Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HALLYU LEADER

By: LazerKim            It’s been a silent day yesterday which means I got no update about Kim Hyun Joong, apparently the guy is back in his hiding probably still filming for City Conquest. What I have for today is what I have read about Korean wave and people being addictive to Kpop. But I have noticed what I have read was about other Kpop fans who have gone out of their way of being addict to their idol, in short it’s excessive admiration but not really a sasaeng fans, since they are international fans of other idols. In the sense of saying being addict, I think Hyun Joong’s fans are also addict to him!! But so far I have not encountered any among my fan readers who have gone in excessive.

Last year at this same month was when I started to get addicted to Hyun Joong that at first I did not recognize the thoughts and feelings, all I know was that I was so eager to know more about Hyun Joong and had occupied my time in reading about him and watching his video clips. Until such time I found the right word to describe my thoughts as addiction. But when I have known enough about him, I eventually mellowed down and started writing about him that he became my inspiration in discovering more about myself, what I’m capable of doing, and what I can share with others  which I have not done before! In short my addiction to Hyun Joong turned out in a constructive way. Through my comment box and emails from his fans I also have learned that indeed Hyun Joong is inspiring rather than addicting in a wrong way.

I have learned a lot through Hyun Joong and one most significant that I can never forget is meeting different strangers be it from my own country or from different parts of the world whom now are my friends. The friendship among Hyun Joong fans starts to build up that everyday we meet, we interact and eventually having that instant concern with others is so meaningful which I really appreciate among us his fans. And there’s the bond created by Hyun Joong among us as he introduces us that sense of belonging that through him is like a family who can always be there for one another. Many people doesn’t know the essence of being in the world of Kim Hyun Joong. Many people do not know what our idol brings positive effect to us in our everyday life that I wish to spread the word so as not to be misinterpreted!


Have you felt the way as you do to Hyun Joong with your other favorite stars? What could be the factors that made us addicted to him? I have been searching for answers to the same question as to what made me like him this much to the extent of following him and writing about him. I think we all have the same opinion about the qualities Hyun Joong has that other stars may not have that made us be captured by his magic spell!! I was trying to analyze other factors that made me get closer to this guy.

I got a long list of favorite Hollywood actors but I never attempted to look them up to know more about them. I was not even engross to read about them on magazines which was just available in any news stand. Or maybe I’m just not fond of reading gossips! Because this is one thing I have noticed, most of Hollywood stars can be found on tabloids or gossip magazines. I think those print media finds it more interesting to write anything negative about the Hollywood stars or gossips may be more salable! Or maybe I have just gone tired with the Hollywood.

Hyun Joong had so many video clips of interviews, documentaries, and talk shows. Other than the video there are many news write-ups about him too. Somewhere along the period that I was researching about him if there is anything that I do not like about him I should have stopped right there. Somehow I would just feel turned off and stop following him, but on the contrary the more I read about him and the more video clips of his interviews I viewed the more I like him better. Hyun Joong remained consistent in all his interviews, and he’s right he’s not good in lying. He is known for his candid honesty, it’s like if you’re sensitive then don’t ask his opinion because he will tell you the truth but he’ll make sure to be polite about it.

I’m not saying Hyun Joong is a saint, he also has a lot of flaws but he’s just so funny every time he commits mistakes! There are a lot of video clips in his candid ways, there are a hundred photos that would give us the impression he rarely smile, which is true but when he does it’s genuine. He may have his own tantrums or mood swings just like us which is just natural but if he does, he does not hide it, and you can see it from his eyes. He’s simply being himself and no marks of fake attitude just to give you a good impression about him.

In his videos at the airport have you ever saw him talk with any of his fans there who hand in their letters and goodies? He doesn’t talk with them, he simply nod at them or none at all and just walk on to the airport lobby. It’s because Hyun Joong knows how to handle his fans, he doesn’t talk with one or two of his fans in public places but he will speak to a thousand fans that everyone can hear him. That’s him, in his natural way.

Good or bad, it’s Hyun Joong’s honesty that I like most. He doesn’t mind whatever people think about him for as long as he’s being truthful to himself. And that is also why he’s just so comfortable in his interviews because no matter how you twist questioning him he would just be consistent to what he’s saying about himself and his opinion about just anything. I just remembered during his filming of BOF the entire casts were interviewed and greet the viewers a Merry Christmas, as Hyun Joong said, “would you like to spend Christmas with us? Okay then we’ll spend Christmas together.” The other casts were looking at him in surprise, then he said, “I just spilled it out!” Everyone laugh at him!!

In another talk show, he admitted he had plastic surgery and had his nose fixed due to accident when he was a kid. He said it so casually with no hesitation. And so the accusation on him about plastic surgery just stopped because he admitted and told the truth. Hyun Joong can freely answer any question and he’s quite comfortable with his honesty. His fans can easily accept his flaws knowing he does not hide those flaws. Just like his drinking habit that after getting drunk he just doze off anywhere!! He’s comfortable relating his vices, Hyun Joong wants his fans to take him for what he is as a real person and not somebody who pretend to be what’s not.


I have read a lot about the growing popularity of Korean wave which have been spreading even beyond the boundary of Asia. What could be the factor of this growing Korean wave, why are the Hallyu stars, the Kpop and Korean dramas kept gaining a lot of attention? Although this is the first time that I have ever followed an idol, I do not have any idea how other Hallyu stars handle their fans but as I have said earlier, those fans of other idols are also addicted to their idols, probably just the same with us Hyun Joong’s fans. But I can only speak for myself base on what I have experienced on how I was attracted to the Korean wave.

I have been watching Korean dramas since 2004 and ever since then I have forgotten the Hollywood and even local stars in my country. What attracted me to Korean dramas first is the plot of the drama with a lot of twist and most of the dramas are not dragging, second the actors, majority of them are handsome, third is the scenery and lastly I love the Korean historical genre the most. Majority of the Korean dramas that I have watched were really good that made me addicted to it. I just stopped watching when I started following Hyun Joong, and all I can watch are his video clips and his previous dramas. Well quite recently I lost my internet connection and that gave me the chance to re-watch other dramas again.

This is the first time for me follow a specific idol and had been doing so for a year this month. I don’t know with other Hallyu stars but for me I find it easy to reach for Hyun Joong. Well, apparently internet made it easier to access on news updates about him even Hyun Joong is not fond of social networking. Then with YouTube everything is available, specially events which he has been hosting has always been posted and easy access at YouTube. Unlike with Hollywood stars or even the local stars in my country I don’t think I can have this kind of attachment. I find them unreachable. I think this is one factor why the Hallyu stars are becoming popular than the Hollywood stars because they are reachable by fans.

And then Hyun Joong share a part of himself to his fans through the video interviews and documentaries, so we get the chance of knowing him better instead of reading gossips. What we have are facts about Hyun Joong. And this is even more interesting than reading gossips which the Hollywood stars have a lot from the magazines. I think this is the big difference between the Hallyu stars and the Hollywood star, Hallyu stars are reachable particularly Hyun Joong. Plus the fact that he goes out of his way to reach out for his fans, during his concerts he’s so carefree and can easily interact with his fans. So this would I say it’s no wonder his fans are very close to him even we don’t get to see him eye to eye.

Hyun Joong knows how to handle his fans, he knows what we need from him as our idol and he easily gives in. We all do feel his sincerity as he create a strong bond between himself and his fans regardless from whatever country, language was never been a barrier. The way I see it Hyun Joong’s fans is not just a spur of the moment fun but they are there beside him to stay. A veteran fan once said, once a fan was caught by Hyun Joong’s spell one can not get away from that spell anymore. I think she’s right, because what she said even echoed to thousands of Hyun Joong fans who could not even get enough of him, what more to get over with him?


Many do criticize the Hallyu stars, Kpop idols and Korean dramas too, that gave me the impression that the Korean wave is becoming a threat to other country’s showbiz industry. They were saying the Kpop stars were manufactured, which I disagree as far as Hyun Joong is concern. He may not be the best singer or actor as yet but this does not make him less special. As I always say, that good quality vocals is not everything that it takes to be a total performer, and to be one is just not all technique. Hyun Joong got everything what it takes as a total performer.

If the Korean wave seem to be a threat to other countries, in my country the Philippines is different. As the Korean dramas started to become popular in my country at first it affected the local dramas. But eventually the Korean dramas became an instrument to improve our local dramas. Meaning our local drama production did not take Korean wave as a threat but took it constructively in learning from the Korean drama production, which I’m happy about, to have read a recent write-up how our local drama producers took Korean wave as a challenge instead of a threat.

Korean dramas are still airing daily in my country on local channels except that the time slot was changed in the afternoon and late evening just like in Korea. But there’s one local channel that Korean dramas can be viewed on prime time. My fellow countrymen do appreciate Korean dramas in fact there were even dramas which were a re-make base on Korean dramas that also gained high TV rating as the original. A lot of improvement had seen in our local drama production without depriving the Korean dramas to be aired.

I do hope that other countries would do the same, to take the Korean wave as a challenge rather than criticizing, to the extend of campaigning to boycott specially the local TV stations that are actively airing Korean dramas. I really do not agree to the idea of depriving the desires of viewers to have their own choice what to watch on TV or what music to listen to. Otherwise the local TV stations are bound to lose viewers instead. Nowadays the internet is so powerful and having to deprive the fans to watch Korean dramas on their local channels they would turn on to internet viewing.


As Kim Hyun Joong fans, we are persistent fans and we’ll do everything we can just to be able to watch Hyun Joong’s drama. The more fans are being deprive of their right the more they will lean on to their idol specially Hyun Joong’s fans. How I wish other celebrities would start asking themselves as to why do Hallyu stars became popular, how I wish they would watch these Hallyu stars perform on stage and in their dramas. And how I wish they would read how Hyun Joong handles his fans and how he create a lasting relationship with them who respects him, love and sincerely support him as Hyun Joong constantly reciprocate to the love he receives from his fans.

Actually it’s not only the Hallyu stars who were being criticized but even their fans too. They are probably wondering what made us addicted to our idol. Well, I do not know with the fans of other idols but all I can say is that being a Kim Hyun Joong fan I’m so lucky to be his fan, that I made the right choice whom to follow. Being addicted to him was never  been destruction to me but an inspiration that changed my life for the better. Hyun Joong is a role model to any of his fans from all walks of life and from age ranging from 7 to 70 years old.

Some people just don’t realize how Hyun Joong is to us fans, what he gives us everyday of our lives even we don’t see him. Some people do not know that special relationship we have with Hyun Joong and how strong we bind together with him. And how I wish the critic writers of Korean wave would come to read from us fans how a great help Hyun Joong is to us in relieving our daily stress and a healer to the sick fans. Not all Hallyu stars are what they think they are, Kim Hyun Joong is different above any other Hallyu star.

He is a good role model, he is a leader, he may be influential but in a good way that people regardless of age do look up on him. He’s not a saint and he is not perfect but he’s simply the natural Kim Hyun Joong.

                                                                                         LazerKim here writing


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35 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HALLYU LEADER

  1. Read your article,always found that’s a fact.HE is the person who the first idol that I follow with my heart.HE inspired me alot in the good way. HIS young age amazed me, because he is matured,smart and proper to handle HIS LIFE. Ah sist, now a days… I more love HIM. HIS eyes always remind SHINE. Keep to see us sist,god bless.

  2. LK! I did not have time to read this morning, but just finished your article. I have to admit when I saw the title I said, “DANG IT, LAZERKIM!” Because my title this week is Hallyu Angel! LOL! How is is we think so much alike? Since you post everyday and it takes me a week to work on an article… you always beat me to the punch! BUT, after reading your article, I can see that the topic is similar… but our perspectives are entirely different. I am going to discuss how Hallyu Korean wave has hit the US. We are still relatively new to the whole phenomenon here, and I will be comparing traditional American Hollywood to Hallyu. I hope my insight will help you with some of your questions posed here.

    Thanks for writing… you always keep me inspired and motiviated. I am tired now… LONG week at work. I would never make it through without KHJ and my Korean Dramas and Music. It is my life stabilizer! LOL!



    • Hello Angie! May I just make some corrections on your comment box down there about the song “Let Me be the One”, This song was written in Korean and co-produced by Steven Lee exclusively for SS501 released in may 24, 2010. This song is originally from SS501 album Destination,their last album before their contract with DSP expired. HJ just sung this song which was from his group, so I don’t see any reason why he had to ask permission from JYJ?? Why is that?? And besides HJ did not record the song for an album to obtain copyright! No need for that! Hello it was just one occasion that he sang and considering he was a part of that song. The album Destination belongs to SS501 and its content, the name SS501 still LEGALLY belongs to DSP so therefore the album’s copyright
      belongs to the owner!Just want to clarify to avoid confusions.
      Thank you, and have a nice weekend!

  3. Another great article.<3 Thanks ms LK for providing something to read that somehow relieves my stress. 🙂 Khj is truly genuine.~

      • Young Saeng’s Korean fans are creating rumors about Hyun Joong, that’s really disappointing but i can’t understand what they are talking about (I’m from Colombia…sorry for my bad english)…i read something about licor and cigarettes (not a big deal) but is frustrating, they have to leave him alone, he deserves respect…i’m depressed…i’m sorry 😦

          • A member from our fanclub in Colombia has a Taiwanese friend that can understand Korean, she told us all this stuff and a few members translated some tweets but the only words that they understood were: “bad behavior”, “Cigarretes”, “Alcohol”. The other thing was about Hyun Joong singing “Let Me Be The One”…but about this i don’t know anything, i’m going crazy, i hope some one can tell us what’s going on.
            Now I can’t tell you exactly where is this from but i will try to find the person who write this. Since yesterday i’m so unhappy and concerned because of this. If this is true…who cares? He can do what wants , he is not hurting anybody. Once again, sorry for my awful english.

            • Your English is good, don’t worry, I got about the song, somehow I can understand why they’re doing that. yes if you can find the person who wrote. thanks you so much I think I have to iron some things that some fans could not understand . Don’t worry now, take care we’ll always be at HJ’s side. God bless

    • Hello victoria! I’ll discuss it one of these days I still have to research on some facts, if you’re pertaining to the rumors. But this critics I wrote in this article are anti Kpop and anti Hallyu in general. Don’t be sad they said a tree that bear good fruits is bound to be stoned down. HJ is on his height of popularity so thing like these are likely to happen that we always have to be aware & protect him.
      thank you so much and see you again take care!! oh have a nice weekend!

      • OK! I’m curious now too! Alcohol and Cigarettes? SO????!!! If you have the news, you know about the vices of American Hollywood Actors… we’re talking hard drugs… abusive alcoholism to the point of causing drunk driving accidents… not to mention the prostitutes! Hyun Joong is perfect Angel compared to these ‘bad boys!’ They will just try anything to bring negativity! No as far as singing ‘Let me be the One’…I don’t know if that is true.. but it is a song done by JYJ, Kim Jae Joong’s group (his best friend I’m always talking about). They released and English album in the US and that song is on it. If KHJ sang it… he probably had the ok from JYJ! Please, LK do find out the truth of these rumors. I just have to protect my Angel Baby, and I can do better with the facts! You are so good at digging those up! 😀

    • That CEO picture….oh mama….hotttttttt, not just a Hallyu star but what a man, what a man.

      thanks LK as always love your articles and your pics (i have clear eyes afterthat…) 🙂

      • hahahaha noya you haven’t change not a bit!!! I always think of you whenever I choose pix to post with my article!! LOL thanks noya! Oh I got the msg last night! I would just like to say a person can hardly move on forward if the past is still on her hands. have a nice weekend! take care see you!

    • hahaha yeah i got it that’s my headline for tom Prince CEO!!! why do we think the same this is really strange!!! LOL see you!! hey take care! have a pleasant weekend!

    • hahaha yeah i got it that’s my headline for tom Prince CEO!!! why do we think the same this is really strange!!! LOL see you!! hey take care! have a pleasant weekend!

  4. oh yeah lazer, i always says agree with you. it is his personality that addict us. his fans knows how he loves them even he doesn’t smile of speak alot. they know & they like it cause he is down-to-earth about himself. no pretending,no false attitude, not arrogant, in all he is just “Mr. SIMPLE” in the celeb world unlike all other hollywood & other artists. 🙂

    • Well he’s the man!! The handsome Mr. Simple is one unique individual blessed with a lot of goodness in his heart even he seldom smile, like what you said his fans knows him as he is. Being where he can be comfortable is where he should be and HJ knows we know him as he is and not depriving on being himself. So he’s quite comfortable with his fans, as he does not hide his tru self good or bad!!
      Thanks you so much, have a nice weekend and see you around! Take care!

  5. Thank you for saying that. I dyal Kim Hyung Joon has a muse. He has helped me cope with the disease. My heart ached. When I met him. Heart stopped hurting. Each day, it gives me an example for life. Important to me his actions. As a person. Hyun inspires confidence. He gives strength. He gave me a dream. Every action – provides inspiration for action.
    He gave me happiness. And I’m very grateful to him. His strength in the love of the people

    • Oh my I’m sorry I didn’t know about your ailment. I actually have many HJ fans who regularly email me and they too are sick, oh this breaks my heart, are you alright now? Please do take care of yourself I’m happy though that HJ somehow help you. HJ doesn’t know oh but I really hope someday he’ll get to read this how he inspire people who he doesn’t know yet very close to him.
      Keep up the strength and be happy always ok? Have a pleasant weekend see you again and take care God bless…

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