Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WACKY PRINCE!

 By: LazerKim          I can feel days are dragging slow, but when it’s time for me to sit in front of my monitor, that’s the time I fill up my mind with my stress reliever Kim Hyun Joong! No updates yet, and so I scroll on his photos and I came across this one on top. During Hyun Joong’s days with his members SS501, he was always been invited to participate in modelling gigs fashion shows. Hyun Joong has that flare of a fashion model too, his height,  his skin, his well proportioned body built, his handsome face, and his moves, the way he walks, the way he stand with all that poise, is just perfect for a model.

Hyun Joong was awarded for being a Style Icon, in which he deserves in his own natural way with no effort at all but just being himself. How he dress up, how he moves, how he keeps his body physically fit, neat, his personality and how he creates his own image which he has a bunch of it  and yet still looking so handsome as ever. If you look at the photo above taken in a fashion show event and the photo below taken at the airport, the photo below looks like it was taken from a fashion show too. But that’s Hyun Joong in his most casual airport fashion! What I’m trying to point out here is that Hyun Joong is natural.

I can’t imagine how God would create a man who has almost everything in him and yet can stay as humble and modest as he is. No matter what Hyun Joong’s constant image changing is He will always be a Prince for me. Nowadays we can see him in rugged and carefree outfit specially when he launched Heat and currently his on going shoots with his drama City Conquest, I can not be deceived, his eyes and his attitude still is a Prince.

Today I just want to focus on what I can see from Hyun Joong’s photos, no particular topic to think about seriously and talk about it, just simply describing him is enough for me to end my day in sharing my thoughts about Hyun Joong. When I first saw Hyun Joong in 2009 and when I started researching about him last year, I got two different opinion about him. There’s a part in BOF after the episode like an encore of the drama showing only three members of F4, someone was missing, and for me the star of the show Kim Hyun Joong was missing from that video clip!

I was asking then why wasn’t he around? I didn’t bother to search for an answer since that time I still didn’t know the existence of of SS501. Do you know what I have in mind back then “oh Hyun Joong is really a snob”. I don’t know why I said it but that’s what was in my mind. After two years here I am, Hyun Joong just gave me a shock at Breakdown. All I did that time was to watch his TV performances of Breakdown, which I was so impressed by his transformation.

For the first time I came across one of his talk shows “Guerrilla Date”, and you know what was he talking about back then, that gave me another shock, and asked myself again, “is this him?” Well there goes my second impression, “Kim Hyun Joong is so handsome just don’t let him talk!!” A very handsome guy and least I would think he has that 4D personality can really surprise anyone!! I started searching for more talk shows he guested just to convince myself that Hyun Joong is what he is, in what I can see and hear him talking!!

And this photo above which I found last year, would you imagine a handsome guy, almost perfect would do something like this?? When I first saw this picture I said to myself “what are you doing??” What else can I say? Hyun Joong is such an adorable angel!! Whenever I got those gloomy days from work I always look at this picture and just laugh by myself!! He’s so funny, and there’s a bunch more of his wacky ways you would say beyond your imagination!!

I can’t help to be surprised, as I first saw Hyun Joong at BOF, and you know how Yoon Ji Hoo’s character which is quite the opposite of what we see in him off cam or even on cam at talk shows! I’ve been reading comment from here and there saying Hyun Joong’s acting at BOF was fake, then there was another comment, saying “if you do not know Hyun Joong you’ll probably be impress with his acting at BOF, but if you know him then you would think his acting at BOF was so stiff!”.  At first I could not understand why they were saying this, but as I got to my research further and knowing him better, it was only then that I understood.

The more I was impressed with Hyun Joong at BOF, because the character of Yoon Ji Hoo is a contrast personality of Kim Hyun Joong. What he did at BOF I would say is impressive for a first time actor. It wasn’t that easy to portray a character which is totally opposite his real personality or character. Back then I didn’t even know that it was his first acting project because I was so convinced by Yoon Ji Hoo, in fact until the end that I thought he’s somebody from the upper class society who can be so stiff and so proper!!

After discovering the difference between Yoon Ji Hoo and Kim Hyun Joong, the more I got curious and interested in knowing who the real Kim Hyun Joong is. Oh he did a lot of wackiness and honestly it took some time before I finally was convinced about Hyun Joong’s character in reality! I’ve known him better at the talk shows he gusted with and even some variety shows, where he showed the real side of Kim Hyun Joong. It was fun knowing more about him, and even at this time I never get tired of watching those video clips over and over and I still laugh at him. A truly adorable Kim Hyun Joong!!

The most unforgettable among those talk shows, was when he imitated a drunk singing, he’s was so candid, he’s so cute and it was the first time for me to watch him sing “Fortunate” that I fell over him! He sang it live with a live band, singing the song with all his emotion and his sweet voice kept echoing in my heart! Two different opposite sides of Hyun Joong was seen in this talk show, as he joke about singing like a drunkard which was totally funny and singing “Fortunate” from his heart that can melt anyone’s soul!

Another one was my first time to watch ever is Guerrilla Date last year!! Oh he just spilled out his words candidly honest!! Since it was the first time for me to watch Hyun Joong talked, I was open mouth bewildered by what I was watching!! Was he tactless? No he was so honest, and as I watched it over and over I died laughing on how he talked and what was he talking about!! He looks so handsome in all black that time, but as he talked all my first impression about him was gone with the wind!!!

After Hyun Joong’s busy guesting days, I barely see him in his 4D playful ways, that I even wrote the article Missing kid, that talks about the kid in him that we seldom see. Then after a while, his documentary video clip was released and the photo above was shown as he was imitating some animal character!! Oh I truly enjoyed him, that I was almost in tears laughing since this is his character that I truly missed, the missing kid in Hyun Joong!! It’s still there inside him hiding within the surface of his manly image. That adorable playful kid in him will stay being a part of his character that any fan will never forget about him!!

Hyun Joong loves imitating people not only animal characters!! I remember how good he was in imitating the famous designer Andre Kim on how he talks, then he imitates his close friends Top and JaeJoong! Hyun Joong has a great sense of humor that seems to me there will be no dull moment once you have met him. And he does not have to put an extra effort  just to be funny nor he’s doing it deliberately. When play he just do whatever his imagination is and when he talk neither anyone can predict what he has in mind nor what he’ll say next!! It just spill out the least you expect.

This is just as far as I know and you know about Kim Hyun Joong based on what I viewed from his video clips. The totality of Hyun Joong’s personality I would say is almost perfect, he’s beautiful inside out. His complete talent versatility even sums up as artist, as I always say talent wise, he may not be the best but he has a little of everything that can give his audience a total entertainment as an artist. But it’s beyond this fact that Hyun Joong possess that a lot of people loves him, as he always say he’s not perfect as others tagged him to be. What could be his negative traits to make him imperfect?

One of my readers thought about it and even asked her sister what could be that negative in Hyun Joong? He’s definitely a hardheaded stubborn, and he admits to that, he over work that sometimes he gets sick which is not good. Hyun Joong stated in his documentary that he barely listen to others, if he wants to do something, he just do it persistently. According to his singing coach, he’s a perfectionist and this echoed to his other coach in acting and from his choreographer, that he wouldn’t mind practicing all day long until he’s satisfied. Hyun Joong is a professional artist and is matured in his career outlook, neither is he a try hard kinda fellow. He knows his limits and believe in learning slowly but surely, taking one step at a time.

Even Hyun Joong has a funny way of speaking his mind out, he still observe politeness at all cause. I just couldn’t forget his unpredictable remarks, the least you expect from a man like Hyun Joong seeing from his handsome personality whenever his 4D attacks!!  Hyun Joong is never self centered, during talk shows or variety shows he guested, he talks only when being asked and his candid honesty, spur of the moment respond can give you good laugh that gives impact to his presence and audience would want to hear from him again and again!! Hyun Joong wasn’t intending to be the apple of the show since it’s not his show, he was simply being himself.

Although I noticed he does this on local TV talk shows where he is family with, but in foreign TV shows he seemed to be a bit serious specially with one on one interviews, just the same his responses are straight forwarded unvarnished and sincere. But there was once in Singapore at the press con of MAMA last year I remember he was asked by a German reporter this question, “What do think about German girls?” Hyun Joong replied as “Whenever I hear German, the first thing that comes to my mind is draft beer and sausage but seriously I have not met any German girl, and hoping to meet one”. There followed by a roar of laughter among the reporters at the hall!!

And then quite recently in Japan, I think he was asked about his stay in Tokyo, and he commented about the size of toothpaste being provided by the hotel to their guest, that it was too small and he has to ask for another tube of toothpaste!! This was unexpected out of the blues candidness and Hyun Joong just spill it out without hesitation!! And so his audience had a good laugh at his response!!

These are just a few incidents that Hyun Joong’s 4D attacks!! As I have said earlier, Hyun Joong is handsome, just don’t let him talk!!! LOL!! His 4D is so adorable, I think this even makes him more lovable so I wouldn’t be surprised why so many people truly loves him. There’s much more beneath that handsome angelic face of his that make you want to hear more from him!

I’m sure everyone of us here miss Hyun Joong as our days drag so slow without him. Well we just have to keep our patience in waiting for him and share a little of what made us laugh about him. Wacky it may be but this is the very trait that made us love him even more!! Hyun Joong’s sense of humor can cure our loneliness, emptiness, pain from sickness and relieves our daily stress. Indeed he got everything what it takes to entertain not only his fans but other people who barely know him.

The handsome Prince, the Gentle Prince and the wackiest Wacky Prince, Kim Hyun Joong!!

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!!


6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WACKY PRINCE!

  1. OMO! LMAO at the shoelace photo! I had to create a new album to share on one of my later blogs… I’m collecting photos on a theme… I know I can find plenty of Hyun Joong acting silly and crazy… it will be a fun album to post later on to make us laugh! Oh, Hyun Joong! You just keep us entertained even when you are not putting on an official performance! Ahhhh… tears running down my face from laughter!

  2. 1st of all, I’ve always loved the first pic you posted. I could stare at his tighs for hours lol. From his debut days I realized that he was really funny, 4D, and aDORKable as I say. He’s not afraid of acting ridiculous or looking ugly (such as when he put a seaweed on his teeth) which is really attractive, at least for me lol ||| If you ask me what I love the most about him, it has to be his honesty, humbleness and sense of humor. He’s really ‘graceful’ when he tells stories about himself and/or his friends. In most countries, being honest is almost a crime. I speak from my own experience lol. I love HJ for being totally honest and straight-forward ❤ Physically, I fell in love with his lips the first time I saw him. That and his legs lol I know his eyes are cute and all, but for me it's always gonna be his lips *-* and his cheekbones. LOL@the common sense pic haha! That pic even made it to a jokes-related local website and everybody was commenting on how dumb he was .-. lol u.u XD I even made a remake of that pic! xd Oh, now that I remember I was the one who created one of the most memorable KHJ meme's ever! I'll email it to you later! xD ||| Now about HJ being a kid… that's true! I've heard from fellow korean fans who have seen him in let's say 'private moments' with his friends, that he behaves as a kid awwww ❤ Have an a w e s o m e day, LK!

    • hahahaha I’m typing this again there goes the ghost again!! LOL Like idol like fans you and HJ are the same having a good sense of humor!! you make my day always just what I needed a good laugh after a long day at work!!LOL Razor what’s with his thigh??? Now I’m looking at it!!
      There’s a pix I saw I think at FB HJ standing in a chair and pretending to be a statue!! Have you seen it?? What was that all about?? He was playing definitely. I’ll wait for your email thanks!!
      LOL thanks for the good laugh always!!! see you around and take care ok?

      • His tighs are absolutely hot (^-^)~ Such a turn-on ❤ xd Oh yeah, I know what pic you are talking about kekeke! He's crazy ❤ Lol the ghost is around again and it's not even Halloween! Can't wait for ur next article 😉

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