Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOST ALIEN!

By: LazerKim             I’m finally back to the world of Alien!! I think I owe you my dear readers an apology for being at lost at the twilight zone for a week, I actually lost my internet connection and I’m happy to be back! I’m currently catching up with updates that I think I have to do a lot of marathon reading as I thought, but I guess I didn’t really miss that much as I expected to be. One thing is very sure, I miss this guy Kim Hyun Joong and I miss everyone! I’m truly sorry for having been absent for more than a week, at the same time I was indisposed but I’m doing much okay now! Thank you so much for waiting.

First and foremost, I would like to thank HollisHyun for sharing the video clip of City Conquest teasers again. I would just like to inform my readers for those who have not seen the video clip, you may do so at YouTube, just type 121004 Kim Hyun Joong Mir’s love, and 121004 Kim Hyun Joong Mir’s action. Please don’t re-upload, strictly follow the instructions of the owner. Actually as soon as I got my internet back this was the very first thing I checked if there was any new teaser for City Conquest.

As for the update, Kim Hyun Joong had already finished recording for his upcoming album to be released on December, as Hyun Joong stated the songs in this album are quite different from his previous albums. I guess this is quite expected since Hyun Joong always have something new all the time. Hyun Joong is currently on his location shooting and it was said in the news yesterday that he now goes all the way to City Conquest. I read from a post that he has been doing action scenes and he got wounds, now I’m not sure if it’s wound for real or just make up wounds!


Hyun Joong is a doer, he’s not the type of person who would just go about with promises, with words and no results. He does state his plans, yes, he would announce he’s doing this and that, but before we know it we already got the results. It was in the news yesterday that he’s back on his toes as an actor and would be focusing on City Conquest this time. Last week he was attending to his action school for stunts in preparation for more action scenes in filming City Conquest. Since this is Hyun Joong’s first action drama which obviously is very challenging for him as this is his choice as his come back drama in pursuing his acting career and working out to his best ability.

I think Hyun Joong now was given ample time for his drama project which I have been asking myself, is Hyun Joong now changing the drama production system? If you remember during the time he was filming Playful Kiss he commented on about this. Since the normal system in producing TV Korean drama is that scripts were given to the casts on the same day of filming, that gives the cast stressful time of memorizing lines and delivering. Instead of giving the cast more time to memorize, internalize and practice before delivering. This time the cast are even given time to prepare before the filming day, which I think is better.

Filming was even done during the airing of the drama and even changing script and script writer to the extend of changing half way of the plot!! I have seen this in the drama Lie To Me. This drama should have been a good one, but somewhere towards the end I can hardly connect the episodes!! Then I just read the script writer was changed in the midst of filming the drama! Now that Hyun Joong is doing his first action drama I really do hope he’s up to innovating the system as well!! I would think it doesn’t really matter if this drama would take time in filming for as long as the casts are quite comfortable with lesser stress and simply enjoying the filming as what we can see from Hyun Joong.

Anyway we have seen some teasers from the drama and even it’s a short preview at least we can have the idea how Hyun Joong is doing. I also have seen his pictures in scuba gear and I read he got his license for diving, making sure there won’t be any sharks from where they were filming! I can’t help but laugh while reading knowing Hyun Joong is just so scared of sharks!! Well who wouldn’t be? This really is a new experience for Hyun Joong but I guess it’s worth it, risky it may be but knowing the guy would just love trying on something new, I’m sure he’s enjoying this!!


Hyun Joong was chosen as the most touching Korean actor this year, followed by Park Yoo Chun, Jang Geun Suk, and Lee Min Ho. If you can notice the actors following Hyun Joong had recently portrayed their respective drama projects, and Hyun Joong has yet to release his drama City Conquest! I would say he was judged in his natural way and not acting on dramas. There was his picture when he was in tears controlling his emotion during his concert in Saitama Arena but that one was unintended. (Photo below)

But it’s a fact that Hyun Joong indeed had touched many hearts during that time in Saitama Arena as he was performing his concert in not so good physical condition as he was sick that time and had almost lost his voice. There was no script, no director, no  film camera for a drama series, it’s only Hyun Joong on that stage trying to express his thoughts and feelings as he was apologizing to his fans for not being able to give his 100% capability due to his condition. He was all holding back his emotions of breaking down but just could not control his tears, as his fans gave him moral support till he was able to endure his pain and was able to get through to a successful concert despite his condition.

Hyun Joong shows his toughness at all cost in fact he can hardly express his feelings to others. The incident in Saitama was not the first time, if you can remember he also broke down in June 7 last year as he reads his letter to his fans. I think what touched the heart of Hyun Joong is his fans. He may find it hard to express himself to a single person but he easily break down in the presence of his fans. He broke down in Saitama when he heard his fans chanting his name letting him feel their love and support which he probably wasn’t expecting from them. That incident was never been intended and quite unexpected.

There are many times that Hyun Joong had touched many hearts in his private off cam, in his own natural way that even himself doesn’t know it or wasn’t even aware of, because he wasn’t even intending to impress others. I remember reading a write-up that there was a time he wants to offer help but he was quite hesitant to do so knowing there were media on the location and so he decided not to attend because he doesn’t want to impress other people from the media or would only lead to misinterpretation. Instead he set another way to offer his help that can not be revealed by the media, but some of his fans knew about it coming from the organization whom he had offered help.

Therefore I would say Hyun Joong can touch hearts not as an actor but as an ordinary person just like us. If you remember his mom was relating that Hyun Joong gave a check worth more than his brother’s educational support coming from his part time job, inserted the check in a book and gave it to his brother. Meaning his good deeds did not only start when he was already earning as much as a celebrity but even in his past before he stepped on his lime light. We do remember that he gave his profit share from his Yokohama concert in February to the orphanage, and from his recent fan meeting concert, an elder fan gave him a red pocket for luck containing some cash, Hyun Joong gave it to the charity for children’s education which he actively participate with.

Other than his warm heart to the less fortunate, Hyun Joong’s thoughtfulness to his fans is also one of the most touching for me, like his ways of writing his message to them. His messages may spread around the internet but clearly address to his fans without the knowledge of the media. This is just a simple gesture but it somehow create a bond between himself and his fans in his most personal way. I would not say he’s the only celeb who’s doing this but it means a lot to his fans. It’s easy to say anything in words but Hyun Joong’s way of expressing himself is through results from what he does. As I always say, Hyun Joong fans are spoiled because he always provides what they need in keeping them company, and to reciprocate the love he receives.


As I lost my internet connection for more than a week which was the second time it happened to me, I felt like dying actually!! I had the chance to dig in to my treasure chest where I kept some of old files of Hyun Joong. I’ll be posting article about some of those files which I have written during my absence. It’s funny that I actually have written a letter address to Hyun Joong and have totally forgotten about it!! I also had the chance to re-watch some of my favorite dramas without knowing the history behind each dramas that I used to watch before I followed Hyun Joong. I’ll share it with you and I’m sure we can learn something out of it.

Well, I guess it’s all drama talks from this time onward since Hyun Joong shall be focusing on City Conquest which means we shall be hearing from Hyun Joong on December as he will be releasing his latest album which he had already completed recording and just waiting till its release. But there was a post last night from Weibo that on October 28, Hyun Joong shall be having a pre-recording of a popular Chinese TV variety show Happy Camp 28 as Hyun Joong will be guesting in this show. At least we can have something to look forward for this month, to at least take a glimpse of Hyun Joong!

But what about MAMA? Well, it will be held in HongKong on November 30, Hyun Joong’s picture is still posted as one of the guests, I just don’t know if this is true, although I really do hope so! Last year’s MAMA was such a memorable one since Hyun Joong was awarded Best Male Solo Artist, that every fan take pride. But Hyun Joong is nominated for Mnet Kpop Style Icon, you may cast your vote since the voting poll shall be open until October 21, the link is posted down bellow after this article.

In another update came out this morning, Kim Hyun Joong renewed his management contract under KeyEast Entertainment, I shall be discussing this topic for tomorrow’s article. This indeed is a good news, both parties Kim Hyun Joong and KeyEast had proven  their capability for a perfect partnership between Artist and his Agent. We’ll have more on this tomorrow. Oh my internet please be good to me!! I can’t stand being a lost Alien anymore, give me a break!!! LOL!!

Being at the twilight zone at lost from the Alien world was such an ordeal!! You might not believe it but as it gave me the chance to watch other movies and dramas, what I see is Hyun Joong portraying the lead actor in the drama I was watching!! My mind was pre occupied by the thoughts “Hyun Joong must have more dramas in the future.” They said if you have the chance to keep away from the usual routine you’ll be able to see more about the person you miss!! Being a Lost Alien for a week made me realize how much addicting Hyun Joong can be!! LOL! This is all I have for today, and for my parting shots;

There are a lot of ways a person can touch the heart of others, but the most touching one is a gesture not intending to show to others but simply being natural. That is Kim Hyun Joong in reality.

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing 

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23 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOST ALIEN!

  1. welcome back, lk! having no internet for a day is like a hen-who-lost-a-chick! but for a week of lost touch from alien world is prolly like a bull-ready-to-crush-the-matador! lol globe is not everything! go get my dsl, dear!

    i too love lmh. i once stuck in leeminhosworld and gaaaahhh reached a point of scouring the dvd market for his pre-bof dramas! acting is his forte alone and thru it he gives so much happiness to fans. but khj has a LOT to offer bringing his fans on cloud 9 always! saeguk drama is definitely on the list for khj. and i wish him the role of a korean version of sir lancelot! (^_^)

    MNET is back with KHJ in the poll for ‘Which Male Idol Do You Think Would Look Even Hotter in Person?’ he is 2nd now with 30.7% against leeteuk of super junior whose rank went down to 39% from 50% when it started. i think the ALIEN FORCE is yet in full force and i know you have a wide reach, lk, so please call all aliens to unite this time to vote! KHJ is not a contender for STYLE ICON this year. we ask MNET for valid reasons but to no avail. we only speculate that maybe winning for 3 consecutive year put a halt on it. *sigh*

    thank you and see you ’round!


  2. Oh welcome back dear!! really missed you.
    Oh ya,’sharks’,as soon as i saw the pics i was laughing out cause KHJ is afraid of sharks as well as of bugs. But i don’t mind being a shark & kidnap him on the first i get.
    I hope he’ll act in more & more dramas. I was watching ‘howl’s moving castle” few days ago & i wanted to see KHJ as howl. Hope he’ll be acting in a historical one(i am watching Faith, lee min ho the actor i like next to KHJ) and i think they both are having the same order in drama in acting.
    see you again!! Take care!!

    • See, we’re having the same thoughts!! I would like to see Hyun Joong in those expensive production set up, he’s a perfect Prince for any historical dramas and I really hope he can have that chance before he sets himself to be a Pirate of One Piece!! LOL and no matter how much dirt marks he puts in his face he still look like like a Prince. How can he hide that heart shape eloquently cut handsome face and those bright eyes?
      Oh yes I agree with you I really think Lee Min ho and HJ has the same pattern HJ played arrogant at PK and LMH played Perfect Match same arrogant. He played City hunter now HJ play City Conquest, Now LMH played in Faith I hope HJ gets next with Historical genre. I cross my fingers!! wwwiii i’m so excited!!
      Yes HJ is quite extreme with bugs and sharks LOL!! It’s good if sharks can kidnap but the thing is sharks can eat half of his body!!! LOL Oh no!!! Hey Thanks I’m truly happy to be back. Gosh i just hate to be lost is one step to dying really!!

        • I hope you have seen the video HollysHyun put up with all close up shots of Kim Hyun Joong’s expressive beautiful eyes. Go to her youtube and look for the video there. I was aching in my heart just looking at the expressiveness and emotion in his eyes. *sigh* so much more pain relieving than any pill in my cabinet! 😀

          • ofcourse i watched them as soon as she posted them first. yeah both my wall papers of phone & laptop is the pic released where HJ is hugging her with so much of emotions & i agree with you he is actually a pain reliever 🙂

    • nako ikaw ba naman boring na nga wla si HJ nawalan pa ng internet itsurang sinakluban ako pag dalumhati!! I’m so happy to be back gosh I really felt dying!!! Thanks for your concern oh also for the email. can’t respond anymore too many i’m sorry!

    • Nothing to worry hanz nakisabay lang ang lola sa pagdadalamhati week aq sa’tin one week din syang walang internet.Now back to normal tuloy tuloy lang ang buhay…we’re glad ur back sis,we miss you!

    • TTT You just don’t have the idea how it was to be at lost TTT This is the second time and it felt dead!!! But I’m so happy now I’m back i’ll make it up with you guys! Thank you so much for your concern i’m doing ok.

  3. Dear Lazer,
    So happy to see your article today, and more ahppy that you are fine.
    As always, your article is great. Many thanks.

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