Kim Hyun Joong… [article] KING AND PRINCE

By: LazerKim             These two Hallyu Stars you see at the photo above for me is the King and Prince in my heart as both inspired millions of people worldwide. It’s been a while since the last time I wrote about Bae Yong Joon, and think I will take this chance to write about both Bae Yong Joon my King and Kim Hyun Joong my Prince, and how they connect with each other as they are destine to be a part of their success. Many of Hyun Joong new fans may not know who Bae Yong Joon is, and so from time to time I would like to write about him, as one of the closest person to Kim Hyun Joong as his boss and mentor. Many of Bae Yong Joong fans are also silent supporters of Kim Hyun Joong.

For a briefer, Bae Yong Joon is the pioneer Hallyu Star who brought Korean drama to the global market and the first phenomenal drama was Winter Sonata that he played the lead role. Bae Yong Joon gained huge attention from all over the world through this drama specially in Japan that it was even said the Japanese Government adopted Bae Yong Joon and he was given the title Yon Sama meaning the highest Japanese noble title by his Japanese fans. He is also the major stock holder of KeyEast as Hyun Joong’s company agent. Yong Joon as an actor is a legend in the showbiz industry and have gained multiple acting awards the he is more than deserving to be an all time favorite actor to every Koreans and the Japanese community.

Bae Yong Joon celebrated his 40th birthday last Aug.29 and at his age he is indeed a certified bachelor who stays uncommitted until at this time!! He was my first favorite Korean actor, he was the one who introduced Korean dramas to me, then if not for him I should have not known the existence of Kim Hyun Joong. I’ll probably not be here with you writing!! I have watched most of Yong Joon’s dramas from 2004, but I never had the chance to search and follow him.

Yong Joon is a very good actor having been active in his profession from the 90’s till 2007 when unfortunately met an accident while filming The Legend as his last drama he had ever starred. I think it was the accident that lead him to another path in the industry, but quite surprisingly his fans whom he called his family, remained loyal to him all these years even he is no longer active in the lime light. After the accident, the next thing I read about him was that he’s writing a book Beauty of Korea, that talks about the Korean tradition and culture, that has been a part of Korean tourism.

He studied photography and even the arts of pottery. It’s so amazing to know a guy with his natural caliber being a legendary actor, muliti awarded and undoubtedly handsome would choose to be in the low profile from where he had been in the lime light, and yet has been receiving love from many people. He is highly respectable among the Korean artist ever existed, I would say. All these years he had kept his good reputation and remained unchanged. Bae Yong Joon is known for his modesty, humble, generous, charitable and ever polite to whoever he encounters with from the smallest citizen in the society to the elite.

Bae Yong Joon is known to be one of the richest man in Korea with the biggest heart to the less fortunate. He has been actively participating with the charity organizations back home and even in Japan as his second home country. He remains humble in spite of his every success in the global business arena. Like Kim Hyun Joong, his boss is also in the restaurant business, the only difference is the type of restaurant in which Yong Joon built fine dine cafes and had started venturing on global marketing. The Gorilla in the kitchen is all about healthy food, low salt, low fat, ect, has been branching out in Japan and the US.

Apart from KeyEast which is a part of the showbiz industry and his global expansion of restaurant business, I know nothing more, but maybe if I research further I guess I can discover more about Yong Joon’s business endeavor!!

I was reading some write ups that caught my attention pertaining Yon Sama’s experience in the local showbiz community pertaining to media gossips about his personal relationship with other celeb, which turned out to be untrue. Since then Yong Joon shy away from media talks about his personal life particularly his personal relationship. Although Hyun Joong confirmed that his boss indeed stayed single and uncommitted to any relationship.

As Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast in 2010, the media noticed the busy activities and effective promotion on Hyun Joong since he moved in and had proved a huge gain in his popularity boost. During the period Hyun Joong was promoting his debut album, he had a lot of chances to TV guesting on variety shows and talk shows. In all these TV appearance Hyun Joong was always asked about Bae Yong Joon being the closest man as a big brother and mentor. It seems to me that even the co-artists of Yong Joon missed him, and Hyun Joong turns out to be the access on how BYJ was doing!!

In one talk show where Hyun Joong guested the show host were able to talk to Yong Joong through phone patch, that other guests of the show were thrilled to hear from Yong Joon, he was asked about his personal opinion on Hyun Joong as an artist and Yong Joon said that he likes Hyun Joong not only he’s a hard worker but also polite and modest that is why not only him but everyone else likes him. Of course Hyun Joong was flattered coming from his boss compliment and of course stating the truth as what is obvious to every one else.

A mentor is someone whom Hyun Joong look up to, not necessarily be his role model although Bae Yong Joon has that great caliber to be a role model to anyone and Hyun Joong is likely to see him as such. Hyun Joong may be an independent minded person but he has high regard on his mentor. Yong Joon is such an influential person considering his experience being the legend in the industry and I would say, Hyun Joong indeed chose the best man to be his mentor.  While Hyun Joong is under contract with KeyEast, rest assure he shall be in good hands and be well guided.

In another talk show, Hyun Joong was asked if he would follow the footsteps of his boss. Then he said, “I can not stand being home too long making pots and studying tea just like hyung (elder brother) is doing, I have to go out at night time!!” A roar of laughter followed! Hyun Joong is still young, he likes an active life playing soccer if not working. I know very little about Bae Yong Joon, and so I can not say what his activities were when he was still at same age as Hyun Joong, but I’m gonna research for those details!!

Now I came to realize, I have been watching almost all the dramas of Yong Joon in fact I have a collection of his drama DVDs and his movies since 2004. And whenever I run out of dramas to watch, I go back to watching Winter Sonata or BOF, these two dramas are my favorites, but I barely know Bae Yong Joon. I have even seen him in person back in 2010, but I never search on him to find out who the guy is. Except now that he is a person nearest to Hyun Joong that I was able to read about him!! I was pleased when I knew Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast since Yong Joon is the major stock holder of the company!

Since updates about Hyun Joong is not busy, I re-watched Winter Sonata which must be the reason I was being reminded that it’s been a while since the last article I wrote about Yong Joon. For the new fans who may not have seen this Winter Sonata yet, it’s a must see drama, it’s a beautiful story of endless first love, it describes the enduring pain and joy of unconditional love, so check it out I think it still at the internet and DVDs are still available worldwide. It’s a drama one should not miss, since it’s the first Korean drama ever to be released for global market, and had marked an excellent revenue results of all time in terms of Korean drama sold outside Korea.

Winter Sonata is a heavy drama from the start till the end, that will touch your heart and having seen it more than a dozen times, I still cry over some touching scenes! One time I came across some video clips of behind the scene of Winter Sonata and I find myself laughing while watching it!! It’s Bae Yong Joon that I was laughing at because he was so cheerful, funny during the filming and playing jokes with the casts and staffs! He gets NG and every time he does he laugh at himself that made me laugh too!  Actually I can see Hyun Joong in him during that filming who is also playful!

But I was so impressed by the scenes Yong Joon needs to cry without being fake and its real tears falling from his eyes. He will let his audience feel his heart, his pain, his emotion and I think he did very well to capture his audience heart. He was honest for a man like himself, this the hardest thing to do and he takes time by simply listening to a music would make him cry. He was very effective in internalizing the character role he has to play in the drama. He did cried a lot of times in this drama. Actually Choi Ji Won the lead female is a very good actress too, but it was Bae Yong Joon who touch my heart in this drama.

Then after years had passed in 2010, an anime was made produced in Japan on the same drama Winter Sonata. There was a some sort of wedding ceremony shown as the ending part of the drama, which was not included in the original plot. It was like a reunion of the original cast except in absence on the second lead actor who passed away. To my surprise, Choi Ji Won had aged but Bae Yong Joon even looked younger seeing from the original Winter Sonata filmed in 2002, therefore it was after eight years that the cast came about the reunion.  Bae Yong Joon still looks young, fresh and blooming even after the 2007 accident he had during the filming of The Legend.

Bae Yong Joon is one of the sexiest Korean actor even in his age 40yrs old, the guy possess a strong sex appeal and that killer smile can make any woman just melt down to surrender!! He is very handsome undoubtedly with those firm well developed muscles reflects total manliness, his persuasive charming personality and his excellent talent as an actor, I can’t help but regret that he had to shy away from the lime light due to an accident.

I think Yong Joon was not prepared to leave his acting career that he had no choice back in time he met his accident because he was passionate about his acting career. He was even rated as the highest paid Korean actor being a veteran and indeed a good actor. Now he shares what he got by producing new artists, built his company to train, groom and promote the artists for the new generation. And one of them is Kim Hyun Joong. He may not have acquired the first step training from KeyEast but Hyun Joong was well supported to equipped his needs to bring out the best in him as an artist, an innovator to the present generation.

I realize now that there are a lots more to talk about Bae Yong Joon that may be relevant to Kim Hyun Joong’s career life, but I’ll reserve it next time so that I can have time to dig in further to Yong Joon’s history facts and surely we can learn something from the legend himself. I think this guy has an interesting story behind those years before he had reached his current status.

He is such an amazing man that made me have some conclusion as to why his fans had never left him and still love him up to this time. There are a lots to write about similarities and complexities between the mentor and protege that I can see from Bae Yong Joon as the mentor and Kim Hyun Joong as the protege.

I may not be the kind fan to Bae Yong Joon as much I am to Kim Hyun Joong, but I have a high regard and respect to Yong Joon as my first favorite Korean actor that I shall never forget. I have one wish, to see them together even in just one drama, to portray roles just like my article title King and Prince, I think is very suitable to both of them Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong!! I cross my fingers to that!!

It’s been two years since Kim Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast and the partnership between the two had proven effective as chain of success had shown the value of hard work shared, the determination and dedication of Hyun Joong proves himself worthy of his fans love and support.

For me, these two men both with sincere heart, are capable of giving love to others and capable of receiving the same love yet remain humble as ever, shall always be the King and Prince in my heart….

                                                                                                         LazerKim here writing

Photo source fr. Google. Photo credits: tomato99, elly,hyuniversal060,photos by capa Thanks!!


17 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] KING AND PRINCE

  1. Hi !sis rlly thanks 4 ur articles vch always motivated me to luv n respect prince khj more n more….i didn’t get time to surf on net so its my kind rqst to u to write something so as to tell khj to visit india once having his concerts.he had never visited india but he don’t know dat his indians fan r dying to meet him. I was in lluv,i m in luv n will be luving khj. I kindlyyy beg u to write smthng about it plzzz. Hey kim do accept frnd rqsts from indians on fb. Thnks drrrrrr

    • Please tell KHJ that he has alot of fans in Africa and we will be all happy to see him visiting,we will give him full support and that we are support him,every step he takes,we are with him and we love him most

  2. Please sist tell me more about HIM staying in Jaksal washing dishes.ah…really our boy is down to eart,humble and what else sis? I will never regret that I choose HIM. Thank you so much to knowing your blog sis…the most important is thank you to open LAZER KIM BLOG where alien family can gathered.god bless sis.

    • ok sis you may check it out now i have posted the article LOST AND FOUND!! It talks about the Jaksal incident. I’m sorry the news has to come first before I write about it even i already know the news I have to let the news update to be out first, then i can talk about it.
      Thank you so much sis for always being here and read about HJ, it makes him closer to us specially in his absence. I do appreciate your presence in this blog being a part of HJ’s world and so with the others.
      Have a nice Monday!! Take care always…see you again!

  3. Fortunate,that what I call being fan of two of them…king and prince. Bae yong joon is my first korean actor that I like,I did Collected all his drama and his movie which big hit in japan,taiwan and hongkong but unsuccesful in his hometown, the movie call April snow. Back to 2009,my friend interduce me bof,she tell me about ji hoo.. Then I forget anything,movie star or singer I’ve like for so long,I just leaft them.I can find all that I like only in one person KIM HYUN JOONG. Reading all his real story make me more love HIM. HIS moving to keyeast is really great,I can see how the king always give advise to the prince…the Stubborn prince. Thanks for the article sist.Feel frustation waiting for HIS news.God bless and see you.

    • sis we have exactly the same experience, why do we think and feel the same?? LOL so much co-incident with other fans that we feel and think the same!! I haven’t check on updates yet but the latest is that one I wrote as HJ doing the dishes!!LOL Yeah I really hope to hear from him soon, since CC filming will be resuming…have a happy Monday!! take care sis! see you again, God bless..

  4. Hi ms lk! Seems ur bz…ang dami ng comment oh hnd ka pa nkapag reply. Take care always ms lk and god bless! I like bae yong joon but i love khj. Yun na!

    • I lost my connection and just got it back, sorry bout that!! nakka loka pag wala connection! *sigh* same as you I like BYJ but I love the prince!! Still waiting for my wish to come true, having them both in a drama!! Thanks hanz I miss everyone!! see you again!! huy LOL take care!!

  5. OMG Lazer! Do you know where I can get k-pop merchandise/CDs cos I like to start my own little collection? I looked at yes asia but the stuff seems a little weird to me, and the CDs mainly come in taiwanese version~I was like …
    I’ve seen people make youtube videos of their collection~it’s so exciting~I’m literally spazzing right now….HELP ME! 🙂

    • Hi Ms Wong!! I’m sorry i have to edit your comment and delete the dirty F word written which is unnecessary to use, which I do not allow in this blog site. Hope you’ll understand. I do not know about on line purchasing, I do let somebody buy it for me in Tokyo. I hope other fans can read your comment and help you with it…

  6. hi lazer!! after a long time i got the chance to comment here. so how are you?? i tried to DL you in twitter but fut he failed. yeah i also think HJ is just like his boss but he will be active even when he is 40 years.
    i really like his personality which he showed some days ago at his own restaurant. even being the CEO and a famous idol, he still went in and gave a helping hand to the staff. he is so humble and down to earth. he is making me more and more addict to him.
    keep on writing dear!! god bless you!!

    • Hello there!! Long time no hear!! LOL I’m sorry I seldom stay at twitter can’t find time after work it’s my email quite busy!!.
      I really really think HJ will it take from his boss advices!! which is good! As they say hear it from the legend!!
      I’m doing fine thanks, and I do hope you’re ok too, I love to hear from you, thanks for dropping comments, I appreciate it very much to read from you since I couldn’t find time to chat at twitter! HJ is such an addicting star among all of them I think.
      Have a happy Monday, take care girl and see you again! God bless

  7. Lk! It’s me, Angie, I’m on my handphone so pls excuse typos! I just had to say omg! I watched winter sonata as one oj my first dramas too! Bof was actually my first, but, ws is one of my all time faves too! Thanks for all the pics of byj! I forgot how haaawwwtt he is! I definitely need that man’s number! Lol! He is the perfect right age for me! Matbe while i am teaching hyun joong at military camp i will meet byj and all will be history! I know, i am a dreamer, but like you say… it’s free and doesn’t hurt anybody! Lol!

    • Hi angie!! God I lost my connection yesterday and it was like I was in a limbo!! LOL oh it’s been years since 2004 to be watching BYJ whom I like so much I just can’t help wonder why I didn’t search and follow him up when was so active in showbiz. But his protege made me do so!!LOL HJ is like a magnet can not resist to the pull!
      Thanks angie, and see you around! take care!

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