Kim Hyun Joong…[article] JAKSAL HERO

By: LazerKim               Kim Hyun Joong doing the dishes at Jaksal made big news not only at the different internet sites, but also at the local news paper of HongKong!! Can you beat that, the Jaksal Hero just popped out!! I can’t help but laugh as someone from the twitter posted the local newspaper from HongKong and having the pictures of Kim Hyun Joong doing the dishes! To the fans who took picture shot of Hyun Joong at Jaksal and sharing it with us, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have made many people happy!!

Now I’m having certain conclusions that Hyun Joong’s fans are indeed resourceful and can bring out good news about Kim Hyun Joong that we fans always take pride. I was thinking Hyun Joong might have seen the picture at the internet, and he knew how his fans miss him a lot. Hyun Joong immediately reciprocated by writing his message to us, and that was very thoughtful of him and so sweet as he mentioned, he was itching in letting the public know that he was not lying but working, as Hyun Joong stated what to look forward from him after being away from the cameras for quite sometime.

I knew it the moment that picture was out there at the internet would be a surprise it not shock to the general public even the photos were not intended for publicity, considering that certain moment captured by a fan cam was during Hyun Joong’s private period since he wasn’t working as an artist but as a restaurant owner. Without Hyun Joong even being aware of, it was a good example of being a businessman’s role model. As a star who ventures in a different field should learn how to go down to basics no matter how far his fame had taken him.

By this way and by the time a star falls down from the sky would not be too painful to endure!! What I’m trying to say is that, in showbiz there’s such a thing as expiration date, just like the products we are buying. In reality, being an artist in showbiz is not a lasting profession. And I’m sure Kim Hyun Joong is very much aware about this as I was reading from his interview that he set his lay out plan for his career, from the present till he reach his age 30 and after his military duties.

Hyun Joong is so smart that he started building his restaurant expanding it and maintaining a goodwill name of Jaksal.  In reality, Jaksal can be Hyun Joong’s fall back when the time comes he closes down his curtain.The first time he exposed the existence of this restaurant was back in 2008 during the time he was filming BOF, and disclosed the history of Jaksal.

For a briefer, the name Jaksal was derived from Hyun Joong’s dog name, which I do not know if he’s still alive, but I understand his dog name Jaksal was being owned by his family. When Hyun Joong was still in high school, he had two childhood friends whom he is currently keeping. The three of them made a promise that whoever became successful they will put up a chicken restaurant. These are kiddie talks and dreams that who would ever expect to come in reality? Hyun Joong was the first to became successful, and went back to his friends to fulfill the promise. Hyun Joong placed the investment and start on the first outlet.

In one talk show, Hyun Joong was asked if he ever has a financial handler and he said he does his financing by himself. This talk show was only last year so I was assuming he is still on his own, which doesn’t surprise me at all, because even in his kiddie years he already knows what a bank is and what its purpose. Hyun Joong grew up saving money and he’s a practical financial handler. He’s not a big spender that will only end up in a trash can that no one can benefit from. He is smart when it comes to money matters but never been selfish, he always have a slice of the cake for his family and the less fortunate.

From his younger years he learned the value of life and money since everything he earns comes from his own sweat. We all know how Hyun Joong struggled learning about life the hard way yet still manage to provide to the needs of his family at the young age. We know very well how he never fails to share what he got to the extent of being stingy to himself so as he has something bigger to share with others. That’s him until at time and have not change ever since.

Being an entrepreneur it is just right to know the responsibilities of each subordinate an owner has, and it is just right to have a hands on experience in running the business. Although in the case of Hyun Joong being the CEO of the Jaksal he has store managers to run each outlets respectively. I understand Hyun Joong is the major financier of Jaksal that he doesn’t need to physically operate the entire nine outlets. In short, he is being a responsible owner, if he loses any of his staffs he can fill in and do the job. In small business entity this can be done but since Jaksal is getting to its expansion of nine outlets, there’s much more that Hyun Joong is responsible with.

In my other articles I have written about Hyun Joong’s being a commercial model, that he has to keep a good personal reputation, that it is not only looks that big companies look for who can be their official endorser and to represent their prestigious company name. Just the same with Jaksal, the fact that Hyun Joong owns the store, he represents the name not only as a commercial model for Jaksal but as the CEO. One of the Jaksal managers who is Hyun Joong’s partner stated, that they are very careful in terms of the restaurant reputation because they carry the name Kim Hyun Joong.

In this case it’s two way traffic there, Hyun Joong has to keep his name clean or he loses the integrity of Jaksal or Jaksal management has to keep a good restaurant reputation since the store carries the name of Kim Hyun Joong. I would say this is a big responsibility for Hyun Joong to be taken extra care of. Global expansion for Jaksal can be possible, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there may be business proposals with Hyun Joong on global franchising of Jaksal.

Franchising is good although there are advantage and disadvantage considering the name Kim Hyun Joong is attached with the franchising. Let’s not forget he is not a commercial model for Jaksal, he is the CEO. And the more the business expands the greater Hyun Joong’s responsibilities are being the CEO of Jaksal. In the restaurant industry there are many matters to consider in terms of global expansion for obvious reasons we’re talking about food here. Business wise this can be a good strategy since Hyun Joong’s growing popularity in Japan is a great advantage and this goes with Jaksal too.

Since the store is becoming popular too specially with the recent incident happened as Hyun Joong was caught unaware doing the dishes in his restaurant!! And knowing it was totally innocent not intended for no reason,  just a fan happened to be at the store while Hyun Joong was caught up unexpectedly. Now the news had reached HongKong, I will not be surprised if by this time it’s already in Japan and I’m telling you the Japanese would love that and would say “Hyun Joong san kawai”! Meaning cute! Not unless Japanese media will again suppress the news!! If you know what I mean!

As Hyun Joong’s fans, we do attend to his concerts and his other events, we watch his dramas, we support his albums and probably anything that is being attached to his name. We do follow whatever updates we can read about him but we are not aware what may be currently behind him other than being our idol. Hyun Joong had disclosed the existence of Jaksal and here I am talking about his other basic responsibilities as a businessman in the world of restaurant industry. Hyun Joong has so much on his shoulders both as an artist who craves for further talent enhancement that he’s been working very hard, and as a businessmen who’s responsible in providing food service to everyone who steps in to Jaksal.

He has all of these in hands jointly, if he losses one he’s bound to lose the other, likewise if he succeed, he wins both. His restaurant staffs depends him as the CEO, KeyEast depends on him too being their artist representing the company. With all these responsibilities would you still be surprised if even his personal desire takes the back seat? One single mistake on his part can blew up what he had build for himself. I can only speak for myself but as a fan, my blog is always prepared to defend and protect the Prince. I guess this is the essence of this blog site other than sharing love for the Prince.

Hyun Joong has been very truthful and honest to himself and to those whom he deals with which is vital to any business. He’s smart, he knows exactly where he stands, keeping his feet firmly on the ground no matter how the heights of his success has brought him to, as Hyun Joong maintained his good reputation as star and as a person in reality. He is an independent minded person that no one can dictates on him, but he do listens to wisdom.

He knows his priorities in life and he knows exactly what he wants and what he is capable of attaining. Except for one thing, he lives with no high expectations, that he just kept going and never stop trying his best giving everything what he got and that is why he was totally overwhelm by the returns he receives from both success in his career and in business. He remained humble and modest at all times that made other people draws near him.

Kim Hyun Joong is one person at a very young age that we can learn a lot from him in his experience and from himself as a person, being a truly role model to anyone regardless of social status. What seemed to be a childhood dream with his kiddie friends turned out a dream come true! Hyun Joong and his friends may just be dreaming of a small business entity just to survive, but that dream was more than Hyun Joong’s expectation of what Jaksal should be. By simply being himself in reality in keeping a good reputation had brought his Jaksal to even huge success just like in his career, that we take pride being his fans and followers.

Kim Hyun Joong once said “big dreams made me a better person.” A star hero he made in the showbiz world and a Jaksal Hero he made in the business world, both are dreams made possible through his humbleness and sincere hard work….

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!


30 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] JAKSAL HERO

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  2. HELLO, LK!! I think the youngest fans of HJ is 1 1/2 yrs old..believe it or not…my Korean grandson!…everytime I open my LT, he will stop playing & stand in front of the table, he knew that my LT’s wallpaper is HJ (Ji Hoo’s pic)…as soon as he saw the pic he will bow and said ayoeng, ayoeng (baby’s talk) he will clap his hands and dance, the same way as he heard HJ’s Breakdown…..Jane laugh so loud coz he knew HJ well…..not only his pics in my LT, even during his BD promo @ Mnet he will sit down on the floor and watch HJ, followed HJ’s movements….clap his little hands after the performance…..

    HJ got the attentions even the little kids……so sad I didn’t got any pictures or vids while bowing & clapping his hands & smilling so sweetly…his little finger point @ HJ on the TV….like halmoni, like grandson….hahahaha

    More power to your blog…keep it up!

    God bless you always!

  3. Aigoo! The humbleness pics of hyun joong spreads like a virus… and in fairness he is so cuteeeeee!!!!
    My admiration for him grows deeper and deeper each day… may God bless this man.
    Take care ms Lk and God bless you too. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    •’re right there, i think it was the angle shot how it was taken..that’s why!!..but actually he’s bulking bigger now..keke..muchomucho ‘MATCHO MAN”.. *wink*

  4. Hi LK! Anyong! I am so pleased to see more photos of my Angel Prince working at his restaurant. He is so agiyo (cute) no matter what he does. The photo of him bending and picking up boxes off the floor with his employee right there busy side by side is the one that made me go OHHH! So Agiyo! I love him love him love him love him!

    I am going to beg him to put in a Jaksal Chicken here in OKC USA. If I had investment money, I would franchaise it myself. I have looked at the menu and I think it would really go over well here because Americans love their fried chicken with different sauces! HAAAA HAAA! We call them “wings” or boneless wings… here in the South part of the Nation is where fried chicken is a staple! A typical southern meal is Fried Chicken… Mashed Potatoes or French Fries… Corn on the Cob, Cole Slaw, Baked Beans and rolls or Biscuits. It’s terrible for you nutritionally. LOL!

    I know the food at Jaksal is Korean… but, I think the fried chicken with different sauces concept would be the best way to introduce it to Americans! *sigh* dream a little dream with me. Maybe I can fund raise to gain the capital to start the franchaise here… what do you think? I hope he would read some of my blog and know how much I respect and love him. Then he could trust me to protect the name of Kim Hyun Joong and Jaksal here in the USA. I am already doing that! 😀

    I think Jaksal is probably no longer living. But, what a lucky puppy! He gets to look down from the Rainbow Bridge and watch his beloved Hyun Joong being so successful. If you don’t know what the Rainbow Bridge is… it’s the place where pets go to Heaven to wait for their owners to return to them! Jaksal is so happy waiting patiently for Hyun Joong and lending Angel blessings from up there! Haaa!

    Night LK! Luv you sis!

  5. Hello! LK…I feel so happy when I read your articles about KHJ, same as daily news!…especially when I’ m so blue in my life….I learned so much about him, because of the way he lives his life..his outlook & his attitude in life…he’ s an inspiration to the old & the young!!!…Ahmmm!.. I want to send a gift to KHJ..Do you know KHJ’ address…Please tell me,too…Thank U so much…GOD BLESS FOR U & KHJ FAN CLUB!…

    • Hello there!1 Here’s KHJ mailing address:
      6th floor American Standard Bldg.
      110-1 Samsung – dong Gangnam-gu
      Seoul, 135-090 S.Korea
      Thanks for dropping by I’m sure he’ll get hold of your present. See you again take care have a nice day!!

  6. Hi Lazer, thanks for your article. This is my first comment. Well i just wanted to let you know, i am big fan of kim hyun joong since last year, I knew him through PK, after that i did search about him every day, i become so addict to him. Without him, i feel something missing.. I watched all of his group video, show , concert, and many more. Hmm, I never being fan to any star before even hollywood star.. This is would be my first and last to became fan only for our star kim hyun joong. I so exhausted and digging more about him every day, read your article and never get bored.. Even, sometime i got complain from my bf, i dont have much time for him since i knew our KHJ, hahahha never mind.
    So sad, i have not join to any fan club as henecian officially. How do i join it? I am from Sydney australia.
    Thanks heap!!!

    • Hi there! In joining Henecia there is a definite month that they welcome new comers in joining i think it opened in May so i’m not aware about the next schedule since i don’t belong to any fan club. But i do hope the veteran fans can read your comment, and they can respond to you from here. I’ll try to get some inquiries too.
      Thank you so much for dropping by and nice meeting you here!! See you again! Oh pls don’t neglect your BF, just divide your time LOL!!! take care!

  7. hmmmm…what a guy!!..wanna help him..LOL!!!..while reading i have this kind of feeling that HJ already aware of your Articles about him LZ *touch wood*..i dont know am not telling exactly yes for that but its been almost a year since you’ve started this blog for him and i do feel he’s already looking forward for your everyday dose…yes i do hope it reaches on his lap by now and been traslated for him..hahaha
    Have a good day ahead!!..HWAITING!!

    • wwwhhaaa….how did you know??? I haven’t told anyone!!
      it’s almost one year on Dec 24 was my first official article written, I first followed him on Oct 22 2011. Gosh time flies so fast I cross my finger to make it to 365 articles!! this one is my 264th article, i still have a long way to go!! LOL
      Thanks sis, I know you’ve been busy lately but thanks for dropping by, you’re truly an angel!! take care have a nice evening and see you again!!

      • OMG!! are detailed with your fangirling clock..LOL!!..hahaha..bow to that, me myself am not jotting it down..*blush* i just remember during the time of his Breakdown Album , the breakdown hair ..LOL!!… Well i’ve done reading your articles from the beginning “White Christmas” if am not mistaken~~D *corrected by* i wish really that he(KHJ) had been aware of your Articles if not him then those who are close to him *wishing*..
        Yup just back from my morning routine and here popping out a bit..PLS. do take care..see you around LZ..GOD bless you!!..mwaaahh!

  8. XD you don’t know how much I laughed when I saw that our walking dish-washer made it to a HK newspaper xD I even told my brother ’bout this since he knows how much I luv KHJ XD and he laughed too .-. so today I’m gonna share my nephew’s story xD He’s actually my cousin’s son but we are so close that I feel he’s my real nephew lol Well, ever since he was born (6 years ago) everytime I’d visit him, we’d watch a ss501 dvd xD (his mom and dad don’t know anything about korean music xd) I also always show him HJ pics when he asks for my cellphone to play games on it xD ok so there was this Sunday I went to his house and he came to hug me xD and told me in my ear: ‘I watched Hyun Joong’s movie today’ xd and I was like ‘what? really? when? tell me’ He said: I was watching tv in the morning and HJ was on the tv (me: omfg he must have seen boys over flowers) xD then he was like: ‘he was with a girl, at school’ mwahahahaha xD and my bro said: nah, maybe he doesn’t see the difference between those korean men on the drama e.e XD So I asked my nephew: hmm tell me, what color was Hyun Joong’s hair? and he said: it was kinda yellow XD MWAHAHAHA XD so yeah he recognized HJ xd I think it’s quite awesome for a 5 yr-old non-asian kid (he was 5 by that time) now he’s 6 lol! xD and he always says that HJ is beautiful lol ^^ I agree lmao xd You read my mind, Lazer! I also thought he posted a msg ‘cuz he realized that we missed him like crazy and were overjoyed with the simple shots of him doing the dishes. Have a wonderful day everybody!

    • LOL this is the most hilarious story I have ever read!! Now I have to change HJ’s age range of fans that would be from 6-70 yrs old!! Your nephew is the youngest!! Thanks for sharing!! HJ is so sweet that’s all i can say!! see you again take care oh have a hilarious day!!

      • OH, LK and Razor… I have seen pics of little fans as young as 3 or 4 years old sitting on his autograph table. I know these little ones know how awesome Hyun Joong is! In one video clip, a little girl was sitting on the table and he reached out and shook her tiny little hand. She smiled and blushed ducking her head! LOL! Don’t tell me she doesn’t already have a crush on Hyun Joong! HAAAA!

        😀 Luv u too, sis Razor! You’re comments always make me smile and laugh!

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  15. Hello unnie!!

    If he puts up a branch in my country, I will go there every day just like Ha Ni went to the restaurant where Seung Jo worked!! And also I will help in “washing dishes” saying them that I’m one of their CEO’s fans!! LOL!! But it’s a long way because even Korean wave is not popular in my country.
    When I saw the pic in newspaper I too laughed. Just a simple stolen shot taken by a fan had made news on international newspaper! I fell like that fan has become the Jaksal heroine!.. LOL! Many many thanks to her. At time where we miss him to death she just gave us oxygen.

    Thank you unnie. I too miss you. But at least you come closer to me every day through these wonderful articles. Do take care. May Triple Gem bless you, HJ and aliens!! I wonder whether aliens in mars too get the blessings! Hahaha.. Have a Hyunderful day!!

    • LOL great idea!! If ever he puts up an outlet in my country I shall apply for a job there I studied hotel & restaurant mgt so very much applicable!! LOL He’s popular in my country yyyaaahhhoo!! LOL Fly to my country we’ll manage one outlet LOL wouldn’t that be fun!! Oh I’m so happy!! HJ is so contagious i’m sure the blessing had reached mars!! Have a happy hyun day too!! take care see you again,,,God bless..

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  17. Спасибо за рассуждения. Хочу сказать, что я верю в Ким Хен Чжунга. Он действительно очень умен и умеет прислушиваться к мудрости. А мы- его поклонники. Будем его поддерживать и любить.

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