Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PRECIOUS MESSAGE

By: LazerKim          Here’s a good news!! Kim Hyun Joong finally wrote to his fans as his 20th letter dated yesterday September 17th 2012.  I got the translation from twitter last night, that I would like to thank OnlyKHJtimes for sharing the translation and posting the message, your effort is very much appreciated, thank you. Here’s the message as follows:


KHJ’s 20th msg, translated by OnlyKHJtimes】
It’s been a long time to write at the official website.
Despite of today’s typhoon, I’ve been busy doing this and that like practicing for the City Conquest promotion in Japan, filming, and preparing a new album.
I am preparing songs and choreography scheduled to be released next year..
I am not lying and taking only rest even during the time off ㅋㅋㅋ
I will work hard in filming City Conquest, please watch it later, and let your friends informed and watch it^^

I watched the edited version of it, objectively speaking, I enjoyed it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Now autumn is here after hot summer and Chuseok(Korean thanksgiving) is coming soon, are you guys gonna visit your home town??
Have a safe trip^^ without any accident..
I also wanna film and release my album in Korea T_T
I’m itching madly…cuz nothing’s been shown to the public even if I’ve been working…feel like I am doing nothing, even if I’ve been busy. I might… get sentimental in the fall.
Just kidding^^

I am sorry these days I have not cared much of my official website. I am gonna come back with a great(daebak) album and a great(daebak) drama^^
Please stay tuned and ready for catching up with me, I am dreaming and preparing for something new, as always^^

Don’t complain everytime, when I make a big push and I take time off. — I am gonna suprise you ㅋㅋ
Oh, and^^ this is my gift, ‘HJ in Mir mode'(*photo he posted with this message)

So there you have it, reading straight from the Prince and his latest photo that looks like a boxer!! What’s the favorite season for Hyun Joong? The answer is winter!! Why? Because during winter there are no real  insects like mosquitoes, moth, or any flying object!!. And knowing he hates insects so Hyun Joong prefers the freezing coldness of winter. The guy doesn’t stop even we don’t see him around surely he’s cooking something inside his cocoon! He has been preparing for his new album during this break period from shooting City Conquest.

I was smiling while reading this message that my imagination run wild again!! As if I can imagine a mom saying to him “Hyun Joong ah what have you been doing? Have you been lying around and doing nothing?”  Hyun Joong would say “Mom I’m doing my homework!!!” I would say Hyun Joong can read our minds and I guess he already knows we’re dead bored hearing nothing from him!! But the guy said, we should not complain, and he’s right!

This time it’s not only the drama that we can look forward to, we can also look forward for another new music that we can get crazy about again!! Oh I’m so happy to read all of these!! Though this is gonna for next year, well, December is just around the corner. We’ll be celebrating Christmas putting on our Christmas decor, be busy with Christmas shopping and before we know it it’s goodbye to 2012, and welcome 2013!!

I had the chance to look a little bit backward on Hyun Joong’s first days of performing solo and what he stated back in 2010 when he newly moved in to KeyEast. I’m still pertaining to the video interview Love Story back in 2010 that Hyun Joong had as he was asked about his worries. As we all know Hyun Joong had been with his members SS501 for five solid years and it was at midyear 2010 that his contract with DSP expired and that gave him the choice to decide on going solo. The first few months of being with a new agent was of course quite a stress for him to adjust to his new environment and the first project given to him was the drama Playful Kiss. Here’s what Hyun Joong stated back in 2010, as he was asked about worries:

Words from Kim Hyun Joong 2010

KHJ:   For me I worry about my drama performance, there were negative opinion over my performance. I don’t expect high admiration. Of course I would be glad to hear audience say “KHJ performance is better than in the previous drama. He must have tried hard.” For the reason I did my best desperately to advance my performance, as of now I don’t have actually feelings, except when I sit in a car alone. As I just transferred to a new company some days ago and immediately started drama shooting. I have not yet known whether solo is good or not. I’m not sure actually.

KHJ:   The fans call me Korean Star or Asian Star but I don’t have actual feeling. I think I may become popular temporarily, even though I didn’t do anything special. They regard me as a star. This is a burden for me, to become a Korean star, I have to live with heaviness as a Korean star on both shoulder.

KHJ:  When I feel a lot of stress piled up, as I am over legal age, I used to drink alcohol and get rid of my stress. It doesn’t mean a binge drinking. After get drunk emboldened by drink, I talk serious matters with my friends, we didn’t talk about light matters. By such method I relieve my stress.

LazerKim View Point

I was teary eyes, and deeply moved while writing the sub from the video clip on this part as I imagine Hyun Joong said he can only feel the worries whenever he’s alone in his car. I can understand it was too much to bear the overwhelming expectations from him as an actor in a new company. Not to mention his anxiety over the lay out plans for his career advancement in performing as solo singer. Hyun Joong previous drama filming for BOF prior to Playful Kiss was in 2008, then after two years he’s acting again. The gap was too wide and therefore the feeling is like starting all over again just like a first timer. But he improved a lot from Playful Kiss, in all fairness, he was given more lines in this drama that he was able to show what he got as an actor. I would say he was more comfortable and he played the role Baek Seung Jo as a self centered person and he did good.

My old folks used to say, if the door of opportunity closed it only mean it’s not for you, because there’s another door to open for you which is better than your expectations. As we all know Playful Kiss suffered a low TV ratings. Hyun Joong admitted he was worried about it but his boss advised him not to worry about TV ratings and just concentrate on his filming, saying it will come around. Hyun Joong was questioned in one of his guested talk shows as to why he chose a similar image for Playful Kiss to his previous drama BOF. He said, “my fans like my flower boy image, other than this, as soon as I read the plot of Playful Kiss, I want to do it and I don’t have any regret for doing Playful Kiss.”

After Playful Kiss was aired in Korea, a special edition of this drama was shown at YouTube garnering 529,000 views in two days, and had garnered over 1.7 million views in just a short span of time. it was also said that viewers are not only from around Asia but even outside Asia, which was quite surprising that CNN even took interest about the drama. Playful Kiss may have suffered TV ratings back home in Korea, without realizing that there’s even a much bigger crowd that acknowledged and appreciated the drama.

After his drama project comes the memorable day June 7, 2011 as Hyun Joong showed an explosive performance that shock the entire world, his fans started growing in numbers until this time. All his albums hit the top in any music chart and yet he never relax and wanted to do more, wanted to improve more. His fans became his strength and inspiration to even work harder, this time Hyun Joong has enough confidence to push a bit further that I think he knows by now why he is called a Star by his fans. As he mentioned in the 2010 interview it was burden for him to be called star since for him he have not done anything yet to be called star. Now he had proven himself as a star who is a more than deserving person to receive much love and support as his fans showed him and let him feel that love.

Hyun Joong mentioned about his vices that his stress reliever is drinking. Little did I know he is also a type of drinker who can talk serious matters over a night cap to release his stress, to release whatever is bothering him or his worries. Then I remember Hyun Joong is a type of person who hardly express himself at times. Now I understand he drinks not only for the fun of it as others does. Then I can only imagine after drinking he sleeps peacefully and face another day fully recharged. Now I understand his vices, and I’m glad somehow he has an outlet, he has friends who can listen to him at times of being piled up with stress and worries.

If Hyun Joong has been our cure and daily stress reliever, I wonder how can we be the same for him? We couldn’t even get near him to comfort!! That’s a no way!! Then maybe we fans can just help him bring him up to his ladder towards stardom, while Hyun Joong has been working hard, he wants to push himself further to attain that quality he wants and he needs in his ability. And we all know the guy is more than deserving, from head to foot, and inside out, we stay by his side being his strength and inspiration.

As for me, I would give all the space that he needs to improve and develop himself further, give all the time he needs to attain what he wants for himself, and I would continue with my support. If we compare what he said in 2010 interview and his current message, from here alone we can compare Hyun Joong’s mood. In 2010 he talks about his worries, in 2012 he talks about bringing surprises to all of us. Reading from his message I can feel he happily talks about City Conquest as he viewed the clips that he finds it interesting.

I’m deeply moved as I can compare both notes from his words and clearly see the difference. I’m so happy for Hyun Joong that he finally built that confidence he needed in 2010. And it’s his fans who gave him that needed confidence to move forward head on, to ease down his worries back in 2010. We treasure every Precious Message that are sent to us by Kim Hyun Joong and keep in our hearts. And with that, may I leave an inspiring message of Lee Sora to Kim Hyun Joong in 2011, as I quote……

“There is a way when all that one hears and sees can be possible, when all the strength are combined together. I sincerely believe that everything Kim Hyun Joong works hard for will come true to the degree that your fans collectively give that force and strength to you.”  from Lee Sora.

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

Photo credits to ahlia, Ms.D thanks!! Funarts by LK


30 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PRECIOUS MESSAGE

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  2. Dear LK my name is Laura Preda im originally from Romania but at the moment I live in Switzerland. I was recently gone home in vacation in my home country and visited some friends and there i descpvered the movie PK. I generally dont watch soup operas i find it boring and a waste of time and it also make you drram too much but i started watching PK
    at first cause i had nothing to do at first and also out of curiosity….buy as the story was unfolding it started it to fascinate me. First was the story then the actors then yhe leanguage

    • Thank you for reading, and nice meeting you here, I have been watching Korean dramas since 2004 since then I stopped watching American movies because i’m already enjoying Koreans, their plot are quite different.
      Have a great week ahead of you and thanks, see you again!! God bless.

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  6. I was trying to understand why playful kiss hadn’t had a low rate in Korea and my conclusion is that as he recently had moved to Key East and remembered that he was accused to be the one and first who wanted to go alone and separate from the group ss501
    No much time before that, he had faced a misunderstanding, when his last boss carried him to a private dictator birthday without anticipation and for his surprise, he was there and couldn’t do anything that only be honest and accepted that he was there and that he didn’t know it beforehand But unfortunately he was hardly criticized so I supposed that he lost a lot of fans
    Other fans later believed that he as a leader should have had to make a lot of efforts to maintain the group together, as it was no possible the fans hadn’t understood why he moved and went to key East alone , and I believe that they tried to punish the leader for that , deciding not to watch his first project , the drama with Key East, they didn’t want to support him turning him the bad of the group and getting antifans who didn’t like to support him. Fortunately with his previous works he gained fame outdoor and those fans, the foreigners were who really supported him, not at home, that is all. He would be really hurt by those people. It is hard to accept but it would be true. Also this drama turns to be the one which was watched for a lot of people on line as I did, It brought me to my teenagers’ days when as him I got married really young and studied after that. My sister is a doctor and I saw how hard was for her to study as she got married with another doctor when they were 21 or 22 and live with his family . For me it is something that happens in the real life and it has no fantasies . He did it well with his magic touch.
    Yesterday a girl at school while talking about soap-operas and artists suggested me *Teacher I recommend you to watch a dorama , that my sister is watching in you tube, it is called “(Todo empezo con un beso, or beso travieso) * Everything started with a kiss or mischievous kiss” And I asked her “ Is it Playful kiss?????” She said “ Yes, yes and the guy is really handsome”.The only thing that I did was to smile and said “Ok I will watch it and we gonna talk about it”. I can add that this PK is a really beautiful story , for me I like it more than BOF, til now people is watching it as well as BOF which yesterday was again airing in my country.

    • Hello there!! Well that’s very unfortunate, but little did Korea realize the out come of PK was a big slap on their faces, it’s really a shame on the country literally because PK brought a huge impact in the international arena not to mention US and other parts of the world outside Korea. It’s a shame Korean (although not all) did not appreciate their very own actor. Everything just backlash on them as a whole. If it was the doings of HJ haters well apparently they end up the losers isn’t it? Just speaking of reality, ONE CAN NEVER PUT A GOOD MAN DOWN no matter how they tried.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, i think it’s high time to write about it and learn the lesson from the past. Have a great day, take care and see you again! God bless…

  7. I don’t know if any of you here get that feeling~when you’re watching videos of hyun joong, you can’t help it but inside you feel so excited and you spazz alot :)~ I’m literally smirking the whole time as I browse entertainments of HJ~I like it but feel and sense I look so stupid on the outside..

    Literally he is pure gold~He’s too good for anyone~ 😀

  8. Dear LK, it seems everybody is in a good mood as Hj left us a message, even though in Korean, but I am sure he knew this will steam the TT and will be translated in a jiff. As Dinu said good to heave a peak sneak at Hj with some pic here and there. But we have to remember what he wrote “Don’t complain everytime, when I make a big push and I take time off. — I am gonna suprise you ㅋㅋ” so we are not to complain and just wait for some surprises, and I for one I am looking forward as Hj is such a perfectionist and inventive person I can wait to see what he has in store for us. He is writting like to his friends, which is so KHJ, showing his relation with his fans, that is part of why we dearly love him, and it is reprocicated. Love the pics as always…..:)

    • Oh Noya everyone got crazy about his message. But I’m so thankful to the fan who had stolen a shot of HJ, i’m sure he had seen it over the internet, and i’m really he felt how his fans miss him!! LOL He’s so sweet and yes his message is so personal as if he’s talking to his best friend!! Well we are his best friend collectively ONLY ONE for him!!
      We shall be together to be at his side patiently waiting whatever is in store for us coming from him and the eagerness ignites again!! as the aliens were asleep and just one day he showed by in a pop and wallah!! well falling all over for him again I guess!! LOL
      Thanks Noya!! as always….you take care i know you have been so busy lately
      but keep it up i’m just here to bring you something about HJ any time. See you again!! god bless…

  9. Hi LK! I’m a new fan of Kim Hyun Jokng from the U.S. and I’ve recently discovered your bloga few days ago. I’d like to thank you for your dedication to KHJ because your blog expresses exactly how I feel about this sincere and humble man. After much resistance of KDRAMA, I fell victim to them due to Netflix. At first, I couldn’t stop thinking about JaeJoong from PTB and caught sight of the KHJ praises. Initially, the photos of F4 boys on BOF turned me off because I thought the men were too flashy/girly but I finally watched It last month and I’ve been hooked on KHJ ever since (heade me forget about JJ). I’m enamoured with him because he’s a walking contradiction. His true personality contradicts with his visual beauty, but he seamless integrates those qualities with his 4D tendencies! I crack up everytime he acts upon his 4D thoughts lol. On top of all that, as if it’s not enough, KHJ is an amazing singer/instrument player/actor/performer! I’m constantly on YT searching for him and I’m so thankful that others feel the same for him as I do! Kim Hyun Joong-ssi is my first and, most likely, my last Asian entertainer. I don’t think anyone can care for his fans the way KHJ does, therefore, I’m proud to be a fan of this talented and humble man.

    • Hello thao!! i hope I got your name right, it’s nice to meet you here and Welcome to the world of KHJ and the aliens. thank you so much for dropping by. I really think I have to thank Netfix for being the bridge in bringing HJ’s drama to US, a lot of you knew him through netfix and I’m so glad you find your way in this blog. I share the same experience as yours as I found HJ from BOF. And i agree with your opinion about HJ. We share with your thoughts you’re not alone we are with you..
      Thank you and see you again! take care and have a nice day ahead of you!! God bless,

  10. Love this post. You never make me disappointed. My dear LK, you have express whatever the older lady look at development of this young 4D Prince. Ha ha the same feeling as me, thanks for sharing. Whoever read this post will be happy too.

    • hahaha….Thank you, for the elders isn’t it it is such a great joy to see their favorite grandson see them learning to walk and talk? For me, seeing the fans how they grow in numbers is such a joy because the more number of fans HJ has the greater his strength and inspiration would be, the more demands on him the more chances we see him. It’s such a chain reaction that in the end we fans do benefit from HJ’s growth because it is him that brings us joy everyday as we watch him.
      hahaha not me…It’s HJ will never disappoint you, there’s always good things about him that can be written everyday!! Thank you so much, have a great day and take care…see you again! God bless..

  11. Thanks ms LK! city conquest, upcoming new album.CC promotional events there’s many things to look forward to…i can’t waaaaaaaaait! How i wish this year will end up so soooon! LOL

  12. When I read that I swear I almost did my special happy dance lol! I love his msgs, they are always so cute ^^ & 4D XD I laughed at that ‘feel like I am doing nothing’ lol xddd I’m glad we are gonna hear new songs by him kinda soon \(^-^)/ I can’t waaaait! and City Conquest well… I can’t wait either xD I dunno if it’s gonna be broadcasted this or next year xd but as long as it isn’t after 2050 then I can wait patiently ||| Well Lazer, my best friend has been actually a HJ fan for many years xd that’s why I wanted to kill her when she said that about HJ’s acting .-. |||| You know when I showed my sis the walking dish-washer pics xD (besides laughing at him lol) she was like, ‘in Jaksal they should hire more ppl’ xd and then I saw on twitter they were actually hiring personnel haha xD I wish it was fall but nope xd it’s spring here… though it’s just 6°C it seems winter doesn’t want to say good bye \o/ and booo I don’t like spring/summer even though that’s the time I work the most ‘cuz it’s full of concerts xD ||| You know my beautiful nephew always says HJ is handsome when I playfully show him his pics LMAO XD and he just turned 6 yrs old xd I have a hilarious story about him and HJ that I will tell here someday xD Have a nice day everybody!

    • After reading the message and after writing this article, I was staring at empty space then I thought about Christmas!! it’s my first year anniversary becoz I wrote my 1st article in dec.24 My Christmas Dream I spent my xmas watching video clips of KHJ. *sigh* time fly so fast!! It feels like it was only yesterday when i was in search of other KHJ fans. I might as well write about it, i just feel empty today because it’s so gloomy day, the sun didn’t come out the whole day!! Have a nice day!! see you razor!!

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  14. Hello unnie!! it’s been a while. How are you doing? I really love today’s article. His messages are not just messages but most awaited messages by alien family. We truly miss him and I know how happy everyone is to hear from him. Above all the things, it’s glad to know that he’s doing fine and enjoying his work. I can wait and wait and wait and wait forever as long as I know he’s happy and fine. (But hope someone could share stolen shots of him once in a while.. LOL!)
    Oh and I would love to mention, Seung Jo is the one who brought our Prince HJ closer to me..

    Thank you unnie.. Taka care always.. May Triple Gem Bless you, HJ and Aliens…

    • Hello dinu!! Gosh i miss you girl!! it’s been a while too since the last time we saw him yeah i miss him too, waiting is just like ordeal but there’s so much to look forward and I am really glad to hear from him at last!!
      Nice to hear from again dinu I truly miss you1 Can’t have time to stay at twitter for so long, work is killing me!! Take care always, thank you so much and see you again! God bless…

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  16. OH, LK! How strange that you ended this post with a quote from Lee Sora as I was just watching that interview while writing my latest post! So strange how we seem to get on the same page without even communicating with each other! LOL!

    OH! I was so happy to read his message! It seems he is happy and looking forward to his next projects with enthusiasm. My heart is full before I go to sleep! I was also thrilled to find some pictures of his promotions for City Conquest with his costars and posted them in my article. Monday Night/Tuesday Morning is my article release time each week now and I just put it up!

    I’m glad I had a chance to come by and read this news!!! I just don’t have the time to monitor twitter as closely as you do, so I depend on you for those updates.

    Thanks, LK! Have a great day!

    • That talk show was taken last year everything lee sora said came true. That interview in 2010 when HJ was just starting with KE was what he felt I compared how he is at present and how he was in the past…2010 was not his year obviously. but i kept coming back from those years. one can learn from the past in facing the future…that’s how it was with HJ. Now I can say Hj is very happy with his present status. now that he has accepted why he was called STAR. So much revelation that we all can learn from him…
      Thank you take care see you again!! God bless..

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