Kim Hyun Joong…. [article] HIDDEN SECRETS!

By: LazerKim        I wrote this article sometime in February and it’s the same month as Hyun Joong was preparing for his fan meeting concert. During those times I was confined in a chair, I was sick and all I did was to write all about Kim Hyun Joong. I used to write as much as two to three articles in a day since it was the time I was still on the process of getting to know more of Hyun Joong. While there’s not much updates about Hyun Joong I would like to post those articles I have written during the days without him. Be posting them one after the other.

Since the start of this blog I dedicated my writing to the new fans like myself who were so eager to know who Kim Hyun Joong is. But I was so glad that some veteran fans started reading from this blog and they do share a lot about Hyun Joong that I honestly learned a lot from them that I’m always thankful for. Oh please don’t get excited by the article title, the topic is nothing controversial!! I was talking here about some cuts from the talk shows Hyun Joong guested on last year!!

This article had been in my file for months without being posted, so please allow me to put this on record that I wrote this article during the same period when there were no updates and Hyun Joong was in his cocoon that time!! Many of what I have written here are already known to you, so maybe we can just share some of Hyun Joong’s memories on how we have known him to be as a person. Here it goes…….

Kim Hyun Joong has been known Mr. Perfect or the walking statue. His handsome face, perfectly cut features, his build up body muscles, and his tall height are all overwhelming for a human being. But do you know that Mr. Perfect Kim Hyun Joong also has his own insecurities or should we call it his hidden secrets?  Well, I wouldn’t know it if it’s a secret!! In short, even his secrets are also an open book topic to his fans!! Let’s find out what these secrets are, which he revealed in talk shows he had guested during the time he was promoting his first album Breakdown.

An ordinary man can be an ego tripper, and we ladies not knowing that men has his own insecurities in terms of looks and their careers. Nowadays, like we ladies, can be so meticulous when it comes to make up, daily regiments ect. and body figure. Men tend to be that meticulous like women too. This is no difference with Kim Hyun Joong, in spite of having his blessed perfect looks, he also has his own insecurities.

Hyun Joong hates mustache and beard, he said, hair grows as men reaches his adolescence, but he can’t stand even a few hair growing around his lips. Hyun Joong doesn’t like dark complexion but then he like playing football or soccer in the morning. He said as he takes shower he can see himself in the mirror like a burnt matchstick!!

Meaning since his face is exposed, he tends to have dark complexion, but his body is in fair colored skin because it’s always covered!! Then as he watched Jang Kyuk, who starred in Slave Hunter or Chuno, he had dark complexion because most of his filming were done outdoors, but he looks handsome on it. Hyun Joong thought, so it’s alright to have dark facial complexion and fair skin in his body similar to burnt matchstick!! LOL!! Everyone laughed at Hyun Joong’s assessment!

Hyun Joong have a facial scar on his upper cheeck that he’s been conscious about, but then Jang Kyuk has it too and yet he looks handsome on it. And so Hyun Joong thinks it alright to have his facial scars too. In short, he looks up to his seniors and whatever their flaws are, he shouldn’t be worried about having the same flaws!!

Hyun Joong also mentioned about his dark circles in his eyes, I think I heard this from him thrice on different talk shows. He admitted to have laser treatment on his dark circles around his eyes or eye bags several times, but did not take effect!! May I just share, this was where I got my username Lazer, (I changed its spelling), since I had the same experience with Hyun Joong, I have those eyes bags too which runs in our family but laser treatment wasn’t effective for me too!!

The show host commented, “How can a very handsome man like you to be conscious of small details”. Hyun Joong replied, “I’m a commercial model too which I love doing, so my looks is important too”. Well, he has a point, in one of this interviews, he mentioned about his preparation before any photo shoot. He applies facial mask the night before scheduled photo session religiously in all his shootings.

Hyun Joong revealed that he’s jealous of other actors too. He’s speaking in terms of their acting ability. Like for instance, he watched a film starred by Won Bin, there’s a part in the film that Won Bin cuts his hair by himself and looked handsome. The audience cheered, as Hyun Joong remarked to his friend “how can a person a killer himself cuts his own hair so spendidly”? A roar of laughter from the show hosts followed and commented to Hyun Joong…you’re so honest!! The truth is, Hyun Joong likes that scene from the film because Won Bin looks so handsome in it.

It’s so unusual for a popular celebrity to be so honest as Kim Hyun Joong to be telling these matters to a national TV!! But he’s cute in it, and it’s the least you can hear from a handsome guy like him to be very honest about his flaws instead of being defensive.

Again in that talk show, his boss Bae Yong Joon was mentioned again! He was asked if Hyun Joong follows Bae Yong Joon’s mysteriousness. And he said, “I thought if I acted cool, it made me look more handsome. Maybe this is the disease among entertainers, actually that’s not important.” Hyun Joong would like to live in a normal life as much as possible, like, playing football in the morning and go out at night time. He said, “if someone wanted to take a photo with me, I’ll do as they wish”. In short, he doesn’t mind going out there, seeing by his fans.

There’s a video footage taken at one of Jaksal Chicken outlet, which Hyun Joong owns. He was with his dancers and friends drinking soju, while the restaurant was full house that time. His attention was caught by some fans who were costumers of Jaksal, Hyun Joong stood up and raised his jigger to the costumers and drank straight up, then sat down as if nothing happened. It was very casual that some costumers had his photo taken which was totally alright with him.

 A celebrity like Kim Hyun Joong doesn’t need to hide anything about himself.  Like him he just answer anything he’s questioned about himself, because for him he has much better ability of being truthful to himself than keeping who he really is, because he’s not good at lying, to begin with.

I would believe this, because in another talk show, sometime in 2009, another guest was asked to tell the fortune of Kim Hyun Joong. Then jokingly the guest said that Hyun Joong was having a relationship. Unexpectedly, Hyun Joong admitted that he’s indeed having a relationship and broke off five months ago. Everyone was surprised by the revelation, but the truth was the other guest was just guessing but Hyun Joong admitted it.

He said, “what can I do I’m not good at lying!! Then one of his members said “Maybe you thought she’s girlfriend but for her she’s not”. Hyun Joong said, “Oh is that so? well, I think so too”and he just laughed it out!!. Hyun Joong was so candidly honest, and he would rather be truthful than pretending to be what he is not.

For me, it does not matter what Hyun Joong might look like, because I have already known who he really is, coming from himself and not just hearsay. And the more I get to know him, the more I like him. I’m not up to blind admiration, I have known his good and bad sides, enough for a fan like me ought to know. But still, I’m thankful to know Hyun Joong as the real Kim Hyun Joong that I appreciate that part of him he shared with his fans.

It’s not the handsome face he has that matters but the beauty inside him, the gentle heart he has, his candid honesty, and his sincerity to his fans. And being this, Hyun Joong is just short of saying, take me for what I am. And who wouldn’t?? He’s almost perfect that I can’t just imagine God would create such human having everything in one person.

Kim Hyun Joong had revealed his Hidden Secrets that proved, he’s not perfect after all, but he is such a unique individual that possess beauty inside out, a truly lovable person in reality…..

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

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    • Hahaha, he hates on him, koreans like to have light skin, I have a korean friend he wears sun protetion, long sleeves and a hat all the time, he says he doesn’t want to look like he is on the field planting rice. I am a dark skinned Brazilian, when we met he asked me on a date.

  1. I love KHJ.But I felt bad after reading that he hates dark complexion.How can he like his fans who are dark skinned???
    I hope he could reply…but alas!

    • He doesn’t like on him! Most koreans are like that, is a cultural thing, they still like people like Beyonce for exemple.

  2. Kim hyun joong has lots of fan and many of them where choosen him as there idol me 2… this will shows that he has acheived somthng very special

  3. No one is perfect moreover i think he is born to rock the world in that way he just rock the world by his awesome performance and i’m looking forward to that

  4. i am also not a blind admirer just because of his looks but he certainly has a good heart too…. but i wish he would have more pretty boy dramas… he doesnt look good in short hair!!! 😦 since i cant understand korean… i wish he would have given interviews in english… also wish he too were making himself look more pretty like lee min ho rather than that macho man forever!!! 😦

  5. Everytin abt khj is perfect i don’t care abt his flaws,lovin sum1 is acceptin dem for who dy reali are,i do care abt khj bt not who he date coz his private life is none of my business

  6. Thanks alot i really appreciate all that you’ve shared wit me,am from nigeria,luv is knowing d flaws of some1 and yet stil loving them,i guess i can say i love khj because his my Mr perfect

  7. This is a continuation on my question or comment I made about kim hyun joong hope you wont mis interpret my comment I just want your opinion about the interview and what khj said in two of his show recently and one interview he had last august 8.

    i just want other opinion on what he said on those interview and on what he said on his show about his past realtionship. i read a blind item just this week that 2 idols are in a relationship right now. The guy they describe fits khj and the girl idol fit to UEE his castmate in his Barefoot friend show. it even mentioned that he mentioned to his friend while they were drinking that UEE is his girlfriend now. they even show a footage of the show that he was touching her hair and one picture they were sitting in a chair and khj was touching UEE hand while she was reading a news magazine. One fan cam I saw Khj is going to his car after he want to kbs station if Im not wrong and another car black car arrive and went around the other direction but later a girl with long hair went inside the back of the car where khj is. After that khj transfer at the back of the car. He was at the front seat at first and later move beside the girl after dhe was inside. this photo with the girl in the car I think its not photoshop because there’s a lot of fans at that time. i thought he said he dont like to wear couple attire but after that fancam video I saw Im not the only fan who make a comment that it look like they were wearing a couple thing. its not exactly the same type he had on Wgm but you can tell by the color they had. They had black and white color on thir tshirt and pants and khj had black pant and sweatshirt and white hat. While UEE had black and white in his shirt and pant. One time they have their shirt in different design but the same color only khj had a yellow in his sweatshirt aside from the black and white color. i only noticed this after he mentioned the older ex girlfriend around July and when he asked his cast member if he prefer Lee Hyori or UEE. he even asked the other actor that they try to talk to her from now on. i dont care who Khj girlfriend its his choice. Maybe he change since Wgm because he said he did not like to display affection in public. before. if you happened to see this video or show you can tell they always beside each other. And its not him to write a lyric of his song saying not nice lyric about a girl except on his song let me go. And this song he compised in his show.

    Im asking for apology if I sound critical of khj right now on the interview and what he said is not consistent about his past girlfriend. im not the only one who wondered why he never communicate with Hwangbo since 2008. While the other wgm couple season 1 still communacate with each other. Even different show like Beattle code interview the interviewer seem skeptical with him. if you watched Muhan girls Season 1 and 3 they also asked this question to Hwangbo and she always avoid answering this. Even ss591 member Hyung jun during his interview with Hwangbo he asked her last 2011 if she still communicate with him and she answered that why Kyung Jun ask ped her that when he already know the answer.

    its not the fans business to decide who his girlfriend but we some fans of him want also that he will said it publicly that he never had a relationship with Hwangbo so some of his fans wiont continue to hate Hwangbo.

    Thanks and i will continue to read your blog.

    • Hello there! My apology since I have been out of touch within the fandom for months now since I’ve been so busy with work, so honestly i have not watched the said interview. You mentioned that HJ mentioned to one of his friends about his latest relationship but he was not publicly vocal about it, in my opinion. Just like what I have mentioned in my other articles, unless HJ faces the camera and declare he’s having a relationship with whomever, then that’s the only time I would take his words. Same as you as much as possible I wouldn’t want to touch his personal life or his relationships and whomever he’s having a relationship with, I wouldn’t mind at all, I respect him on that premise. I’m not really good in shipping, as the term may be for pairing. It’s only HJ that I care about.
      He’s in showbiz, there may be a lot of hearsay and he may be seen in public with a girl which I see nothing wrong with it but then again I prefer not to put malice on those matters, if he doesn’t want to go public about his relationships then I respect him for that.
      Another thing about HB, I don’t see any reason why other fans should hate HB! I’m neither one of her fan and barely know her. Artists have their right on their privacy that we fans should respect. This is my stand about HJ’s personal relationship, if he’s not vocal about it and maintain his privacy on his own the more I respect him for that, it’s his right.
      I leave to other fans whichever they want to believe but I shall be consistent with my principle being a fan of HJ. I remain focus on him even at this time when I’m a lesser active as a fan as before but I haven’t change a bit HJ is still my one and only idol!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I’m really sorry if I may sound corny in my opinion about pairing up!! LOL I’m just not good in it, maybe because my eyes are glued to HJ!! Take care and have a nice day! See you again God bless..

      • hiiiii,
        my name is savita.
        i’m from India. Miss, i just want to know that how i can send msgs to KIM HYUN JOONG-ssi fan page. I had send a msg but i don’t know if it was a right place.
        so can you plz help me.

  8. Yes,HE is grown up now…HE is OUR FAMILY, whom we always talk about every day.OUR LOVE getting stronger following HIS steps.We miss HIM like crazy now a days,keep on repeat HIS video clips.Sure OUR BRO will give us surprise.Thanks sist…you are right our bro doesn’t know how to lie. HE is being sincerely to himself and to every one.have a nice day … waiting for your daily dose as always. god bless.

    • Alleluia!!! I totally agree with you our love for HJ grows everyday for he is with us every time we listen to his music, watch his video clips and read about him which we do everyday!! Thanks you lng always! take care and see you again sis!! God bless..

  9. oh, blueribbon?! What country is she from? Hi, hola, hallo, moi, ciao, annyeong! 😀 |||| Haha, LK xD Well u know, I eat instant noodles/ramyun/ramen like once a month, and those low sodium ones. I read the other day that it was the worst thing ever for your intestines, ‘cuz it kinda gets stuck to them… then I remembered HJ always eats that and also remembered that he told once that his intestines weren’t ok D: how scaaary! I wish he was more ‘divo’ and hired a cook to cook fresh & healthy food for him everyday LOL I’ll write him a love letter telling him: As a fan, I worry about your intestines, which I treasure with all my heart hahahaha xD

    • hahahahaha it’s at the middle of the night and you still manage to make me laugh!! LOL Blueribbon and hanz are both from my country Philippines. Hanz was looking for HJ and that she misses him so much. Bluribbon replied to her saying blueribbon and lazerkim kept HJ somewhere to protect him because there are many insects around!! LOL
      Oh my now you talk about intestines!!! LOL am I given the impression you’re a medical student or something!! LOL My God razor you always give me gassss!! Love you girl!!

    • Annyeong haseyo razor. Nice to meet you here. Blueribbon, me and ms.lazerkim comes from the beautiful country philippines! And if im not mistaken khj visited twice already. During the playful kiss promo and 1st slbum launch (kiss kiss) but sad to say i was not in my country during those events. Huhuhu!

      • im a new kim hyun joong fan for about a year now and I have some question that I want some to clarify it. im a Pilipina too and was born in the philippines but niw residing in the Us. i know khj by accident when I went to U tube last year to listen to my favorate singer and heared and saw him in one interview in the Philippines.
        thats the start of I got interested about him.

        i will be honest I never had this kind of admiration for any artist since khj . his voice before its not as good now but I like his music. i have to listen it everyday. i only admired 2 filipina actress.

        this is also my first time to sign up for any blog because my kids find it abnormal for me at my age. im not questioning khj honesty or intigrity because Im one of his fan.
        i just one clarification in one or 2 or 3 interviews I watched its about the relationship he had. iis about his relationship with Hwangbo HyeJung. They both denied that they never communicate after their show wgm. i watched Hwangbo in one interview that he called her on her birthday to greet her on 2010. this is defferent from the text he had with Hwangbo during wgm show.
        the second is about his conversation with his fellow cast member in Barefoot friend ep 9 where he asked his fellow cadt memeber when is the last time he had his last girlfriend. The guy answered him it more than 1 1/2 years and he asked khj if his last girlfriend was a NOONa which in Korean a women older than him and he answer twice that it was an older woman. and he was asked if he still love her. His kind of uneasy to answer but answered that they broke up. this is the english translation when I watched it. The second I watched it theres another translation to the question if he still love that older girlfriend and the translation was that they were over.

        Onother interview happened last august 8 2013 in the sketchbook show where he mention that he recently broke up with a girlfriend because he had no time or because of his schedule. he mentioned a girl name EVa and it sound the last name was Mhenyeon and that from what I thought is from Louge city. Not sure of the spelling of the last name and the city where the girl from. i searched all this interview with english translation but you can not find the word EVA and The city he mentioned without the translation.
        Another thing that Im curious is the ep 18 of his show Barefoot friends where they have to composed a song and sing it on the show with their own lyric.
        Correct me if you happened to watched this show my opinion and one utube spanish fan also commented that he was referring to Hwangbo. its lyric in my own opinion is that he wanted out I think of the relationship and my understanding in the translation that his worried about his reputation will be damaged and that he mentioned that he is only a Flower boy that only wanted chukdong and not porn.
        i searched the workd chukdong and the translation I got it s about religious reading about karma. The famous korean singer and music producer that sing with him at the show shouted twice what it sound to me its Hwangbo name. My interpretation of the lyric on his song when he told the girl to stop giving him service and that he sign or given her an authoragh recipe book. it even say in the translation that it sound he want out and that the celebrity khj is gone.

  10. Omg Omega, you’re indeed very naughty xD Yeah I miss u in my TL, I wish u weren’t that busy dear! I never imagined it was u since your nickname ano has nothing to do with omega e.e xD I remember those beautiful days back when HJ held his FMs and we were all insanely spazzing on twitter xD gahhh I so wanted that rocker ring!! Take care Omega and see u around (^-^)

    • errr..dear Razor happy evening!!..hope you gonna go back here and check these comments again amd mine as still on twiiter but that also has been totally naughty ..LOL!!..ok i’ll let you know then…Thank you!!..been missing you too dear…see you!!

  11. Hi LK! I have missed you as I was unable to read posts for several days!

    I wanted to add a thought about KHJ insecurities… in WGM he gave a passport picture to Hwang Bo to keep her company while he was gone to Japan. He said to her it was the only pic he had of himself and he was embarrased because his ears were revealed. They showed a blown up version of the photo and indeed his ears were quite large! I’m not sure if he’s had something done about that or if he’s just grown into them now b/c they are fine! LOL!

    Oh, HA HA!! He is just too funny when he is so honest about himself! It just made my heart fall in love even more as I was getting to know him. About not having that girly giggly feeling now when we see Hyun Joong… I know exactly what you mean. I now see him as a loved one… like a dear family member and my love has grown into more like a mother and son endearment. My next article is going to be all about that… it is so strange how you and I seem to get on the same wavelengths. I just take a lot longer to write. You are are so prolific and I am so thankful b/c I have something to read every day! Thank you!

    I love the comments about how Hyun Joong has united strangers from all over the world and we feel like close friends and family because we are all thinking on the same level now that we love and follow him. I do wish he could read some of these articles and comments so he would know and fill his heart with the warmth and love we are sending out. I believe he feels it regardless… there is a spiritual level connection between him and his fans (US, the Alien Family) and he does get encouraged from the “vibes” we send him. Just love him SO MUCH!

    LOL at Razor… yes, the love is unconditional… I love his “germs” too! LOL! And about his facial hair… I did comment on a photo I found on my blog about his “lip monster!” He usually keeps it so clean I was practically shocked to see a shadow… I thought maybe he was naturally blessed not to grow much in the line of facial hair! LOL! I do like a clean shaven man!

    Well, see everyone later. I’m working… and I will work on my article tonight to share with you about my Mother’s heart for Hyun Joong. Love you, LK and Alien Family!

    P.S. Ha Ha Ha about the way you got your name for your blog. I always thought LazerKim meant you were Laser Focused on Kim Hyun Joong… that you had no other idol but him. It is so funny to learn where it actually came from!

    • Oh I miss this atmosphere in this blog, now i feel relieve ladies we can share our boredom without HJ!! LOL I knew it nobody can guess where I got my blog name!!LOL It’s the least anyone expects!!
      Everyone seem to be busy lately, as I was too, everyone miss HJ too, and it’s gonna take a bit longer i think, so i’d go and get myself busy searching on my treasure box where i place Hyun Jonng”s history!!LOL I asked Jackie to do me a favor and request for her to translate Guru show so I can write about that talk show, I know there were lot from that talk show but I lost it and failed to jot down the show for my hard manual copy!!!
      Thanks Angie hey take care see you again and God bless…

  12. Ms. Lazerkim maloloka na talaga ako sa sobrang miss kay hyun joong. Saan ba yun nagtatago.mga araw na walang updates parang katumbas ng isang taon.nagtitiyaga na lang tuloy ang beauty ko sa mga old video clips. Haiyyys,,, kim hyun joong where on earth are you now? Terribly missed you so much.!!!!!

    • You are welcome, it’s my pleasure writing articles and share it with you thanks a lot for reading!! Oh it’s really boring and days are really dragging me too slow!! Anyway we have each other to share so let’s just enjoy ourselves with his clips & reads and before we know it he’s in front of us!! whaaaa….HJ hurry up please!!LOL See you again, take care dear have a pleasant day and God bless

  13. I have got some strange feeling recently. Whenever I see Hyun Joong’s photos during these days,I don’t feel like”he is so handsome,he is so gorgeous,etc”I am not as excited as before.In the past,whenever I see his pics,my heart beats faster and am so excited.I don’t mean he is not handsome anymore,I mean he is the normal hyun joong I love and I don’t feel anything new about his looks.
    Maybe HJ is always handsome no matter what he wears or what he does.Or I have been so long being his fan and seeing his photos everyday makes me feel this way.That doesn’t mean I don’t love him anymore or I don’t miss him everyday or I don’t look at his pics everyday.
    I love him much more than before and I miss him to death and I listen to his songs ,I look at his pics everyday.Is it normal for a long term fan of an idol or am I being strange??
    By the way,thanks for your beautiful article,lazer.See you again.

    • Oh my God!! I’ll be very honest to you, all the while I thought I was alone in my thoughts the same as yours. Maybe this is one reason why I’m putting up his old photos as he was still starting his solo career. I asked myself why don’t I feel the girly giggle anymore as I used to have last year when I was still researching about him. Then I came to realize the closeness between myself as fan and Hyun Joong as my idol had already developed a strong bond.

      But for me now is the strong eagerness to follow his activities and share it with others. Now he’s like somebody I know very well but not personally close in reality but a person I respect so much to share about him to his other fans. I can’t go by in one day without reading and writing about him, he became a part of my everyday life. I think we have the same thoughts about him.

      Not because we do not get excited about him doesn’t mean we love him less but on the contrary we love him more. The bonded love had already developed between an idol and a fan. This is how I understand my feelings of loving Hyun Joong as my only one idol. Love escalates to a better respect and understanding him as a person in reality to the extent of protecting him as our idol. I wouldn’t say this is fantasy nor obsession but simply caring for a person just like anybody else close to me.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. How I wish to know your name, but I’m glad to meet you here! Have a pleasant day, take care and see you again! God bless…

      • wow!!!! I feel the same too….. maybe that’s why I love his photos from his SS501 days than recent ones.. and that’s why, I think nowadays I only look for his videos where he shows his beautiful smile or laugh. His laughter has remained the same and I feel the same ecstatic feeling in my heart everytime I see and hear him smile and laugh.!! But, of course that doesn’t mean he’s not handsome anymore…he just grew up!!:)

      • Omo Omo You have the same thoughts as me. I am not the only one to feel like this. And I agree with what you said,a strong bond is formed between fan and idol.Yes,I sometimes think him as my brother or my closed relative or my best friend Am I going overboard? No.This is what I really feel about him. He becomes a part of my life that I care and value. I am so lucky to meet him as my only one idol.Lazer unnie,I am KS14,not someone else.Forgot to type my name before posting my comment.Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts.
        See you again,unnie. Love you.

        • Alright!!! I thought I remember your ava but I might be mistaken that’s why i asked!! Oh I should thank you bcoz it even let me realize it can happen to anyone of us. I think it’s because we’re learning more about him that created that bond. And it’s so contagious that we pass that love to others who love him too right? This is how I feel in the alien world, reading from you guys makes you closer to my heart too. Oh it’s just so contagious!! LOL Thanks!!

  14. When you said you were sick you meant that serious injury you had, right? u.u I’m glad you found some kind of theraphy by writing articles about HJ. It’s good to hear that you are ok now ^^ ||| HJ cares a lot about facial hair and I love him for that 😀 I can’t stand any kind of facial or body hair xD They wax me entirely at the beauty spa xD I’ve always wondered why HJ’s face gets dark when he plays soccer often… I don’t even use SPF (too lazy kekeke) and I’m f&^”‘^g white the whole year u.u like sock white .-. It sucks x.x I do think tanned skin looks healthier and well… way more tempting lol so HJ, keep ur Baek Mir-tan for a long time <3! Even 'til today me and my sis laugh hard at the burnt matchstick line hahaha xD How hilarious this lovely alien can get! || Omg, that scar on his face *-* Call me weird, but I find that scar so cuuute! ^^ It makes him even more unique. And the eye bags… He looks sexy with them lol xD He looks kind of bohemian, vampire-like hahaha ❤ I adore those non-usually-loved features of him xD Omg I love even the bacteria on his fingertips, nails, nostrils xD his organs too, his heart, kidney, lungs hahaha… I L o v e E v e r y t h i n g A b o u t H i m! ❤ Have a buen día, Lazerkim!

    • hahahaha now I’m given the impression of you having the sharp eye Xray!! LOL!! His heart is ok I assume, his lungs is ok since he doesn’t smoke, that’s quite obvious in his skin I guess, I hope his kidneys are ok though since he’s been eating instant noodles most of the time and I worry about his liver since he’s been drinking a lot for a young age!!LOL You’re at the same age right? But you don’t need alcohol to cheer you up because for obvious reason you’re naturally cheerful just like him!! LOL
      A little dirt would do good for HJ since he wants to be manly but just like you I like a little tan in him. Razor the other time you mentioned his ….. now you talk about his germs!! LOL now I believe your unconditional love for him!!! hahahaha… good girl!! See you around hey girl take care!!!

        • hehehe..LZ i think razor would be confused by now seeing no more Omega on her TL..naughty!!..enough to know she’s here everyday..Hi razor nice seeing you here and thank you so much for being here making our writer Lazer happy always with much love^^…Pls. do take care!!.. and be happy as always!!^O^

  15. laughing with that matchstick part you!!…ahhh i miss giving my comment here, ..i think i havent read or seen that part of his interview..anyway satisfied that ‘ive read it here in your site~~D..well,nothing more i can say for now,thats KHJ of course!!..*thumbs-up!*..and where’s razor??..hope she hadn’t missed your article today..keke..glad to see you both happy exchanging your matters and so on here,..ahh razor can even filled her comment box with just ‘!!’..enough to give us a dose of laughter too..hahaha..hope she doesn’t mind!!..*wink * hey miss writer LAZER its my first time know how did you pick up your name “Lazer”!!..clever clever..hmmm!! here to say keep going with that smile behind your name!!..Hwaiting!!..

    • Speaking of the angel the angel comes!! LOL There’s razor on top of this, just came in too. I miss you sis! Although I know you have been quite busy lately but it’s nice to read from you again. I can’t think of a name that connects with HJ that is easier to remember so I thought about Laser treatment!! That at least a common ground with my experience!!LOL! Oh sis thanks for giving yourself a time out from busy work but please do take care. I’ve been pre-occupied with construction too that’s why I thought about posting my previous articles which honestly have forgotten about them!!LOL
      Razor is always our ice breaker here!! Good for us giving a good laugh every time specially on bad time she’ll be there to give that LOL!! Hey sis take it easy on work, have a great day! See you again and God bless.

  16. Hi, LK. Always love to read your articles. All about HJ just so true that i wanna highlight every single word you write down here ‘coz i think all of them are important..I get to know him more & more through your post, and last but not least,,,the more i know him the more i get addicted over him. He just like a tranquilizer to me. No, not just me, to all henecia for sure! And, we don’t mind to get addicted over him.

    • Hello there!! Thank you so much for reading. I think this is how the alien world with Hyun Joong is, we’re all addicted, and I can only speak for myself as you read from this blog truthfully from what I think and feel about HJ, that i’m glad I’m not alone with being addicted to him, honestly! LOL tranquilizer as it is I bet you I share the same opinion as you do!!
      Have a happy Hyun Joong and take care!! See you again and God bless…

  17. Dear Lk,
    I just finished reading ur article n just burst out laughing….not becos the article is funny but i was so excited how we fans really connect to each other even when we hardly know one another. I stayed pass midnite last nite watching hj old shows n some of whic you have mentioned. The nite after nite, strong heart and family outing. No matter how many times i have watched he is still so hillarious. The match stick,the part he being jeoluos of won bin..
    You know Lk, would it b nice if hj can read the messages n wishes fr the aliens…he woulb b suprise to know how he has unite so many people fr various background just becos of one reason which is until past midnite…and he was so hillarious. And you mentioned them in ur artickes today. Oh man. Scary…how we fans connect. Am i making any sense

    • Oops sorry… I didnt mean to post it . Ok Lk, bfore u call me a crazy fan i think i better log out for tday n not use my handphone again to leave a comment. Sorry for the mess. Bye

    • Hi Kyong!! LOL actually until now I’m re-writing those interviews and talk shows because I believe we learned a lot about HJ through those talk shows and finding out how candidly honest he is and shares himself to us his fans. Well what can we do I think this is the right time to look back in his past since there’s no updates we can get and knowing he’s working on CC then we leave him there! Then we talk behind his back in recalling how he was!!LOL This is probably what you’ll read from this blog for the time being until such time he’s out again!! Oh i never get tired watching those video clips, and I really appreciate other fans who are so active sharing those video with us specially at times like this that he’s MIA (missing in action) LOL, there’s always something to watch about him and articles to read too!!
      I never doubted that one day those articles shall be tranlated in his language and I believe one day he’ll be able to read from us. This is his daily stories from last year, and coming up more stories about him as he climb his ladder having us his fans at his side all the time!
      We think alike and feel alike when it comes to HJ and we breath with him whenever he’s out there perform for us. He created that connection with us, so never doubt, because you are absolutely right.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, i appreciate this very much. Have a wonderful day ahad of you, take care and see you again!! God bless…

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