Kim Hyun Joong…[article] DEVOTED TO FANS

By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong is back in his cocoon and back to his work routine in preparing for his projects which is still on going which is the filming for City Conquest, preparing for its promotion, and the album launching for December. But Hyun Joong shall have another event for Center Pole on November 10 at 4 PM at Center Pole MoonJung Store, that’s Hyun Joong’s signature event, so we’ll get to see him again for next month! Hyun Joong is also invited at the Asia Music Festival to be held in Chengdu China on December 8, I’m not sure about the details but the way I understand there shall be voting polls, anyway, I’ll keep you posted.

At Oricon Music Chart update, now here’s something to be proud of, as of October 29th Hyun Joong HEAT is still no.1 on the chart for this month among the Kpop releases, it’s been three months since it was first release but it’s still showed good sales results.

I guess Hyun Joong shall be busy in closing his year 2012 and opening for 2013. Just like last year I remember Hyun Joong was busy hopping from here and there, well I think he’ll be doing the same busy bee once again as he opens up his year 2013, but I bet you these are good and worth waiting for piece of work of Hyun Joong.

I’m actually laughing at Hyun Joong because he said he will focus on being an actor, but then Hyun Joong turned out to be restless, and I could sense he knew the days when his fans were getting bored without him! And so he makes music at the same time he’s filming City Conquest!!

It’s really quite difficult to do two things at the same time, but as we can see I think neither of his projects both in acting and singing were being affected from one another! We have seen the teaser of City Conquest and apparently he did good in his first few filming judging from the teaser. And in singing, he even excel having a live band behind him to back him up, which turned out very successful!


From here I would say I think Hyun Joong has really matured and have over come his fears in acting. He always worry about it and openly admitted, but what I can see from him now is a concrete composure of himself as an actor. I think he’s happy doing both at the same time, he’s not as stressful as he was when he did his previous dramas. He even has been having hectic schedules lately but as we saw him at Happy Camp, he’s blooming, he looks healthy despite of his busy schedules. And I would say he’s happy and contented with the people he work with at present.

The fact that Hyun Joong had changed the drama production system, this gives him more opportunity to justify his acting skills. That this time he has more room to learn in his acting career. I think people do listen to him, well Hyun Joong is a true leader, he is good giving his side of opinion not only for himself but to his other co-actors too. Remember, when he commented about the drama production in Playful Kiss?

Hyun Joong said this back in 2010 during his interview, “People said I have improved my acting skills at PK, but I should have done better if only I was given more time. It’s always been a routine that scripts were given on the same day of filming, I hope this system will change in the future.” He was right with no single doubt. Actors are not robots to begin with, they are human being like us too.


Yesterday as I woke up, the first news I read was about one of Hyun Joong’s members got entangled in a relationship controversy. I feel sorry about this guy, at first he got a problem with his agent and now this one. Although in the news, the allegations had been denied by the member and his agent, that I hope this matter would end from there. I have a deep respect to the members since they were the very first Kpop that I have known and the group shall always be my favorite in terms of Kpop idol group music, even I am not their fan, I’m a great admirer of their music.

Controversial issues are already tagged with showbiz people, some may be true and some may be for publicity purposes only. One way of attracting the public can sometimes through controversial stories that we read from tabloid and celebrity gossip magazines or the broadsheet media print gossip column. I am not familiar with how Koreans take controversial news but I know this country is conservative and sensitive in such issues.  But let’s talk about this since I have noticed that celeb’s dating or relationship are usually the favorite topic of media in putting a celeb down or stories that can be talk about by people that can affect the stars career or affect them personally.

Since celebs are public figure, they are likely to be in the eye of the public and media goes after them and their activities. No matter how we say that these celebs are also human like us that they have the right to privacy, still media write about their personal privacy particularly their dating. I can’t speak of other celeb since it’s only about Hyun Joong that I write and research on, but he’s been very careful with his reputation even he has got nothing to hide and knowing the guy is candidly honest. I just could not understand why is it that some fans could not believe he’s not dating anyone!! And that he’s totally focused on his work which apparently have seen in his schedule of activities.

Hyun Joong had said for so many countless times that he’s not in a relationship or not dating anyone at the moment and that all the girls whom he has been meeting are strictly for business purpose only. I believe him with no single doubt, since I find nothing wrong if he wants to focus on his career as the guy has so many plans that he wants to achieve. And accept it or not relationships can be beautiful and can also be stressful for a star who is just on the doorstep of stardom. As I have said I don’t  think Hyun Joong would gamble his dreams over a relationship, that I firmly believe.


The controversy that one of the member is being entangled with, is a good example of a star being in a relationship. Be it true or not his name was being dragged by media and this can be painful to the member and time-wasting that he has to explain himself and to prove that the other party’s accusation is not right. This member will soon launch his latest album and instead of focusing on his work, these issues are unneccessary to spare time to answer, but as a celeb he can not just ignore it no matter how much he wants to be at peace. Of course this is just natural, celebs are human being too who can get hurt. These are the implications that an artist may face if he is being placed in a hot seat.

Imagine it’s Hyun Joong who is experiencing such controversy being involve in relationship and in similar controversy, don’t you think Hyun Joong would not be disturbed? Won’t you feel bothered as a fan on how you will defend him whether we believe such controversy or not but the fact that his name is being dragged is such a stress to any star. And this is one thing that I would not want Hyun Joong to experience and I’m sure he never would want it either. Nothing can be hidden from the media as far as stars of showbiz is concern, it’s their bread and butter, so let us not forget that. This may be one reason why Hyun Joong chose to be single, free from anyone who may only cause additional stress on his part.

There are many celebs who gets entangled in a relationship and when this relationship turned out to be ugly their career gets affected too and some ends up into self destruction which is really not good. If ever Hyun Joong get to the stage that he’s confident enough to handle his career at the same time with dating, I surely do hope he finds the right person. It could be so frustrating on his part that he has been taking care of his reputation and ending up in a wrong relationship that might even drag his name to downhill! Oh no Hyun Joong is so good to deserve such experience!! Although I trust him to be smart.


At this stage of Hyun Joong’s career, what he is avoiding most is being entangled in such controversy that I really hope we fans would understand. That’s why I’m giving this example of such controversy that his member got entangled with, for us to understand the possible implications it may create. If there’s smoke there’s fire, and this principle is rather difficult to defend. We fans are the only ones who can defend our idol, not to believe or just jump in to believing is not right. Allow your idol to speak for himself, whether your idol denies any allegation or admits then be at his side, times like this is one important period that idol needs his fans the most to support and letting them know you’re there for him.

As I always say Hyun Joong has his own privacy that we should respect as his fans. And that whatever he decides for himself, I support wholeheartedly with no questions ask anyway it’s his life not mine. After reading this news about his member, I can’t help imagine what if this happens to Hyun Joong, that I wake up one morning a girl just comes out from nowhere and claims this and that!! Of course as a fan I would surely investigate before defending and protecting Hyun Joong, as the alien prepare for counter attack!! LOL Now my imagination is running wild!!

There was only one controversy that Hyun Joong got entangled with in 2010 and right from the start Hyun Joong told the truth with all his honest regardless of consequence he stayed firm in his words and the truth set him free. Hyun Joong does not want any of those kind of involvement and that is why he always come up clean. This is one reason why he prefers to focus on work and has no plans of dating as he already stated. At this point of his career he’s becoming an object of jealousy and envy, many would try to pull him down. I would just be keeping awareness in his surroundings and if I may put up some write right up pertaining anything that perceive negative to Hyun Joong, forgive me but I have to defend.


If Hyun Joong says he wants to focus on his work, take his words. Not all men  desires for sex or female company. Yes Hyun Joong is good looking and girls would just come running after him. And that made him even feel scared, as he always say, he doesn’t even want girls to come to him first, he’s a doer by nature, once he knew the girl is also interested in him, he loses interest, he’s that type of man. Hyun Joong is different.

How many times did he choose work over relationship or love? We can’t blame him, he has a dream, as I have said he will never gamble his dream over love. But once he is able to attain all he wants, all his dreams, needless to say he will be there and look for that girl he desire and make another dream with her and his dream kids. But for now, let us allow Hyun Joong to do what he wants for himself, allow him to attain his dreams without encountering unnecessary gossips whatsoever. Many fans email me asking about Hyun Joong’s dating so I’m writing this article in response to those who are asking. As Hyun Joong stated:

“I don’t have plans of dating, I cannot handle my career and relationship at the same time. Other actors can do it, but I’m not as good as them to handle both at the same time.” (source: video interview, Love story DVD)

Hyun Joong has the ability to be popular without using dirty tricks or using other celeb to keep him up there. He is not that kind of celeb. He did not even want to use the name of his group because he wants to build his name on his own effort and ability, and this is very true but had been misinterpreted by others. Hyun Joong is just being professional, which I agree, an artist should not be a shadow of his previous name, just because the group name is popular.


That’s why I love this guy, very independent. And for us, let Hyun Joong enjoy the company of his fans, the more the merrier and this is his priority, to gain more fans whom he can share his projects with. This is the life he had chosen from day one. The other night as I was researching, I found one of his letter to his fans written in May 9, 2010 as he said:

“Honestly, my life to lose a lot under the spotlight like this in my life I’m annoying but I like this life kekek.”

This letter he wrote to his fans was a month before this contract with his previous agent expired, that no one ever had the idea he’s breaking through from the group. Even though he has to face a lot of trials in the future, he bravely faced them without a word of complain from him. Now he’s happy working hard for his fans. He’s happy remaining focus to his target, he’s simply being truthful to his fans as he built a special relationship with us then let’s treasure it and appreciate it. Instead of insisting he needs someone else at his side, because at this time and stage of his career, it is us his fans that he needs at his side and no one else. And he needs more fans to support him, he needs more numbers who can appreciate him for what he is. This is what he needs at this time.

Without the love from each and every fan, I would not be standing here. Therefore, I wish all the fans would continue giving me this love. It is a good inspiration and encouragement for me to try to be better in the next album.                    (source: Sparkling Magazine)

His Mentor had devoted his entire career life to his fans making them his own family. Before Bae Yong Joon became his boss, Hyun Joong had already been saying, “If I can only attain even half of what Bae Yong Joon had attained I’ll be happy as ever.” Hyun Joong had already devoted himself to his career and to his fans. As I have mentioned in my article yesterday that I have been digging deeper on Hyun Joong’s past reading between the lines of what he’s trying say and for some reasons that I couldn’t find words to explain, maybe I can simply say, this is what he wants to say to you.

This is all I got for today’s dosage, we all do share the love of Kim Hyun Joong and maybe this is just another way of bringing that love from him directly to you everyday.

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] YOUR MAN

By: LazerKim                Kim Hyun Joong had left Changsang China boarding his flight back to Seoul. He came down from his villa around 5:00 Pm, it was raining but his fans were there to bid him goodbye till the next time! The God of Rain leaving a country and left his loving fans in the state of spell bound as he always does!! As Hyun Joong arrived the airport a crowd of fans were there at the lobby waiting for him to see him off. And as expected another group of fans were also waiting at the Airport back home in Seoul. Actually his short visit in China was three chances of taking a glimpse of Hyun Joong, it may be a brief encounter for the fans in China, but it was a worthwhile memory specially those who were able to see him in the show studio taping.

As for us fans from afar we can just stare at Hyun Joong’s happy pictures, but it somehow made us happy seeing his smiles, laughter and his 4Dness!! We did missed seeing him participating in game shows, I can still remember the last TV show he guested on was Strong Heart in October 25th 2011 as he was still promoting his album Lucky Guy. From that time on Hyun Joong had been flying from one country to another, all year round this year, and I’m just so glad we’ll be able to watch this game show in the next coming days. I’ll keep you posted as to when we can watch this show and how we can watch it.


Hyun Joong is not fond of social network communication as we already know that, but somehow he has his own personal way of conveying his message to his fans like writing a message still through the internet. And most of the time he communicates in his concerts. I was able to get the translation of Hyun Joong’s words to his fans during the recent Lotte fan meeting in Seoul, that I would like to share with you for those who may not have watched it. Here it goes from Kim Hyun Joong

If I had to talk about it in general, I was able to get a scuba license recently. Are you congratulating me?? I’m doing the scuba school and being under the sea, I was afraid of the sea in the past. I have over come my fears….going deeper under the sea seeing sharks in South Korea is hard to find. In the future besides going under sea….in the future if the opportunity comes, I want to go up in the space!!”

“In a little bit I’ll show some pictures of it…. if the future as time goes by, if I go travel in space and confirm I’ll put on a show! What I learn after I went under sea I thought the sea was unique peaceful, and beautiful fun place. Today I’m looking forward to fast pace work schedule for the fall. Even for just one day I wish together we can be that guy and that girl. Wait for me…cause the next song I’ll be singing is I’m Your Man. I am…you know the last part of the song, the title of the song….I’m not concern!!!” (meaning audience answer I’m your woman)


Hyun Joong indeed was talking to his fans and not to a one single person. As we already know Hyun Joong is a very realistic type of person that if he wants to send a message to his fans or directly say it to them he address it to the concern people. Last night I found a letter he wrote over the past addressed to his fans. It appeared to be like a joke, only after a while it turned out he was telling the truth, it’s just that he wrote it like a joke, with this…..kekekeke!! Good lesson out of it, when he talks and address it to his fans better believe because it’s the truth.

In one of my articles I have mentioned about Hyun Joong getting a scuba license, now he explained that he was on scuba schooling that was why he was at sea for several consecutive days which apparently he’s doing this for City Conquest. As I was watching City Conquest short teaser of behind the scene, I realize Hyun Joong doesn’t have any double, meaning he does the stunts by himself, specially the motor cycle scene!! So definitely he’ll be doing the under water scene without double stunt actor!!

Anyway, I was smiling while reading this translation, I was thinking Hyun Joong has fantasies too. If what I have shared with you is a concert at the dessert, Hyun Joong has further fantasy of having a concert in the outer space!! So what I can imagine is man in the moon, singing in concert for his fans!! It’s funny that everyone at the venue laughed at his imaginations and listening to it may make anyone convinced as if it’s not fantasy!!

Hyun Joong never forget this fantasy of his, which was way back in his early days in showbiz! Actually that fantasy came to life as he performed Let me Go in his concert using the theme of outer space. But it’s good with Hyun Joong’s latest concerts with live band he can easily interact with his fans, and we can look forward for more of this concert set up.


I really think I like Hyun Joong to be performing with a live band, because by this way, he’s free to express himself to his audience, he has better period to talk with his fans like a bonding moment to spend with and a better chance to create a stronger idol fan relationship with them. I think we can feel him better as he is as himself the real Kim Hyun Joong as singing with a live band he can better express his music. I’m not saying what he was doing in his previous album was less expressive, both are expressive in different approach. When he dance and sing, he express his music through his body movements, therefore this is visual music. While singing with a live band you have to listen and look at him as he express himself in his own free self, be it as a rocker or a ballad singer.

I read from somewhere, that other fans were worried that Hyun Joong might stick to being a rocker. At first, I’m not really fond of rock but I do appreciate some rock music when I was young. When I first heard HEAT, I immediately like it, and quite surprisingly I listened to it over and over I think for three days until I can get to memorize its lyrics!! Here’s my point, we do have our own individual taste so I will not dispute with others who may not appreciate rock, but trust in Hyun Joong, he’s a versatile type of singer, he knows exactly what suits him and what he does. Just give him a chance, let him get loose, he loves freedom to express, he does not stick to one style in his music and in his concert, and that makes him unique above other Kpop artists.

I understand some fans may have liked Hyun Joong’s image as clean cut character. I also would like to see him as a clean cut Prince and a rugged man, both are extreme in nature but let us allow Hyun Joong to take one step at a time. The guy is restless he like changes and that makes him unique among all other artists. This period is Hyun Joong’s period, he had been a flower boy the way we wanted for quite sometime but he’s now a man, so let’s give this chance to him. I’m sure once he had done Baek Mir and a rocker Hyun Joong will be craving for another new image, character and music. We have known Hyun Joong this way and we stay embracing him for what he is. We just need to trust him wholeheartedly.


Hyun Joong is so thoughtful to his fans. Is he doing this just to gain and make his fans stay? NO mam absolutely not, I think the veteran fans particularly Perfect who has been with Hyun Joong before his SS501 days can very well testify what I’m talking about. The other night I was researching for the past, and I came across a news write-up pertaining to Breakdown showcase as Hyun Joong first launched his album in June 7, 2011, which was held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul attended by 4,000 fans.

It was said that hosting a concert in this stadium cost as much as 50,000 won minimum price for a ticket. But with that Hyun Joong’s showcase, the price was only at 20,000 won per ticket and quite a number of complimentary tickets for those who really cannot afford was released. This price wasn’t even half of the original ticket price. Therefore KeyEast shouldered the other half as Hyun Joong’s request.

He said, “My fans can not afford that much and I do not want them to spend that much for my first concert.” And so KeyEast gave way to Hyun Joong’s wish. KeyEast would give anything Hyun Joong wish for specially in supporting his projects, that the company is all willing to give all out financial backing up for Hyun Joong. And in return Hyun Joong proved his worth a more deserving partner in business, since everything followed after that showcase went successfully.

Then I remember one video clip I think that was way back 2006, he was saying he wish to put up a free concert for students who can not afford to buy concert tickets. In short Hyun Joong was never after monetary gains for himself even back in his early showbiz career life. As I always say, Hyun Joong is an Artist by Heart, he performs, he works his guts out, for as long as there is an audience in front of him regardless of anything he will perform through his heart.

It will only be then monetary instantly follows without him demanding for it. And that is a genuine artist. He is an original rocker, and rockers are free, they can perform anywhere that doesn’t matter which place for as long as there’s an audience to listen to them while they freely express themselves, just like Kim Hyun Joong who is a true rocker. The lucky guy and a happy champ to his lucky fans.


I remember one video interview Hyun Joong had in his early days with career, and he was saying, “In the future you will find a new star much stronger, good looking, talented and excellent performer on stage, better than me.” Hyun Joong was speaking to his fans that time, do you remember this video clip? I actually have written about this in my past articles. If I were his fan that time I would say, no there’s no better artist than he is. But he was right, he had proven what he said was right, because I have in fact found new star and a better one from the Kim Hyun Joong in that video way back in the past.

Here’s a brand new Kim Hyun Joong that he was saying, who is much stronger, more good looking, talented and an excellent performer. Because it is at this time that he had proven himself, that he had gotten out of his shell, that he was able to show what he has got which had been staying inside him for years. This is his time. I got no idea why he said that on a video interview, but I’m sure the veteran fans may have realized the new star that he was talking about is Kim Hyun Joong. Or maybe not in your wildest dream that you have expected he will rise with such remarkable power as he has now.

These past days I have been digging dipper to Hyun Joong’s history and his words in the past that I think is playing a significant role to his present that I found out a lot came true. Hyun Joong said in one talk show, “have to do more for people to love me.” He has every reason to be as he is because he receives that love and gives it back to the people who loves him too. Love begets love. Hyun Joong allow his fans to feel that love he gives them and vice versa, his fans show their love and support for him.

If he shows the sweetest side of himself, it is in his own little way of expressing how he loves for us as his fans, and he’s being sincere about it, as we do feel it. So we’ll keep it in our hearts because it’s for us, his fans. Do not give his words to others.

Kim Hyun Joong is simply saying to his fans, “I’m your man.” Keep his words to you heart.

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HAPPY CHAMP!


By: LazerKim                Kim Hyun Joong stayed in a beautiful villa in Changsang China and the most happiest of all are his fans who were outside the villa like media reporters!! It was fun it seems that every move of Hyun Joong his Chinese fans were guarding him quite well and they were well behave. It’s so funny that the fans even knew what Hyun Joong had for lunch as it was delivered to him at 1:30 PM and even took pictures!!

I appreciate the effort of his fans to be at the villa and taking as much pictures and really taking care of Hyun Joong. There was also a picture as his staff brought in some dumbbells which obviously Hyun Joong took his daily routine exercise. These fans are like mom to Hyun Joong making sure he had eaten satisfyingly, making sure he took his daily routine exercise and securing his area from harm!! They are very thoughtful I would say to take time out and visit Hyun Joong making sure he’s well taken care off plus checking on his accommodation since I have seen a picture of Hyun Joong’s guest room!

Hyun Joong left the villa at about 2:30 PM for his rehearsals, on his way, some fans hand in their letters to him, he smiled, nod, and wave to his fans who were there. In no time he’s back to the villa again to prepared for the show recording and out again around 5 PM. Last night I was just reading the updates of the show but I enjoyed it as if I was there at the TV studio as audience!

The studio gallery was full packed all fans of Hyun Joong! And then there were flowers at the main entrance of the venue for Hyun Joong to welcome him! All the while I thought Hyun Joong would be just dancing for the show as a guest performer, but it was more than just performing! Hyun Joong was a guest who participated with the entire game show together with the other guests. Here’s how the show went: 


As soon as Hyun Joong introduced himself to the audience his fans chant and scream, Hyun Joong said, “Hello I’m Kim Hyun Joong, I miss all of you!” During the taping or recording, Hyun Joong’s words made the interpreter into a disorder state that she laughed! Meaning there might be some misunderstanding but Hyun Joong just laugh as his 4D surfaced again!

Hyun Joong made the whole set laugh of what he has been saying! He could not understand what the MC was saying, but every time the MC laugh he laugh back too!! This seemed crazy!!LOL, well just in my mind imagining!!

Hyun Joong said he wanted his fans to knit a scarf for him as a gift!! Well it’s winter maybe he really wants it, we’ll find that out when the show is being aired, and translated.

Hyun Joong gave his birthday present to Hai Tao since it’s birthday. I’m just not aware if the birthday was yesterday or on the day of airing this show. If I’m not mistaken Hyun Joong gave his signature training hood shirt with Artmatic logo, it’s a rare exclusive item.

Hyun Joong got on Hai Tao’s back for a piggy ride! This was funny since Hyun Joong is almost six footer and Hai Tao is much shorter than him!!

Hyun Joong carried a female host! For whatever reason, Hyun Joong was quite strong to carry her and he’s so cute!!

Hyun Joong wore an orange sunglasses, a Micky headband and danced some steps from Lucky Guy, shake shake!! Oh this one is cute too!!

There’s a part in the game that if Hyun Joong lost he must post at weibo right at that minute, if Hyun Joong lost the host has to be the one to post. Hyun Joong won so the host posted at weibo to another male to express love!! Hyun Joong press the button to send! The guests wore a white medical staff’s robe during this part of the game. Oh the ring of the host, is it Bvlgari same as Hyun Joong’s save the children? (photo below)


For the fans who shared the updates at the show yesterday, thank you so much, your effort is very much appreciated as always. Many blessing to all, please do keep up, sharing is loving. May I just say, I think the most selfless unconditional love there is, is within the fans who truly loves our idol. So remarkable. I’m proud of being Hyun Joong fan!

In this show in China, proved Hyun Joong’s growing popularity once again. As the studio gallery was full packed that additional chairs were placed to accommodate all Hyun Joong’s fans who bought the tickets, it was said that tickets were sold out which was said to be unusual for this show recording session. But since Hyun Joong is guesting for this show, it showed an excellent sales result on tickets. The fans were satisfied as they enjoyed the show just as much as Hyun Joong enjoyed it too. Apparently language was never been a barrier for Hyun Joong his action speaks more on those games as he simply enjoyed playing it with the show host!!

Seeing Hyun Joong with all those laughter is just so contagious as he sets the mood in the studio with fun and laughter. His other side of being playful surfaced, as he dance with that orange sunglasses and Mickey blue ribbon is just so hilarious! We’ll be able see all of these on November 3 as this show shall be aired. Now I would say I really missed Hyun Joong guesting in variety shows, and here goes jumping and playing around!! Simply seeing from those pictures which is now all over the internet it was such a fun seeing him with those laughter!!


Towards the end of the taping Hyun Joong performed Please, I think that was the last segment of the taping, after which Hyun Joong bid the staff goodnight as he smiled, nodded, and thank each and everyone in the studio. I read a post that the studio staffs were impressed by his well mannered, politeness, which we know for a fact it’s Hyun Joong’s natural behavior to any production staff or anybody for that matter. I’m so proud of this guy, really.

Hyun Joong got back to his villa still perspiring after taping his performance and his fans were still there waiting for him! He greeted them smiled, nod at them and waved before he got up to the stairs of the villa and still waved as he entered his room from the balcony of the villa. *sigh* This guy is really sweet and I’m sure his fans who were there at the villa will surely miss him a lot, or maybe mesmerized until at this time!

Well, it was a one day brief encounter with Hyun Joong that his Chinese fans truly enjoyed! Hyun Joong enjoyed the show too. It’s sad though for the fans who were there at the villa,  surely couldn’t get enough of Hyun Joong.  In fairness they were all well behave, as I didn’t read any untoward incident. That is how much is he being loved by his fans. Every minute counts, every moment is a memory with Hyun Joong.

Yesterday my article Goal Achiever, talks about Hyun Joong’s absence from the talk shows and variety shows back home, and yesterday we have at least took a glimpse of him on how he enjoys playing games at variety shows, only this time it was in China. Nevertheless, coincidentally we have seen him again in a variety show.

The fan who asked me about talk shows was truly happy as I emailed her yesterday’s update at the show as it transpired. The feeling is mutual as I missed Hyun Joong in those shows too and be looking forward to it in the near future as it is expected and hoping Hyun Joong would do guesting when he promote City Conquest early next year. We shall still see him though, since Hyun Joong shall be going back home to Seoul today.


It’s so funny that while I’m writing this article which is past 12 midnight, I read a post at twitter saying Hyun Joong and his staffs are still awake and looking for a drink!! LOL,There are still fans along the area of the villa!! They can see Hyun Joong by the balcony door lights were still on! Are they going to spend their night camping and guarding Hyun Joong? LOL a typical example they can’t get enough of him but I hope they won’t go beyond to stalking!! But camping in a cold autumn night must be fun though!! Surely they have fallen again!! That’s Hyun Joong’s effect!

As of this morning I read that his fans were still waiting outside the villa last but Hyun Joong was worried since it was raining, he asked somebody to tell his fans to go back home and he’ll see them today. The God of Rain is in China and it rained again! In another post, it was said there was a man selling tickets for Happy Camp by black market, meaning his ticket price is enormously high for this show but it was all sold out for the first time in eight years, that he’s been doing this job it was only Hyun Joong’s guesting to Happy Camp that he sold that much tickets. That’s another Hyun Joong effect!                (Source BB thanks)

I wonder if this event or show recording shall be posted in the local media print in China? Because I find the effect of Hyun Joong to a lot of people who were there at the TV studio and even the fans at the villa is just so remarkable. His Chinese fans who have the experience has much to say but surely mesmerized about the short glimpse of Hyun Joong for just one day, but had brought a lot of joy to his fans not only in China but his Global fans wherever they are in any part of the world. Hyun Joong’s effect is just so tremendous!


After watching Hyun Joong playing games in a game show which he truly enjoyed seeing from the picture above, I’ll keep you posted as to when it shall be aired, schedules has been changing. The next event to look forward to is Hyun Joong running at the soccer field which is on November 23 in Kanagawa Japan at Nissan Stadium together with the FC Men. Actually I’m not so familiar with how the soccer game is being played but I sure do want to watch Hyun Joong running around and kicking the soccer ball which he enjoys very much! And we’ll have another collection of picture taken at the field which he always look so handsome without make up, just the natural Hyun Joong.

Is Hyun Joong enjoying his life? Well, I would think so! Who would not, if he has been reaching for his dream as little by little he gets what he wants and what he wishes for a long time ago. He does what he wants either work or play, he’s a free spirit. He works hard as we can see and puts his heart to it,  but what truly is boosting his adrenaline so high is his fans, as his main objective in his goal is to reach out for his fans.

Kim Hyun Joong is beyond comparable, and we fans are lucky to have chosen a deserving artist above the rest, and he will always be our Happy Champ from the Happy Camp of the aliens!!

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GOAL ACHIEVER

By: LazerKim          Kim Hyun Joong arrived at Incheon Airport at around 9:30 PM last night to board his flight bound to Changsha China as his flight was at 11:00 PM Korean time. As usual his fans were already at the airport to see him off, and same scenario as his fans hand in letters and goodies. Hyun Joong shall be attending the Happy Champ variety show recording tomorrow and this shall be shown on China local TV on the 3rd of November. Hyun Joong shall be coming back home to Seoul on the 29th October.

Yesterday as early as 6:00 PM Hyun Joong Chinese fans were already at the airport to welcome him. As the night get darker, the airport in Changsha was already crowded by fans, as Hyun Joong’s flight landed at 1:00 AM. He was escorted towards the airport lobby where his fans welcomed his arrival! There was such a big crowd and male fans were even spotted at the area!! The mood at the airport was festive in the wee hours of dawn but the airport lobby was really crowded!



Last night as I was waiting for updates on Hyun Joong’s departure to China, a fan (4everhyun) from twitter shared a video clip of Hyun Joong taken behind the scene of The First Love DVD. It’s a video clip showing Hyun Joong’s skills in cooking at the kitchen!! This video was taken I think after his filming of Playful Kiss in 2010 at the latter part of the year. Hyun Joong looks fresh and blooming but I died laughing and so with the production staffs who were filming the video!! It was in Korean, the behind the scene doesn’t have English Subtitle, but obviously the staffs were laughing at Hyun Joong as he was all joking around!! This is Hyun Joong behind the scene, I’ll post the YouTube link so you watch and so how cute he is in that clip!

The clip shows Hyun Joong cooking for his love one, that he actually cooked for real! One funny  thing I have noticed is that he was pilling a pineapple using a table knife that gave him a hard time to cut a pineapple! He cooked fried rice set in a pineapple, after the shoot the staffs tasted what Hyun Joong cooked and I think it was good! But the best thing in that shooting was Hyun Joong’s sense of humor that the staffs enjoyed filming with him with no single dull moment. Actually this echoed from his previous drama productions filming as his co-actors and staffs commented that Hyun Joong is fond to worked with.

Hyun Joong do create such lively and cheerful atmosphere around the production staffs whom he worked with. I have watched many clips of behind the scenes from BOF, from PK, and lately stills from City Conquest filming in Japan as he was spotted playing around with the staffs. One unforgettable picture I have seen was the picture Hyun Joong wearing a blue Japanese kimono as he was acting on a disguise or something, and he was dying laughing at himself wearing a kimono!! The producer of City Conquest was saying when he had a drink with Hyun Joong he wasn’t expecting Hyun Joong has such a good sense of humor.

I read a write-up from somewhere along Hyun Joong’s boss blog, relating a story when his boss was hospitalized. The CEO of KeyEast came to visit and Bae Yong Joon asked how was the projects of Hyun Joong coming along. As they were talking about Hyun Joong, BYJ was all laughing about all the tales of Hyun Joong’s hilarious jokes every time both get along together for a drink. Hyun Joong has such a good sense of humor while his boss is also humorous. I think both has this common ground having the same good sense of humor.

I was actually looking for a video clip showing he is unhappy within the period he performed solo. I couldn’t find any video of unhappy Hyun Joong since he moved in to KeyEast. So far what I found are laughter within the shooting set and joy within himself and his fans as Hyun Joong kept achieving his goals for year 2012, since he started in June 2011 from launching his debut album till this present.


One of my silent readers emailed me and was asking how come Hyun Joong seem to have no local TV guesting anymore. Well, Hyun Joong has been busy flying around Asia as he performed his fan meeting concert series, he has been getting in and out of Japan from the time he debuted his Japanese album Kiss Kiss to Heat and up coming third album. Apparently he doesn’t have much activities back home except for pictorial sessions, filming of City Conquest, and the most recent one was his concert for Lotte fan meeting attended by 10,000 fans. Therefore, we have not seen him on local TV in Korea this year!

Last year Hyun Joong had been in the local TV in Korea, like talk shows, and variety shows, simply because Hyun Joong was promoting his first two albums so we get a lot of chance to watch him as he guested in many shows. And so we had the chance he hear from him talked and joke around on these shows. During those period was our chance of seeing Hyun Joong on his most talkative ways of knowing more about him and he was already doing solo during those TV guesting. We’ll probably get to see him on talk shows again as soon as his come back drama City Conquest starts with its promotion.

I don’t know if any of you do experience being addicted to Hyun Joong’s projects. Whenever he has a new music release I listen to it over and over non-stop including watching its music videos!! Whenever I get to watch one video clip of Hyun Joong I would surely crave for another with the same pattern. Like watching one of his concert I go search for another, and same with his talk shows last year until I have seen all of his TV guesting. The next is his up coming drama, which at least this will be a series which will run for two to three months. I would surely get addicted to it.


Hyun Joong is being groomed as a successor of his boss being a Hallyu star, right from the beginning this has been the aim of KeyEast to get Hyun Joong on global showbiz industry and Japan is one of the biggest market globally. So I think this explains why Hyun Joong has minimal projects back home. I think majority of rising Kpop stars has gone global, I think that is what Hallyu is all about, spread the beauty of Korea and it’s getting to its success to hit its target on the right place all over the world. From music to dramas, the Korean wave is just all over and it’s spreading like a ball of fire.

Last year in one of Hyun Joong’s interviews he was asked about his future plans about performing solo. He enumerated his plans, launched his first album, plan for Asian Tour fan meeting concert, to debut on Japanese music, set for the next drama project before the year end and eventually plan for world tour. So far Hyun Joong was able to attain his plans successfully and how I wish to go back to that news reporter who doubted his plans and enumerate to her what Hyun Joong had already achieved in one year!!

Hyun Joong deliberately focused on his goals for the year as he started flying around as he ended his year in 2011, and continued on the following year endless. He did not waste time, he just kept on going, now we’re about to end the year 2012 which I think his last project for this year shall end in Japan as he started the year also in Japan as he debuted his Japanese first album and end the year launching his third album. What had Hyun Joong achieved for this year? Exactly what he planned, fan meeting concert series, album launching and drama filming.


Take note Hyun Joong marked history in his every activities by breaking records from here and there. What were these history? First is the innovated fan meeting which is very significant by performing a concert and inserting the fan meeting concept participated by his fans by joining him on stage and play the games. Hyun Joong’s album launching Heat that placed his album on top on the first day launching beating the foreign artist record as soloist singer. And lastly copyright sales of City Conquest prior to filming. It was an overwhelming success to achieve in just matter of a short period of time and this is a marked history in within the Korean wave.

We’re not done as yet there’s a remaining month to end the year and we look forward for Hyun Joong’s activities which he will end the year setting memories for 2012 before he bids goodbye to the year! Many of us might have missed him guesting at talk shows, and variety shows in which we have enjoyed while getting to know him better. But there’s something bigger than  talk shows awaits him that he has to attend to as proves himself to the world a birth of a new star of the generation. Hyun Joong sets his plans again for next year as he will launch his com back drama City Conquest as the most anticipated drama which had already earned as soon as casting of actors had been confirmed.

This all I have for today’s daily dose. We may have missed Kim Hyun Joong is some areas we usually see him that we enjoyed but knowing there’s a greater event waiting for him at his doorstep, I wouldn’t miss a thing as memorable events transpired right from our very sight! Hyun Joong indeed achieved his goals for this year more than any of us had ever expected.

As I always say, the success of Kim Hyun Joong is the success for each and and every fan he has, as we fans is a part of his every dream to achieve.

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

Love Story BTS video clip CLICK HERE>(

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] STAR EFFECT

By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong shall be departing to China tonight to attend his recording as he was invited to guest in a variety show Happy Camp. The show recording shall be tomorrow Oct. 28, and Hyun Joong shall be coming back to Seoul on the 29th. Yesterday there were post that some fans spotted Hyun Joong riding a bike on his way to Jaksal!! I was smiling while reading the post, the guy just wants to have breath autumn air, the free spirited just want to be an ordinary guy!

Now that reminds me he once he wants to buy a motor bike and use it in going to his rehearsals because gasoline is expensive!! There is no doubt Hyun Joong is a potential Mr. Millionaire! The CEO again being humble I hope he’s not going to Jaksal to do the dishes again!! How would you not love this guy? He just keeps on surprising his fans, showing up from nowhere in the most unexpected riding a bicycle!! And I don’t even think it’s a motorcycle but an ordinary bicycle!! Hyun Joong just can’t stop being amazing!

In another update yesterday, The Face Shop increase its sales by 27% from last year with overseas sales hitting 210 Billion Won, a jump of 74%. In the meantime, through Boys Over Flower, Kim Hyun Joong endorsement activities for clothing brand Hang Ten, their store sales achieved One Billion! This is totally Kim Hyun Joong effect.   (Source: OKT)

Kim Hyun Joong has been the official endorser of this cosmetic brand The Face Shop which is an international brand from Korea. Just the same with Hang Ten as Hyun Joong is also its official endorser has been showing good revenue results from last year since Hyun Joong started as their endorser. This shows a good effect to the product that Hyun Joong’s name is being tagged to the product. There’s no doubt Hyun Joong has been maintaining his good reputation as an endorser and showing his popularity gains even to the product with his name on it.


Hyun Joong revealed his side of being a rocker as this was he originally started his music during his high school day. This time he showed it again but in a more sexy and matured rocker as he released his second Japanese single Heat. One of my readers asked the significant of that necklace Hyun Joong was wearing in this picture. Actually that one is Holy Rosary signifying the Catholic religion. Since Hyun Joong debuted as a solo singer I have already noticed that he wears a necklace with a crucifix pendant every time he performs, from Breakdown till the present he has different necklace with different design of crucifix pendant.

He was asked in one of his fan meeting in his Japan Tour 2011 what does the pendant signifies. Hyun Joong simply said “It’s my accessory and protector guide.” As we all know Hyun Joong grew up in a religious Catholic family, so he has that influence from his parents and his religious congregation. Hyun Joong may not have emphasized on his religious belief during his video interview in 2010 but obviously he is a believer and God fearing. This reminds of his soft spot in his heart, as we have known Hyun Joong to have a gentle kind heart for the less fortunate and he had participated in many charity activities not only when he started he solo activities but also way back during his SS501 days.

Hyun Joong have been so consistent from his past till the present that whenever he was being asked about winning in the lottery, which Hyun Joong is so fond of placing bets, the first thing he always mention is a part of the lottery prize, he will give it to charity. This is always his priority. Hyun Joong has been actively participating in many charity activities, like the World vision, Single Mother Home, Victims from Japan earthquake, Smile Angel Foundation, and the United Nation Social Campaign was awarded to Hyun Joong as Ambassador. Here are some of other charity activities Hyun Joong participated with since he debuted as solo artist.

  • Coupang Marathon Charity Event – May 2011
  • Hang Ten Save the Earth – June 27, 2011
  • Red Cross Association – Dec. 26, 2011 – Donation
  • Feed the Children – Donation
  • Heats the Home – Donation
  • FC Men soccer match – February
  • Trunami in Japan – Donation
  • The face Shop Auction (Asia Tour 2011)
  • Taiwan red pocket from elder fan – Donated to orphanage
  • Beautiful Foundation – Donation
  • Hotsun Coal Briquette Delivery
  • Bvlgari Save the children campaign

I picked some news of significant charity activities of Hyun Joong for those who might not have read it yet specially to the new fans of Hyun Joong as follows. My views shall be written down bellow after the three sets of news write-ups.


I borrowed this news write up about Beautiful Foundation, here it goes:

Kim Hyun Joong Donated 50 Million Won to Charity

Kim Hyun Joong Powerful S. My Club” made a 10 million won donation to the Beautiful Foundation on August 1st. After learning of this, Kim Hyunjoong then provided a 50 million won donation to the same organization on August 3rd. Beautiful Foundation is a non profit organization that assists senior citizens that live alone.

Representatives of the Beautiful Foundation said, “Kim Hyunjoong came back to Korea on August 2nd after finishing his fan meeting tour of Asia. He heard the news that his fan club made a donation to help needy people and decided to donate fifty million won, touched by his fan club members who participated in the good work.”

The executive director of the Beautiful Foundation, Kim Mikyung, surprised by the idol’s gesture, stated, “There were many fan clubs who joined their celebrities’ good work, but it’s unusual for a celebrity to respond to his or her fan club’s donation. It proves that Korea’s fandom culture has become very mature along with the culture of donation.”

The money will be divided by the Beautiful Foundation and used to contribute to different causes. 30 million won will be used to help the senior citizens and 20 million will be used to contribute to college students.

(News Source:  Posted by alliana / Yongyong2206 at 11:23 AM

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BVLGARI’s Campaign for Save the Children Selected as One of Top Cause Marketing Campaigns of 2010

Winning Print Campaign Features Celebrities Wearing Bulgari Ring

For its 125th anniversary in 2009, Bulgari launched a cause marketing program to support Save the Children’s Rewrite the Future initiative, an effort to improve the quality of education for the neediest children worldwide, especially those in conflict-affected countries. The Italian jeweler created a silver ring and pendant for the partnership with a portion of the proceeds of each jewelry piece donated to Save the Children.

Bulgari’s cause marketing campaign featured international celebrities to bring awareness and resources to one of the world’s most pressing issues. Bulgari recruited world-renowned photographer Fabrizio Ferri, who developed a photo essay and print material of celebrities wearing the ring.

Kim Hyun Joong Bvlgari Ring:

Hyun Joong has been wearing his Bvlgari ring signifying his commitment to the save the children campaign, we see him wearing this ring every time he is in his public exposure.



Hotsun Coal Briquettes Delivery Charity Event                           (January 6, 2012)

Originated from Group SS501, actor Kim HyunJoong new year made appearance in his first activity as ‘concept celebrity’(Note from translator: *개념 연예인, don’t understand what it is, I translate literally)

On 6th morning, Kim HyunJoong appeared at a neighbourhood near Seoul to deliver coal for the needy. This activity originally was planned for a fan meeting, fan sign or for the purpose of publicity and PR. However Kim HyunJoong has suggested to change it to help the needy in the neighbourhood.

Kim HyunJoong management agency KeyEast related personnel mentioned: “The first official activity in 2011 is to help the needy together with fans.”, “Rather than shaking hand and autograph for fans, delivering coal together with fans are more meaningful.”

Kim HyunJoong and Hotsun Chicken has signed model contract and is planning for a fan meeting early this year. In order to let this activity to have more significant meaning, Kim HyunJoong has suggested to this coal delivery activity. Kim HyunJoong has suggested to his fan about the donation drive online, around 100 fans appeared and deliver coal together with him.

Kim HyunJoong personally deliver coal to area inaccessible by car. Kim HyunJoong turned the fan sign with the comfort of sitting on a hot chair into a fresh new idea of caring for the neighbourhood.

The in-charged person of this activity mentioned: “Although Kim HyunJoong and fans suffered as the weather is turning colder and colder, fans and Kim HyunJoong felt extremely happy.”

Chinese translation: YOYO @
English Translation:



Hyun Joong has been participating in many charity activities, and in his own personal way of helping that even KeyEast doesn’t know it since it’s his personal intention. He doesn’t let the media know about it to broadcast just for publicity, we only knew it through the people he had helped. I’m now bragging about Hyun Joong’s good deeds on how he affects other people into helping the less fortunate and how good it would be if other celebrities would follow in encouraging their fans to do the same.

Hyun Joong is the official endorser of Hotsun Chicken, he was scheduled to meet his fans in person for autograph signing, but instead of doing this in a warmer and comfort to everyone, he tagged his fans to one freezing day to help the people in need of warm shelter during the coldest winter period. And how beautiful it is to see an idol and his fans united in helping these people in need. I was not there, but as I read this news it felt I was actually there in the cold delivering coal for the poor people who can not afford a heater to warm up their shelters. It was indeed a cold day back then since January is the coldest month of winter season, but what I felt is the warmth of Hyun Joong’s heart in helping, getting out of his way and tagging along with his fans to help.

Whenever we read about showbiz and the celebrities it’s always been the glamorous lights and glittering outfit that has always been described. Yesterday I wrote the article Simply Stylish, and we now know how Hyun Joong prepare his everyday routing in going to work, whether he will be performing, rehearsing, recording, attending to his photo session and any event that calls for him to dress and look handsome. But it turns out he’s just an ordinary man who take a shower dress up and go with no fussy extra effort to look his best. Just like what a fan wrote in my comment box yesterday, that the reporters who interviewed Hyun Joong asking about his daily regiment must be disappointed, since being a star it was not the kind of respond they were expecting from him, in short no fuss!!


Similar to this kind of fan meet that Hotsun Chicken had, it was Hyun Joong who suggested to have this activity that his fans can participate with. Oh I just hope Hyun Joong can do this again! He was not a star that time, he was just an ordinary man who wants to help his neighborhood. Then encourage his fans to help him out, Hyun Joong is truly a leader that he can easily lead people into doing something worthwhile in making other people specially the less fortunate ones feel happy by the effort he’s giving. He’s not doing this just to gain publicity, because in gaining publicity he does not need to be out in the cold just to have a photo op with media!

In another event, Hyun Joong found out that his fans gathered and raise money to help the elders who were living alone, and without hesitation he brought out 50 million to donate for the elders. If his fans followed him in helping the less fortunate, Hyun Joong also followed his fans in doing so! The bond between himself and his fans is just remarkable that needless to say that both thoughts and feelings are ONLY ONE in Kim Hyun Joong and his fans the alien soldiers! Indeed a special relationship had been created that it just happen that Hyun Joong and his fans has that connection that can not be denied and it’s remarkable.

Hyun Joong and his fans are not just for period of enjoyment of attending concerts that both can benefit from entertainment and fun with excellent results. This special relationship between Hyun Joong and his fans are also people with gentle heart for other people in need and with a sincere intention in joint effort in helping the less fortunate. Even in the younger years of Hyun Joong, kids were already drawn to him because of his charisma, humbleness, modesty, and being helpful to his schoolmates. Hyun Joong carried these virtues with him as he grew up into a young man and this time he has more chances, he has more gains to share with others specially the people in need.

Hyun Joong as we all know has always been fond of kids, we have seen this even in his fan meeting concerts, that as soon as he spotted a kid, instance smile can be seen in him. The kids from the orphanage has a special place in Hyun Joong’s heart. The Bvlgary ring that he always wear signifies his commitment to these kids in their education, he just care so much to share what he must have missed during his struggling days in the past when he was young. He himself may not have that interest in studies simply because he has other dreams but he never hesitated to help those who crave for education. As we all know how he helped his elder brother in supporting his studies, the same intention is what he has in helping the kids for better education.


There was an incident he wanted to participated in one charity activity that needs to raise funds that other celebs were there to participate with. Hyun Joong did not participate when he knew there were media in the activity. Instead he put up the money and sent it through his manager to the charity organization, hand in to the organizers with the message to use the money where it can be needed. Hyun Joong avoided the media simply because he does not want his clean intention of helping to be misinterpreted as publicity purposes. He may have those charity activities joint by other celebrities as he participated with, but there are ways that he honestly doesn’t want to known as he secretly hand in his help.

In most of Hyun Joong’s interviews he kept saying he just want to be an ordinary man and that he’s keeping his normal life going as he wish to. He was spotted riding a bicycle as he just pass by at Jaksal yesterday. This is one example of normal life he is trying to have for himself, and I was glad that the fans who may have spotted on him, let go of him as he did. Hyun Joong is not a type of artist with a superstar complex, I’m sure we already have known him as that he’s simply ordinary guy along the neighborhood. In one talk show he was caught unaware having a drink with his dancers in one side walk tent stall drinking just like any other ordinary men who would just want to take a night walk by the neighborhood!

There’s a video clip shown with his father and I think his brother with him in China, as a fan hand him something to eat, a slice of pie or something and he ate it while he was walking along the shops! That’s him for real just like any other ordinary guy without the superstar complex. Kim Hyun Joong is one star that can easily be reached by any ordinary person whether she’s a fan or not, in the sense that he projects himself as he really is. He’s not the type who can be glittering in flashy style, untouchable like a God! Well we can see him at the airport as his fans simply hand in their letters and goodies for him as he accepts them just like that. And that is why his fans loves him so much for being real.


As I have mentioned in my article yesterday Simply Stylish, Hyun Joong thought of portraying the role Baek Mir for City Conquest, as he said his fans have not seen much of him for real as Kim Hyun Joong the real side of himself being a commoner. As he said Baek Mir is the closest character to the real Kim Hyun Joong off cam. Seeing from the stills and the teaser the character indeed describe an ordinary man, but for some reason maybe it’s his extraordinary charisma and handsome face that gave him away as I still see the Prince in him. And honestly, there are many Korean celebrities claims to be Asian Prince, I got nothing to dispute on that title. But for me Hyun Joong is the real Prince of the Universe, because he’s totally unvarnished, never pretend to be he’s not and for me whatever role he portrays his natural Prince in his eyes can never be hidden.

The most anticipated drama City Conquest is a drama must see having Hyun Joong portray his real side and his other side of character being a matured man as he is at present. Another anticipated album that Hyun Joong shall be launching this December is another side of him being a rocker for this was where he started with his music. Hyun Joong now is starting to show his real self not as an articst but an ordinary man on stage as a rocker having the freedom to express himself as himself for real and in our TV screen as an ordinary Kim Hyun Joong for real.

He has brought in the effect of his music to our lives in his previous albums, he has brought in the effect of the character he portrayed in his previous dramas that even his endorsement had brought in the Kim Hyun Joong effect as excellent revenue results were shown. And lastly the Kim Hyun Joong effect rolls down to the less fortunate that Hyun Joong made sure he shared the gains from all of these successful endeavor of his. I would not want to forget that special place in Hyun Joong’s heart exclusively for the less fortunate. From time to time I bring this up as Hyun Joong’s other side of himself having a big heart for them.

And with that I bring to a close today’s article. Kim Hyun Joong is blessed with a golden heart as we have seen the Star Effect of his charisma to many people who loves and support him. Well, Kim Hyun Joong is simply being himself as an ordinary man as he shall always be remembered as he is for real.

                                                                                              Lazerkim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SIMPLY STYLISH

By: LazerKim                Playful Kiss back on screen!! But this time in big screen as in movie theaters!! The second drama project of Kim Hyun Joong shall be shown in Japanese movie theaters this December 8 to 21 in Tokyo. Playful Kiss made a huge hit Japan in 2010 as this drama was aired at Fuji TV. This time the drama shall be edited in a much shorter version and have it with Japanese subtitle. Since Hyun Joong shall be in Japan for his album launching which shall be released on December 12 along with the special screening of this movie Playful Kiss. Wow! This must be a real feast for Hyun Joong Japanese fans! Oh truly luck fans!  

News source: Kpopstarz > (

For another news update still in Japan, NHK a Japanese local TV network decided to separate political issues over showbiz, meaning the Korean artist now are being considered for invitation on its year end celebration as NHK do celebrate yearly. Hopefully Hyun Joong would be one of the Hallyu stars to be invited.

Source (


Last night the award ceremony for Style Icon Awards was being held, attended by different celebrities, but Hyun Joong wasn’t there. Kim Hyun Joong had been awarded from Style Icon for three consecutive years from 2009 to 2011, I think he had bagged enough trophies from SIA!! And we give chances to other celebrities!! It was also around this month that Hyun Joong performed in very unique production set up of Lucky Guy as he was awarded for People’s Choice Award. What makes Kim Hyun Joong a Style Icon, that he was able to maintain his status for three consecutive years?

May I just say among the Style Icon winners I think Hyun Joong is the best. In one of his interviews after the ceremony of SIA, Hyun Joong was saying he wasn’t expecting another award and that he was thankful to his fans. He was saying “I just want to be an ordinary guy.” Hyun Joong has over thousands of photos posted at the internet in thousands different images. He’s one person that anything he wears suits him. And one special factor Hyun Joong has is that he doesn’t need to put in too much effort just to look his best. Or being stylish is already in his natural system. He said dressing up just depends on his mood but priority above all is his comfort, and yet he became a fashion leader and a trend setter in his being natural and simply stylish.

Hyun Joong can go by extreme image from CEO to Rocker, which we have seen recently. Honestly by just looking at Hyun Joong’s photo collection I can already be entertained, it’s not only his handsome face that matters but how he pose or how he carries himself, whether he walks, or just standing sitting or whatever he does he’s in it, he already made my day bright!! But what I see is as if I’m looking at a photo album of different men in one person. It’s like looking at a school year book of many pictures of students graduating from High School!! And it’s like looking at different models of the ramp but only in one person. You’ll never get tired looking at the photos of this guy, simply because we’re looking at different faces!! His different hairstyle is another trend being followed by the young generation.

I can’t help compare him with the other members of F4 who are competitively handsome from head to foot, but Hyun Joong is the only member of F4 who has so many faces but still the image of a flower boy stays. He’s the only member who was able to change his hair style so constantly in that drama but still looks handsome. Hyun Joong as the trend setter in hairstyle made the teenagers follow his hair style and color!!

I’m not sure how he feels  but I think this time he still maintained his hairstyle for quite some time since he started filming City Conquest, he hadn’t changed since filming have not completed as yet. I can imagine he must be restless wanting to change knowing the guy is so fond of changing his hairstyle and color from time to time!! LOL But he couldn’t do anything!!


Hyun Joong was interviewed in my country when he came over last year by one of our leading news print media, and since he was here as ambassador for The Face Shop the premise of that interview was all about being stylish and how he maintains his poise. Here’s the interview:

Q:You have won many awards for being a style icon. How would you describe your style?

KHJ: I don’t think I am stylish myself but a lot of people say that I’m stylish. So I’m in a dilemma about whether I’m really stylish or not.

Q: What do you think makes a man stylish?

KHJ:  I think that instead of fashionable clothes, a man should have his own characteristic himself, his own charisma that shows how stylish a man can be instead of just clothing.

Q: Can you describe your grooming regimen in the morning? How long does it take you to get dressed?

KHJ: I don’t do much of the grooming thing in the morning because I have a lot of schedules every day, so the only thing I do is take a shower before I leave.

Q:  Where do you like to shop for clothes and get your hair cut and colored?

KHJ:  My stylist actually goes and picks clothes and outfits for me, instead of me having to do the shopping. I go to have my hairstyle done at this salon called Azunsoo in the southern part of Seoul, where a lot of celebrities go. I also get my hair colored there.

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This interview was only last year, and yet Hyun Joong doesn’t know if he is stylish or not!! Or maybe just being modest as always. Lately we have been seeing Hyun Joong in his rugged simplicity like loose long shirt, vest and skinny black jeans. But one thing I noticed, Hyun Joong is still fond of accessories. If I compare him before when he was still with his groups I can see a big difference in his way of fashion. As he is maturing I think Hyun Joong tends to be lean on being simple than he was in his younger years, well quite understandably what he projects this time is a real man, sexy and matured.  Hyun Joong said, as I quote:

A man should have his own character, his own charisma that shows how stylish a man can be instead of just clothes.” 

I’m having some deep thoughts about his statement, Hyun Joong never imitates other’s celeb fashion style even shall we say he may have the same shirt as other celeb does but he carries it in a different way.  He projects his own style constantly as he change his image from time to time. Hyun Joong is one celeb who’s not really fussy with his outfit but I think quite conscious with his hair style since he change as constantly as he can.

For a style icon and exceptionally handsome young celeb like Hyun Joong you wouldn’t expect him to be just like any ordinary man who would just take a shower dress up and leave for work, but he is just as simple as that!! No wonder he was saying whenever he travels he always travel lite bringing with him just his personal necessities, he did not even mention bringing cosmetics or regiments for his skin, although he admitted he has a regular dermatologist taking care of his skin.

Hyun Joong is a type of guy that anything he wears surely suits him perfectly, he creates his own style that others follow his fashion sense. But for him it’s simply dressing up and ready to go that probably he doesn’t realize the impact of what his outlook brings to the young generation who follows his fashion style, specially his hair style and color. As we all know whatever project he has at hand goes with his changing image on and off cam. And this goes with his way of dressing up as well, anywhere he goes, as he carries that certain character of his project. I think Hyun Joong isn’t aware about his fashion sense becoming a trend since he was just being naturally himself no fuss nor extra effort yet reflects radiant that can outshine any celeb beside him!


Hyun Joong’s image as flower boy at BOF has been a favorite among all his created image, from the character Jihoo’s hair style to outfit, it is the most unforgettable image among majority of his fans. This image of Hyun Joong stayed globally popular from 2009 until at present simply because in many part of the world beyond Asia this drama still is airing or some may have viewed the drama quite recently from DVD’s or from on line drama viewing. Actually until now I have not gone tired of that flower boy Prince, maybe because it became memorable to me since this was the very first image that I have seen from Kim Hyun Joong. Probably for most of us, it was only after we have watched the drama and search on him that we start appreciating more of the image he had recently.

Depending on how we first have seen Hyun Joong over the past would remain in our mind and heart could be our most unforgettable. And as Hyun Joong matures from the flower boy to a real fine man that little by little we get to meet the other characters of himself. The  playful leader, the flower boy Prince, the genius student, the urban punk, the boy next door, the lucky gambler, and the latest the rocker to an ordinary man. Pick you choice which one is your favorite among the guys I have mentioned? And then how would you like you see him in the near future image? What character are you dreaming of from Kim Hyun Joong?

What makes Hyun Joong incomparable? What makes Hyun Joong different above the rest?  We talk about his physical outlook, how he creates image out of his handsome physiques,he creates a charisma that is pleasing to his fans and he does it in his own natural way without having too much effort that may be uncomfortable to him. There was interview in Thailand that people sees Hyun Joong as cute at this moment and sexy for another moment how does he do it? Hyun Joong said,

I think what you have seen about me; being a cute boy in fun moments or the sexy side of me, it is real me because I’m not pretending. I’m expressing myself and showing myself to everyone what I am like at that particular moment.


Do you believe that Hyun Joong is doing this constant changes in his image for his fans? One example, when he launched his album Breakdown, ha said, “I want to show my manly side and I hope my fans will like it.” Another example, he was asked why Hyun Joong decided to do Playful Kiss which he portrayed the same flower boy character? Hyun Joong said, “My fans like to see me as flower boy.” And another, as he said before launching HEAT “I will surprise you with another new music and new image.” Lastly, he said this while filming City Conquest, “My fans have not seen much of me as myself so I’m doing the closest to my real me as Baek Mir.” Baek Mir is a simple young commoner. In one of his pictorial session he said, “My fans have not seen much of my wink so I’ll wink for them.”

For Kim Hyun Joong his fans is the center of his inspiration. Anything he does it’s for his fans, I think this is even short of saying “I want to be handsome for my fans.” Last night as I was writing this article I was just saying for Hyun Joong his fans is his success. At this point of Hyun Joong’s career he wants to capture more hearts, not just capturing as spur of the moment but to capture and stay. One thing that a fan can stay longer is for his idol to stay as he is inside remaining unchanged, that way his fans have known him to be the first time she had seen him.

He does not want his fans to get tired of him easily and so he puts on effort to bring in something new every time he gets on that stage. Whether it’s music or drama, for Hyun Joong this is not enough, he puts on a little touch in changing his image to go with his project, whether it’s music or character in the drama. It’s so amazing that Hyun Joong has these thoughts. Hyun Joong doesn’t need to put in his words since he’s so poor in communicating his feelings in words, we just have to feel his heart. Actions speaks louder than voice as Hyun Joong express his love by deeds.

A remarkable idol whom we can always be proud of no matter what he wears, a smile, a frown, a funny face, laughter, moody looks or even in sleepy closed eyes! Anything goes for this young man and no matter how constant he change his image, the only thing that doesn’t change in him is his heart, and himself for real from the first time we have seen until at present Hyun Joong is still the humble, the modest and the lovable idol to his fans. A truly amazing young man in reality.


We have a new blogger from Russia her name is Heart Kim Hyun Joong, check this out it’s both written in English and Russian, there’s an interesting interview of Hyun Joong by Russian group of fans, that you may read. This is good we have another blogger to read from, she’s my regular reader. This is a must read article so check it out. the link is below: LINK CLICK HERE>(


And with that, I am done with my daily dose. Hyun Joong describes himself just an ordinary young man who is Simply Stylish. Kim Hyun Joong is such an extraordinary human being blessed with gifted talent, blessed with gifted beauty inside out and a gleaming star inspired by love to his fans.

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] FRIENDLY RIVALS

By: LazerKim            From the time Kim Hyun Joong debuted as a solo singer as he released his album BreakDown, his name has always been on the top rank of the music chart. He was able to release four albums from June 2011 both from Korea and Japan. Hyun Joong kept racing to the top and usually it the Kpop idol groups he raced with. The latest was his Japanese album HEAT which was placed at no.1 at the Oricon. And the upcoming Unlimited Japanese full album to be released on December 12. In sales of music CD units there’s always a competition, in fact in any sales there’s always competition, which one is the best, which one is the most salable. That’s what business is all about.

Just the same in dramas there’s the TV ratings that shows what drama has the most number of viewers. All of these are competition and these artists has their rivals too, but only in the public eyes. The truth is most of these artists are also friends, well except for quite a few. But normally these artists also have the chance to perform in a joint stage just like what we watch on TV music count down that artist performs in a competition having the TV viewers as their judges. As Hyun Joong rising to his star status, it’s so natural he also has rivals within the music industry or even in the dramas. But how does Hyun Joong deals with the showbiz competition and how does he deals with his rivals?


I found a news write up published last year about Kim Hyun Joong and Park Yoo Chun as close friends and rival as both have close career similarities emphasizing on their history background. Both are singers and actors having portrayed in dramas that both of which were smash hit but in different period. Hyun Joong debut as an actor as he did BOF in 2009 when he was still with his group SS501. Yoo Chun debut as an actor as he did Sungkyukwan in 2010 when he was still with his group TVXQ. As actors both were awarded from their debut dramas.

Both had the same fate as they split up from their previous groups but on different situation. Hyun Joong decided to perform solo after his contract with DSP expired while Yoo Chun together with other two members of TVXQ formed another group which is JYJ. Actually Hyun Joong has a close friendship with the members of TVXQ, and Jae Joong is Hyun Joong’s best friend, who is also an actor. Actually even Hyun Joong was with his group, he was able to maintain his friendship with them and with other idol groups.

In the eyes of media and other fans, they may consider the different Kpop idol groups and solos as rivals, but in reality they are friends. They may compete with one another since they are at the same music industry but everyone is in friendly competition. Although I have read from some post that there may be misunderstanding among the girl groups which I’m not interested in their girl fights!! Artists who drag the media to such controversy just needed attention and air time!! Just my opinion!!

I just noticed, in most polls and music charts Hyun Joong as a Kpop soloist has always been racing with the idol groups specifically at Oricon! Although I take pride about it since idol groups do have big fan bases. Now it cannot be ignored anymore that Hyun Joong has been boosting his popularity. At this point Hyun Joong actually doesn’t have any competitor at his same category as Kpop soloist who can race with him at the music chart. So as it happens he has no choice but to race with the Kpop idol groups since they are always at the top rank of the chart and Hyun Joong proved he is competitive over them by being at the top rank too!!


I admire Hyun Joong on how he deals with his friends rivals, I would not say he’s not aware that he’s actually racing at the chart with the giant idol groups even unintentionally, but he maintained his friendship with them and remain as modest as he always is. Apparently Hyun Joong competes with himself by working hard to improve  and this is his basic priority other than competing with his friends or other artists. He’s simply proving himself and his ability as a solo singer to be up there on top which everyone would aim for. In his documentary Hyun Joong was saying Jae Jong his best friend and him do help each other by exchanging opinions and suggestions in their perspective projects. And another thing, some idols even have the same music composer Steven Lee as Hyun Joong has and had taken Steven Lee’s composed music to the chart.

At present his competitor with same category are his members from SS501, but of course Hyun Joong will never take his brothers as competitors, he always give way to them or they have a clear give and take. Even Hyun Joong is trying to avoid having to release his album at the same time as his members does. That’s a fact, last year Hyun Joong was expected to release his first album in May but one of his members was scheduled to release. He gave way and so he postponed the release of Breakdown in June last year.

The same thing happened this December, Hyun Joong announced he will release his album in Japan on Christmas, after a few weeks there was an announcement that one of his members shall be releasing album I think last week of December. Now Hyun Joong moved his schedule on December 12, much earlier to give way to his member. It’s good to see the leader and the members being active in their individual endeavor, contributing good music in their own individual style to the industry.


Among the old news clipping I have in my file, my attention was caught by one statement Hyun Joong said last year in front of the media, he was honest admitting as he stated, “I want to be judged as the best out of the 5 members as solo singer.”  And with no doubt Hyun Joong as a leader proved himself to be the best among his members, I think the obvious is just right in front of our eyes. Records are enough proof of Hyun Joong’s ability as a solo singer, that he kept breaking records, marking history even in the Asia Global market particularly in Japan which is the leading market in the music industry of Asia.

As he also stated, “Working with a group I have to follow what I am told to do.”  He’s right, even he’s the leader of the group, there’s a musical director who makes the call and decide for the group pertaining the group’s repertoire. Unlike the group JYJ, the three members were given the liberty to contribute to the group since the three of them has the ability to compose songs suitable for them, so they have more chances to develop individual ability. With Hyun Joong he’s on his own, he has a musical director just to guide him but with the choice of repertoire Hyun Joong makes the decision what he wants to work on, then his musical director guides him.

So far from the time Hyun Joong released his first album Breakdown, he’s been doing excellently. I would just like to say again, Hyun Joong’s surprising us with his upcoming image as rocker I think is the best decision he made to turn the tide 180 degrees change, because this is a total transition not only in his image but the music genre. And yes, lately I have been watching his member’s new releases and they’re doing good, except the music style is almost the same, and so with the production set up having back up dancers.

This time Hyun Joong made the difference, that instead of dancers to back him up he chose to have a live band to back him up. Indeed Hyun Joong is on high advantage, because he has so many talents that he’s quite flexible no matter how you bend him he can do just about anything in terms of music, and a different production set up. He always think of making the difference, oh I can’t wait for December, he’ll be rocking Japan again, and this time it’s ROCK for real!!


I also have read from one of my news clippings last year in one of Hyun Joong’s media interviews, this question being asked to Hyun Joong, “Why the rush?” Hyun Joong responded as:

“There’s a limit as to how far you can go as a dance singer. When I’m older, I’m sure I’ll be pursuing different genres, so when I have some time to myself, I want to sit down and try music that I’ve always wanted to pursue since I was younger.”

“I actually love band music and play the bass myself. Still, I want to learn more instruments and create something all my own. At the beginning of SS501′s debut, I liked the thought of being a celebrity, but I think that’s inevitable as a young teen. Either way, I think it’s important to not be content with where you are now and to always work towards improving yourself.”

On the topic of dating, he said, “All of the girls I meet are strictly for business purposes so I don’t have anyone I’m dating. If I do have one, I guess pictures would be taken of us.”

Hyun Joong had already set his lay out plan for his future career, he’s just being truthful to himself and it is true there’s an expiration date on being a dancer!! Hyun Joong will not waste his time as he value every minute the clock moves. He’s fully aware of his obligation as he reach his 30 years old, all of us may think Hyun Joong is still young he can do so much but for him it’s just a matter of time of pursuing everything he wants to accomplish as an artist. He wants to stay focus on his career because he has a dream and he look up to those dreams that’s been nagging him since the start of his career.

As Hyun Joong said, “do not be contented to where you are now, work towards improving yourself.” Learning is a continues process, as we get a year older, we start thinking what we have accomplished within the year of adding to our age. Learning and experiencing from what we learn is vital. It goes hand in hand, as Hyun Joong learns he has to experience in actual what he had learned, and from there he gets the chance to improve. And had showed an excellent results.

There has to be chances or opportunities, as Hyun Joong waste no time, whenever he gets the opportunity to be on stage, he grabs it as he perform for his fans. As he was saying “I’m more than happy than tired.” This is what he always say after every show he performs. Hyun Joong is blessed with those opportunities, because this is his only chance to get to improve himself. The more he does concerts and release albums the better chance of developing and innovating his craft that he can contribute to the global music industry. Hyun Joong also competes with time, it’s gold, no time has to be wasted with all the plans Hyun Joong set for himself. That is why he never stop ever since he was given the freedom to do music, Hyun Joong simply let go off the stock knowledge he had been keeping all these years.

Indirectly it’s his fans who give him opportunities from a chain reaction that would lead to Hyun Joong. The businessmen, the producers, they are the ones who provided the needs of the general public, to whom they earned from, of course that’s business. The producers give opportunity to artist depending on public demand. Just like what I have mentioned in my other articles the producers and businessmen are the middlemen, the bridge that connects Hyun Joong and his fans. The greater his fans grow the more chances of seeing him in action.

The greater demands he receives, the more challenging it is for him to work on more music. The more it is likely to re-invent his concerts further, Hyun Joong knows what the competition is out there and he knows how his rivals work on their projects. At this point of his career Hyun Joong tends to either innovate or go against the style of Kpop for a change and set something new every time he gets that chance to put him on stage.

Hyun Joong mentioned about dating and made it clear that the girls he meets are strictly for business purposes only. The guy has a dream, all of what I have mentioned may be in his shoulders and he’s quite happy to accomplish although there are still things he has to work on and these are all for his career advancement and foundation. For him everything has its own time.


It feels good to write how Hyun Joong works, it’s so inspiring just by the thought of it and I’m very proud of him being my one and only idol. I wrote an article Artist by Heart, there’s that saying a true artist sets monetary matters aside, applause from the audience is more than enough to pay off the artist’s effort from the studios. Hyun Joong is an artist by heart, seeing his fans big smiles, hearing them chanting his name during his concerts, seeing the sea of green can easily push his adrenaline instantly! In his interview in Singapore he was asked how his fans are for him and he said,

“I’m always very thankful to my fans, that without them I won’t be standing here, they have been inspiring me from the beginning and they are my inspiration for the future.”

Monetary matters does not really matter that much for him, if you remember in February at Yokohama Arena, he gave his profit share to the orphanage. Experience is priceless, and Hyun Joong gets to innovate through his experience. Like the old folks say, practice makes anything perfect, and this is still applicable to anyone who has definite aspirations. Hyun Joong is blessed with good people around him to work with, he is blessed with good opportunities to bring out the best in him. And most of all Hyun Joong is blessed with a lot people who loves him and that is his fans.

His Star Rivals are just around him and it doesn’t bother him at all.  For Kim Hyun Joong the love for music is the most important to him and singing is to his loving fans.

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