Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WANTED: ROCKER!

By: LazerKim          “Wanted Rocker”, his name is Kim Hyun Joong, please disregard the figure written on that picture because this guy is priceless!! If anyone might have seen him, please inform him that the small rocker beats the giants!!

Kim Hyun Joong is wanted by his fans!!! I found some fan arts at Face Book with similar idea as this picture above!! I remember last February and March Hyun Joong was on the stage of preparing for his Asia Tour Fan meeting concert and his fans make use of their leisure time working on some fan arts like this since there were no updates that time! We do share with what we made out of arts, we chat talking about Hyun Joong and sharing our thoughts just to ease the boring days without him. Those were the days shared at the twitter among Hyun Joong’s fans. 

Here’s a news update that i would like to share with you:

Kim Hyun-joong sells over 200,000 copies of 2nd Japanese single

Source: Kstar10 >(

Korean singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong has become the first K-pop artist to sell over 200,000 copies of his Japanese single album this year.

According the data by the official Oricon website, Kim moved 200,580 copies of his second Japanese single titled, “HEAT,” since it went on sale in the country on July 4.

Kim’s jaw-dropping record has proven his popularity in Japan, recording high sales compared to iconic K-pop artists Super Junior’s “Opera,” which sold about 184,000 copies since going on sale on May 9, and singing duo TVXQ!’s single “Android,” which moved about 175,000 editions since its release on July 11.

Meanwhile, an official with the “HEAT” singer’s Japanese agency said in a press release Tuesday that Kim has solidified himself as one of the leading artists in the current music scene even with the fierce competition.

Making his debut as a member of K-pop group SS501 in 2005, Kim expanded his career into acting after starring as one of the main characters in KBS’ teenage series “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009.

Kim will soon mark his return to the small screen as the male lead in the upcoming drama “City Conquest,” which will hit airwaves later this year.  ~ END ~

Hyun Joong had an interview with Star Date at Saitama Arena that must be taken before his concert. Hyun Joong was asked by Star Date: “I heard your album was nearly sold out, is this true?”  Hyun Joong replied, “We only released that much, we should have sold more if we have more!” So then it’s true Heat was sold out during its first launching period! There were insects yesterday roaming around from here and there, and saying Hyun Joong is not a good singer!

I’m getting used to this remark, that I would like to ask those insects, if Hyun Joong is not a good singer, then how come he topped the Oricon among the giant Kpop groups? And why is it that there are many good Kpop solo singers out there as they claimed but could hardly step at the Oricon music chart?? Not even at the top 10 list of Oricon? I’m just asking. The record shows there were over 200,000 CD copies of Heat that were sold out, does this mean all those people who bought the CD could harly recognize a good singer from a bad singer? I’m just asking, nothing personal!!

Here’s another news update about City Conquest: Source: Kpop Starz >(

Kim Hyun Joong Begins ‘City Conquest’ Japan Promotions
Kim Hyun Joong’s drama, “City Conquest” will begin its Japan promotions on October 4 at Budokan. It is also the same day as Kim Hyun Joong’s official Japan fan club, ‘HENECIA JAPAN’ 1 year anniversary premium event where there will be a special event and a recent video of “City Conquest” shown. “City Conquest” will air in Japan in March of 2013 on DATV.                    ~END~

City Conquest shall start its promotion in Japan and this is sooner than I expect, that’s one month from now, although this is not official as yet.  I have read from another update since the drama production for City Conquest struggles about the network where this drama shall be aired since the big three are fully booked with other dramas all year round. I’m just having silly thoughts, that anywhere City Conquest shall be aired, if doesn’t matter since anywhere Hyun Joong is, his fans shall follow him, they will watch this drama no matter what network it would be.

The production management also mentioned that they would film as much episodes as they can before airing, which in my opinion would be better. I remember how stressful a Korean drama was being produced, that filming and airing happens at the same time. Then a lot of changes and adjustments took place following the Korean viewers as how they want the drama should be!! Which I think is absurd!! I think Hyun Joong and the rest of the cast of City Conquest can have more time filming this drama and with lesser stress. I would think it is better to film the entire drama before it can be aired just like in the movie production.

I remember in one of Hyun Joong’s interview for Playful Kiss, that he was wishing scripts would be given to the cast before filming so that they can have better preparation. Unlike giving the script on the day of filming which gives the cast limited time to memorize and internalize the lines to be delivered. If the production management of City Conquest can film as much episodes that they can before airing, since this drama is likely to be aired either later this year or earlier next year, then I think the cast can have a more relaxing filming schedules with less stress on the casts and the script writer as well.

Anywhere I go where Hyun Joong fans are, I read similar post as “where are you Hyun Joong, I miss you so much”. I think majority of Hyun Joong’s fans feels the same boredom and missing Hyun Joong so much!! I posted that Wanted Rocker, with hopes he would appear before his fans and say hello!! This is all I have for today’s daily dose, I’m actually having trouble with my eye site so I’ll give in to take a rest. And for my parting shots….

Kim Hyun Joong has everything what it takes to be where he is ought to be, on top. You can NEVER put a good man down….

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D, thanks!


16 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WANTED: ROCKER!

  1. ahhhh… *sigh*! I really miss my Angel right now! My heart actually aches to see him out and about and to hear quotes from interviews! When the promotion period begins for CC I can’t wait! I also can’t wait for OST! More music from Hyun Joong to soothe my days…

    Thanks, LK for keeping us together during this rough time missing the Angel Prince. I love the dog holding his pic. Yes, if it were his dog it would be even better… “Have you seen my abeoji? Appa? Where are you?” TT! So sad! LOL! 😀

    • oh… and insects! bzz bzz bzz! Just smack them with the newsprint that announces Hyun Joong is #1 on Oricon! Rolled up mag! SMACK! there you go!

  2. Eye-sight problems? u.u ouu.. You are watching too many HJ vids e.e || I think those insects were all born with no brain 😦 how sad! XD Bad for them ‘cuz they will never have the chance to find out why we love HJ and why he makes us happy =)||| I’m eating stewed apples & cinnamon while I’m typing this xD yummie but not yummier than HJ xd ||| I feel like finding the ‘wanted’ rocker XD but who cares about those USD 50,000.. I want to keep HJ for myself xD ||| mhhh I love HJ’s Baek Mir-tan.. I think it’s the 1st time we are gonna see him on a drama being so tanned *-* in BOF there was a particular scene where he appeared deliciously tanned when he was playing volleyball in New Caledonia.. hooot Have a wonderful day, LK!

    • hahahaha why do you always have to start funny that makes me find it hard to type my reply!!!! LOL Does insects have brain, that’s why I called them insects, other than the fact HJ doesn’t like insects!!! LOL Now I feel hungry after letting me laugh!!! LOL nothing more to say, i’m craving for cinnamon roll with lots of nuts!!! see you…hungry!!! Have a great day!! Oh take care

  3. Hi Lk ,

    The first picture is just how I feel now but the figure is too modest. I’m so glad that I can come to your blog every time I miss HJ. Sometime more than one per day kekeke.

    Regarding the critics in some blogs like allkpop or dramabeans , first time I visited them was early last year. At first I felt angry and upset because it was so unfair to HJ. Then when I read again and looked closely at all negative comments I just had to laugh and felt relief because all they said were just really nonsense things and kept repeating the same thing all the time . Funny thing is often that some of their comments have nothing to do with acting or singing at all.

    So now whenever I come across the negative comments toward HJ in those blogs I simply did not see what they wrote I just see very unhappy and angry persons who can not appreciate good thing in other people. That’s all . Nothing more.

    I think HJ is a very smart guy. He is also deep like a strong man who has a soft – gentle heart. Again and again that he keeps surprising me with his statements. He once said something like he will not listen to people who hate him. I like that it is very smart way to handle antis. Me too I do not listen to them. However his statement that is really unforgettable and most surprising for me is “ I hope that I will always be the kind of person whom you will not be criticized for being my fans”. I would never imagine any star in this world would say this.

    I said to myself , wow ! this guy is truly not a simple handsome guy. He is very thoughtful , responsible and do not take anything for granted. He respects his fans and is really committed to them. I suddenly told myself HJ is and will be the only one star for me ever. By the way HJ is the one who brought me to appreciate Korea.

    Thanks a lot for the article LK. God bless.

    • Hey thanks for sharing your thoughts, I got struck in my heart again every time I am reminded of his statement, and i just couldn’t help the thoughts that everything he does, it’s all with sincerity simply because he wants his fans to fell proud. What more can I describe this man who simply has everything that it takes to be a star and yet so humble and so modest about his success.
      All i can say is we fans are so proud we made the right choice who to follow and support that HJ never fails for his fans.
      Have an inspiring day! Take care and see you again, thank you so much for reading all about HJ. God bless

    • Oh yes times like this when we all miss HJ, might as well laugh out the dragging days without him!!! How I wish i can find some more that can cheer us up somehow!! LOL Thank you so much, take care, and see you again! Have a pleasant day! God bless…

  4. Hello LK, the last pic is so hilarious, i could not stop laughing…they should have used one of his dogs…lost daddy…lol! Yeah missing Hj smille and his strout about the airport, but there was a message on TT y’day from weibo that he was spotted near his house casual attire waiting for his drink or something. So maybe he is out of media light but in front of the cameras for CC.
    Give the guy a break he worked his bones for the last months with the fan meetings and travelling, so he really deserve his out of media light, even though i am sure he is working. Maybe some fans (in SK) will spot him and give us some updates. Re those antis you are so right how come he got the last year MAMA award for solo singer, topping the Oricon charts and so many other awards (Yahoo, and so on…) how come CNN always mention HIM and no others? If he was not a good singer and overatted no matter his pretty boy image will not get him those awards based on that only, so cool down people, KHJ delivered the goods and he did it with style always, and that is why he is gathers chordes of fans everywhere. He really showed the best, innovation with the FMs (the hand shake, the look in the eye, he done it first now all other are trying to copy, the point is that they do not have like thousands of people like Hj had) improving all the time and those who discredit him so much why is he there on the top? and no others? His acting was quite good from the beginning taking into consideration that he was new and now most probably improved (let’s see them first time acting…..i don’t deny there are better, but still give the guy a break). So looking forward for news and keep smilling life is beautiful after all, let’s enjoy it every day:)

    • Oh I’m so glad it made you cheer up, since you always makes me laugh Noya!!
      I agree with you 100%, I just hope people would come to realize. If he’s not good artist well, why else do millions of people follow him, buy his CDs watch his concerts to the extend of following him in his Asia Tour.
      Oh well just like what HJ said, “why should I try to please people who doesn’t like me, I can never please everybody!!” and he’s right.
      Thank you Noya for sharing your thoughts. Take care, have a cheerful day and see you again!! God bless..

  5. Muaha ha ha,I can’t cover my mouth,that’s was so funny.ah,sorry sist,I am not even read yet… I need someone to stop me,yap! WANTED DARLING BOY… So sweet.Now I want to read sist.see you…

    • Isn’t he cute!! But I wish it’s Matic who’s carrying that picture, it should have been more interesting!!! LOL lng it’s high time we need even a little laughter!!! Everyone is starting to miss him!! see you sist!! Hey take care God bless..

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