Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HELLO ROCKER!

By: LazerKim            Kim Hyun Joong fans had a grand feast yesterday not only his Japanese fans but also his international fans watching the event from afar! It was indeed a successful event attended by 16,000 fans filled in the venue at Budokan Tokyo, as the sea of green was sighted as the usual every time Hyun Joong has a performance. His fans never fail to fill in every single space of the audience gallery. Yesterday as early as 1:00 pm the fans started to gather around the vicinity of the venue and about 4:00 pm they started falling in line preparing to get inside the venue, around 1:00 am  Hyun Joong was already at the venue for his show run through rehearsals.

Hyun Joong arrived Japan on October 3 at around 8:00 PM, check in to his hotel had his dinner and proceeded to the venue for his technical rehearsals till after midnight. As promised Hyun Joong made a big surprise in a totally different show this time. He performed live with a live band, with no dancers for the entire show. This is what I have been dreaming, to see from Hyun Joong, I want to hear his voice crystal clear, I want to hear live band and feel every beat that they play and really rock the entire stage to the last row of the bleacher.

For this article I will not be discussing City Conquest as yet, I need some info and inquiries before I set my opinion about the drama which is quite lengthy to explain. The drama shall be aired early next year. In the meantime allow me to focus my writing about music. Hyun Joong meant to give a surprise last night and he succeeded since I was one who was totally surprised by last night’s showcase. What I have to discuss has a relevance to Kpop industry and since Hyun Joong stated his plans for December, might as well talk about it and set the drama for tomorrow’s article.


As I have mentioned in my other article, there’s a big difference between watching a show performed by live band with singers and watching a show performed by singing and dancing at the same time. I just feel very proud of Hyun Joong who can do both ways without hesitation knowing he’s confident in his ability, that his fans can enjoy variation in his stage performances, and not seeing the same set up every time.

In watching him sing and dance as he did in his recent series of concerts as he did a tremendous success, these are absolutely visual performances. We watched him sing and dance given all the power in executing the entire show with his dancers and we enjoy everything we see on stage having Hyun Joong dominating the show. In this type of concert Hyun Joong somehow gives him some limitations in terms of interaction with his audience during the show proper. The music has to stop in order for him to interact.

Because here the minus one being played during the show controls the performer. In short the singer has to follow the minus one, unlike performing in a live band, the lead vocalist is in absolute control, it’s the other way around, the band follows the lead vocalist, that gives the singer a gap to interact with his audience, he is free to ad-lib  even in singing putting a lot of variation on how he wants express his music.

While watching a live band and singing live, the feelings as an audience is quite different, there’s that feeling of being carried away, that you’re in, hearing the live percussion, the guitar strum, the passion playing by the bass guitar and the keyboard, everything is crystal clear. I can imagine Hyun Joong singing with it with all his carefree emotions the feeling of letting go is just an amazing experience to any audience who were able to watch him. Hyun Joong has more opportunity to interact and communicate with his fans through his music if being done with a live band. And I think Hyun Joong was able to fulfill that aim in this event in a different approach. This guy is really remarkable!!

In this event I was totally amaze as Hyun Joong did Lucky Guy with the live band and it was tremendous, I think this is the best example that I would like to point out, there’s a part in that song that says “Everybody, move your body…” the band made a long ad lib there, that Hyun Joong made his audience follow him in singing, there’s that audience participation in the show proper that Hyun Joong holds control over his audience. After reading this article I’ll be posting the link on that certain portion of the show last night. Am I watching this right, do I see the B’z behind Hyun Joong??

Hyun Joong also sang CREEP which was one of my favorites and this song was the very first song he sung on stage before he gets to the lime light. I have watched him sing it in the past years and watching him sing it last night, I could see and hear the big difference. His vocal matured definitely but this time he simply sings it passionately as in sexy that can melt your heart out!!

Hyun Joong did not dance in any of his show line up, it was purely live singing that  I really appreciate for a change, and as always I can’t get enough of him I would like to hear more of this type of show, if not a major concert with the live band will be the best! And I think in my assessment, he’s on his way of doing similar shows as how he performed last night in the near future.


Yesterday I mentioned in my article about Hyun Joong’s music composer Steven Lee, and what made me researched on him was that, I read a post that Hyun Joong was listed among the artist to release their album this December. And having heard last night that Hyun Joong confirmed that he’ll be releasing his next album in Japan this Christmas December 25th. This must be another hint as his Christmas present to his fans of course if he’s releasing an album definitely there will be launching and another set of events and he assured there will be a concert in Japan within the launching period.

If he is releasing an album in Japan on December, I can only speculate that this is another collaboration with the Japanese band, and I can only guess it might be the B’z again. That I hope I’m right!! Why not? Hyun Joong made the big hit with HEAT together with the B’z, and as the saying goes, grab the pan while it’s hot!! And another thing, if Universal Music is putting up this collaboration I would say this is the best strategy that a producer can work on at times like this with all the conflicts surrounding the industry. In July I read some write up from somewhere that another artist group of Universal Music was proposing a new set of music for Hyun Joong, after he made it to the top at Oricon on its first day release of HEAT.

With what I have seen last night I can foresee Hyun Joong is trying to innovate the Kpop style of performance and music to bring out versatility. It’s like Hyun Joong won’t let you eat the same meal every time he cooks. He’ll make sure you won’t have to eat the same pasta until pasta becomes tasteless to you. To reinvent from time to time is much better. And that is why when he was asked in Singapore, what is Kim Hyun Joong’s style of music?

He replied as, it’s Kim Hyun Joong’s style!! Meaning he doesn’t intend to stay in one kind of music style as other Kpop stars does, without having to notice most of them are already doing the same thing since the Kpop started booming. And that can be tiresome!! Hyun Joong now is trying reinvent something that can change the trend in the Kpop music concept that I hope he would continue doing so.

Come to think of it if you compare his recent concerts to last night’s showcase it seems entirely different but it’s not, it’s the same singer singing the same songs on that stage. Hyun Joong simply took out his back up dancers and bring in the band behind him. There was no flashy costumes nor gleaming stage filled with light effects. What was there on that stage was a simple Kim Hyun Joong and his natural self to bring you his music from his heart in his own simple natural way, which is another side of himself.

But the atmosphere within the stage last night was quite different, although he sang the same songs yet it feels different. Still Hyun Joong was able to capture his audience by 100% and truly enjoyed the show. What he gave us last night was his natural self and his natural talent without the glamorous stage but simply sophistication in Hyun Joong’s natural talent.  Gosh!! Every time Hyun Joong brings out something new in him I tend to ask for a bit more from what I have seen!! Now I’m wishing to see another same concert with the live band just like what he performed last night!! Is this another addiction??

You must be wondering where has the Artmatic gone to? Oh don’t worry they are just at the studio learning something new again!! If you notice Hyun Joong has always been one step ahead of time!! We still have series of events to look forward to within this month and Hyun Joong shall still be busy with his other activities. On October 10th there shall be a new store outlet to be opened for Centerpole in Busan Korea to be attended to. As we all know Hyun Joong is the official endorser for this company. Then on October 13th Hyun Joong shall be hosting a fan meeting event in Seoul, and for sure Hyun Joong shall be performing on this event. After over a month of waiting, now Hyun Joong will fill in the time gap for us to look forward to with more excitement!!


At the photo above notice the kiddie girl behind Hyun Joong who was trying to catch him up. She’s a fan of Hyun Joong, I wonder if this little pretty girl would tell her mom “I’m gonna marry Kim Hyun Joong when I grow up!!” That reminds me, the youngest fan of Kim Hyun Joong is a toddler age 1 1/2 year old!! She’s a grand daughter of a mother fan of Hyun Joong!! I was told that every time this toddler sees Hyun Joong’s picture of at TV screen she reacts to scream or laugh!! I remember Hyun Joong was saying “I would like to see my fans pregnant with big bellies come to my concerts!! It will scare the baby!!”

Last night’s showcase was meant to perform in celebration of the first anniversary of Henecia Japan. Hyun Joong was saying to his fans to take care, eat a lot, drink a lot, be strong in looking forward for 100 anniversaries!! By that time Hyun Joong must be old and would just be sitting in a chair, but I hope he can still play his acoustic guitar and probably hum a tone of his music for us!!

Hyun Joong is just so fond of talking about the future and joke about it!! Although it makes sense, as he was saying to his fans to take care till we can celebrate 100 anniversary with him is just short of saying STAY with me!! LOL needless to say, who else among his fans can get away from his magic net which had cast among us and find it hard to get over with Hyun Joong? Well I know some who was trying to do so and yet still talks about him? How can you abandon or even forget such a man who had planted the best seeds that he has and nurture with all his sincerity and we know very well he is that sincere?

Oh well, it’s safer to say I made the right choice of star and as time goes by the more Hyun Joong proved to me that I definitely made the right decision to follow him. I think among the stars within the Kpop community, Hyun Joong is the easiest to follow, simply because he made himself easier to reach out for. He allows himself for his fans to take him for what he is good or bad, unvarnished just simply pure. For Hyun Joong it’s easier being himself good or bad, than pretending to be  what he is not.

Last night on stage we have seen Kim Hyun Joong as himself and his real talent that need not cover his flaws but simply singing deep from his heart for his fans. He once said farewell to being Kim Hyun Joong as he will be Baek Mir. Last night was an exception, as we all greet him with a big smile and say ……Hello Rocker Mir!!

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

KHJ sings LINK>(

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!!   Video credits ThemurdererQ thanks!


15 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HELLO ROCKER!

  1. Don’t know how to tell my feeling. HE is MASTER PIECE, UNLIMITED, always brought us a new thing… Great performance! Thanks sis I cry because to happy of HIM. God bless. Daebak for CITY CONQUEST!

  2. omo! I just found the clip of CREEP! It *IS* the song I thought it was!!!!!!! I loved this song back then! My Hyun Joong is so AMAZING! And he just said a cuss word! I am SHOCKED! He does need some refining on his English. He needs me! LOL! No, it doesn’t matter! I love it!!!!!!!

  3. Oh yes LK, Hj is remarkable, never cease to surprise us with something, same person but always something new. He keeps good to his word, re-inventing , a pioneer in changing the concept of FMs and shooting the dramas (not being overworked 24/7), he is an amazing guy.
    It seems Creep is universally loved, so of course everybody is in turmoill as Hj sang it in English, (is that a sign that he improved his english? I wonder..) – what a feast for all. How can he bring so much joy for so many people, look at all the comments and I bet everybody is smilling contended, how one can not love him. Thank you for your time and input. Have a nice weekend:)

  4. Oh my hyun joong….you never failed to surprise us! Is there anything more you store for us?? can’t wait! everybody still have a hangover last night…his performance is worth waiting for! You’re right sis this guy is absolutely remarkable!!LOL birds nest hair??? only KHJ can pull this off.kahit kalbo keri!Thanks sis!

  5. I woke up early yesterday (7am) when City Conquest event was about to start. It felt like a party on twitter, just like when he held his asian FMs 😀 I was really excited, reading and seeing every update, pic ‘live’ with my sis. When they said he started to sing Creep I was nuts! I could not believe it! I was looking forward to hear all his songs played live, they all were awesome but Creep was the 1st one to be uploaded. So I found a very good fancam of it and I swear I was melting! Not even 1 sec had passed and I had to pause the vid cuz I was getting insane LOL! As you may know, I’ve always been a rock chick so seeing my fave singer doing this is the most wonderful feeling ever! Plus Creep is one of the songs that reminds me of my childhood, I grew up listening to Radiohead, Nirvana, Oasis, Blur, The Verve, Stone Temple pilots, REM and the like. At that time the radios used to play more rock than pop. I always play Creep on my guitar and the song was chasing my mind lately xD I kept on posting its lyrics at twitter really often, in fact it was just 6 days ago the last day I did… so yesterday I found out why it was chasing me. It was weird lol xD When I played the fancam… omg, I was mesmerized! He has improved so much! Plus seeing him, just him not interpreting a character (as in Lucky Guy), as simple as he is, sexy, without smiling, with the band playing live, no fans bothering, no screaming xD they were all calm :3 omggg I swear I had the best eargasm ever! I should have been there lol! Ahhhh yesterday it was one of the best days ever! Not even at concerts this year I felt 5% of what I felt yesterday watching HJ’s fancam. I fell in love with him even deeper xD hahaha lmao! xD Oh gosh, I’m still insane about it. Lazerkim, thx for ur article. Now I’ll keep on watching that sacred vid lol ❤

    • Razor honestly you were the 1st person that pop in my mind when I read the update post HJ singing CREEP I didn’t know it was also your fav although most of rockers in my country sing this song for them it is their national anthem!! Any bar I go this song was always in until it became my favorite, and hearing this song from HJ from his vid clip the one he sang over the radio i was quite surprised!the more I liked him!!
      But I can guess you’ll go nuts coz I know you were monitoring since yesterday as soon as the show started. Excuse me razor may I just type this update:


      Thanks Razor for sharing your thoughts knowing you’re from a family of musicians I know we can learn a lot from you that I appreciate very much. and your wackiest wacky!!! Like idol like fan!! (eargasm LOL what a term!!! LOL)
      see you sweetie!! hey take care!!

  6. oh gosh..where will i find more video clips of hyun joong? Totally crazy about him in bof & we got married. So sad i cant find the complete links of the reality show.

  7. Yeah i kept on watching whatever the clips i could find from the evwnt & finally went to bed at 4am. I was just mesmerised & amazed by his live performance. It is really nice & new. Way to go HJ!!
    Ofcourse for sure i’ll stay with him for 100 years even if he didn’t have to ask us,fans. He will still be one of the most talented & sincier artist.
    This event made my wish to see him more & more unresistance & i hope i’ll be able to see his another live performance. 🙂
    There may be so much of typos, sorry for that as i’m commenting through my phone. 🙂

    • Gosh I think everyone was wide awake last night!! I slept at 7am to get done with writing bcoz I was so stuck up watching him over and over as he sings Creep!! I agree with you hj is just so irresistible!!
      No problem never mind typos everyone can read from you clearly! Thanks Nimani tom we’ll have CC intriguing episode!! LOL Have a pleasant day ahead of you and take care! see you and God bless..

      • if so it is ok. i’m fast in typing so sometimes i get letters jumbled. 🙂
        wow i’m looking forward for it. his cover on creep is soo nice & yeah same here i kept on replaying the clip.
        see you tomorrow lazer!! God Bless to you too

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