Kim Hyun Joong…[article] THE BODYGUARD

By: LazerKim                 Are we now about to sing the song “I will Always Love you”, as the original sound track of Bodyguard? Well we better get start listening to the song while reading this article because today the article is about Kim Hyun Joong’s official bodyguard Mr. Jeong which I have postponed due to Whitney Houston! I have mentioned him in my article yesterday Lifestyle Changes and I was really intending to write about Mr. Jeong being the closest person in protecting Hyun Joong since 2010 when he moved in to KeyEast. I did a little research about him personally but I guess this is gonna be impossible so what I researched about is Mr. Jeong’s profession being a professional bodyguard. And as promise I’ll be writing about the Bodyguard!!

I think we are aware that Hyun Joong’s fans are getting fond of the guy, who’s a handsome very professional I would say in handling Hyun Joong’s fans, very polite, gentle mannered, and dedicated to his job in taking care of Hyun Joong. I appreciate Hyun Joong’s fans for being kind to him too and giving attention to him. In fact just a while ago before I can research on his profession, I tried looking him up at his fan page at the facebook and I was surprised and really smiled that some of Hyun Joong fans do collect his pictures too!! I’m so pleased by the gesture as one way of appreciating the effort of Hyun Joong’s bodyguard as a part of Hyun Joong’s family and to us fans too.

Before I get down to the gist of this article I would just like to mention that yesterday a fan wrote in my comment box saying Mr. Jeong’s agency terminates his contract with KeyEast. I do not know how true this is and the only way we can find that out is through the upcoming event of Hyun Joong on October 4th. As I read at twitter and facebook, some fans felt sad about the news, although I did not read anything official from KeyEast so maybe we can just wait on Hyun Joong’s next official activity. And then as I was reading the twitter post my eyes caught this post which I consider to be a misconception, that I would like to clarify, here’s what the post said as follows:

Post from twitter:

...who said the contract ended? Is there even a ‘contract’ in the first place? Mr.Jeong isn’t even the ‘private’ bodyguard for KHJ in the first place. Since KHJ isn’t having any public activities now, bodyguards are free to choose their jobs to guard other artists.

I would like to correct the statement since this is not entirely true. First and foremost, if services has been rendered to anyone of course there has to be a contract regardless if the service rendered is only good for one day or even in minutes, a client in entitled for a service contract. This is security we’re talking about here, if I get a house maid from an agent which I always do, there’s always a contract to go with it. What more with security service?? I believe KeyEast is a reputable company and they do deal with professionals. Security service or professional bodyguards can only be acquired from authorized security service agents licensed by the government

And may I just correct the statement that Mr. Jeong is indeed a ‘private’ body guard for Kim Hyun Joong. May I ask from 2010, did you ever have seen Hyun Joong with different body guard if not Mr. Jeong? Never, right? It’s always Mr.Jeong right there beside Hyun Joong since 2010. If there may be different faces that we see that’s definitely additional security personnel, but Mr. Jeong is Hyun Joong’s official bodyguard. If Mr. Jeong is not a private bodyguard of Hyun Joong surely we’ll see different bodyguards with him in his official activities.

May I correct this statement  “….bodyguards are free to choose their jobs to guard other artists.” Professional bodyguards like Mr.Jeong is being handled by a security agency, therefore there is a contract between KeyEast and Mr.Jeong’s agent. As a bodyguard being managed by an agency, Mr. Jeong can not just go and approach any artist whom he liked to secure, that’s totally absurd!! Another thing there’s no such thing as a free-lance bodyguard!! This is quite a sensitive profession so don’t get mixed up with the bodyguards of the mob boss who are purely gangsters! Mr. Jeong is licensed professional bodyguard.

There are different types of bodyguards depending on the client’s nature of profession and purpose of necessary security service needed. As to the case of Hyun Joong whom we may consider as a  hot celebrity, a popular public figure but not really a high profile public figure but who needs a close protection from the crowd of fans. Hyun Joong may be in lesser risk from the more harmful elements.

Hyun Joong is being protected from being squeezed in by a crowd, from being harass unintentionally or intentional by his own fans. Well it could be from an overly excited fans who wanted to touch him other than a handshake or hi five. Or from haters or stalkers who may inflict physical harm on Hyun Joong which is also likely to happen. We have seen Mr. Jeong in action on how he protect Hyun Joong. During his concerts specially on encore parts of the concert as Hyun Joong gets down from the stage, although Mr.Jeong was not alone, there were additional security personnel with him to closely protect Hyun Joong from his fans who may want to touch him.

Whenever Hyun Joong is at the airport, Mr.Jeong eyes are so busy roaming around the people that  is surrounding Hyun Joong making sure no one gets closer to his client. To the extent of receiving the goodies from Hyun Joong’s fans that appears he had gone shopping too!! The fans respect Mr.Jeong too just as much as they respect Hyun Joong!! This may sound like a joke but actually there are responsibilities that Mr.Jeong faces in his profession to his client Hyun Joong. Here may share with you some of what I have researched about Mr.Jeong’s profession being a close-protection officer or a bodyguard as follows:

bodyguard (or close protection officer)[1] is a type of security operative or government agent who protects a person or persons — usually a public, wealthy, or politically important figure(s) — from danger: generallytheft, assault,kidnapping,homicide, harassment, loss of , threats, or other criminal offences.

Most important public figures such as head of state or governors are protected by several bodyguards or by a team of bodyguards from an agency security forces, or police forces (e.g., in the U.S., the United States secret service or the State department Diplomatic Security Service). In most countries where the Head of state is and have always been also their military leader, the leader’s bodyguards have traditionally been done by Royal guards, Republican Guards and other elite military unit. Less-important public figures, or those with lower risk profiles, may be accompanied by a single bodyguard who doubles as a driver. A number of high-profile celebrities and CEOs also use bodyguards.


The role of bodyguards is often misunderstood by the public, because the typical layperson’s only exposure to body guarding is usually in highly dramatized action film depictions of the profession.

In contrast to the exciting lifestyle depicted on the film screen, the role of a real-life bodyguard is much more mundane: it consists mainly of planning routes, pre-searching rooms and buildings where the client will be visiting, researching the background of people that will have contact with the client, searching vehicles, and attentively escorting the client on their day-to-day activities.[2]


The role of a bodyguard depends on several factors. First, it depends on the role of a given bodyguard in a close protection team. A bodyguard can be a driver-bodyguard, a close-protection officer (who escorts the client), or part of an ancillary unit that provides support such as detection, electronic “bug” detection, counter-sniper monitoring, pre-searches facilities, and background-checks people who will have contact with the client.

Second, the role of a bodyguard depends on the level of risk that the client faces. A bodyguard protecting a client at high risk of assassination will be focusing on very different roles (e.g., checking cars for IED devices, watching for potential shooters, etc.) than a bodyguard escorting a celebrity who is being stalked by aggressive tabloid photographers (e.g., the role will be to ask the photographers to maintain their distance and block the path of aggressive cameramen).


The day would begin with a meeting of the bodyguard team led by the team leader. The team would review the different activities that the client plans to do during the day, and discuss how the team would undertake the different transportation, escorting, and monitoring tasks.

During the day, the client (or “principal”) may have to travel by car, train, and plane and attend a variety of functions, including meetings and invitations for meals at restaurants, and do personal activities such as recreation and errands. Over the day, the client will be exposed to a range of risk levels, ranging from higher risk (meeting and greeting members of the public at an outdoor rally) to low risk (dining at an exclusive, gated with high security).

Some planning for the day would have begun on previous days. Once the itinerary is known, one or more bodyguards would travel the route to the venues, to check the roads for unexpected changes (road work, detours, closed lanes) and to check the venue. The venue needs to be checked for bugs and the security of the facility (exits, entrances) needs to be inspected. As well, the bodyguard will want to know the names of the staff who will have contact with the client, so that a simple electronic background check can be run on these individuals.

Bodyguards often have training in firearms tactics, unarmed combat, tactical driving, and first aid. In multi-agent units (like those protecting a head of state) one or more bodyguards may have training in specific tasks, such as providing a protective escort, crowd screening and control, or searching for explosives or electronic surveillance devices (“bugs”). Bodyguards also learn how to work with other security personnel to conduct threat or risk assessment and analyze potential security weaknesses.

Bodyguards learn how to examine a premises or venue before their clients arrive, to determine where the exits and entrances are, find potential security weaknesses, and meet the staff (so that a would-be attacker cannot pose as a staff member). As well, some bodyguards learn how to do research to be aware of potential threats to their client, by doing a thorough assessment of the threats facing the principal,[4] such as a protest by a radical group or the release from custody of person who is a known threat. Close protection officers also learn how to escort a client in potentially threatening situations.

The military in many countries offer close protection training for the members of their own armed forces who have been selected to work as bodyguards to officers or heads of state (e.g., the British SAS). As well, there are a number of private bodyguard training programs, which offer training in all aspects of Close Protection and including the legal aspects of body guarding (e.g., use of force, use of deadly force) how to escort clients; driving; searching facilities and vehicles, and so on.


These are just a few info which I think is applicable in the case of Hyun Joong which is just some basics since Hyun Joong is not really in a high risk danger every time he travels or even in his home country. His main duty is to stay close to Hyun Joong anywhere he goes, other duties stated above are taken care of by the hotel security system and venues where Hyun Joong performed. The bodyguard are trained to be keen observant on every movement surrounding his client and his staffs even at the back stage prior to the rehearsals and the actual concerts. During his concerts he stays somewhere near the stage not watching the concert of course but closely watching the audience.

Mr. Jeong is an exceptional bodyguard in the eyes of Hyun Joong fans, as almost everyone knows him. He’s been doing a very good job in taking care of Hyun Joong at the same time his fans acknowledge his presence in protecting the Prince not only because it’s his job but he showed dedication to him not as a client but as his family. Mr.Jeong showed a remarkable reputation to Hyun Joong fans for being caring and accommodating to them.

Some of Hyun Joong fans felt sad after reading the post that his contract with KeyEast had been terminated although none of us knows what’s the truth and that would remain to be seen on October 4th. Let’s just hope Mr.Jeong remain in his post, as someone being there beside Hyun Joong to protect. Whether Mr.Jeong is leaving or not, I’m intending to write about him in my little humble knowledge about his profession and giving me this chance to thank him from the bottom of my heart, and that his effort in taking care of Hyun Joong for the last two years is well appreciated by Kim Hyun Joong fans.

How I wish to write more about Mr.Jeong personally but then I honestly do not have much personal info about him, let us just say the topic is classified!! The only personal thing that I can share about Mr.Jeong is that he’s a heavy smoker and talk less!! This is all I have for today’s dosage, but before I go, today is Sunday, may I request everyone, let us say a little prayer for Kim Hyun Joong’s upcoming drams City Conquest, for its success.

Kim Hyun Joong is blessed with beautiful people who works behind him in pursuing his goals and a person staying at his side, dedicated to physically protect him at all cost, the exceptionally handsome Mr.Jeong The Bodyguard…

                                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

Photo credits Mr.Jeong FB fan page, Ms.D Thanks!  Fan Arts by LK

VIKI.COM >( Type City Conquest.



15 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] THE BODYGUARD

  1. waaa! honestly, I had never really paid much attention to him and did not know his name. I was appreciative for his protection too, as i noticed he was always just one step behind Hyun Joong. I noticed from the pics you posted he is just a slight bit taller than JH and has a broader body. that makes me feel that he would keep him safe even if a serious situation came about like a stalker or fan with crazy fantasies. I do hope he stays by HJ’s side. But, if not… I hope someone just as physically imposing and polite is selected. I’m sure Hyun Joong even has a say in this area and probably met or knew Mr. Jeong and knew his personality would be kind to his fans. This will be important to KHJ and would not tolerate a bodyguard that was rude to his fans. So, don’t worry Aliens! All will be well either way.

  2. Three days more,we will get the answer who will walk beside our prince.HE is a good man,I believed.,GOD WILL SEND A GOOD MAN FOR HIM.We love you bro in every condition,we care about you. Alien family always be with you.Sis,don’t know I felt uneasy…god bless

  3. Hi Lk,
    Miss writing to you byt been busy lately. Never miss any single article though. Aaaaaaahhhhh,
    I dont want to believe this until it is made official. I like mr jeong soooooo much. He cannot leave hyoon joong. Heck , he held umbrella for hyun joong to protect him frm the heat.
    He has been taking care of hyoon joong for so long. Whose crazy idea is this???? I am going crazy hear. No… I refuse to believe this.

  4. To tell the true, it’s sad if this really happen… Because Mr. Jeong likes big bro for KHJ. I wish this doesn’t effect HIM.Thanks for always give us daily dose during HIS absent sis. I believe alien family will always pray for our prince. God bless.

    • Hi sis! Yeah I’m just keeping my fingers cross this won’t happen, Mr. Jeong is like a big brother to KHJ. Thanks you and see you! take care have a nice Sunday rest! God bless..

  5. Thank you so much LK for a well thought and informative article. Regarding Mr. Jeong It’s quite a shock news if the news is true then we just have to accept it and wish all the best for Mr. Jeong.

    Eventhough I like Mr. Jeong , and admires him as a very professional bodyguard who has quite a good heart . I simply more concern about HJ. I hope this is not true and if it true it will not affect him.

    Concerning the bodyguard I agree with you that the new one might be better than Mr Jeong and at the least as good as Mr. jeong. We just wait and see.

    Wow , 4 days seem very long time at the time like this. I wonder wether HJ knows his fans miss him so so much.

    Thanks again LK for keep us update in every move of HJ. I really appreciate your effort and hard work.

    You surely know the heart of HJ’s fans.

    Thank you and God Bless you.

    • You know what, that’s another worry because for HJ it’s gonna be another adjustment to someone else standing there beside him. With Mr. jeong I can see he’s quite comfortable being with him all the time he’s traveling on official activities. They are drinking buddies too during their breaks. i just hope Mr. Jeong would stay. Hj’s boss bodyguard had been staying with him for years and I hope Mr. jeong would also do the same, although this matter is between KE and Mr.Jeong’s agent.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. have a happy Sunday! and see!! take care and God bless..

  6. Dear Lazer Kim, thank u so much for your well written article. Somehow it calmed my nervousness of ‘losing’ Mr Jeong :p. I sincerely hope Mr Jeong can stay with Our Hyun Joong for a looooonng time, but above that, I wish for mr Jeong happiness and safety on his works. I also believe his friendship and brotherhood with Hyun Joong will last for a lifetime, so wherever he might work, they san still be close.

    • Honestly I never thought Mr. Jeong could be so popular to HJ’s fans!! as I have said I was quite shock to see a lot of fans had been collecting his pix which I had been ignoring in the past!! Only when I thought about the closest person to HJ that I can write about is his bodyguard!! Now I understand how important he is to HJ. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Don’t worry now, let’s just hope he’ll stay!! take care have a great Sunday and see you again! God bless.

  7. Hi ms. Lk missed reading your articles. How sad if mr jeong leaving our only one. Im terribly sad! Hope its not true. The only handsome bodyguard i ever known hahaha. The way he protect hyun joong is the most i admired of him. I had also searched his profile after reading the news in your blog. But as what you have said lets just wait and see on oct.4.
    See you sgain ms lk. A blessful sunday to you.

    • TTT di ba nga!! Yeah I agree with you but I really hope this is not true although as I have said we’ll find that out on or before Oct 4. A fan just shared a post she read and of course it was a shocking news for her, let’s just cross our fingers. Don’t worry i’ll be on guard for updates pertaining Mr.Jeong. The guy became close to the fans so this is just a natural reaction. At least now we realize how much the guy is also important to us as he protects HJ and has always been at his side for the last 2 years of HJ being a soloist.
      Have a happy Sunday dear and please do say a little prayer for HJ for his City Conquest. see you again hanz hey take care!! God bless..

  8. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] THE BODYGUARD | LazerKim

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