Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ROMANTIC CONQUEST

By: LazerKim            Kim Hyun Joong boarded his flight back to Seoul yesterday afternoon leaving his fans in a complete mesmerize state again after the tremendous concert he performed last Thursday. The long waiting months of spending boring days without Hyun Joong around paid off by his surprises to his fans. The news about the successful concert of Kim Hyun Joong held in Budokan Stadium on October 4th has been spreading through out the internet. I’m just waiting for the local print news in Japan since there were media personnel who attended the showcase, including the foreign media press. But of course the best media to spread the news about Kim Hyun Joong’s events are his fans!!

I would like to acknowledge and express my appreciation to those fans who are active in posting the news sharing it with other co-fans and the fans who attended the concert who actively share their pictures and videos. From the bottom of my heart thank you very much for your undying effort to share with us updates about Kim Hyun Joong, You are truly appreciated and more power to all of you!

Yesterday afternoon, the director of City Conquest had confirmed that this drama shall be aired at KBS2 in early part of 2013, like the press release made sometime in August that the the three big local TV stations were fully booked for dramas to be aired this whole year round. And so Hyun Joong decided to get down on his album first which shall be releasing on December, Christmas day, instead of next year. There’s that plan detour, and as the director stated that City Conquest in Japan shall be aired via cable channel DATV in spring next year.


I have read from somewhere that some fans may not agree with Hyun Joong’s current hairstyle!! At present Hyun Joong has still been filming City Conquest, the image of Baek Mir was taken from the comic book as we already know that Baek Mir is a commoner, a real man who is a carefree type, who doesn’t really care much about how he looks. As we recall Hyun Joong was saying that he will totally change his image from the flower being neat prim and proper. What he currently has, is the opposite character of a flower boy. Let us not forget he is doing this image change to characterize Baek Mir for City Conquest.

Hyun Joong specifically stated in July before he ended his concert in Saitama, that he bid farewell to Kim Hyun Joong image and welcome the Baek Mir image. Yes I understand Hyun Joong has been carrying on this image for three months now, and knowing Hyun Joong I’m sure he too is just too itchy to change, the guy is restless when it comes to his image specially his hair. But then just a little change in his hair style immediately change his entire image, take notice with all his pictures. He was already promoting City Conquest so whatever looks he currently has is the image of Baek Mir, so expect some scenes in the drama with that hairstyle.

I even read that says, the image consultant should know better. Precisely the image consultant knows better and that is why he’s putting up that image and hairstyle. There’s the author of the comic book City Conquest, writer and director as his consultant, because they know better how should Baek Mir should look like. And believe me the author of the comic book was being consulted prior to filming. Come on, Hyun Joong can not just change image while in the middle of filming definite segment that he has to appear the way we see him now. Changes probably can be made after the scenes on his current image and hairstyle had been completed.

Hyun Joong shall be doing 20 episodes out of this drama, so I’m sure he’ll be changing his hairstyle again as he normally does. But for the mean time let us not forget that Hyun Joong do adopt the character he’s currently portraying on and off cam. Whatever image he has at present shall be seen in his exposures. That can only be changed during pictorials or his commercial photo shoots if in case there is a necessity for him to change. But expect him to be as he is, specially during the Budokan event he was expected to be Baek Mir for obvious reasons that he was already promoting City Conquest. And so this explains as to why he has that hairstyle as we have seen him recently.

Actually for me no matter how he looks or how he does to his hair still looks handsome, and the fact that it’s no longer his outer looks that I have grown to like, but his inner self which is even beautiful. I would just embrace him for what he is. And besides Hyun Joong knows best, it’s his body not mine and with the better understanding as to why he has to be in that looks. If he plays a role of a Prince in a drama, well we’ll definitely expect him to look and behave like a Prince to be neat prim and proper. But in this drama Hyun Joong is an ordinary man who is always caught in trouble, who does not care about his looks and only think of surviving, and that is Baek Mir’s image.


The director of City Conquest stated that though this is an action drama the plot is still focused on romance love story of Baek Mir portrayed by Kim Hyun Joong and Dan Bi portrayed by Jung Yoo Mi. The first teaser of this drama was shown during the concert and the first scene shown was Hyun Joong in topless while practicing his martial arts. You can just imagine how his sexy manliness can show up. What was the reaction of his fans after seeing Hyun Joong in topless? SCREAM!! Like that photo above!! That shall be the first scene we’ll watch once City Conquest has been aired!

We have already seen Hyun Joong in topless last year as he performed at Mnet and if we compare both pictures you can notice how Hyun Joong developed his sexy muscles in a gradual and natural way through regular daily training at the gym and strict diet. And so as a result his muscles build up really tough and sexy as time goes, slowly but lasting. Many action dramas do put in some sexy scenes either by the lead actress or the male lead and City Conquest doesn’t exclude such scenes which I’m sure done in artful way..

On the first weeks of filming held in Japan there was a gondola shown and it was said that a honeymoon scene was taken from there and that includes the bed scene. At the teaser passionate kissing was shown, and half naked scenes of Hyun Joong on top of Yu Mi. As Hyun Joong said he wants to do something different that would show his maturity. So this drama is also different from that of a young couple of Playful Kiss, wherein there were bed scenes but both actors are in pajamas sleeping and simply holding each other. Which is quite the opposite at City Conquest, this one has more matured romantic scenes.

Now I can’t imagine Hyun Joong working on bed scenes at the early stage of filming, since this was filmed during the first weeks at Kinugawa Onsen in Japan, this must very tough on him and so with Yu Mi!! Believe it or not kissing scenes and bed scenes are among the most toughest acting scenes that Asian actors do experience!! Although Hyun Joong had experienced many kissing scenes with Playful Kiss but the filming of those scenes were taken at the later part of filming that Hyun Joong and his leading lady were comfortable with each other when those kissing scenes had been filmed.

But this one at City Conquest is different, since the scenes are rather passionate which is a challenge for both Hyun Joong and Yoo Mi, that both had admitted that they were indeed felt shy at first try!! Well, who wouldn’t be, the feeling is very natural if both have just met a week ago and Hyun Joong was even busy with his HEAT launching to have time to chat with Yoo Mi!!

Now I’m just as curious to watch behind in scenes of this particular scene and I would like to see Hyun Joong’s first expression!! Whether he had actually matured, because I have seen him at BOF and PK behind the scene which obviously he was so awkward that I can’t help but laugh at him in both dramas behind the scenes!!

I think Hyun Joong is sexy, he does not have any inhibitions, he’s quite confident with his body structure yet shy in front of girls!! I wonder if this had change by this time when he was already filming. During the concert, when asked if Kim Hyun Joong felt any similarities in real life with his Baek Mir character, Hyun Joong responded, “I don’t know if you all will believe me or not but I also put my life on the line when it comes to the person I love.”

Hyun Joong can easily relay since he had fallen in love as he said he felt it was real love to his first love, the love of his life, that he had never forgotten, that may have been similar to his character being Baek Mir and Kim Hyun Joong. In 2008 he was saying in a talk show that he once been caught in a fight and was beaten up because of his girl friend, and that was how he showed his love for her. That’s how Kim Hyun Joong is, in terms of real love.


In another story, Hyun Joong sung the song LOVE sometime in August last year, and this was first sung by him with a 4 piece band live on TV. He sung this song filled with love and emotion that I really wish he could sing it again live with a band in a concert. Before I started writing this article, I watched a video clip which I must have missed, as Hyun Joong guested in a radio program promoting his album Lucky Guy and he was with Kyu Jong. To my surprise, Kyu Jong stated he and so with the other members was surprised when he watched Hyun Joong on TV as he sung this song LOVE, that he sung it so beautifully, and that they didn’t know he sings very good!!

Well, it’s understandable performing with a group and doing solo are two different things. But I felt sorry for his previous agent who doesn’t really know what Hyun Joong is capable of doing and now I understand why Hyun Joong would boost everything he got and taking real care of every chance he has to bring out the best in his talent. And he succeeded through his hard work effort. Since Hyun Joong was given the liberty to create his own music, he is now doing it in so many different ways that I would think might have been ignored in the past by his previous agent. But they should have known and should have supported him.

Maybe it’s just right to say in everything that happened in our past has the reason to bring us to the future. But I’m happy for Hyun Joong now that he was given this privilege to cultivate his other talents aside from singing, dancing and acting. He was also given the privilege to innovate the concept of Kpop as Hyun Joong showed a lot of those changes. May he be the one to lead the others in innovating, he’s a true leader anyway. Now I’m wondering how many Kpop idols can perform with the band? Are they just gonna be as they are from now till the end of their careers?


The picture above is the sea of green, those are the light sticks that every fan carry with them every time Hyun Joong performs. These are just a few of Hyun Joong’s fans who are always looking forward for Hyun Joong’s activities, always hoping for another chance to be with Hyun Joong whether he performs on stage or right on TV screens awaiting for his drama. As a fan of Kim Hyun Joong I feel so proud every time I can see this scenario in his every concert, seeing his fans grow in numbers as time goes by. Imagine taking this view from the sky that the entire world can be seen people with the same green light stick, that is Hyun Joong’s fans a view of the entire world. There may be parts that are still in the dark but eventually it will be lighted by the green light stick, that represents his fans.

During the concert in Budokan at the Q and A portion of the show Jung Yoo Mi asked Hyun Joong fans if they were jealous to watch the kissing scene of the drama from the teaser. Hyun Joong said, “Do not be jealous, that was only acting!!” I laughed at what Hyun Joong said!! In my whole life I have never heard any actor who consider the feelings of jealousy among his fans with his leading lady! As if there’s an affair going on between Hyun Joong and his millions of fans!! LOL!! Not only that, whenever he writes a message to his fans, he writes as if he’s writing to his best friend!!

This guy is so remarkable, as he builds a special relationship with his fans, he also has his own way of being romantic to his millions of fans as he sees them as only one!! Can you imagine Kim Hyun Joong having a romantic affair with those green light sticks?? Oh yes he does because those green lights are identified as his. So would you still wonder why are you hooked up by this guy? You know very well the answer to that. Why is Hyun Joong putting up his life on that stage and on your TV screen? To whom is he doing this? Who is the most happiest whenever he is on stage and on your TV screen?

Kim Hyun Joong had made his Romantic Conquest to all of his fans, and we all know how much he loves us, just as much we do love him.

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!   Fan arts as tagged, thanks!



22 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ROMANTIC CONQUEST

  1. this is not the 1st time i read ur articles lazerkim..but i have 2nd taught of giving my comment,i’m also 1 of the million fans of KHJ..and i really,really love all ur articles!i just want to say thank u so much..and keep it up..

  2. I should see the teaser of CC could you send me the link please.
    by the way when I started to look for KHJL in you tube I reun into a video where he sang Creep I was so stick that I saw it a lot of times, It really fits him, but after see him in Heat the first idea was to ask him to play the guitar too, as he did in We got married. I imagine him playing creep or some other song and also when I listen him in heat I though that it would be amazing to listen him singing Creep again and !!!VOALA!! HE DID IT .
    I was so surprised he did it again as I liked, It seems like he read our minds, it seems like he read his critics good or bad , he is aware that we are there, always with him and what we like more, so i would like to dream that he will sing in a concert in English for example PLease , Creep, Lucky guy, Lets party or Do you like that, he could do it well. who know what is in his mind but as I see, he is growing well. I love him being a remarkable guy in a profesional and personal way. I hope that in the future nothing hurts him and that God bless him to be our angel. Changable, carismatic, and sensual in a good way as a good Gemini guy. Proud to see him confident not shy as in the past, but always beeing a great gentkeman, love him. ohhhh ……. nothing more to say now
    Have a nice day

  3. Hahaha xd omg, you’re getting bipolar lmao! xD kekeke Those fans don’t know the meaning of freedom xD Haven’t they seen HJ’s logo, with the wings?! His wing earrings?! XD ///Well, it just started to rain ^^ .-. It seems winter doesn’t wanna leave. I love winter, but it’s been too much and too cold this year. It’ll be a rainy weekend. Hope yours is sunny and awesome ^^ and collect your tears to water your plants! haha xD

  4. First of all to those fans who say they don’t like HJ’s current hairstyle: would you like him to tell you-> even tough you’re my fan you look ugly today xD No, right? xD I loved your line Lazer, I also love him for what he is, not for how good he looks. I have to confess that I actually love his Baek Mir’s hairstyle ^^ It makes him look sexy, kinda wild .-. I watched all the fancams available already and his messy, kinda curly hair really turns me on :3 Plus that tan of his *O* omg, absolutely hot. But well, I guess the most important thing is the fact that he performed along with a live band and that the teaser was shown. Now I actually have seen just 2 sneak peeks, the one of him practicing martial arts and the pick-up truck one. I wish they had shown some plot-related scenes though ._. Or the awaited geisha scene xD ❤ oh my beautiful geisha! ^^ ❤ Watching him perform with Downhell (the band) reminded me of his old band days, the old pics and video xD But of course, Downhell is way more amazing that HJ's old band. XD I love the way HJ rests his arm on the mic's stand ❤ ahhh I'm still spazzing 'cuz of Creep xD Omfg, Please played by a live band was absolutely M A R V E L O U S! and Do you like that sounded sooo hardcore ❤ I loved it! I loved the whole 'show' ❤ So as I said yesterday, a total eargasm lol well, that's the only word that can describe how I feel when I watch the fancams xD …And the bed scene in City Conquest x.x I won't say anything about it. Period hahaha xD .-. Have an awesome day everybody, eh eh everybody! xD

    • hahahahahaha….now do I look like crazy!!! hahaha a while ago I was literally crying!! You know me razor I cry over a movie, that’s how shallow my tears are!! And now reading from you I’m teary eyes out of laughter!LOL Start from the first sentence you wrote, i’m just short of saying, “are you HJ’s wife to reprimand whatever you wants his hair to be done?” HJ doesn’t need to explain himself whatever he wants to do to his body!! hello we’re just his fans!!
      LOL now i understand your term!! It was said more teasers will be on its way so we’ll wait for those. Oh i’m looking forward for another live concert i really do.
      Have a pleasant weekend take care!!! see you girl!!

  5. Oh gosh, KHJ is so amazing. Like what you wrote, LK, we love as what he is , not his physical look. I am so happy to see this man growing up and have something to surprise us frequently.
    Love love love. Thanks again for your sharing.

  6. Hi lazer, i agree with most of the things you have said. These days we have to see KHJ through Baek Mir. That’s good. I think this time he had done well so that haters would be silent without anything bad to shout at him for acting(he was so badly critisized for his acting in BOF & PK)
    oh his hair style,well i like it as messy normal hair (ya even though i miss his sleek hair) which is so manly and matches with his handsome face.
    oh that clip of material art practicing,i almost died cause i forgot to breath the whole time. He is soo manly & sexy with perfect scrupture like face, perfect toned muscled body. Wow!!!
    Oh about fans,ya he is in an affair with his fans. That’s why we love him other than anyother celebs, he care for his fans & always do his best for i consider HJ’s fans are the luckiest of fans.(but i have noticed that all his band mambers are like him, hard working & caring for thier fans,so they are coming in my celeb list after KHJ).
    Oops i think i wrote along comment.(with typos as usual).
    God Bless you Lazer, Have a nice Weekend!!

    • OMG I have seen the CC teaser, my tears just fell!! what’s wrong with me??? I was deeply moved HJ did not say anything just the look in his eyes you know exactly what his heart is saying!! you should watch the teaser I’ll post it tom. HJ is something…

      • oh yeah i watched it just a moment ago. still teary. wow his eyes ,i was just mesmerized,they are speaking with all the emotions. for sure i’ll have to buy several boxes of tissues when i’m going to watch CC.
        of course he is something with emotional beautiful eyes. 🙂

        • oh by the way it is just me “Nirmani” i 1st read your article through my phone & comment @ that time as nirmani & sometimes through my twitter as nt591. sorry if i confused you with two emo faces 😛

  7. WWOWW!!!! gosh!! I so wish i was there!!! seeing the pic of sea of green was so magnificent and magical, the people attended must be so lucky…i wish someone would post video clips of the talk time with hyun joong on youtube with proper english subs!!

    • no subs for all the clips yet! Seeing that sea of green alone make you feel proud you are a fan of KHJ. this guys is just so remarkable ….thanks see you again!
      You should see the teaser of CC the more you’ll feel proud.

      • i’m wishing to be 1 of the fans holding the green sticks too,LazerKim…i’m so proud seeing this photo..i’m so lucky to be part of HENECIA…

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