Kim Hyun Joong…[article] YOUNG LEGEND

By: LazerKim          We got an update photos from the location site of City Conquest by the seaside, where Kim Hyun Joong was spotted walking with the rest of his staffs! And there’s another cute picture of Jung Yumi that seems she’s gone homeless! The picture is a scene which appears to be in a sidewalk street as she sleeps with her raincoat on and her bags as her pillow, she looks cute in it!! Oh my! seeing these pictures filled my mind again as to what is in store for us for the coming days. And I do appreciate Hyun Joong fans in posting the updates about City Conquest that I truly appreciate. I do hope City Conquest production management will be able to release more news the drama.

Since there are not much updates about Hyun Joong the past days, I spent my leisure time yesterday watching video clips, which by the way I would like to appreciate the effort of Hyun Joong’s fans who are actively uploading video clips about Hyun Joong at YouTube that has been a great help to everyone specially times like this as Hyun Joong is still in the silent mode.

I was able to watch an interesting clips, entitled “KHJ Legend” uploaded, compiled and English subbed by Jackiek606. Jackie is quite active in translating and putting English subtitle to the video clips. Here’s where you can find video clips about SS501 too, since she’s also active in posting and uploading clips about the rest of SS501 members too. Check her out at YouTube as I’ll post the video link at YouTube for Kim Hyun Joong Legend in 7 series.

Kim Hyun Joong Legend is a compilation of behind the scene as a commercial model as he started during his SS501 days, then two music videos behind the scene, which I find very interesting. I was quite surprised by the music videos since Hyun Joong acted on both videos, and he was good, even those where just short scenes but I was impressed by his ability. There was a fight scene in one of the clips and Hyun Joong stated, “I’m good acting at getting beaten up since when I was young I got beaten up a lot! I do have confidence in my acting of getting beaten up!!”

It’s a music video Black Glasses with the set up of year 1900, the song is also good, but take note that Hyun Joong did not sing this song, he merely lip sinc the song although in this clip it’s purely taken behind the scene, I find the story to be touching and Hyun Joong acted really good. His character is like a young man in search of opportunity in the big city with his childhood girlfriend with him. But his girlfriend that was stolen from him by an elder man, a mob boss. She gave herself to this man to save Hyun Joong’s life being endangered from the mob, as he was beaten up to stop seeing his girlfriend. But in the end love prevailed and Hyun Joong’s girlfriend came back to him. *sigh*….

Watching from this music video which was taken probably back in 2006 I’m not sure though, I’m thinking Hyun Joong indeed already has a talent in acting. This may be just a short video clip and taken from behind the scene but my point is before he did BOF he was already a potential actor and a good one I think, seeing from this clip.

The character suits him good, he was able to show his emotions and acted upon a young man in pain. Maybe some of you might have watched the clip, while I only had the chance yesterday that gave me an impression that even back in the past Hyun Joong was already seen in his acting potential. Gosh there are a lot more to learn about this guy!! I came to realize that now!!

The other clip is a love triangle and Kyu Jong was with Hyun Joong in this music video as Hyun Joong stole the lover of Kyu Jong!! I can’t help but notice that it seems Hyun Joong has always been stealing lovers of is friends in his dramas!! And I think even for real as he was relating his story about his first love, whom he won her heart from a friend of his in school!! He also mentioned it in another talk show that once he likes a girl even the girl is having a relationship with his friend he will steal it from him!!Well I’m just not sure if he’s just saying it because he was filming BOF that time he guested in that talk show!! Or just a co-incident that he has two dramas both in triangle love affair!

Another interesting scenes in the Legend was when Hyun Joong had started doing some commercial photo shoots that I can’t help but laugh! If you remember there’s this photo shoot with a girl that he can hardly touch and feels so awkward to pose with her! There was this scene as Hyun Joong was at the back of the female model, her hair was getting to Hyun Joong eyes that he could hardly touch her hair or something, in short he was just so awkward!! He could not say anything that her hair was annoying him because he was too shy to say so!!

Hyun Joong could hardly smile,when the director told him that his smiles look good when laughing, he started to give a big smile but then it was not the kind of smile being required to him by the director but a gentle one but not laugh!! LOL!!But Hyun Joong tried his very best to feel natural so that the photos would look natural too!! Oh he was so adorable young and naive those days!! But as time goes by he was able to master those photo shoots, he is now an expert being a model as he mastered such poses that are effective and he knows very well which angle of his profile is the best. He’s now an expert model in bringing the best of what he endorses.

Even back then Hyun Joong truly appreciates those whom he worked with. Hyun Joong was relating how good his make-up artists back then in concealing the flaws in his face. Even Hyun Joong was in his teen age he rarely have pimples although what bothered him were his dark circles in his eyes. His coordinators as he calls them noona (elder sister) creates magic in concealing those dark circles in his eyes. Hyun Joong said, he still does have pimples over stress and lack of sleep. But as soon as he can have that chance to have a complete rest and sleep, gone with his pimples.

Hyun Joong was saying he is simple nothing fussy whenever he travels lite he brings with him a few pairs of socks, underwears, shirts, his tooth bush, razor and eye contact lens solution which I think he’s done with since he already had laser eye treatment. He did not even mention bringing cosmetics or skin treatment for regular routine skin maintenance. He is simply a man, period. There are times we can see him traveling wearing the same clothes  going out and coming home from other country specially if he only has to stay over night.

Anyway, in that video, there’s a part there he was doing a commercial video shoot for a mineral water and there’s a kissing scene. His partner got worried about Hyun Joong’s fans to be jealous!! Hyun Joong was saying not to worry he doesn’t have much number of fans, he said he only have about 100,000 fans or 200,000 fans!! LOL fans quite prepared to attack any female beside Hyun Joong!! Of course that was a joke!! Hyun Joong has been very active as a commercial model from his SS501 day until at present, he was able to maintain his good reputation constantly specially from CF products.

In another video, still under CF during an outdoor location shoot Hyun Joong was jokingly saying, he has been a cosmetic model for four years that time he was 25 and still young to say probably like his seniors would say “will I still be a CF model this year..?” This video clip was from Innocent Prince, whenever I re-watch this video I still laugh at Hyun Joong’s 4D responses to the interview even I have watched it more than a dozen times!! I wonder when can we see him in his wackiest ways again!! I miss those candid remarks and his hilarious talk show guesting!!

A Legend is a person who is famous with having such special qualities or abilities, this is what Webster said. I agree to what Jackie gave the title to this video and dedicated it to Kim Hyun Joong as a Legend. He has such unique qualities and talents that is quite rare in an artist. Keeping a good personal reputation making him a role model to anyone whom they can look up to regardless of age and status in life. A person who can be inspiring after knowing who he is and what he is capable of doing that everyone can benefit from.

Kim Hyun Joong at a very young age had accomplished a lot, still accomplishing and in the future can contribute much more in the world of showbiz as an innovator to the future trend in terms of music and entertainment. This is how I see him from where he starter from where he is at present and where he is bound to be in the future through hard work dedication to his craft.

While keeping his feet firmly on the ground, he may have a long way to go in his journey and no matter which way his fate takes him, he’s bound to be on top. Kim Hyun Joong a truly Young Legend of the new generation…

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

I leave you with something you can watch at YouTube Kim Hyun Joong LEGEND the links are below courtesy of Jackiek606. Thank you see you tomorrow!

VIKI.COM LINK>( Type City Conquest

Photo credits as tagged, Kleng Aquino, thank for sharing!  

 Video credits to Jackiek606, thanks for sharing!

KHJ Legend Part 1 (w/Kyu Jong)  Link click here>(

KHJ Legend Part 2 (Black glasses MV) Link click Here>(

KHJ Legend Part 3 (CF photo shoot) Link click here>(

KHJ Legend Part 4 (Tony Moly) Link click here>(

KHJ Legend Part 5 (BOF Interview) Link click here>(

KHJ Legend Part 6 (CF Photo Shoot) Link click here>(

KHJ Legend Part 7 (SS501 2009) Link click here>(


22 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] YOUNG LEGEND

  1. LazerKim do you happen to know why artmatic dancers and the co-di noona are still working with hyun joong and not the other SS501 members? Wouldn’t that mean they’re kind of under Keyeast as well?m

    • Yes the staffs of Hyun Joong are being provided by KE this is in my article for today Lifestyle Changes. It’s a part of the deal before HJ signed up for KE he has to be provided with staffs within his choice, dancers, coordinators, manager. They are under KE payroll, but they are exclusively for HJ only. Meaning they can not be used by other artist of KE. I would assume these staffs resigned from DSP as soon as HJ’s contract expired. I do not know why other members did not get them as HJ already did.

  2. Black glasses… I watched 2 year ago.Master piece that what you can call to this mv.Back then,he already have a special talent in this path.His eyes and His mimik without the words,can delivered the massage.He can’t act!what a joke!Being always humble and always accept HIS lack always improve Himself wich we allknow how hard working HE is. Anywhere HE stand, there is a shine,
    BRIGHT STAR. Only HIM, can make me stay tune.thanks sis, god bless.Pray for CC.

    • Sis I was surprised when I watched this video clip which was just a few days ago. Yes you’re right it’s a master piece and I agree with you HJ delivers the message of the story by how he acted even there were no words spoken by and just merely acting our his emotions.
      Thank you sis as always! Have a happy weekend take care and see you again God bless. Oh yes, we will definitely pray for CC I just hope everything will be alright.

  3. Hi LIK! I wanted to comment on the concept of Kim Hyun Joong as a legend. I had mentioned in one of my articles a while back that he would truly become a legend in the k entertainment industry… but, I like the idea that he is already a Legend. It is just so like him to accomplish that title at this young age. He does have a long way to go in becoming a true Legend like we think of Bae Yong Joon and other actors/entertainers who have been in the business for 30+ years.

    I just have to laugh and shake my head in wonder at Kim Hyun Joong once more. It has not taken him but less than a decade to reach a legendary status that he will not be forgotten in the industry, and that he has made history with some of his accomplishments even with his first solo album and tour. No one will ever forget Kim Hyun Joong when they think of kpop music and kdramas. Even if he were to retire now (GOD FORBID… DON’T LET MY WORDS BECOME AN OMEN!) he would still be Legendary.

    thanks for these thoughts. They made me see him in a new way once again!

    Hope you are well! Love you sis!

    • hahaha you’re very observant Cristina! His adams apple his chin and his nose are in one line all pointed!! LOL that’s his X factor giving a great sex appeal!! LOL thanks dear have a nice weekend!! hey take care see you!!

    • I agree that a large adam’s apple on man is very appealing. It gives me that feeling of, well, gulp… is it hot in here? I need a uzoosin fan… lol!

  4. Hello LK, yes you are right about the Legend, saw this some time back and I liked it a lot. I have to say that somehow I’ve started to re-watch PK (late night) and I must say KHJ is doing a good job, who ever is trashing his acting skills are just little a-holes who doesn’t understand where they live or what they see, nor the concept of the role or the requirements. Same goes for BOF Hj role was to act like that and he done it beautifuly. And yes KHJ is a young man with a bubbling personality with thyrst for life and enjoyment and doing a wonderful job on carving his own career according to his views and wishes, he smartly choose KE for the freedom it gives him and the push in his career, so a big Cheer for the Star he is and for the future, KHJ is a very intelligent person with a big heart and a caring and candid (in some ways) personality. The man has enough pressure from those ill wishers who want to see him fail, but KHJ has the love and support of his many true Fans. To the Aliens.
    (really Raphael?!? is this true?) Well love pics as usual and your articles…God Bless and have a wonderfull weekend the 4th October is just next week….:)

    • Yeah we got 3 or 4 nights sleep then we get to see him again!! Well the insects love to criticize him at BOF and I definitely concluded that these insects did not understand the role he portrayed in that drama. However the critics watched the drama because they know how HJ acted!! And these insects read about HJ in fact they know more about HJ than some othr HJ fans!! Would you be surprised? They keep on criticizing and yet they watch and read about HJ! And with that I’m thankful to them!!LOL Now you’re loving the name Raphael!! LOL
      Thank you so much dear!! Have a great weekend and take care! See you again!! God bless…

    • I agree. His acting in both BOF and PK were not bad at all. And i am looking forward to CC. I hope he is not discouraged by the negative comments of some people.

      • Hi Gracie! No I don’t think HJ is even affected by nega, remember he always say “why should i try to please those who doesn’t like me?” HJ is open minded and he doesn’t not the negatives, he just go on working. He’s pretty excited about CC so i am sure he’ll be alright. Hey thanks gracie have a great weekend take care and see you again!

  5. Говорят, что любят не за что, а вопреки… А, я люблю Ким Хен Чжуна и за что и вопреки. ))) Не возможно не любить и не уважать личность.
    С первых дней знакомства с ним я почувствовала в своей душе радость. Он стал моим вдохновителем и моей музой. И вопрос не в том, что Хен красив или умен. Просто он несет в себе жизнь каждую минуту. Он живет всеми своими чувствами.
    Вы давно встречали человека, который живет каждую секунду своей жизни? Который увлекает других своими действиями, мыслями, своей харизмой и внешностью?!
    Я знаю многих людей. Умных, добрых, замечательных. Я дружу с миллионерами и с не очень богатыми людьми. Но, все они, при знакомстве с нашим принцем говорят о его влиянии.
    Я люблю Ким Хен Чжуна за его красоту, которая поднимает настроение и заставляет обращать внимание на окружающий мир.
    Я люблю Ким Хен Чжуна за его стыдливость и красные щеки во время съемок личных сцен.
    Я люблю Ким Хен Чжуна за дерзость принимать вызов и идти до конца.
    Я люблю Ким Хен Чжуна за его резкость и настойчивость. За его упорство и сарказм.
    Я люблю его за его стремления и мечты, которыми он не делится, но, которые заставляют других мечтать о большем и делают окружающих людей более уверенными в себе и настойчивыми.
    Я люблю Ким Хен Чжуна за его нежность и его слезы, за ранимость его души.
    Моя любовь к нему – это и любовь к тем, кто любит его. Она расширила мое сознание и дала мне возможность соприкоснуться с другими, которые его любят. Моя любовь показала мне, что я не одинока в мире, что есть сотни тысяч людей, готовых поддержать и обогреть. Готовых поделиться со мной своими мечтами и своими чувствами. Нас огромное количество.
    Моя любовь учит меня терпению и радости. Она придала мне сил и уверенности. Подарила мне друзей и поклонников. Партнеров по бизнесу.
    Я люблю Ким Хен Чжуна за искренность и терпение. За щедрость его души. За надежду и веру в завтрашний день.
    … Но откуда ты его знаешь, спросят некоторые.
    А может в жизни он… Может в жизни все мы… Я люблю его полностью со всеми образами и реальной жизнью и со всеми достоинствами и недостатками, с тем что я знаю о нем и чего не знаю. Просто я приняла его свою жизнь. И Ким Хен Чжун сделал меня счастливой.

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