Kim Hyun Joong…[article] STAR RAPHAEL

By: LazerKim               Once a upon a time there was a Korean cute little kid with a pair of big bright eyes, smart little kid with an IQ of over 140, healthy and very playful!! His name is Kim Hyun Joong and his christian name is RAPHAEL. Looking at Hyun Joong’s heart shape face, big eyes, pointed nose and captivating lips and his gentle side, he got all of these from his mom. There are fans who were able to meet Hyun Joong’s mom at Jaksal as they related that she’s a beautiful fine lady, very gentle and kind.

The proud mom in whom we owe her for raising and bringing up a fine son Kim Hyun Joong and ever thankful to her for sharing him with us as his fans. At the documentary of Hyun Joong released this year, his mom spoke about Hyun Joong’s childhood. Hyun Joong was a model student when he was young as he did well in his studies and won awards in school repaying his expectations. May I just say, the photos below is Hyun Joong when he was a kid, he looks naughty but really cute as he is now!!


MOM: In elementary school although we say that all mothers are similar, only purely about studies, but every teacher said that Hyun Joong was intelligent and good. And all mothers are the same, so I also felt that he would grow up into a very capable person.

Narrator: But in Hyun Joong’s junior high school year, music changed the once model student, Kim Hyun Joong. He learned the base guitar and formed a school band Axer’s but his changed focus to music clashed with his parent’s expectation.

Kim Hyun Joong:  Back then I would save 8cents (USD) a day, trying to save to buy the musical instruments from the music shop. My friend even plead to the store owner to ask for discount. I was so happy that I hugged the guitar in my sleep!

KHJ Friend:  Before he got into music, he was a complete model student, practically top student in the whole school. From his mother’s point of view, the son who used to study so well and was such a model student, now instead he wanted to do music affecting his academic results as she was definitely disappointed. He has a lot of family objection and because he wanted to do music, he left home.

KHJ:  My parents in Korea, having a hard time raising such a difficult child like me, I would probably be ranked in top 100 most difficult child!! My father told me before “go try and raise a boy like yourself.” I said “I will.” When I think about it now, I don’t think that is possible. A person like me, before I grew up is just impossible to understand, even I myself can not understand.

Narrator: Ending the wondering years and finally his position in life, now his mother can agree.

MOM:  As his mother, but unable to provide any help in his entertainment activities to let such a hardworking child who keeps pushing himself to do the best to have to still look after his mom and dad, I want to say thank you.

ART AND MATIC    –   Kim Hyun Joong’s dogs!

KHJ:  They are also regarded as treasured family member. I have been lonely by myself here I am now raising two very smart border collies. I am not so lonely anymore and now I also have a burden of responsibility towards them. Because of my doggies I will go home early because they are feeling hungry so I will wake up earlier in the morning to feed them. Feelings will definitely grow after spending so long raising puppies, only they were human how good would that be!

Narrator: For the lonely Hyun Joong Art and Matic are like family. But as an artist during the times when he is most tired and needful of support, his friends are his support pillar…

Photos below is Art at your left and Matic at your right. I wonder if they are also taught how to dance!!

LazerKim View Point:

There was another video interview of Hyun Joong’s mom related that during those times that Hyun Joong quit school and work at a restaurant to support his training at DSP, he would come home rather late at night. His mom pretended to be sleeping but all the while she waited for Hyun Joong to come home no matter how late night it would be. As parents I do understand Hyun Joong’s parents back then since seeing him in his primary school to be a bright pupil and model student in his first terms in High School, they expected so much that their son would study and finish his college.

Seeing their son to be smart and a model student, back then they can imagine seeing Hyun Joong as a doctor, a lawyer or be a highly educated respectable person or the stereotype ambition that any parent wish for his child. But it turned out to be the opposite of what they wanted him to be. Hyun Joong belongs to a religious conservative family and I would say seeing him as a rocker, the idea was somewhat contrast to how he was brought up by conservative parents. Maybe we can say it’s a generation gap between the conservatives and a free spirited, because to be rocker is all about freedom of self expression.

In another interview Hyun Joong mentioned that when he was a kid he wants to be a scientist! Now I would guess the reason why outer space is still in his interest even at this time!! The kiddie dream of being out of the world with the aliens is still within Hyun Joong’s childish side of his maturing stage of his life! In his high school days Hyun Joong used to wear eye glasses so you can visualize him as a studious student.

And when he holds his bass guitar he would remove his eye glasses, that it seemed he was totally transformed in a rocker. So you can imagine a totally contrast of image change there, that made me think even in his younger years he already had that power of transformation. (The photo below is Hyun Joong’s family picture)

Hyun Joong was described as a difficult child. What makes a child difficult? I think if a child wants something that he could not get, he turns to tantrums. Well this may be basically true to some kids. Reading from Hyun Joong’s historical background, he’s a smart kid and highly independent minded, he was stubborn which I think still reflects until now, it’s like saying what Hyun Joong wants Hyun Joong gets. Back in time he was young, what he wants for himself contradicted to what his parents wanted him to be that made him a difficult child. Hyun Joong strive hard in his music and prove himself not only to other people but most specially to his parents.

But despite of Hyun Joong’s being a difficult child to his parents, he remained to be a responsible son to them. In a talk show Hyun Joong revealed that there were times that he lets his elder brother hand in a check for his dad, that he could not bring himself to face him and give it him that he felt awkward about it. But slowly his dad come around and by this time he had already gone over with his past disappointment to his son. Hyun Joong also revealed that he bought his dad a luxury car as gift and he gladly accepted it. At the same time Hyun Joong gave one Jaksal outlet to his mom.

Oh I remember, back in time when Hyun Joong was working in a restaurant as a service crew he was able to save money. There was a time that his parents decided to let his elder brother stopped from school due to financial problems. Hyun Joong bought a novel book for his brother as a present, and told his brother to make sure he reads the book. His brother found a check with the amount more than enough to send him back to school, as Hyun Joong told him that he does not have to stop school and finish college. Charity begins at home and that’s Kim Hyun Joong as his nature to be helpful to the needs of his family and to other people.

I have not said this but honestly the first time I have read the history of Kim Hyun Joong it feels as if I’m reading my own story, very similar. A lot of times what we perceive with our own eyes does not always reflect what it is. Seeing Hyun Joong in his younger years a model student, who would ever think he would switch to somebody opposite to how his parents groomed him to be and yet he succeeded even more than what his parents expected from him. He worked hard, his determination was so remarkable and showed his parents his dreams are worthy as he values them and make it happen.

Hyun Joong mentioned that he does not understand himself at times!! I think it’s one of his Gemini traits to have mood swing, and fickle mindedness, well having sun sign traits does not applies to everybody in that sign though! Now talking about pet dogs, Hyun Joong is a pet lover obviously even his restaurants was named under his dog Jaksal!! I remember Hyun Joong was still with his group boarded a flight and a private cam was focused to him playing, pretending that the airplane he’s boarding is was just about to crash and said his farewell message as he said, “this is my last message to my mom and dad, please feed our dog!!” That was so hilarious, that Hyun Joong would think of his dog before dying!!

He currently has two boarder collies, Art a female dog and Matic a male dog. I wrote an article Celebrity Dogs, since Hyun Joong brought his two dogs in his fan meeting event in Seoul sometime in January before he flew to Japan in launching his debut album Kiss Kiss They were indeed so smart and during the show Matic showed some tricks that the fans enjoyed their brief performance, oh that too was so hilarious! Matic kept on coming after Art and Hyun Joong said spring is coming soon so Matic crave for love!! These two dogs are so smart that Hyun Joong sends them to dog training school. A man living by himself he considers Art and Matic to be his real family!! I wonder if they already have puppies??

Hyun Joong may have been a problem child during his younger years but those were just kid stuffs and generation gap but as Hyun Joong matures, he had proven to his parents that he is a wonderful son that they can always be proud of. In another interview he was asked if he ever experienced attending some joint session party, and he said he never did which I believe so. Hyun Joong may be a problem child but he was so definite about his dreams. And a person who has a dream will never waste his time destroying himself while in the process of reaching for that dream. His vices is drinking but he takes the alcohol to his stomach and not in his head. Because he simply sleeps after getting drunk!!

Hyun Joong is blessed with a good family to raise him as a decent young man. He was taught how to be self responsible, polite, humble and honest. As the old folks said good tree bears good fruits. My appreciation to both his parents for raising such a wonderful son who is indeed worthy of love not only from them but from many people from different parts of the world. Whatever happens to our life may or may not be our choice but it is bound to happen for a reason. Hyun Joong was bound to experienced the hardship in life during his younger years to make him strong in facing the future with a bigger challenge. In every tunnel there’s always a light at the end of it.

Who could ever think that cute little kid with a pair of big bright eyes and that stubborn teen age punk would grew up to be a man with a remarkable passion, a strong determination and dedication to reach for his dream. It’s a dream come true for Kim Hyun Joong but it takes a hard-earned work to make it happened.

Kim Hyun Joong was Christine as Star Raphael to be up there in heights of stardom where he is bound to be a superstar…

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, ahlia, Ms.D thanks!      Fun Arts by LK


23 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] STAR RAPHAEL

  1. hi, im maria from india, vry inspired by ur articles and ur childhood memories which iz similar to mine nd nyc to meet a unique character lyk me. especially stubbornness in achieving ur dremz

  2. doo sweet i love him frm a very long timr but tonight this article increased moorrr love for him…i wish i could have helped him im his bad days of luch kim fot ur life ur really a good don a good bro a good human being ..i wish i could see u once but am in india ‘s small stste call ARUNACHAL pradesh..a science student..i hv seen u many times in dreams also n next day i tell everyone that i saw u im dreams they often laugh at me but its ok …i used to sleep early so i could be wd u in dreams …there are so many smart talentd actor but i like none as mych as i like khj..not just his face but his feelings alsoo..i wish to find someone as spcl as him..gud nyt khj..i hv to slep now i hv to go to collage so

  3. The family picture is real, the mom looks like him, similar face shape. . . Aaaa iknow wheres come the handsome face kim hyun joong. . He have beautiful mom

  4. Hi am Kresalyn from Nigeria a country in.I have always admired KHJ ever since i watched BOF series his behaviour is an inspiration to me oppa keep up the good ur fans r rite behind u

  5. hello dereast, Raphael ?!!? wow that brings to mind the Pictor …..remind of his angels beautiful name for a beautiful child…. imagine a Raphaelite baby….now my imagination is running wild…. LK you just put my imagination in overdrive babe…..:)

  6. Awwww! I just love his two ippeun joon! Beautiful babies is what I would call them because I am a dog mom and tend to spoil mine. I understand that Hyun Joong is a tough disciplinarian.. but makes up for it at playtime! His two “kids” are certainly lucky! LOL! He is truly a man after my own heart when it comes to the furry ones!

    • mmm… and I just have to add that his brother is very handsome too! I did not realize as I’ve never really seen a photo. They both have the same smile… bright and beautiful!

    • Hello Nirmani, I read your message at twitter, thanks, I’m sorry I couldn’t twit back I’m always racing with time!!! Thank you so much for reading, Have a great weekend ahead of you, take care and see you again. god bless…

      • It is ok dear. I was also having a relly bad busy week and only yeaterday i was able to get rid of it.(but have university exams coming on the way) I read your aricles everyday though i won’t get the chance to comment as i’m having some problem with net.
        🙂 keep wruting dear!

  7. Hi lazer, nice article again. Yeah still HJ is a model for others about reaching and making their dreams come true.
    He dreamt of being a musician and now he is a well know one with good mind, great personality, handsome physique and well killer smile. Keep writing dear!!

  8. Lol xD Well I know the promoter of the concert very well xD In fact one of my friends was the capitalist partner of that shitty ‘mini company’ but he got bored of them since they just aren’t good at it x.x Lmao! well, there were 2500 ppl at the concert and the promotion was as bad as a octopus xD This guy didn’t even print street posters! He just got 2, just two laser printed posters who were stuck at the kpop store’s walls that sold the tickets. A poor kpop store that sells pirated dramas! (PK, BOF, City hunter, etc for USD 15! and fake merchandise) Argh, I’m mad now lol [I’m trying to find a way to tell the police about it ._…) He printed flyers a week before the concert (I do it 1 month before the actual event!). There was no tv promo. On the radio, just a guy talked about it on a certain station and got to interview Junsu. There were lotsa korean press though but no more than jyj’s concert. After the concert, a national tv station showed 18 sec of footage of the 1st song and that was all about it LOL

    • well not bad at all even with minimum ad 2,500 people to watch is good enough. Thanks for the info. I thought it was only HJ who experienced lazy promoters from other counties, and yet his fan meeting concert still turned out successfully. see you again!! Oh don’t worry, i got emails from my silent readers I know they are just around laughing at you as their ice breaker!!LOL They are just too shy! take care dear, and see you again!!

  9. You meant Raphael, right? .-. I guess his parents were too strict and conservative. I used to have a harsh opinion about them (shame on me) but my older brother made me understand how strict some ppl are. lol xd But as you said, the age gap plays a very important part here 😉 As I told once, even though my dad was a bassist and loves melodic rock music (quite opposite from his orderly and formal business life) he didn’t like it when I first dyed my hair raven black, a bit of it was dark purple xD LOL or when I started using black eyeshadow xD Panda style for the win! But he’s used to it now xd ||| What the heck? what part of the sub of a tv show did I miss?! really? they asked him about attending a joint session party?! wtf xDDDD that’s prejudging, just because he was/is into rock music. How silly! .-. |||| Our baby’s such a good son! I bet there are many parents who’d pay to have a son like HJ lol || Even though I don’t drink I understand him xd maybe drinking for him is like surfing the net for me?! xD I’ve read reports about it, they said they are quite the same thing lol Now that I remember… a friend of mine wants me to take me to a place to drink some soju lol she doesn’t drink either but I guess she wants to give it a try xD Thx Lazer for writing things for our delight everyday! and meh e.e there should be more comments here e.e (name your next article as UGLY IDOL or GAY IDOL to attract more readers xD kekekeke)

    • Yeah that right, i was wrong to mispell LOL I was thinking of my nephew he has the same name but he spells it with F thanks for correcting me!! Razor I need information how was Junsu’s concert in your country in terms of ticket selling, promotion ect. Pls reply, thanks.
      Oh I don’t think I can write something that is not true!!LOL HJ is handsome!!

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