Kim Hyun Joong…[article] TRAVEL MEMORY

By: Lazerkim                From last year 2011, from the time Kim Hyun Joong launched his debut album as a solo singer until this year 2012, he’s been traveling around Asia. Maybe if I have collected all his airline boarding pass from the time he promoted his Breakdown album till his recent Asia Tour, I must have collected a booklet thick of boarding pass!! Hyun Joong became a frequent passenger of the airport in Korea, that every time he travels his fans meet him at the airport to see him off as they hand in their letters and presents as if he had gone shopping!! Now I’m missing those scenarios!!

I can not forget sometime in January this year, as Hyun Joong went to China to attend the new year celebration since he was invited as the guest of honor. He wrote to his fans as if he’s writing to his best friend Jaejoong!  Hyun Joong wrote this way, “I woke up early, I prepared my breakfast which is instant noodles, pack my suitcase, took a shower dressed up and here I am sitting and writing to you.”

Just for nothing, he just thought about his fans and greeted everyone a Happy New Year. And most of all Hyun Joong warned his fans not to meet him at the airport!! It was holiday that day so he was assuming his fans will be there at the airport!! And he even wrote, “if I see you at the airport, I will be different, I will not smile nor wave at you as if I didn’t see you or know you.” Do you think any of what he said transpired? No of course not!!

Hyun Joong arrived at the airport, as his fans flocked at the lobby waiting for him, there’s even a bigger crowd than usual and Hyun Joong upon seeing them, his smile was even bigger than usual!! He did had a bit of a hard time to get into the lobby than usual!! Apparently, he was happy to see his fans there at the airport!! Hyun Joong’s message circulated all over the internet that day a few hours before he gets to the airport. As Hyun Joong arrived in China, as expected, his Chinese fans were there at the airport too.

Now I’m having a memory check how far do I remember the Asia Fan Meeting Concert which started in May to July this year from Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, China in four big cities, Japan and Thailand. I included Japan because his last concert there was the same pattern as the fan meeting concert. Every weekend within the period of two months was like a feast at twitter, as updates about the events were being monitored by Hyun Joong’s fans! We just read from the fans from the other end where the event was taking place, but it felt as if I was actually there at the venue.

There were many things that I can not forget during and prior to the actual event. One of those that I could not forget was the planning stage for this Asia Tour fan meeting. Hyun Joong was totally involve in the planning stage, he’s 100% hand on in every details of the event. The normal kind of fan meeting covers just a small gathering of chosen fans usually from the fan clubs, and the aim was to focus on interaction between the fans and their idol which includes game playing, a few songs sang by the idol, and Q & A, that’s it.

In this fan meeting Hyun Joong’s goal was first, to innovate the stereotype of fan meeting, second to have a closer interaction with his fans, third to make the fan meeting the most memorable event that every single fan shall never forget. There was a high five session in which the original plan should be done to only 500 lucky fans through ticket draw. That was set and had been decided and announced to the general public. After about a week, Hyun Joong changed the plan, he decided to have the Hi Five to all the fans who attended the fan meeting!!

As the ball started to roll, Hyun Joong’s first stop was Singapore but the simple fan meet ended up in a full concert and fan meeting rolled into one that resulted in an international news  that took the world by surprise!! Right after the concert Hyun Joong proceeded to the hand shake and not hi five session for 3,000 fans fully accomplished. Hyun Joong was able to attain his goal for this series of events. He wanted to meet each and every fan he got, he wanted to make a memorable event that every fans shall remember about him, and he wanted to change the concept of fan meeting that every fan will enjoy that resulted in a remarkable successful fan meeting concert.

These events marked a history in the showbiz industry, in innovating a new set up of entertainment that Hyun Joong’s fans surely enjoyed every moment of those events. And it was in these events that I started calling Hyun Joong as a good provider to the needs of his fans. This was his way of acknowledging them and appreciating the love and support he receives from them. It was remarkable how Hyun Joong created a stronger bond between himself and his fans, that even the fans who were watching over him from afar can feel that bond even they were not actually in any of the venues where the event took place.

Hyun Joong is a solo performer but to travel and execute his shows is not as simple as every one may think, since he is just one body to take care and travel in five consecutive countries. Hyun Joong travels with his travel kit which is a show package that includes his 12 dancers, his manager and his staffs, which makes up about 40 entourage. Hyun Joong brings everything needed for the show, from costumes to technical equipment. If you noticed from the video clips of every shows, was in a uniform pattern including the laser lights effects, except for Hyun Joong’s costume, that he change from one location to another. It was said in the news that this series of events were the most expensive fan meeting event ever held in terms of production cost, that Hyun Joong prepared exclusively for his fans.

Remember the big teddy bear as one of the give away item in the show? Even that one he brought it with him. The play money used at the encore part of the show, he also brought it with him. Even the smallest details were being brought from Korea, of course except for the mini cakes he used in China and the flowers used for Marry Me serenade. The show production was costly but every part of the concert was worth it and the success was even overwhelming for Hyun Joong to remember how happy his fans were.

For Hyun Joong that was a priceless joy to see his fans faces in big smiles, screams, cheers and the most touching part is that his international fans can sing his songs with him. It was indeed remarkable events. Hyun Joong was tireless during those events, every after concert he would just take a brief break just to freshen up, while the hand shake session was being organized, and goes out to stage again to meet his fans. From the first fan lining up to the very last fan, Hyun Joong maintained his composure and sincere smile all through out the hand shake session for 3,000 fans in every event.

Another memorable incident within this fan meeting event period was in Chengdu China, a funny yet irritating incident happened that upon arrival of Hyun Joong at the airport late night, a crowd of fans waited for Hyun Joong at the airport lobby. Unfortunately, due to security reasons Hyun Joong was escorted to the VIP exit from the airport, so from the tarmac he was escorted in his car to be brought to his hotel. In less than one hour Hyun Joong came back to the airport because his dancers and his staffs were being held by the immigration! Hyun Joong did not get through the immigration since he was immediately escorted to his car upon disembarked!! It was the fault of his escorts!!

And so Hyun Joong got through the immigration, after which he was surprised that his fans were still there waiting for him at the lobby!! They did not leave the airport after knowing that there was a problem and that he’s coming back to the airport. It was already past midnight but they waited patiently they did not leave Hyun Joong until he was done with the immigration. Hyun Joong was touched by their gesture and he was really surprised by the warmness of his Chinese fans, and insisted to get out through the airport lobby to see his fans. They cheer for him as he smiled and waved at them. I was touched by the Chinese fans gesture to have waited for Hyun Joong even it was really late at night.

During his concert in Chengdu, Hyun Joong celebrated his birthday in advance as his fans at the audience gallery wore a panda hat as they sing the birthday song for Hyun Joong. He was quite delighted to see those hats and said “so many pandas!!” It was Hyun Joong’s wish to visit the pandas in Chengdu, unfortunately he was not able to make it. Nevertheless his fans surprised him with many pandas!! His fans has so many hundred different ways of showing their love to Hyun Joong. Actually it’s only his fans who are lucky to have Hyun Joong as their idol, but I think Hyun Joong is also lucky to have such matured fans, well behave and very thoughtful fans too.

Prior to the concert I can never forget, a few media people from Singapore and Taiwan were trying to putting up a not so good publicity on Hyun Joong’s fan meeting concert, but unfortunately they did not succeed. It’s a fan meeting concert so definitely attendees are Hyun Joong’s fans. And these fans no matter how one tries to control them in attending the concert, no one can stop them. Someone from Taiwan was trying to spread a news that the tickets for the concert was over priced and that many were complaining!! In Singapore a writer was trying to criticize Hyun Joong over an interview!! I just laugh at them, it only showed their insecurities whoever was putting that bad publicity that no one listened!!

In Japan, someone was trying to hide the news about Hyun Joong’s handshake session and other promotion activities of Heat, but they did not succeed. The crowd of fans of Hyun Joong anywhere he goes was just so huge that can not be hidden in the treasure chest and dump the news at the seas of Japan!! The international news print reporters were all over Japan tailing at Hyun Joong, it would look strange if the news about Hyun Joong’s success kept spreading outside Japan and local news would just remain silent with the noise Hyun Joong created!! At least some media reporters thought about it before they attempt to keep the news, knowing that they will not succeed!!

I was sitting here thinking all about these events two month ago and I can’t help think indeed Hyun Joong’s popularity has been boosting and it is very likely even local celebs from different countries where he visited would be threatened. Given another chance and given another period of time until City Conquest gets to its airing I’m sure this is gonna be another popularity boost. Am I speculating? Maybe! But let’s just say history repeats itself, Hyun Joong’s two previous dramas are still currently airing outside Asia and I have noticed new fans from outside Asia are slowly coming in.

Talking about Japan, another unforgettable incident was when Hyun Joong performed his concert in Saitama Arena, as he cried because he was not in a physically good condition he was rushed to the hospital and had an IV drip treatment on the same day a few hours before the concert. Yet he still performed the concert as the show must go on no matter what happen. He was in pain that he had to endure during the show, he got sick due to over fatigue, that he almost lost his voice and he was helpless.

He had been so busy for the launching of his second album Heat, he had the hand shake session for 5,000 fans, he had the street dancing from here and there in short he’s been moving around since he got to Japan, not to mention that he had already started filming City Conquest too. It was at this concert in Saitama that I really felt how much Hyun Joong loves his fans. He was frustrated, wanting to give his 100% strength to the show but he could not because of his physical condition.

But Hyun Joong successfully performed the entire concert and he exerted all his remaining strength left in him and just boost out everything he got. On the second show of the same day after a few hours from the first set of the show, Hyun Joong performed again but this time he was feeling much better and looks happy to give his best again as if he wasn’t sick and that nothing happened!! After the last show, he went back to Tochigi Ken on long drive to prepare himself for the next day filming of City Conquest. That is Hyun Joong a real professional, and fighter!!

I’m writing all about the recent fan meeting events again since I have noticed I got some new readers. At the same time I think this is the best period for us to reminisce memories and getting to know Hyun Joong for the new fans and for others remembering those times Hyun Joong once shared with us. I’ll be writing more about Hyun Joong’s past since we can not talk about the present for obvious reason we have very little updates or none at all, that we can not talk about the future too, or maybe a bit of speculations!!

Hyun Joong has every plans to pursue his world tour concert hopefully by next year. He’ll probably visit those countries which was not included in his Asia Tour and beyond Asia. But then again nothing is concrete as yet, this is just his plan as he mentioned it in his interviews. So this is another event we can look forward for probably after City Conquest or his next album. He just have to take one step at a time as it’s Hyun Joong’s goal is to reach out for his fans any where they are!!

As Kim Hyun Joong travels to get closer to his fans, he always carries with him his Travel Memory in meeting you as his fans, bringing his love and sincerity exclusively for you….

                                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!


10 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] TRAVEL MEMORY

  1. Dear lazerkim me again as I promise , here I send you a link where the writer confirms my statement that HE IS A REALLY GOOD ACTOR, and that he always added an extra plus in any of his dramas , his touch made them a success, I hope you read it and write something about . I know you get it as well as I did. So his new drama will be another success one.
    have a nice day writing something interesting
    god bless you

  2. Kekeke what HJ wrote that time about the airport was so ridiculous lol! xD I’m glad HJ has given a new meaning to the word Fanmeeting. He cares so much about everything and his FMs are beyond perfection… unlike those poor fanmeetings held by other mediocre idols lol xD You know, I’m still amazed by the lightning I saw in his FM fancams. It was awesome! It’s damn cool that everything that he does has his special touch: the uzoosin bills, vids, gifts, on-stage fan activities, etc _< I swear if I see her on the street I won't be nice to her… at all! and that japanese media trying to hide my baby's success argh, I know that HJ's kindness will always prevail.
    Ow my baby. When he cried on stage u.u awww my poor baby u.u I swear he's God. When I was sick last week I could barely hold my phone xD but he's able to dance and sing. He's superman xD He can make the impossible possible ❤ Have a lovely evening everybody!

    • WordPress please stop being a troll! A line that I wrote just disappeared xd I said: You didn’t mention that silly girl who tried to steal a kiss from our HJ in China. I swear if I see her on the street I won’t be nice to her at all!

      • LOL that’s the ghost i didn’t mention the girl bcoz i don’t want to spoil my day writing!! There’s even another one in Odaiba a fan pulled HJ’s hand! yeah suppress the news even the cd sold out in Shibuya and other outlets in tokyo was not even announced in the news!! you’re right the truth will always prevail!!
        *sigh* thanks razor, have a wonderful weekend see you!!

  3. LK , thanks for sharing. I have never known before about the information on the local news for promotion in other countries where KHJ had his fanmeet. This seem to be similar in Thailand. The entertainment agency that had responsibility for the show did not put effort in public news for promotion. Whatever the news had spread out , it worked by KHJ fans . The agency just wanted to merchandise alone , getting money by selling tickets without any news promotion. Imagine the mission we worked for KHJ before the concert starting and during the concert, all work out by his fans. We event did not complain how poor the local agency they prepare the concert, or play the trick for souvenir that KHJ had prepared for his all fans. We did not want him the get irritate from this news. Anyway we were so happy with his concert , after the fan met , we(my friends in KHJThailand FC and I) were in cloud 9 for few days.

    • OMG now i’m in teary eyes the entire Asia Tour FM I think it’s only in China agent who was at least better than the other countries, as I’ve written in this article no matter how they suppress the news they can not control KHJ fans. You must have worked so hard that i truly appreciate. Anyway the most important thing there is that the fans should be informed about the event so that they won’t miss a rare chance, I think I have learned a lot from the recent FM and next time would really make a lot of noise every time HJ has events!!
      Thank you so much for this information that i really appreciate. Please do take care, have a happy weekend and see you again!! What can I say for City Conquest Fighting!! More power to you and your group!! God bless…

    • Kratuwoo I’m sorry to hear that but I know many concert promoters that don’t care about promotion and it sucks! They love money so much they don’t wanna spend a few bucks on flyers, tv/radio promo or posters. Everytime I partner up with a promoter I have to almost force them to get the promotion going since sometimes they are quite bad at what they do and don’t even f*****g care about the artist and the audience x.x

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