Kim Hyun Joong…[article] BUMPY ROAD

 By: LazerKim          On October 13th Kim Hyun Joong performed his concert for Lotte fan meeting and the concert he performed was similar to the concert he did at Budokan Tokyo singing live with the band. Then Hyun Joong did sing his favorite song Let me be the One from the SS501, although the video clip that I have watched was just a few stanza, his fans appreciated it just reminisce memories of the past. A fan translated that part when Hyun Joong talk after he sung a few stanza of this song and I would like to thank her for posting this words from Hyun Joong, Lala thank you. Here’s what Hyun Joong said:

(source: Lala, Henecia howlovelala Link>

This song is my most favorite among ss501 songs. I will sing shortly.
(after singing) I want to sing the old songs even if i am not that enough. (audience clapping) Your support encouraged me, made me think I can sing them. I was very surprised, when I sang ‘Let me be the one’, some ppl were crying.

Seems you felt like me.’can I do(sing) this or that?’ ‘can I listen to the song again?’ might have to keep them as the memory but you are really happy with and fond of, that made me think I can sing the songs freely. By this, I can encourage myself more. I thought a lot things during singing the song, like, good song wouldn’t be unforgotten. Singing a song is expressing it, right?

I couldn’t do that because I was not brave enough to do. Since I am a singer KHJ who likes singing a song and performance, I am going to and ought to sing a song whatever you wanna listen to. So don’t keep the songs deeply in your heart, feel free to ask me to sing them.” (among his talking, songs=ss501 songs)

After watching this clip, KR HJ fans were crying and sad cuz they knew HJ hurt inside in 2010 by some of TS. Even he was told, never to sing ss501’s songs and never to sell himself with ss501’s name, but seems HJ’s overcome with the traumatic memories.
He never complains how he feels. he just calmly tells ‘now I can do cuz of your support’ after he has gone through by himself.
So proud of KHJ and thankful to him, for staying with us without loosing himself.
KHJ, we will be on your side and support you.♥



Hyun Joong meant to sing that song particularly for his TS fans, who were there at the venue just as he remembered the old days of SS501 memories and nothing more. But it’s so unfortunate that some fans must have misinterpreted his gesture and that gave me the impression that some fans were against Hyun Joong singing SS501 songs. Well, this is how I understand what Hyun Joong was trying to imply saying he wasn’t brave enough to sing songs from SS501 even he’s one of the original singer of this song or any songs from SS501. What right do those fans has to deprive for singing any song he wish to sing?

May I just ask, is there a law that prohibits any singer to sing a song which he was a part of that song being one of the original singer who sung it back in 2010? I don’t think there’s such a law that prohibits. And take note Hyun Joong sung this song in his concert for just a few stanza and this isn’t even for recording or album purposes. There was another post that says Hyun Joong was slandered or spreading rumors against him by other Korean fans. Well, that’s so sad, other fans can be so childish and totally irrational!

To talk about the past feels a bit heavy on the chest, actually I have been reading bashing from here and there, that I think some fans have not gone over with the past. That I want to tell those fans, “hello it’s been two years now Hyun Joong had already reached the heights of his success and you’re still crying over a spilled milk?” I wonder when would these people grow up? There are some who could hardly move forward simply because they still have the past on their shoulders. Or because they have been unjustly blamed Hyun Joong for something he was not even guilty of and could not accept the fact that he is already up at cloud nine!


I have been wondering as why do some fans could not get over with the past that happened two years ago? Actually I have been ignoring comments from other sites that seems to me that there are still bashing around over the incident happened two years ago. And lately I have read rumors against Hyun Joong and his vices that gives me the impression how ignorant these fans are. And so may I just state that 90% of people from the showbiz world do drink liquor and smoke cigarettes which I find nothing wrong with it. And so why do these people puts up on such no big deal rumors! Oh I can just laugh at these people, really!

And since the past had been brought up again, I did some research looking for clues that may point out the reason why Hyun Joong left DSP and moved in to KeyEast. I was looking for a blog that would explain the rights of Hyun Joong as an artist. But there was none, so I was thinking maybe the reason why some TS blamed Hyun Joong that until now they still do, it’s because they do not know the real reason why he has to leave to begin with, other than the fact that his contract had expired that I could not understand why they can’t accept, it’s been two years. I also noticed no one questioned DSP, about its competency during that time. If the agent had managed Hyun Joong well then I don’t think he will leave the company in the first place.

Hyun Joong was accused of leaving his members behind. It somehow gave me the impression that indeed the group can not survive  without Hyun Joong, what can be done if the key to the group was not around. This is too childish, Hyun Joong can be replaced so I don’t see the logic why he was being blamed out of this reason. And the DSP did not even attempt to resolve the problem, instead DSP let go of the group. So I still don’t get it why Hyun Joong has to be blamed instead of putting the blame on DSP for being incompetent agent. These are the matters that some fans failed to look into.


I admired Hyun Joong for keeping silent so as not to step on other’s foot particularly the person who brought him up to the lime light and just accepted whatever was being thrown to him by his other fans. Maybe I can justify the reason by what we see over the past that I think these fans failed to do so. Do you remember the controversy in January of 2010 that Hyun Joong got entangled with the DSP ceo at a birthday party of a notorious ex-official of Korea? Hyun Joong was not suppose to be in that party but his irresponsible DSP CEO dragged him to that party that caused a lot of negative criticisms to Hyun Joong and that DSP was trying to get away from it. An Agent should protect their managing artist and not pushing them to a quick sand. But out of respect to the CEO Hyun Joong remained until his contract expired.

This alone is enough ground that shows DSP being incompetent, there were some loyal fans who even made a video clip of what actually transpired during that time whom I’m so thankful for to give light to what transpired that time. And this was just one of those valid reasons why Hyun Joong has to leave other than the fact that he was given over loaded work, just this agent would earn from him at the same time to boost SS501 popularity. If you’re Hyun Joong would you want to be thrown to the quick sand? I think these fans had failed to see all of these. Why do they put the blame on Hyun Joong, it is his right to reject the contract renewal if the agent shows its incompetency such as what we have seen.

I would just like to clarify, we are just fans, we do not have a single right to decide for Hyun Joong, and we should know where we stand being his fans. This is another reason why I kept writing about the agents responsibilities and Hyun Joong’s right as an artist to avoid being judgmental in a wrong way. I honestly feel sorry for Hyun Joong that in spite of his effort during those times he was cruelly misjudged by those whom he loved. And besides if Hyun Joong has to stay with DSP for another year he will never get to develop himself. Now he had proven himself and I would say he’s better doing solo than he was with his group. Isn’t that obvious?


Pertaining that re-grouping matter, here’s my stand about it. I’m not against it and I’m not for it either, because that is not for me to decide, I’m just a fan. That’s for Hyun Joong to decide, that’s his life not mine. From the very start it’s only Hyun Joong that I have been supporting and I shall maintain consistent that I support to ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong. This doesn’t mean I’m against the other members, I barely know them but I can’t bring myself to take interest on them since Hyun Joong had already captured my heart and my mind. Then let’s just say Hyun Joong decided to join in with his members, fine. What will happen to the ONLY ONE fans? Well, SS501 is one lucky group!!

If you truly love Hyun Joong you would support him anywhere he might be. But again that’s gonna be our individual prerogative. Why am I saying this? Because anything can happen Hyun Joong was provided with a security blanket by KeyEast, remember he signed for a renewal of contract recently which will take effect on June 2013, that’s another three years from 2013 so that would give him time to peacefully fulfill his dreams before he gets in to military duties. Therefore KeyEast is holding on him, this is an exclusive contract, if you get what I mean, sub contracting is not permissible in an exclusive contract, which means he will not be allowed to perform outside the premise of KeyEast. And that is his security blanket. Hyun Joong said this last year:

It’s almost impossible to release another SS501 album due to the group name’s copyright by DSP Entertainment. But it is possible for a unite joint stage, maybe at big events like year-end ceremonies, etc. Friendship has never affected. It is not wise to spread rumors around like their album is already recording and will be released when-when-when; it will be more wise to just speak the truth because then, fans won’t be waiting aimlessly,  it may be more hurting.                       (source: Sparkling magazine)

Recently two of the members said there was suppose to be an album to be released but Kyu Jong is in the military. I do not know why they are saying this that they know very well to produce an album in the name of the group is impossible considering they are all under their respective agent’s contract plus the DSP copywrite to be considered. I just want to say to the two guy, do not worry because your fans the TS shall be waiting for you no matter how long it would take. They said to wait for them and so be it, I got nothing against it, I got nothing to wait from others anyway!!

What I’m waiting for is Hyun Joong’s album to be released on Christmas, and City Conquest! Hyun Joong has so many plans and he would like to fulfill even his dreams and that is his right that I’m sure the other members have the same thoughts too. I think it would be better if we let them accomplish their dreams being soloists so that all the five of them has nothing to regret about if the time comes they decide of getting together again. This is just a matter of time.

In the meanwhile let’s support whoever our idol is and focus on them. And for the hopeless haters and accusers of Kim Hyun Joong, it’s so unhappy to be in your position to be blaming somebody who isn’t even your concern. And because every time you badmouth and criticize Hyun Joong the higher he gets to the top. So this only show your accusations and blames on him is not workable on your idol’s advantage that I really hope you have realize that now.  And for those who were against Hyun Joong singing that SS501 songs, I would just like to say, you do not have the right to deprive Hyun Joong in singing it because it’s not your song to begin with, you’re just a fan and so stay as you are.

I would just like to clarify that writing this article is just to react to what’s going on around. This is the root cause of all these misunderstandings among the fans. I have been silent and ignoring all bashing around which seems to be endless. I have been wanting to write all of these matters but I want to keep the peace and yet the surrounding is still not peaceful. Then might as well bring out my piece, close this matter and move on forward. Anyway this is my blog I can say whatever I want to, which sooner or later I’ll be bound to just to defend Hyun Joong and protect him from those who barely can understand. If those haters can just say their piece everywhere, then I also have the right to say my piece in my own shelter. Now I rest my case.

Hyun Joong shall be departing to China on the 27th at 11pm to attend to TV recording for a variety show Happy Camp as he was invited to guest in the show and shall be returning home to Seoul on the 29th, so we have date st the airport on the 27th just to take a brief look at Hyun Joong! This is all I have for today, it’s Sunday let’s say little prayer for Hyun Joong and those for people who have misjudged him.

As we travel the journey with Kim Hyun Joong, we are bound to experience bumpy road at time, but this time he is much stronger to face all of those roads knowing we fans are at his side, and nothing else matter.

                                                                                         LazerKim here writing

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    • Oh here’s one of them!! Hello hater!! I can see you hate HJ so much enough to read article about him which this blog is exclusively for Kim Hyun Joong!! LOL! Time to move on girl, now go… chu…chu… But thanks a lot for reading!

  1. you said they cant usw the name “ss501” because its under dspir respective agent’s contract plus the DSP copywrite to be considered
    but shinhwa did that they even made their own company with the same name

    • Yes you’re right, but Shinwa went to court to claim their name. Therefore SS501 has to undergo the same court procedures before they can use the name.

  2. This post coming from Munatamrakar:
    Hi Lazerkim, WordPress just won’t let me log in…. so I’m posting my
    comments here.

    “Well I just read in some other blog that in 2010 when Hyun joong
    left, some TS were so mad at him that they had told him never to sing
    SS501 songs and never to sell himself with SS501 name!! So when he
    sang ‘Let me be the one’ after gathering enough confidence in himself
    and overcoming past attacks….. some of those TS were so keen to
    criticize him…and I think this is the first time he sang one of the
    SS501 songs….while other members keep on singing their old songs all
    the time..he’s still the only one to get the brunt of antis..!! I
    wished the other members would tell their fans not to speak badly of
    their leader..but till now I haven’t heard anything from them. Not a
    surprise but still’s sad!”

    Actually it was a reply to some other comments… but here it is..! I
    don’t know why it’s so hard to log into wordpress nowadays..i wish
    there was a more convenient way!!

    anyway, thanks a lot LK
    stay safe…. both u and your internet connection!!

  3. Happy b’day sis, wish more good thing come to you.Your article is AWESOME,as HIS fan…I knew all how pain HE is.Really the antis forget how to use their brain in normal way…so pity their life right? Sometime we need to ignore them. OUR BOY now more because HIS CLAWS more stronger…HE knows,we are ALIEN FAMILY will stay by HIM no matter what. GOD BLESS sis.

  4. happy birthday dear GOD BLESS YOU.
    I feel sad to again read about the punishment that some TS did and do on my son KHJ, they are really stubborn and passionated. they dont realize that if he sings SS501 songs he mantains alive the band, fans can never forget them, and also their songs for some new fans could be a success because for them they are new. Who really knows the real influence that agents have in showbizz work, name of bands and artists. However, as I can see, the only one who can reunite the SS501 guys is KHJ because of his leadership , he is preparing himself to get in the future his own company , he also could buy the name of the band from DSP, I hope the other ones do the same sometimes singing the SS501songs, so when they could be together they sing them freely. THE LEADER , as many people call him deserves this name, he proves that he is one in many aspects, he mantain his friendship with SS501 members till now, we can see see with them ocasionally like when his friend went to the army, he was there suporting him, I see also they love and respect him .
    I see him as one of my children because they are almost the same age of him and as I comented about his vices and he is critized, my son said ” BUT IT IS NORMAL” . i really laugh remembering that sometimes they have meetings or parties at home, late at night they are always disscussing serious topics that sometimes I ended saying “DO YOU FIND THE SOLUTIONS OF THE WORLD PROBLEMS ?
    i will defend him as one of my children. Ahhh…IT IS FUNNY, about love, my children usually told me when I ask about their girlfriends, “Hey it is not serious, dont be curious , when I find one that wil be my wife then you would know her, so relax MOM. ” I would like to say the same to HJ fans. take it easy , it is just acting nothing serious. He will let us know his girl when she came.
    sorry to write so much

    • I am all smiles while reading your comment, I came to realize yes I think we are being mom to Hyun Joong without being aware of it!! LOL I agree with you said here, that I hope everyone can read from you. You’re right too SS501 music cannot be forgotten, and for those new fans these songs are new to them, and if HJ sings it definitely the songs comes to life again, it has a better advantage of remembering ss501 as for the new fans ss501 is new to them.
      And also actually there should not be separation segmented fans if only they would understand what are fans for? I think some fans had gone overboard and had forgotten where they stand that is making even the members difficult to move on forward, because some fans kept nagging the members about reunion. It can create stress to the members just in case they do not know it, while they still have not achieve what they want as solo artist.
      Oh well, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. This is very helpful for others to understand. Have a nice weekend I’m sorry for delay reply. Take care and see you again! god bless..

    • Sorry. I do not speak English
      Everyone is talking about the band. I think. Kim interesting without the band. But if the guys want to join for a while. Why buy a last name of the band? SS501 They all know and love. Love guys? Or the name? Let yourself come up any! It’s even intresno! Group SS501 full sosotave. With a new name! Why the name of the past. It carries negative energy. I’m sure the world would have been interesting! Guys personality. Especially our beloved Kim Hyun Joong

  5. Hello dear, it’s me again, this time for the article, so we are back at those people bashing Hj and for what ?, that he sang a song of his former group that he was Leader, come on people, get real, all other members are singing old songs of SS501 on their FMs, If Hj didn’t do it till now, maybe he had his reasons, but stop with this trash. Of course DSP they were not protecting him, as you’ve said if they wanted him to stay or the group to continue they would have done all to keep them together, they were making money after all. Anyhow one day somebody will speak up about it, but it seems that they still get together and meet, so leave them alone. Hj made the best decision for him as an Artist when he moved to KE (i’ve said that before and i will continue to say it) he’s grown as an artist, he improved, he is free to pursue his dreams as he want and he is doing it beautifully, just look at all the fans at the airport waiting for Hj, (by the way i dind’t see the same enthusiasm for other members of the band….) do you think it is only because of his beautiful smile, oh no way babe, it is because he is the ONE!
    About those prude fans, Hj smokes (wow..) he drinks (wow… don’t we all? at least when meeting with friends?! at the pub) and let me tell you another thing girls, Hj is having sex as well (now do not faint….) he is Human after all, but we’ve decided to love him as an ARTIST, what he does in his personal life is his choice and his only, as fans we do not have the right to judge somebody and palying the prude ones when he kisses someone on the next drama or some bed scenes – just enjoy it (and let your imagination roam…). Get real and just enjoy the music and the artist. Sorry it took me so long LK, but had to say it, the TT is buzzing with all kind of trash. Till next time, thanks for the pics dear, oh yes, have you noticed how they look different and still is the same person that we love?!? God Bless always and hugs 🙂

    • LOL I was laughing all the way can’t type!! LOL of course HJ is a man sex is like food and air hello but nothing serious just that kind of thing! Thank you for sharing I agree with everything you said, and thanks for the greets my birth is oct 22, and my anniversary as a fan for one year of craziness!! LOL Have a great Sunday 4am I haven’t slept yet just finish my dose for today! gotta sleep goodnight! take care see you!

    • AGREED 606%…..HJ’s life, just spare it to him… are right, he is human like us after all…….not a robot or an alien!

      Nobody is perffect but for me HJ is PERFECT….beautiful in & out….honest & respectful….

      I love him for what he is….eventhough he is the #1 drunker or smoker here in SK, as they said, who cares…important he is honest, he is not hiding it!

      WAKE UP, BASHERS. & ANTIS!!!!!!…we are only fans so leave his private life alone…he can do what he wants in his life to enjoy every minute of it!!!…LIFE IS SHORT SO ENJOY AND GRAB THE OPPORTUNITIES COMING IN YOUR WAY!

  6. Hello dear LazerKim, so is your birthday today, I wish you a Happy Birthday, to be blessed with all the good things, health, wealth love and joy and peace of mind from your kids. I wish you that may all your wishes will be fulfilled this year (including the KHJ FM or at Jaksal), I wish your Internet connection to stay stable and keep our days happy (i know this one wish is selfish, but…we need You) and I wish you will go out an paint the town red, have a smashing day. Hugs and hugs and thanks for your time writing:)

  7. Korek ms lk. DSP is such an incompetent agency. Looking back what they did to hj i still could feel the pain too. But thank God he protects hj all through out and never leave him. God is good. What i dont understand is that why all these people kept on blaming him. Helloo…! Cant they just move on? Its been more than 2years had past so let go all your bitterness. All the members has their own individual activities to attend to. If the time comes for their re-uniting then so be it, if not just accept it. Anyway their brotherhood relationships are still intact. But nobody could prohibit hj in performing ss501 songs!!!!!
    Naku ms lk pigilan mo ako gusto ko na silang girahin!

    • KOREK!! hindi kta ppigilan go ahead make my day! it’s 4am and I haven’t slept yet Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m sleepy I just finished my article. have a nice Sunday oh it’s Monday have a good week ahead of you! see you! take care babu! goodnight!

  8. NICE article, Lazer!!…DAEBAK!!!!…..HJ & HENECIAS FIGHTING!!……..All for one and one for all!!!

    More , more, more success for HJ in the future!!!!

    PEACE to all!!!…..Just leave the bad memories of the past, enjoy the present and plan for the future!!!

    Take care & God bless, LK!!!

  9. Hey LK,KHJ can never be replaced!!!! He was,and still is,very important to SS501.He was the one who brought the group to greater stardom! That’s y the antis are blaming him,without him,the support that the others get isn’t that great anymore.The antis are jealous I supposed! I agree with you that DSP is an incompetent agency and HJ has made the right choice to leave.Lastly, will always hope and pray that Kim Hyun Joong will soar high!

    • Yeah I agree with you, it’s a regret if only DSP really took care of the group and really gave fair exposure and the chance to build their individual talents gave HJ to do as he is doing now then it should be good. ss501 would still be there, but then twist of event it’s HJ’s fate to be where he is now. I remember he doesn’t know where to go, and he just doesn’t want to be treated as he was by his agent he was the victim, i can see his dilemma that time. Oh well it’s bound to happen so that he can see light. Hey thanks for sharing! see you again! Have a good Sunday!

  10. Hi LK,thank you for your heartily concerned to KHJ.Me also whatever happened to the career of khj iwill always behind him all the way.That’s whyIignored people who wants put KHJ down.the only thing that i can proud being the one of KHJ fan,I REALLY BELIEVE KIM HYUNJOONG because of his all effort to be a good artist,just because to all the people who believes in him.I like all members of ss501,but KINHYUNJOONG is #1:)

  11. hi lazer,ok i read some comments & well felt a bit hurt. My bais is Kim Hyun Joong & yeah i do like & love him than any other idol but i think it is wrong for anyone to blame him for what happened about ss501 in 2010. well to say the truth i love SS501 as they are the first kpop group i came across(thanks to HYUN JOONG) & after being addicted i just listen most of ss501 songs & a bit from F.T.island, CNBlue, TVQX/DBSK & some from here & there. but still non of these groups can’t surpass me over KIM HYUN JOONG & SS501. but as a fan of ss501 i support the other 4 members also.
    and about their group contract scenario from what i found out DSP wanted to replace one of them & was ready to sign back with other 4 & all the members mostly HYUN JOONG disagreed on it. then they all decided to do the solo activities as no other company was able to sign all 5 of them together(as i know hyun joong tried his best to find a company for all 5 of them).
    so all i can say is i’m happy that hyun joong sang “let me be the one” as it is my favorite & i like that cause it shows how ever much others blame him, that he still like his band & it’s members.
    so finally i got to say is, i support HYUN JOONG as he is my top best idol & also that i support his band members(they are just next to him in my list). 🙂 🙂
    sorry if i’m bit rude here.
    see you again lazer!! god bless you!

    • Oh I understand how you feel, but may I just correct the rumors about Kyu Jong is false, what DSP was looking for was a replacement to Hyun Joong and not Kyu Jong. But these are all press release no black and white. I know DSP’s caliber right from the start. DSP can already sense HJ after the controversy in January 2010, he was already having problems with DSP for so many times already.
      Hyun Joong will never give up his brotherhood with his members no matter what happen. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Oh by the way the other 4 members waited for DSP contract renewal but nothing happened.
      Have a nice Sunday take care cheer up! see you again God bless…

  12. i guess you are right. fans really do loose their heads sometimes and the apparent TS who bashed him are not true TS for me really.. how can you bar a person from singing his own song?! that is just absurd. and the whole 2010 fiasco i really hate it when it crops up. i really like the way u wrote. even though u know and support hyun joong only but atleast u showed respect to the rest of the members and that is something some henecians dont do so thankyu for that.
    they went solo or leader left the group, whether it was contract issues or something among the members we will never know so the only thing we can and should do is support them, together or solo just love them and dont bash or speculate..
    a peaceful ts here..

    • Thank you so much. I really feel sad Majority of fans just doesn’t know that every time they mention this name SS501, the happiest is DSP because the name belongs to the agent, I just hope everyone would realize this. Well it’s business that fans are not even aware they are advertising the agent because the whole world knows where SS501 name came from. Then the agent got away from reality that it was actually the fault of DSP creating that 2010 fiasco.But HJ became the sacrificial lamp. think it over.Then the re-group DSP would just be waiting for the members to kneel down on the agent to claim the name. Is this right? Half of my life i have been working for an artist agent not to know DSP’s agenda.
      I just feel sorry for other people for they do not know what they’re doing and saying. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m not against the members per se just some deeds that looks awkward, just my opinion nothing personal. have a pleasant Sunday! see you again and take care, God bless..

      • yes what u mentioned about dsp, its the first time i have come across someone blaming them cuz otherwise its always leader’s fault. personally even i blame dsp. they really didnt manage ss501 well, they did let go of them at a time when the group was at the top. what happened afterwards with them going solo and shining as soloists is good in a way. at least each member was able to make their own ground and do what they wanted to and couldnt in a group. im not saying i dont want them back but i guess starting afresh wasnt a bad idea.
        as far as dsp owning ss501’s name, well that is an issue.. i just hope that when they decide to comeback it gets solved like with shinhwa.
        and whatever happened b/w the members, well its up to them to resolve it in whatever manner they see best. they are grown men and can talk it through or whatever.
        no problem.. everyone has their opinon and i respect and appreciate yours 🙂
        thankyou and you too take care 🙂

  13. Hi LK, Love your article.

    I always wonder about those TS (not all TS) whose always criticize Hyun Joong. When he was within the group, they said he overshadowed the other but when he left, they said he abandoned his dongsang (younger brothers). So what should Hyun Joong do to please them then?

    As for DSP, I don’t think DSP intended to resign SS501 as a group. According to DSP’s history with the more successful groups (than SS501) such as Fin.K.L (Lee Hyori’s group and rival of S.E.S.) and Sech Kies (Eun Ji Won’s group and rival of H.O.T. ) even though those two groups popularities were much much higher than SS501, DSP didn’t resign them as a group. Even though Hyun Joong was out, DSP could come up with just 4 members like TVXQ. SS501 subgroup album sold really well with just 3 members (who sang BOF soundtrack). So why not? Why does those TS blame Hyun Joong?

    Those two who always came out to give fan fault hope or just stir some interested news are my least favorite among the member, heck I just have a lukewarm feeling with them. My bias is Hyun Joong. For me it was team Hyun Joong over team Tom and Jerry, although TomAndJerry gave tons of fan service, it just not my taste.

    Sorry for a long rant.

    • It’s like this, by nature in an artist agent, if they got a brilliant artist, name your price, name your wish it shall be granted as in 100%. You’re right if DSP has every intention to keep the group the agent should have offered contract renewal long before it expires, just like what KE did to HJ recently. It’s true w/o HJ SS501 can not survive, he’s the key unfortunately DSP did not took care of the group, admit it or not if we compare HJ’s concerts to SS501 concerts we can see the big difference considering HJ is a solo performer out of 5 performers. I think DSP was meaning to disband the group. I just hope TS would realize this before throwing stones on HJ. And if HJ intends to re-group he should not sign sign the KE renewal right? So what does that mean?
      Besides it’s so illogical that some TS had criticize & badmouth on HJ then waiting for re-group? It doesn’t make sense so how else can they encourage someone to come back if he was already deliberately abandoned and crucified unjustly? HJ is smart I don’t think he’ll go back to pains again.
      After what was done to him, it’s not his fault if he can’t go back. And I wish he wouldn’t. Other members just kept leaning to SS501 name which is WRONG, stand by your own name and build it by yourself is the best integrity one can
      have. This is just how I see it from giving false hope. That’s not good.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, have a great sunday, take care and see you again!

  14. “crab mentality” again??when somebody is soaring high you keep on pulling him down, matter what everyone say “HENECIANS WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR KIM HYUN JOONG!!!TO SUPPORT & LOVE HIM NO MATTER WHAT…”
    Henecians keep spreading the love,let HYUN JOONG oppah bind us as ONE FAMILY…
    Fighting Henecians!!
    Oppah Fighting!!!

  15. I live in Moscow. And I’m familiar with Kim Hyun-joon in person. I love it. Thank you for this blog. I am writing an interpreter. And positions in Russian and English.

    Kim Hyung Joon – a great personality. You are right. It grew out of the group. I think. Other members of SS501 can be good in the group. For Kim Hyung Joon there closely. Our prince – unique. It is unique. He solos. Always and everywhere. When he sang in the group, it seemed that he was uncomfortable. He is stronger than all other participants. I am happy that now Hyun sings alone. You had to be brave enough to make that decision. He could not. And his life is rewarded. Succeed him.
    Ким Хен Джун – это великая личность. Вы правы. Он вырос из группы. Я думаю. Другие члены СС501 могут быть хороши в группе. Для Ким Хен Джун там тесно. Наш принц – индивидуален. Он уникален. Он соло. Всегда и во всем. Когда он пел в группе, казалось, что ему неудобно. Он сильнее всех остальных участников. Я счастлива, что Хен сейчас поет одни. Надо было быть смелым, чтобы принять такое решение. Он смог. И жизнь его вознаградила. Успеха ему.

  16. Hi LK.thanks for sharing.2010 is the most unforgetable and sadness year for Hyun Joong and Henecians.I can’t forget one of SS501 member backstabbing other member by leaving his message on DSP site which he knw he will hurt the members.Hyun Joong were badly critized by TS for leaving the group.since then Henecians hates the other 4 members by not telling the truth that they were decided togather to go solo.i knw i shouldn’t say this thing but i think this is one of the reason why TS against HJ sing SS501 songs.i’m really glad that HJ renews his contract with KE which will delay SS501 make a comeback.Hope HJ always happy as he is now.

    • HJ is a diamond to KE and they will be selfish to share HJ to others who might benefit from him. For as long HJ is within the wings of KE he is safe, & that is the reason why KE renew his contract prior to expiring which still eight months to go. HJ can produce better music but my point is TS doesn’t have a single right to deprive HJ from singing whatever song he like to sing. Hello TS you are just fans bear that in mind! This is so irritating actually but we keep our cool!
      Oh I thought I was imagining things about one member but I let go he’s not my concern anyway. Well at least now we can see the true colors of the 5 members and who’s best that DSP had been ignoring all those years.
      Anyway, HJ is much happier now with KE, and he’s much wiser this time I’m truly happy for him.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts that everyone can read from you. Have a happy Sunday take care and see you again!

    • i agree with you totally. if i have to say personally, i don’t want hj to walk back the old street that gave him sadness and pain. he never get a chance to polish his talents with dsp and ss501. dsp made a lot of money through him but they never give him a chance on what he wants to do and to improve his talents. hj looked hurt and sorrowful and less selfconfident back in 2010 we had seen him immersed in thoughts in some photos in 2010.but now he looks happy and confident. i will always support my only one kim hyun joong whatever he decides to do. wish ss501 never reunite again.i may sound selfish,but that is my true feeling.

  17. Totally agree with your article.
    In SS501, Hyun Joong had no chance to improve his singing.
    His voice is amazing nowaday.
    Support Hyun Joong whatever he does, solo or with the group, performing with dance team or with a band,…

    • Right, this time HJ is happier bringing the best in him that he’s free to do whatever innovation he wants that is well accepted and appreciated by majority. And you’re right even he gets old staying with DSP he won’t have the chance grow, look at him now just a matter of 1yr he’s already up there!
      Thank you fanjoong have a great Sunday! take care and see around!! god bless

      • How I agree with you! “!, I think that it was difficult in the group. He had depression. Now it has become a master. Master – is a person. All Kim Hyung Joon doing great.
        ( по русски. Как я с Вами согласна!”!!!!Я думаю , что ему было трудно в группе. У него были депрессии. Сейчас он превратился в мастера. Мастер – это личность. Все Ким Хен Джун делает здорово. )

  18. Hi Lk,
    LOVE every word of ur article. To those haters, I just have this to say….get a life!
    I hope u dont mind me saying this in your blog but I really think that Hyoon Joong should stay as a soloist. Dont turn back. He is a rocker inside. There is so much that he can do on his own. I know it sounds very cruel to ss501 fans, but he is soaring high now…why go back to the path that brought sadness to him. Hopefully he will make a wise decision. And those who disagree with me please be nice. Dont bash me…

    the path that was full of sad memories.

    • Oh don’t worry you’re safe in this blog, no bashing here, what I have here is reality, and the truth. Hyun Joong is so smart and I trust him when it comes to decision making. A wise man who felt the comfort of sleeping on bed would make sure he doesn’t sleep on the floor again, he will do this best not to experience what he had in the past or he will never learn again. HJ will do his best not to have pains again, that’s why he’s much stronger now, because he had learned. Thank you so much have a nice Sunday! see you around! God bless. take care!

  19. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] BUMPY ROAD | LazerKim

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