Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FUTURE DREAMS

By: LazerKim        Until at this time I still have not got any updates yet about Kim Hyun Joong, as expected he’s still shooting City Conquest.  As I have mentioned in my other article, if we can’t talk about the present, then we have no choice but to talk about the past. As I was browsing at the YouTube yesterday, I came across a video clip of Hyun Joong video interview he had in Japan last year.

I think I have not shared with you about it. Well, times like this maybe what we can do is to share each other’s thoughts about Hyun Joong as he started performing as solo artist, and get to know him better as I’m sure the new fans are still so eager to know more about him. From here on you’ll be reading Hyun Joong’s worlds, as I believe he wants to share to his fans who he is. Here it goes:

Kim Hyun Joong…    2011 Interview in Japan PART ONE

(Source: jackie606, thanks!) Link>

This was taken during the promotion of Playful Kiss and getting prepared to promote his first album Breakdown. This documentary was prepared in Japan although there were shots taken in Seoul as Hyun Joong first launched his debut album in June 2011. So the video clips are compilation of events from the time Hyun Joong promotes his second drama project Playful Kiss to launching his album Breakdown. Here’s Hyun Joong’s statements:

Promoting Playful Kiss:  “In South Korea I heard some unease news about Japan daily so I was a bit worried about length of unrest here in Japan. I was feeling like that, I say it again, I wish everyone strength and best wishes.”

Hyun Joong stated this on stage in front of his Japanese fans while promoting Playful Kiss:   “Lately I was thinking life only had one shot mind-set. There’s another way of thinking, someone once told me. Not being number one but being Only One. To my loving fans above being number one I want to be your Only One!”

Hyun Joong said back stage:  “Playful Kiss isn’t finish promoting. Many people have watched it over the internet and supporting Playful Kiss a lot. So after more promotion, around August 2011, there will be more events and looking forward to it. I made promise in August I’ll do more. Not the same show as today, I’ll come back with more new music. Please give love to Playful Kiss. Right now, it’s going to be fun time, after performing, always going out to eat is the most fun! I was so busy in Japan that I didn’t even have time to eat some noodles!”

Breakdown Showcase Back Stage: June 7, 2011  at the backstage before performing the Breakdown Showcase Hyun Joong said, “I feel like it’s my first time performing on stage, so I’m a bit nervous. Before the show started there were a lot to do. Many preparation to do. I’ll do my best to give breathtaking performance. I’ll try to give a memorable performances. Fighting!! Thank you. For my Artmatic Team, blessings…fighting!!”

Kim Hyun Joong….2011 Interview    PART TWO

Pictorial Session Tokyo: This video interview was taken in Tokyo during his pictorial session prior to the Breakdown Showcase, here what Hyun Joong stated:

“Coming out with my first solo album, I Kim Hyun Joong wanted to give all I can to it. I wanted to show all the hard work I put on stage, always trying my best. To my fans, besides showing hard work, I want them to feel what I feel on stage.”

“There’s some differences between Japanese fans and Korean fans in this regard:  Korean fans have sighs, and scream. Japanese fans claps and shake their fun after the show ends. It was like that in the past but now since Japanese fans listen to more Kpop music, so now their views has changed. They have become more engaging also singing along with the songs in the show. Seeing those things, it’s amazing and they seem very comfortable. That’s what I see. Every time I see those things on stage, it helps and gives me strength while I’m singing.”

Special interview Tokyo – Food trip!!  Kim Hyun Joong stated, “Yes I think I try many different food here like noodles. There’s one type of noodles that’s my favorite here, I had it yesterday. If there’s anything I haven’t tried is probably another type of noodles. Every time I come to japan there’s a favorite place to eat….”  Ropongi!!

“I don’t have regrets, for me like in Korea and in Japan too. Things like that isn’t important. I like travelling around, good things like going out to eat after the shows and I miss it! I feel a bit sad, I’m the type who likes going out!!”

Kim Hyun Joong’s message to his fans:

“To my fans in Japan, as a singer Kim Hyun Joong my first time promoting, a bit restless from the airport, everyone has warmly welcome me from the airport and continued to follow me, I am thankful. in the future, as a singer Kim Hyun Joong and also an actor Kim Hyun Joong I’ll show the good thing and good music to share and give everyone so have faith. Just like now to have your love I’ll work hard and become the person worthy of your love, thank you.”

Kim Hyun Joong…   2011 Interview  Japan    PART THREE

Tokyo Rehearsals Kim Hyun Joong stated:  “One million may be large or small money but for me no amount of money can replace the gifts of the heart of my fans.    For the people undying support, I hope to prove worthy by doing my best on stage, singing, dancing and the love I get from all of you, on stage showing all I can to sing the best I can. We are like everyone else where we want to enjoy and have fun. Together making it memorable.”

Marriage Talk Kim Hyun Joong stated:  “I want to get married before I turn age 30, but more and more like this, as I get older 26, 27, I thought about it and realize even when I am 30 years old, I still consider that still young. I know I’ll get married someday when I find a good person I’ll be married. For now, while I’m on stage performing or acting, I want to enjoy the moment. Even when I turn age 30 as a singer, dancer or actor, working hard always around age 30 as a singing dancing artist, I’ll do a final concert having all my fans around, I want to do something like that, somewhere big.”

“After I turn age 30, but don’t know for sure when, in South Korea, there’s military duty, I want to focus more on my acting. After that when age 40, I want to direct and produce other actors and idols, I want to go in that direction.”

Pictorial Session for Calendar 2012:     Location photo shoot in Korea Kim Hyun Joong stated:  “Today I get up early, on the car from Seoul I fell asleep, coming all this way a little way from Seoul, I was surprised to find a place like this today. The air is so fresh and the wind is blowing, that feels like spring is in the air. Good vibes while filming! I feel really good!”

Holding a baseball bat on pictorial, Hyun Joong stated:  “I never try this before, I always like soccer better than baseball! I never wear a baseball attire before, I like soccer attire which I put on many times. Today putting on a baseball attire feels weird!! So I was thinking rather than baseball, soccer fits my body type and personality better since there’s more running around involved.”

Reading book on pictorial, Hyun Joong stated:   “I like the best concept was the book reading with the glasses on, reminded me of fall. That was my favorite. I got my hair short and I look more rugged image to show people, more rugged edgy image feel! Today all my staffs felt good about shooting here, all the pictures came out good. Feeling happy doing the shoot here, 2012 calendar please look forward to it!!”  ~ THE END ~

LazerKim View Point:

Many may not agree with me if I say Hyun Joong is still a rookie. This is in the sense that Hyun Joong had just started his new career as a solo singer. Even he had been singing since 2005 with his group, at this time being a rookie is still his status. There’s a big difference between being a singer with the group and singing as soloist, for obvious reason! Having said this, with the success Hyun Joong has been gaining ever since he debuted as a soloist singer, I would say he had accomplished quite a lot if we compare his achievements from other Kpop soloist in such a short period of time.

Hyun Joong made his promises in this interview and he was able to fulfilled his promises. Within a year Hyun Joong was able to deliver four mini albums which we all know brought him to the top for each of those mini albums both Korean and Japanese albums. Hyun Joong promised that he’ll be back to Japan after that interview with something new, and he did, in fact every time he goes back to Japan there’s always something new in his music. Hyun Joong mentioned a lot about his future plans and I would only say, wow!!

I think I did a right assessment as I have mentioned in my previous articles which talks about his mandatory military training, which of course none of us wouldn’t even want to think about it!!  Hyun Joong is such in a hurry to solidify his status being a soloist singer which I think is right. Time flies so fast, there are still many to accomplish on his part being a solo singer and he has less than four years to materialize his future plans. What Hyun Joong wants Hyun Joong gets, that’s him seeing from his outlook, how determine he is, how dedicated he is and his passion to his work is just priceless. Having this attitude he is very likely to get what he wants, and all he wants is to provide the needs of his fans from him as their idol.

Hyun Joong mentioned that no amount of money can replaced the gifts of his fans heart in giving him that much love and support. Hyun Joong is likely to grab every chance he has to give his best shot for his fans, given the time he has to create more music and a lot more chances in producing concerts for them. As Hyun Joong mentioned after he turned 30 yrs old he would be concentrating on acting, I would assume this after his military duties. I think he can still sing and dance by that time comes, although being an actor is what Hyun Joong wants after he turn 30 years old, and so be it, I will still support him as a fan.

Hyun Joong also mentioned that when he reached the age 40yrs old he wants to direct and produce which undoubtedly he’ll be in that direction since he studied stage production management and it’s very likely he’ll use what he had learned from school and from his experience. Now I can’t help think Hyun Joong is also likely to end up like his boss BYJ!! I will not be surprise though, artist are likely to end up passing on and sharing what they got, what they have learned to the future rookies. And I think this is a good future plans and knowing Hyun Joong who has the ability to stay focus on his destination, then I wouldn’t even doubt his capability in attaining his his dreams for the future. That’s a long way from now though.

I admire Hyun Joong’s vision for a young man like himself, he knows and recognize what he wants for himself, and on how he sees himself in the future. I think Hyun Joong had not changed a bit. When he was in high school he dreams of what is currently happening to him now concerning his career, that he was able to attain this dream when he was young. And this is why I don’t doubt what his plans for the future, seeing from his determination to achieve a goal it’s very likely he’ll reach the heights of his dreams to come true.

I must have missed the translation of this interview, that as I read it, I realize there are still a lot that I ought to know from Kim Hyun Joong!! This interview was done last year, that I didn’t even noticed that he actually discuss his future plans, having specific time table for his plans. And I was right, time is so precious for Hyun Joong and he’s quite aware of his mandatory training which I have written in articles twice. I don’t want to convince myself though that he’s now pushing himself to work harder as a singer.

There are lots to accomplish to solidify his status and it’s gonna be a lot of work in such a short period. I think I have written about this I just couldn’t remember which article but I discussed about Hyun Joong doing a full album which I know is in his plans too. Let’s not forget that Hyun Joong is also a recording artist too and it won’t be long he’ll be starting to work on his full album, I hope! I bet you it’s a lot of work there, considering Hyun Joong is also a dancer and knowing that every time he performs, choreography follows too. I think he’ll even be busier after doing City Conquest.

Hyun Joong mentioned a lot in this interview that I don’t think I can tackle with in one sitting. I’ll discuss other matters pertaining to this interview on my following articles. I was just struck about his plans for the future as a solo artist, so I prioritize discussing this topic. Actually I was a bit surprised as Hyun Joong mentioned he’ll focus on acting after the age 30 or after his military training. I’m beginning to think he’ll focus on being a singer dancer after his drama. Is Hyun Joong worried he can’t be able to dance anymore after 30 yrs old?

In my country a similar artist like Hyun Joong a singer, dancer, actor too, who is now 48yrs old but still sing and dance as energetic as he was when he was just starting!! He still performs in concerts even at his age, in fact he has a son who might take his place but I still find him even better than his son!!  He’s still very good and at his age his popularity still is progressing.

Dreams are endless, as we mature our dreams escalates to a higher level. Same with Hyun Joong, when he was young his dream was to be in the showbiz arena and he was able to fulfill it as he started with a boy band. When he was with the group, he dream about doing solo and that dream was also fulfilled as to where he is now. Last year Hyun Joong started with his plans as a solo artist which I consider his dream for the future, which again shall remain to be seen.

Kim Hyun Joong once said, “aiming for higher dreams made me a better person”. While his Future Dream stays in his mind, he lives his life to the fullest, but what matters to him at present is working hard to become worthy of your love as his fans….

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D, thanks!!


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  1. Again…read this great article,feel like HE is around but in the same time my heart pain cos of the words’I MISS HIM SO MUCH’, Wish HE is doing well.HIS thought about fan is amazing,he wanted the fans feel the same as HIM on the stage…yes,it’s always he bring along HIS fans into HIS JOURNEY.Indeed…HE IS OUR THE ONLY ONE who we love,care,miss and respect … Alot of the good thing that we can lean from HIM…such a TRUE LEADER. Sist,wish that I can join you in the camp during HIS
    military time. Stay healthy,god bless

    • sis I’ll be very happy to have you with me at the military camp!! We’ll build a tent we’ll cook, we eat we sleep we’ll be patrolling the entire camp vicinity to make sure there won’t insects around where HJ is!! Oh it must be fun!! LOL like a bar B -Q picnic!! thanks sis!! i’ll see you again!! have a nice week end!

  2. Hi Lk,
    I think it is a blessing in disguise for me with this period of silence…last nite i got to watch old shows feat Hj again n it was haptic mission.
    Oh my he looked soooooo dashing even back then. But the most intersting part is even in those days he already showed his charasmatic behaviour. Last nite only did i realised that the show ended rather didsapointingly. It is so obvious that Hj n dan bi shd have won. Ke…ke. Not being biased here… Tonite i will have another date with can always dream. To quote razor, it is free..
    Ok Lk, just dropping by to join in the alien world. Thanks for the article. Love it as always

    • LOL oh I’m just so pleased you guys can find ways to fill in the gap and still manage to keep him right there to be our stress reliever even during his absence. I’m so thankful for those fans who are actively uploading video clips that are quite useful on times like this. Do you know the feeling that you miss that somebody so much and you can’t just imagine yourself helpless as soon as you see him?? As time drags on the eagerness of seeing him gets even higher everyday!! None of the fans would not say they don’t miss him because we all do miss him!!
      I couldn’t count anymore how many days has he been absent because it feel like it’s months!! LOL Oh well, we just have to keep watching those clips laugh with him or cry with him whichever we are watching!!! LOL Thank you so much well we can just share the agony!! hahaha Hey take care, have a nice and see you again!! God bless..

  3. 1st of all insects do have brains, but most of them have it in their stomachs, except for HJ’s antis who have not brains detected yet XD ||| Nooo ramyun talk again xD Well, I didn’t study anything related to medicine XD My major is actually Literature and English language xD But I do care about health, medicine and the like though xD ||| Oh, I would love to take HJ to an organic restaurant ^^ Dreaming is free! LOL@him for saying that about marriage. Next year he will say he wants to marry when he is 50 and so on xD I don’t want to get married ever D: I don’t want to lose my freedom .-. Marriage is not for me I guess but who knows xD || In that interview HJ said he wanted to act when he gets older but when he released Lucky Guy he said that he’d love to do band music as he gets older .-. Next year he’ll say that he wants to do cha cha cha music for sure .-. ||| Now about the baseball bat pic xD All of us should imitate HJ: Let’s hold a baseball bat and smack the antis with it! It’d be really effective! || HJ said he prefers the soccer attire and he looks damn good in it ^^ but deep down in our hearts we all know he’d look better without it, in his birthday suit LOL! (^-^) || HJ is crazy… I do think he dances waaay better now than he did in SS501.. so our doggie-eyed baby should keep on dancing ’til the world ends! ~(^-^)~ Have a nice day LK, and the whole alien family! Hugs to those who wait for my non-sense moments lol

    • LOL so what do we got here?? Oh I didn’t know that insects has brains too? so brain detector!!! hahaha I don’t know what to say!!! LOL razor would you take HJ for marriage at his age 50??lol hahahaha baseball to smack the antis good idea!! LOL I can’t type anymore hahahah Oh I agree he improved a lot in dancing too or he has all the chances now to show what he got that he’s been keeping. razor you’re no nonsense you’re the darling of this blog believe me we need but please I have to take something for gasss every time I read from you I have to stop to relax before I can type….geez where do get those ideas in your head hahahah Oh that goes for me too no marriage no commitments just like I love my freedom!! Oh razor thank you so much you make my day!! Be here everyday please…we don’t want to miss you!!! Missing HJ is enough, to ease it done by having you really feels good. Oh I miss the aliens!!! Take care dear!!

      • XD well, that’s why when you cut off the head of a cockroach or fly with your feet it doesn’t die right away! It keeps on moving! hahaha the tummy should be the target lol! xD Well if you want me to be here everyday, then I will xD since you r my Lazermom xD Omg if HJ wants to marry me at 50 and nobody wants him by that time, I’d have to accept his offer xD Even if he’s gone crazier than today, even if his six-pack becomes a chubby tummy from all the soju he drinks, even if he loses some hair, even if his dark circles/eye-bags hung ’til his knees I swear I’d still marry him.

        • Hey razor I shall keep this particular article have it print as my hard copy, and I shall remember what you said, when you HJ reach 50…..wait hang in there, you’re at the same age right? You’re 26 I remember. then you don’t really have a prob. you’ll be 50 by then too!! LOL But don’t tell anyone because everyone will come running after you!!LOL
          Now I learned something from you again, yes you’re right cockroach don’t die easily!! And so with the insects of HJ!!! LOL I got it!!!

        • hahaha..Razor die die laughing here lol!…like im rolling to the!!..where did you get all that ideas in your mind hahaha…my gosh!! dying..hahaha..hey dont tell me thats how stuborn you are waiting for HJ till he turns 50 as a bachelor?? might have suffered eyesight problem by then and rejected him..xD! ..with all that descriptions @#%^&* when he’s might think that he’s your senior by many years! wonder your Lazermom refuelling gasss!..all of us here will turn to a diesel in no time to combat shortage of gasss..hahaha..your hilarious my sweet Razor..yup this Omega and am not waiting for your non-sense just your six-sense~~D….hi LZ enough to make your day..keke..but you know what ive found something you are both in common—> your account names!..both are veryvery sharp!!…
          *sharp mind*~~~D

          • Hahaha yeah u r right Omega, Lazer & xD Razor kinda sound alike lol! and well believe me, I don’t want to marry in the future so it’d be easy for me to stay single ’til 50 xD hahaha and yeah, HJ would be 50, the same age… I wouldn’t care about his appareance by that time as long as his heart stays the same 😀 XD well, I’d accept it if some hdl cholesterol levels are high though lol! I’m hopelessly devoted to him haha .-. You’re so sweet, Omega-ano! ❤

  4. I couldnt imagine what the day would be when the time comes for his military enlistment. Baka masiraan ako ng bait waaah!!!!! Bkit kc compulsory yan sa bansa nila.

    • yyyiakkkss!!! Don’t say bad words!! LOL If that happens We shall put up a tent within the vicinity of the military camp, we shall be on guard, as we always protect him, we’ll take routines and patrol the area where HJ is!!! LOL Again this is just a dream!!LOL wwwaaaahhh….it’s a nightmare sis!! LOL Kaloka!!

    • It would be the end of the world for us hanz ,waaaaah! wala lang nag-eemote lang kami….practice LOL! where have you been hanz? its been a while,anyway glad ur back!

        • End of the world?? Nku miss wagasss wag muna eto nmn sabi nga ni ms lazerkim city conquest muna. My gosh dying of waiting to see him back again in drama.

          And wait lazerkim agree with you. We need to put up a tent within the vicinity area of training camp baka may maligaw na insekto kawawa hyun joong natin. We need to protect him at all cost! So all the aliens out there should participate.
          How do we look like then if it really happens? Hahaha! Baka matawa si hj sa kabaliwan natin.
          For gudness sake hyun joong where are you now huhuhu! Having hallucination bacause of your absence. Looks like been a decade already for not seeing you. Magparamdam ka naman please…..!

  5. Great article again Lk! Funny you talk about his dreams as i ended my most recent post with a quote from him about dreams! I think we have some kind of telepathy goong on here! Lol! Hopeyou are well! I can’ t wait to see what razor says today! I am almost having more fun while he is hidong from us! I think we are delirious From missing him so much!

    • Oh well what can we do? We feel alike, we think alike, we breath as the same time with HJ. *sigh* what a day to spend after work here I am feeling tired but no words from HJ makes my day even boring!!! b u t fighting!! yush yush… I’m alive!!! LOL…. then we can just share the boredom!!!LOL

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