk pla nagbansag sa babaeng yun. Ano b kc problema ni darna at ayaw nya patahimikin buhay ni hj. Ano p ba hinahangad niya bukod sa pagiging isang fan taas ng ambisyon ha. Ako nga hangad ko lng to meet him person masaya na ko. Di ba ms wagas.

  21. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GIFTED ROCKER | LazerKim

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