Kim Hyun Joong…[article] COUNT DOWN

By: LazerKim              The long months of waiting has finally come to an end as we start our count down to the big event of unveiling details about City Conquest. Kim Hyun Joong finally showed up from his cocoon and is now prepared to bring his surprises to his fans!! It might have been a long boring months for all of us without Hyun Joong but it’s always been a feast every time he shows up and very rewarding as he always surprise us with something new as always!! So while waiting, here’s something to read to occupy your mind to shorten up the waiting time!!

Kim Hyun Joong left for Japan at around 5 PM yesterday and arrived in Haneda Airport with Jung Yu Mi his leading lady for City Conquest, taking the same flight. As usual Hyun Joong fans were at the Gimpo Airport to see him off at and quite a number of fans than usual, while Haneda Airport was quite a big crowd to welcome him. Same scenario was seen his fans hand in their letters and presents to Hyun Joong. He’s very handsome but I have noticed Hyun Joong seemed to have lose weight again!

I have actually read some post this yesterday that Hyun Joong is on his diet program again, eating vegetables and taking non-fat milk. Well, actually even he was in Japan in July he has been cutting down his carbo intake and less meat. This time he seem to be a bit tired too, maybe from his shooting schedules but he looks happy though. This morning I viewed another video clip of Hyun Joong as he was spotted at the airline gate just about to board his flight and he was singing, while he nod and smiled to his fans around!! He looks happy even he’s a bit tired!


At the airport I watched the same scenario but there’s someone missing that I have been looking for from the pictures. The other handsome guy who used to walk by Hyun Joong side is no longer the same guy. It’s confirm Mr.Jeong had left his post and another new guy is there as Hyun Joong’s bodyguard. So it’s true, KeyEast did not renew Mr.Jeong’s contract anymore, the new guy may be from the same agent though.

I understand many of Hyun Joong fans may be feeling sad since we have gone used to seeing Mr.Jeong protecting and taking care of Hyun Joong. He has been very kind, polite and accommodating to the fans that we can only be thankful to him. At least we have somehow shown our appreciation to Mr. Jeong while he was still taking care of Hyun Joong. Then maybe we can just wish him the best on his current assignment and to thank him for taking care and protecting Hyun Joong for the last two years. At the same time we welcome his new bodyguard to the world of Kim Hyun Joong and his fans!! I think he’s polite and I’m sure Hyun Joong will be well taken care of.

Tonight shall be a big night as Hyun Joong starts promoting his up coming drama City Conquest as there shall be a large scale press conference to begin the event, it was said in the news that the first 30 minutes of the drama shall be shown. Other than this, Hyun Joong shall be performing live, this will be a surprise again as he prepared for this event in celebrating the first anniversary of Henecia Japan as one of his official fan clubs. 16,000 fans are expected to attend this event and it was said in the news that ticket for the event in commemoration of Henecia first anniversary were sold out immediately as soon as the announcement of its sales was made.


Hyun Joong mentioned in his recent message to his fans that he’ll be releasing his next Korean album either before the year ends or to be same safe to say it might be early next year. He has been preparing for this album while he took a break from his filming of City Conquest. Thinking about his up coming album I thought about his favorite music producer and composer Steven Lee. Most of Hyun Joong’s songs were produced by Steven Lee so yesterday I had a chance to research on him. I was very much impress by his credentials. Steven Lee is a Korean American music producer, studied music theory in California State University in Los Angeles.

Steven Lee had composed I think about a hundred music that somehow gave me the impression that he is one of the pillars of Kpop since he has been composing mostly for Kpop idol groups and solo singers. Hyun Joong had been working with Steven Lee since he was still with SS501 as he produced a lot of music for the group. And may I say I think Hyun Joong and Steven Lee works together perfectly, because with the three albums that Hyun Joong released Breakdown, Lucky Guy, Kiss Kiss all made it to top rank in the music chart, which all of these albums were produced by Steven Lee.

He stated that the longest album he had ever produce was Kim Hyun Joong’s first album Breakdown which took him a year to finish the entire album. But it’s worth it because the result was remarkable, in Korea it rank no.1 for three consecutive weeks, in Taiwan it was placed on platinum record, in Japan it gain the gold record for Kiss Kiss which was included in the album Breakdown.The song Marry Me which was also produced by Steven Lee that was never been intended for competition nor sales since it’s Hyun Joong’s Christmas present to his fans also ranked to the top at YouTube as it gained high number of viewers for its music video on its first day viewing.

Steven Lee also produced a music for another solo idol singer almost at the same time, that singer just released his album about 2 weeks ahead of Hyun Joong, released his first two albums, but wasn’t able to make it to the music chart but having the same music composer yet Hyun Joong made it to no.1 rank. You may say it has got something to do with Hyun Joong’s popularity, well maybe. But in all fairness I watched this solo idol performed his single produced by Steven Lee last year same as Breakdown.

The singer has a good voice quality, the music is good, it’s just that performance wise it lacks dynamic, showmanship. From the start of the song down to the end I only had seen one facial expression, the singer was simply singing for himself. I was thinking what if Hyun Joong sang that same song of that singer, although it’s not Hyun Joong’s kind of music, but granting it is his kind of music, maybe it would sound and look different and better or would I say Hyun Joong can be able to put life to the music of that singer. That makes Hyun Joong different from others, he knows how to give life to music by heart.

I wonder if Steven Lee shall be composing Hyun Joong’s next album. I think he makes good music for Hyun Joong, with the series of success, Hyun Joong can bring out the best in what he creates in music. This is just how I see it and the fact that Hyun Joong values what is being created for him by working hard for it, just like with B’z too, Hyun Joong proved his ability in bringing out the best in music.


I have mentioned in my other articles that Hyun Joong may not be the best singer but what he has is singing through his heart that makes his music special. I’m also looking forward for City Conquest Original Sound Track that I’m hoping Hyun Joong would sing it. Oh I just wish for more music from him, it’s just so addicting and I wanted to collect more to keep me company everyday where I am. And I love to see him on stage performing, it’s just so addicting. His recent concert has the same pattern and yet I have not gone tired watching it. I just love how he express his music I love the different changes in face in every songs he sang, he’s just so addicting, period! I can’t say anything more!!

Now we’ll be looking forward to his up coming drama, and once this drama have been aired and start watching him act, am I bound to be addictive to his drama after watching the entire episodes of City Conquest?? I would not doubt it,  since I felt it after I have watched his two previous dramas, and have been wanting for more that I just couldn’t get enough!! Well at least now I got an additional drama to watch and this time I think it’s much better because Hyun Joong leads in this drama as Beak Mir, so we can watch more of his scenes!!

Oh well, the days of waiting for him to come out from his cocoon has finally come and it’s just a matter of hours count down now and we’ll soon see him on stage performing. And not only that, we’ll get to watch some sneak preview of City Conquest. It’s rather midnight while I’m writing this article and I can only guess and speculate, Hyun Joong might be attending to his rehearsals!!

Now I surrender, I’m done for this day, I just hope I can get as much updates during the event. Oh by the way, I would like to thank the fans who actively posted yesterday’s update about Hyun Joong’s departure and arrival to Japan, thank you so much. And to the fans who were at the airport who took these beautiful pictures, I could see your effort of being squeezed in the crowd just to take picture and video of Hyun Joong to share with us from afar, thank you very much. All your effort is very much appreciated in behalf of all international fans who are so eager to take a glimpse of Kim Hyun Joong.

This is gonna be five hours or so count down before the event starts. Before I go, I’ll leave you the video clips of Hyun Joong’s departure to Japan for those who have not watched it yet. Stay tune for our count down and do not miss a thing for Kim Hyun Joong is back in action that we can have something to keep as another memory in our heart.

                                                                                            Lazerkim here writing

Gimpo Airport Video Clip Link>( by:kimhyunjoong24

Airport Video Clip>( by:HollisHyun

Photo credits as tagged, hyunbar66 thanks!  

Video credit: kimhyunjoong24, HollisHyun thanks!


10 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] COUNT DOWN

  1. Hello dear LK, wow what a full day at TT, but WOW what a beautiful day it was, those wonderfull people who kept updates with pics and vid, I could not thank them enough, for making it real for all of other Fans, so for them Arigato Gosaimasu.
    Never a dull moment with KHJ – now this guy you look at him and every time is like looking at someone new but the same person in the same time, a feeling that I can’t explain, but oh Lord he is catching, he is flirting with his fans cameras every single time he is on the move or the camera is catching him, really. He’s done what he loved today, sang with a band showed he can do that as well and done it beautifully, the Creep wow, I could actually understand some of his English words, good pronunciation, not bad Hj, not bad at all, improving as always. Just can’t stop loving this guy.
    The snnipets about the CC kisses/hugs/bed scenes whatever, everyone was gasping at long kisses, Gals cool down, do you have any idea how many people are involved in a bed scene or even a good kiss (close up?!) I mean – the actors are not alone, put your hand here, put your leg here, move your nose, your finger…..and they have to concentrate to make it with passion when the camera is in their mouth …as Hj said, just acting.
    But one thing is for sure the Body…. is hot, hot… now that is a real feast for the eyes.:)
    Thank you for today article, I know that Steven Lee took pride in writing for KHJ and that they have a good cooperation, he did mentioned on TT when Heat went on air, that he was proud, same as with Lyle Beninga. KHJ knows to choose good people to work with, i.e. HJ knows what is best for him. Till next time dear, good night (can’t wait to see what it your tomorrow article topic…) 🙂

  2. I am feeling closer to my Angel Prince today. I am really starting to recognize WHY I love him so much thanks to LK! It is his musicality that makes the difference. Music is a strong and magical force that affects our emotions. If a performer does not put his emotion into the music… it will fall flat to the audience. They have to be able to feel the music and the message of the lyrics WITH him in order to make that magical connection music gives us. It is so true that you don’t have to understand the words to get the message if the singer is giving you his heart.

    He is also a natural performer. He can become any type of character at any time and he has a great time on stage playing and flirting with the audience. That is why he is an addictive DRUG!

    LOL! I always get inspiration from your articles. Thanks for your diligent research and information. Have a great day LK!

  3. whew i like his messy hair. he look so manly & definitely handsome in it. i hope he’ll be out of his cocoon so we can see his pics at least. good article lazer.
    oh i miss seeing mr,jeong with HJ

  4. Actually there was a party at twitter! lol I couldn’t reply to this article at my usual time ‘cuz I fell asleep by 8.30pm I guess?! I know I’m crazy since I usually go to bed by 9am! XD I hide from the sun, I’m a vampire lol xD But I woke up just in time when CC conference was about to start. Now I’m looking for some fancams ^^ ~~~~~ Lol I always laugh when I read that HJ is on a diet xD those are the kind of food I usually eat everyday xD and I’m not even on a diet lmao xD (though I never eat just veggies, always add some protein… I only drink non-fat, lactose free milk cuz otherwise my tummy gets hurt u.u I’m a lactose intolerant person) but I think he should add more eggs, chicken breast and fish. Eating only vegetables could even make him gain weight, because the body starts going into survival mode. Wth who gave him this diet? his personal trainer? not a nutritionist? .-. I do hope he is taking some vitamin sup. ‘cuz I don’t want him to get sick, otherwise I will rent a sexy nurse uniform and go to Seoul and force him to open his mouth and swallow a vit. pill. or even inject him the vitamins he needs with the biggest, sharpest needle ever xD… I surely won’t inject his arm but his buttocks instead hahahaha xD lol Thx for ur article, Lazer! Have a nice day/evening everyone!

    • rzr! i ❤ u! I always get a great laugh from your comments! I'd like you to plz video that scene with the HUGE needle. Especially focus in on Hyun Joong's eyes getting really wide with fear! LOL! And of course… you have to slap that bum to get the blood flowing before you inject! Haaaaaa Haaaaaa!

  5. wow nice to see him again.miss him so much. will be looking forward to hear how successful the event in Japan will be. which we know it will be. God bless KHJ. We will support u all the way to the top.
    Feel bad as well with Mr. Jeong, it seems something is missing. Anyway, we just need to get used to it. Just wish the new guy goodluck. For KHJ, we know that when you say Daebak, it will be Daebak. am too excited to see this new drama. hope it will be soon, aja fighting.

  6. HE is out,sound and extremily handsome as always.Feel happy to see HIM…as you said sis,we welcomed the new one in KHJ world,
    believe,he will take a good care of our bro.God send the good man for HIM. Thank you to mr jeong for take caring our prince,really feel sad that he can’t stay beside HIM again.Really love this guy,just look at HIS eyes you can feel peace and love.thanks sis,God bless.

  7. KHJ voice is very manly and husky. My husband likes his voice. He said KHJ is developing his own style and how he interpret his music. KHJ puts a lot of his own feeling and passion into his songs. KHJ has a natural gift for music sense, to sound and to the key. KHJ can sing live even acapella without going out of tune. These words are coming from my husband who is a violinist at the age of 6. My husband opinion is not biased and better than the so-called critics from All-kpop.
    As for City Conquest, I really hope that the drama will start airing this month ( October ) in KBS2.

    • Dear Dragon Lady, I agree with your husband, his voice is masculine and caressing in the same time. That is why he can sing a Dahenida and melt your heart, his voice and his passion, OMG, now imagine this voice saying sweet nothingness in your ear……melting here (thank you God for making us with Imagination…it makes life more wonderfull, now is on overdrive) 🙂

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