Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SINCERELY COMMITTED

By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong renewed his management contract with KeyEast Entertainment which I think was suppose to expire on the month of June 2013. I may be familiar with artist’s managerial contract but I do not have the least idea of its contract period of term. And so now I would assume Hyun Joong signed a three year contract with KeyEast with the contract period of three years from 2010-2013. Now he renewed his contract so I suppose it’s for another three years which means this is gonna be from 2013-2016!

Actually there’s still eight months left from the first contract before its expiry date, well that gives Hyun Joong a good cushion in pushing his career plans and so with KeyEast as Hyun Joong brings good revenue to the company! This indeed is a good news!! It was said that KeyEast stocks rise up by 9.6% after the news about Hyun Joong’s contract renewal spread up. This news had reached the international media to the local news print in other countries in Asia this morning. Here’s that news as of yesterday morning, as follows:


Kim Hyun Joong signs with Bae Yong Joon’s KeyEast Agency Once More

(News Source: Enews >(

Kim Hyun Joong is staying on with Bae Yong Jun and his agency.

Kim Hyun Joong has signed on with Bae Yong Jun’s Key East agency once again after the singer/actor first signed on with Key East in June of 2010. Despite there still being ample time before his current contract expires, Kim Hyun Joong signaled his intent to continue with the Key East family, leading to the extension of his contract. Kim Hyun Joong is viewed by Key East as a “successor” to Bae Yong Jun as the next-generation hallyu star and the continued partnership is expected to take Kim Hyun Joong to new heights in Asia.

Kim Hyun Joong has been keeping busy with both his music and acting career and is currently shooting as the lead of the drama City Conquest. The drama has already been picked up by KBS and will likely premiere in March of next year.

Here’s another news still in connection with Hyun Joong’s Contract renewal, to his up coming Japanese album to be released on December.

Gearing Up for New Record in Japan.

news source: Kstar10>(



As I mentioned earlier, Hyun Joong’s contract under KeyEast is suppose to end on June 2013, but apparently early renewal of contract took place. It somehow gave me the impression that the test period have been proven from both parties between, Kim Hyun Joong and KeyEast. If my assessment is right, if Hyun Joong has been given another three year contract, therefore this will be another three years starting from June 2013 Hyun Joong will be 27 by the time renewed contract starts and ends in June 2016 in which Hyun Joong turns 30, just in time for his military duties for two years. That will give him a free hand on his turning point in his next stage of career path, after his duties.

Therefore, Hyun Joong shall be on the wings of KeyEast until he gets to his mandatory duties. If the contract expires by 2016 Hyun Joong has two years to think about his next move. Well we do not know what is in the future but if my assessment is right following what Hyun Joong wants after his duties, he is gonna be a good potential for a company partnership. Meaning he can sign for a different contract nature. If we analyze what he’s been saying about his future plans, we can see from there where he’s bound to be, Hyun Joong had already set his career direction, carefully planned and wise moves. He’s a smart guy.

See what Hyun Joong has been consistently saying about his future plans. He said he can not always be a singer dancer, remember everything has an expiration date in showbiz. In his 3 and a half years, first, he has to fill in those remaining years in stabilizing his status as a solo singer, music recording artist and as an actor. Second, he said he’ll be focusing on his acting career after his military duties. Although singing with a live band is also in his agenda. Lastly, when he reach the age 40, he’s bound to be a producer or developing aspiring artists just like how he started. Reading from his lay out plan for his future career, I would say this is a normal career path in showbiz for any artist who is dedicated to his craft and having a high degree of passion to arts.


You may say Hyun Joong is ambitious for a very young age but I admire him having a concrete career direction and knowing how to get there, but his ambition is doable and realistic. I think he has all of these plans in his mind even way back during his SS501 days. I had the chance to go over with his media interviews before he moved in to KeyEast when I lost my connection and I’ve learned a lot more that I did not realize about Hyun Joong. Honestly, I wasn’t aware that his contract with KeyEast was only good for three years it’s only after this news that I found out, because three years isn’t enough time to accomplish, but this is a good news to place him in a security blanket. I’ll explain this on my next article.

I’m sure his boss knew all about his dreams and plans before Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast. Isn’t it every time we apply for a job this question is always been brought up “why do you think you are qualified for the job in helping the company’s growth?” Just the same Bae Yong Joon would ask Hyun Joong “what are your dreams and aspirations?” I’m 100% sure Yong Joon asked this question to Hyun Joong. Well why not, it is just right to know Hyun Joong’s plans, being the boss I should know how far I can go with my investment. And Hyun Joong is KeyEast investment, that’s reality. He was offered for another contract that he signed, this means Hyun Joong is comfortable with the company and that both parties benefited in their equal rights.

I have read KeyEast media statement as Hyun Joong moved in to the company in 2010 and to summarized the statement, the company shall groom Hyun Joong for global market. So far both Hyun Joong and KeyEast has been doing a very good start as far as popularity boosting is concern. KeyEast may have stake a huge investment on Hyun Joong’s projects as I have read the company’s financial annual report, and revenue returns resulted in a good start. In all fairness, another artist may have fill in some gaps represented by Kim Soo Hyun as he too made a good success start with lesser investment schemes but Hyun Joong still puts in to a bigger slice of the pie. Apparently his popularity boost is much higher.

You may think this is a popularity game, well, it is, the more popularity boost higher the larger demand calls for Hyun Joong, the bigger chances for monetary gains, and that’s business which is very natural. As I have always been saying the producers are the middle people to bridge between Kim Hyun Joong and his fans. The more demands the more chances we get to see Hyun Joong, more dramas, more music, more concerts the happier fans can be. We are the receiving end and a lot of times this connotation has been misinterpreted.


From the time Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast, the media has been eyeing on Hyun Joong’s sudden popularity rise and view him as the next Yon Sama in the next generation. I have a bit reservation though. Bae Hyun Joon once stated that Hyun Joong actually has a better edge since he has more talents. Meaning Hyun Joong is a singer, a recording star and an actor, which I agree for having a better edge. Hyun Joong said gaining even half of his boss’s popularity is good enough. I think he is capable of gaining even more of what his boss had gained, provided he won’t change, keeping his feet firmly on the ground and be guided by his mentor.

For as long as Hyun Joong is within KeyEast wings then everything is gonna be alright. Although for me, Bae Yong Joon was able to maintain his star status even he had already shy away from the lime light. Well anything can be possible but I would like Hyun Joong to have his own title, though he is honored to be the little Yon Sama, I’m sure he also would like to have his own title. His boss is already a legend being the pioneer Hallyu star and he has his own crown. I wouldn’t mind if Hyun Joong may have been influenced by his boss, but as we can see the positive result out of his mentor’s influence which turned out to be in better outcome. His boss may be thinking of Hyun Joong continuing what he had started, which is also for a good cost, but Hyun Joong will have his own crown.

Bae Yong Joon should have been at the same career pattern with Hyun Joong, but due to unexpected turn of events in his career life, he made a plan detour by indulging with the business arena and a bit leaning on different field of business nature but a part of it goes to the entertainment which holds a bigger chunk of KeyEast. His boss has been in restaurant business which is starting to go global, book publishing which Bae Yong Joon himself authored and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’ll get to tea manufacturing and creative ceramics. And probably TV production which I think has been in the process since last year, this isn’t difficult since DATV of Japan is already a sister company of KeyEast.


There was also this news post from weibo that KeyEast stocks boost up by 9.6% after the contract renewal was posted, and I wouldn’t be surprised. When I was at the twilight zone I had the chance to dig in to my treasure chest and I found one news write-up about his boss Bae Yong Joon and KeyEast. Even then last year when Hyun Joong started rocking the entire continent KeyEast stocks have been boosting by 54% from its previous years revenue. As Hyun Joong rose to his global popularity, his agent’s name is tagged to his name too so this is another clear chain reaction within the business arena where KeyEast currently is.

I wouldn’t say KeyEast wasn’t popular to be a prestigious agent company, by the fact Bae Yong Joon owns its major share already rings the bell, but it also can not be denied that Hyun Joong also brought in a great pride to the company, which Hyun Joong carefully had taken care of the company reputation as what is expected of him. For obvious fact being one who represents the company. Both parties Kim Hyun Joong and KeyEast has been doing a very good job in the entertainment world specially in music. This is a good example of a harmonious relationship between an artist and the agent. This can be a good potential in partnership, having a clear cut of give and take basis and a fair business deals.

We all are aware that many artists are having problems with their respective agents that has to be taken in court for settlement of dispute over contract agreement or monetary dispute between the artists and agent. It is the agent’s responsibility to provide projects for their managing artist. They are the ones who promotes their artists, and the key to their artist popularity depends on how they are being promoted. No matter how good an artist is, but if the public is not well informed about the artist existence then he’s bound to lose the chance to gain his popularity. Therefore the artist and agent should work hand in hand. The agents should really invest on their artists if they would aim for good revenue results,  to secure their artists of what they need for enhancement and caring for their well being.

Many artists are under paid by their greedy agents and that’s so sad with the effort of the artists in their training and urge to develop themselves. I have been reading Korean agents way of dealing with their principal sponsors. Like in one project if the principal sponsor fails to pay their obligatory fees to the agents they could not pay their artist. Well it’s the chain reaction of course, but the agents should stand to be the guarantor of any of their artist’s projects. Meaning if the sponsors fails then the agent is liable to their artists.

These are the usual problems occur between agent and artist. Monetary matters should not be a problem of the artist since their professional fees are fixed including percentage incentives. So far Hyun Joong did not experience any of these problems under KeyEast which I’m just so glad. And besides he had already learned his lessons in the past, from where he came from. He is so smart and had matured that had won the company’s trust and confidence as a partner. Hyun Joong is the best key to KeyEast!


We all know Hyun Joong is a more than deserving artist, very competent and a truly hard working artist by heart. Hyun Joong is very open with his dreams his plans and aspirations. Whoever knows him the best I think is his boss, and his mentor. Hyun Joong is a very independent minded person and as he admitted, he is a hard headed person but he listens to wisdom and I think there’s only one person whom he really listens to and that is his mentor. Knowing about his career plans, he is now given ample support in a silver platter to be able to accomplish his plans. I would say Hyun Joong now is happy to where he is and this is all that matters for as long as he’s happy.

His fans are a part of his dreams, because without us those dreams are just what they are but dreams. Hyun Joong dreams of creating more music, who’s gonna listen to those music? He wants to perform more concerts and share what he got, to whom is he likely to share and attend to those concerts? He wants to portray and act on different characters on drama TV series, who’s gonna watch those dramas? Isn’t it it’s his fans whom he has in mind to entertain and share with what he got?

Hyun Joong needs people whom he can trust to fulfill those dreams, KeyEast now had offered his security blanket making sure those dreams shall be fulfilled, at the same time Hyun Joong is the company’s best gem ever. He has been very vocal about his future plans making sure his fans has something to look forward to, and that he is committed to making himself visible to us as much as he could. Whether we see him on stage, listening to his voice, watching him on TV or merely staring at his pictures from the magazines or just in advertising billboards.

Kim Hyun Joong can do so much to fill in the needs of his fans and that is his sincere long term commitment with us his fans. Are you sincerely committed to him too?

                                                                                                         LazerKim here writing

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6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SINCERELY COMMITTED

  1. Declaration! I am KHJ fan… Sincery commited to HIM for sure! Thanks fos the article sist, for me HE isn’t just an artis that I respect HIM,as an ordinary person,can feel HIS sincerity to others.I really proud being HIS fans!HE is the right person that we can pour our love to.Thanks for KE to being a good partner, so that HE Feel comfortable to do ‘HIS WORK’. thanks again sis for your daily dose, wish I can see you arround every day,God bless.

    • sis I MISS YOU!! TTT sis I died for a week without internet gosh I have been so restless, I can’t help it writing had been my daily routine and checking him out on daily basis is already in my system, so it’s really hard to be out of touch. I’m so happy now and thanks for waiting.
      Have a pleasant day sis take care see you everyday!! God bless..

  2. Yah! LK! You ask me if I am committed??? I read about him everyday here and at other sources and listen to his music daily. I finished his Christmas Present fo this year before even making any for my family or friends! Part of that is because shipping will take some time… but, honestly, I had him in my heart and mind for Christmas even before family and friends! I am definitely commited to my Angel Baby.

    I know I will not be disappointed to be his fan. He will keep me happy just being himself. I am truly a blessed fan to be able to see him in four ways… Singer, Dancer, Actor and Print Model. There is always plenty of candy for me to feast my eyes and fill my heart with him.

    Missed you so much while you were gone! I am so glad everything is ok again!

    Love you sis!

    • Hello Angie!! TTT I miss you too, I’m still writing replies from my email from HJ fans for 1 week my inbox almost filled up specially from those who are sick. The entire week of losing my connection felt like I died!! LOL It’s so difficult to adjust from the usual routine, on checking him out on updates or viewing from YouTube which I normally do! Oh I just hope it won’t happen again.

      Now i can guess your Christmas present must a hand made by you!! Am I right?
      I’m sure he’ll be pleased he likes hand made items.
      You know what we’re very lucky because we made the right choice whom to
      Thank you as always, hey take care, I hope your mom doing okay. I got two HJ fans who has the same situation whom I keep in touch regularly. I just hope HJ knows about them and how they love him most.
      See you around!! Love you sis! God bless. Take care!

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