Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SIMPLY CUTE!

By: LazerKim                    As I woke this morning as usual as my daily routine I check on updates on Kim Hyun Joong even I know there be any!! Times like this Hyun Joong fans who are actively posting updates, would post on his pictures, even old ones. I came across this picture above, and as I scroll there were about over fifty pictures with the same feature, it’s Hyun Joong’s cute mannerism!!.

Some of us may be curious of our idol that sometime we take notice what we see from Hyun Joong head to foot!! Celebrities are quite aware about this fact that people do look up to them not only the clothes they wear, branded or unbranded, how they carry themselves, how they fix their hair, their make up, their skin, even his fingers,toes, arms, back of his head and even his mannerism!! That Hyun Joong has quite a few that looks Simply Cute on him!!

The celebrities tend to look beautiful or handsome every time they are on public exposure. Celebrities are aware about people do get curious about them, not only their personal life but even their outlook head to foot. So they take good care of themselves and it’s not unusual for them to have a dermatologist, a stylist, and even a body built trainor and nutritionist for those who are in the body built program just like Hyun Joong.

Honestly, I for one would take a look at their fingernails and toe nails!! The least that can be noticed, for says it all on how much I want to know a person. The easiest way for me to define what kind of person he is in terms of cleanliness. Not necessarily manicured fingernails but at least nails that are well maintained cut specially for men.I hate long fingernails for men, and no matter what the fashion trend calls for it I dislike colored nail polish for men.

I like Hyun Joong’s fingers, they are long candle shape and always clean and so with his toes!! I seldom see his toes except on summer when he usually wear sandals or slippers, his toes are smooth white and always clean. I also noticed his long legs smooth white and not so hairy!! His arms has firm muscle curve which looks so manly and sexy in smooth skin although he has scars on it, his arms reflects toughness and strength. He may not be too fussy with his outlook, I would say he would prefer to be as simple as he is as he matures.

Now let’s talk about that mannerism of Hyun Joong that he’s fond of sticking out his tongue which I think he does not intend to seduce or anything!! It’s just his simple mannerism that he may not be aware, the he has about a hundred different stolen shots of him sticking out  his tongue, which I think rather cute in him!! It’s unintentional, he probably have not noticed it but it’s him. There’s a big difference though to men who sticks out their tongue whenever they speak, that’s another type of mannerism which they said signifies restlessness.

Hyun Joong is different though, he does it usually when commits a mistake, or making funny but cute scenes and also every time he’s shy, his mannerism shows!! And he does it too when he’s playing soccer, or when his lips gets dry which I think is normal to everyone. The point is, Hyun Joong is just so cute every time he plays with his mouth or his tongue because he has such a beautiful lips. Some may say it perceives negative mannerism, I’m just wondering as to why those negatives turns to be even cute for Hyun Joong!!

Not only that mannerism, do you know he also has a problem in pronunciation? Well, I hardly understand Korean language but at talk shows he had guested, the show host always correct his terms of using words or pronouncing those words, whichever, but still he looks cute that would only make you laugh!! Maybe I would call it tongue twisting that even in his drama project reflects a lot of NGs because he mispronounce words!! And yet he’s cute!! In fact, during talk shows or interviews, unaware of it but I was anticipating him to commit mistakes in manner of speaking!!

Weird it may be, mistakes should perceive negative, but not when Hyun Joong does it!! It’s always innocent mistakes that I find it hilarious! I’m not defending his negatives, but for some reasons that I hardly explain, I find him funny to be committing mistakes and they are unintentional. Oh yes there’s another one, it just popped in my mind, Hyun Joong has a way of yawning, I haven’t type it yet but I’m now laughing!!

Whenever he yawn he doesn’t cover his mouth!!LOL He just let go of what he feels being sleepyhead!! Innocently he does not mind whatever others may think, he’s sleepy and would just show he is indeed sleepy and can just doze off anywhere he finds his head to just drop dead to sleep!!

Nowadays though I seldom see pictures as sleepyhead, but when he was with his group oh there are about a hundred of picture of Hyun Joong caught sleeping just anywhere. But kidding, having been caught dozing off anywhere can reflect fatigue and not laziness as we all know Hyun Joong is a very good sleeper and it’s in his history that he’s one person who is the hardest to wake up.

Well, he may be that in his younger years as kids do sleep eight hours a day which is very normal. But dozing anywhere within Hyun Joong’s work place is something else. This happened mostly when he’s over fatigue.

Oh this of course doe not include in his mannerism though, I just remembered an incident he was with his group in an award ceremony, as he was caught by the media yawning in his most natural way.Hyun Joong is known to be doing what he feels regardless what others may think about him, it’s him!! Seeing him this way being natural, the media does not seem to take it as negative, which I’m happy about!! Well, Hyun Joong was simply being himself not intending to call for attention whatsoever, but his candid honesty even in his ways of just doing what he feels at certain period to just popped out that can only describe it as SIMPLY CUTE!! What else can I say except the truth!!

I still couldn’t forget my thought my first impression about Hyun Joong as I have seen him for the first time, he looks so snob, his height was over bearing, and having the impression that he’s someone hard to please!! And when he started talking, again being so bewildered to say to myself this can’t be him!! The snob aristocrat elite, now is speaking in a gentle tone soft spoken reflects his humbleness in the content of what he was saying! Then followed by his unexpected 4D attack which is totally hilarious that made me think again, where is that elite snob had gone to?? My first impression just died away!!

It’s not enough to satisfy anyone after seeing him the first time, you have got to know him given the chance to listen to him and you’ll never regret it. There’s a lot more than just that handsome face of his, there’s a lot more in that fantastic performance on stage he did, he has the softest heart and toughest brain inside Kim Hyun Joong. And being a fan of his, there’s nothing he can offer you except himself as an idol that you can always be proud of and worthy of our love, support and protect him at all cost!

Oh there’s an update just came in, while writing this article. Kim Hyun Joong’s HEAT is still at a good sales status continuously until at this time after the album had been released months ago. The album is said to be at the top rank no. one at the Oricon Music Chart among the Kpop idol groups on it’s second month. Hyun Joong released HEAT on the 4th of July and until at this time as September is just starting, the album remained on top selling among the Kpop records.

Is this not a good news again that we fans can be proud of? Now I would think at this time it’s the non-fans who are buying Hyun Joong’s Heat and can be perceive as growing fan network!! We’re getting bigger in numbers!! Welcome to the Alien World!!

As Hyun Joong is still busy in his drama, I’m now wondering as to when can I watch him at talk shows again? It’s been a year now since he was hopping from one talk show to another in promoting his first two albums Breakdown and Lucky Guy! I love watching his as he guested in those talk shows because it’s here that I came to know more about Kim Hyun Joong in his most candid way in reality. the more you watch him in these shows, the more you like him.

Well, I’m done with my daily dose again, talking about tiny details of what we notice from Kim Hyun Joong makes me smile, that even in his photos showing those mannerism can just brighten up the day, because he just look Simply Cute!!

Oh! Before I go, allow me to leave this video clip below, for those who have not seen it, this was taken sometime when Hyun Joong was still with his group. This was taken in a pictorial session, I have watched for dozen time but still can’t help laugh!! Hyun Joong here was a complete naive and this video shows that I can say he is SIMPLY CUTE!!

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing


Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!


8 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SIMPLY CUTE!

  1. I like those CUTE mannerisms, too.

    Another favorite CUTE mannerism is when he squints his eyes and bows his head towards his chest as he is laughing or being embarrassed or being shy about something. If he ever hits the sands of the US, some of us American fans have the goal of making him laugh about something in order to see this expression first-hand.

    Also, another mannerism is his being very attentive to his surroundings and to the people in front of him. I notice that he looks around or scopes the area while he is awaiting his translator to interpret whatever foreign language question is being asked – whenever he is at a fan meeting or conference. I notice this trait in a lot of guys – the surveying their surroundings. A male friend says this is the “male hunter” instinct to glance back and forth around the landscape area to be aware of everything around them (kind of like how a male animal will take in all the details of his surroundings to watch for prey or similiar animals in the same area). Some fans have stated that he has a singular focus and looks them straight in the eye while they are shaking his hand at fan meets. Some are temporarily transfixed by is intense stare; some state that it is as if he is trying to remember their face since his attention is strictly on them.

    One mannerism I find funny is his aversion to insects. I often think “Hey, if I were your girl, we couldn’t BOTH be scared of insects! One of us would have to be brave and kill the insect, bat the insect away, or sweep it out the door.” LOL While he would probably be a defender and protector of his lady in other ways, I have a feeling the female would have to be the insect killer. LOL

  2. KIM HYUN JOONG,WHERE ARE YOU?kind you just visit this blog even once? Sis,now a days dream like this alright isn’t?. God bless all of you,my alien family.

  3. ageyo Hyun Joong! I was watching a clip the other day of him on a talk show and he was asked what he would do to win a girl’s heart! He said he would be “ageyo” meaning cute. They asked what did he mean by that and he just went, “Waaaa!” and made a cute gesture with his arms and face! I laughed so hard. Then, the one of the talk show hosts said, “Let’s practice.” And the female guest said to Hyun Joong, “Jagiya (sweet heart), Anyeong! (Hi)” and he went “Waaaa!” and made his cute gesture again. I was laughing so hard!

    I am so thankful to Kathy’s Bench for compiling a list of the old ss501 shows and I think it was Razor who posted the link here. I was watching Thank You for Waking Me UP! Last night until I dozed off to sleep. Oh, the laughs are non stop with Hyun Joong! I never really got to know the other members of ss501 yet… I am finding I like them too. They are funny and sweet too. I will always have Hyun Joong NO. 1 in my heart, though!

    Thanks again for a great article. I loved all the funny pics with his cute little tongue sticking out. It makes him look like a cute cat (Tiger Hyun Joong!). Especially the last one with the HUGE yawn! LOL!

  4. Agree,HE IS SIMPLY CUTE without doing it in purpose.HIS CUTENES come by nature.HE never over act whenever the camera snap HIM or Whenever HE appear on tv program…HE just being himself. Sis,I read there is poll going on, and HE is 4th right now,but
    I don’t know the link.Have a good rest.god bless.

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