Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MISSING FEELING

 By: LazerKim         I got one update yesterday!! Just a photo of Kim Hyun Joong’s leading Jung Yumi and Nam Goong Min in a hospital scene, but Hyun Joong was not in the picture! This scene makes me think this must have a love triangle!! I guess most of Korean drama has love triangle, as expected. I wonder now is Nam Goong Min’s character is someone close to Hyun Joong’s character Baek Mir? Now let me guess, We have a picture of Hyun Joong’s tight embrace with Jung Yumi, is it a farewell embrace, and during Baek Mir’s absence this guy comes along to protect her?? Well that remains to be seen!!  

I have posted the article Future Dreams, that talks about the interview of Kim Hyun Joong in Japan last year, I have focus the topic on Hyun Joong’s future plans as he mentioned in that interview. There were a lot that Hyun Joong talked about from that interview which I would like to tackle some parts of the interview. Here it goes:

Hyun Joong stated, “Coming out with my first solo album, I Kim Hyun Joong wanted to give all I can to it. I wanted to show all the hard work I put on stage, always trying my best. To my fans, besides showing hard work, I want them to feel what I feel on stage.”

Critics would say, Hyun Joong is not a good singer. This is not new to me anymore in fact I have gone used to them saying this and tend to ignore them since they would just say the words but could hardly justify for saying Hyun Joong is not a good singer. As his critics kept saying this, Hyun Joong kept hitting the top of Oricon or any music chart to any of his four albums he released within one year.

Hyun Joong said “I want them (fans) to feel what I feel on stage.” this would at least experienced by his fans who were able to watched him in person as he performed on stage. But what about those who may not have experienced such opportunity, and yet they support or buy Hyun Joong’s CD. What could be the main factor why people buys his CD if what the critics said is true, that he is not a good singer?

Others think Hyun Joong is being overrated, which I think have already tackled this matter. What Hyun Joong’s words struck me is what he feels on stage. I think this is where my heart fell!! The first time I heard him sing was only last year as I watched him performed in one of the Music Count Down, that I was totally struck as in mouth open bewildered!! With his looks, yes because I couldn’t believe it’s Hyun Joong who was in front of me!! I spent the whole night searching for more video clips just to convince myself it was him. In short I was captured. I didn’t know he’s a singer and a dancer, because all I know is Yoon Ji Hoo of BOF period!! I was totally amazed by his performance.

I heard him sing the songs Love and Fortunate, it was then I fell even deeper!! It’s Hyun Joong’s voice to be so sweet, so simple but I can feel him deep inside me. I think this was how I was captured. There are brilliant singers at Kpop who has good voice, can sing to the highest note in music but for me this is not the factor that I’m looking for in music. The music that I can stand listening for a whole day without feeling tired, I’m more of the smooth quality of music whether it’s a ballad, rock, pop or any upbeat music.

I can only speak for myself, this at least is my type, and even I’m just listening to the singer without having to see how he looks, I can be captured, if I can feel the music, if I can feel what the singer is trying to convey simply by just the melody of the song, can capture my heart. Hyun Joong’s music has that quality that I want to listen to. Hyun Joong sings music that he can feel right from his heart, that made it easier for him to convey his heart to his audience. This I think is his secret on how he was able to capture his audience.

From here, his body follows as he dances filled with energy that makes his audience dance with him. His audience feels his heart, his passion, his emotion as he performs on any stage. That’s Kim Hyun Joong, that’s how he captured his audience through his emotions and his powerful stage appeal that not all singers have. There are singers who are good technically speaking but can sometimes sings to himself, in the absence of feelings in conveying what he wants to communicate with his audience. Hyun Joong is just as simple and yet has the power to take control of his audience no matter how huge it may be.

In one of his video clips, Hyun Joong was saying, he learned from his first fan meeting in Japan which he performed for about six cities. He was a bit uneasy that time maybe because it was his first time to host a fan meeting by himself. He mentioned he learned something out of those events and learned what was missing. On his Asia Tour fan meeting concert he started to take charge, planned out and innovate. He thought of more ways he can reach out for his fans, Hyun Joong is just that passionate in meeting his fans, performing on stage and a big chunk of interacting with them, that his fans truly enjoyed.

In his Asia Tour fan meeting which started in May and ending up in July, Hyun Joong took the effort in Hi Five session or handshake session that he sincerely would like to do on his own personal willingness. This worries me a bit though, what if in every event he host in the future and he could no longer do the handshake, would his fans take it against him? I really hope not. Hyun Joong is also human being who is just being truthful to us his fans. Another thing that I like in him is being truthful to himself too.

If you watch his video clips there are shots that most of the time he doesn’t smile. And I truly admire him for that, he does what he feels and not doing something simply because he’s oblige to. There are many artist who could be that, pretending to be smiling the whole time but deep inside how they wish they don’t have to do it. I would rather see a rare smile but genuine when he does, and Hyun Joong is like that, if he doesn’t feel like smiling he won’t, but when he does, you would feel that instant sincerity in him.

Same with the choice of music, if he can not bring himself to enjoy with it, then how can he  let his audience enjoy it too. I think this is one privilege specially given to him by his agent to have that liberty in terms of music choice, composer and even choice of choreographer. I think this is one factor that made his albums successful. I’m not saying he did this by himself since we all know the people behind working with him, but it’s what he feels that matters in bringing the best in his music. Oh it’s not easy to dance with the music you couldn’t feel, same with the songs that a singer has to sing, how could they emote if they don’t feel like singing the song.

Hyun Joong is simply being himself all the time, I think he wants his fans to take him for what he is in reality. As he said, “why should I please anyone who does not like me?” He’s right, because Hyun Joong simply does not want to pretend just to win anyone’s heart. He’s so transparent he will say whatever his mind dictates him in the most polite way without being offensive on the contrary he even sounds funny with his candid honesty!!

Well, this is all I have for today’s daily dose, but before I go, I would like to mention my deepest appreciation to the fans who are active in uploading Hyun Joong’s video clips at YouTube that now is very helpful to us fans in reviewing Hyun Joong’s past events, thank you so much. Maybe all we can do now is to watch those video clips again since we do not have updates.

I guess we all feel the same way but at least you’re not alone, I’m not alone, what are alien families for?? We do share with sadness, in pain, in joy and happiness but most of all we share the Feeling of Missing Kim Hyun Joong!!!

                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged Ms.D, thanks!!


18 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MISSING FEELING

  1. HE is so true… Nothing can be denied.Every thing in Him is AMAZING.We always share our feeling…happy, joy,victory,sad,
    and now I share the missing feeling of him with my alien family. Thank you so much sis, god bless

    • Hello lng!! I agree with you, We are Hyun Joong’s strength and inspiration that no matter what we stick together for HJ and be happy for him! We do share with ups and down and it’s a part of being a fan as one in Kim Hyun Joong.
      Thanks sis as always!! Have a happy Monday! take care see you again and
      God bless…

    • hahahaha….getting caught up Hj in a love triangle again!! Oh can’t wait to see his drama, hoping he’ll be out soon!! This is our everyday waiting but let’s stay happy waiting for him!! See you again dear! Take care!

  2. Of all the singers I’ve seen and heard, I find Hyun joong the most unique one. If I watch his music videos, I won’t find his songs that captivating but if I listen to the same song with my eyes closed, ohhh…it just captures my heart and activates all my senses..and soon the song remains in my head and heart 24/7. Whenever I watch khj’s mv..i guess all my senses just freezes with exception of my eyes…!!! and maybe that’s why i can’t seem to enjoy his music as he is so distracting I am not able to take in the song at all.!!! can you believe that??? and as soon as i download the same music in mp4 format and listen to it all day…I find his song so warm …. so heart touching and his voice..oh god…his husky manly voice is so damn beautiful…. I wish I can hear him everyday and wish I was his friend..!! I just can’t wait to see him in a variety show….where I can see him as hyun joong and not as an actor portraying a role.!!

    • yes yes yes!! I totally agree with you because I do the same thing specially whenever I feel tired or having a gloomy day i can only put on my head set close my eyes and just listen to his sweet voice, I’ll be perfectly fine!! Hyun Joong is not only a visual singer, that one gets attracted to his music by just watching him dance with his music, but it’s more than just that, it’s his sweet voice that gives me a refreshing light mood
      You are his friend, he may not know each one of us as much as we know about him but he’s there for us. I think we all have the same wish *sigh* …
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, you are not alone having the same thoughts, we share it with you.
      Have a happy Monday! Take care and see you again! God bless..

  3. There’s something I don’t really understand. i.e I don’t like Justin Bieber… BUT I would never go to any fansite of him, or twitter acc to bash him or his fans ‘cuz I just don’t care about him… so this means insects DO care about HJ, but on a negative level .-. that’s why some ppl count antifans as fans LOL It’s weird… the antis know more about HJ than many loyal fans xD || Oh ^-^ His voice makes my heart melt xD How corny! but it’s the mere truth! I tend to like smooth, warm, a bit depressing kind of voices and HJ has all of that. Today I was at my brother’s place and I put some of the songs I had on his comp. Then he started remixing them xD and he said among all the songs HEAT was his fave ‘at 1st sight’ xD and he liked Sorry I’m sorry by KHB too lol ^^ (My brother is a DJ xd he mostly listens to European house, dance & trance music xDD so I love it when I hear his opinion about the things I like) …and now I’d love you to hear one of my fave (kinda old) songs that sounds a bit (0.000005% ? XD) like HEAT XD ||||| About HJ not smiling 1000 times a day… You know, I have exactly the opposite problem xD I can’t stay serious when it’s needed to be xD hahaha gosh, I love laughing when it’s ‘not allowed’ xD I agree with Lazer, 1 genuine smile is worth more than 10 fake smiles… I understand HJ, I also can’t put on a fake smile if I don’t feel like it. That’s what it comes when u are honest & straight-forward. Now dear Angie… the brown rice juice drink I was talking about has no alcohol .-. lol! I found a pic though and uploaded it to twitpic xd here you go: Girls,wish me luck! Tomorrow I’m attending HJ’s friend concert ._. yeah, Xia Junsu’s lol I wish it was HJ’s concert instead xD but well, life can be so cruel sometimes

    • LOL You know what? I can see from here reading from you feels like you’re just in front of me!! I agree with you HJ’s critics knows a lot about him, they do read about him and I would guess they watch his video clips!! If I don’t like a person I wouldn’t waste my time knowing about him!!
      I get a lot of first impression from other people who would tell me I’m scary and unapproachable!! LOL But those people became me close friends!! As the sayings said don’t judge a person with its cover. Razor I think you’re a very cheerful person!! I can see that loud and clear!!LOL No dull moments with you!!hahaha Take care, have a good weekend…..see you!!
      whhoooaaa….good luck to the concert and enjoy yourself girl!!

      • Oh, RAZOR! I know TBRD is not alcohol! I was talking about soju! I was typing on my handphone and it was a mess, sorry! Here in OKlahoma where I live it is illegal to sell beer that has more than 2 pts alcohol in it. I guess soju is considered to be beer and has a higher alcohol content, so they can’t sell it here. I am so bummed out!

  4. I started knowing khj in bof not knowing that he is already a singer. To satisfy my curiosity i search the internet and to my surprised i was starstruck with his song fortunate and love. And came to know as well that he’s in a group of ss501. Being a leader i admired him the way he shows his love and care to his members. Till the end he keeps fighting for the group not to be dismantled but i guess it is really a destiny for them.
    But what hurts me most is that how dare all these critics would say that he is not a good singer. What kind of proof they want?!
    Pigilan mo ako ms lazerkim at baka pasabugan ko sila ng granada.! Hnd lng pala ako kmi ni blueribbon lol!

    • hahahaha, thanks hanz this is my first time today to laugh!!! Bakit kita pipigilan? Go ahead blueribbon and the rest of the alien is at your back!! Pero takbo ka na at magtago pagkatapos mo!! LOL
      I wrote an article which I have not posted, razor said the insect’s brain is in their stomach, so let’s fill in their stomach with love until it burst!! But what can we do envy insects simply do not want to see proofs because they get jealous even more!!LOL that’s the anatomy of jealousy the more they see HJ’s success the more their dying of envy!! Mamatay sila sa ingit!!
      We have the same experience I guess, Love and Fortunate were sang live by HJ with a live band and we have seen how good he is. HJ can not please everyone and that’s a part of reality, everyone of us have different taste in music. Now I wonder, does insects have the sense of taste?? Mosquitoes do suck blood if you’re diabetic it’s very likely the mosquito gets to be diabetic too!!LOL I wonder if it follows!! Oh well this is just a part of boredom having nonsense thoughts!!
      Thank you hanz I’ll see you again, take care and have a pleasant weekend, blueribbon will be right with you in just a while!!LOL God bless…

    • You know hanz we almost have the same story how and when we met hj,d q lam na singer yan and never know bout ss501 either.if they think only singers that can reach high notes can be called a singer let them be hanz , but for me sincerity is the most important than vocal cord or tones…period! hayaan mo sila mamatay sa inggit d ba may kasabihan sa’tin pag ang puno hitik sa bunga binabato yan pero pag aq naasar sila na ang babatuhin q ng granada LOL! thanks ms LK.

      • Bakit mataas din nmn ang vocal cord at tone ni hj ah! Lalo na pag kinanta nya ung Love gudness! Ang iba nga dyan pa cute lng eh. I downloaded this song from youtube to mp3. From laptop to mobile. Ganun na ako kalala hahaha. And the worst laptop ko mostly downloaded with hj files from ss501 days up to now. Kalurky!

  5. Please take note I’m moving this comment box here from a fan, I think the comment box was misplaced by wordpress! Here’s what she said:
    I had started to know KHJ in BOF in late October, last year. similarly as you did. When I started to search his name in cyber world and find out that he is the leader of SS501. Then I turn to ask
    my daughter about the story of this boy band before I start to search more, because she is SS501 fans (she loves YS). Since then I turn to be KHJ ‘s fan. Lately his solo sing of song “love”, “fortunate” , “If you like me” and “thankyou” plus acappilla sing in “happiness (Hanbok ee)” can turn any criticism on him down. Most Kpop fans are in teenager but for this 4D Idol Kpop, the fans are all in wide range of age from small children to aging people(I am in later group). He is adorable for everyone who has experience to his concert or his solo song. Anyway one thing that make me love him more is all reality show in 2005-2008.
    I am glad to see you in this blog. Thanks for the story of our dear Kim Hyun Joong.

    • And here’s my reply to her…
      Hello there! Thank you for reading, BOF is one of my favorite dramas and I would say I’ll never get tired of watching and writing about it having HJ in the
      drama where I first found him just like you. I think we have the same experience, only that I first saw him back in 2009 as it was in this year that BOF was aired in my country but it was in late Oct. last that I first followed him, researched on him and eventually write about the guy.
      You’re right, I think among the Kpop stars it HJ who captured the hearts of many people from different age range it not all the age range from all walks of life!!
      I’m so glad to have you met here but I’m moving you to the article because you’re now here at the twilight zone!! I’ll move you to the main article so you can read me from there!! LOL Don’t worry this always happen to my my other readers! Please you are very much welcome in this blog site. Have a nice weekend, take care, and see you again! God bless…

        • Hi Kratuwoo!! Oh I’m glad you’re back, I was hoping you would! my apology I don’t know what happen back there, it must be the wordpress again to misplace your comment box, I got worried you might have lost your way here just like what my other readers experienced with their comment box!! Thank you so much responding! Have a happy Monday!! see you again and take care!!

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