Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SPECIAL DAY!

By: LazerKim            Kim Hyun Joong shall be on tour with the band DownHell in Japan to start his year 2013 with the following schedules: January 6th 2013 at the World Memorial Hall Kobe and January 9th at Saitama Arena. Isn’t this a good news? This I think is the Budokan effect in October 4th as Hyun Joong performed with the live band for the first time and apparently a follow up concert with band is an excellent result. I’m so excited about this news because honestly, I like Hyun Joong to be performing with the live band. If Hyun Joong would always be doing this the further he’ll get to develop faster. Oh how I wish he would sing Love and Fortunate with the band.

So Hyun Joong would be starting with his year in Japan again! I think the guy would be very busy since he already mentioned that he’ll be in Japan on December for Christmas to release his third album, that means another concert again before the year end. Then as the start of the year 2013, he’ll have these two concerts, I think this is already in preparation for City Conquest promotion since it was mentioned in Budokan that the drama promotion proper would start on January. Well at least now there’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel for our waiting period, so let’s just endure and share the boredom without Hyun Joong around anyway we got lots to look forward for! How about that?


Once in our life time there’s always a day that we always remember no matter long time ago it was. This day is a special day for me because this was the same day as last year that Kim Hyun Joong gave me a shock that shuttered my life that placed me in a spell bound state that until now I could not get over with anymore for one year this day! A very memorable day for me since it was on this day that my life started to change unexpectedly for the better. Today is my birthday and, my anniversary being a fan and follower of Kim Hyun Joong, maybe this article might be different from the usual, since I would like to celebrate this day by sharing my experience being a first timer fan ever!

When I lost my internet connection recently I was able to go over with me files that saved from my computer and I found the very first article that I read and quite surprisingly I found a letter I wrote address to Hyun Joong that I have already forgotten about it. I did not realized I kept my first memory of Kim Hyun Joong from the first few days I spent searching about him.That I would like to share with you. But first let me share with you how I was on this same day October 22, 2011.


It was my birthday that I never celebrate, in which for me it’s just an ordinary day, but I guess last year was exceptional. I opened my YouTube to find out if there’s a new drama since I watch preview  from YouTube first before buying DVD, I used to be a Kdrama addict. I do not know how my mouse took me to a video entitled Kim Hyun Joong Breakdown! Honestly I can hardly remember Hyun Joong’s name since I have known him as Jihoo and this was I called him. As I was watching, I was totally in doubtful seeing this guy in short dark hair in black leather suit in dark glasses. I said to myself, is this Jihoo? No this can’t be! Then there were other series of video clips with the same image only on different TV stages.

Then I went to Google type BOF to check on the real name of Hyun Joong and I was right Jihoo indeed is Kim Hyun Joong, then I went back to watching his other video clips. I started at 7PM and ended before 7AM the following day just by watching Hyun Joong’s Breakdown then going back to BOF and trying to make comparison if I was actually watching the same person!! I woke up the following day 12noon and the first thing that came to my mind was still Hyun Joong and still asking myself what happen to the flower boy I watched from BOF?


I went back to video watching still the same video but time I saved those in my playlist. I didn’t know he was a singer that made me even curious and so I started searching, first at Wikipedia that was the first time I knew that he was with the boy band. Then I searched for more reads and I found this.  This was the first write-up that I saved in my computer dated October 23, 2011, I remember I saved this write-up because of the numbers Hyun Joong mentioned since I was fond of lottery too!! I tried my luck and bet on the numbers, but I didn’t win!! Try these numbers at the lottery, you might win! There’s no harm in trying!!

News] The Secret Behind Kim HyunJoong’s New Album’s Numbers ’39 25 6′ [11.10.11]

Kim HyunJoong revealed the story behind the secret of the numbers on his new album jackets.

In the recent interview, Kim HyunJoong said, ‘The numbers ’39 25 6′ on my new album jacket is actually Bae Yongjun-ssi’s age, my age and my birthday (6/6)’

Edit – Full Translation HyunJoong : I’ll buy the lottery every week, if I won, it would be great. That’s what I’ve been thinking. If 4 out of the 6 numbers were correct, can receive a 50,000KRW reward.

Reporter : There’s also a lottery number that appeared in your album this time, 39, 25, 6.

HyunJoong : I’m not sure about that, but 39 represents Bae YongJun-ssi age , 25 is my age and 6 is my birthday (6/6).

If I were to add another few numbers.. 55, 1….

Reporter There is no 55.

HyunJoong : 45, 1, 23

He added laughingly, ‘I buy the lottery numbers every week too. It’s okay if I win but I’m not sure about the precise details’. In fact, out of the 6 lottery numbers, Kim HyunJoong have uncovered 4  correct numbers out of the 6. On that day, Kim HyunJoong had another 3 numbers ’1, 23, 45′ to ’39, 25, 6′ for fun.

Kim HyunJoong expressed, ‘My daily motto is ‘Life is just one shot’. We live just once and I wanted to give it one shot. Even in this album, I’m tempting to convey this message too’.

Additionally, Kim HyunJoong will start his second mini album’s promotion this 11th of October with his title track ‘Lucky Guy’. Later that, he will be having his Japan Nationwide Concert tour and planning to hold the Asia Tour concert next year.


I found a letter address to Hyun Joong which I have already forgotten about it, and as I was reading it, I was laughing all the way! The letter was dated October 27, 2011 I think I wrote this letter because I was in search of his other fans for the first time. I got no place where I can express myself that time, now I think this letter is meant to be in this blog. Here it goes:

October 27, 2011

Dear Hyun Joong,

I do not know how this letter can reach you or how you would understand what I want to say. I’m a new fan, although I’m not sure if I am because this is the first time for me to get hooked by a celeb. First of all, I want to apologize that I did not recognize you the first time I saw you at Tokyo Dome when you were rehearsing for Smile project! You look familiar but I couldn’t recall where I have seen you before and I did not know your real name. It was only after the event that I knew you were Jihoo! I’m really sorry about that and I feel sorry for myself too when I had all the chances of meeting for the first time, but I will not forget your beautiful voice, I was at the audio control booth that time, I may be far from the stage where you were standing but I can see you’re truly handsome.

I wish I could have the chance to work with you again but this time I know who you are and I promise I will greet you first and offer you bottled water! Because I remembered you were thirsty and it seemed you were shy to ask master for water you just said “omisu kudasai” This is all I can remember about you and your voice. Now I did not recognize you again because you changed so much! I spent five days searching about you making sure you’re the same guy Jihoo as I have known you to be in 2009. I’m sorry again for the second time! I hope I can do something for you to make it up with you!

Hyun Joong I hope you can tell me where I can find your other fans, I just want to know if I’m still normal!! LOL!! Is it normal that I have been watching your video clips for five days now and haven’t gone tired? Does your other fans feel the same with me too? Is this really how to be a fan, because this is my first time! When we meet again can you tell me how your fans are? This is silly really but I’m sure this will pass by. I really wish I can meet you in Tokyo again, but I hope I’m not a fan anymore, because my work does not allow us to have an idol, poor me! Well, I think this all I want to say, see you when I see you! Good Luck…..      Bye! Your new fan, it’s me!


It’s funny that time I thought I’ll soon get over with being a fan, but I was wrong, actually I was wrong in so many things. But somehow my wish came true in Yokohama Arena when I had the chance to work with Hyun Joong on stage as one of the production staff in February this year. For professionalism, I treated him as an artist just like the others during the rehearsals. I felt no big deal since I was in my work place to perform my duties. Only after I got back to my apartment that late night after the rehearsals that it finally sink in to think how handsome and nice he was!! He looks snob at first because his smiles are rare, but after he had settled and feel comfortable it felt lighter.

Honestly I like him better without make up, and wet hair. You’ll get to know an artist better if you have the chance to work with him on stage, when pressure is high. Hyun Joong is cool  since he makes the call, he knows exactly what he’s doing. If you’re his back up dancer, you need to have a strong stamina because he doesn’t stop until everything is perfect! He jokes around sometimes but most of the time he’s there focused. But minutes before the performance his eyes changed as being nervous and exited surfaced!! This is natural even with the veterans. What can I say, he’s so handsome and he’s nice to work with because his enthusiasm is so contagious and he doesn’t have that air of arrogance, he treats everyone with respect, I think this is one thing I shall never forget about him.

There was a production staff party and casts after the concert Hyun Joong was there with the big bosses, it was there when I first heard about his proceeds from the concert shall go to the orphanage. I think meeting Hyun Joong even inspired me more and gave me the confidence to write about him because I know he’s truthful and sincere, that what I write and share about him is unvarnished. Maybe the only thing that I can not write is criticizing him as an artist and as a person. Not that I want to lead you to blind admiration because what I see in his interviews and those days at the rehearsals in Yakohama is the same person.

I’m an artist too I’m bound to appreciate any artist knowing how they work behind the scene and I would say, does not deserve criticism from a co-artist like myself. Hyun Joong is a professional and a matured one for his age. He may have the influence from his boss which I think is good. His boss will never tolerate mistreatment among the lower rank of the production staffs, Hyun Joong is the same that I truly admire. This is how I remember Kim Hyun Joong in person.


It’s been one year and it’s funny a year ago I was asking Hyun Joong if this is how it is to be a fan!! Well, that time I wrote the letter I got no one to share with I was still on the first step of looking for his fans that I was simply wanting to assure myself that I’m not alone with my craziness about a celeb!! At the same time I was worried that I might end up an obsess!!  But when I started writing it was only then I mellowed down.

There was one time I think I have already read and re-read all materials that I can find at the internet about Hyun Joong that I felt restless, it was then I was having suspicions that I was getting addicted. And I was right when I finally found where Hyun Joong fans were hiding at the twitter as a opened an account, it was then I found the right word to describe my feelings as addict!! I felt happy to know I wasn’t alone with being addictive to Hyun Joong. At YouTube I never read the comments or even take notice, until one time as I was watching one of Hyun Joong’s video clips, I read a lot of comments that seem to me there was a dispute between some Hyun Joong fans and some antis. Then I went back to the clips that I have already watched to check on the comments, and there’s always criticism on Hyun Joong!

It was then I started feeling hurt whenever he’s being criticized that a lot of times I can’t control myself so I joined in defense of Hyun Joong! I think I was getting good at defending him!! I found a blog which I knew it was an anti Kim Hyun Joong, as he was always been criticize at BOF. Everyone was bashing and badmouth, I wrote my opinion in a most mannered way I can in defense. But the following day I checked on that blog my comment was gone! I wrote another comment still with manners, I came back after two hours and it’s gone again. I wrote to the blogger and told her, “I think you do not need educated people to comment in your blog!!” I didn’t go back to that blog anymore!


It was at BOF that I first saw Hyun Joong therefore the character of Jihoo was what I have in mind in remembering him way back 2009. Jihoo is the silent type of guy, withdrawn, gentle, and too serious. As I was reading comments from other blog, one comment that I can not forget is this, “For those who do not know Kim Hyun Joong you would say he’s a good actor but for those who knows him would think otherwise.” I was wondering why she had that opinion, and when I started watching his clips with SS501, I was so surprised that he was not what I thought he was at BOF!! On the contrary he was the opposite of Jihoo, that I was even impressed and admired him more for acting opposite his real character!!

As I went on with my research the more I realize he has more than just a handsome physique, more than just talents and charisma. As I dig dipper about him as a person the more I like him, the more I find him interesting specially his 4D personality which is quite unexpected from his physical outlook. I think we all share the same opinion about Hyun Joong. Those are the qualities we see in him that is almost perfect, but then we know nobody is perfect as he admits, he himself doesn’t even know why many people likes him.

Hyun Joong would like us to accept him for what he really in his real life and so he shared a part of himself that is enough for us fans to know about our idol. Hyun Joong is also human like us he too has lots of imperfection. I’m sure he also have bad moods at times or tantrums just like us. Whatever negative he may have, for me for as long as he does not mistreat his fans like other idols, then it’s alright with me. It’s not easy to be a public figure it’s just good that Hyun Joong is by nature an honest man so his fans easily take him for what he is because we have gone used to his ways with no pretending to be what he’s not. As he said to be natural is tireless, to pretend is tiring! He’right!


Having known a person like Kim Hyun Joong was the best gift I have ever received because he lead me in so many things that I have never known from myself. Because of him I have discovered a new career for myself in sharing with others like you. Because of Hyun Joong I met many friends here in this blog that I have felt a strong sense of belonging and a feeling of being a part of his family through his fans. It is knowing one person that lead me to some new ways in dealing with my daily life, dealing with different people and dealing with my own self.

I have only one wish, and that is I wish I can still write more about him and I wish I would not encounter writer’s block since I’m doing this writing everyday and it’s not really easy. I’m not perfect, I’m not a superwoman to have such big brain, but just with my simple and humble ability I wish to pursue a bit longer, enough to fill up the internet with all about Kim Hyun Joong, for his present and future fans.

As I mentioned earlier that today’s article is gonna be a different from the usual and I’d like to thank you for allowing me to share my experience about my first days of knowing the Prince.  My Happy One Year with Kim Hyun Joong! Another big birthday treat, Kim Hyun Joong’s latest album released today October 22!! Come and get it!!

To have known a person like Kim Hyun Joong is the best thing that ever happen to my life.

                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

Photo credit as tagged, thanks

Fan art by Ms.D thank you!            Fan arts by Lina Perez Thank you mama!


59 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SPECIAL DAY!

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  2. Have a wonderful birthday LK! May our Lord Jesus bless you on your special day! I’m so glad that you, I, and many others are in the same boat when it comes to our first discovery of Kim Hyun Joong. If it weren’t for the fact that I live so far from him, I’m sure I would’ve become an obsessed fan. Thankfully, there is so much content of Kim Hyun Joong on the internet to keep me satisfied as a living room fan. I’ll never be as lucky as you because I’ll never work with KHJ but I can always live through your experience. Thanks for sharing in your love of Mr. KHJ!

    • Oh I’m sorry for the delayed reply thank you so much for your greetings! LOL I thought I was obsessed too but it was just a certain eagerness to know more about HJ. How i wish to work with him again but I chose to be useful for him as a fan writer instead that people would know him better. And I think I made the right choice. I’m happy to be with his fans.
      Thank you so much! have a nice weekend and see you again! Take care! God bless,

  3. Happy birthday! Thank you for this blog. I am normally not one to leave comments… But being a new fan as you were one year ago, I am so thankful to have yours to read! Blessings from Switzerland. 😀

    • Oh Happy anniversary to you too, let’s share the day. Thank you so much it’s my pleasure to have you in this blog. Oh first time from Switzerland nice meeting you here and see you again, take care have a nice day!! God bless.

  4. Omfg I tried to post sth through my phone 7 hrs ago and I fell asleep haha xD Happy B-day! Happy Anniversary! Thx for creating this blog! I wish u had created this 6 yrs ago! I f*****g hate it when ur internet connection is not working and there’s nothing to read XD I guess the Unlimited pics were so hot that they got you confused xD The release date is 12.12.12 lol Last, but not least to all those ppl that say HJ doesn’t work by heart or that he doesn’t deserve what he has I politely invite them to a one-way trip to Hell xD Thx dear and have a wonderful week!

    • hahahahahahahaha Thank you so much!! do you know it’s 4:30AM and here I am dying of laughter!! and you never fail to do that to me!!! Thank you so much sweetie! You’re guess is right i was such in rush to post the pix without knowing when it will be released!!LOL That one way trip pls send it to wonderland somebody there has to get lost or might have actually lost her way and came back bashing!!! Cheers! care for balloon and ice cream? see you!

  5. Happy birthday LK! 生日快乐!is it too late ,I’m sorry.was busy the whole day,only got to read your post now 🙂 elated that KHJ is releasing a complete album soon!lets all pray he’ll break his own record”Heat”.HyunJoong and all aliens be blessed!!!

    • Thank you so much! No you’re not late just in time! There’s balloon, cake and ice cream!! great for children’s party!! LOL Thank you dear take care see you again!

  6. Dear LK,

    Happy Birthday! May your journey be filled with happiness and love.
    I have been reading your articles everyday and so I hope you will keep on writing.
    I feel sad when I watch the old clips of HJ because they remind me how the years have gone by and that he has grown up.
    It is my opinion that the GIRL your refer to must have received cold shoulders from HJ because HJ does not want her to regret later for spending so much time chasing after him as she is still a student.

    • Thank you very much May! Writing about HJ is already in my system and I still want to pursue further more. it’s nice to watch how HJ grew up and he’s growing fast that we have to keep up with him!I was at twitter before i got here she was the topic such a spoiled child. LOL she was in osaka the time hj was in Tokyo she still follow him a real stalker! I wonder does her parents knows what she’s been doing? Poor parents.
      Oh dear Thank you, see you again have a nice day! Take care and god bless.

  7. Happy Birthday!…LK…Wishing U to have a very happy day & everything’ s gonna be O.K!….Thank U for yr worthy KHJ’ s articles to us…..Allien Family!!!

    • Hello thank you very much! Don’t worry i’ll be here everyday if i’m not set a bomb for my connection!!! Joke! take care and see you Have a happy Monday! God bless.

  8. Dear LK – hope this is correct:
    “Maligayang Kaarawan sa iyo, aking kaibigan”
    Maligayang kaarawan sa iyo!
    and also
    : Maligayang bati, Maligayang araw
    Maligayang bati sa inyong pagsilang
    Sumainyo nawa ang ligayang tunay
    Kahimanawari’y humaba ang buhay
    and of course :
    Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da!
    only the best again…hugs love and peace! God Bless!:)
    loved the pics..yummy and the article of course (the letter is sooooo sweet, you should have sent him that…) thank you:)

      • Hello Blueribbon – hope you are Ok. yes it is something like live noya….I have to tank Google for that.
        Yes LK – I’ve read what it meant before i’ve sent it – and really like it is so becaming, so YOU. So: Mabuhay Ka LK and Blueribbon !
        thanks KHJ for uniting people from all over the world, that is his power and that is why we love him. (send him the letter LK):)

    • hahahaha I’m dying laughing, thank you so much noya you’re so sweet as always where did you learn this?? You are so amazing! hahhahaha i can’t type i don’t know what to say, This is very deep in my language! thank you so much this is really effort!! Love you girl!!

  9. Hi Happy Birthday LK. All the best to you.

    Of course, HJ is growing up. He cannot always be the carefree idol of the past. He is going solo now and if he will not be serious about it, I don’t know wherefore he will be. How come some fans don’t want him to grow up? Anyway, he still shows his 4D trait from time to time and I am sure he is 4D with the one he loves. (haha just my thought)

    • Gosh i guess a lot had read it! Thank you so much grace! In this article I mentioned there was a party in after the concert in Yokohama right? I’m telling everyone I was surprised because he was really a good ice breaker regardless who was at that party but HJ was an amazing entertainer, we laugh on how he speak in Nihongo but he really tries and that made him even funnier!
      Grace they don’t grow!!! that’s abnormal !! They want him to laugh and be funny all the time that’s tiring!! LOL OMG these people really. get a life as they said! I’ll discuss that tomorrow! Hey take care thanks a lot see you again

  10. HAPPY BIRTH DAY my lovely sis,by God grace always sucses beside you.Stay healthy and more power to protect our boy. Ah,happy Anniversary for ‘meet and fall’ to OUR PRINCE. Your letter to HIM was so sweet sis,can’t stop read your journey.Love ya sist.

    • Hello sis thank you very much. you know what we should write to him I think I never doubt one of these articles had already reached him, I know it. Don’t worry sis we shall be defending and protecting him at all cost. Have a nice Monday! take care see you.

  11. Happy Birthday dear lazer!!! Have a great life ahead!!
    I got to read your article now only cause i’m facing some network
    I thought of sharing about my self a bit too. These days i’m really feeling so down cause my boyfriend broke up with me. It really hurts me. But you know i thank hyun joong for helping me to cope as i have been watching his old videos to forget my bad time. So he is really a healer for me as his smiles songs voice & personality cheers me up to face the world.
    I’m really glad that i watched BOF when i was anti kdrama cause watching it made me know hyun joong who inspired me.(as you said it is the first timei got hooked up to a celeb)
    god bless dear!!

    • Hello Nirmani! Thank you so much! Oh this is interesting, so you were an aniti Kdrama but it changed you. I’m truly happy to have known this it somehow gives me hope for the antis hoping they can change their minds about Korean wave and the stars. I’m sorry about your BF but you know what there’s a better just around you you may never know who is right for you. It always breaks my heart whenever I hear or read people with broken heart and those who are sick they are the nearest to my heart, since I have experienced both and know how it feels. I hope you ok now but I’m glad HJ helped you one way or another. well we’re one big family with HJ we can share with each other in being happy or just to cheer up in a day. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and thank you for greeting. take care and see you as always have a good Monday! God bless.

  12. HAPPY B_DAY…Ms. Kim
    the best ka talaga…sana marami pang makabasa sa mga sinusulat tungkol sa nag iisa at nag iisa lang na si kim hyun joong…

  13. Happy birthday! I wish you good health, wisdom, and abundant blessings. No matter what others say or write I will truly remain a KHJ fan forever. I have read a lot of bad comments about KHJ and though it bothers me why other people can be so critical and judgmental my love and respect for KHJ will remain strong. He is truly an amazing person. I am happy that you and your loyal readers feel the same way. Your letter to KHJ was very sweet. I look forward to your articles; keep on writing. Again good luck and happy birthday. I too hope to make new friends who like me love KHJ.

    • Oh this blog is open for friendship you are most welcome here please. Well those are INSECTS that couldn’t stop and unfortunately we have to deal with them from time to time, but we remain happy with HJ that’s the most important above all. Thank you so much have a happy Monday! take care see you again!

  14. miss lk,may you have the best birthday ever in your life more power to you writing about hj and build a better world with his aliens,happy birthday and God bless>3

  15. Dear Lk.
    Secondly, thanks again for ur article and the letter to hj was really sweet. Earlier in the mirning, i have read a blogger who wrote an article about hj eventhough she swore not to ever again, and the article made me felt a bit gloomy…she obviously has met hj a few times at jacsal chicken, i assumed, judging from her writings. I felt a bit depressed cos she made me feel like hj is not that great of an artist to have loyal fans…she used to be a fan and now she just watch from far once in a while. I think it is her choice but the reason she left n the views that she has on hj now, to me is rather unfair. And i think in a way she is saying that the fans are living in dreams n fantasies…really spoils my morning.
    Then at noon ur article was out n i got my smile back. U shared beautiful moments working with him n shared with us the fans. How nice Lk. I know i have every good reason to like hj. I know that i am not living in fantasies. I know that hj is a really a nice guy n worthy artist. Hj is not a hypocrite like what the othet blogger implied. Thanks again Lk.

    • Thank you so much! I can’t help not to respond to you, I know the blog you were pertaining to I call her DARNA just remember this name, I also have read her entry. I don’t want to appear like self serving that’s why I kept my identity and still keeping it for professionalism. As I have mentioned in this article we would only know the true color of an artist if he’s on stage without audience and camera, if the situation is under pressure because it is here that negative attitude comes out in artists. HJ is different among all artist that I have assisted this is all I can
      say. He is what you see is what you get. I wouldn’t be here if I know the person whom i’m writing about is someone else.
      this is not fantasy, entertainment is already a part of our life artist and fans are a part of entertainment. That girl is a child that’s all I can say, I think we’re more matured than she is. She’s a school girl so I would not expect anything from someone who is unexperienced. So cheer up never mind some fans turned into INSECTS, anyway I’ll bring this up in my article tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your thoughts we have something to talk about for tomorrow!! LOL!
      Have a nice Monday take care and see you again! God bless

  16. Happy happy birthay!!! May God continue to shower your life with His abundant blessings. May He give you joy when you feel down and exhausted, may He fill your heart with love and understanding to be able to extend it to the antis and unlovable :). God bless.

    On another note. Wow, i envy your job, how i wish i can have the same encounter that you have. an opportunity to meet him.

    May God give you wisdom always and the joy to write more. All the best. Enjoy this marvelous day! You are blessed.

    • LOL don’t worry we can have chance to encounter w/HJ. Oh how I wish I could bring everybody here to help me back stage while he does his concert it should have been fun!!. Yeah I think your prayer had been answered about the antis I’m beginning to love them that’s why I write about them too LOL! Oh well where’s my Baygon!!LOL Thanks you so much for your prayers and wishes. see you again and take care have a nice Monday cheer!!!

  17. WOW!!!! Your letter to Hyun joong was SOOO SWEEET!! I love it!!
    AWWWW.. LK Have a great birthday blast today and may all your wishes come true..And Happy a great Anniversary with Hyun joong!! Your aritcles are getting better and better each day…and more interesting and informative…Thankyou so much.

    • Thank you so much! I cross my finger I only have one wish that I really want to write more. Thank you for wishing with me, everyone her is my inspiration too, it’s nice HJ’s family is growing I hope he wins more fans! Have a nice Monday! take care! see you again!

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! Good health,good life and the best of everything!
    Be blessed always and keep writing for HJ and us! Take care! ALIENS family love yah!
    party party!

  19. Dear Lazer Kim,
    Best wishes to you on the birthday.
    Stay healthy, happy, successful, strong to protect our prince,…
    Love all your articles.

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