Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR VERSATILE

By: LazerKim             Update: City Conquest shall start its promotion on January 2nd, 4th, 6th and 9th 2013 in Japan. On the 4th of January I understand is in celebration of Henecia Japan These promotional schedules shall be done on different venues, since City conquest already has a schedule of airing in Japan which is on March 2013. Schedule for Korea airing though is still hanging and to what network the drama shall be shown is still unconfirmed. The news from Japan was posted the other night, I didn’t post it since I was waiting for an earlier schedule of Hyun Joong at least a news before Christmas!! LOL Oh well, I’ll keep you posted whatever schedule there may be! Here’s the schedule for Japan as follows:

(News Source: OnlyKHJtime, thanks!)

Drama “City Conquest” promotion event the 2nd on Jan. 2013 has been announced!

Highlight and behind the scene of the drama will be shown with wonderful cants such as Kim Hyun Joong and Jeong Yoo Mi.

Kobe World Premium Hall
Jan.6th Open the venue: 16:00 / Start: 17:00

Saitama Super Arena
Jan.9th Open the venue: 18:00 / Start: 19:00

Kim Hyun Joong, Jeong Yoo Mi, Nam Goong Min, Yang Yoon Ho

* Need to contract DATV with J:COM (one of Jp cable TV compamies) to apply the pre-order will be started from Oct.1st 15:00 to 14th 23:59.
J:COM special price for contoractants: 8800 yen
Normal price: 9800 yen

* This event is different from HENECIA JAPAN 1st Anniversary Memorial Event.

* Normal order will be announced in HENECIA JAPAN, KHJ mobile site.

More detail will be announced in DATV web site

Original source: HENECIA JAPAN NEWS

Tranlated by OnlyKHJtimes

Kim Hyun Joong is one unique individual gifted with a lot of talents as a singer recording artist, dancer, actor, model, instrumentalist, and among these talents he can do a lot in making those talents even versatile in style. Let us dissect each and every talent he got and analyze which of these he excels the best. Other people said he only have the looks but he doesn’t have the talent which I strongly disagree. In fact Kim Hyun Joong is one of the most talented Kpop star. Most of the artists can master one definite talent but could hardly move from there, simply because that’s the only talent he has. He could be the best and yet stayed where he can be best at, that I can sometimes find boring, admit it or not!!

As a singer recording star, Hyun Joong was able to released four different albums in different style and genre.  From his debut album Breakdown, Lucky Guy, Kiss Kiss Japanese version, and the latest is Heat. Hyun Joong was able to focus on pop music which is very well appreciated by majority as the music chart can describe making these music to the top five. Hyun Joong sang a lot of ballads in his concerts and his sweet voice captured the hearts of many.

But for me the best among all he had sung in the span of one year are the songs he was able to sing live with the live band are Love and Fortunate even he did it with a 4pc band or with acostic . For me these two songs are the most outstanding among the rest when he sang it with the live band. I believe a singer can bring out the best in him if he can sing with a live band. And I think this is where Hyun Joong excels the best. Singing with a live band is very different from singing with a minus one, similar to what is being used in concerts performed by the Kpop idols even with Hyun Joong’s concert. Hyun Joong has the ability to sing live with the live band and create powerful music given the chance to do so.

Before Hyun Joong joined his group SS501, he started with band as bass guitarist, but it was unfortunate that the band was disbanded before it start stepping in the lime light. Hyun Joong mentioned he had moved in from different houses but among all those house he always have a room for his instruments. He plays the guitar which he has a collection and he plays the piano too.

Hyun Joong stated in his video interview, that when the time comes he has to stop performing, he would like to put up a band of five members and he’ll let them do whatever shortcomings he has while he was a performer. He said in a band there has to be a music genius and he is not, so he will form a band who can. I think Hyun Joong still has that passion singing with a band since he originally started with it which I would say is not for him at this time.

When Hyun Joong first auditioned under DSP and had passed with it just before he can play his guitar and sing, he was informed that he has to undergo dance training, which he was not aware of since he was not a dancer to begin with!! And so for two years training with his group, it was all sing and dance that he did. And it came out he was the best dancer among the five members of SS501. He has the grace, he can control his body movement, he has power and sharpness plus a good musical rhythm which is a perfect combination being a good dancer.

At the same time Hyun Joong is so good in projecting and adopting the music concept of whatever choreography is given to him. He does his best at all times. Leave Hyun Joong in  one corner doing nothing, after a few minutes you’ll see him dancing without music!! He is trying to memorize his choreography! I remember in one of the airports in China I think that was Chengdu when he went back to the airport for formalities that he has to wait. He was spotted dancing, that’s memorizing his choreography in the airport!! On stage when Hyun Joong gets into his dance moves, he eats up the stage and he has that powerful charisma that no one can ever miss!!

If dancing was not there in him when he started as a trainee, what more in acting?? They said you have to give it a try only to find what you got that even yourself isn’t aware you got that talent. Just like in dancing, this is another talent that can be acquired through training. In Hyun Joong’s documentary,  the director or scrip writer of BOF said during the first few sessions of drama reading, Hyun Joong even reads like a primary student reading a text book. But the drama production management did not give up on Hyun Joong as he did his best to cope up.

Honestly, when I first watched Hyun Joong at BOF I never thought that it was his first acting project neither did I know he was a singer and dancer!! To portray Yoon Ji Hoo as the BOF director said this was the most challenging character among the F4. Because the character of an autistic is best portrayed by emotions than delivering lines. His acting may be stiff simply because the role Hyun Joong portrayed is indeed a stiff character, a person who is withdrawn from reality and having his own world of an autistic.

Hyun Joong has a good potential as an actor because he has the ability to change and adopt image or personality of another person and he’s quite good in it, both physically and emotionally. Hyun Joong has hundreds of image and different faces. By merely changing his hair color or hair cut or hair style, for some reasons it practically change his face even his eyes!! And this makes him such a unique person.

When Hyun Joong was still a trainee, he doesn’t even know how to smile, he doesn’t even know how to pose in front of the camera during his first photo shoots!! But you would be surprised among the members of SS501 he always was chosen to pose for commercial ads and magazines. Until he had gone used to doing photo shoots made him an expert model. Hyun Joong knows exactly which profile of his face is the best shot for a photo, he knows exactly how to project on the clothes he wears or whatever the concept is there to project in every photo shoot he does.

Hyun Joong may not be a brilliant in one particular field of his talent but he can do a lot  among those talents he has, that makes him a brilliant unique artist. In his video interview, he was asked, what are his properties? The interviewer meant something tangible, but Hyun Joong thought about it and replied “my property is my body, yes, because I earn from it.” No matter what he does turns to gold, by simply standing with his pose, he earns, by simply attaching his name to anything turn to gold, what more if he sing and dance!! Come to think of it he can do a lot and he has a lot of fall back, he can easily go by the changing time and trend.

Music wise if time and trend would change in the Kpop world to live band trend, Hyun Joong can easily switch his style as fast as he change his image!! In acting he was a follow boy student before, he is now an action star, while tomorrow he can be a romantic Prince, but who knows he can just act as in his 4D comedian!! Hyun Joong has the ability to act in any role or character as he can easily change his image in less effort and can adopt a character for real. Hyun Joong looks good in anything he does and anything he wears, being a commercial model he can be just about anything required he got it! One can never get tired of Hyun Joong since he constantly change his image with less effort.

Kim Hyun Joong is an entertainer by profession, but have you realize that even he’s simply talking can entertain anyone in front of him? His 4D personality is timeless, he just spill it out the least you expect from him!! Like in a press con in Singapore during MAMA last year a German media reporter asked him “what do you think of German girls?” Hyun Joong said “whenever I hear German the first thing that comes to my mind is sausage and draft beer.” There was a roar of laughter inside the conference hall!! Hyun Joong indeed the darling of the press would just break the ice in any serious talks unintentionally and he’s cute!!

In another talk show Hyun Joong guested with, he was made to choose his ideal girl among the pictures shown, there were a long series of picture, then he asked his interpreter “are you sure the show host is not included in those picture.” Everyone laughed because he would surely choose the host as being a gentleman!! The Taiwanese host was indeed so pretty though he just doesn’t want to make a mistake in his choice. Hyun Joong is such a fun to watch on talk shows and variety shows because he’s truly entertaining without the try hard factor but simply being himself which is just absolutely cute!!

I would think Hyun Joong is a good survivor in the rapid changing time in the world of showbiz because of his versatility as an artist or an entertainer by profession. With his multiple talents, his ability in adopting with changes and trend, Hyun Joong has a lasting potential that can go a long way with his profession. People just doesn’t realize what he is capable of doing without exerting more effort to entertain. Hyun Joong is also an innovator and creative in bringing something new all the time yet simple that does not overpower his natural talent, neither Hyun Joong over do his ability but always at his best every time.

Hyun Joong is gifted and blessed with everything that it takes to be a superstar and I got no doubt that he is bound for to be a superstar. We’re lucky too that our idol is such a talented versatile star that anytime we need him, he’s just around us. Well, he may not be there in front of us at this time, but at least he got millions of photos all over the internet, his music is just in our play list, his video clips are just waiting to be reviewed, there are many reads about him and most of all there are lots to look forward for in the near future. At this time when he’s not around, then we can make use of the time of getting to know him better.

My hats off to his fans who are actively posting his old pictures that will remind us of how we met him, how we first saw him that it somehow keeps him closer to us even he’s out of our sight. He has his previous dramas that are still airing in other countries that are still gaining more fans who are at this time in search about the guy. By this time these new fans can easily find her way towards Hyun Joong and just like us, it’s not enough to see him on those dramas, there’s always that tendency to search about the guy.

There may be just two dramas of Hyun Joong to watch at this time, but it won’t be long he’ll have another and another one until Hyun Joong gets to the point he has already attaining his needs and his desire to improve himself as an actor. And I strongly believe this given chance he got is what he values so much to work hard for it. Normally majority of his fans are being gained from his dramas then after which knowing he’s a singer his music are just roaming around that can keep them company anywhere they go. And from the streets we may find his photos and magazines that we can read about him and finally the internet on search for the guy!!

There is nothing better than being a versatile star, but it takes a lot of effort on Hyun Joong’s part to work on those talents that he has. He has a high degree of passion in being a singer, dancer, actor and as a model all in the same package with much interest in doing his best in any of his talents. And behind this, is a strong force pushing him upward, and that is his sole inspiration, his fans.

This is all I have for today, while writing this article my mind is pre-occupied by my next article, squeezing my brain out because I can not live by a day without writing anything about Kim Hyun Joong!! It’s my daily dose same as you do have that dose everyday just to keep him closer to me, even in his absence.

There are thousands of stars in the sky, countless as it may be, that they do have different shine as they twinkle in the dark sky. But there is one bright star who is unique among the rest and that’s my idol Star Versatile Kim Hyun Joong!! Would you like to know more about him?? Read more about him….

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, ahlia, Ms.D, thanks!          Fun arts by LK.


14 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR VERSATILE

  1. Hello!…LK U can’ t live by a day without wrighting anything about KHJ…I can’ t live by a day without reading your articles about KHJ, same too!!! Thank U for sharing worthy articles to us…I wish to meet KHJ once a time and tell him ” Thank U “…Because of him, eventhough at my saddest moment.. I could smile just by remembering his smiling and relaxing at my work to nursing care my patients with kindness & happiness..KHJ ‘s an inspiration to the old & the young!!

  2. Hello LK, I totaly agree 100% with every word, I always said he is a performer, he mastered the art of modeling (every picture, every move every eye contact – is different – this is ART), he is a good singer and he is going to be even a better actor, so lets give him all our support. Candid, Xd alien whatever, the proof is that there are lots of fans who love and support him. Love as always the pics. God Bless:) (i’ve been busy but your articles I read every day…love them):)

    • Hyun Joong is such an artist that he can put a lot of different angle that looks so handsome in him that anything he does is just so good. I agree with you. thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts.
      Have a nice weekend ahead of you and see you again! god bless…

      • Hello dear LK, it is me Noya up there as Anon, this wordpress is unbelivebale sometimes….but thank you, you are so sweet answering as always. Have a nice weekend ….:)

  3. lazer unnie,how are you? I am busy today and when I reach home from work,all the tension I have at work are all relieved while reading your article about hyun joong.Thanks as always for writing articles about hyun joong.
    I agree totally with you,he is a unique star that shines the most among others. I terribly miss hyun joong these days,especially today.Whenever I encounter difficulties at my work,I think of hyunjoong,I remind myself like I have to work hard like hyun joong,I have to pass those difficulties like hyun joong did,If I need to work without sleeping,I have to do it because hyun joong didn’t sleep much to give us the best music or drama.
    For me,hyun joong is not only my beloved star but also the one I can learn many things from him as a person.I admire you so much,hyun joong ah.

    • Hello there!! I’m doing fine a bit bored though without HJ it’s been over a month now!! Thank you too for reading it’s been a pleasure for to write all about KHJ!! Oh I’m so glad he’s helping to relieve the work stress same with me here always looking forward from him!! It’s nice of you to share with us your experience.
      Thank you so much, have a happy weekend ahead of you, take care and see you again! More blessing to you.

  4. I’ll make a break from my online shopping at yesasia. LOL! I agree with you Lazer, he’s the most versatile idol out there plus he has that aDorKable 4d personality that makes him unique and not a poor photocopy of other ppl XD Thx dear for confusing me about omega’s real name and may I pull ur ear for doing so?! e.e .-. XD I remember reading this thing where he said that he hated SS501 hahahaha xD how lovely! lol but yeah in my life, I haven’t met a bassist who’d become a good dancer with a 2yr training xD HJ can do that simply ‘cuz he’s awesome! xD Ohhh my gosh, that vid of HJ playing with his band, the one that’s on youtube it’s one of my fave vids ever xD I thank the person who filmed that endlessly LOL! XD Puhahaha I remember a very old vid when they read the hmm church book (?) of the ppl who gathered there to learn how to play instruments, and they called HJ the halley’s comet xd mwahahaha I burst in laughter ‘cuz my math teacher called me the same lol Well, as you can see I’ve been re-watching vids, I actually would like to know if any of the alien readers here likes to collect .TS or .TP files of HJ ‘cuz I do xD lol Have a w o n d e r f u l day everybody!

    • Hyun Joong fans are just so amazing their effort to be posting pix and video is indeed a great help to us specially at this time when HJ is still in his hiding cocoon!! Thank you dear you always have a funny and cute way of describing!! LOL have a wonderful weekend take care and see you again!

  5. Such a multi talented star. Yes, he is! From a flower boy image, then turns into a rock star in HEAT and he made it! So i really look forward for the daebak album he prepared . It must be a great surprise for us. As i’ve been surprised by the news itself since we only anticipated CC and no one ever heard that actually he is preparing an album too. Daebak Hyun Joong!

    • Oh you just don’t know how he shock me every time he gets out and having a new image he’s like changing his image as constant as he’s changing his everyday clothes!!! And I mean it from head to foot LOL
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, have a great weekend ahead of you take care and see you again!!

  6. He may not be perfect yet in his acting skills,but whats good about him is that he strives everytime to be better.not only in acting but in all aspect of his career.he strives to be d best.he is one type of person that will never bore you.his wit and homour amazes me.everytime i watch him or read his letters, i become more attached to him.his personality is so magnetic that i am hooked and looking forward each day to see him and learn bout him.he is so natural in all he does.he doesnt make empty promises.whever

    • I meant to say when he says he will come back with a dAebak album or drama,we know that he will do it.he is a man of his word.his abilities are there being honed to be d best.he give d word versatility a new meaning.have a great KHJ day everyone.God bless.KHJ be safe always.

    • Gosh i’m so late i couldn’t open this page, i’m sorry about that! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I agree he never make empty promises, he make sure to fulfill whatever he say. Hyun Joong is a total performer and you’re right his acting skills may not be that perfect as yet but given the chance he even as an actor he has the ability to be versatile.
      Thank you so much and have a nice weekend ahead of you. Take care and see you again!!

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