Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOST AND FOUND

 By: LazerKim                  We Lost Kim Hyun Joong from our sight for over a month and finally Found him at the kitchen of Jaksal Chicken Restaurant!! As I woke up this morning, this is all over the news as I have brought the update to you the other day of having spotted on Hyun Joong doing the dishes in one of his chain restaurants!! Now in Korea this has been the talk of the town, to have seen a popular hottest idol star to be helping his staffs at his restaurant.

His fans just fell in love with him over again, for having missed him for such a period and would just surprise everyone with a photo of Hyun Joong doing the dishes and signing autograph for his fans who happened to be there at Jaksal. I do appreciate the fans who took the picture, and letting their co-fans know that he’s doing okay having been taking a break from his shooting with City Conquest, here he goes, taking care of his business. Here I would like to share with you what the Koreans stated:

News Source: Enews world (


Kim Hyun Joong is winning praise for his modesty and humility once more.

Recently one netizen uploaded online candid pictures of Kim Hyun Joong in the kitchen of a restaurant.

As the netizen explained, Kim Hyun Joong appeared at a chicken franchise restaurant in Seoul’s Sadang-dong on September 14 which the hallyu star directly manages himself and co-owns with his friends.

Staying for two hours, Kim Hyun Joong was seen actively being busy for his business as he signed autographs for friends, checked on the restaurant’s operations and even did the dishes himself in the kitchen.

The pictures showed Kim Hyun Joong in the kitchen all dressed up for his day’s activities but sporting pink rubber kitchen gloves as he worked hard scrubbing the dishes for his own establishment.

Netizens praised the singer/actor’s modesty and humility saying, “What a great heart”, “He’s very humanistic” and “It’s great to see a star being so modest.”

Kim Hyun Joong recently became the first Korean artist in 2012 to sell over 200,000 copies of his or her album in Japan and is currently shooting his drama, City Conquest


From allkpop news here it goes:        (Source>

Kim Hyun Joong spotted doing dishes at his own store

Kim Hyun Joong showcased his hardworking attitude and kind heart when pictures surfaced on online blogs and communities on September 15th, showing the star doing the dishes at the chicken place he owns.

Kim Hyun Joong is known to own the Sadang branch of ‘J Chicken’ in Korea and appeared at his store on September 14th. According to fans who were there and several pictures, he spent 2 hours at the store giving autographs to customers and even did the dishwashing himself.

Fans who were at the store stated, “He washed dishes for 20 minutes straight just because it’s his store. I wanted to tell him I’d do it” and “He even made sure the sink was tidy too. It looks like he’s had lots of practice“.

Upon seeing the pictures, netizens commented, “Even though it’s his own store, it’s rare to see someone personally doing the dishes“, showing their surprise.

Kim Hyun Joong recently did extremely well in Japan, as he has sold over 200,000 albums, and is currently in the middle of filming new drama ‘City Conquest‘.

LazerKim Comment:

May I beg your indulgence to allkpop, this is NOT a showcase, this is not for publicity purposes since the photos were taken by his fans, and very surely Kim Hyun Joong was not even aware that photos had been taken by his fans who happened to be at his store. I would just like to clarify with all due respect to allkpop. If you say showcase it’s intended for a purpose, I would just like to clarify the term used before it might be misinterpreted by the insects!!. Thank you.

LazerKim View Point:

A fan from my email asked me if it is the basic job of a CEO do be doing the dishes in his owned business?  I wrote her that there are much more responsibilities of a CEO has than doing the dishes!! Although the CEO is the major representative of a business entity being the major signatory. In short, he does the decision making specially on business finance and everything pertaining to his business entity specially on this case of Jaksal Restaurant which currently is operating nine outlets over S.Korea and still at the stage of expansion.

To be a CEO of such expanding business and a star for that matter I would say doing the dishes is unusual as we have seen this from Kim Hyun Joong who is a CEO of Jaksal Restaurant. It’s pretty obvious he does not know that somebody took this picture, therefore it’s not for publicity that others may be doing just to make a name for themselves. Seeing from the pictures I was assuming that time this picture shot was stolen which I appreciate very much, the restaurant might be busy, and Hyun Joong gave a helping hand to his staff to do the dishes  working at the back of the house!!

Hyun Joong humbles himself in taking care of his business and does not mind the work that was not suppose to be his, but then again he owns the restaurant, he feels very  responsible to whatever may be lacking on that certain moment. As we can see he was casually dressed up as if he’s just going for walk at the neighborhood, nothing flashy but the simple Kim Hyun Joong, who is one of the hottest Kpop idol nowadays.

Since the incident is in the news, oh I am very much expecting many idols will follow!! But probably for publicity purposes only!! Unlike this incident, that Hyun Joong was not even aware that his fans were taking him pictures of what he was doing. It’s always been that. If you remember the news about the Weibo, as Hyun Joong announced during his press con in China that he will open an account at Weibo for his Chinese fans, on the very day he opened up  the account, a huge number of followers just flocked in to his account and followed him making it a big news, that even Hyun Joong was quite surprised by the turn out numbers!!

Kim Hyun Joong broke the record of Weibo as a first time account holder that the Chinese monitored how fast followers came in to his account. Days after which the news gained attention as other celebs rushed to their awareness on how their Weibo account status were doing pertaining to number of followers and Weibo started comparing the numbers and rank out the celebs on Weibo! I was laughing all the way and can’t help think, these celebs were so insecure with their star status over Kim Hyun Joong LOL!! Well of course I’m one of the proud fans of Hyun Joong!!

Going back to business, I have known a grand resort hotel in Kinugawa Onsen, Tochigi Ken Japan where Hyun Joong had his recent location shooting that reminded me of the owner CEO of that hotel after seeing Hyun Joong doing the dishes at Jaksal. This elder man can hardly be noticed as the hotel CEO because whenever he’s inside his hotel he’s just wearing a knitted sweat shirt, ordinary trousers and outdoor slippers. While his staffs are in corporate attire, neat and clean, the owner sits by the hotel coffee lounge at the lobby and just observing the guests as they come in to the lobby.

When all the guests have gone, he picks up on ash trays from the tables and wash them. His staffs just let him do it, as they said he’s been doing it for years, even there are a hundred hotel staffs that he hired to do it for him being a part of their job, he does it everyday. I can see Hyun Joong is that type of owner that he does not mind giving a helping hand to his own staffs. It shows a good example that not because an owner is big shot businessman he can not do a job from the lowest rank of his staffs.

And let us not forget that Hyun Joong used to work in a restaurant as a service crew during the time he was still a talent trainee of DPS, that he has to support himself in order to live up being a trainee without asking money from his parents. I may say Hyun Joong is a very independent person by nature. What we have seen from the pictures of Hyun Joong doing the dishes is an example of a person who knows how to go or look back to where he came from. He was given a break from his shooting schedule and he used that period to see how his business is doing.

As Hyun Joong mentioned in his interviews, when he in Korea and he’s in his cocoon he said people might think he’s resting. He never rest all year round, he’s always cooking something behind the scene. That picture we have seen is definitely his private time since he was at Jaksal which we may consider as his home since he owns it, he is free whatever he does. Hyun Joong just does not have that shame to do even the literally dirt in his restaurant kitchen, he does not mind at all as long as he can make himself useful and help his staffs around. We may never know, he might be doing this casually normal, that it just happened he was caught by his fans doing the dishes!!

The guy is restless, he’s one type who can not stand to be home for long period within a day, he has to be out and look for something he can do either being productive or playing soccer and drink with his friends at night time. And lately I just found out, doing his vices is not really just for fun of drinking. I found out that it is during this period when he can talk about serious matters as his stress reliever. I’m gonna talk about this on my next article. I think Hyun Joong’s being away from my sight for even for a period, I can discover more about him that we are not even aware of!! There are small details that we tend to ignore but actually is important to Kim Hyun Joong. I’ll discuss those on my next article.

For another update, Kim Hyun Joong’s Heat maintained his status at the Oricon on its 39th week for the annual Oricon record. I have written similar news that time it was on the 37th week. He’s still at the top rank no.1 among the other giant Kpop idol groups and he’s the only soloist singer who was able to make it among the rest. Hyun Joong’s Heat is at 25th rank on the Top 50 annual ranking which covers both local and foreign artist, Hyun Joong is on the top among the foreign albums released. The sales of Heat is still coming up and maintaining a good sales record.

So there you have it, seeing from the man of the hour, netizen was quite surprised with Hyun Joong’s behind scenes on his private times, as we fans take pride of our idol star as we look at him as our Prince of the aliens can truly humble himself without the media photo op, Hyun Joong was just being himself off cam. And I am sure, he is not even aware how proud his fans are, for it may be just simple things he has been doing but totally not expected from the hottest Kpop star himself.

Kim Hyun Joong is currently on his own private time not resting I’m sure but still working, he shall be resuming with his shooting schedules for City Conquest soon. Hopefully we can be able to see some stills of the shooting. He’s been in hiding, we Lost and Found Kim Hyun Joong as we found him doing the unexpected for a star but a big thing for us fans to be proud of our Prince

Kim Hyun Joong as a role model to all the stars in showbiz for being modest and humble no matter how far his fame has brought him to stardom, he’ll remain being himself as HUMBLE ever.

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

My apology for the delay in posting, i’m having problems with my connection, thanks for waiting! Enjoy reading!!

News credits: Enews world, allkpop, thanks!!        Photo credits ahlia, & Ms.D thanks!  Funarts  by LK, imikimi


18 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOST AND FOUND

  1. Ooh how sweet of Kim Hyun Joong….from the very moment I saw him, I knew he was one person with humility and so kind. Love him so much, wish he opens a branch of Jaskal chicken restaurant in Uganda -Africa.

  2. OMG Lazer I stumbled across a video of HJ and afterschool~apparently this is live cos it’s different to what I’ve seen before~His awkward face throughout the whole video is just too funny~I was pissing myself wakakaka 🙂

    • LOL I remember I wrote an article about this it’s one of my first few “Sealed with a Kiss” in this video HJ didn’t do the original choreography!! LOL I’ve seen this in Jan.

  3. LK sez: If you say showcase it’s intended for a purpose, I would just like to clarify the the term used before it might be misinterpreted by the insects!!. Thank you.

    Angie sez: OH, LK! You crack me up defending Hyun Joong even before any comments are started by those negatives! I love it!

    My heart is swollen to the point of bursting with love and pride for my Angel! I may just have to write an article, as it is threatening to overflow! He is truly a Prince of Aliens! No pretenses with our Hyun Joong. He just does what he does and all of us love him that much more!

    Oh… and I’m obsessed with those little moles in his ear now! I have the urge to just kiss each one! I’m crazy, I know. I find the strangest things to be cute and sexy! It’s what makes a pesron uniquely themselves that attracts me the most. And our Angel is definitely uniquely himself!

    And all I have to say is a man who is abundantly blessed, and remains humble, will continue to be blessed beyond imagination! That is Kim Hyun Joong. He is blessed because he is humble and sincere, not because he has done anything dazzling to gather followers, but just because he is who he is. That’s why I am his for life and more! I will be up in Heaven watching him entertain the angels and then hanging out, chatting with Hyun Joong and laughing after I die! LOL!

    • Angie the other two in his ear are ear pierce!! hey don’t die yet!! LOL there are lots to look forward to as he said in his message to his fans yesterday, I had it in my article today Precious Message, he has CC and upcoming album for next year, he also is preparing for his promotional for CC. There’s no way for him to be in heaven yet, he’s not done on earth yet!! LOL Come on wake up girl it’s breakfast!!! LOL

      • OHH! HAAA! HAAA! LOL! I know those are piercings! I am talking about in the upper part of his ear… seriously, if you study hard you will see there are two larger ones and on little tiny one. I really wish I could see him up close and in person to just inspect him from head to toe! LOL! I fall in love harder every time I see something new I did not notice before. So crazy! LOL!

  4. Thanks for this article ms lk.
    So proud to be a khj fan.

    To all insects out there this is not for publicity sake.
    Our one and only is just a humble and down to earth person whom we dearly loved.
    Korek ka ms LK abangan ntin kung sino ang gagaya…lol! Gusto ko tuloy lumipad sa SK. Cant believe he has already 9 outlets for his J.resto. such a hardworking idol.

    • It is such a gloomy day here in manila, typhoon I think is still here, the sky looks unhappy!! If you’re flying to SK bring wagass with you!!! Or she”ll never forgive you!! LOL Well the last time I read about Jaksal he already had 9 outlets and that time still processing on the 10th outlet, Jaksal has plans of going global already, if I’m not mistaken they’re working on its franchising in Tokyo!
      Thanks Hanz, see you around! Take care girl!! Tama ka mga insekto pakalat kalat!! LOL

  5. Hehe and I remember him saying:whenever I’m not out and about in the media people think I’m resting and not working, but in fact I am practicing really hard for my next projects 🙂

    Also sorry about the swear word! I won’t use it again here


    • It’s alright dear no problem!! Yeah i remember him saying he works all year round! And now we know what he’s doing if he doesn’t have a project which have not happen as yet!! LOL he’s never run out of projects!
      thanks Cristina, have a happy Monday and take care dear…see you again! God bless.

  6. XD haha xD He looks sexier doing the dishes, doesn’t he?! xD I heard he went there with 2 friends and ate a lot. I dunno… I think he hasn’t been filming City Conquest… how come he was eating lots of not-so-healthy food?! xD I loved the story about the CEO of that hotel :3 Now that made me remember one of the times I went to the Embassy of Finland and the ambassador himself opened the door for me xD and filled 2 glasses of orange juice too lol That’s how everybody in the world should be… || You know I told my best friend about the dishes story and she said: he’s not the best actor, but he can actually wash the dishes! I wanted to kill her for saying that xD || You know I was so glad when I saw the pics on twitter! I was like yeehaw he’s not dead! I swear I’d have stolen those gloves and save them as my personal trophy! lol! or even a dish! wait… xD I’ll go to Jaksal and lick my dish hahaha and make HJ wash it mwahahaha… just kidding! xD Have wonderful day everybody!

    • Yeah I’m so proud to be a fan of KHJ, he’s a guy with a lot of surprises that makes me love him more!!
      Thank you so much for reading…have a nice Monday! see you again and take care….

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