Kim Hyun Joong…[article] LOOKING FORWARD

By: LazerKim          These past days what I’ve been doing is to go over with by notes of interviews digging from my treasure chest about Kim Hyun Joong’s story, this is normal every time Hyun Joong is in the silent mode.Other fans who are active in updating about him do the same thing as I do and share his old pictures. One of the veteran fans Ms.D shared an incident coming from the producer of BOF saying among the F4 members, it was only Hyun Jong who called him to express his gratitude in giving him that chance to portray the role Yoon Ji Hoo as his first role ever in his drama project. (Thanks Ms.D)

The drama BOF shall always be a memorable for Kim Hyun Joong as his first acting project. And same with me here, that I always mention in my articles, that BOF will always be my favorite drama and the most memorable one. As the producer Song Byung Joon said it was only Hyun Joong who called him up just to say thank you for the chance given to him. Hyun Joong will always be indebted to those who were there behind him to help him bring out the best in him. Gratifying others is another natural virtue that Hyun Joong has in himself that he never forgets other people behind him.

Actually it’s not only the producer of BOF that he called to thank, Hyun Joong also paid a visit to the director of BOF, as another sign he does not forget to go back to those whom he humbly owe in giving him a hand, even you may it’s their job as director to assist Hyun Joong. It’s no wonder no one among his co-artist or people whom he worked with would criticize him. That it seems everybody is his friend, and I have seen this even he was still with his group, he was also a friend to other idol groups who may perceive as the group’s competitor yet he treats them with equal respect whether his junior or senior co-artists. I think this is another thing we fans can be proud of our idol Kim Hyun Joong.

As I was going over with my note pad, I came across some of his words that caught me up again as Hyun Joong stated,

People think I’m playing when I don’t have activities in Korea, I’ve been working throughout the years.”

“For my up coming drama, I need to work harder doing gym that is why I work out effectively, my body shape now is the best in my history.”

Few days ago, I read an old write-up that says, Hyun Joong’s way of preparing for his drama is body building. I think what I can share is what normal artist does when he’s not seen by public on the regular basis but not particularly Hyun Joong, but 90% of artists in all countries. If you are a regular reader of this blog site I’m sure you have read my articles Artist’s Agent, and Stage Life that talks about responsibilities of an agent and activities at the back stage during a show concert.

This time I’ll be describing an agent as an artist’s training ground. An agent company is not just a booking office for artists, it is also equipped with facilities needed by an artist as his training venue. And this applies to Korean agent too specially their government supports the Korean Wave as a part of their tourism schemes as spread the beauty of Korea. The government requires specific facilities where artists can be trained and licensed trainers.

As a training ground, the agents has their own dance instructors, choreographers, musical directors and acting coaches. The agent has their own dance studios, recording studios, gym, class rooms and facilities for acting class. These facilities may be at the same building where the agent booking office is located which big agent company like KeyEast, SM and other reputable agents provides. The government requires these facilities before agent license can be provided by the respective government agent.

Their managing artists are obliged to attend to their training classes regularly as if they are students going to school on daily or regular basis. Whether an artist is an amateur or a veteran, if they are an artists of that agent, then they are obliged to attend to their training. This does not exclude active professional artists, they too are obliged to attend the classes for their talent enhancement program. Whether they are on the process of doing a project the agent is responsible in assisting their artist on their respective projects.

As Hyun Joong was saying he doesn’t stop all year round. Hyun Joong may have busy schedules but I’m sure on period when he’s not in his exposure, he’s attending to his training, whether in singing, dancing or acting class, he is obliged to attend to those classes specially in his case that he is so passionate in improving himself. And even before his script for City Conquest landed on his lap he has already been a regular visitor at the gym provided by KeyEast, which I think he has been doing since Breakdown days. But as soon as he got City Conquest, he was provided with a rigid body build training program that even on his busy schedule he sets time for his daily training program.

I remember in one of Hyun Joong’s interviews during his filming for Playful Kiss, he was saying he has to improve his memorization and pronunciation since at the filming of Playful Kiss, the scripts were given to him at the same day of shooting a particular scene. It must be stressful to anyone of course. Hyun Joong stated that he hoped the system in filming dramas would improved in terms of preparation and I can only guess he made that system changes at City Conquest for having an ample time to work on his script before the actual filming. I also remember in Singapore he was asked if he fell in love during the filming of Playful Kiss. Hyun Joong said, “I can’t think of falling in love because I was busy memorizing my script!” That was really hilarious as someone laugh at his back!!

Since City Conquest is an action drama, Hyun Joong went to an acting school for action stars and stuntmen, learning different fight choreography as a part of his preparation for this drama. Then he has a regular session with his acting couch who focus on Hyun Joong’s acting lessons and script reading. You can just imagine doing this on daily basis while in preparation for Heat launching. As expected Hyun Joong had changed his image from the boy next image to a real matured man. In his interview in China here’s what Hyun Joong stated as he was asked about City Conquest:

KHJ:  ” For City Conquest, I had to get rid of that smooth next door looks. I t will be more tougher rugged image. What I say a role with more attitude. My feelings are towards that so far. Fans who’s expecting a smooth image will be disappointed! I want to be able to give and show a new image. I’m working hard to do that, I hope many fans will be contented and supportive of this new character. The personality is more tougher and rugged and more edgy. I have been working hard practicing on getting the character right.”

As we all know Hyun Joong brings that character with him even off cam, if you can notice on how his attire goes to a more carefree style which suits him. We have seen some of his stills as Baek Mir during his filming in Japan, a fight scene rolling onto the ground, we have seen him driving a pick up truck, a scene with his friends looks like having a great time drinking enjoying like a simple commoner and a romantic scene showing his soft side from a tough rugged man. But still Hyun Joong looks handsome no matter what he does, even having dirt in his face, he still looks awesomely handsome!!

As I’m writing this article, somebody from the twitter posted that Hyun Joong had resumed filming of City Conquest, taking an action scene having a blood stain on his face, of course that’s only make up! The filming re-started yesterday and let’s just hope there will be stills to be released again! Something just popped in to my mind, I remember the first time that Hyun Joong related about City Conquest, I think it was in Singapore interview, as he said the plot of this drama had been laying in his apartment for some time before he finally decided to do this drama. He was thinking if he role Baek Mir would fit him!! He got it and work hard for it.

Hyun Joong mentioned in his message to his fans that he has been preparing for City Conquest promotion and an album to be released next year. I’m already assuming he’ll be singing the OST, hopefully we can have something new to listen to from Hyun Joong. Then come this October 4, we shall see how far the filming goes as in this event it was said in the news that stills from City Conquest shall be shown. This is again another feast to look forward to having 16,000 fans to attend. It shall also be a celebration of Hyun Joong’s fan club first anniversary to be held in Budokan Tokyo Central in Japan.

Hopefully by that time on Oct 4, we can have news as to what TV network this drama has to be shown. For me it doesn’t matter where, whether it’shall be shown on local TV network or cable, I’m very sure Hyun Joong fans will go hunt for it. A fan wrote in my comment box yesterday and suggested to using VIKI.COM and according to her it only needs 10,000 followers and may provide the desired drama. Well, I think this is a good idea, what have we got to lose we can even watch other dramas from this site while waiting for City Conquest. (Thanks for the know who you are) Remember it needs to have 10,000 followers.

TO JOIN VIKI.COM:    CLICK HERE LINK>(  Simply go to Google and type VIKI.COM sign in, click on SIGN IN or click that LINK above. Then you may register stating your username, email ad, and password. That’s it, You’re in!! Then at the search box on your right, type City Conquest and press enter. As of this morning there are 1,060 followers. I’ll be posting about this everyday and check on how the number of followers going. If there may be other suggestions on how we can watch City Conquest, please feel free to write your suggestions at my comment box below this article. Thanks!

Hyun Joong really worked hard for this drama, it’s been two years since his last project Playful Kiss, his come back drama is very much anticipated by many not only his fans. Hyun Joong was pretty excited in showing us the drama teaser and we have seen from his picture during the filming how happy he was working with the other casts. For me, the most part from this drama that I would like to see is the Geisha part!! I can’t help but smile every time I see his picture in that Geisha costume that he really looks so beautiful in it as it!! I may not have the least idea what’s the drama all about but seeing from the pictures of the filming, I think we will see a part of him as the real Kim Hyun Joong ‘s wackiness!!

Seeing the Prince happy working on this challenging drama makes me happy knowing why he is doing this and striving hard, it’s for us his fans to have something new to be Looking Forward to a brand new actor, Kim Hyun Joong.

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!


13 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] LOOKING FORWARD

  1. Hello dearest LK, I am still trying to get over the Raphael name, beautiful. Love the Hyun Joong, but on this R ….imagination is a crazy wonderful thing, we must to thank God for that. Well, I must say you influence my life daily, started with your Blog (addicted of course) then TT (you put me to it… thanks, that’s how I follow daily) and now Viki…But if that will help our Star KHJ… everything will do. Those in SK are making him a hard time I see, or are they so narrow minded that they can’t see only Kpop groups of plastic dolls (don’t say that you don’t agree with me on that…), come on people, KHJ will just bring you more money, wake up. Even though he doesn’t need you as this CC is already a hit making money before one shoot, As always thos pictures of beautiful Raphael are …..droll here. God Bless dearest 🙂

  2. Hi there Lazer tks alot gor posting this. Hey listen i have decided to come to korea soon hopefuly it will work out for december. I would like to get to know you first thou. What do you say would you like to make friends with a romanian girl? Is there a way we could chat? Do you have facebook or yahoo where we could meet and talk? Looking foreard to your answer. Have a good day. Laura P.

    • Hi Laura! sure everyone here are my fan friends It’s great to know your plans on visiting SK go girl!! I would advise you to go visit before January next year HJ will be in Japan the first week of January next year. You may never know you might see him at Jaksal!! Here’s my email ad, you may send your email here as other fans do too, here you go: LazerKim email ad click here>(
      Have a nice day, take care and see you again! God bless..

    • Good girl!! LOL I have to invite more fans to request for CC and yes you’re right we still have a long way to go but shooting isn’t done yet so by the time it will be shown I’m sure we can fill in with the numbers needed. Thanks!! Neng mag novena ka na at lumakad ng paluhod simulan mo na at panalangin na wala prob sa CC!! LOL Have a happy day!! see you again take care!!

  3. Hi lazer, i always wanted to see him in action drama from te day i watched SS501 solo collection mini drama where HJ is an assasian. So to say the truth i’m really waiting to watch it.(hope they’ll upload in official youtube channel as i’m outsider)
    about BOF, i also read that article some time ago and was so glad at HJ for not forgetting the people who helped him to become who he is today.
    Thanks for your article! I’m off for my practicle exams and see you later again.
    sorry if there is any typos as i’m through my phone.

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