Kim Hyun Joong… [article] NUT STRUGGLE

BY: LazerKim        Our High School days are most memorable event in our lives because this is the adolescence period that we start to dream of future and start thinking of what we want when we grow up to be matured individual. For most of us I would say this was the most enjoyable part of our lives as it is at this stage that we become adventurous, curious, and enjoy life with lesser responsibility being at the adolescence stage of our life.

Kim Hyun Joong has his own interesting story to tell about his High school days. But did he enjoy it as much as we did? It was said that he struggled a lot during those days. But then, he also has his own naughtiness back then. It was a fact that his 4D personality was already there inside him, and he did not outgrown from it, since that child in him have not left him until at this stage of his life.

As he look back and share it with us being his fans, we feel the struggle of hard life he had been through. But behind that struggle, there’s also fun he experienced in his teen age life, and looking back as he relates his most wackiest and for me the most unforgettable tale he ever had shared with us.

For me, the most interesting topic to talk about is Hyun Joong’s 4D personality. Whenever  I feel gloomy, I just play the 4D videos of Hyun Joong and even I have watched them a dozen times, I still laugh at him. Have you realized that his 4D can be so contagious?? Now during his absence, all I did was to review his video clips just to ease the boredom of being left by him as his fans!!

We don’t count the days of waiting but instead let’s count the days of knowing him better. Although what I may talk about in my articles are so familiar with most of you, I don’t think it will not be tiring if we discuss it again! Anyway, who would ever get tire of recalling Hyun Joong’s hilarious tales of his teen age life? We can probably laugh it out again as we reminisce the tales that he shared with us.

In a talk show, Hyun Joong discussed his high school days that went like this:

Host: How was your high school days and studies?

KHJ: I can be counted as the student who affects results of the class.

Host: So you’re saying your results weren’t good? So why don’t you say it directly?

KHJ: But I’m not that bad. I’ve still got nine other classmates placed behind me!!

Host: Were you a diligent student? Did you ever cut classes?

KHJ: Sometimes I come to school just to play ball, and fails to attend my classes.

Host:  Didn’t your teacher notice your absence?

KHJ: No, I stole the attendance booklet of my teacher and throw it at the gap space of the school elevator doors!!

Host: Didn’t your teacher found out what you did? How was the attendance booklet recovered?

KHJ: Yes they found out and the booklet was recovered, when the school elevator was renovated!!

At least he’s being honest!! Hyun Joong related that he’s playful, doesn’t want to attend his classes and is more interested in playing soccer than to attend to his class. But he does not admit that he was poor in his academics despite the fact that he seldom attend to his class, since there are students behind him who are even poor in academic standing than Hyun Joong!! He will never lie just to give you a good impression about himself, he would rather be honest about himself now, than finding out later that he’s not what he appears to be! And with that, the more I liked him!!

Hyun Joong may not be studious simply because he’s not interested in his studies because he wants something else for himself. But this does not mean he’s not smart. Intelligence is not only seen from books, being smart is simply having enough degree of common sense and apply it to your life. This is how I see it from Hyun Joong. His reasoning, convincing power and way of thinking for me is enough to say Hyun Joong is indeed smart! And I don’t think he would possibly be where he is if he is not smart!

 In another talk show, he revealed his disinterest in his studies. Every time I get to remember this story I still laugh at it.!! One of my unforgettable tale of Hyun Joong!!

Hyun Joong’s teacher asked the class to compose a poem about mothers that can consume three pages long. He was bothered because he doesn’t know how to write a poem to begin with. Then as he was laying on the grass looking at the blue sky, he remembered a song that tells about mothers.

And so he wrote the exact lyrics including the adlib that says yayaya… so as to consume the three pages!! Then submitted it to his teacher. The song tells about a son losing his mother that he has to live by himself after his mother’s death. Hyun Joong had totally forgotten about that poem writing, then one day, the class was being punished for those who was not able to submit the said assigned home work. Hyun Joong’s teacher passed on Hyun Joong and did not punish him. Actually his teacher had read his poem about mothers, and it appeared that the teacher sympathized with him, because the song which Hyun Joong wrote as poem was about a mother who passed away.

After a few days, his teacher asked the class to invite their parents to school, and so excitedly, Hyun Joong brought his mom to school. When his teacher met Hyun Joong’s mom the teacher thought that the mom Hyun Joong brought with him was his step mother since she read the poem Hyun Joong and was convinced that Hyun Joong’s mom really passed away!! As we recalled Hyun Joong wrote the poem based from a song which described a mother had died! And so his teacher had that impression that his mom really had died!!

The teacher found out the truth that Hyun Joong’s mother was very much alive, and found out that the poem he wrote was actually a song!! Hyun Joong was punished real hard after his teacher found out about the song!! This is just one of Hyun Joong’s high school tale that he’s not even embarrass to say it in a national TV network, because he knows these are kid’s stuff naughty stories that I can guess everyone may have experienced in their high school days. Whenever I watch this talk show particularly this hilarious part  which makes me laugh even I have seen it a dozen times!! Unfortunately the clip was removed from YouTube so I don’t know now where to find it.

Hyun Joong related his tale, when he run away from home at the early age of fourteen or fifteen bringing his guitar with him. Thinking he would work in order to pursue his studies in music which his parents were against it back then. Hyun Joong almost died of hunger, three times, and he was almost got into trouble with some gangster. He stole food from a chicken restaurant because he hadn’t eaten for days and was very hungry. From then he came back home but decided to stop school and work instead.

But what caught my attention while Hyun Joong related this story, was the fact he was desperate to look for a shelter and when he ended up in a public bath or sauna, he thought of taking a bath and shave, since he dislike growing hair around his lips!! And no matter how desperate he was, self cleanliness and hygiene is one thing he never forgets!!

Hyun Joong learned to support himself at the young age, he learned about life the hard way. He delivers pizza, chicken, newspaper that kind of stuff, and he was able to earn and save around 1Million Won out of his arobaito (part-time job). He has some loyal friends from elementary school whom he promised that they will put up a chicken restaurant, whoever comes to be successful first.

And so Hyun Joong and two of his loyal friends put up the Jaskal Chicken Reataurant. Hyun Joong ranked the top no. one CEO in 2011 among the pop idol who runs their own business. Jaksal Chicken (Hyun Joong’s restaurant named after his dog!!) is currently expanding and is doing quite well. Isn’t that great?? Oh by the way, Hyun Joong had paid the restaurant where he stole food when he run away from home!!

Hyun Joong was able to finished his high school when he was already with his group and I am glad his agent supported Hyun Joong’s obligation concerning education and giving at least the importance that Hyun Joong has to finish High School.

When Hyun Joong reached the point that he can afford his education which I think transpire when he already moved in to KeyEast, he went to a school of the rich to take up his music and stage production management crash course. He was asked if he felt intimidated, he said the student were just like him even they’re rich. In other words, Hyun Joong was being honest about his status and it was said that even in his young age, his charisma grew up with him that students do come near him, while keeping a low profile.

His teachers related that he was an outstanding student until sixth grade, as he reached high school, his life turned upside down!! Hyun Joong was physically present but mentally absent every time he attended his class. He started to build walls around him, as if feeling withdrawn from the outside world, because it was then he was already burning with passion for music. The rest is history!!

It was said that even years back, Hyun Joong possess not only excellent looks but also his unique persona that people draws to him. It was said that if you see him walking down the street, you would know he’s not any ordinary person. His teacher was relating that he joined a catholic organization, formed a group from school, so that he can actively set himself on stage to play his base guitar. He was indeed capable of drawing attention from his schoolmates even back then when he was in school.

Hyun Joong faced life as he struggle for his music. As he said, it was music that lead him to know the hardest life can be. He learned from his high school days not from books, but the reality of life. He had a lot of tales of naughtiness, but deep inside his dreams and desire for music was burning. As he relates his wacky high school tales, the more I find him so adorable and cute!!

Hyun Joong now had grown up successfully and even being in cloud nine, his feet remain firmly on the ground. Hyun Joong has an interesting story that can inspire the young generation. He’s twenty six years old, he had matured, almost everything about him had changed except his interesting 4D that grew up with him!!

Kim Hyun Joong and that kid who once run away from home have not left him. Hyun Joong still kept his small childishness in his heart. Reading from his story, his struggles may touch our hearts and so with his NUTS that touched our sense of humor!!

                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D, thanks!


16 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] NUT STRUGGLE

  1. Hii kim this is meghana ml i’m big fan of your’s your so cute your super acter i want to tell u something forgot the past bad experiance and think of your future bay and thank u.

  2. Hi LK! Thanks for giving us another look at Hyun Joong’s Wackiness! I have to admit I was a bit shocked at your article title NUT STRUGGLE! I think you probably mean ‘crazy’ struggle… but, here in the US the word NUT has another connotation! It means ‘testicle’ LOL! So, I was wondering why he was struggling with that part of his body until I read article. LOL! HAAA HAAA! My stomach felt strange when I first saw the title! OHHHH! I am smiling now!

    Thanks for all the nice stories to read. I learn more about my Angel Baby here everyday. You are so knowledgeable! I wish you would share some of your video links with me so I can watch too! Are they English subbed? I find it difficult to find a lot that are. I am not able to understand Korean well yet. I just understand a random word here or there. Anyway, If you have eng sub vid sources will you share with me, pls?

    I miss him so much, I wrote him a letter and posted it on my site. I won’t actually send it… I imagine he gets millions! I am just going to send his Christmas present pretty soon. I will post a photo of it on my blog when I get it finished. It’s almost done… just have to sew buttons on. It is such a pretty color I know it will look good on him. I just hope he actually receives it! 😀

    Thanks again for the daily dose! Hope you’re having a great weekend!


    • OMG You planning on sending him a Christmas Present! Me too but I’m just worried that he doesn’t really receive those presents :(! I’ve watched a lot of his subbed variety shows with his SS501 members 🙂 There’s a blog called Kathysbench which has a page filled with majority of shows from his debut days as well!

      Hope you find it xxx

    • Angie everything is at YouTube or google just type kim hyun joong and everything appear and you can make your choice which one you want to watch except for night after night which is no longer there. I’m still waiting for one talk show which I request from someone to have it sub. hahahaha i didn’t know that connotation!! LOL I’m sorry! Whatever pops into my mind for a title I just put it in. He gave his mailing address I post it in one of articles so I think you can send your letter or gift whatever to that address. It’s connected to KE.
      Thanks angie! Take care always and see you again!! God bless. oh happy

  3. I’ve always found the poem thing kind of funny but I cannot accept that about korean teachers beating up their students, even if it’s just a slight slap. That’s so wrong! x.x No matter what age you are, respect everybody and make sure they treat you with equal respect. |||| HJ was such a rebel! Way more than me xD I can’t help but laugh at the things he did at school! xD I always missed many classes, but fortunately I was always the number one in my class… as a result of being obsessed with learning things and being very self-demanding. But those years weren’t the happiest for me D: I know I could have been a better person back then ._. .-. || That thing about him stealing the attendance book always cracks me up! I admire him for doing so hahahaha! I should have done that too! ||| HJ kinda dislikes the studying environment: the teacher, the classroom, the ppl there xd, the seriousness, the rules… He prefers the friendly-teacher instead || Today I walked for 5 hrs with my sis and a friend (yeah, we had nothing else to do lol) .-. Surprisingly, I found a beautiful HJ pin at some unknown k-mart lol then when I was about to pay the korean lady asked me: Jun Pyo or Jihoo? hahaha and I was like Hyun Joong e.e, Jihoo lol and she smiled at me xD I also bought 2 boxes of chocopie xD yummie! and a few bottles of toasted brown rice juice which is the best thing in the world xD The 1st time I drank that (1999 or 2000), it was given to me by my aunt who bought it just out of curiosity xD I wonder if HJ’s tanned body tastes as good as that or even better hahaha j/k and omg Lazer the other day you thought I was looking at his… nooo! I was looking at his tights only! ‘Cuz they are damn sexy! Well, even his nails are sexy! ❤ Have a wonderful Saturday Lazerkim & Co.! ❤

    • LOL if that incident ever happened in my country for sure that teacher would surely end up in the prison school teaching prisoners!! LOL! You know what razor? I envy you for having a sister whom I think you get along well. I didn’t have that much experience because my sister is at the other side of the world!! My high school days were glorious period of my life I enjoyed it so much. I grew up with nuns, and I admit I got some naughtiness too. I remember my teacher who was a nun sister Alice my teacher in Theology whom I don’t like so much, she was so strict and inconsiderate. I placed a red chewed bubble gum and stick on her chair, as she came in to our classroom she sat on that teacher’s chair until the class hour was over, and when she stood up there goes the red bubble gum on her white skirt like a red thread tailing at her!! LOL This was one of my naughtiness. She passed away when I was already working, it was the only time asked for forgiveness, since she never knew who did that to her!! I regret of
      Oh I would assume the lady at Kmart is a HJ fan?? LOL
      Oh yes hahaha yeah I don’t mean to be malicious LOL but I was wondering what’s with HJ’s thigh LOL after I read from you I went back to the pix looking at his thigh!!! Silly!! hahaha….Have a nice weekend dear! Take care! Oh before I go I’m curious about that brown rice juice how does it taste?

      • Ahahaha that bubblegum moment was epic! XD I also attended a catholic school run by nuns lol (elementary)! I even dreamt of being a nun when I was a lil girl but I changed my mind for obvious reasons (dashi naegero wa-kind of reasons hahaha) oh, the nuns bugged me all day long x.x I was always late, I kept on missing classes and they kept on telling me that my school uniform was too short hahaha and that my socks were too small lol! I remember a time, I was 12 years old when a nun caught a tiny paper I had sent to my friend (like a paper-chat xD) and there was dirty stuff written on it LOL like 18+ XD and she got really mad at me xD and said she was gonna tell my mom about it. Then I told her: Tell her if you want, my mom knows exactly the way I am! D: Hahahaha xd and she never told my mom! when I got home I told my mom about it and we laughed at it .-. LOL! XD But I kinda had a good time there though, my english & music teachers were my fave ❤

        • Omfg xd I forgot… well, I’ve been awake for too many hours that I won’t be responsible for anything that’s written on this… Lazer, imagine licking HJ’s hot tanned abs with your tongue… that’s pretty much how toasted brown rice juice tastes! xD Hahahaha xD It tastes like toasted cereal actually e.e xD

          • RAZOR! I have to say your mind is quite naughty! I am the same way… I’m just a little too shy to write exactly what I think! With Hyun Joong, though, I feel more like a mom… so, I don’t think of him that way. You are the same age as he is though… so, nothing wrong with you thinking that way! LOL!

            Although, I have to say… I love Hyun Joong too much to think of him that way… but, I’ve become a bit obsessed with his bestie, Jae Joong, lately. I imagine he is the same age as Hyun Joong… but, there’s something about him that brings out the Cougar in me! LOL!

            Toasted Brown Rice wine… I will have to remember that when I finally adventure to the k-market here. It is in another city almost an hour away… that’s why I haven’t made it there yet… but, I will!

            I love reading your comment box… it makes me just smile and giggle! Keep thinking the way you think! It’s so fun!

            Luv ya sis! Angie

            • Lol Angie! oh, but don’t think I am THAT naughty xD, I just made up that line to tease Lazerkim kekeke XD HJ’s too naive and cute to think of him that way xD Did you take ur blog from wp to blogger/blogspot already?

                • Stupid handphone! You can find my blog link if you go to my wordpress blog too. I tried to ger toasted brown rice drink at the k mart tosay. They didn’ t have any! 😦 the guy said they used to but nor anymore! Ottekeyo!! I’m so dissappointed! He said i would have to go to texs for soju too! That means it is considered to be beer and has more than 2 points alcohol! Oh… this sux living in oklahoma! I can’t wait to go to korea!

  4. I wathed this show in night after night,and HE looks so dashing with his short hair.Lough from the audience never stop whenever he talk,so am I. The more I knew HIM,the more I love and respect HIM.About the poem,that was so funny ,end up he got beaten by
    by teacher,ha ha naughty boy indeed.but all his teacher admired Him as good one,always stand as leader.HE is responsible person for sure.HE hard working since young to persue HIS dream.Alot… alot of the thing that we can learn from HIM. Reading HIS story always make us happy and alife.This boy really figure of legend wich UNFORGETABLE! HYUN JOONG SI how happy your parent having you as a son…your brother as well. thanks sist to give us such a delicius dose. God bless sist.

    • Hello lng!! Yeah that goes for me too, watching video clips and reading about HJ while listening to his music after work is the only way I can keep him close to me during this period. I enjoy recalling his past that i can only share with you guys and of course for the new fans whom I got lots of them as my silent readers. I just love that kiddie boy in him, his past is quite clear in my mind while watching his talk about it!!
      Thanks sis for always been there…Oh I do hope this waiting won’t take many longer!! Take care always! and have a happy weekend!! see you again! God bless..

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