Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ALIEN KINGDOM

By: LazerKim           I was looking for a particular topic that I can talk about, and I found this picture above,  for no reason I got it!! I would like to talk about the Kingdom of the Prince Kim Hyun Joong. How is it to belong inside his Kingdom, why do we call his fans alien, and how is he as the Prince of the alien?? Hyun Joong was guested at Lee Sora’s talk show last year and it was here I first heard the uzoosin! There were fans at the gallery holding the neon green light stick which signifies Kim Hyun Joong fans and which everyone of us is quite familiar with.

Lee Sora asked what’s the uzoosin for, and Hyun Joong said, he is fond of the outer space. In another talk show Hyun Joong related his experience of a UFO, I think it was in Japan that he had seen a flying object in the dark sky. Hyun Joong was fascinated by his experience that he could not forget and how he can convince others about what he saw. Now, I’m beginning to doubt it must be one of his 4D attack!! He’s so cute, like a child telling stories of what he had seen!!

Then there’s another video clip together with his members as he was talking about Star wars!! When he was young he likes watching science fiction and he really likes watching anything about the outer space. He likes seeing  the green stick during his concert as he said it feels like he’s in the outer space looking at many stars!! And the fans sees him as the biggest and brightest star in the universe.

How is it to be in the Kingdom of Kim Hyun Joong? I am a new fan too since I just started following Hyun Joong late last year so it’s almost a year now in fact next month shall be my first year being a fan of his, but it felt as if it was only just a few days ago that I didn’t notice the time flies so fast. I think the first thing that a fan of Kim Hyun Joong may feel about him is admiration to his physical appearance, his handsome face, his smooth skin, his eyes, his lips and most of all his hair. And the it could be his towering height dominating his surrounding, then his well built manly physique and overall strong sex appeal.

I think some of us may had seen him first in his dramas, and maybe some of us did not know as to who he is except for the character he portrayed in his dramas and nothing else. Then somehow after watching his dramas, we start searching for him. It was only then we found out he is singer and a dancer. Our first curiosity had been filled as we start watching his video clips of him dancing and singing.

And yet I find it not enough to fill in my curiosity so I dig dipper and know more about his personality, at this stage we could have probably found out that Kim Hyun Joong is the opposite of the characters I have watched from his dramas, that even gave me further interest in digging more about the guy. At this point we may already at the stage of addiction to Kim Hyun Joong. I became restless in search that I want to know more that it seems the craving is just too much to endure and find some more everywhere

The more I find out about him the more degree of likeness starts to develop, that whenever I hit the internet, he is the first person I have in mind to check on his updates. Then I start getting involve in some fans activities such as participating in voting polls, buying his albums and any item that has his name or picture on it, collecting his photos, being aware of his activities, until I came to meet with his other fans and became friends on line, at the twitter, facebook, from other social network or even in this blog site from the comment box.

And then I start feeling hurt and angry every time he is being criticize, and there’s that feeling of being happy if I see him happy, I cry or feel a pinch in my heart every time he is hurt or whenever he shed tears. It is at this stage that I start developing a love for an idol, that I can feel a growing concern about him, and care for his well being. There may be times that I want to get over with him but the more you think about it, the more I can’t get enough of him specially when he’s out there on his exposure!! And at times that he does not appear just like these past weeks, I start missing him like crazy and boring!

I think these are all natural thoughts and feelings of being a fan of Hyun Joong since my fan friends do feel the same way. We might share the same feelings and thoughts then I would say you’re not alone with what you feel, because some of Hyun Joong fans feel  how you feel and think about him to begin with. Specially if you’re a type of fan who is bias or it is only Hyun Joong whom you follow. And I would say the feeling of boredom is natural too whenever we don’t see him around.

What do we do at times like this? We probably go over with his past, re-watch his past video clips, read more about him, collect more of his photos, others do make use of their leisure time in making fan arts with his pictures and simply collect, until such time he comes back to us. Reading from other fans about how they spend their leisure time with Hyun Joong while I share with them the same activities, I bet you, you’ll even feel closer to Kim Hyun Joong and for me it feels good and inspiring.

How is he as the Prince of his own Kingdom? Well, I can only speak for myself, for me at the very first sight seeing him in person, he’s snob!! In the late 2010, I remember him as he always stooped his head down as if he’s always in deep thoughts off cam. This was my first impression. Then seeing him again last year, I have seen a different person in him, that seeing him the first time and having my first impression about him in 2010 was completely deleted from my mind!! If I compare him in 2010 and this year, I would say he had already build that self confidence being a solo performer.

I begun to understand him better as to why I had that first impression about him as Hyun Joong read his letter to his fans in June 7,2011. He admitted to have some fears of doing all of his projects by himself on stage, which I understand that feels like a first timer in showbiz even he’s been in the lime light for over five years that time. Performing solo is very different from performing as a group for obvious reason. It was his fans who boost his confidence by their undying love and support that his fans did not leave him and stayed.

And at this period, his fans continue growing in numbers everyday even he’s not on his exposure. And most of these new fans I have noticed are from beyond the boundary of Asia since Hyun Joong’s dramas are still currently airing or they found Hyun Joong from on line drama viewing. So I would say the Kingdom of Kim Hyun Joong is getting bigger from the different parts of the world. Hyun Joong embraces his fans regardless of who they are, regardless of nationality, social status from all walks of life, belief and regardless of language. These were never been a barrier between the bond Hyun Joong created with his fans, a strong bond that connects you as his fan and him as your idol.

As we get to read about him and view his video clips, the more we feel closer to him. As I always write, Hyun Joong may not be the best in his talents as yet, but what remains in him that is significant meaning taking out his looks and talents, is the totality of him being a person in reality more than what he as as an artist. His gentle heart, his humbleness, his affection to the less fortunate, his broad mindedness about dealing with others, his outlook in life that is realistic, practical, his wackiness and most of all how he treats other people and his fans with equal respect, and modesty.

I might have missed including his other traits but more or less I think these are the qualities in person that attract me about him, regardless of his status as an artist but just a person. I know I may not have any idea about his negative traits since nobody is perfect. As Hyun Joong stated in his documentary in his childhood days he was such a difficult child for being hard-headed and stubborn. Hyun Joong also stated about his weak points which he said he doesn’t listen to others and hard to accept which he thinks is not right for him. I would not say he’s a self opinionated person, because even himself, he doesn’t know why people likes him and why they easily drawn to him!!

He’s not even self-centered, you can notice in talk shows and variety shows, if he’s not being asked by the show host he wouldn’t talk, he’s not even a steal scene as other celebs does just to be noticed and get air time!! On the contrary, Hyun Joong is the apple of the eye of every talk show host because of his candid honestly! Other celeb may envy him for being the apple of the eye of these shows.

I actually have noticed it in some talk shows that while the show host attention was at Hyun Joong, a guest of the show suddenly interrupted, but not too effective, since the show host switched back his attention to Hyun Joong. But take note, Hyun Joong just sits around saying nothing and yet attention of the show host was always been drawn to him. In short Hyun Joong gets more air time than other guest celebs do with no effort at all!! Simply talking when he’s being asked and being truthful to what he was saying, simply being himself.

I have read from somewhere that good looks and cute attitude is no longer in the trend of popularity. Well, we have different views and opinion which I respect. But for me, actually it’s only Hyun Joong that I followed among the long list of my favorite celebs, that gave me so much interest in knowing him better and finally writing about him. I think it’s his personal attitude that made me stay other than his talents. I think it is the artist’s attitude that can make a fan stay or stray. If I can see that Hyun Joong has those negatives such as, snob, conceited, arrogant, trouble maker, violent, and mistreating his fans, then it is enough reason for me to stay away from him or stop supporting him.

For me, I can’t stand celebs who are so conceited, arrogant and most of all those celebs who mistreat their fans. And so far Hyun Joong was never been this way to his fans, none that I know of. In reality Hyun Joong may have a rare smile but when he does it’s genuine. And I like him that way, I don’t like celebs who can keep their smiles 24hrs a day, seven days a week, this is just fake. In fact Hyun Joong has thousands of photos at the internet and those that attract me most are those photos with no smiles.

That is also why I have said my favorite scenario in Hyun Joong is at the airport, because it’s here where he can be his natural self without the cameras. Well except the phone cameras from his fans who happens to be at the airport to welcome or see him off. We fans would know and feel in ourselves if a celeb is sincere or not.

Last year 2011 before the year ended sometime in November, Hyun Joong performed In seven cities in Japan as his first fan meeting as a soloist singer. It was successful but Hyun Joong was not contended that time that made him think again. In his documentary which was compiled and recorded at the beginning this year, Hyun Joong decided to get on his toes and personally planned out his next fan meeting which was successfully materialized in May until July this year. As we all know he innovated a new set up of fan meeting concert that his fans truly enjoyed. His main goal out of those events was to get closer to his fans as much as possible.

Then in his recent concert in Saitama Arena, that was attended by 15,000 fans for each concert session and making it for four separate concert session with the turn out 60,000 fans attended the said concert for two days. During the last two concerts Hyun Joong had mentioned that he would prefer to have a smaller number of fans to attend his fan meeting, I would assume he was pertaining to his Asia Tour fan meeting concert. Because having a smaller number of attendees, he can easily reach out for his fans and have a closer interaction with them as much as possible.

The events were two separate and different in nature since that one in Saitama was really a concert as he was promoting his album Heat, although his purpose in giving that concert was to thank his Japanese fans for their support on his album. While at the Asia Tour fan meeting concert was a concert and fan meet with more interaction with his fans that he allowed his fans to be on stage to play the games with him. And do you know that part at encore as he goes down from the stage and had a some kind of a jamming with his fans was not in the original set up of a fan meet?

In Yokohama Arena was the first time he did it until it became a part of his every concert routine to include that encore part in his concerts every where. In Yokohama he even jokingly said to his body guards that they have to dance with him too!! KeyEast was quite hesitant in agreeing to the idea for security reasons but Hyun Joong insisted. It was only then that Hyun Joong truly enjoyed his fan meeting concept of a show and so with his fans.  Hyun Joong aims to give his best shot to his fans that they will go back home happy after the event and making sure they enjoyed him and mark an unforgettable memory he had created between himself and his fans.

After every show, he feels satisfied and happy that he wanted to go back there on his toes  and perform again. His fatigue gone down after seeing all the smiles and chants from his fans that for him it’s priceless feelings. The most enjoyable for him is that part he can get closer to his fans as much as he can. We can see it from the videos clips how happy he was playing water gun with his fans teasing them as if he doesn’t want to end the event. Is he doing this being a part of his job as others claimed to be? I don’t think so!

Actually he doesn’t need to do it, even the handshake sessions, he doesn’t have to go out of his way to reach out because his fans would only be glad to see him or even just to take a glimpse of him. But It’s Hyun Joong’s desire to get closer and create that lasting bond and keep it stronger as ever. Oh quite recently that incident at Jaksal when he was caught doing the dishes, he even signed autographs from the fans who were at Jaksal that so happen Hyun Joong was at that outlet too.

Come to think of it, that very moment was his private time since Jaksal is his restaurant, but he unselfishly signs his fans autograph. The fan even said, Hyun Joong apologized because his face was red since he had a few drinks. It was alright of course since it’s his private time in his restaurant. I remember then Hyun Joong said, he wants to have his normal life as an ordinary person and not as a star that he can go wherever he desires and if it happen that he meets some of his fans, he would allow them to have autograph. And he did, apparently his outfit going to Jaksal was just like an ordinary person who’s just taking for a walk at the neighborhood and nothing flashy! That’s him Kim Hyun Joong!

Being in the Kingdom of Kim Hyun Joong, you will be provided with your needs as a fan coming personally from Hyun Joong, as he provides his music that you can listen to anywhere you are, he provides concerts that you can surely enjoy watching him sing and dance, he provides drama that you can watch any time your free or craving to see him. If you happen to meet him at Jaksal by accident, he is much willing to sign an autograph. He is not selfish in providing what his fans need from an idol.

Oh there’s another thing, whenever he been out of our sight for too long as he’s preparing for his next project definitely for us to benefit with, he make sure he sends his personal message to let you know he’s doing okay. He may not be fond of social network internet, but hey, we can never have everything in this world!! But it’s alright, that will give us time to miss him. If he’s over exposed we might just get tired of him easily, although I very much doubt about that, it’s very unlikely to get tired of him for obvious reason!

We see a hundred different guy from him whenever he change his image which is very constant and like as if he’s changing his clothes everyday!! In fact it’s so hard to go after him, because before you ever get tired of his current looks, just for a glimpse the time you see him, you might not recognize him, because he change his hair color or style again!! That’s him by nature, this is no difference as meeting different men everyday in just one person. And that makes him different among the rest of the artist around. That’s him!

Well this is a long read now, there are lots more actually but this is just to summarize whatever popped in my mind to inform you specially the new fans, on how it is to be in this Kingdom of Kim Hyun Joong, the Kingdom of the Alien Prince. If he laugh, we laugh with him, if he cries surely we’ll cry, if he’s hurt we’re hurt, if he’s sad, we do feel sad too but most of the time he’s happy and you”re happy too. In short, he is so contagious!! But the most significant and most important part of being in this Kingdom is that you are assured to receive LOVE from Kim Hyun Joong.

He is not choosy, whoever you are regardless of your identity, nationality, language, nothing matters to him whoever is in front of him.  Kim Hyun Joong Welcomes you to his Alien Kingdom….

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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14 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ALIEN KINGDOM

  1. Being part of HIS family,able to visit HIS kingdom is GIFT for me.I carry on my problem and stress day with patienly because of ‘HIS advise’… This no joke really happen to me. I am sure we have same experience. HE came to us with HIS simple and nature…Till we deep in love with HIM. Able to sharing the feeling in this blog make a live my day.thank you sis.god bless alien family.

  2. I just have to say that the difference between being a fan of other artists and being in the FAMILY of Kim Hyun Joong is that he establishes that personal connection with us through his messages and activities at fan meetings and even when he’s doing interviews! He always acknowledges and appreciates his fans and we feel truly LOVED by Hyun Joong. So, it’s a relationship rather than idol being worshipped by fan which is only one way. With Hyun Joong it goes both ways. He is also happy when we’re happy, sad when we’re sad, hurt when we’re hurt. He has shed tears over us, written to us that his heart is heavy over us, that he worries about our health and safety, and wants ultimately to provide for us and make us happy. That is the difference. He really wants to include us in his life… not just perform for us.. recieve our cheers and monetary contributions and go on with his own life not caring about the “strangers” in the crowd. To Hyun Joon, his fans are not strangers… they are part of his Royal Alien Family. He is a Prince of the People, and his Kingdom is one of LOVE. That is why we stay by his side and never leave.

  3. Funny that we all have the same feelings about this. At first, am feeling a bit nuts myself and at the same time feeling ashamed that this is how I feel . I just felt that am too old (39 yrs) to feel this way about a celebrity. This is just not me to be so engrossed with just one person. My brother even commented that I have never been that zealous about following or knowing even the most popular local celebrity back home (Phils). On every spare time that I have, I watch and learn more things about him. And wow, everytime there’s a new revelation that this person is just different and has more depth than how he looks, not just any idol or celebrity in the industry. Am just a 2 month old fan, still in my peak of getting to know him. But am glad to know lots of people who enjoys and feel the same as I do. I love sharing this feeling with you all. It makes me feel less crazy.

    Although his character in BOF is supposed to be a supporting one, one cant help but to notice that he stood out among them even the lead man. That’s when I first fell in love with Kim Hyun Joong. After that, I cant live each day not seeing him in his drama, show guestings or even reading about him.

    LK, Thanks always for sharing. I enjoy each story that you write. Just a question, where do you buy KHJ items? Can I get them back home? Ur from Phils right? Let me know as am going home on Nov. Thanks and God bless everyone. Just spread love, love, love. Love and prayers for KHJ. All the best to our idol.

    • Hello Irene! First about the KHJ items I think you can buy it from the fan clubs but I don’t you can get it here like from the malls. In Tokyo there are lots of stores where you can get them the easiest or through on line purchasing. I hope others can read from you who can help you out, where are you now?

  4. I also have the same experinc. I alos got to know him through silent & kind ji hoo of BOF & yeah by today it is one whole year knowing him.
    I’m also interested in aliens & outer space & because of that most of my friends call me ”alien” :p so no prob of being in alien word KHJ
    Thanks for the article. God bless!!

    • Now i knew it we all riding at the same boat on how we all started to be fans of HJ!! Wait till you read my story being a started!! LOL This article speaks in general and the most common feelings and thoughts about HJ, but you and I have are the same I don’t even know HJ’s real name for one year I have been calling him Jihoo!! Thank you so much! Oh I’m so fond of science fiction movies Star Wars was my favorite all of the episodes!! The Twilight Zone the classic movie I still watch it!!LOL Have a nice day and see you again! Hey take care and god bless.

  5. Dear LK, next month will be one year of becoming HJ fan for me. The same as you, first I was falling in love this lovely JiHoo in BOF. I had watched it sometime in 2010 but only few scenes of video because I had to work on Saturday and the drama series was hold on Saturday. When the TV made repeat the show on weekdays during last October in Thailand, at the time Bangkok got terrible flooding. I could not go to work for two months, then I got plentiful of time to watch and hunting information of HJ. I am now have HJ for my bias. I have never follow any KPOP star or korean star, even I watch Korean drama sometime. I can say that the more of his profile I found the more love I have for him. I ask my son if it is straight for your old mom to falling in love with a young man like HJ. My son and my hubby keep smiling, but no answer. I get more crazy in HJ than my daughter has for Yong Saeng .
    When I join the KHJ fanclub in Thailand , I find out that I am not the only one that have this feeling. When I find other blog of HJ fans , like you, it makes me more happy that I have friends to share the same feeling. Looking back in HJ development from a shy boy to be more confident in this age as mature man, so happy to see his positive progress.
    Again , thank you so much LK for your research on KHJ. I believe that many new fans learn more about KHJ from you. Some incident we see of just pass it out , some time cannot catch up what had been hidden behind. You are so good in analyse.
    Take care my dear.

    • Oh I’m truly truly happy we found him at the same time, then it’s gonna be our anniversary next month!! LOL I did not recognize the feeling of being a fan at first, I was worried I was going nuts!! thinking I was the only one who has that feeling! Next month I’ll post that experience of mine about how I started following HJ. But I’m happy for you bcoz you have a family whom you can share with somehow. Honestly this is my favorite topic to talk about on how we have first seen HJ and how we became addicted to him!!
      This is also thy I put up a blog I was in search of other fans too, both the new ones and the veterans kto learn from their experience too! It’s such a joy too meeting a lot of fans and becoming friends with them through HJ.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experience, take care have a great Hyun Joong day! Oh there are pix released already fro CC, at least we have something!! See you again and God bless..

      • me too… me too! I first watched BOF in September of last year… I started following him in earnest in November of last year when I found his music and started looking for news online every day! Happy Anniversary my Angel Kim Hyun Joong! LOL!

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