Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WINNING HEARTS

By: LazerKim           We still do not have updates for today about Kim Hyun Joong, but we have 2-3 days left to wait until October 4 and we’ll get to see him in Japan for the big event for City Conquest. In the meantime, as usual let’s find something to divert our thoughts of Kim Hyun Joong, otherwise days would drag slower towards October 4!!. I’ll be writing about Hyun Joong winning trophies and winning the hearts of many that he is not aware of. And towards the end of this article I’ll leave you with this question, “Did Kim Hyun Joong stole your heart from another artist?” Think about it!!

Winning Trophies     

Have you asked yourselves where were you during this period last year at this same month with Kim Hyun Joong? He must be busy around this month last year 2011 preparing for his second album Lucky Guy, since Hyun Joong was able to released the album in October 12 last year. It was towards the year end that Hyun Joong had been busy picking up Awards of Honor from different categories and from different organizations as every fan takes pride every time he steps on that stage and received the awards that he shared with his loving fans. Every success of Kim Hyun Joong is the success of each and every fan he has who loves and supports him all these years.

From 2008 to mid year 2012 Hyun Joong had been receiving trophies from here and there until his bags of awards filled up. From the start of this year Hyun Joong has been doing a lot of traveling with a single goal of reaching out to his fans in many parts of Asia as he perform his Asia Tour fan meeting concert to personally thank his fans and as he was doing so, he keeps winning more hearts of the new fans! This year Hyun Joong released two Japanese albums Kiss Kiss and Heat, which both showed a good record results as both ranked at the Oricon Music Chart in Japan which was quite significant and other music charts from other Asian countries.

After the mid-year feast of his album launching that did a lot of noise in one part of the continent that echoed to the other parts world, Hyun Joong bid his temporary farewell to his image being a singer and focus on his other talent in acting as he is currently preparing for his up coming drama City Conquest. Some fans emailed me and worrying that he might not have an entry for MAMA this year. I never thought about it,  that MAMA is just around the corner but then I remember Hyun Joong was saying

The dream I want to make come true as a singer isn’t a grand prize but I want to share and enjoy my music with my fans.”

For Hyun Joong winning an award is a great honor, but winning the hearts of his fans is even greater than any award. Last year as Hyun Joong launched his two albums there were high demands for him to do a drama within the year 2011, but then he has to debut on his Japanese music that he would also like to pursue and so he did. This year the demand became louder that made Hyun Joong decided on doing City Conquest while he was still busy with his Asian tour fan meeting concert.

City Conquest had already earned some copyright sales from the foreign TV production prior to filming and this was how much in demand the drama of Hyun Joong is. This week on October 4th we shall know more details about the drama, probably, the schedule of airing and to what TV network it shall be shown. This October 4 event shall be a feast for Hyun Joong fans since it was said the teaser shall be shown for the first time, so let’s not miss the fun and stay tuned, City Conquest will be on our screen soon!!

Inspiring the Youth

May I just share an email I got from a Japanese friend of mine, who is currently teaching in one of the schools in Tokyo related an incident. She gave an exams to her students, and one part of the exams answerable in essay form with the question “What makes a person popular?” My friend was quite surprised to have read from 12 of her students out of 20 wrote the name Kim Hyun Joong in their essay as an example of being popular and how people love him for what he is. I was smiling while reading her email that she remembered me being a die-hard fan Kim Hyun Joong and so told me about the essay of her students!!

It made me think since Hyun Joong was in Japan quite recently in July, the impact of his visit had left in the mind of the young ones. I may assume that these students may or may not be Hyun Joong fans, but my point is, he can truly inspire the young ones over his popularity yet remaining humble and being true to himself and to others. I wonder, does Hyun Joong knows this fact from his young fans?

Just like in his concert in Saitama he humbled himself for being honest about his physical condition that he was not in his best and apologizing to his fans for not taking take care of himself that made him sick.  And yet that time he has to endure with whatever pain he had and carried on with the concert as a professional artist. The concert ended successfully despite of his condition. That I would consider his most memorable concerts that for me it was on this concert that struck my heart and felt his love to his fans.  A truly amazing guy he is, Kim Hyun Joong.

Winning the Hearts of the Sick

I remember in 2009, the first time I have seen Hyun Joong at BOF, I was at the hospital with my brother while he was having his dialysis treatment thrice in a week due to his kidney failure. In the treatment hall there were about 10 patients including my brother and there’s wide screen TV, whenever 5:30 pm strikes BOF started airing everyday in my country which is right on time for my brother’s treatment. As I have mentioned it was my sick brother who introduced Hyun Joong to me through BOF. While watching the drama during commercial breaks, most of the patients talked about Ji Hoo.

My brother participated with the other patients conversation about Ji Hoo as I started to wonder, why do people in the hospital talk more about Ji Hoo who was just the second lead actor than the main actor Lee Min Ho. My brother said, “Looking at Ji Hoo’s face relieves the pain I’m having, his face is so gentle, his character is so kind and he’s very good looking.” An elder patient next to my brother agreed and added “Ji Hoo’s character is so soft that can melt anyone’s heart.”

It’s a regret that I came to know Ji Hoo better this time after my brother passed away that I was not even able to tell Hyun Joong’s great Life story to him, that I was not able to let him know that Hyun Joong is the opposite of Ji Hoo and that Hyun Joong has more than just that gentle face of Ji Hoo. But there was one right judgement that my brother had seen in Ji Hoo and a common ground with Hyun Joong and that is indeed he is a gentle healer in his real life behind the screen.

I believe my brother and the other patients were right, dialysis treatment was such a pain to endure not knowing any time it can end my brother’s life while in the process. I’ll write about it next time when I run out of topics to write!! I got so many silent readers who are sick and one day I’ll dedicate one of my articles to them. I myself and so with my brother who passed away can relate to the title given to Hyun Joong as the gentle healer to many sick people. And I’m sure Hyun Joong was not even aware how he helped the sick even he wasn’t doing anything for them. He’s winning their hearts.

Winning the Future

In 2010 Hyun Joong was at lost having no idea as to why people called him Korean Star which for him was such a burden having the thoughts that he had not done anything as yet to called a star. He was not aware of the impact of Ji Hoo at BOF that gained a lot of attention because of him. And maybe he has no idea simply because he was thinking he was not even good enough as a first time actor as his critics have in mind, and that he’s not even the lead actor in that drama as he portrayed the second lead and yet he won the hearts of many. Hyun Joong kept mentioning that he was badly criticized on the drama and yet he won the best actor in the Seoul International Awards!!

Until at present those critics were buried in his mind that made him pushed a bit further in improving himself as an actor. I believe an artist can improve his ability through constant practice, yes, but an artist should be given more chances or opportunity because I believe there’s no other better way of improving one self until he has the actual chance. There’s a big difference being trained inside the classroom and actual performance on stage both as a singer and as actor.  Training inside a classroom are just supplementary aid, experience can bring an artist to the heights of attaining his goal of being a true artist.

Hyun Joong was talking about his future after turning 30 yrs old, meaning after military service, he’ll be making more dramas and hopefully movies. Hyun Joong was saying in his interview in Thailand, that the ultimate period that he can open up his ideals of creating what he had missed or his shortcomings is through molding other’s talents. He said once he reached a certain age, he would like to create a live band and let them perform what he missed or what he can not do during this current period of his career.

When Hyun Joong turns in his senior stage of career life, he would like to be a director and producer, that’s how he foresee himself in the next 10 years. At least he’s not the type of artist who would dream of still being as they were 20 years ago, as if curtains never close down, instead of being realistic!! Instead Hyun Joong dreams of sharing what he got to other rookies who was once a dreamer like him too. It’s just so remarkable for a young man that after he was able to attained with his dreams, would now be dreaming of sharing to the dreams of future generation.

Stolen Hearts!

Before you have seen Kim Hyun Joong, do you happen to be supporting other artists or having one definite favorite but not necessarily following? I got a long list of favorites as I have mentioned in my other articles, but I do not know anything about them. I only know them by their names, their faces and the dramas they had which I have a collection of DVDs. But I never took interest in looking up their history or who they are! I simply check on the list of their dramas and buy their DVDs. Other than this, I didn’t do anything!!

I know a good actor whom I have watched all his dramas. He was able  to pursue with his acting career right after he had gone out from the military service as he did the drama 49 Days. It was such a good drama, it has a good TV rating but his next project was followed by two consecutive Chinese dramas and I never heard about him anymore. I went back to his blog site yesterday, and read my own comment last year saying “After watching the drama 49 Days you were my favorite actor, but my heart was stolen by Kim Hyun Joong.”

I was laughing with what I have written last year!! I thought about what I have written to this actor which I have not realized before!! Now, Hyun Joong had even stolen my heart from his own boss!! I didn’t even research on Bae Yong Joon as my no.1 favorite actor and it was until just last year that I looked him up simply because I was already writing about Kim Hyun Joong!! I wonder now as to how many fans did Hyun Joong stole from other artists??

Gosh, I never thought about this, do you know that Hyun Joong was just fond of stealing the heart of girls from his friends?  I think that was sometime in late 2008 in a talk show he was relating that if he likes the girlfriend of his friend, he would just spill it out saying to his friend “I like your girlfriend!!” Although he was still young that time he was saying it. But it made me think as if he’s saying the same thing to his seniors “I like your fans, can I steal their hearts from you??” LOL!! It sounds hilarious but it’s true. I got a dozens of Korean favorites and Hyun Joong just stole my heart from those actors!!

Hyun Joong just kept winning hearts, just in case you’re not aware of!! And the worst part is he will make you stay!! And why wouldn’t I stay, long before I get tired staring his latest photos, here he goes with a brand new image! Why wouldn’t I stay if today he releases he latest single and listening to it everyday but before I get ever tired here he is, working on a new drama City Conquest, wouldn’t I wait for it which is just around the corner?

I don’t think I can ever get tired of this guy in fact I couldn’t even get enough of him!! I may get physically exhausted writing but it may take sometime before I finally get tired of Hyun Joong. Now unless he stops from showbiz, then it’s time to leave and move forward!!  Well, I’m a very realistic person, for me nothing is forever.

But there will always be a soft spot in my heart that belongs only to Kim Hyun Joong, that I don’t think any other artists can take it from that spot. Not unless another artist with much stronger pull than Hyun Joong comes along.

But then he is ONLY ONE, he’s definitely the only unique individual who had ever stolen my heart from others. Kim Hyun Joong indeed is a true winner as he kept Winning Hearts of many people.

                                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

Photo credits to ahlia, Ms.D thanks!  Fan arts by LK.

Photos below were taken from the location site filming of City Conquest.


30 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WINNING HEARTS

  1. Heart stealing? I think it is just that we did not know any better until we met Hyun Joong! guerechi? right? I really had no specific fave. I really knew nothing about kpop or kdrama until I watched bof. Then, after seeing him walk on screen with the sun shining behind him and illuminating that white suit and strawberry blond hair and perfect face from heaven… it was OVER! I was instantly addicted! Haaaa!

    Now, I’m becoming a bit partial to Kim Jae Joong. He is a good looking and talented young man also… but, honestly, I would not have given him a second glance if it weren’t for his friendship with Hyun Joong! I also like tae yang from big bang! But, that is pure LUST… OMO! That body! and that voice that can shake the foundations of the earth! Still, neither can compare to my Hyun Joong… he is truly ONLY ONE in my heart. The others just stir mild interest… nothing like a relationship like I feel with Hyun Joong.

    I understand about the healing quality of KHJ. Thank you for reminding me of it. I will be writing about how he is a blessing to others next and I will definitely include that. I have a chronic illness that causes me to be in constant pain. When I watch/listen/write about/stare at Kim Hyun Joong… the pain is just gone! Really, I forget all about it! He is like a pain killing medicine in that way. Haaa! Haaa! Thanks for the great article once again, LK! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for tomorrow!

    Luv you sis!

  2. Yes, he stole my heart. I had never follow any star or singer. Just like you, LK, before I met KHJ , I just watched the movie series or listen to the song. I even have not remember the name of the actor or singer. Bae Yong Jun and Lee min Ho, I know these two stars but I am not crazy on them. I use to listen western songs because I can understand the meaning and able to sing. I never have idea before how can I sing the Korean song. KHJ makes me singing his songs. I got more crazy to even searching youtube and some blog that teach Korean language.. I start learning korean language at the age of 58 years. So far I can read and write few words. Old lady with a bit of impaired hearing love KHJ songs, I love his voice when he sings in ballad song. Oh oh, my daughter teases me that I just like a young woman falling in love. I cannot put concentration in other activities after work . I spend most time in front of computer to do searching , chatting with friends like you who gave the same feeling of love in KHJ. This evening my son ask me if I use the computer in the center room at home because he heard KHJ song and saw KHJ on youtube playing. I start laughing that I did not stop by in that room. It is his father. He is also searching for KHJ information ke ke ke. Why his wife is so crazy of this man? I am happy that my two men try to understand me.
    Anyway, thank you again LK for sharing this blog.

    • I love that you are learning Korean at the age of 58! It is never time to stop learning until you go on to be in Heaven! I always say I am a student of life. I will never stop learning new things. I too started Korean Language lessons at various online sources and I am able to read and write the alphabet and a few words. I know by sound many more words and phrases from watching dramas, and I even memorized my first Korean song. It was not a Kim Hyun Joong song, but one that I can sing from a female artist. I intend to use this as my audition when I apply for a proofreading/translating position.

      It is so cool that Hyun Joong has stolen your heart! I know exactly how you feel! I am 43 and never thought I’d be all sold out to a 26 year old Korean pop star! Haaaa! Let’s keep loving him and have fun together!

      • Dear Ohcheosa, it is irritate to sing our favorite songs in roman Korean. So I try to figure out from original sub hunkul. Most lovely song, like thank you, love or happiness are not difficult to learn. I am glad that you also have done in learning Korean language. Once I was wonder how my son are crazy in learning Japanese because he love Japanese cartoon (anime). When it happens to me, I just understand. The most funny is that my daughter is 30 years , older than Hyun Joong. He is the most wonderful gift that God has sent to us. 🙂

        • lol! I also began learning Japanese a few years ago b/c I was into anime. My dogs have Japanese names too! I did not learn a lot of Japanese b/c I never really put in the effort to do formal lessons. I am truly making a goal to go and work in S. Korea. So, learning Korean is a necessity because I have made that goal.. but, it is not a burden at all because I am in love with it! So… at 43, my life has started over with a new goal and passion. I would not have this if I had never met BOF and Kim Hyun Joong! So crazy! 😀

  3. .-. Hahaha xd I loved what your japanese friend told you! ^^ I can’t believe it lol! That was amazing, he’s not even japanese lmao xD Well you know, I’ve always been a fan of bands mostly and I tend to know their basic info (like the kind you find on wikipedia xd). Of course there are like 5 of them that I’m a total fan of and collect dvd’s, cd’s, fancams, hd vids, etc xD But I like them purely for their talent, not looks or anything ^^ With KHJ is different. He’s like my ideal man xD hahaha (how corny! .-.) I’ve never been to a concert where I happen to love the artist as a hmm dreamt lover/boyfriend lol If I happen to attend a KHJ concert or fm it’d be my 1st time lol Well, of course I appreciate HJ’s talent and I actually can’t believe how good/kind he is! I swear the world will be better if ppl had 20% of the kindness HJ has! xD ||| No matter if he’s not in the showbiz anymore, I’d still love him. I’m used to the hiatuses of the bands I like lol so I’m not anxious when there are no news about him xD I want to keep on being his fan for many many years, ’til I become 100 xD I bet there’s no other man who’s as lovely, 4D, crazy, creative, kind, wacky, bizarre, random and absurd xD as HJ is, so I’m not giving my heart to any other artist anytime soon ^^ Have a wonderful day everyone! Ps: I sent you an email :3

    • I’m so anxious if i don’t read from him, what will I write if there’s no update!! TTT I think I have already written almost everything what his fans ought to know including his travel kit!! LOL Next time I think I’ll be taking your advice to write HJ is ugly!! LOL Oh I can imagine a bomb exploding in this blog site!! LOL Or maybe I can write HJ’s toes are so pretty white and clean!!LOL
      Thanks dear, see you!!

      • Hahaha lol well, even his knees are sexy! XD you sound really happy today :3 You should write about the meaning of having the index finger shorter than the ring finger, just like Hyun Joong’s hahahaha (mine are just like that too xD) I bet y’all would be surprised LOL mwahaha xD .-.

        • LOL you made me happy laughing!! I’m not glad with what i have been reading around!! Can’t find any other good news that i can write for tom!! You’re right I’ll go and research on the meaning of having shorter index finger & write about it!! LOL

          • erm… if it’s something razor has in common with Hyun Joong… I’m not sure I want to know! LOL! I’ll bet it’s naughty! :d

          • Can i have a little favor ms lk…? Could you write also an article about his family…..mother, father and his only brother… pls…….grant my request amen!
            SALAMAT PO!

            • Oh I have already did, the article title is Star Raphael, I can not write more than what was given in his documentary since family is still his privacy. so I limit myself to touch it. There’s a blog about it though but I couldn’t open it, I do not know why. Parang classified!! parang cia!!LOL Hanz pls email me CLICK HERE>

                • got my long litany?? actually introduction pa lng yun. anyway have you seen ms wagas? havent heard from her ages ago. sige pagtsismisan ntin ms. lk pra magparamdam! dati rati ako ang nawawala, ngaung visible na ako siya naman nawawala. where on earth are you? might following hyun joongs’ location site as a replacement of mr. jeong! could it be?? lol! jokes! I’ll be terribly sad if he leaves hyun joong…

    • I wish to see HJ in a pirate costume doing ONE PIECE his dream drama!!! I wonder how he looks like!! Handsome of course!! Thanks Cristina see you dear!! oh take care

      • SO CUTE! WOULD HE WEAR THE TATTERED STRAW HAT??? He might have to lose some of his muscles again! One Piece character is a bit scrawny! LOL!

  4. With his personality, warm heart, hard working,… I believe Hyun Joong will receive more fans, more successes, more awards.

    It’s announced that 3 other SS501 members completed successfully showcase, concerts, debut in Japan.
    Does any know the album sale number of other 3?

    • Darling KHJ’s a wonderful person & artiste, of whom m proud to be fan of^^^ About the other, m also rather curious about that actually, about the other members’ album & ticket sales. Cuz there’s not much about the exact or even approx amount reported anywhere. Or perhaps i don’t go to the right blogs about ’em? Which is unsurprising cuz the only one m interested in, is beautiful hyunjoong…

  5. yeah he did stole my heart. actually in my country the 1st kdrama aired was full hows. even though i like rain i didn’t feel like watching & i had a great number of hollywood actors in my list (mostly from scifics & action movies & dramas). but KIM HYUN JOONG stole my heart in 30 minutes of bof as the handsome kind jihoo & now i have become a kpop addict(specially KHJ & SS501-KHJ’s band & a few more artists) & a kdrama addict. 🙂 when thinking i feel like wow this guy can really steal hearts of people.. 🙂
    Nice article lazer! keep writing!!

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