Kim Hyun Joong…[article] FAN’S AFFAIR

By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong’s HEAT is at No. 3 as Tower Record daily rank reported yesterday, and is likely to reach the Platinum Disk Award to Kim Hyun Joong! Well this is such a good news, this is the third month for Heat to be having a good sales record up until this time. Hyun Joong released his second single Heat in July 4th, now it is being said that we focus on this period October 1-10 until finally Hyun Joong achieve with the Platinum record status for Heat, so let’s support the single, if anyone who have not gotten the CD copy yet, go get them now!! I guess I’ll have an early Christmas shopping for presents this year!

Hyun Joong’s schedule for the month of October as follows:

October 4……..Henecia Japan 1st anniversary, Production conference, Tokyo Japan

October 10…..Centerpole 100th store outlet opening fan event Busan Korea

October 13……Lotte KHJ fan meeting event in Seoul Korea, (3rd time)

Before I wrote this article, I had a chance to roam around the internet just to divert my mind from not so good news that some fans shared with me. Unfortunately I felt even worst to be reading some alarming news!! I got three topics in mind picking up bits and pieces from what I have read. One news said “NHK bans Kpop from performing for Kohaku” or the year end presentation event. This news was pretty sad, but after watching a video clip from NHK it somehow relieved my worries!!

I have one wishful thinking and I would like to just spill it out just for once. There are countries having to dispute over an idle island’s ownership and how I wish this island would just be swept underwater so that there won’t be anymore to dispute about!! Another wishful thinking I hope political matters do not mix up with showbiz matters. Both issues are entirely different in nature. I feel sad over matters that might affect the showbiz and I can see how artists can be affected.

Can’t we just enjoy and be entertained by what the showbiz can offer us and leave political matters out of the innocent artists? They simply want to entertain and make other people happy. That’s all!!


I was watching a video clip of a Japanese TV Network entitled “NHK The Popularity of Kpop Music”. Of course if we hear Kpop or Hallyu Star, Kim Hyun Joong is tagged with it. The video clip showed how Kpop artist were being trained and groomed for what they are now. I got hooked by the idea that many foreigners do visit S.Korea just to get closer to their Kpop favorites. And this does not exclude the fans of Hyun Joong, even to the extent of following him in his recent Asia Tour, and even the language is slowly being learned by his international fans.

The video clip featured some shops in Seoul that sells signature items by the different Kpop stars and proved to be salable specially to the tourists. Many of Hyun Joong fans are so crazy about the uzzosin items and anything that has Hyun Joong’s name on it, and I’m sure most of us would like to visit the Jaksal just given the chance. For me, I think this is the first place that I would like to visit. Not only would I wish for a bonus to see Hyun Joong at Jaksal doing the dishes!! And most of all I would like to see the palace where historical dramas were being filmed and the house of Ji Hoo and the mansion of Jun Pyo at BOF.

South Korea has been doing a very good job in promoting tourism through the showbiz, both the dramas and music. In the video clip there’s a foreigner being interviewed and he said he likes Kpop music even he could not understand the language, which is true, just by the melody of the song being sang in Korean, we can feel the song. That’s how I experience in listening to Hyun Joong’s music, by just listening to the melody and the sweetness of his voice we somehow understand what he is trying to convey with us.

Honestly, his music is different in such a way, I can listen to it 24 hours a day without  getting tired of it, even I’m at work, at home in front of my computer, it’s solely his voice that I hear. I start my day listening to his upbeat music and starting from late afternoon till late evening I listen to his ballad songs while writing my articles, his music keeps me company. There are time I do listen to SS501 music too and some OST from my favorite dramas that I appreciate. I love Korean music which I listen to even before I have known Hyun Joong.


In another story which is another tidbits from what I have read, I came across a fan account of two students who are fans of Kpop with similar stories that I would like to share with you although they are not fans of Hyun Joong. Both are in freshmen college with different courses and different nationalities, who have been following their idol from one country to another. I have known some of Hyun Joong mother fans who traveled with their daughter during his recent fan meeting concert which I am happy to imagine them being together having the same idol and they did have fun!

With the two students I have noticed that after their adventure of following their idol for I think three countries in Asia, reading from their fan account it somehow gave me the impression they have reached a point that they felt exhausted and ending up having doubt about their idol or even themselves being a fan. It appears to me that they have gone overboard with their support to their idol. Well, anything that is in excess is not good. They are students so definitely the parents support their travel expenses and traveling in three to four countries in a row is not a joke, financially speaking.

Towards the end of the fan account are questions in their minds, that gives me the impression that these two fans were aiming for something else which is hoping to be friends with their idol. I can’t help the thoughts of some of my readers who are students, I honestly felt alarmed! Although I know most of my silent readers since they email me from time to time, and so far none of them have the same stories of these two students. Well, I think within the fan community of Hyun Joong there are more matured fans than teenagers in terms of numbers, but I think we matured fans are also responsible for the young ones being in the family of Kim Hyun Joong.


I think I have written articles pertaining to being a fan to Kim Hyun Joong but I’m writing it again because honestly I was alarmed by what I have read from student fans. There’s a part in that fan account saying something like, “we do not know what is real in our idol because we just read about them, watch their interviews on TV.” Being a fan we are bound to our limits, I don’t think it is necessary to know how he lives in his private life. As a fan we should know where we stand, if a fan is hoping to be a friend to her idol, they are bound to be disappointed  because nothing of a sort will ever happen. Not even to remember our faces, he is not superman to be that to all of us.

Well, I would say he probably remember his elder fans specially those in wheelchair, I’m sure he does remember them because there are just a few. But for Hyun Joong to meet us eye to eye, I very much doubt about that he remember. There’s this question as to why do we support and love a person who barely know us. Just the same with politicians why do we support and vote for them that they do not even recognize us nor do we know what kind of life he has and yet we entrust the management of our country to these politicians.

Just the same with our idol, we may not know how Hyun Joong is behind close doors but we love and support him. Maybe others may say he’s just good in front of the cameras, fine, but we admire what we see, it starts from there, and as we go further knowing more about the guy, until we develop that kind of affection to our idol. We do not need to know what’s behind that close doors. What for? We won’t be marrying Hyun Joong in the first place to know everything about him!!

Just the same Hyun Joong loves us but he doesn’t even recognize us. He sees his fans as one just like how we see him as one. We’re even luckier because we know a lot about him but he doesn’t know anything about us individually! And yet there’s that bond between us his fans and him as our idol.

This is just a matter of believing what you ought to believe. From time to time there are interviews with Hyun Joong and from here we get to know him better. How would you know if it’s just lie that he’s saying this and that. Simple, go over with his interviews from the past till the present. If everything he’s been saying is scripted he won’t be consistent with what he is saying over the years of asking the same questions about him over and over, and getting the same answers!!. There are limitations to what we fans ought to know about his private life, of course. And from there we respect. Some fans are just not so contented and so they stalk, with hopes they can win his friendship, which is wrong.

We do support our idol, but do support within our limits only, specially the young ones it’s our parents money that we are spending. Now if we’re earning from our own effort then that’s the time we’ll be wiser in spending for him. Refrain from going overboard because Hyun Joong wouldn’t be happy to see any of his fans to be going bankrupt because of him, he wouldn’t like too much spending for his sake. He emphasized on this matter, that he even asked his fans,

“How much did you spend for me, I don’t want that.” as bluntly he said that. Sincerity is priceless, go bout what we can afford, instead of buying presents for him, save it for his album instead, which is even practical and that we can benefit from it too from his music if our budget allows it. Hyun Joong can afford to buy items for himself, he clearly said he appreciate it better if we give him something we made by ourselves and not spending too much. I remember there was a time in Japan he gave away the presents that his fans gave him to charity.

Well, these are just reminders for the young ones, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure your mom will agree to what I’m saying. I’m just sharing what I have read from some fans that we can learn from their experience too. They have gone overboard of being a fan to the point of giving up being a fan to their idol simply because they failed to understand the essence of being a fan and had missed to understand where they stand being a fan.

And so let us be contented with what Hyun Joong can offer us, and that is his music, his dramas which we all benefit as well for being entertained. Our friendship with Hyun Joong will just remain in our hearts as someone special we spend our leisure time with him and nothing beyond.

Our individual responsibilities to work, school, family, friends ect should be priority above everything else even above Kim Hyun Joong. He will only be our daily inspiration any time we have at the internet. We check on him everyday on our free time that will keep him close to us. And with the simple things we do let it satisfy us being a fan, it is such a joy to know the guy better.

And when the time comes he visits your country, that is the time you should not miss to attend since it’s once in a life time chance. If he has an album to be released, instead of buying something for him as a present go get his album instead he’ll be happier and don’t go overboard. His dramas of course shouldn’t be missed if your time permits!!

Being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong is our self choice and I strongly believe we have made the right choice. Let him be our daily inspiration as he build a special relationship with us. With Hyun Joong this is a two way love affair that both should benefit in the right way. We enjoy his music and his dramas just as much as he enjoyed sharing it with us. This is just as simple as that, no excess luggage!! And with that, I’m done for this day, these are my inputs for today, picking up from within the internet that I sincerely hope we learned something.

Having Kim Hyun Joong as our idol is such a wonderful affair to remember in knowing how a great guy he is, I think this is the best fan’s affair, which is simply PURE.

                                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!          Info by Hyunnies Pexer blog thanks!                   Fan arts by LK


7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] FAN’S AFFAIR

  1. Hi LK. Wow, so mature thought ’bout being a fan. I like & of course agree with that. Yes, there wil always be a limit between us & HJ that we can’t cross no matter what! For me, i’d rather place HJ in my mind as the greatest inspiring person in all way for my daily life, and I thank him for that!
    Well, actually it’s not easy to be a fan of s.o. It deals with heart, thought, even financial management. We, sometimes, try to cross the limit unconsciously. It’s normal since we poured & untiredly seeking anything ’bout HJ. But we must awake soon and step on our feet again to come back to our real life, right? After all, i trully love your last line that i quote:”Having Kim Hyun Joong as our idol is such a wonderful affair to remember in knowing how a great guy he is, I think this is the best fan’s affair, which is simply PURE.”

  2. I believed,HE IS A GOOD ONE… no fake or pretend in HIS LIFE. I guarantee you girls,we choosed the right person. Wish our love Will stay with him till the end. Yup!as you said sist,don’t over … We have ‘limit’. HE is a model for the young ones,middle age and elder.HE is being loved by all generation… Support HIM with our sincerity like what He did to us. Thanks sist, god bless.

  3. Lk! I have to agree wholeheartedly that we have a line not to cross. And the buying gifts… i was always bewildered by that too! the man has the means to by anything! I don’ t generally buy gifts for anyone as i am creative and capable of making nice things for my loved ones. Which reminds me to sew the buttons on his hand crocheted scarf and finish the leather bracelet i’m making cuz time is runnuing out! Shipping to seoul from here is about 6 weeks! Argh!

    Nice to read about your thoughts on being a proper and respectful fan! btw… dreaming is still free, right? Now, my dream is evolving to become a translator /proofreader and apply at keyeast! Could i get close to hyun joong? I can always dream! Lol!

      • LOL of course dreams are free, that’s only thing you can acquire without spending a single cent!! Just one piece of advice if you apply at KE NEVER NEVER admit you are a fan, otherwise you fail prior to your first attempt to be considered. Pretend you know nothing about the guy!! Believe me! Use an agent they don’t hire walk in people!!
        Well arts in any form is my interest. Same with me here, i prefer making use of my creativeness in giving to someone special. Only last year Christmas that I bought Breakdown CDs to give as Christmas presents at the same time support to HJ. This Christmas again giving away Heat album. See this is my point everyone benefits from our support to HJ. Not only to him. it has to be give and take and that’s the essence of a relationship. and not one sided affair. It should not only HJ to benefit. if we watch his concerts we buy tickets we enjoy and be entertained just like watching a movie. at the same time his concert sells out. we may tag along a friend if we have extra budget we share the entertainment with our friends love is sharing anyway, but in the right way and no over luggage!
        Thank you and see you again take care!!

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