Kim Hyun Joong…[article] DANCE FOR LIFE

By: LazerKim        Kim Hyun Joong shall be boarding his flight to Japan tonight at 7 pm to attend the most anticipated event to be held in Tokyo, the production conference of City Conquest. At the same time Hyun Joong shall join his fans in celebrating the first anniversary of Henecia Japan as his official fan club base in Japan. The other cast of City Conquest shall also participate as well as the drama production management. It was said that the first teaser of City Conquest shall be shown tomorrow October 4 at 7 pm Japan time. Gosh can’t wait to see this, I want to see my Geisha!

I read from some post this morning that City Conquest shall be shown within the months of Oct. Nov. Dec.!!! LOL!! This means we have to be on alert until the year ends since any time within these months, City Conquest shall be shown at KBS2. At least we have a news about its airing, but I’m sure tomorrow Hyun Joong shall announce the details about City Conquest. I’ll keep you posted about the details. It was said that Hyun Joong shall be performing tomorrow night at the said event and he will surprise his fans with a brand new showcase. Let’s wait and see, we got one sleep to go and we’ll be able to see Hyun Joong in action again!!

Yesterday there was a brief update pertaining the City Conquest filming but the location is still in that boat we have seen these past days. Now I wonder maybe Hyun Joong now is turning tan, the sun and sea breeze can affect the skin. I remember Hyun Joong was saying he wants to attain the dirty image of a man, and I would like to tell him, no matter how dirty he gets he still look like a handsome Prince!!

Then I remember that picture he was on the ground in a fight scene taken in Japan, and his acting couch was saying Hyun Joong did not have a hard time and he was so attentive while the action choreography was given to him. That would be easy for Hyun Joong since he is a dancer and he had already developed body flexibility. Which reminds me I read from somewhere that Hyun Joong was compared again to other idol groups about his dance ability, so let’s talk about it.


We all know the history of Hyun Joong, he started in a band and what he had in his hands was his bass guitar, he was rocker during his high school years and dancing was never been in his line of interest. When he auditioned under DSP it was only then that he was given training for dancing, that even surprised him for not being aware what he was about to face in the future. I’m not so familiar with the Kpop stars about their history, but what Hyun Joong had was a crushed training in dance particularly street dancing, he was not trained by the formal basics of dance which is ballet or jazz as his sunbae Rain had underwent in school for dance formal training in his younger years. Rain was a well trained dancer since the start.

But Hyun Joong had just enough training to sustain the needs of achieving his talent category singer/dancer with his members at SS501. I would say Hyun Joong improved a lot under Lyle Beniga, that what his choreographer taught him was “feel the dance” than dance technique. Portraying the character in his dance with his music proved effective in executing the right concept of the music Hyun Joong is performing on stage. It’s not only his good looks that dominated the stage but his presence the character so powerful that can eat up the whole stage by himself in the eyes of thousands in the audience gallery. He may have his back up dancers just to fill in the space but still Hyun Joong dominates.

Hyun Joong was compared being a dancer from another idol groups. May I just say, technically speaking, a dancer can only be judged being a good one and a bad one if dancers are given one single routine choreography and have these dancers dance with the same music tune and the same steps. From here you would know who is good and who is not so good. Dancers do know what I’m talking about. These idol groups have different music, different choreography and different concept and so with Hyun Joong. In dancing it’s just not the technique and execution that matters. Projection and feelings is very important too which Hyun Joong wins over other’s technical dancing.

Hyun Joong may not be technically skilled to be the best dancer as he doesn’t need to be since he sings at the same time he dance. But what he has is feelings. If you watch him dance observe his facial expression, his head movements and his eye contact with his audience. He communicates by heart with his audience from head to foot whenever he dance. Honestly I did not see this in him when he was still with SS501, he improved a lot and he is far so different now when he started doing as solo artist. He knows when to smile, he knows which part of his dance should look at his dancers and the right timing when to look at you as his audience which gives greater impact to his performance.

Another thing he never go overboard with his effort that looks tiring, Hyun Joong simply enjoys the dance with his heart that makes him a total performer, he is in total control. In Hyun Joong’s albums, these music are different from one another that he portrayed four different characters, Breakdown, Please, Kiss Kiss and lucky Guy. I Hope you can have a chance to review his video clips during his first launching days and try to observe his facial expression, how he projects and how he change with the beat of the music. Hyun Joong does not only sing and dance with tune, but he acts on the character on his music. Hyun Joong performance stayed constant from last year’s launching until his recent concerts.

Hyun Joong is not technically the best but what he got is a rare talent that you can ever find in other artists. He is an exceptional artist, he dance by heart, and he sing within his soul that you can feel him as it is Hyun Joong’s aim to let his audience feel what he feels on stage. His eye contact with his audience is so capturing that even his foreign audience does not understand the language he is singing yet he is quite successful on conveying his message out of his music to his audience. That’s Kim Hyun Joong as total performer.


As I was going over the news about Breakdown last year June 2011, I found a write up about a review of Breakdown and I found my own comment at allkpop that now I was laughing at myself as I read my own comment and how I was whenever Hyun Joong was being criticized in 2011. This article was about a “review” of Breakdown, which was badly criticized. And here was my comment but may I apologize for being a bit nasty in this comment which I wrote sometime in 2011, I was so much in pain when I wrote this but now I’m laughing about how I wrote that I would just like to share it with you, here it goes:

To ROWDYRUFF, the so called writer of this review,where are you right now?? I hope you’d come to read this post & review everything you wrote. Your review is a lot of garbage, stinks, sucks & now I’ll let you eat everything you wrote in this article. Have you read the charts after Breakdown’s release till up to this day? If not then try to review those music charts. 
And mind you, Kim Hyun Joongs’s Breakdown was nominated for 4 categories at MAMA.  So better watch on Nov 29 and you’ll see him there,if you don’t believe it, then start swallowing your words.

Admittedly among the members of SS501, 4 of them are better singers than KHJ, but where does all those lights & cameras focus on, that others & I mean groups, & other soloist singers felt intimidated by KHJ’s presence??? Because others know they are better singers than KHJ but he got what it takes to be up there.
All artists has to start from somewhere, this is the 1st album of KHJ doing solo & he’s doing well by being the no.1 in all charts. It’s the 1st time for a solo Kpop to be up there on his debut. Go on cast more stones to KHJ, because no matter how people criticize him, the more he’ll rise up to be up there where he belongs.

After the awards ceremony at MAMA 2011 I went back to Allkpop and wrote this:

Hello…anyone there?? I’m back to give my comment to your “review”???  Here it is….LOL….I’m laughing at YOU…..Because of this album Breakdown as Kim Hyun Joong’s first mini album as solo performer, KHJ was awarded Best Solo Artist at MAMA. And not only that, Hyun Joong garnered seven trophies for 2011. Thanks to you….The more stones you cast on KHJ the more successful he gets. No hard feelings, just my comment, and thanks for sharing!

Source: Link>( Allkpop 2011

Gosh!! I just couldn’t control myself last year every time Hyun Joong was criticized, I kept writing my counter attack every time until I decided to create this blog site so that I can express my sentiments over a person who is pure and does not even deserve such criticism. Hyun Joong said, if we really love him, we should be honest to him and keep it straight to criticize him.

Fine, but I’m not in the position to criticize him, I’m just a fan, there are other professional experts who can tell him his do’s and don’ts. Maybe the only way I can criticize is when he’s doing some negatives as a public figure. Like the other idols who mistreated their fans, and maybe after which I’ll go pack my bags and leave silently rather than criticizing him.


Oh I got a news while writing this article!! There’s a possibility that Hyun Joong would release his next Korean album on December!! Remember Hyun Joong mentioned in his recent message that he was preparing for his next album? I think he’s gonna release it this December, don’t get excited yet, that’s only a leakage, but at least there’s something to look forward again!! Oh I hope he can release it before Christmas so that I can have presents for my friends.

And yes talking about Christmas, if you have a friend who is a truly music lover, do not be a shame to introduce Hyun Joong’s music. A music lover can easily appreciate music melody, Hyun Joong is very keen in selecting his music and he knows what music can be easily appreciated rather than choosing a challenging song that can be difficult to follow, he chooses  music that not be sang by anybody. As a result during his Asia Tour concerts his audience sings with him considering those songs were sung in Korean but his fans can sing with him.

Oh Christmas is just around the corner I remember the memorable song Marry Me! This song came out at midnight of December 15 Korean time, just in time Hyun Joong was spotted at the airport coming from US to see Lyle beniga his choreographer!! I remember a fan at the twitter said, “if he just came in back home, without being noticed then he might had gone by the back door when he left Korea!!.” That time no one among his fans knew he left for US!!

Hyun Joong was full of surprises, as he released Marry Me at YouTube he said it’s his Christmas present to all his fans!! How would you not love this guy?? I remember that same night as he came home after an hour I heard marry me over at YouTube and in less than an hour viewers just came in out of nowhere and the following day Marry Me hit the top rank as the most viewed at You Tube, I forgot the figure!! But that night Hyun Joong fans hardly slept, all night they were listening to Marry Me endlessly till the following morning! I was all up monitoring the movements at twitter, I felt being loved by Hyun Joong, a truly amazing Christmas gift for all his fans. He’s just so thoughtful.

This time whenever I hear Marry Me from my playlist, I can already feel the Christmas spirit that it sound silly but for me Marry Me has a happy memory of Christmas 2011. I always dream about this song as Hyun Joong sings it with his guitar in an open desert as Hyun Joong just sits in a stool on top of a platform while all his fans from different nation would just sit on the desert sand and listen to Hyun Joong as he sings Marry Me!! *sigh* Is this dream doable?

I know dreams are free, but I guess Hyun Joong has that dream too as he was always saying he wants to perform his last concert for free for all his fans. In the desert we need not pay for the venue, all we need is a microphone, big speakers and one spot light for Hyun Joong, that’s all!! How simple but so romantic!!. We can’t spend too much since the concert is free, and Hyun Joong said he’ll place a can to put money in it for charity. Then we go spreading the news “Be a part of memory…Kim Hyun Joong live at the dessert!!”

Hyun Joong said when he gets old and can no longer dance the Breakdown, he’ll just be singing with a band. But you know what? A dancer will always be a dancer, one can not hide it even they get old, as he listens to Breakdown 10 or 20 years from now, Hyun Joong’s mind would still be dancing, he will never forget Breakdown because this was his first album.

It’s Hyun Joong’s Dance for Life, because behind Breakdown he felt the ultimate pain and the glorious joy, knowing you were there with him and stayed…

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, ahlia, Ms. D thanks!     Fan arts by LK

22 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] DANCE FOR LIFE

  1. Hello LK, thank you for this article and you rightly put it as i know you are in the bussiness, HJ is Good at what he is doing that is why he is a “STAR” and he is where he is today.
    Loved you comment last year, re Break Down, which actually they’ve considered such different from the usual moves used in the SK music, you actually went back to them after MAMA award and wrote them, lol, my God woman you are something….this is so funny.
    You know because of you, when you said the others have more vocal skills, I went and checked the other SS501 members songs, sorry it didn’t move me at all, I am biased here I know, but I agree about the voice for the young one Saeng something, (the SS501 fans will put me to the wall now because I do not remember the names…sorry girls) he has a nice warm voice, but when Hj sings the Dahenida and Love and Marry Me and I am your man… melting the heart nobody have a more carresing voice for ballads. And really they should change their choreographer their moves are almost the same (come to think of it, most of the groups have something at base that is very much alike) same poses nothing new, they should start to move on from the stereotype used in Kpop and that is actually what Hj is doing, refreshing every time, going out of the “format of Kpop” improving always.
    Did you noticed the hint of moustache on Hj today? More manly, really Alpha male on the move.
    Missed Mr. Jeong today, really got used to see those two handsome men together, KE wake up, we want Mr. Jeong back!!!
    Hope the typhoon passed and you are ok and back on track. Did you noticed that KHJ arrived in Japan when RAINING as usual… maybe we shall re-name him God of Rain…(lol…:))
    Thanks can’t wait for tomorrow (today already with you time) 🙂 (loved the pics… feast for the eyes)

    • I’ll be very honest, the first time I have watched the group ss501 I was so impressed with the lead vocalist in fact I still listen ss501 is in my playlist, but when I started watching them individually specially recently i was “what happened?” They concentrated on their moves rather than feeling what they’re doing, they simply sing & dance for themselves, they forgot to communicate with their audience while singing and dancing, eye contact is vital, feeling the song that they are singing is vital. So now if I asked myself these guys have very good vocal quality but they lack showmanship, the X factor is somewhere missing in them. Not that I’m bias but this is just how i see it, if you try to watch everyone of them. And you are right there has to be variation. honestly I was expecting a lot more from the members because they are good singers and yes better than hj in terms of vocal quality. but it’s not enough.
      Thank you Noya, today’s article is about hj upcoming album and his music composer Steven Lee whom I featured in the article. He was the least mentioned in my other articles. Have a nice day dear oh tom I shall talk about today’s event. oh i’m now confused with time!!LOL take care dear! god bless.

  2. I felt asleep too early last night xD lmao@lazerkim lol at your posts on allkpop xd but you were right! i guess the person who wrote that review dislikes hj! boo@at them for being so unprofessional when writing reviews. Gosh I woke up at 6am o’clock today D: i swear it’s going to rain, snow, and a typhoon will come cuz that’s not even the hour at which I go to bed actually xD I was so happy when I opened twitter and saw ppl posting pics from Gimpo airport and then the Haneda pics ^^ L o v e l y! he’s getting sexier ❤ I'm so looking forward to reading ur next article L a z e r m o m xD hugs!

    • Razor we’re having a typhoon right at this minute!! I couldn’t sleep because I could hear the strong wind blowing on my window and to much rain at the same time! It’s a bit scary!!
      Oh I can only be convinced in a review set by professional experts and not by any fans who’s obvious to be an anti-Kpop and having HJ as her victim. A review should be balance and not only negative criticism.
      Oh I’m happy to see HJ again, among all his airport video clips this is the most viewed for me since I watched it over and over!!
      Thank you dear, have a great day, tomorrow there’s gonna be a big event!! see you! take care!

      • no of course not read the other pages. I totally disagreed to that write up, that’s not how a review should be, that was only meant to criticize Kpop and KHJ was the victim.

  3. Great articles as always.
    When I see the performance of other members, I recognize that Hyun Joong’s dancing is in top level, no one can be compared with him.
    Love all his dances, especial Smile, U,…

    • Thank you so much sis! I forgot to mention in this article, thanks for reminding me. There are two types of dancer, one is dancing for himself and the other one is dancing for his audience. As you mentioned the others yes I have watched them too. HJ dances for his audience, he’s that type of dancer. You can see it through his eye contact with his audience. No wonder he’s awarded Best Male Artist and he deserves it with no doubt at all.
      Have a nice day, see you again and take care!!

  4. Oh lk! I love the song marry me, and when i read that hyun joong wrote it for his fans i was so touched. He is such a sweetie, and it is true that he is in a love affair with us right now. We should enjoy it thoroughly bc it cant last forever. He will be out of spotlight all to soon and we will have to give him away to his chisen love when he finds her. No matter. I will always support him and be by his side even when that time comes. Gotta go to sleep now! See you in the morning! ❤ angie

    • Hi Angie, may i just correct, the song Marry Me was composed by Steven Lee, HJ just made a bit of changes in the lyrics with the consent of Steven Lee I think at the refrain part. But the song is meant solely for his fans. Well, for me married or not nothing change I’m only a fan to support him, for as long as he’s in his lime light, and when his curtain closes down, there’s a soft spot in my heart where he stays and will always be remembered.
      Good night! have a pleasant dreams!! see you!

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