Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PRINCE CEO

 By: LazerKim              Mr. CEO Kim Hyun Joong pose for The Face Shop latest ad as a model, isn’t he handsome on that photo above? Well needless to say, who occupies the top floor of a company building over looking the city lights? Of course the Top guy Mr. CEO!!  But in his real life he is a ceo of Jaksal Chicken chain restaurant. In the real life though he doesn’t  wear the stereotype tie and suit just like in this photo above.

But he wears a rubber gloves at the kitchen sink of Jaksal doing the dishes which is a totally extreme image, but that guy is one of the richest among the young Kpop idol of the new generation!. From the upper rank to the lowest rank Hyun Joong can be both at the same time with the same position of a ceo, but he prefers to be just a very simple humble ceo at the kitchen doing dishes!! But the type of CEO whom you can take pride for being modest in his position.

I wonder what else does Hyun Joong do behind our backs! If you can notice I still have not seen Hyun Joong having dinner in a glamorous fine restaurant off cam, meaning not for pictorial pose having dinner or that video in a fine dine restaurant from Gorilla in the Kitchen which is owned by his boss. Hyun Joong is so down to earth even he can afford fine dine in an expensive restaurant, he’s happier to be sitting in one of those stall tent by the side walk streets with his dancers! And that is true, that is Kim Hyun Joong!

He would prefer to have dinner in a commoner type of restaurant even he can afford dining in a fine restaurant I remember his interview at Hang Ten pictorial session, he was saying he would prefer to eat fish than beef because Korean beef is expensive. I wouldn’t wonder as to why he’s one of the richest young ceo among the Kpop idols and still has the potential to go even richer!


May I ask, did you ever dream of Hyun Joong portraying a role in the drama that you want to see from him? Well, I dream seeing Hyun Joong as a rich sole heir of a conglomerate in the modern era drama just like that Mr. CEO rich guy!! When I lost my connection last week, I had the chance to re-watch other dramas and it’s funny that I kept seeing Hyun Joong in the lead characters from those dramas. I re-watched Princess Hour, which was also one of my favorites in 2006 and I can see the Crown Prince as Hyun Joong!! It was portrayed by Joo Ji Hoon and he was quite good for a first timer actor, but I kept saying to myself, how I wish to see Hyun Joong portray similar role in the modern era!

Then I watched Prince Hodong, the grandson of King Jumong, in The Royal Princess Ja Myung Go, this one is a must see drama, it’s a historical genre true to life ended in a romantic tragedy. I can see Hyun Joong as Prince Hodong as a cold heart lonely Prince who fell in love to a Princess who was his rival. This is a beautiful story with exciting twist of events with a good production design that I can recommend.

But Hyun Joong’s favorite and his dream drama is One Piece. Last year in Japan he actually mentioned that if there will be a drama of One Piece he would gladly accept the role of the lead character who is a Pirate. Well the character is very much like him who’s a drunkard and sleepyhead but a master of the sword. Well I do wish Hyun Joong gets the chance for another drama based on comic book, as his favorite. A fan reminded me of Lee Min Ho, a she said Hyun Joong and Lee Min Ho has the same pattern in their dramas. I think she’s right.

Like Lee Min Ho did Perfect Match and his character as a cold heart meticulous as Hyun Joong also portrayed in Playful Kiss with similar character. Next was Lee Min Ho did City Hunter as Hyun Joong is currently working on City Conquest. At present Lee Min Ho is doing Faith which is a Historical genre then I hope Hyun Joong would also portray a character in a historic genre! As he crave for action drama, how I wish he can have the chance for a totally different character but still an action drama, with sword next time! Well, this are just wishes, day dreaming about Hyun Joong in dramas!! Isn’t he a very handsome Prince?? *sigh* My Prince charming!! I mean everybody’s Prince Charming!!


Hyun Joong had been tagged as the walking sculpture because of his perfect physical body proportion well built muscle, broad shoulders and towering height, to match his handsome heart shape face, beautiful bright eyes and smooth skin. To pair him up with a female celeb she has to be outstandingly beautiful, to match his handsome physique in creating a beautiful couple on screen. Hyun Joong is a natural telegenic in any angle just as he is photogenic and he can easily out shine a female celeb beside him. Regardless of who she may be, what I’m talking about is the chemistry, how they look like as an ideal couple on screen. Of course this is just my opinion. But in portraying character in dramas or movies, the most suitable actress to the character to be portrayed is priority in choosing the main cast of the drama.

City Conquest is the third drama of Hyun Joong therefore he already has three leading ladies. The first one is, Gu Hye Sun as Jandi for BOF, second is Jung Min So as Oh Hani for PK and the third is Jung Yoo Mi as Danbi for City Conquest. I read from somewhere that it’s the leading lady of Hyun Joong that brings out the best in him as leading man which I beg to disagree. With the two previous dramas Hyun Joong had, both drama is a story of a high school girl so this means Hyun Joong portrayed the second lead. I think it’s the other way around it’s Hyun Joong who brings the best in his leading lady, while both actress were the perfect choice to portray the character described in the drama plot.

For the upcoming City Conquest Jung Yoo Mi I think is quite pretty and a good actress as well although this remains to be seen as yet, but I have watched Jung Yoo Min at Rooftop Prince and at Dong Yi as I think she’s good too. If ask from his previous leading lady how Hyun Joong was as their leading man, both said the same thing. He was an ice breaker in their location filming set, as funny, cute, gentleman and easy to get along with. Watching from the behind the scenes during filming indeed Hyun Joong was the funniest among the casts of BOF, playful and talkative!! The producer of City Conquest has the same opinion about Hyun Joong too as he was quite surprised about Hyun Joong being funny!!


In showbiz most particular in filming the cast and production crew treats each other as family within the span of time they are working on a project. In a drama with more than 16 episodes may take two to three months of filming depending on location sites. These people meet almost everyday specially those in lead roles. Being an actor and actress the very first thing they get rid off is their inhibitions and the first thing that they build up is working relationship, being comfortable with each other and by this way it’s easier move and to act.

The very first step in working on a dramas or movies after the plot and script had been prepared, next is scouting of lead actors, actresses and supporting casts. Followed by screen test of the casts, finalize characters and on to script reading, before the actual filming. All the casts have with them call slips or schedules of filming. Therefore, during the script reading is when the getting to know you starts specially if it’s the first time for the cast to work together.

From here you can just imagine Hyun Joong being too shy in the company of strangers in such a strange working environment when he started with BOF. There is a video clip of Hyun Joong during his first screen test, with no make up. Then during the first days of script reading it was said in his documentary that he read like reading a text-book in school and had improved as time of filming goes. I’m sure during that time no one expected he would gain more attention than the other casts. But during the actual filming Hyun Joong slowly builds his confidence, became comfortable with others until he became the ice breaker of the cast and crew of BOF!

Being the leading man and leading lady in a drama or movie, of course the cameras are focus on them, they are more likely to be together always and develop rapport  being close that friendship starts which is good. To develop more than just friendship of course can also be possible, they are just but human. I have been reading about actors having a personal relationship with their partners in the drama, but it was said that courtship very rarely happen during filming. There may be a developing attraction but definitely courtship starts after the drama filming had been completed.

It actually happened in dramas like Words Within starred by Hyun Bin, Song Hye Kyo and Lovers starred by Lee Seo Jin, Kim Jung Eun, as an example of screen partners became lovers after the drama filming. In other words if they may be attracted with each other courtship doesn’t happen within the work place having that degree of professionalism and respect to the work place. Lee Seo Jin was asked by media why he has to wait since he admitted that he was actually attracted to Kim Jung Eun from the start.

He said he needs to concentrate on his script and stunt action to have other thoughts than work that time. The same opinion echoed from Hyun Bin. After the filming the entire episodes in the drama, they were already been seen by media dating, that at first they deny but eventually after a few months they declared to be dating and having a relationship. Both couples did last but eventually broke off, due to work schedule. I think this is the usual reason why people from showbiz breaks up, work has always been their priority, over their personal relationship.

For Hyun Joong City Conquest shall be his third drama, having Yoo Mi as his leading lady. A fan asked me this question, “Is it possible that they might end up to be couple?” Why not, anything can be possible!! If they may find being attracted with each other that’s just natural. It depends if Hyun Joong is attracted to Yoo Mi but as of now it’s too early to tell. And besides both are professionals, I find it hard to be convinced having an affair within the work place even how intense kissing and touching scenes are. Because on the act of doing it, what these actors have in mind is the word CUT.

I remember Lee Min Ho commented as he did Perfect Match, there was a long kissing scene, and he said it was too long but of course he can’t do anything about it. He did that twice, in BOF too he said he was waiting for CUT! I think that was his first kissing scene! Then Hyun Joong too at BOF he was the first to break away from the kissing scene upon hearing cut!

Actors and actresses are trained to act on specific scene as natural as possible but believe me, act of kissing is just nothing to them.Hyun Joong also has a bed scene in City Conquest but as I have seen the teaser, I think the scene was artfully filmed and discreet just like any other Korean dramas filming a romantic scene has always been discreet.


Well Mr. CEO had already made himself clear, that all the girls he has been meeting with are strictly for business, so we take it from there, work is his priority over everything else. Whatever he may have in his privacy will always be his privacy, anyway he said that if in case he finds a girl he likes then he will let us know about it. And even he declares his personal relationship we respect and leave that part for his own. For the mean time let’s allow Hyun Joong to enjoy his single life being focused to work because he needs to, as we fans support all the way until his dreams are fulfilled.

I call all Hyun Joong fans as his Princesses, that’s why it’s plural!! For the mean time that the Prince is single we will be that to him as his inspiration, by this time we have known just enough for a fan to know about him and enough for us to understand him better. I have just learned last night that there are some people who have not gone over with the past, others may still feel bitter about Hyun Joong, there may be bashing, spreading rumors or maybe simply misunderstanding that I would like to find out the root cause. And as always we stay by his side to protect.

Oh and also last night some fans commented on the first photo of Hyun Joong which is the latest ad from The Face Shop as Mr. CEO! I was surprised because we have the same thinking about the picture!! Hyun Joong really looks very handsome in a CEO attire how I wish to see him in this character in the dramas!!  But then Hyun Joong wants to portray a character of a commoner this time, so we can just look forward to City Conquest, and we’ll keep our dream Prince in our hearts and look forward again after City Conquest that may he portray the role of our dream!!LOL Well, whatever it may be we shall always support what he is working on. Someone asked “Are all CEOs as handsome as Kim Hyun Joong?” I laugh at that!! We know the answer to the question!!

Be it the Prince, the CEO or the richest man in the whole world Kim Hyun Joong shall remain the same humble by heart to his fans as his Princesses!! That I strongly believe.

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

Come on guys let’s VOTE we got until tomorrow HJ is still in no.2 we can make it!


Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!



10 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PRINCE CEO

  1. i want khj in historical drama,as a ceo and a pirate he’ll be perfect in those role,regarding those so called ts and antis dnt mind them they’re just jelous of hyun joongs achievement cuz thiere idols did’nt achieve even half of it thats why they critisize him but the more they do that the more hyun joong will go top….

  2. HE is RICH MAN in anything, not only material but the most is HIS HEART.HE always make us proud of HIM. Sis,till now…I still angry to those critic.They are to much!the song that HE sang is ss501 song’let me be the one’, other member also sang’love like like this’…why only to HIM they complain? but now I know, because our boy did better so they throw all those silly critic. Thanks sis,having you as family make me feel better,we always stay,protect and support our boy. God bless alien family.

    • It’s so difficult to deal with people who had forgotten how to think use their brain and think rational, that;s so frustrating. Why else do we deal with the hopeless!
      Thank you sis we will defend Hyun Joong at all cost!
      Have a nice weekend! take care!

    • Me too.I hate those antis especially who claimed themself a ”TS”..i prefer him solo than in a group coz no matter what happen,they’ll keep slander him.i can’t see him get hurt again by those antis.
      I’m glad he renews his contract with KE.he can do whatever he want.he seems really happy and having a good realationship with KE staffs.

  3. hi lazer, of course he is a damn hot & handsome smart simple cool(i think if i keep on adding all adjectives it would be soo lengthy) CEO i don’t mind about working under him. 🙂 oh you mentioned my comment again, thanks. 😀 ya, i want to see him in a historical one next after that of course the pirate of one piece.but i don’t mind what it is as far as HJ is acting 🙂
    oh i can remember some article i read about few months ago(when HJ first said about City Conquest) it was saying that HJ always gets manga or comic book characters so what? he is too perfect in his features & physiques & ya he looks like a handsome manga character in live,i felt so angry that day!
    so dear have a nice weekend! god bless you!!

    • Well sorry for those people but it’s so fortunate that those manga gained a lot of attention having Hyun Joong in those dramas. It’s meant for him it’s meant to be successful. LOL it’s gonna be nice to be employed by that handsome CEO!!
      Yeah I remember our interaction the past few days about dreaming drama with HJ that’s why i put it up here!!LOL thank you so much, have a great weekend take care and see you again!! god bless..

  4. LK glad ur back. Take care of ur health and i hope no more dark days of no internet for you in the future. I guess too many got worried when you were too quiet those days.

    Anyway, one thing i can say. whatever he wears, he carries it with the same ease and character. but definitely the CEO pic is the total “IT”. He looks so handsome, mature and so much at peace with his pictorial here. it’s like it was made just for him. glad that i can share our Prince with the other Princesses. Love him mwauch.

    • Oh thank you for your concern I’m so happy to be back. I think that picture is one of the best I like it too. Anything HJ does to himself always looks good for him he’s just one unique individual we can always be proud of!
      Thank you so much, have pleasant weekend take care see you again!

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