Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR ENDORSER

 By: LazerKim            Kim Hyun Joong has been a commercial model since he had started his career with SS501 until at present. He has been an official endorser of many products from clothes line to cosmetic products and officially represents the company he signs for product endorsement. The more popular an artists gets the more likely endorsements he receives from various prestigious companies.

Being a commercial model is not as easy as it seems, to be posing for pictorials and choosing the most attractive photos and make it to huge billboards and posters that we see within the commercial areas where people flocks. There’s a responsibility on the commercial model that the endorsing company considers, specially the most popular stars. Since the commercial model represents or endorses a product, he also carries the name of the company. A maintained good reputation is important to these companies. It’s not only the beautiful, the handsome faces that matters but also his star popularity.

At the same time being a product endorser is not just signing for a contract term to represent the product, KeyEast and so with Hyun Joong do consider the quality of the product he is endorsing. Specially the most sensitive one which is the cosmetic products. Whatever is attached to his name reflects to him personally and vise versa. If the product is not good and consumers buy the product it may also somehow damage his name being the endorser. KeysEast has the responsibility being his agent in protecting Hyun Joong’s name. In terms of Commercial endorsement for Hyun Joong, it’s KeyEast who decides whichever that will be good for Hyun Joong.

Here are the following endorsements Hyun Joong has both the past and present:

  • Samsung Anycall Blue
  • Mighty Mac[disambiguation needed]
  • Elite Uniform
  • Lotte Milkshake
  • Converse
  • Samsung Anycall Haptic Pop
  • T.I For Men
  • NongShim
  • Le Coq Sportif
  • Samsung Anycall Jet
  • Dinamic Kin (Coca Cola)
  • Hotsun Chicken
  • Samsung Card
  • MVIO 
  • Basic house
  • I’m David 
  • Tony Moly
  • The Face Shop (with Seohyun) ***
  • Hang Ten ***
  • Coupang Spring Campaign ***
  • Lotte Duty Free ***
  • Aeon Heatfact (Japan) ***
  • Aeon Coolish Fact (Japan) ***
  • Seoul Ambassador to Tourism ***
  • Slim Beauty House (Japan) ***
  • March 2012 Honorary Ambassador of the United Nations Millennium Development
  • Centerpol ***

From this list of endorsements which I got from Wikipedia, from The Face Shop down below to Centerpole has been his current endorsements for this year 2012. I’m just not so sure about the others.

There’s an obvious reason of course why companies are eyeing for popular stars to represent their product. Mostly the idol fans are their target market. And it is here that Hyun Joong has a great advantage, that I would say he can represent just any product for all age range since Hyun Joong has different age range of fans from 8yrs old to 70yrs old!!

And for those who do not know who Kim Hyun Joong is, he is also in a good advantage since Hyun Joong is a versatile type of artist. In terms of men’s clothes, Hyun Joong suits anything that he wears from shirt and jeans to tuxedo, he just looks handsome. In terms of cosmetics, his smooth skin can just say it all.

Businessmen and producers are eyeing for artists who has the power to create crowd, a person who can pull people towards him to patronize the product he represents is vital in  adverting. A lot of times whenever we go shopping and we see beautiful faces from posters that we get attracted to, and this is very common to shoppers.

I’m not saying we buy what we don’t need, but in terms of competing product available, sometimes the advertising schemes can attract us. Base on my experience, I have been loyal to one cosmetic product for years. I happen to stop by The Face Shop actually just to look at Hyun Joong’s posters!! And before I can be aware of I’m already buying some of their products!! It proves helpful to my skin and started using it.

As I mentioned earlier, being a product endorser beauty is not enough to consider but also the reputation of the endorser. Although Hyun Joong lives his life as normal as he can, he has nothing to hide nor pretend since he’s been very vocal about himself, earning a good reputation is just as normal for him by simply being himself. He’s been very vocal about his drinking vices, and he was even relating he would sometime drink in the sidewalk tents!! Now I would doubt if he can still do it at his present status!!

Although he has his bodyguard with him and his own driver who can take him anywhere he goes. When he gets drunk, he sleeps and so I can just speculate that Mr.Jeong his personal bodyguard would likely take him home!! Still Hyun Joong is very careful with his every moves and this is just but natural to a star artist like himself. So far Hyun Joong does not have any record of drunk driving as far as I know. This is the normal or usual incident that artist were being caught by authorities that may somehow reflect on their reputation.

Another thing is Hyun Joong does not have that star air arrogance in himself, that I firmly believe. There are many artists who forgets who they are that sometimes they let loose of themselves and caught in a trouble that may lead to a public scandal. This is happening in any country that artists can sometimes misbehave themselves losing self respect and respect to others as if they own the world!!

Such misbehavior can be damaging to the artist reputation as a public figure. This is one area where we can be proud of Hyun Joong, he may stand tall and looks snob at first sight but he acts on low profile everywhere he is. He is never arrogant or demanding and never take advantage of his status being a star, on the contrary Hyun Joong stays humble and modest at all times.

Media gossips can also cause distraction of any public figure. The media specially writers and reporters from the tabloid media prints can make or destroy a public figure, that’s their job and they earn from it. If an artist is not careful enough with their words or acts then they can possibly get entangled in a controversy even the least they expect. So far, after Hyun Joong got entangled in a political controversy in 2010 which had proven his honesty had set him free in proving his innocence, there was no other rumors whatsoever followed until at this time.

Even the management of Jaksal Chicken that Hyun Joong owns, are extra careful in providing good service and good food. As the restaurant manager who is also a friend of Hyun Joong stated they give the best they can in keeping a good restaurant reputation because it carries the name Kim Hyun Joong being the CEO. The restaurant is doing good that branching outlets continuously growing and probably on its way to global market.

Besides Hyun Joong’s career as an artist he also has the responsibility being someone who represents a product or company in keeping his good reputation. Although Hyun Joong doesn’t have a problem with that, by just being himself, his candid honesty and sincerity plus taking care of himself is enough. Hyun Joong is all natural, that he doesn’t have to take extra effort in keeping his reputation, not unless anyone who can be so jealous to stump on him!! Well, I can only say, you can never put a good man down!!

There are many ways in promoting an artist to boost his popularity but of course it still depends on the artist.  Representing a company or endorsing a product can be one way of  informing the public of his existence for those who are not aware who the endorser may be. I can also say it’s indirectly self promoting. Like for instance, Hyun Joong is handsome and photogenic, for someone who does not know him can be attracted merely by his photos from the posters and billboards.

These photos can also be found in magazines, and there are times the advertisers can include a write-up about the commercial model specially if the model is also a star artist like Hyun Joong. People do get to know him from there on. Not to mention TV ads can also call for attention which undoubtedly Hyun Joong is also a telegenic. Now others may say Hyun Joong only has that handsome face!! Oh jealous insects can say that!! Admittedly yes he’s handsome but that’s definitely just a fraction of what he got and he has more than just a handsome face.

But where does attraction starts? Isn’t from what we see, from what is visible to our naked eyes?? But the question still lays down as to who the handsome guy is? Hyun Joong has the power to conquer and the power to capture hearts of many if it’s not a crowd, which evidently stays!! Hyun Joong’s attraction is not a mere spur of the moment because he can struck anyone by his sweet voice and his powerful stage performance as an artist. Therefore Hyun Joong is not just a photograph from the billboard

In my other articles I have mentioned the businessmen and producers are the link between Hyun Joong and his fans. I may keep repeating this because sometimes businessmen are being misinterpreted as users. In a way they can be that if they over price or they neglect their monetary obligation as agreed upon on the part of the endorser or the agent. These businessmen provides the needs of the general public depending on their demands. They do provide sponsorship for entertainment too.

The band wagon in Japan started this year as Hyun Joong also gained attention from other businessmen and still gaining even in China, proving Hyun Joong’s power to conquer and gather a huge crowd. It happened twice this year which is quite significant for a solo rookie like Kim Hyun Joong to have attained in such a short period, that can not be ignored by businessmen.

And if I were them I would grab every chance to invest a project for Hyun Joong which is a sure gain and providing the huge demand of the general public. Oh I’m sure the most happiest are Hyun Joong’s fans, because we’ll have the chance to watch him perform again!! Now I wonder is this how much I’m missing Hyun Joong?? That I would like to see him perform on stage again?? Well, who wouldn’t want that to happen!! I think every one of us here is just dying to see Hyun Joong again!! LOL

Kim Hyun Joong had been tagged as a role model as to who he really is in reality. With no pretence, no fake smiles, no extra effort in his likability, but simply being Kim Hyun Joong himself is a perfect Star Endorser of any prestigious company can take pride as we fans are very proud of our idol.

And for us fans, we’re happy to have Hyun Joong’s huge billboards, posters and TV ads specially times like this that he’s in his hiding cocoon busy with his shooting City Conquest if you know what I mean!!Kim Hyun Joong is everywhere so we won’t miss him too much! This is just being modest, but we fans truly miss our Star Endorser!!

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

Photo Credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!



10 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR ENDORSER

  1. Hi LK! I am finally catching up on your posts after working hard on my blog! It is all set up now, and everyone can post comments! I am so happy! 😀 I am a bit of a techie, and blogger has so many options if you can fiddle with html a bit!

    Thanks so much for this post and the beautiful photos. I am so proud to be a fan of Kim Hyun Joong… that is why I have started my blog and I am sharing him all over the internet! To follow him is actually a healthy pass time, and I have never felt that about any other performer. They always seem to have their share of scandal! Not Hyun Joong -ssi! He is just an Angel in real life. No pretense! I would love to go drinking with him sometime just to see how silly he would act and what crazy things he would say! LOL!

    I am a terrible drinker! I get pretty buzzed off of just one drink be it a glass of wine or a margarita or a couple shots of sake! I have yet to try soju! I intend to find some in the Korean market here and try it! I imagine it’s something like sake since they are both rice wine. I like sake a good deal and can manage a bottle! I am just like Hyun Joong, though. When I drink, I fall asleep! Oh…and my mind just goes there… drunk with Hyun Joong and sleeping sprawled out with my head on his stomach or his head in my lap! How fun to wake up the next morning! LOL! The headache would be worth it!

  2. XD you know, I’m crazy enough, I don’t need to drink. Sometimes when I’m laughing out loud w/ my sis on the streets (which happens everyday .-.) ppl stare at us, like we were drunk or sth! hahaha! Oh, I’m doing ok 🙂 I was just mad at my dad and wanted twitter to witness it lol You are allergic to alcohol? How is that possible?! D: lol Well, I don’t drink but I like kirsch chocolate and I love my Bach flowers, which contain a tiny bit of cognac xD I’ll go to bed now, the birds are singing, the sun is shining bright and it’s time for me to hide from the sun lol Au revoir! xD

  3. Hi! Hello! Ciao! Hola! Moi! xd you are right, LK. HJ looks good in any kind of clothes. He could even wear a loincloth and he’d still look cool LOL. I have to say that If I were a CEO of a clothing brand (men’s underwear if possible) I’d hire him right away! xd [Gosh I’m so sleepy! z.z] About HJ’s drinking habits… lol! xd I don’t even want to imagine how hilarious and random he gets when he drinks XD Fortunately, the ppl around him take very good care of him in such situations. [Boo at me for not being HJ’s ideal woman. I don’t drink… I don’t even drink soda! .-. I live a healthy lifestyle, except for my bad sleeping habits .-.] Gosh, I sooo love being his fan for all those good things you just mentioned, LK! It feels better than winning the lottery! XD What if HJ is not filming CC o.o? What if they gave him a short holiday? Who knows! It could be possible that our geisha is sleeping 15hrs a day xD Omg, I do hope so! Sleep tight, LK!

    • hahahaha…you know what I’ve been laughing at you since yesterday at the twitter I was monitoring but couldn’t chat! Before anything else I hope you’re doing ok!
      This surprise me you don’t drink alcohol? That goes with me too I’m allergic to alcohol but it’s nice to read your healthy life style, good girl!
      Well I’d be glad if they gave him a holiday! i’d be happier if you say if you’re a CEO of a company, go for concert sponsorship for HJ organize it so we can watch him perform again!! LOL And don’t forget the desert event!! LOL I’m getting serious about that dream!!LOL…. Oh May I say this girl, an ideal girl is just as it is, but if HJ’s heart is struck by a cutie cupid he’s more like to forget about his ideal girl!!LOL
      I’d be so happy if our geisha can get 15hrs sleep!! Go now sleepyhead have a good weekend rest see again!!! Hey take care…

  4. Hi.miss lk,
    I may be out of topic here but i think you are the only person who can give me and all the fans the latest info on our prince khj. I received a google alert regarding khj being featured in Mj’s latest song, when the rain stops. Is the one mentioned our khj?

    • Hello missdeeja!! What a co-incident! LOL Yeah I’m just about to locate it I read about it, but I lost my connection so wasn’t able to save! Thanks a lot! Have happy weekend!!

      • Thanks razorblade for the info. Lol…and to call myself an ardent fan!!! I have listened to the song more than once n somehow it didnt really sound right to my ears…not our khj voice. But i need to be clear about it. Thanks for clarifying. Have a nice day.

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