Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PLAYFUL TRIALS

By: LazerKim           Before I get down to the main gist of this article, may I just mention since I have read from a post at Twitter that there is a possibility that Kim Hyun Joong’s up coming drama City Conquest is likely to be shown at KBS local Korean TV network although this has not been confirmed as yet. We just have to wait for the officials pertaining to its airing. I was made to understand that the shooting for City Conquest did not actually freeze down, the shooting continued taking shots scenes by the other casts.

And while doing so, Hyun Joong proceeded to rehearsing for its promotion, and I can only assume doing the OST for the drama, isn’t that GREAT!! Songs that I have been wishing for, I cross my fingers to it! There were stills from the location shooting but Hyun Joong was not in those stills!! Well he’s at the studio busy rehearsing with his dancers as we have seen in his latest photo together with his message. Now we are relieved in finding out how he is that apparently he’s just doing fine!

Now let’s get down to a more serious business here and hopefully we can learn something out of the past where Hyun Joong solo career started from. For the new fans who just came in this year and for those who may just be starting to search on the guy, Hyun Joong faced a lot of pain and I would say playful trials in his career before he finally got off the hook and prove himself as a solo artist singer successfully.

It was a lot of pain and misunderstandings between him and those around him including some of his fans. Learning from the past can teach us a better way to face the future head on, this is what I always hear from my folks back in time.

Quite recently a fan shared with me a video clip about the controversial incident in 2010 [“Eng version The Truth of Kim Hyun Joong”] As I watched this video tears just fell from my eyes, it’s in the past yet I felt the pain Hyun Joong had. Then the other day another fan mentioned about this same controversy in my comment box that reminded me about that past again.

I have been hesitant to write about the past controversy that Hyun Joong got entangled with, but I realize there’s a valid lesson learned in that incident. The outcome was too much for Hyun Joong to endure back in time. I believe it somehow affected Hyun Joong’s drama Playful Kiss, plus the pain he had in moving out from his previous agent that he was put to blame by some of his fans for leaving his members.

For a briefer, without getting down to the details, Hyun Joong was entangled in a politically motivated incident created by CEO of his previous agent DSP that was never been Hyun Joong’s fault and had proven his innocence. Hyun Joong revealed the truth behind the incident and the truth set him free.

A managing agent is responsible for their artist protection and not pushing the artist to the quick sand just like DSP did to Hyun Joong back in 2010. If you know that you are no longer safe in the house you are living, wouldn’t you think about  moving out from the house and look for a safer place to live?

I have read a lot about how DSP’s management goes and how incompetent the agent was to their artist particularly Kim Hyun Joong back in 2010. But despite of it, here’s what Hyun Joong said in one of the award’s night, “Mr. Lee (ceo) made me an ordinary high school student into who I am today.” Hyun Joong did not forget where he came from to say he’s ungrateful, on the contrary he still appreciate the agent. He did not violate anything written in his contract with the agent and when it expired, it’s time to move on to the next stage of his career life.

Hyun Joong did the right decision not to renew contract since there was no offer on the side of DSP to begin with. And with the incompetence of DSP, it is unwise to continue working with the company. When Hyun Joong decided to move in to KeyEast as soloist, some of his fans misunderstood his decision. But it was Hyun Joong’s prerogative to choose what agent he wants to work with.

He also was misunderstood that he’s being selfish for leaving his members. But there was no agent who was willing to take the five of them and so all five members came to a decision to go on separate ways doing their individual activities, which I think was a wise decision among the five of them. Some of Hyun Joong fans just jump ship and some turned to haters.

As soon as Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast, his first project was Playful Kiss, and as we all know the drama suffered local TV ratings in Korea, but when the drama was brought out to the international community, it gained a huge attention from the different parts of the world even outside Asia.

I can’t help think if this drama wasn’t good enough then why was it that it even gained huge attention from other countries? Hyun Joong even gained huge number of new fans from around the world!! That was quite strange!! And I would say a big shame on some Korean audience, although not all, for not acknowledging a fine Korean actor who did his best for the drama.

For some fans who jump ship against Hyun Joong, I don’t blame them, to choose whom to support is their right, I got nothing against them. But then maybe if I were to jump ship or I stop supporting Hyun Joong, I would just simply walk away, close down my blog site but I will leave my articles meant for Kim Hyun Joong and everything I have written is true from my heart. I don’t think I can walk out saying something bad about Hyun Joong, I find it to be unprofessional. I may lose confidence in my support but definitely I do not want to lose my credibility as a person. I don’t want to end up eating my own words in the end.

Other fans turned to be haters that until now the shadow of the past is still with them, I won’t blame them either but I just hope their hatred to Hyun Joong were being justified. If they have the right to feel what they feel and the right choose whom they want to support, then how come Hyun Joong was deprive or blamed for his choice and decision? It’s his life, whatever he decides for himself is his right. We fans are just here to support whatever Hyun Joong wants for himself. It’s not for us to decide for him, we do not have any single right over him.

The entire scenario of Playful Kiss in 2010 about having suffered a low rating in Korea and boosting a huge attention in the international community made me think it was a revenge against Kim Hyun Joong, it made me think he was badly misjudged by others. But it turned out those who might have inflicted revenge on Hyun Joong ended up a laughing stuff!! With the results from the international community on Playful Kiss proved success in the drama. Let’s not forget there’s a bigger chunk of fans outside Korea.

Lessons learned, never condemn a person who is being truthful to himself and to others. Vengeance is a foolish intention, one never wins from it on the contrary it backlash to the person with such intent, One can never put a good man down, no matter how one tries. Bad intention leads to frustration and guilt. If they harshly criticize or bash on Hyun Joong, we just have to fleet them away with love, period.!!!

This is also why I said I would not care if Hyun Joong is not popular in his home country, because I believe there will come a time that Hyun Joong will rise up beyond everyone’s expectation. As I have mentioned in my other article, I would give the space and time Hyun Joong needs to attain his goal. I won’t regret for those who lost confidence in him because I believe there’s even better new fans who can remain loyal to him. As Hyun Joong said, “why will I try to please those who do not like me.” He’s right, why bother about those haters!! What good can it led to, if others were just meant to destroy him. He doesn’t need those of course.

May I just mention the video clip [The Truth of Kim Hyun Joong Eng.version] was made by the veteran fans, you may check it out at YouTube, my apology that I could not post it here since I do not have the permission of the owner. If you have not watch it yet do check it out it’s at YouTube.

My hats off to the veteran fans who supported Hyun Joong and had never left his side till the end of the battle all those times when Hyun Joong seemed to be by himself facing those trials during the controversial 2010. But his loyal fans bravely defended and protected him all the way that I truly admired. Whenever I read write ups about the events transpired in 2010, it breaks my heart just to imagine how Hyun Joong and his loyal fans stayed, stood up fighting for the truth and protecting him from being misjudged by other fans during the time Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast.

Those were the gloomy days of Kim Hyun Joong, they said anything happens to us has every reason why it has to happen. Looking back in time it seemed Hyun Joong was being teased by playful trials in his career life. What transpired in 2010 was bound and destined to happened sooner or later, it could also be an eye opener to Hyun Joong that there’s a brighter tomorrow ahead of him that is meant exclusively for him alone. Look at him now, he had proven himself, he never stop working hard, he understood the needs of his fans and gave way in providing those needs from him.

For the elder fans is it not, such a great joy to see their favorite grandson learning to walk and talk? For me, seeing Hyun Joong’s fans how they grow in numbers is such a joy because the more number of fans Hyun Joong gains, the greater his strength and inspiration would be. The greater demands on his public exposure the more chances we see and hear from him, in concerts, his music, his dramas whatever there may be for Hyun Joong. It’s such a chain reaction that in the end we fans do benefit from Kim Hyun Joong’s  growth because it is him who brings us joy everyday as we watch and hear from him.

Now we see a different Kim Hyun Joong, that no matter how tired he may be in every after concert he performs, he’s happy that he wants to go back to the stage and perform again. Hyun Joong now is confident in pushing himself a bit further in attaining his fans desire to be with him in the fan meeting concert.

To the extent of giving all the chances to meet each and every fan and reach out to come up closer to him. He is now full of inspiration as we read his recent message to us, we may not see him eye to eye, but we can feel from his message that is happy and inspired in surprising us with something new. He is now much stronger than ever to face another tomorrow having you as his fans staying by his side.

Gone with the gloomy days of trials, and it feels good now to see Hyun Joong happy and free to bring out the very best in him as a solo singer, dancer, and actor. Oh he’s pretty excited writing us about City Conquest that we can look forward to in the coming days. Hyun Joong can’t wait till he promotes his come back drama as he was saying he’s starting to prepare for it. I can feel his childish excitement in his message and I really find him sweet to reciprocate, he knows now how much we miss him!!Gone from the playful trials he had in the past that now I’m so happy for Kim Hyun Joong.

Life is full of ups and downs, we can not discount Kim Hyun Joong from among those ups and downs, the journey isn’t done as yet there may be teasing Playful Trials along his way but this time he face it head on with a smile knowing you as his fans are there beside him to love and support…as his strength and inspiration.

                                                                                             LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!    Funarts by LK.


40 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PLAYFUL TRIALS

  1. I certain that every one KHJ ‘fan club waiting new serie.
    I want to say ..many thank to all peaple who have concern every news and share to every one know status of KHJ…. Hope continue support us support KHJ …. love ((^*^))

  2. Thanks a lot miss LK, i’m his fan from S’pore. ^^
    I know more about HJ after reading ur blog…and really appreciate for ur efforts for our only one prince. Of course he is the ONLY ONE Korean KPOP IDOL for me and i idolize him a lot…not just for his talent,handsomeness or popularity, I LOVE THE WAY HE IS. I ADMIRE HIS PERSONALITY AND HARD WORKING ALL THE TIME FOR HIS FANS…HE IS REALLY DESERVE ENOUGH FOR THIS!!
    The more i know about him..the more i admire and Love him so Much<3<3
    Keep going on dear~Hwaiting!!

  3. Thank you very much for sharing this to us. This is my first time to know that Hyun Joong suffered a lot in the past. But he was able to surpassed them and look at him now. He is so successful for he gains a lot of honors for himself. He looks very happy these days. I can see and feel his contentment. He shares this happiness with his fans. He is so grateful with fans who stay with him till now. He loves his fans very much. He did many things for them during his fan meetings in the different countries and cities he visited. I hope to hear more from you about the latest happenings in the life of Kim Hyun Joong. Again thank you very much. Take care.

  4. HE wasn’t popular in korea?must be kidding!HE IS KOREAN STYLE ICON for 3 years in a row.HI is KING OF CF,SEOUL TOURIS AMBASADOR HE IS AN ANGEL OF KOREA. what a basic of being popular if HE is not popular in korea?sorry LK, I just feel not right.God bless Sis…wish you have new news about our boy.

    • Sis what I’m saying is that those fans who jump ship even until now they are trying to say he is not popular in Korea, So for me even he’s not popular in Korea I would not care there’s a bigger fan base outside Korea. These people are sour grapes so I’m simply rebutting to their opinion as I share mine regardless of the titles he had gained. And it’s true even he doesn’t have those title many still loves him. We love HJ as a person as he is and not because he is popular. I’m very sure we feel the same way.
      Oh I really hope we can get updates it really so rare these days, we shall wait though. thank you sis as always, have a nice day and take care! God bless.

  5. Hello everyone!! this is what i love about this blog site… the LOVE and SUPPORT for hyun joong is pouring. as what they saying people knows less always have more to say,so to all the
    haters who happen to know less about this guy…have life and go wherever you want to…
    FIGHTING everyone!!!!! Keep it up ms LK! by the way there is one missing……. where is RAZOR?

    • Hello there sis!! Insects do have life, they breath they eat and sleep, and their best hobby is to talk!! That’s life parang buhay!!LOL
      Have a great day sis as always thanks for guarding around!! LOL See you!

    • that’s what his haters say he’s not popular!! We don’t need to prove his popularity to see is to believe!! Records are more credible that what they say!! Thanks dear and Have a nice day! hey take care!! see you again!

  6. Thank you, LK for sharing about the split from DSP. I am still curious as to what the political controversy was? Was it just with him splitting with his brothers in ss501 or was there really something political about it? S. Koreans are fierce when they decide something is wrong or right. I feel so sorry that he had to experience that kind of disappointment in his own country. I am glad we, his international fans, were able to come along side of him and lift him up. I know he has some S. Korean fans too… but, honestly… most of the fans that visit you and me on my blog are not from S. Korea. This is sad to me. They have this beautiful person in Kim Hyun Joong and they should be proud of his accomplishments world wide.

    Ah well… like he says… why should he worry? He has his Alien family from all countries and walks of life… he doesn’t need the negatives!

    Ahhhh… when I saw his sweet face in my email today.. I was so happy, I got misty eyed. I said, “Hello, agi (baby)!” like saying good morning to my beloved son or brother. Oh, I do love him to pieces! I would be lost without seeing him here every day and knowing him more intimately through your revealing pieces. Thank you so much! We are forever in the debt of Kim Hyun Joong and Lazer Kim!

    Love you sis!

    • Hi Angie you may watch the video clip it states the controversy which happened in January 18 2010, while his contract expired in June 8 2010. It’s two separate incidents but just the same HJ was badly criticized and both incidents were not his fault.
      thank you have a nice day! take care and see you again!

  7. Hi LK,
    Your article reminds me of those painful days and I wish this time CQ will prove HJ abilities to those people whose criticized HJ.
    As for PK, I think one of the reasons it got low rating was because of the air-time. It’s aired a bit late in the night during school days. Students, who’s the main target can’t watch it unlike BOF which aired during school break. At that time, Kim Tak Goo already captured tons of followers before PK aired (just like BOF) and then Dae Mul, how could PK compete with such giants like that with a week story line (though in my opinion it’s a cute and heart warning drama but it’s too slow for KR taste). KR like twist and turn story, PK just not suit their taste.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Oh I see I got it. But BOF was aired 11pm too, Just my opinion but I think if I want to watch a drama I will no matter what time it airs and this is everyday watching. I believe TV network qualifies their program according to age range, just like in my country, TV networks are bound to air programs for the teens at the right timing. Whatever the drama gains or lose is the same with the TV network.
      Thank you Have a nice day and see you again!!

      • I mean when BOF was airing children were allow to stay up late (they don’t need to go to school in the morning) but in case of PK they were not allow (coz they need to get up early in the morning to go to school).
        At that time, I was curious about how they measure the rating and found that they installed the boxes (for collecting data) in SELECTED houses, how they selected the house is still the mysterious to me. Though PK got high downloaded rating but it just that. I’m sure if they measure streaming rate rather than that box it will be another story. PK might get No.1 because of us international fans :).

        • TV networks consider the age range i’m sure about that otherwise they lose too. Yes precisely, that’s why I mentioned in this article PK rated better outside Korea. Koreans were quite surprised about the turn out viewing at YouTube and that’s the only time they started watching PK through the internet. Viewing through internet is becoming a threat to TV networks in Korea bcoz of this PK that really attracted their attention, TV networks are bound to lose one way or another.
          Yes I agree with you PK is no. 1 bcoz of international fans, of course we’re bigger than Korea in terms of numbers, Korea is just a fraction from the rest part of the world where HJ fans are!!! Thank anyway!! PK indeed is a success!

  8. Since HE was young,HE already understand what’s the LIFE. When His family have a problem, HE gave the money to HIS brother to continue study in america.He knows how to keep the money, HE is banker by nature.Feel painful think about HIM, but feel proud in the same time.HE is TOUGH GUY, With calm look. I really can’t understand why some people dislike HIM? Keep on search the old video of HIM, none of those hurting others… Love HIM more… Support HIM forever. Thanks sis,we believed… Our boy now more confident and matured to facing HIS HARD LIFE.god bless and thaks 3x alot to your
    Sincerity to write about our THE ONLY ONE WACKY PRINCE.

    • Oh that was a beautiful true to life story of Hyun Joong, his brother was about to stop from school because his parents could not afford to support his studies, HJ placed a bank check in a book and gave it his brother, saying read the book you don’t need to stop from school!! his brother is elder than him!
      Thanks for sharing sis, see you again take care! Have a nice day!

    • Hi there!! i was hoping you could read this article, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts honestly i was struck by your thoughts, and it didn’t left my mind for days that’s why i decided to write about it. For months since i started writing I have been avoiding this topic because it’s heavy on the chest but reading it from you I was then inspired, thank you ampjaz.
      Have wonderful day ahead of you, take care and see you again! God bless…

      • thanks for your words, I read you blog everyday, and you really get the feeling of his fans, you appreciate our thoughts I am happy that you read our messages in order to inspire you to write. I just hope that KHJ read you blog too. You really read another comment from me if i feel it deserve any other comment. As i am geminis like him (just 3 days of difference) I had a personality exactly as his, It is funny but it was why I am connected and I am now following him, It took me years to be confident , I am shy too at the beginig and a little 4D that my husband sometimes laught and others he was confused
        Many people consider me special ….mmm I dont think so
        well sorry for that , but you just inspired me to tell it.
        Ok have a nice inspired night to write your next writing about our dear idol,

        • hahaha I’m just being truthful to myself, everyday writing is not easy specially updates are very rare!! I encourage my readers to share their thoughts too so that others may learn from you. Times like this when it’s boring without HJ, we can share our thoughts about him since he inspires everyone of us. My readers do read comments too and at times they reply and share their opinion which is stimulating, this is an open blog except that I do not allow bashing all we have is love even sometimes we get frustrated like some haters and insects can be irritating but we have to live with them unfortunately!! LOL Thank a lot see you again Goodnight dear!!

  9. Ayyyyye..i just watched the video…its been 2 yrs. but i could still feel the pain he has during that time..ohhh DSP im sorry you did waste a pot of GOLD..LOL!..HyunJoong’s journey in life as an artist is tough and yet victorious everytime.Yes as he reaches for his dreams lets not forget that there might be lots of twists and turns he has to overcome ahead..and i believe he’s an overcomer!!..Hwaiting HJ!
    Thank you LZ..have a HYUNdream!..God bless us all together!!

    • Hi sis! Yeah you’re right, the video is enough proof to enlighten us about the incident I just don’t want to touch on political matters….baka ako ma chugi nun diktador kun sino man un!!LOL mabigat nga sa dibdib Yeah you’re right it’s in the past but still hurts.
      Thanks sis! Goodnight have a happy dream!! see you! God bless..

  10. thank you for sharing this with us. you are a gifted writer, as you write with your heart. it makes reading your blogs so worthwhile. i enjoy learning more about KHJ thru you and other people who i know sincerely loves but most of all respect him. For a person (KHJ) to earn such respect from his fans makes him more of a winner in any contest or award giving body. he deserves our support and prayer knowing that he will excel in whatever thing he wants to do, it maybe singing (which he has proven lots of times already) and the challenges of acting again.

    LK, thank you as you inspire me to know him more and as i continue to read your blogs, i find myself more fascinated and in awe of the person we admire. God bless.

    • Hello Irene!! Thank you for reading, pleasure is mine to write about him. the guy has a very interesting story that can inspire us a lot even his pains I agree with you he’s the most deserving among the Kpop idols i should say.
      Have a great day take care and see you again! God bless..

      • supporting him will never be tiring. all the things he goes through and gone through proves that he is human who can feel pain, even defeat. but just like any warrior, he stands up back on his feet with more strength. let’s give him credit for that. in the short period of time that i learned bout his life, he has shown lots of wit, compassion and love. he is indeed an extraordinary person. that even makes me want to visit korea soon.each article that i read/video that i watch makes me feel closer to him.

        Goodnight and God bless everyone.loving and supporting him doesn’t feel like a futile thing to do coz each and everyone of his fans are being loved and appreciated by him. KHJ, fighting. He has gone through all those pains, the pains that make him what he is right now, wiser and greater than he was before. it gives him the reason to strive harder, to prove that he is not what people thought he is. Be strong and take courage my friend, we are all behind you.

  11. Good morning ms Lk. Just woke up and got read of your article today. Haiyys, i still need to do more research about the past life of khj hehehe! But seriously i never know the full details when he left dsp. All i know is that no agent would accrpt them as a group. The other stories behind the playful hardships during those days which khj experienced in details that i do not know. Thanks ms Lk i will watch the vid clip.
    Well, as the saying goes you can not please everybody. Just let hj harvest the good deeds he has planted. All the alien family will support him no mattet what. We can not do anything with those haters but as what you have said they can not put a good man down.

    • Naku kanina ka pa pla i’m sorry for delayed reply. Ah read Dark Moments many sad memories there of HJ. You’re right nothing can be done with the haters mamatay sila sa ingit!! mga insekto!!! baygon baygon….Thanks hanz see you again!! take care

      • Aigoo! While watching the vid clip my heart was torn into pieces. I felt all the pain he has been through during that great trials of his life. Grabe! Nagawa yun ng pamilyang nagpalaki sa kanya at nag alaga for five years. I admired him so much how he stood strong amidst the controversy. In the end he succeed! God is so good to him.

    • You may watch the video so that you can understand the incident I didn’t elaborate about it anymore because that one is political. thanks a lot, see you again and have a nice day!!

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