Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TOP STAR

 By: LazerKim                At the Twitter and Face Book, what you can find are old photos of Kim Hyun Joong which somehow gives me the feeling of nostalgia. And would just want to look at those beautiful picture posted by his avid fans that brings the memories of the past with Kim Hyun Joong. I truly appreciate his fans in actively posting his photos that will always keep Hyun Joong everywhere even on his absence.

I would like to post those old photos for us to appreciate, I know many of you out there has been missing and same with me here!! As to the question until when will we experience such emptiness in the alien world remains unanswered!! Well, no need to answer I guess, because we all know very well why he’s not around, he’s still working on City Conquest. So let’s leave him in good hands!! For the meanwhile here’s an update pertaining to Oricon Music Chart.

Breaking 37 weeks at the time of the interim order single ranking Oricon 2012

Source:The Natsu Style LINK>(

Here’s one precious update, The Natsu Style posted a list of the Oricon Music Chart which I believe is a mid year sales report on singles release this year. This report is for 37 weeks I’ll just summarize the list as Top 50 singles for 37 weeks. The chart includes both Japan local and foreign artists who had released their single for this year.

And I’m proud to share that Kim Hyun Joong’s Heat I think is the top among the Kpop star idols. Hyun Joong ranked no.22 among the first top 50 artists. I’m not so familiar with other Kpop idols and their music entry, you may check it out from the news source about other artist, please correct me if I’m wrong on how I qualify the chart among the Kpop idol groups. Here the summary of the chart:

Summary: Breaking 37 weeks at the time of the interim order single annual ranking Oricon 2012:

#22. Kim Hyun Joong – HEAT – 200,000 copies

#26.  Super Junior – Opera – 184,000 copies

#30. TVXQ – Android – 175,000 copies

# 36. 2PM – Beautiful – 163,000 copies

#37. TVXQ – Still – 161,000 copies

#38. Kara – Speed up/Girl power 159,000 copies

#47. Kim Hyun Joong – Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy – 122,000 copies

 If I’m not mistaken the last time I checked at Oricon the sales of HEAT was over 200,000 copies already, this update was posted on September 2, so I’m not sure now which one is accurate but nevertheless I’m proud that Hyun Joong’s HEAT was able to surpassed the other giant idol groups at this period of launching their respective Japanese singles. Hyun Joong has always been included at any music chart where the giant idol groups are, but somehow he manage to make it to top among the solo Kpop artist which is an honor that we fans are always proud of our idol Prince!

I got nothing to dispute about the idol groups talent since they are really good and they are also Hyun Joong’s friends. It was Hyun Joong who introduced the other idol groups to me that gave me the chance to familiarize myself with them and appreciate the Kpop music. And so far, I think there’s a healthy competition among the other Kpop idols racing at the chart including Hyun Joong being the only Kpop soloist in the chart. Well, who wouldn’t be proud of Kim Hyun Joong!! He is not the only Kpop soloist within the Kpop community and yet his name has always been there at the top, if not the first at least the first 10 Kpop idols

In any showbiz industries from different countries all over the world, there’s always a competition, even it’s not intending to, this is very natural in the industry. As I recall on 4th of July as Hyun Joong launched HEAT, a Japanese artist Yamashita Tomohisa or known as Yamapi, launched his single Love Chase at the same time. I came to know that Hyun Joong and Yamapi have almost the same young fans and the fans do not consider each other as competitors.

And so the fans I believe supported both albums, this is as far as some Japanese teenage fans of Hyun Joong are concern, they also supported the album of Yamapi. But then still Hyun Joong topped at the Oricon no.1 on its first day release. My hats off to these Japanese teenage fans as they supported both since they like both artists. Although I do hope Hyun Joong and Yamapi will not be in a competing situation in the future anymore.

I’m proud to say so far Hyun Joong had never been caught in any dispute with other Kpop idols. It seems to me everyone is his friend and that he receives equal respect from other artists. When Hyun Joong was still a kid, it was said that other kids from his school were drawn to him to win his friendship. He was always been elected as a class president so I would think even back then in his past, he already possess a leadership quality and even his charisma was already within him ever since he was a kid.

Now that he is on his way to the top of stardom, Hyun Joong remained modest and humble to anyone even to his co-artist at the Kpop community. There was a video clip taken from one awards ceremony, Hyun Joong was still with SS501 that time, there were other idol groups who were nominated as Hyun Joong approach them to congratulate. At MAMA last year as he won the Best Male Artist, his co-artists at MAMA approach him to congratulate. There’s also a video clip that Hyun Joong even nod at his junior artists as he greeted them at one TV station, he also treat the juniors with equal respect as his seniors.

From the time Hyun Joong released his debut album Breakdown, his succeeding albums were able to make it to any music chart, he’s one Kpop soloist who can race with the giant Kpop idol groups at the chart that his fans truly be proud of. Others may say it’s his popularity that brought him to the top, and I agree because Hyun Joong receives more love from many people that he deserves that love. And I think he’s even gaining more of that love since his album is still currently selling which I assume non-fans have already started buying his albums. We all know Hyun Joong has more than just his popularity.

We all have different individual taste in music, probably depending on age bracket or it could be social status, or even depending on our individual mood which type of music we want to listen on certain time. Hyun Joong being versatile not only in his image, but even in his music I think made the difference. As he mentioned in one of his interviews, he does not stick to one definite concept or style in creating his music. He even said his choice may be depending on the season since Hyun Joong released his single HEAT which was applicable on the right time which happens to be in summer!! He also consider the age bracket of his fans which is from 8 to 70 years old.

Hyun Joong was able to released four mini albums within one year as a solo performer, two albums in Korean and two albums in Japanese, all of which made it the music chart on its release. Many people are still looking forward for more music from him, and this demand is even growing in numbers. The well anticipated come back drama City Conquest may turn out another impact to many, although this shall remain to be seen once City Conquest will be aired, but the anticipation is overwhelming.

Many of his fans awaits for the OST of this drama which Hyun Joong is expected to sing the said OST. If so, then we can only be more than just glad to have Hyun Joong’s music to add up in our playlist! Well I would only wish Hyun Joong can have another album out of the OST, oh I cross my fingers that he would have that chance!!

This is one thing really great about Hyun Joong, as an actor he portrays a character in the drama and he can also sing the OST as he did in his previous dramas at BOF he sang Because I’m Stupid, then at Playful Kiss he sang One More Time. What’s next?? is a question to be answered when City Conquest is already airing, or even within the period of promoting the drama. This is gonna be another anticipation to ignite eagerness among his fans. At lease even we’re on the period of experiencing boredom without Hyun Joong around, there are lots to look forward to after this period.

I was thinking, if Hyun Joong is only an actor and not a singer or not a recording artist, then it could be always this long wait for him to have drama projects before we get to see him again! Oh we fans are really very lucky that we are following a multiple talented idol. While Hyun Joong has been gaining many projects the more chances of seeing him around, the more chances of public exposures, the more concerts and music, not to mention seeing him on TV screens as his drama airing regularly within the week if not daily in other countries where City Conquest can be shown!!

Once City Conquest has been aired, I can only speculate another gains in his popularity can bring another demand in his music for another album. This may be speculations but since Hyun Joong has been gaining attention, chain reaction starts as the higher his popularity grows the higher demand he gets, the busier star Hyun Joong is likely to be!! Oh that reminds me, he also has the plans for a world tour next year, that’s just around the corner since it’s September that it won’t be long the year is approaching its end. Then we’ll be facing another new year having Kim Hyun Joong with us in this journey!!

 So no matter how the agony of boredom we are having since Hyun Joong isn’t around, let’s just endure with the feelings together for the mean time and probably just think of what is in store for us in the near future with Hyun Joong!! Quite recently Hyun Joong had been breaking records in Japan and getting his noise rocking the country and the entire world over his successful HEAT, I would like to see another scenario as such or even better than being at the top of the music chart in near future!! This is my wish for him to happen. In his documentary Hyun Joong stated, “aiming for higher dreams made me a better person”.  Hyun Joong is not only a better, Hyun Joong for me is the best person I have ever encountered in my entire life.

A Top Star getting on his toes with just a single goal of providing the needs of his fans from him as their idol and yet successfully brought him to the Top!! I do believe with Hyun Joong’s dedication to his work, sincerity, humbleness, honesty and keeping his feet firmly on the ground, shall make him stay on Top. Kim Hyun Joong is well equip by his own natural self attitude that is truly deserving being a Top Star.

                                                                                                Lazerkim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms D, thanks!


13 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TOP STAR

  1. You are right sist…insect is insect…they will nvr change! They are suffering themself because their heart is full of thorn..They never know the word of love and peace.So sad their life…really sad!they only know how to hate,that’s all! So,you are
    right,just spray with the BAYGON…they will wake up and realize that no one can put THE GOOD MAN DOWN.godbless sist, stay healthy.

    • Yeah that’s right one can never put a good man down, and no matter how one tries to twist his fate he’s bound to be where he is on top! HJ simply competes with himself, doing the best he can and that’s all that matters. Yes I agree there are lot of good singers out there, then why can’t they make it to the top? I wonder why!!
      Have a happy day!! thanks see you again!!

  2. Oh yeah…boring days xd You know, I don’t really get bored ‘cuz I love doing so many things a day… like playing guitar, piano, writing songs, learning languages, drawing, net surfing, painting and the like 🙂 but I have to confess that I miss him like crazy! xD I read on twitter yesterday that he was seen near his home buying or waiting for a drink lol I was so happy! I was like, omg he’s alive! Yeehaw! xD Lazermom, I’m sleepy ._. XD Sing a lullaby to me to fall asleep xD No more dashi naegero wa~ that keeps me awake all through the night xD Cook sth for me too, I’m hungry! I ate the most boring thing today for dinner-> rice + avocado + mushrooms ._. Baek Mir come to meee! I swear they gave HJ a short holiday since CC is not going to be broadcasted this year ._. boo! that means I won’t get to spend New Year’s with Baek Mir xd How sad! Ok so since u didn’t give me any food u.u I’ll eat these plain chia cookies that I still have left x.x lol Have a b e a u t i f u l day, LK!

    • hahahahaha….Of course HJ is alive!! That will be good if he’s given holiday since he’ll start promoting CC next month Oct 4th. ahhmm I’m a bit doubtful about broadcasting though, but it’s ok it doesn’t matter, no matter where they put the guy his fans will be running after him! If Korea is fully booked then HJ has to be out of his way from home and get to his target!!
      Go go sleepyhead it’s past your bedtime good night sweetie have good sleep and see you again!! You seem to be on diet, so what happen to dinner??

      • I want to have just 7% of fat, just like Baek Mir… just kidding! haha! Nah, I’m not on a diet it’s just that I forgot to do my weekly grocery shopping xd I went 2 the supermarket 2 days ago though, but I bought just silly stuff .-.

  3. Just back from allkpop and m very angry .Sometime I hope Hyun Joong becomes ugly so that his hard work and talent can be seen by others(haters). Everytime he makes a success,they would say he can gain such success because he is beautiful and beauty is everything. I am so annoyed with those old,stupid and pointless comments. Really tired of such people. They should find new flaws of him if they are so boring and free.

    • LOL….. Even HJ turns ugly he’s still beautiful from the inside and no matter what happens that can not be hidden! What do we expect from those insects, no matter what HJ does it’s always ugly for them simply because they are jealous of his success that their idols can hardly make it to the top!! i think that’s just it! Insects are insects we can’t change them they are created to be as insects!! LOL!! Anyway the more they criticize HJ the more he becomes successful! And for us HJ fans we rejoice, while they cry!! LOL
      Thank you, cheer up we’ll take care of those insects!! BAYGON fleet them away!! Have a happy day and take care! see you again….God bless..

        • hahaha,you always make my day razor…actually im not only looking forward for ms LK article everyday but your comment as well.and yes ms LK is right dont waste ur guitar just old and ugly slippers will do.see you around razor.

  4. Hi sist,reading this article feel like you are right infront of me, can see your brigh eyes while you talk talk about HIM. Miss HIM so much. His sincerity… to his work and fans brought HIM to be a TOP ARTIS.Many blessing come to Him because His heart Pure of love.HE is Incredible person who captured my life. I just love Him, respect and will support Him till the end HE is COMPLECT,HE is an ENTERTIMENT… most of all HE IS OUR DARLING BOY,OUR WACKY BOY. Thanks Thanks sist,I wish one day HE will knows who you are… I WISH. God bless

    • Oh yessss I was in all smiles writing this article, I love the thoughts of HJ’s success and being humble and modest about it. HJ is one most deserving artist that we’re truly proud of. He’s ONLY ONE, he doesn’t have any twin he’s unique in every angle of his life is.
      I agree with you stated they are all true. Thank you, have a great day take care and see you again!! God bless

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