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By: LazerKim           Kim Hyun Joong once again made a lot of noise as he performed live in Budokan Tokyo, that brought the city in euphoric state and as the news rapidly spread to other parts of the world, every Hyun Joong fan is now in a heavy state of hangover!! Every time Hyun Joong gets his toes to the stage, there’s always something new that he brings with him. All of those concert performance were truly enjoyed by his fans not only from the audience gallery but his fans from afar who has been watching and following him any place he goes through the internet. And these people watching from afar are growing in numbers, that probably Hyun Joong wasn’t  even aware of!!

I was able to watch all the segmented video clips of his recent concert in Tokyo and for me I think this was the best. Hyun Joong performed with a live band singing nine songs all in live. As I have mentioned in my recent article, this concert was quite different from the usual performance he did in his recent Asian Tour, that this time there were no dancers to back him up but a live band instead. The singer was the same, the songs being sung were the same yet different in performance, since all the song were sang with the live band.


How did Hyun Joong’s fans reacted to the new set-up of the concert? Watching from the video clips of each and every songs, there were shots taken focusing on the stage and audience gallery in full packed that the sea of green was lighted all through out the concert. Observing from the audience, this time they had the chance to attentively listen to Hyun Joong as sings his songs from his heart. But the best among the songs he sung was the song I’m Your Man. Prior to singing this song Hyun Joong asked his audience to sing it with him. I was deeply moved because towards the end of the song Hyun Joong let his audience sing that part without him.

You’ll be amazed because the crowd of audience sung that part in unison. Oh I was so touched to give me teary eyes as Hyun Joong pointed his microphone to his audience and the crowd answered and sung the last phrase of the song hearing the loud voices of the crowd in unison. During the entire concert the crowd was with him absolutely 100% attention. How I wish to be in that concert since I have been wishing to see him perform with a live band, and wishes come true as if he heard us!! This has been my wish ever since I watched him sing LOVE with a live band, and singing it with all his emotion is so impressive, the clip even showed a fan in teary eyes.

I’m so impress with Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans on how they support him that I’m so proud of. They never missed a thing about Hyun Joong every time he visits their country they are so warm and all out support is what they give him. No matter how much Kpop was criticized in Japan, Hyun Joong fans simply ignored and protect him. How I wish we can all be there at that concert and join his Japanese fans every time Hyun Joong is there to perform. This was the third concert Hyun Joong performed in Japan for this year. And he has an upcoming album to be released on December, oh how lucky these fans are!!


The producer of City Conquest Yang Yoon Hoo was quite surprised about Hyun Joong’s performance on stage being a singer, and stated Hyun Joong had matured as a singer that the producer would prefer Hyun Joong performing live with a band that gives more depth to him as a singer. However the producer stated that Hyun Joong has to be an actor too since he has great potential that can bring him to even higher heights of his career having so many talents. His fans are truly proud of him.

Hyun Joong prepared the concert exclusively for this promotion of City Conquest as his leading lady Jung Yoo Mi stated that Hyun Joong worked hard to practice with the band everyday during the period that the filming was on break. She visits Hyun Joong during his practice with the band and so with the other casts as their support to Hyun Joong in promoting the drama. Yoo Mi was saying she was quite impressed by Hyun Joong’s performance with the band.

All the songs performed in the concert were re-arranged and it was Hyun Joong’s idea to have this type of concert set-up to bring out something new. This is a real good idea since this was the third concert Hyun Joong ever performed in Japan for this year. I would say this concert had been filled with Hyun Joong’s personal touch that his fans would happily experience a different side of Kim Hyun Joong on stage with the image of Baek Mir.

But who is Beak Mir? He is a simple commoner but tough who wouldn’t just care but his own survival of life and his love for one single person of his life. And that’s how I see him on that stage singing with all his heart to his fans, and nothing else matter but to them feel what he felt. In that concert what we see is the character of a rocker and Baek Mir!! The way I see Hyun Joong on that concert is simply a rocker in character who’s just jamming on stage, so carefree and simply being a rocker bringing with him music from his heart.

Hyun Joong shared that till now, he hasn’t shown who the real Kim Hyun Joong is, but acting as Baek Mir in City Conquest made him think that they are quite close. In his daily life, he always thinks what Mir would do and hopes that the more the filming progresses,he would be able to master and reflect Mir’s character. I knew it the first time I read the character of Beak Mir’s may have been the closest to Hyun Joong’s character for real. A person who is always been caught in “against all odds” kinda situation!! Then we can probably expect Hyun Joong acting in his own character!!


Yesterday I wrote the article Teasing Scene and had mentioned about the emotional scene in this drama, and the other day I talked about bed scenes. Actually many fans from my email reacted about this and they were indeed jealous!! Then one of the fans wrote the same on my comment box I laughed!!. Then I asked if ever they felt the same jealousy with their other favorite actors and they all said no!! And replied that it was only Hyun Joong whom they followed. I was curious because like them it’s only Hyun Joong whom I followed, and honestly I wasn’t aware that fans do get jealous even on-screen, simply because I don’t feel the same that made me curious. Of course we do have different opinion which I respect.

Maybe because we already feel the closeness with Hyun Joong after getting to know him better, I mean not meeting eye to eye with Hyun Joong but somebody we admire so much and somebody we care about to support and love. We fans had developed a certain degree of affection to Hyun Joong being our idol. Being jealous of watching him doing the kissing scenes with his leading lady probably is just natural. Others may be fond of pairing him with her which I’m not!! Not that I’m against to whoever his leading lady is, but it’s because I’m contended having only Hyun Joong to support. And besides what I see on screen are just acting, with or without scripts the fact that a camera is in front of them is still acting.

To fill in my curiosity about jealous fans, I actually made some bits of research because I have noticed first, male Korean actors do get settle down in rather later age, second, Hyun Joong has always been aware of his fans being jealous. When Jang Dong Gun got engaged in 2010 to a celeb he made the announcement in his fan meeting and asked for his fans blessings before he informed the media regarding his engagement and finally got married in May 2010. Take note he was already 38 years old that time he got married. And so his fans although they were shocked gave him the blessings! I was laughing to myself when I was watching this, I was asking myself, will Hyun Joong ask for our blessings too when that time comes??


In Hollywood celebrities tend to be more open with their relationships that even marriage doesn’t affect their popularity and same in my country, unlike in Korea and Japan, fans do tend to get excessively jealous of their idols. I have read such horrible stories that female celebs do experienced from their celeb boyfriend’s fans!! And mostly done by young fans!! Does this really happen in Korea?? I was so shocked when I read about such stories.

A female Korean celeb who was being literally poured soy sauce by a fan in public out of jealousy since this female celeb had been in a relationship with another male celeb, the fan of that male celeb did it to her. And another Korean actress was being harass at the internet by some fans of her celeb boyfriend! Then there were also publicly harassing the girlfriends of male celeb! This happened in Korea which actually is alarming. There were also some bad publicity about some celebrity couple that ruined their careers. It was said that Korean fans are jealous fans specially the young teenage ones!!

In another story, I have read a write-up about Jang Dong Gun in an interview he was saying he barely had time to spend with his son due to his work schedule since he’s been active in TV dramas which he worked on Gentleman’s Dignity, and quite recently he did a movie which was release in September. He did two movies with obscene bed scenes and his dilemma was that, he worries as his son will grow up, start going to school and would see those movies. He worries that it might be an issue in school with his son’s school mates. And knowing he did the film with bed scenes when he was already married.

These are the usual issues that celebrities do face in the future that affects even their personal life. And considering Korea is such a conservative country, actors do think twice when it comes to marital issues. I was thinking Hyun Joong was right in setting his future lay out plan, as he said he’ll think about marriage at the age 40 and be a showbiz producer. In Korea I think it’s not easy to put marriage or relationships and career at the same time unlike in other counties like mine, that people just don’t care whether celebrities are married or not, their popularity stays.


My thoughts of Hyun Joong maybe not jealousy on or off screen, since I have been in the business for years not to understand people within the showbiz world. But I worry if he gets entangled with a wrong relationship in a wrong timing that may lead to regret. Plus these horrible stories in Korea!! Now I understand why Hyun Joong tend to take his own personal desire at the back seat. His boss was also a victim of malicious publicity that made him shy away from the media and deprive media about his privacy. No wonder he is still single and he’s 40!

We the international fans do understand Hyun Joong private needs, but then it’s different in his home country. We may be jealous about him on screen but it ends from there, since we do respect his privacy. But I sincerely hope Hyun Joong won’t encounter such ugly experience as other artists experienced from their home country.  Although I trust Hyun Joong for being smart enough on how he values his work, as he stated there shall be the right time for everything which I think is a mature outlook in his life.

These  are just my thoughts and is not meant to pry on his privacy. With the Korean not all jealous fans who goes to the extent of prying, other than what Hyun Joong said that he can not go about career and relationship at the same time which I think is wise specially at this time. But for me, whatever he decides on his personal life will remain his, I got nothing to do with it. If he get married then it’s fine I got no problem with that because I will still support him. It’s Hyun Joong that matters to me as an artist and not his personal life.

Oh well, Hyun Joong has still a long way to go before he can attain his dream of four kids! But it’s good at the young age of Hyun Joong he knows his direction, he knows his dreams and aspirations, he knows exactly how to get there. At this young age he already has a lay out plan for himself, a time table which he strictly follow, and a mature outlook in life. He knows his priorities and he knows exactly where he stand. At present he is uncommitted, and he remain focus on his career path. To say that he needs somebody beside him is his decision whether he needs it or not. It doesn’t matter at all.

For me the most important is for him to attain his goal and his dreams. Do you know why? Because we fans are included in his dream. Oh we should know that because it’s a fact. He needs his fans because he’s simply doing all of these concerts and dramas, for us so that we have more chances of seeing him, and that is a fact. He is providing something that will make us happy. We should know now that we are a part of Hyun Joong’s work because it is us who gives him strength and inspiration.

Unless he was able to attain his dreams, he will delay his thoughts of four kids. And that is very clear as he stated his lay out plan for himself.  So let us stay beside him, inspire him more until he got what he wanted for himself that anyway we benefit from it. By the time he is already up there, probably he’ll be exhausted by then and he’ll think of four kids, as we give our blessings to him wholeheartedly.

For the meantime, let us be his lover by supporting and loving him, listen to his music, watch his concert, light up those uzoosin sticks, chant for him and just be there for him while he’s on stage and watch him on our TV screens for his dramas. That is gonna be our role as his lovers, as easy as that!! In short we entertain ourselves and forget our daily problems while we inspire Hyun Joong in his projects. By this way both parties benefits, him and us, that’s the essence of our relationship with him. Hyun Joong will work hard to provide what we need as we inspire him in doing so.

Building a relationship is such a joy when there is sincere caring and love. This is the kind of relationship Kim Hyun Joong builds for us his fans, the Rocker and the Lovers for time being, until both dreams are fulfilled.

                                                                                                       LazerKim here writing 

I just read a sad news from a fan friend of mine who’s been with us in this blog as a regular reader, blueribbon, her mom passed away today. My condolence to blueribbon and her family. May your mom rest in peace with her Creator. 

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!


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    we are really worried, because we are used to reading your comments , please keep in touch with us as soon as posible, as KHJL said PALI, PALI
    we hope you are right , god bless you

    • Hello! I’m very very sorry I couldn’t get through Word Press I’m ok now, I’ll be posting my article today, I lost my internet connection for more than a week. Pls don’t worry now, I’m really sorry for making you worried pls forgive me. Thank you for waiting I’ll be posting today at 12noon the usual time. God bless…Oh I miss everyone here!! I’ll make it up with you guys! See you later!

  2. Ms LK its been one week to be exact of not posting a new article. Everybody are getting worried of you. There is no heavy typhoon in philippines these past few days that could possibly caused the disconnection of your internet line. Whatever the reason would be for your absence im praying that you are safe and healthy.
    We missed you!!!
    Take care and God bless!

  3. Hi LZ~~been over a week now since your last article & am really quite worried about you,dear!
    You know I don’t normally post comments here…but I do miss you & your daily articles…I just hope everything’s fine with you & that it’s just your net connection again, acting up or something!!
    Many KHJ-fan-friends have also been asking me about you…do take care & hope to wake up tomorrow & be able to read your article!!
    My KHJ-pix-garden’s waiting for you!!
    Ms. D

  4. Hi there Lk,
    Where r u my friend? It has been days now. Hopefully the mia is due to internet connection. Wherever u r, just know that we r thinking of you…yes you and not becos we miss your daily doses of khj. …well of cos that too, but I am more concerned about you now. Khj`s news can be obtained and read all over the internet n other blogs but not u miss Lk. Please give us some clue that u r well and bz with work…

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  6. Blue ribbon my condolences to you and to your family. May the soul of your mom rest in peace ! Praying for you to have more strength and courage. Take care kaya mo yan.

  7. Just wanted to add one more thought… as I was looking for pictures for next week’s blog… I discoverd one of HyunJoong playing his bass guitar and singing with a band during his ss501 days! I will post it with my article this sun nite. I found a lot of him dressed rocker style or playing electric or bass gutiar! I think his dreams have finally come true with this performance at Budakon! LOL! YEAH, HYUN JOONG! You have made it to your youthful dream! Now, you only have bigger and better dreams! I am so proud of you!!!!!!! 😀

    I am also very heartbroken that the youtube fan who was so generous with her videos felt it was necessary to take them down and make them private because people did not respect her rules. *sigh* unfortunately, we cannot control others and we are disappointed when they are selfish and refuse to give respect. I am more sad by bad behavior than the loss of these amazing videos.

    Hopefully, she can build friends she can trust to share her treasures with ina private way. I am not sure how that works at youtube… but, I do hope it is possible for her so she can share. It is in the sharing of our idol that we are drawn closer together and healed. I do hope this can happen for her and the trustworthy fans.

  8. Hi sis,thanks for the great article. Same as you, I will always support HIM… We knew , HE is smart…HE knows wich better for HIS LIFE.We love HIM and we respect HIM as well.Sis,my sympaty to blueribbon, I wish she will be fine.see you again sis,god bless.

    • Thanks sis! I’m sorry about the vid clip I wrote to KE hoping they can post an official preview of CC. We just have to wait. The vid. clip is no longer at YouTube. have happy Monday, see you sis! take care God bless.

  9. Hi Lk,

    First of all deepest condolences to blueribbin , my mom passed away a few years ago. I remember my feeling at the time. God will always be with you.

    Thank you LK .It’s a good article as always .
    Regarding girlfriend I think he should have many experient with girls ( I mean get to know some girls )before settledown with someone. I don’t mind at all if now he feel like someone or likes a few girls because it’s normal for a man his age.Having a date from time to time is also nice. He should have a chance to find the best girl for him. However if he decides to just concentrate on his career and put relationship aside I will also be very happy with that. The most importance thing is he must be happy with it.

    Actually I really want to see Hyun Joong ‘s 4 kids kekeke. It’s funny I feel closer to him than some of my relatives.

    God Bless you, take care LK.

    • Well that’s HJ’s decision about dating, even we want him to it’s all up to him. Don’t worry he’s happy being a single but once he gets tired working and had the firm status thoughts of girls would be easy. Don’t worry about him he can take care of his personal desires. He’s happy so let’s be happy for him. Let us let him focus to where he wants to be. The 4 kids will come around!! LOL!!
      Thanks and see you again take care have a good Monday start of the week!! God bless…

  10. First deepest condolences to Blueribbon, may her mom rest in peace, hard to console someone on losing her mom. Keep strong the time will heal all wounds.
    Dear Lk – great article as usual, thanks. Hj came a long way and he is just better and better, such a pleasure to be fan to someone who is never ceasing to amaze and surprise, chapeu to Hj and I feel that if read again that someone has something to say about his vocals, I am going to sue them for Defamation.
    Those Korean fans they do have passion, they trouble their Idols private lives and they follow them, saesang they are called if I am not mistaken, but I think that they forget that they don’t Own the Artist (being singer/Kpop idol actor whatever) and I think that KHJ has established a very good relation with his Fans as he is very open about what he wants people to know. I do hope he has someone special even now and not in the limelights, he is a young man with urges and needs and it is not right not to have someone ( the Rockstar movie keeps popping in my mind…. hope is not the case here, but there are girls offering on a plate ….)
    I take KHJ as a non-conformist person, not abiding to the K-pop rules, that he is doing things his way always and a pioneer in many things changing in the K-pop – like his FMs concept, like shooting the drama before (and not killing the actors under stress) maybe in his personal life will be a pioneer and not be afraid of what fans or others will think and live his life to the fullest as a young and successfull artist live, like everywhere in the world. Wish him to enjoy these years to the fullest in every possible way, working/partying/girlfriends/friends whatever, he really deserve it and good luck on that. He looks great now, even better and better….:)

    • Hi Noya , love what you wrote . I so agree.
      Howeer I hope his rockstar image will not attract those kind of crazy girls who just want to get relationship with a rockstar.

    • Hello Noya!! Well in reality love just come our way the least we expect even we do not look for it. Hyun Joong hates to be chased by girls, the more you offer him the good plate the more he will resist. he doesn’t even wants to be dated upon he wants to be on his own choice of relationship he not just gonna be with a girl just for the heck of it he’s the doer neither he wants to be dominated, he’s so independent minded. No one can dictate on him HJ is right everything has its own time.

      It’s HJ choice to be as he is, as I have said before people from showbiz is quite diff from us we can have a normal life but not with them. Right from the start as he stepped in to his stage he already embraced reality of being a star. HJ is just on his starting point so let us allow him to enjoy his single life, he can not gamble his dreams over pass time girls. But once he got what he wants then that’s the right time. He knows this quite well.

      KE doesn’t control his personal life unlike with DSP it’s just that he knows his priority then so be it. There will come a time the right girl will come along. It’s all
      gonna be his decision if he needs someone or not. That’s up to him. As you said he also has urges, that’s quite simple he can always get somebody beside him that’s natural.
      He knows it and he knows when. Just like what you said he’s non-conformist I agree, that’s why he’s still single, it’s his choice and not because of his fans. We got nothing to do with it.
      HJ just want to stabilize his status as firmly as he can. Have mercy on him he doesn’t even have time for himself what more can have time for a GF. Let’s let
      him enjoy his success. He will decide for himself.

      Thanks Noya Have a pleasant Monday, it’s getting boring again!!LOL See you girl hey take care!

      • To be honest, i think he has an inspiration but it is not yet time to tell his fans. It is just gut feel, i have no proof or information. I am happy for him if it is so.

        • Well Gracie, somehow i have the same gut feeling, he seems like a person in love, don’t know how to explain but I see the signs (look/smile….). If it is so I am so happy for him. I know the feeling of the new love begining is the best feeling on cloud nine…..floating.
          we miss u LK, hope you are ok and all is well darling.:)

    • Noya I’m sorry I have to delete the vid clip please forgive me,I just don’t want to be in trouble with the owners of vid clips I hope You’ll understand there’s a standing issue about it.

      • Yes Dearest, of course, we have to respect other’s wishes, pity others don’t just take a look and make a like. But just for you to know all can find this in youtube as I found it and it has like 7000 likes. Have a good week 🙂 love the pics….yummy..:)

  11. thanks for sharing this piece.

    love KHJ as a rocker, though i see him now in baek mir’s persona.

    seeing photos/videos of him at the airport to the fm con cc promo after being invisible for quite a number of days made me realize that i missed him that much. i shed tears of joy honestly.

    and watching the teaser clips, which sadly became private now, increases my yearning for the drama to be aired sooner. 2013 please do come fast for us to see baek mir in cc! ^_^

    ps: my condolences to blueribbon and family.


    • alleluia!! I feel the same as you are now I just content myself to listening to the song at the teaser….*sigh* This is gonna be my topic tomorrow EAGERNESS!!! LOL how I wish HJ and KE knows how we are to please send some teaser of CC! It’s been a long wait we first heard about CC in May that’s half a year waiting!! LOL Thanks Jen have a happy Monday!! hey take care and see you again! God bless…

  12. hi lazer, my server crashed as sonn as i finished typing the comment 😦
    i also get jealous when i see him in a romanic or emotional scene with female lead in dramas & when ever i watch BOF i always end up blaming Jan di for choosing gu jun pyo over ji hoo. 😛 bit crazy though.
    but i always make up my mind cause he himself said that it was just acting. i doo think that hell ask his fans for blessing before he marries as he loves his fans so much & also i think we all should respect his private space 🙂 as he is one of a kind down to earth, humble artist who deserves respect & love.
    by the way can you put the link of hj singing i’m your man in CC event i can’t find it.
    give my deepest sympathy to our fellow friend blueribbon 😦 it is sad to hear but i think she’ll be happy to know that so much of people are out there sharing her sad moment.
    have a good week!!

    • About the link of I’m your Man, i’m so sorry but the video has already been placed in private so there’s no way to locate it You Tube anymore, because of what happened the other days, as I have included that issue in my article yesterday. there’s only one source of that vid clip.
      We have the same feeling when Jandi turned down Ji Hoo I was mad at her!!! I was somewhat affected!! LOL
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, have a pleasant day and take care. I’m sure blueribbon will be able to read your message as soon as she comes around, I already have informed about your messages to her. Thanks .
      See you again, god bless.

  13. I hope the female fans are respectful to the woman KHJ chooses to have in a relationship and especially when he chooses to marry. I just hope he finds someone who is as kind and giving as he is. I would hate for him to have sacrificed love for career accomplishments to only end up with someone not as deserving of a good person as he is. So, I hope God sends him someone very special.

    I am from the U.S. and I have found it surprising that k-pop idols/celebs are reluctant to display their relationship or dating status to the public. I was also surprised that so many male k-pop idols seemed to have very limited dating life (at least limited experiences to which they are willing to admit to the public). Contrary, here female fans still enjoy supporting their male celebs and having “crushes” on their special one even if it is only girlish dreams. Most are perfectly fine with their celeb being photographed and interviewed about the women they are dating. That doesn’t destroy the fantasy nor the support. Most are respectful to the females their male celeb chose. The only exceptions I can remember over the past couple of years are Usher, Justin Bieber, and Chris Brown where the young teenage to college-age fans had backlash towards the females they dated or in Usher’s case (married).

    I do admire KHJ for wanting to accomplish his dreams before he can give himself fully to a relationship. I hope he isn’t too lonely not having a special lady publically in his life especially at a time that other friends/family members his age may be in relationships and able to share all of their accomplishments with that loving female by their sides. It would be nice if KHJ could experience that as well.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, it’s beautiful and i agree with you if only Korean fans can be as open minded. Unfortunately, even the artists agent have their restrictions about relationships as well, in Japan it’s the same. They are very conservative. And it’s true not only HJ has to sacrifice his personal desires other idols too. I remember a good Korean actor had publicly said he’s gonna have a relationship and his career at the same time. Now I do not know where he is, which gave me the impression he doesn’t have anymore project it’s been almost been 2 yrs w/o drama nor movies.
      Some idol would just make up stories of having a gf and breaking up as other foreign fans think they are gay but the truth is they don’t have a gf bcoz some
      agents do deprive. HJ admitted to that about his previous agent, they are not allowed to talk about girls and vices. although KE is being lenient to him that he can talk about his drinking.
      In a way it’s good to have some restrictions though, very seldom would idols get involve with drugs unlike in US. And also I do not like some Korean commoners would think “without fans there won’t be stars”. That’s why i emphasized this matter to my other article, because it’s not right. We can’t live in this world without music or entertainment!
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, that others can read from you too, have a pleasant Monday, and take care! See you again, God bless..

  14. Condolences to Blueribbon. I, too, am a part of your club having lost a mother in 2003. Remember the special times you had with your mom and know she is in a loving safe place and without pain. Keep a physical piece of hers (scarf, gown, etc.) for the times you need a physical connection to her to give you confort. Give yourself time to mourn. No one can dictate the “proper” time limit of mourning as long as you keep taking steps forward in life (some days, it will be regular steps and sometimes baby steps but the key is just to keep moving forward). It does get better; it just takes time. God bless to you and your family.

  15. I remember an old article you posted Lazer, where everybody was looking forward to seeing City Conquest and I was the one saying that I was more excited to hear HEAT XD lol Well, after the live concert at Budokan I can only say that I truly love seeing him just as he is and hearing his voice along with the powerful instruments is an undescribable feeling. I understand that CC is a big thing and all, but I prefer seeing the real KHJ than a role played by him. xD I’m not much fond of dramas. I don’t even know who the actor u mentioned is .-. lol The good thing is that CC is an action drama, so it’s not entirely focused on cheesy things \o/ XD ||| Now about jealousy, I think the girl who threw soy sauce over that celeb’s head should have throw her some chopsuey too xD haha just kidding .-. Being young doesn’t mean forgetting about what respect is. I think privacy is one of the most valuable things nowadays, in fact I wouldn’t trade mine for anything! Those crazy girls should learn to behave! ||| Well, have a nice day everybody! I’ll continue daydreaming about HJ XD. .-. ///// I’m sorry blueribbon about what happened u.u I do hope you can be ok soon. I know it’ll be hard, but I’m sure she will give you the strenght to carry on. Hugs ❤

    • hahahaha I just had chopsuey for lunch awhile ago bad girl!!! LOL I almost drop my glass of juice while reading from you!!LOL I can’t control my laughter!! Razor it doesn’t matter who the other actors are the important thing is you see HJ in action, so I’m counting on you to watch CC i’m sure you’ll change your views about dramas, well I hope!! LOL
      Now you should fall in love!! I will pray hard that an awesome guy like HJ would come along in your life, you’re still young and so beautiful from the inside I can feel you even I don’t see you. Continue your daydream hugging someone as good as HJ!! And good luck!! LOL see you girl oh take care have a nice Monday!

      • Awww ❤ Lazermom always have good words for everyone, except for the antis e.e Thx, but could you please pray harder so that I don't just find 'someone like HJ' but KHJ himself? even at 60 yrs old?! xD kekeke

        • Oh i gave good names for the antis like INSECT or ROBOT and always say “with all due respect”!! That means i’m giving respect! LOL well girl if it’s HJ you want to wait alright then, now I wonder if I’ll sill be alive if you turn 60!! LOL HJ is only one what can we do??? get your standard a bit down!! I’ll pray harder!!LOL

  16. And Yes Lazerkim, I too loved the song ‘I’m your man”, loved the way everyone sang nanun ni yoja ya…damn, I should have been there!!! To attend hyunjoong’s concert is now No.1 on my bucketlist.!!

    • hahahaha!!! i think everyone of us regrets, as everyone wants to be there, oh what such a fun to have missed! Don’t worry though there will be another chance he’ll be in Japan in December for his 3rd album launching. How can HJ spend Christmas i n Japan but good for us though he’ll be with us on those days!!
      Thank you, have a pleasant Monday and take care! See you again!

  17. My deepest condolences for Blue ribbon’s mom….hope she rests in peace and may God give the family strength to move on. And i hope hyun joong’s healing smile and soothing voice heal the wounded souls.

  18. Thank you for such kind words. I will meet with him in late October, early November. I will give the fans love him.

    Спасибо за такие теплые слова. Я буду встречаться с ним в конце октября, начале ноября. Я обязательно передам любовь поклонников к нему.

    • Oh that is really great!! I do hope you can catch up but it’s on Oct 13 Saturday his fan meeting in Seoul!! I’m so happy for you please do enjoy Korea and yes please give our love to him!
      Thank you so much, have a nice Monday and take care! see you! Please do share your experience with us about Korea when you get home, and please do visit Jaksal! Oh why am I so excited for you!! LOL We’ll wait for you!

    • If you get to say a few words to him at the fan meet as you are shaking hands or high-fiving or if you encounter him at Jaksal’s, please tell him American fans wants to see him in the U.S. LOL Have a great, safe time in Korea.

      • Be sure to tell you. We will have exciting news for you. Let’s be friends. I’m from Moscow. In a few days I will send you the information in English about themselves

      • yes, yes.. please, please tell Hyun Joong Angel about the US fans who are longing for him to come and perform for us. I honestly don’t think he’s quite aware of how many of us there are. On my blog, the most hits I get are from the US! He needs to know how much we love him too! You’re from Russia? That is so awesome. He has fans from EVERYWHERE! I love to look at my flag map and see all the people visiting my site and reading about Hyun Joong.

        LK, do you have a flag counter? I was just curious. I know you get about 100 times more visitors than I. I wonder what your world map looks like? LOL! Miss you, haven’t heard from you in a while.

        Blue Ribbon, deepest condolences. My heart is a bit sore hearing about your news. I still have my mom, but she had stage 4 cancer a few years back. The thought of losing her made me feel sick and like I would die too. I do hope you have many family and friends around you to support you through this time. Know we are here also, your Alien Family. Remember the blessings she brought to you and celebrate her incredible life. Anyone who gave birth and raised a child is a TRUE HERO in my heart. Sending hugs and love…


        • I got over 177K that’s 1,200 daily average subscribers, country map almost filled up I got 1/4 to go to fill up. I got only one post in a day. I haven’t paid attention to this only now since you asked!! LOL I use to have 700 ave. i didn’t know it went up already! Only I noticed I got more new fans sending email I’m happy for HJ he got new fans again!!
          I’ve been quite busy lately. I didn’t know about your mom, I’m sorry, please do take care of her, i lost my mom when I was 18. miss you too!!

          • Welcome to the KHJ love family!!! Cool that KHJ has so many fans from Russia, US, the Middle East, Australia, etc. Hopefully, all of us will be able to see him perform someday.

            I visit the Hyun Joong Angel site as well (thanks to LazerKim’s notification of the site’s existence). So glad to see more US fans!!!!!

  19. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ROCKER LOVERS | LazerKim

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